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My Last Pit Stop

by Trppdnrbbr77

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© Copyright 2010 - Trppdnrbbr77 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; capture; latex; shave; bond; fem; gag; oral; nc; X

We were just in the middle of a big move, my girlfriend decided that she didn’t want to move and stay with her family. With everything packed, off I went. We were going to move to get a new start. Work was slow and all we hoped for was a chance. Things are just meant to be I guess.

A little about me, I am just an average person. I just lost a lot of weight and am looking almost athletic, I lost the weight through exercise, diet, and a lot of swimming, so I shave my whole body except for a goatee and the hair on my head. I don’t have a lot of family, my girlfriend is very close to hers. I was close too but that was before the breakup.

I had been driving all night to my future home when it was time for the pit stop I never should have made. I had taken a laxative and this should be the last of the cleanout I pulled into an old rest stop and streaked to the bathroom.

I was in the stall and had finished my business, I never hear them coming when the lights went out. I tried to scream but all that came out was MMMPHHH as a ball was shoved in my mouth and strapped around the back of my head. I reached out at the direction the ball came from and my arms were pulled to the sides of the stall, ‘click…click’ my hands were hand cuffed spread eagle and seemed to be attached to the sides of the stall. My clothes were cut and ripped from my body and my shoes were taken off. I just sat there naked wondering what was going to happen, when my eyes started to adjust to the dark and I could barely see the tall figure standing in front of me with long flowing hair with hands on her hips. She must have known my eyes were adjusting cause she put a tight cool rubber hood over my head, it had no eyes or hole for a mouth just two holes for my nose so I could breath. Darkness again.

Each of my legs were lifted up and I could feel smooth jelly spread all over my legs. They must have been wearing rubber gloves because I could feel the cold rubber hands all over my legs. Then I could feel long rubber being rolled up my legs like giant condoms they went all the way up to my crotch. There must have been others as I was pulled up and forced to stand up. Each leg was lifted one at a time and rubber briefs were pulled up past my knees, but then they stopped, I was bent forward and I could feel the smooth cool jelly again being spread all over my crotch and butt, then it happened, my butt cheeks were spread apart and the jelly went into my butthole! I moaned into the ball NOOO, but all that came out was MMMMPPPHHH.

I was slapped across the butt quick and hard. The briefs continued up, and as they went up I knew what the jelly was for, a long skinny shaft was inserted into the forbidden hole. My “other head” was put into a tight pocket like a giant sort of tube in the briefs. As the briefs were put into place I could feel the shaft moving further in and my member pulled tightly to my waist. Then I felt a cool rubber hand rub across my stomach and the briefs. I started to get aroused by this but my member could not expand because of the tight pocket in the briefs. There were straps that came from the briefs and attached to the top of the long rubber stockings.

I was sat down back on the toilet and long thigh high rubber boots were pulled up each leg and I heard a loud “ZZZZIIIIIPPP” and the tightness around my legs became more severe. My feet were forced into a tip toe position. I was stood up again and the cool jelly was spread all over my upper body, then I could feel large heavy rubber cups placed over each breast each stuck there with a suction type sound. I don’t think they were coming off very easily!

Next a tight tube like dress was pulled up over my new “breasts” and ended right above my stockings, this too felt like rubber as it was tight and cold it pulled in my stomach, shoved my upper legs together and tightened my upper body quite nicely, better than the workouts I had been doing. The cups must have being huge as I could feel the weight pulling me forward. My stomach was pushed in as a thick type corset was clamped around my midsection, easily bringing me down a couple of waist sizes. Next I felt a couple of hands firmly grab my right wrist and a pair of hands grabbed my neck in a choking position. They were releasing my right hand from the cuffs!

I started to struggle but immediately the rubber hands around my neck tightened and I had to stop or I would have been strangled to death! The famous jelly was rubbed up and down my right arm. A long rubber glove was put on my hand and rolled all the way up my arm to my arm pits. My wrist was pulled behind my back and cuffed to the back of the toilet. Next the gloved hands grabbed my left wrist and the jelly was applied up and down my left arm. The cuff was taken off and a glove was put over my hand and rolled up to my left armpit. That arm was pulled behind my back and was now cuffed to my right hand behind the toilet forcing my “breasts” to stick out. The clothing was very tight and I was exhausted just trying to breath.

I heard a buzzing and my facial hair was shaved off. I felt a large collar snap around my neck. A rubber swim cap was put over my head covering all the hair on my head. The hood was removed, the bathroom lights were on, I could finally see. There were three of them, all wearing hood to hide their faces dressed in shiny black rubber. I could feel the ball being pulled out of my mouth, as it came out I tried to say something but I got a hard shock from the collar around my neck almost choking me.

One of them stood in front of me with a make-up applicator and she applied thick creamy makeup rubbed all over my face down to my neck right above the shock collar, she powdered my whole face. Then she grabbed my cheeks with her shiny black gloved hand and forced me to pucker up and I could feel the thick slippery red lipstick being applied to my lips, then she painted on the heavy lip gloss. It was very heavy and stuck to my lips like glue forcing my lips to pucker all by themselves, she got a large rubber “O” ring and shoved it in my mouth, then pulled the clear straps of the ring and buckled it tightly around the back of my head.

My force to fight back was zero as I was out of breath from the clothing and the shock of the collar. Like a focused artist she painted on eyebrows and applied thick eye shadow with force, she easily drew on heavy eyeliner and applied long thick curly fake eye lashes. She pulled out an eyelash curler and curled my eyelashes into the fake ones. Dark thick mascara was applied to the eyelashes. She used a big soft brush and applied heavy amounts of rouge to my cheeks. For a final touch she pulled out a long black wig and it slid onto my head as it seemed like there was a sort of jelly in it. She combed it out and organized it on my head. She must have put glue on the wig as I could feel it get sticky and tightened to my head. The other two shiny rubber girls came in and cuffed my feet around the bottom of the bowl.

The girls left the stall and I saw my future image for the first time in the mirror over the sink across from the toilet. A brunette with Betty Paige hair, dark eye makeup, long curly eyelashes, and bright red shiny lips, dressed in shiny red latex was sitting on a toilet with her hands behind her back, they made it look like I wasn’t even cuffed to the toilet, the cuffs were the same colored latex as my clothing. As I looked closer at the reflection I could see the how the red rouge was applied over the clear straps of the “O” ring to make them invisible! I couldn’t even see the ring. It looked like I was making my mouth open all by itself!

I continued the inspection of the enticing red dressed rubber hooker sitting on the toilet, I spread my legs a little and noticed that no manhood could be seen. The rubber briefs formed a smooth midsection and even had a crease to show a small camel toe! The woman pulled a sign from her bag a tricks and showed it to me, it read “I am a mute and to make money, I will give the best blow job for 20 bucks”. She put a bucket between my boots and hung the sign on the wall over my head. The stall door was shut. The lights went dim. I heard the door shut and then I heard the sound of my car driving off! I could hear them talking on the cell phone, “Yes we will be back in the morning to collect the money and move our newest money maker”.

For some reason I was aroused, but I had to piss like crazy. I held it as long as I could then I let it flow. My briefs were made to make it seem like I was pissing like a female! There must have been a tube from the tip of my member down to a release hole in the bottom of my briefs. I finished and then the door to the bathroom opened. I could hear footsteps of big heavy boots. They came closer and closer, then they stopped facing my closed stall. I just sat there quiet as I could be. The door slammed open and there stood a tall muscular man, he looked like a weary trucker. He looked up over my head and saw the sign, I could tell he read it because after he looked at it he looked me up and down and just smiled. The last thing I could say is that I hate lip gloss, it makes it easy for skin to slide!


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