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My Rubber Transformation

by rubberaspy

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I stepped off the bus into the cool, damp evening air. Protected from the elements by one of the only items in my collection I feel comfortable to wear outside, a full length shiny black rubber mackintosh. Finally, another boring week of work over and a quiet weekend of just me and my secret passion awaits. I love rubber and have spent quite some time amassing a reasonablely sized wardrobe of the slick, shiny material. Every weekend, I immerse myself in latex, it's my way of unwinding from the weeks buildup of stress.

I walk slowly towards my apartment building, enjoying the anticipation of the activities to come while considering which outfit I should start with tonight. Should it be the loose fitting pyjama's to help me relax, or maybe something a bit more restrictive? Possibly one of the little rubber uniforms that I have purchased when I get the urge to crossdress, which has become more and more often these days. As I mentally flick through my wardrobe, I can feel myself becoming aroused, thankfully I am almost at my apartment and quickly enter the lobby and summon the elevator, which quikly arrives and whisks me up to my floor.

Stepping out of the elevator, I turn to make my way to my apartment when I notice that there is a large cardboard box, on the floor next to my door. 'What could that be?' I thought, trying to remember if I had ordered anything recently that I was expecting to be delivered. As I drew nearer to the box, I could see that it was addressed to me, but looking the box over I could not see any return address or company emblems to indicate what it was or where it had come from. I unlocked my door and pushed it open, stooping to pick up the box, it was heavy, so I got it inside the door into my hall and closed the door, locking it and the outside world away for the rest of the weekend.

Unzipping my shiny mac, I shook off the rainwater and hung it up next to two identical macs, making a mental note to ensure that it wiped down and ready for use again at the start of the week. I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, cracking open the bottle and taking a long pull. Moving to the lounge, I opened up my laptop and turned it on, leaving it to boot up while I turned on the TV and started channel surfing while I finished the beer, before grabbing another beer and settling down in front of my computer to check my favourite websites for any updates, before logging into my email account that I kept seperate from all my normal social business. As usual, there were the usual junk messages as well as some updates to conversations I was following on various forums. I was about to close down the computer and start with my weekend fun when I recieved a new email. It was from a Ms. Beth. I searched my memory for any time that I may have chatted to someone with that name or a profile that I had seen, but nothing sprang to mind. It was marked as high importance. I almost deleted it assuming that it was the usual spam mail that gets through the junk filters from time to time, but curiosity got the better of me and I opened it, it read,


I have been following your online posts and profiles that you have posted on several websites, I find you interesting, and have decided to help you expand your collection as well as your experience. Please open the box and reply to this email within 30 mins if you wish to proceed, if I receive not reply within this time, you will never hear from me again.

Ms. Beth'

This was starting to get very strange, first the box and now an email, who had taken in ineterest in me all of a sudden. I walked through to the hall and examined the box again, it was quite large and heavy for it's size, I pulled it through into the lounge, picking up a pair of scissors from my desk, I carefully cut the tape sealing the box and opened it. Upon opening it, I caught a slight aroma, a very familiar smell, sweet and musky all at the same time, rubber. The box was filled with numbered boxes, ontop of which lay an envelope with my name on it. Shaking, I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.

'Inside this box are several new items that you may find very interesting. If you choose to not reply to my message, you may keep the items in this box, but I will never contact you again. However if you do decide to continue this course of action, the instructions for use are listed on the following pages and there will be a very special surprise at the end'

I glanced through the rest of the letter, which indeed did have instructions for each box, though nothing specific was mentioned, only items refered to in numbers and letters. I looked at the clock on the wall and was shocked to see that almost 25 minutes had passed since the email arrived, what was I going to do, I could play it safe, but I had no idea what was in the boxes apart from rubber. Alternatively, I could take part in this game and see what happens, it's not like anything could go wrong, the door was locked and no one I knew in day to day life knew this was how I liked to spend my weekends.

I returned to my laptop and quickly tapped out a reply to Ms. Beth

'Dear Ms. Beth,

I would be happy to accept you kind offer, please advise me on how to proceed.


I clicked on the send button and waited a few minutes, though an immediate answer did not come. I returned to the open box and started emptying it's contents onto the floor and arranging them in order, curious to see what was in each individual parcel. There were 4 boxes in total, in varying sizes, marked one to four. I jumped slightly as a bell indicated that I had just received an instant message on my computer. I looked up to see that Ms. Beth had sent me a message,

'James, I am very happy that you have decided to follow my instruction, please open box number one and follow it's steps, I also require you to keep this computer nearby at all times, so that I can give you more instructions at any time'.

I was becoming aroused at the thought of being guided by this mysterious woman, growing hard under my clothes. I picked up the first box and placed it on the table, removing the tape sealing it and opening it to see what surprise awaited me. The box contained several jars and what looked to be an enema kit. I unfolded the letter at the top and read it.

'To begin, I require you to be clean, both inside and out, this is to prepare you for the rest of the evening'.

This was followed by a guide of how to use the various vials and jars in the box. I picked up the box and my laptop and made my way to the bathroom, pluging the laptop on the sink and putting the box on the floor in the middle of the bathroom, I stripped, throwing the clothes into the linen basket in the corner. I was now fully erect and could feel the throb of my cock as the situation was turning me on, though I resisted the urge to take myself in hand.

I turned on the shower and grabbed the first jar out of the box, after a quick wash I started applying the cream in the vial, the instruction told me to cover my entire body, from the neck down, and wait for two minutes, after the first few seconds, I could feel the tingling start and it occurred to me that this was some sort of depilatory cream! Fortunately I did not have much body hair and usually kept myself trimmed and tidy. After the two minutes were up, I stepped back under the flowing water and watched as the hair was swept off of my body and down the drain, leaving me smooth and silky all over. It was a surprisingly pleasant and erotic feeling as I again resisted the urge to touch myself, for fear of ending the fun too soon.

I glanced at the next step of my guide and saw that it was the enema next. I pulled out the equipment that had been supplied, a small bag of fluid, some tubing with a nozzle and a tube of lubricant. I had experimented with anal play a few years earlier, but with only a small plug. From pictures I'd seen and stories I'd ready on the net, I had a pretty good idea of what to do next. I lubed up the tip of the nozzle and gently pressed it against my hole, trying to relax as applied a light pressure. Slowly it started to slide in, I let out a gasp as I opened to accept the plug, as more of the plug entered my ass, it suddenly started to draw the plug in on it's own accord, until it was firmly seated in my ass. I stood for a minute, enjoying the slight fullness and stretching feeling.

I was rock hard now and oozing a little precum. I hung the bag of fluid on the hook on the back of the door and attached the tubes, turning the spigot to allow the water flow into my ass. It was a strange, but not entirely unpleasent sensation as my bowels filled with water. After the bag had emptied, I clamped off the tubing and stood, feeling the fluid sloshing around inside of me. The cramps started and I waited for a few minutes until I couldn't hold it any more and sat on the toilet before gently pulling on the plug, which popped out, allowing the fluid and waste to drain from me. I had this strange feeling of being empty, though now comfortably clean.

The final item in the box looked like a can of hairspray, and the instructions told me that I was to spray my entire body with it. I appplied a small amount of my arm, at first it lay on the surface of my skin, but then was quickly absorbed. I rubbed the area on my forearm, and it felt dry, but incredibly slick at the same time. It must be a dressing aid I thought. I quickly coated my body and waited as the rest of my body took on the same feeling, I could not resist caressing my skin, reveling in the wonderful smoooth, slick feeling.

I returned to the lounge with the computer and sat down.

'Ms. Beth, I have finished using the items in box one.'

'Good James, now you may open box two and begin dressing' came the quick reply.

I picked up the second box from the floor and placed it on the desk, opening it I could see that it was a stack of boxes ontop of one another, the simple instructions on top stated that I should open each box, working my way down to the bottom, completely putting on each item before opening the next in the sequence. I opened the first box, revealing what appeared to be a glossy pair of panties. I inhaled deeply as the smell of rubber drifted up from the box. I picked them up and they were much heavier than they first appeared, looking inside, I could see why, there was a tube and two pouches built into the front of the panties, it didn't take a genious to work out what was to go where. The thought of having my manhood so closely encased in rubber made me acutely aware of my stiffness, again resisting the urge to stroke my cock, it wondered how I was going to get into the panties in my current state. I considered what to do and after a few seconds I decided to use to the most obvious solution. Holding the sweet smelling rubber panties to my nose I took myself in hand and slowly started to stroke, feeling the pleasure building.

Suddenly, the sound of a bell jarred me back to reality, another message. I glanced at the screen to see another message from Ms. Beth

'You will not masturbate to relieve yourself in order to get into the panties.'

How did she know? I puzzled over it for a few seconds.

'I recommend using something cold to get down to a better size.'

She must have expected me to do something like that, typical male response. Though how would she know if I decided to take the easier option?

'If you choose to not use my suggestion, I will consider this a breach of trust and you will not hear from me again.'

Could I take the chance, everything to this point had been smooth sailing, and I was enjoying myself. What could be the harm, I could always masturbate later, once this experience was done.

'Ms.Beth, I will follow your suggestion.' I typed and rose to go to the fridge.

'Very good James, I am happy that you have chosen this correct method.' came the reply.

I opened the freezer and rummaged around, finding the cold pack that I normally use for icing down pulled muscles. Returning to the lounge, I set the cold pack down on the table and stepped into the panties, although they were tight, they slid easily up my smooth legs, that spray was fantastic. As I eased the shiny panties up to mid thigh, I picked up the cold pack and gently placed it round my throbbing member, immediately feeling it start to wilt. Shivering at the cool sensation, I waited until I was fully flaccid and pulled the panties all the way up, sliding my deflated cock into the tube, it was tight, but with a little encouragment it slid all the way in. Next I placed my hairless balls into each of the pouches before pulling the panties into position. What a feeling, it was literally like a second skin. I caressed the shiny rubber, feeling the arousal grow again, I felt the blood rushing into my cock, but it was well sheathed and the panties did not move, though I was surprised to feel a draught on my cockhead.

I walked into the bedroom, the sensation of the tops of my thights rubbing at my dick was a huge turn on. I stood in front of the full length mirror, admiring the glossy panties and my now smooth hairless body. I turned around and bent over, I could see that my glans sticking out between my thighs, just below my asshole, it was almost fully engorged and deep red, resembling a clitoris! My God! These panties had concealed my manhood and given me a clit! I also noticed that the back of the panties were cut again, revealing my newly cleaned asshole, which, I now realised, was still feeling empty after my washout. I stood up straight again and turned to face the mirror rubbing the slick material between my legs, noticeing that the pouches I had put my balls into had pulled them together and forward, forming a mound, not dissimilar to a vulva, and they were so sensitive to touch. What a mind must have come up with the design for these panties!

Walking back into the lounge, I opened the next box to find a pair of silicon inserts, obviously breastforms from the semi erect nipples on them. I picked one up and examined it. The back of the silicon was covered with an adhesive tape, making it fairly obvious what went where. I returned to the bedroom with the breastforms, standing again in front of the mirror, I peeled of the covering on the tape and held the first one against my chest. It was cold to start with, but soon warmed up, I knew that the glue would need time to stick, though my body heat would assist in the process. After a couple of minutes, I let go of the breast and it was stuck fast, a new weight on my chest, and again, not that unpleasent a feeling as it's weight pulled on my nipple hidden underneath. I did the same with the other breastform, patiently waiting for the adhesive to take. Finally I let go of it, admiring my new set of what appeared to be C cup tits. I couldn't resist massaging them, pulling on the nipples and feeling my arousal grow as they pulled on my own sensitive nipples below, I was surprised that I didn't expect to be so turned on by such methods, it must have been something in the creams and sprays that I used earlier, not that I was complaining now.

Back in the lounge, I opened the next package to reveal a heavy black rubber boned corset with attached cups. I had always wanted to try one, but with no one knowing my desires, I was unsure of how I would lace it up. Examininng the corset, I noted that this one was already laced up, but had clips and buckles at the front. I undid the fastenings on the front and slipped it around my waist, feelings the slick shiny rubber enveloping my torso was electrifying. I pulled hard on the corset, hooking the top and bottom clips together, before finishing the remaining clips. It fitted like a glove, nice and tight, the cool rubber warming slowly, the sensation of being held was wonderful, how had I forgone this aspect of rubber for so long when I now realised that it felt so good. I started closing the buckles, pulling them as tight as possible until the corset was snuggly in place. I then ensured that my new breasts were seated in the cups right and ran my hands over my tits, down my sides and across my stomach, shivering at the erotic feelings coursing through my veins.

After I took a few minutes to compose myself, I opened the next box, finding a pair of rubber stockings inside. Running my hands over the smooth cool rubber, I sat down and pulling the first one over my foot, the spray applied earlier allowing it to easily slide up my leg. I had worn stockings before, but it had been such a struggle to get them on, by this new application was unbelievable at aiding my rubber dressing. As I pulled the first stocking into position, I attached the garters hanging from the bottom of the corset to hold it in place. Running my hands down my leg, again I shivered at the sensations it gave me. I quickly pulled on the other socking and returned to the mirror to look at my latex encased legs. I was now really taking the female form, and looking closer I could see a glistening between my legs, reaching down I felt a wetness!

Examining further I discovered that although my cock was held fast, it was still leaking precum, which was starting to drip down the inside of my leg. I wiped it off with my finger and to my surprise, I raised my hand to my mouth and licked the warm clear fluid off, I was surprised that it tasted quite sweet, which turned me on even more, causing a few more drops of fall on the floor between my legs. I was a little disappointed that I had wasted some as it quickly absorbed into the carpet, but there would be more.

The last two boxes contained a pair of opera length gloves, which slid on with similar ease to the stockings, and a rubber choker, which I placed around my neck. Before returning to the computer, I once again returned to the mirror, staring at the rubber encased feminine body that was on display now. I was broken out of my trance by the sound of another message coming in from Ms. Beth.

'Have you finished putting your lingerie on Jane?' I was a bit confused at the statement, I had finished dressing, but who was Jane? Suddenly it dawned on me, I was Jane, and I now had the beautiful, rubber encased body to go with it.

'Yes, Ms. Beth, I have finished dressings in these wonderful items of lingerie that you have given me.'

'Very good Jane, the transformation is almost complete, please continue.'

Opening he largest box marked number three, I was confronted by a mass of black and white rubber, the aroma was intoxocating. I gently pick it up out of the box and examined it. It appeared to be a dress, it had a high collar, with puff sleeves and a keyhole on the front, which would show off my new tits to what I assumed would be great effect. The dress itself appeared skintight and it had a flared skirt. Just standing there holding the dress made me even more wet, i could feel some more of my precum dribbling down the inside of my thighs. I briefly put the dress down to caress my new rubber vulva and dip my hand between my legs, licking my fingers clean of the sweet fluid.

I pulled the zipper on the back of the dress down, noting that there seemed to be some form of string on the zip, probably to help me get it fastened after I had got it on. I stepped into the silky rubber folds and slowly pulled the smooth shiny material up my body, losing myself in the sensation of the rubber pressing on the rubber I already had on. I slipped on arms into the sleeves and positioned the keyhole in place. Grasping around the back, I caught hold of the string hanging loose and passed it over my shoulder, taking a firm hold I pulled the zip up. It was tight, even over the corset. I pulled harder and the zip worked it's way up to the top of the dress, once it had passed my upper back, it quickly zipped to the top, then there was a small snap as the string came loose! I hoped that I had not ruined the outfit, picking up the string I examined the end, then felt around the back of my neck. It seemed like it had been designed to break away at the top with the last pull, there was now no tab on the zip for me to get ahold of to take the dress off! I was sealed into this rubber maids uniform. This was incredibly arousing, even though I was not sure how I could get it off.

'Ms Beth, I have put the dress on now.' I typed into the messenger program.

'Very Good Jane, I hope that you like it, now that you are sealed in.' Ms. Beth had known that it would happen. 'Please open the final box and finish dressing now.'

I opened the last box, it was full of restraints! A hood, some ankle and wrist cuffs, a gag and what looked like a butt plug, as well as what appeared to be lockable high heeled shoes. I had never tried bondage before, even self bondage. I wasn't sure if I could go any further with this now. Another message came through from Ms.Beth.

'I understand if you are hesitant to take the next, and most important step Jane. However, if you do not do as I requested, then I will release the video I have of you getting prepared here tonight to the interenet, as well as send copies to your colleagues, friends and family'

What video? I thought, suddenly I had a revelation, the webcam on my computer! It had been filming this entire time, cataloguing my transformation, as well as my very evident arousal at the entire process. A video started running on my computer showing me a few minutes earlier, eagerly licking my precum off of my fingers.

'All you have to do is trust me Jane, and you will experience many pleasures that you have held yourself back from all of these years.'

I sat for a few minutes trying to work out how I could get out of this situation, but no solution became obvious. I was enjoying the feelings of rubber and submission to this unknown woman, who had planned this evening out well in advance. I finally came to a decision. Picking up the pair of high heel shoes, I slipped my feet into them, then fastened the buckles and clicked the small padlocks into place, securing them onto my feet. Thankfully I had several pairs of high heels and enough practice to walk safely in them, even though they were four inch heels.

I next picked out the open face hood and pulled it over my head and tucked the bottom fringe under the neck of the dress. I selected the gag next, examining it before putting it in, I noted that it was penis shaped, and about 3 inches long. I opened wide and slid it over my lips, pushing my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. The solid rubber cock filled my mouth and I buckled it together behind my head. I could feel myself getting wet again down between my legs.

Taking the butt plug, I could see that it was bigger than the one I had used for the enema earlier in the evening. It also had a bulb attached to it, it was obviously inflatable. I reached down to my clit and collected some precum, rubbing it over the plug, making it nice and slick. I crouched down and tried to relax and I gentling push it against my puckered hole. Slowly it started to ease into a ass, I felt it stretching me much more. I had to stop a couple of times and rub it against the tip of my clit to add more lubricant, making me sure that the panties were created in part to aid in lubing my hole, almost genius in their design. Finally, the plugs widest point passed into my ass and the rest was quickly drawn into my, now willing hole. I felt full and stretched, what a wonderful sensation I thought, what have I been missing out on all of these years. I pulled the bulb up from between my legs, and gave it one good squeeze, feeling the rubber intruder expand, sending a rush of pleasure through my body, leaving me gasping around the gag, which I had unconsciously started sucking on. Attepting to compose myself, I buckled on the wrist and ankle cuffs, noting that there isin't seem to be any way to connect the, just large metal discs built into them.

I sat down in from of the laptop, groaning as the plug shifted in my hole. 'Ms Beth, I have finished dressing.'

'Very good Jane, you may now address me as mistress for the foreseeable future. I want you to lie face down on the floor, with your legs together and your hands together behind your back'

I did as she commanded, and when I was in position, I suddenly felt a click and the cuffs snapped together at my hands and feet! Magnets, it had to have been, I struggled a bit trying to force them apart, but I couldn't manage it

In the quietness of the apartment, I suddenly heard the click of shoes coming along the hall and stopping outside of my door. Then the sounds of a key being pushed into my lock. The door opened and then closed, followed by the click of heels advancing toward the lounge, where I lay helpless. I craned my head back as far as it would go, catching a glimpse of high heeled boots as they passed in front of my face. The woman stpped back so I could see her in all of her glory. Spiky heeled boots, a long flowing skirt in heavy black rubber, a red rubber blouse, tight where it needed to be and billowing elsewhere. Finally a long black cape fastened at the neck.

'Good evening Jane, I am Ms. Beth, and as you've probably worked out, I have been observing you for some time.'

'I am glad that you have decided to accept my offer and I have so many fun outfits, situations and games that you will get a chance to experience now that you have submitted to me.'

'I see no point in delaying any further as you are obviously keen to get started.' On saying this she walked over to me, picked up the bulb attached to the plug and pumped forcefully twice, causing a small jet of precum to squirt out of my new clit, adding to a small puddle collecting on the floor. I groaned into the gag. 'Don't worry, there will be plenty more of that for you to taste in the future.'

She moved over to my computer and typed on the keyboard, a couple of minutes later more people entered my apartment, men, but the heavy footsteps, who picked me up and placed me on my feet, before producing a heavy black rubber cape and attaching it around my neck, pulling the hood up and the cape closed, concealing my current rubber clothing.

There was a click as the magnets in the cuffs on my ankles allowed my feet apart, but as I found out, they could move no farther than about a foot away from each other. With a man on either side of me we followed mistress out of my apartment and into the waiting lift. I was quickly escorted out of the building, past one of my now former neighbours, who started at the procession of rubber passing and helped into the back of a large expensive looking car.

As the car drew away, I found myself shifting my weight around to move the plug in my ass slightly, sending shivers of arousal through my body as I came ot the conclusion that this was possibly the best decision I have made in my life.


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