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Model Worker 2: Driving Miss Crazy

by Alcatraz

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© Copyright 2011 - Alcatraz - Used by permission

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continued from part one

Part 2: Driving Miss Crazy

Chapter 1: Why Am I Here, And For How Long?

Laura was lying naked upon the cold stone floor, curled in a foetal position. Following her ensnarement by the Mistress that night she had been left alone to reflect on her future. Her ankles and wrists had been cuffed together forestalling any attempt at escape.

The dungeon was pitch black. The heat lamp which had relentlessly drained her body of moisture and energy was now extinguished, only a faint glow remained as its element cooled. She was unable to call out for help; the ball gag was still embedded firmly in her mouth, forcing her to breathe long deep breaths through her nose. Wet trails criss-crossed her face where the gag had drawn rivulets of saliva from its seal with her lips.

She lay there completely alone. She was unable to think with any clarity, the simplest of mental tasks seemed beyond her reach right now.

Having cuffed Laura the Mistress led a whimpering Mel from the dungeon by her leash, taking her back into the store beyond the door. The Mistress had informed Laura that they would be making arrangements for Laura's journey to her new home and that she should "wait like a good slave" for their return.

During the women's absence Laura was convinced she could hear muffled screams coming from the room beyond the door. The sound was fleeting, almost a whisper and was gone. Silence had filled the dungeon once more except for the monotonous ticking of the clock; bizarrely, she thought, the one thing that had any sort of consistency in this whole fucked up affair.

Laura had ceased her earlier sobbing; she literally had no tears left to shed. Her puffy eyes stung from her salty sweat. Her body was numb and throbbed with fatigue. Her butt still smarted from the beating she had endured from Mel's crop. Occasionally she would roll onto her back and allow the cold stone floor to sooth the burn in her soft flesh.

She still could not fully comprehend how she had ended up in this nightmare. The last few days had been a complete blur, turning her life on its head. She had gone from being a carefree young woman to become an owned "slave", her liberty stripped away from her. Her blossoming friendship with Mel - which had stirred previously unknown feelings within her - had been betrayed cruelly, her deepest most intimate thoughts drawn out and laid bare before the Mistress. Like a hungry vulture the Mistress had picked at her exposed soul; tearing away little strips of her essence, breaking her down from the inside out.

Laura's life, which had had purpose and direction, now faced an uncertain future.

Chapter 2: The Eyes of a Stranger

Laura heard the door between the dungeon and the store open again. Her eyes had become accustomed to the inky blackness of the room and the blinding light from the store forced her to close her eyes and squint to shut it out. The doorway appeared to her as a shining portal of hope, her only chance of escape. Heart racing, her malaise cleared a little as adrenaline coursed through her veins. She made a break for freedom, awkwardly crawling across the floor as best she could, desperate to get out.

Suddenly a shadow crossed her vision. She saw the Mistress' form silhouetted in the doorway. Laura's heart sank again. The Mistress appeared to be holding something weighty in her hand, something that looked like ...

SPLASH. Laura was hit by a bucket full of icy water sending her scurrying like a scolded dog in the opposite direction. It had been a direct hit and she was drenched from head to toe, her auburn hair matted and clinging to her face like vines around a tree. Shocked, she stared towards the doorway. Although at first the feeling of the icy water was unpleasant she was actually a little grateful for some much needed moisture. She shivered uncontrollably, her skin covered in goose bumps; the chains of her bonds rattling with her body's shakes.

"Looks like our 'Fresh Fish' needed some water!" The Mistress' mocking voice cut through her like fingernails down a blackboard.

"It's time to get you ready for your journey. My slave will help prepare you. I know how much you like to be with her."

Another figure entered the dungeon. Laura instinctively knew it was Melanie. By the light that was pervading the dungeon Laura could see that Mel had changed her clothes. She was wearing a pair of shiny, knee high, stiletto heeled black leather boots. The heels were only a couple of inches high she noted, not as high as Mel usually wore. She wore a tight, light grey, latex skirt which ended just above her knees. About her torso she wore a rubber jacket in the same light grey colour. Fastened at the front with a set of four buckles the jacket had wide collared lapels which framed her beautiful slender neck. The jacket did nothing to hide the curvature of her full breasts and the top of her cleavage was clearly visible between the lapels. The bottom of the jacket reached to just below her waist, which was cinched with a wide leather belt. The arms of the jacket ended at her wrists and black latex gloves covered her hands. Mel's beautiful blonde hair had been pulled tight and stuffed inside a grey, military style peaked cap.

Laura thought how stunning Mel looked as a very sexy rubber clad chauffeur. She reckoned Mel looked more beautiful than ever; her slender curvy figure held tightly in the rubber uniform. Laura felt her attraction to Mel was still strong. She knew now was NOT the time to be entertaining such thoughts but she felt happiness at seeing her friend again, her very presence calming her fears a little.

In Mel's right hand she held a crop, probably THE crop which had been used so mercilessly on Laura earlier that night. Mel struck the side of her boot with it making a loud cracking sound, clearly a warning that any resistance would be punished. The sound caused a shudder down Laura's spine as she remembered how badly the pain had felt as the crop bit into her flesh. She subconsciously felt for the wounds on her ass, but her bonds would not allow her enough movement.

Laura regarded Mel's face. When Mel had left the dungeon with the Mistress earlier her face had been a picture of remorse, her cheeks stained from her own tears, clearly distraught at having been forced to be so cruel to Laura. Not anymore. Now her face was expressionless and steely, a face of someone that had been given new purpose. Her demeanour had certainly changed and she stood erect and confident.

When Laura had first met Mel that fateful day it had been her eyes which Laura had instantly been drawn to; large, bright and friendly. Now though they were lifeless and dull and Laura felt deep sadness that such a beautiful energy had been extinguished. If the eyes really were the window to the soul then Laura thought that Mel must be in a dark lonely place right now.

Laura remembered the Mistress had said that Mel would be punished for their illicit intimacy earlier that night; perhaps Mel had already been punished, perhaps the muffled screams which Laura had thought she heard were in fact Mel's own as she'd taken her correction from the Mistress. If that were the case then it clearly seemed to have worked. Mel was firmly back under the shroud of her Mistress.

From Laura's prone position the Mistress seemed to tower above her, she had the aura of an Amazonian warrior, strong, confident, fearsome yet somehow beautiful and feminine at the same time. Laura cowered, curling tighter into a ball.

"Tonight you will be taken to your new home. You will arrive there as you leave here; naked as the day you were born, as tonight you are born into your new life as a slave. Whether I decide to keep you for myself or sell you to a new owner, be assured that your future is no longer yours to control."

"Blindfold her and bring her to the car."

While the Mistress strode off Mel approached Laura. Mel knelt by the side of Laura and reached to release her bonds. Mel stole a quick glance at the Mistress and happy that it was safe gently stroked Laura's arm and gave her a reassuring squeeze with her rubber fingers. Laura looked up and tried to smile behind her gag. Mel's face softened a little and she smiled back, too scared to show too much outward emotion towards Laura. Mel's eyes looked a little red and Laura could tell she was holding back tears.

Seeing this response in Mel tempered Laura's sadness. The Mel she loved was still there behind the steely façade. Laura felt less alone. She took some small comfort from the fact that her plight was at least sympathised with. She knew that sounded crazy – but it had been a crazy night. Mel's hand moved to Laura's cheek and lovingly touched it.

"Are you ready yet ?" snapped the Mistress.

Mel whipped her hand away from Laura and stood to attention a flush appearing on her cheeks. The Mistress was staring straight at Mel, fixing her with an intense glare. "Oh shit" thought Mel, did she see me touch Laura? The Mistress did not speak of having seen the moment of affection between the girls, yet Mel instinctively knew that the Mistress had seen something; she had seen the same look on her face many times before. She silently chastised herself for her moment of weakness, and prayed that there would be no repercussions.

"She's ready Mistress" Mel said.

Chapter 3 : Packing For a Journey

Having unlocked Laura's hands and feet Mel fitted a blindfold over her eyes. Laura was once again in darkness being led by her own leash and collar. She knew it was futile to fight the women at the moment, but God willing she would get her chance again. She told herself that she must hang onto her desire to escape this madness; to succumb to the Mistress would be to seal her fate forever.

A door opened in front of her and she was hit by a blast of cool night air. She was still a little damp from the bucket of water and she felt as though a hundred icy fingers were scratching at her skin. Every hair on her body stood to attention desperate to trap as much heat as possible. Laura shivered causing her leash and collar to rattle, a constant reminder of her status.

She heard the sound of a car slowly approaching, and the smell of exhaust fumes filled her nostrils. The car stopped moving and sat at tick-over, the powerful engine purring like a predatory cat. The engine stopped.

Laura heard the sound of a car door being opened. "Turn around" commanded the Mistress. Laura tentatively did as she was told, eager to get out of the cold night air. She felt the chilly dew-covered body work of the car press against the back of her thighs.

"Sit down" commanded the Mistress again. Laura motioned to sit and was bundled backwards into the boot of the car by Mel and the Mistress. She felt the prickly boot carpet brush against her back and ass. The boot felt large, but not large enough for her to fully extend her legs.

Her body was manoeuvred into position by unseen hands. She was physically aware of the women going about their business with her and she feared for what was going to happen next. If she was to travel then why wasn't she sat in a normal seat in the car? Why was she in the boot? She guessed it was so no-one would see her and raise an alarm. Also she would not be able see where they were taking her.

However, the real reason she would be travelling in the boot that night was far more malevolent than she had dared imagine.

Laura felt a fumbling around her neck and something wide, stiff and leathery was wrapped around her slender throat. It was cinched firmly and she was acutely aware of the pressure it was applying to her neck. There was a ratchet-like sound for a few seconds. When the noise ceased she attempted to raise her head but her neck would not move an inch, it was anchored securely to the floor of the car boot!

She panicked and flailed her arms desperate to fend off her captors. Both her wrists were grasped by her invisible assailants and were held down by her sides. Her hands were then pushed through leathery cuffs and again came the sound of ratchets as the cuffs gripped her wrists tighter and tighter and secured them to the floor of the boot.

Laura's neck and arms were now immobile, no movement was allowed by her bonds.

A wide strap was fed over her forehead and again ratcheted in place. She could neither lift nor turn her head in any direction.

Laura's breathing had become shallow with her panic. The gag in her mouth stifled her protests. She was kicking out with her legs, the only part of her body remaining with any possibility of movement.

Her ankles were forced through more cuffs and the now familiar ratchets sounded as they were also braced in place. The boot was not wide enough for her legs to fully extend and so her knees were slightly bent in this position.

Next her knees were forcefully pressed outwards and downwards towards the boot floor. The stretch in her groin was uncomfortable even with her dance training. As the outside of her thighs met the floor of the boot her knees were ratcheted down too. Secured like this her pussy and ass were totally exposed. A feeling of dread overtook her.

She did not have a hope of moving but her captors were not finished with her yet. Straps were fed around each of her arms, just above her elbows. The ratchets again ensured they could not move at all.

Another two wide straps were fed up and over her body, one across her waist and one across her ribs just below her breasts. Once these final straps were ratcheted tightly in place Laura knew she was completely and utterly trapped.

Throughout the process Mel and Mistress had not uttered a single word. Evidently they had done this many times before and the pair of them had installed Laura with an impressive efficiency. Should she be a little reassured that she was not the first person ever to endure this? Or should she be more worried by the fact that it appeared to be a well-planned and practiced procedure. With repetition comes familiarity. With familiarity comes apathy. With apathy comes boredom. What happens if they become bored of her she thought? She realised that they could not simply let her go anymore. She didn't want to consider what the possible outcomes of her predicament might be.

Laura lay in the boot, breathing heavily through her nose. There was nothing she could do, no hope of release. She had hoped that Mel could have helped her escape after having shown she still cared for her back in the dungeon; but she knew it was a desperately slim hope. She was sure that Mel could overpower the Mistress physically, but something kept her under control. What was it she thought, what power did the Mistress wield which commanded such obedience? Mel hadn't appeared to bear any physical injuries so the control was more likely psychological. But how did a person come to have such control over others she questioned. Is it my fate to become like Mel?

Laura started as she felt plugs being pushed deep into her ears. All outside sound became muted and she was left listening to the fast beating of her own heart in her head, her deep nasal breathing sounded like a desert sirocco.

"Can you hear me?" The Mistress's voice came loud through the plugs in her ears. "Wiggle your fingers if you can"

Laura wiggled her fingers in response.

"Excellent. This is your carriage for this evening. We have a few more steps to complete before we can leave."

Laura felt a number of sticky pads placed on each of her breasts and nipples. Whatever had been attached was firmly patted down in place. She thought she felt wires resting on the exposed flesh of her breasts. What the hell were they doing to her? She pleaded for mercy into her gag, but of course her calls went unheard …. or ignored.

"We will begin your training during the journey."

Laura's body suddenly tensed as she felt something cold, slick and hard enter her pussy. She squeezed her pussy walls to try and stop the intrusion but she was unable to prevent the object from being deeply inserted. When fully inside her something hard also rested against her clit.

"Nearly ready …. Try to relax for this one" came Mistresses voice again.

Laura screamed and howled into her gag as something solid was forcibly pushed into her ass. Her cheeks puffed in and out around the gag as she reeled in agony at the insertion of the object. She was an anal virgin and the object felt huge as it stretched her anus wider and wider. After more pushing the object suddenly dipped into her ass and her sphincter contracted and gripped it in place. The pain was intense, but subsided somewhat when the object was in place.

"OK, one more thing before we leave"

The ball gag was removed, but before she could scream it was replaced with a hard rubber cylindrical object. She played at it with her tongue. The surface felt patterned and ribbed. She thought back to the dildos she had seen in the store and imagined it to be one of the monstrous phalluses. It reached deep into her mouth, but not enough to trigger her gag reflex. She attempted to force it out with her tongue but it was fixed fast and would not move. It took some getting used to but eventually she calmed down enough to accommodate the intruder in her mouth.

"Ready!" exclaimed the Mistress.

Laura felt the thud of the boot being closed. She felt the subsequent thuds as the other car doors were shut. The Mistress and Mel had entered the vehicle. The closing of the doors felt to her like the gates of hell had finally sealed behind her; cutting off all roads back to her old life. The only way now was forward, but where would that path lead?

The answer was deeper into the abyss.

Chapter 4 : "A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it." – John Steinbeck

"I hope you are as comfortable as possible. You will be in there for quite some time. We are about to leave. During the trip you will begin your training, and this car has been especially designed for that purpose. As I told you before you may eventually be sold on to a new owner and they will expect you to service their every need on demand without question, so we must make sure that you will make the grade. During this journey you will learn to give perfect fellatio, even under the most distracting of circumstances."

"You have been fitted with devices of distraction to help with your training. Failure in your task will result in a very painful and very unpleasant ride for you."

"Slave will now start the car"

Laura felt the car's engine burst into life. At the same time the dildo in her pussy began to vibrate ever so softly. The feeling was nice and Laura thought that the journey might not be so bad after all.

"You must be able to ignore your own desire for pleasure in deference to your Master or Mistress. Your Master or Mistress must be your only concern, you are nothing. Your pussy is currently receiving a gentle stimulation. You will learn to ignore your own needs. When - and only when - your Master or Mistress has been fully satisfied you may receive personal gratification if they so permit it."

"Slave, indicate left"

A sharp rhythmic stabbing pain suddenly stung Laura's left nipple. She squealed in pain as it pulsed in time with the car's indicators; stinging her like an angry hornet. The electric current forced her pectoral muscles to contract involuntarily causing her breast to flex and move in sharp spasms.

"You must suck and tongue the dildo that is in your mouth, and make sure you MEAN IT!"

Laura sucked gently at the phallus lodged in her mouth, wincing from the rhythmic pain in her left breast. She found that the harder she sucked and tongue-massaged the dildo in her mouth the less intense the pain became.

"Slave, indicate right"

Immediately the pain was in her right breast instead of the left. Laura broke off from her sucking to shout. As soon as she did so the original intensity of the shocks returned. She immediately sucked at the rubber cock again and the shocks dulled in response.

"Slave, press the brake pedal"

To Laura's horror the shocks moved to deep within her anus. This time it was a constant pain, not an intermittent one like she had felt in her nipples. She wailed in horror, forgot about her instructions and the pain intensified once more. The pain abruptly ceased and Laura guessed that Mel must have released the brake pedal. The pain in her ass was the worst thing she had ever felt and she prayed there would not be much braking required on the journey ahead.

"So you see how it works" continued the Mistress. "You will need to give head like a thousand dollar whore to survive this ride. But it's not all bad news. There is some pleasure in this for you too. Slave, press the accelerator."

The sensations in Laura's pussy increased with the engine's revs and died off to a low buzz again as the engine returned to idle speed.

"I do hope you will not get too distracted and neglect to concentrate on your task!" the Mistress laughed an evil laugh.

"Driver let's go!"

The car pulled away and the vibrations in Laura's pussy closely mimicked the rise in engine speed. The sensations increased very slowly indicating the car was pulling away steadily. In her bubble in the boot the only way she had of knowing what was happening outside was the different stimuli her body was receiving.

Without warning Laura felt an intense stabbing pain in her clit. She screamed in agony, but immediately the pain was gone again.

"Oh I forgot to mention" the Mistress whispered through Laura's ear plugs "every gear change will also shock your beautiful little clitty too. Better get to work!"

The vibes in Laura's pussy built up again as the car accelerated in second gear. The stimulation in her sex felt wonderful.

ZAP! Her clit exploded and her pussy vibes ceased as Mel changed gear once more. Once back on the gas Laura's pussy started humming again.

Laura's left breast tensed and jumped as it received an electric shock and she knew that Mel must be using the car's indicator. The metronomic pulses shooting through her breast caused her to flinch each time. She sucked and licked the cock to try and reduce the pain. Her concentration was again broken when her ass started receiving a shock at the same time as the car slowed for a junction. The stimulation in her pussy had all but gone as the car came to a halt. The pain was almost too much for her to bear and she desperately sucked at the cock in her mouth to try and alleviate the onslaught. Her self-preservation instinct was strong but would it be strong enough?

As the car pulled away from the junction the pain in her ass ceased and the stimulation of her pussy began once more. With the pain in her ass gone, Laura relaxed a little and focussed on the sensations in her pussy. She realised her mistake when her clit took a full strength shock as Mel changed gear again.

There was no way for Laura to know when the shocks would come. Her only hope was to continually work at the dildo stuffed in her mouth to ensure that when the shocks did come the intensity was less.

Laura's journey continued in a constant cycle of pain and pleasure. The journey seemed to go on forever and Laura completely lost track of the turns which had been made. The effort of focussing so hard was taking its toll and fatigue was starting to ravage her mind and body. As she tired her work rate dropped. As her work rate dropped the pain from the shocks intensified. As the pain intensified she became more fatigued. It was a vicious circle and she had no idea when it would end.

The braking was the worst by far. She could not bear the pain in her ass; it felt like a burning fire and made her feel sick.

"How are you doing in there?" asked the Mistress. "I hope for your sake you are concentrating on your training. Now you understand what is required of you I think we should up the stakes a little don't you? Like I said, you will be trained to be the best slave that money can buy."

Laura screamed "NOOOO!"

"You have had it easy up until now. From this point on the intensity of the shocks will increase as we go up through the gears. First gear will be the intensity you have been used to so far and gears two, three, four and five will increase the power of the shocks. To add a bit more of a challenge to your task the vibrator in your pussy will also be more powerful at higher gears.

"Home slave, and don't spare the horses!". Again the evil cackle accompanied the Mistress' words.

Chapter 5: "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." – Henry Miller

The Mistress had not been joking about the increase in intensity. Laura felt as if she were trapped in a pit of angry vipers, her body relentlessly assailed with an unbelievable ferocity. The increased pleasure in her pussy at higher engine speeds felt incredible, but she had to block it out, had to concentrate on the cock in her mouth, focus on deep throating it to prevent the pain and pleasure from overcoming her.

And as the journey progressed she found that she was slowly becoming more adept at controlling the shock intensity. The subdued shocks were more tolerable and she found that - with the pain controlled - she could dare to enjoy the sensations in her pussy. The harder she worked, the more pleasure she felt. It all seemed so simple to her now, by giving she also received.

If her concentration lapsed even for a second, if she neglected her task then the pain would be back with a vengeance. But by shutting everything out of her head, dedicating herself to her task she could draw some small pleasure for herself.

After what seemed a lifetime Laura could feel the vibrations from the tyres as the car drove over loose gravel. This continued for a short time and the car came to a halt, marked by the shock in her ass one last time.

The pain ceased and the vibrations in her pussy stopped as the engine was finally turned off.

Laura's body slumped. Her breathing was rapid and shallow and there was a layer of perspiration all over her body. Her stomach was rising and falling dramatically as she gasped for air around the phallus buried deep in her mouth. Her head was fuzzy from all her exertions. Her jaw ached from accommodating the large dildo for so long. She was tired, so tired ...

"Home at last" came the Mistress's voice. "I hope you have learned well, we will test you later. But at the end of a good blow job there is always the eternal question ... spit or swallow. Well, with that cock stuck in your mouth I think you have only one option"

Laura felt a thick warm liquid being pumped into her mouth from the dildo. She freaked out at the thought she might drown, and desperately swallowed it all down, gulp after gulp. It tasted ghastly and she felt a wave of nausea take her. "What the hell is this stuff?" she thought.

"And now you have done your job you may be allowed to cum yourself – if your Master or Mistress permits. Today is your lucky day!"

The vibrator in Laura's pussy fired up once more sending little waves of pleasure through her. Next the device on her clit started to vibrate too. The electrodes on her nipples began to send gentle pulses through her breasts not the painful ones which she had endured on the journey.

Laura was quickly brought to a state of high arousal. Strapped down as she was, Laura was unable to move her body in response to the delight she was feeling. Instead she had to remain immobile while the devices worked tirelessly at her body.

She thought for a moment. She was being trained to become an instrument of rapture just like the devices attached to her. She was being trained to become impassive, to give pleasure on demand. To perform until the task was complete or until she was commanded to stop. Was she to become something that was no more than a device to be used? And when she had performed her role, what then? Would she be tossed aside until required again? What sort of life would that be? How would she keep her sanity in such a totalitarian existence?

"Oh God" she thought, "what is to become of me?"

Her musings were interrupted as the devices worked her body to the brink of an orgasm. It was forced for sure, but her body craved the stimulus on a very primitive level. Eventually she was brought to a thunderous climax. The endorphin rush washed over her body like a huge tidal wave; sweeping her up; turning her over and over before crashing her down in a tumultuous maelstrom.
The explosion in her senses was too much for her exhausted body to take and she passed out, unable to cling to reality; mind and body overloaded.


Laura was jarred back into consciousness by the feeling of cold air on her body once more. The car boot had been opened and she was being released from her bonds ...



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