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My Last Pit Stop Part 2: Or was it?

by Trppdnrbbr77

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© Copyright 2010 - Trppdnrbbr77 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; captive; latex; corset; electro; bond; fem; gag; oral; anal; toys; nc; X

continued from part one

Part 2: My Last Pit Stop: Or was it?

As the night longed on several different “customers” came through. Soon I could see the dusk of sunrise come into the small window on the side of the bathroom where I sat cuffed to the back of the toilet bowl, forced feminized, as a red rubber prostitute.

Sure I struggled and tried working my bonds, every time I moaned I received a “reminder” from my collar to be silent. By now I was completely exhausted. Then the door opened one last time. In front of me were the 3 shapely figures that made this prison. What seemed to be the leader came in and inspected my bucket. She counted and chuckled, “not too bad”. She motioned to her team and they pulled out a water bottle and sprayed it in my violated mouth. I still had a salty taste, I joking thought “they didn’t even tip”!

They finished rinsing my mouth, and put a single pair of cuffs on my red gloved hands. Then they removed the cuffs to the toilet, and the cuffs from the bottom of the bowl. They stood me up. For the first time I could size up my captures, they couldn’t be over 5 feet tall. But they were quick, yea that is my argument. It didn’t take long for the leader to take out a long trench coat and wrap it around me. They stuffed the arms of the coat and put the sleeves in the front pocket. My hands were still cuffed behind my back. They buttoned up the coat, and wrapped the belt of the coat around my feminine shaped body. The coat went down to my lower ankles.

They walked me out of the stall and as I passed the mirror I could see my reflection. “Wow” I thought, “I look almost sexy, no don’t think like that”. One of the girls opened the door and scouted for spectators, it was getting brighter outside. The sun was coming up. No one was in the parking lot only their car was parked in front of us it was a large sedan with dark tinted windows. “Don’t worry about your car and stuff, it’s ok”. They hurried me through the parking lot and sat me in the back of the car. It had a lot of room. They buckled me in. I couldn’t move with my hands cuffed behind my back. I tried to squirm but all the girls did was laugh.

One of the girls rubbed my “camel toe” and I started becoming awkwardly aroused. Sensing this, the girl said “I bet you like being dressed like this”. I shook my head no. “Really? I bet I can make you feel like the hottest slut in the world”. I wiggled, she jumped up and sat on my lap. The other girls just laughed. She pulled out a long silver shaft. “Show me how you made that money”. She put the shaft into my forced open mouth and turned on the vibration. Then she yanked it in and out with her right hand, with her other rubberized hand she grabbed the back of my wig and forced my head back and forth. She came closer to me and I noticed she had the same pouty shiny red lips I had. She kissed my cheek. I started to give into my feelings.

While this was happening the car began driving off. She continued, “suck it” “just like you want that money, you nasty girl”. Her rubber glove came around and brushed my slutty painted face and I started to feel the constriction of the briefs as my member tried to grow but couldn’t. She reached into the trench coat and started to caress my “breasts” through my red, tight, rubber dress. The gel in the cups had enhanced the feeling and the sensitivity could be felt through the cups on my nipples. She stopped pushing the vibrating shaft and left it in my mouth, I tried to push it out with my tongue but couldn’t. With both hands she forced my eyes wide open and the other girl put black contacts into my eyes. It was dark again. Then everything stopped. The shaft was removed from my mouth. Talk about blue balls.

The girl got off and I squirmed again against my feminized bonds. I heard a whisper “you will be rewarded in due time, well maybe”.

I could only feel the car shift back and forth. Exhausted, I napped. I woke when the car came to a stop.

“We are here” said the familiar leader voice. With that the seat belt was taken off. I was helped up and walked. I had a hard time walking in the boots. I heard a door open and was escorted into an echoing room, must be a hallway. We stopped and I heard an elevator ding. We entered the elevator and I heard the doors close. Then the elevator went up. Another ding and we started walking again. Then I heard a click and what could only be the sound of a hotel room door open, we entered.

We went into the bathroom and I could hear a shower start. The coat was removed. The dress was worked off and the corset was snapped off, it hurt as the blood was rushing back into my formerly constricted body. The leader said “we can’t sell a dirty product.

“Remember your collar, unless you want to be reminded”. In other words, don’t make a sound. By now it didn’t matter, I was exhausted, needed sleep, the nap didn’t help. She removed the O ring gag. I was sat down, the anal shaft in my rubber briefs was protruding and was driving me insane. The briefs did their job and allowed me to pee like the whore I was. The gloved hands unzipped the tight boots, and a sharp pain up and down my legs rushed in. The boots were taken completely off, the rubber tights were unfastened from the briefs and rolled off my legs like used condoms. The cuffs were taken off, I tried to struggle but even my body wouldn’t listen to my thoughts from total exhaustion. “Good girl” said one of the mini feminizing ninjas. The long gloves were rolled down each of my arms and taken off. I felt a cool breeze hit my skin and I got goose bumps. Then it happened, the briefs were removed and other than the obedience collar, Hooters’ breasts, and brunette Barbie doll hair with makeup, I was completely naked.

I was put into the shower and washed with feminine smelling body wash. The cups seemed to not budge from my chest. The makeup was washed off and the wig was totally washed and conditioned like actual hair. My whole body was rinsed and the shower was done. I was toweled dry and my entire body was powdered with woman scents of lavender and rose. I smelt like a French whore! My strength was coming back from the cleansing and freedom of my body, the girls sensing this, grabbed my shaft and twisted it, just as fast as my strength returned, it left.

Women’s deodorant was put under both arms. Then women’s bikini bottoms were slid up my legs. My privates were jellied up and the bikini bottoms with pocket but without a shaft were put back into place. A new corset was clamped around my midsection. This one was tighter and came over the breasts. My legs were covered in jelly and thigh high stockings were rolled up each leg and reconnected to the briefs. This time, tall high heels were pulled onto each foot with a strap tightened around each ankle, “Hooker heels” for sure. Each arm was coated in the jelly and the rubber gloves were rolled up each arm back into my “woman fresh” armpits. My hands were cuffed in front of my body.

I was led over to a chair and sat down for my makeup. I could feel the lotion like foundation spread all over down to the collar, heavy, sticky lipstick was coated on my lips, then slippery lip gloss. Eye makeup, eye liner, heavy fake eyelashes, and eye brows were painted on my face. Then small hooks grabbed each side of my mouth and stretched my mouth open. Not fearing the shock I moaned. Then red rougue was painted on my cheeks, I could feel it cover the straps to the fish hook gag. My now permanent hair was combed and pulled back, I heard the snap of a rubber band and the bangs were curled. I was stood up and walked across the room. I felt a shove and the upper part of my body was bent forward over a table. The cuffs were pulled forward and my hands were stretched down across the front of the table and tied down forcing my head up over the edge of the table, my legs were spread and each ankle was tied spread open. A rubber gloved hand opened each eye and the contacts were taken out of each eye. The room was dimly lit, it must have been afternoon.

Light returned, I turned my head both ways and to my right was a full sized mirror. My new image stared back at me. The black hair was tied back into a pony tail, I had bright shiny pink lips, red evil slut looking eye shadow with Cleopatra style eyeliner. All pink latex gloves, and stockings. The corset was black with matching vertical pink lines, and pink women’s bikini bottoms with the infamous camel toe. I call it the “manel” toe. The high heels matched the black of the corset. I was tied to a table near the window of the hotel window, must have been on at least the 30th story overlooking the “sin city” strip, I could see out but no one could see in. My bonds were clear and could not been seen. The fish hook gag and strap were both clear holding my shiny prissy pink lips open. I struggled but could not move.

The leader looked at me and said, “don’t worry, this room is for high rollers and yes we put up the Do Not Disturb sign, so no maid will get a freebie”!

“Let’s see how the other hole works”.

Then I felt the lubed silver shaft from the ride earlier shoved into my “back door” and began to vibrate. The bikini bottoms had a precut hole in them. I actually was really turned on by this, I was mentally turning into the “money making slut” my capturers wanted me to be. I was reaching climax when the shaft was removed.

“Your first client will be here in about 3 hours, I suggest you get some rest”.

There was a clock on the nightstand next to the bed that read “6:35”. Then the three girls cleaned the room and left. I passed out.

I woke and the clock displayed “9:20”. I was refreshed from my nap but still could not move in my bonds. It was 9:32 when the door opened. My “client” had a key. The door slammed behind the quiet footsteps.

“Cool, a hair handle for the wild ride!”.

My shift began. You know, if you think about it, if it wasn’t for the lipstick and the lube I would get blisters.



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