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My Last Pit Stop Part 3: For sure this time

by Trppdnrbbr77

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© Copyright 2011 - Trppdnrbbr77 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; captive; latex; catsuit; corset; bdsm; electro; shock; bond; fem; gag; toys; nc; X

continued from part 2

Part 3: My Last Pit Stop: For sure this time

When I left you last time, I was being violated worse than a criminal with a gun on parole. By now I have become used to sound of creaking rubber, and round shafts beings shoved into all holes, and some tough shock therapy. There were quite a few I served tonight; truthfully I lost count after 5. The clock read 4:22AM when the door opened one last time. I started wiggling in my bonds with no avail.

One of my captors came around behind me bending over me rubbing my stretched rubber bikinied ass cheeks rubbing her latex clothed body over mine and whispered, “Here is a little treat for the hard working dog!”.

With that she stood up a spanked my right ass cheek. As the sound of the rubber on rubber smacking could be heard, all I tried to scream through my fish hook gag “Sweet Caroline!”, but all that could be heard was “MMMMMPPPPHHHH” followed instantly by a zap from the obedience collar. Then she spanked my left ass cheek, flashing back to one of my favorite movies, I thought “Kelly Clarkson!”, and the gag allowed “OOOMMPH” and the collar allowed a friendly shocking experience. Then the mean lady said, “that is a good little wench”.

Amazingly my little bit of man hood left was waking with this. She then started on my slutty breasts and my manel toe. “So NOW do you like being dressed like this”, my human nature took over as I shook my head yes. “Well I think we have a winner”!

She slapped across my ass from right to left, this time I didn’t try to yell, I just moaned. She was relentless, I could feel her soft rubber hands feeling up and down my shiny pink covered legs, then massaging my bikini covered feminine looking ass. Then my weakness as she brought both hands up along the sides of my waist and as she came up to the top I received a small kiss on the back of my head.

“Guess what? Now you are MINE”! The door opened again and immediately she moved away from me. “Don’t touch the merchandise”. Said one of the other rubber woman pimps.

I could hear the shower start again. The girls untied my legs from the table and my hands from the front, then immediately pulled my hands behind my back, the gloves were rolled down and taken off, and my bare hands were tied behind my back. The heels were taken off, then the stocking were rolled off of my legs. Next, the corset was taken off from my midsection and “breasts”. The bikini bottoms were taken off and I was led into the shower. The girls washed me from head to toe, especially my holes. The fish hook gag was taken off. The wig was taken out of the pony tail form and washed real well.

After the shower, I was dried and powdered over my entire body. A cream was rubbed all over my face covering everything but my eyebrows. One of the girls put a tube in my mouth and told me to drink. Being so thirsty and hungry I did so. It tasted like a sort of workout shake, the same I used.

Here came the usual feel of jelly from my toes to my stomach. This time I could see the shiny black being pulled up, it looked like a full body suit! It was pulled up to crotch and my member was fed into the same type of pocket as the briefs creating the manel toe, my hands were released from their bonds and covered in jelly then fed into the arms that had gloves attached. Round rubber mittens were pulled over my hands forcing them into a fist, they had long sleeves and were pulled up to my armpits. There was a zipper in the crotch that went up the back to my neck. A long Zip and I was sealed from my crotch up to my neck. My legs were spread apart and there was another zipper at my crotch that opened and a lubed shaft was shoved into my rear entrance, then the zipper was closed.

Long black shiny High heeled boots were zipped up to my crotch, creating tightness around my legs and feet. A black shiny rubber corset like the pink striped one was clamped around from my lower stomach up over the breasts. A long leather trench coat was put on me that ended right above my knees. It was buttoned and the attached belt was fastened across the front. They fed my mittened hands through the pockets in the front; there were holes in the pockets allowing for my hands to be handcuffed through the pockets.

I tried to moan but got the reminder from my shock collar. Right as that happened, a spongy rubber ball was shoved in my mouth and clear tape sealed over my mouth. The leader came over and applied the familiar makeup all over my face covering the tape. She painted on red shiny lips over the tape. She finished off my makeup with eyeliner, dark sparkly brown eye shadow, and long fake eyelashes with thick shiny black mascara.

The wig was put back into a pony tail. I was finished. The girls packed up all their gear and I caught a glimpse in the mirror as I was walked out. I looked actually pretty hot! The fake lips made it look like they were really mine!

We left the room and went down a hall to a back elevator; we went down through the back of the hotel where no one was around. As we came around the back there were just two motorcycles. One of the girls got on one of the bikes and I was led and sat down behind her. My gloved hands were uncuffed and pulled out of the pockets, they pulled my arms around the girl driver and cuffed them together around the front of the other girl in a hugging position. The cuffs were clear and blended into the girl’s clothes. My boots were lifted up to the pegs, they had a clamp by the heel and this caused them to snap onto the pegs locking me in. For a finishing touch, the leader put women’s sunglasses on my face covering my eyes. The thought of this got me aroused! Just then one of the other girls came and kissed my painted lips.

The other two girls jumped on the other bike and we rode away. As we left we drove down the strip getting tons of looks from everyone. Little did they know that I was a man dressed as a hot woman, bound on the back of a motorcycle.



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