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Man - Woman - Pony 3: Meeting the Family

by rbbral

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story continued from part two

Part 3: Meeting the Family and Final Training

The next two months were hard toil, not for their mistress of course but for the poor ponies. It was as if they had to start all over again, and to a certain degree they had. It’s true that if you lose one of your senses then the others become more acute, but it took a torrid first week for them to become more sensitive to the bit, reins, and worst of all, the vibrating butt plug. The first day was a bit of a shambles and mistress called it a day at lunch. She had taken them upstairs and outside to the vast gardens, lined them up in the arms of the buggy, and then simply said.

“This is your last test, and will take some getting used to.” Without further ado, she swivelled the blinkers closed and locked them at the bridge of their noses. Immediately they were tumbled into complete darkness and stamped their hooves and aaaahhhed in distress through their bits.

“Calm, calm.” She said laying a gloved finger over their labia, rubbing them tenderly. This did indeed calm them, and at first they took it very slowly, just walking, feeling the metronomic vibration in their rears and then the gentle pull of the reins on their bits. But they were clearly disorientated and soon out of step, then came the violent shock in their anal channels, one after the other, which did little to get them in order. Before, they had been in perfect unison and even quite proud of that, now they had to learn it all again, and were frustrated by this. And also very sore. By lunch the sides of their mouths were red and sore, and their anal passages on fire.

The next day they were infinitesimally better, and the next, and next, but they were simply walking still, no fancy movements, tight curves or running. However, their mistress was happy to see that they were learning to rely on other senses, feel being the most important, the tiniest of pull on the reins and the smallest change in the vibrations in the butt plugs, and they began to respond.

After a couple of weeks their mistress was quite satisfied with their progress. She knew it wouldn’t be easy and it would take time. As a special reward – and she also wanted to see how they would react - she left another present on their pillows one evening. These were identical black rubber masks. They had no zip and no apertures save for two tiny holes for nostrils. But the important feature was the large black cock sticking out at the mouth, and on the inside a double gum shield that would fit snugly over upper and lower rows of teeth. The black opaque face would render the wearer completely anonymous, nothing but an ovoid attached to a cock.

Their mistress watched as they tried to make sense of this. By now there was really nothing they wouldn’t try between each other. They had long lost any embarrassment, shame or any other Victorian emotion. They were young women who simply sought pleasure whenever it presented itself, for they knew that hardships lay ahead. Before, they might have been a bit shocked, but that had long passed. It took them no time at all once they had readied for bed in tube corsets and bras before Olivia took the initiative. They were quite amused at the sight and feel of the two masks, nothing surprised or shocked them anymore, and with Tanya’s assistance Olivia thrust her head into the tight rubber. With a bit of oohing and aaahing she slid her mouth over the gum shields and adjusted them to settle on her teeth, upper and lower. Evening out the wrinkles and running her hands over the smooth mask, she rather admired the smooth black oval that was her lover’s head, and Tanya laughed.

“All okay in there?”

“Hm hmm.” She replied, now blind and barely able to conjure any intelligible words. Tanya took her by the hand and laid her on the bed. And after much rather one-sided foreplay, basically from Tanya who gave the cock a thorough blowjob to get it nice and wet, she pushed Olivia back and straddled her head, her legs resting on Olivia’s shoulders. She stroked the smooth, shiny head, quite relishing her dominance at this moment and then unhurriedly lowered herself onto the hard rubber cock. Olivia couldn’t do much at all, except finger her clit, and so did manage to gain some pleasure, but it was Tanya who knew how to pleasure herself now, and so they had a fine evening, all in all.

A couple of days later it was Olivia in the ascendancy. And another week later their mistress was amused to see them both donning their masks. Giggling and fumbling about in their mutual darkness they played with each other’s breasts clits and even rear passages before finally managing to form a rather clumsy soixante neuf. Black heads were planted over wet pussies, and accompanied by a lot of mmmmffing the cocks steadily descended until the blank, black rubber faces were settling on their opposite’s labia.

Their mistress liked watching this and was aware that as their lovemaking became more adventurous and tender they became more proficient, slowly, as blind obedient ponies. Yes, a happy pony was able to learn faster, their mistress was in no doubt of that. And seeing them explore and pleasure each other, in truth, made her just a little jealous. Perhaps she thought, I will have to address that in the future. She had viewed their lovemaking for some time now and was, not surprisingly, impressed at their level of expertise, particularly cunnilingus. Why should she deny herself that pleasure? Over the nearly eighteen months now she had continued with her social life, clubs, occasional boyfriends etc. but the training of her women, her ponies had taken complete precedence, and frankly the men she’d encountered had really been a disappointment. It was clear that these two beauties had tongue talents – and talents with dildos far superior to those she’d encountered with men in her social circles, and she certainly had no qualms of having a woman (albeit an ex-man reassigned on her orders, to that of a woman) going down on her. Time, she thought, for a plan of action.

She mentioned this to her father at breakfast, keeping him updated on the oral (and other) talents of her two captives. He agreed enthusiastically, for he had seen that no man, so far at least, had failed to raise the ardour of his daughter. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been surprised but then with a sly smile her father said.

“Well my dear, why not make it a couple of twosomes? You seem to be having all the fun, so I would like a taste of these two beauties. As you say they have adapted very well indeed to rubber cock, but we have to see how good they are with the real thing. It seems only right that I should be the one to audition them, yes?” He chuckled as he could see his daughter rather liked the idea as well.

“Three orifices times two beauties, that makes six. Do you think you can handle that father?” She teased.

“We have all the time we need, my sweet. And you know I am tiring of these high class call girls they are sending me. They are way too prim and proper. I can tell that no matter how much I pay them they just want the money, and they don’t like anal for a start. I will look forward to seeing how your two protégées do. You must design some nice rubber clothes for them, not slutty, but very girly, very feminine, after all I still have in my mind that I will be fucking a man, ha ha, no matter how beautiful she is.”

His daughter did design identical costumes for them and very feminine they were too, and one evening 11 and 23 were told after their pony training to be ready for further training, of a different nature. After they had eaten, showered and cleaned up their training gear they knew something was up, when they found on their bed the new costumes and a sheet of instructions. First they were to wear their tube corsets, no surprise there. The remainder was quite straightforward – a dress in shocking pink rubber. There was a high neck, flared skirt to mid-thigh and long loose sleeves to tight cuffs. The neck, wrists and hem of skirt all had layered frills in white rubber and ends of the sleeves were connected internally to pink gloves. The bra section was reinforced which pushed their ample breasts up and out, and two holes exposed their shackled nipples. Underwear was pink panties with white frills at hem and waist and two strategically placed holes front and rear. Each pair had four suspenders to which would pink stockings would be attached. It was a strange costume, innocent (pretty in pink) at first sight perhaps, but also provocative and certainly sexy when on the full figures of the two women.

11 and 23 clearly knew something was on for the night, but not what, but then had an unpleasant feeling. Under the instructions they did their identical make-up, pulling their hair back in pony tails then helped each other dress identically. They took their time, easing the panties and stockings up their shapely legs then stepping into the cool clinging dress and pushing their hands into the tight gloves, adjusting their breasts in the supportive cups and zipping it up the back to the high frilled collar. They slipped their feet into matching ankle length bootees in spongy pink rubber with frills covering their ankles. They were a little babyish, a little sissyish but now was not the time to complain, as if there ever were a time. They had to admit they looked pretty stunning - breasts thrust out, narrow waist cinched, long shiny shapely legs. They had a feeling that sex was in the air, but with whom?

The final piece of the costume was a thick yet narrow diameter rubber hose about 18 inches long, with D rings at each end that were threaded through a ring at their waist and attached to a similar D ring on the inside of their wrists. These were self-locking and once on could only be removed by a third party. They tried these out, their wrists cuffed in front of them, and were mildly pleased to see they had some movement and if could fondle their own breasts, play with their own pussies and if one hand stayed at the waist then the other could just touch their mouths, but not much else.

They were ready, and both noticed they were now clammy in their tight rubber costumes, and they knew it was due in part to anticipation and part to nerves. They hugged and stroked each other through the rubber, trying to calm, then waited by their bed, and it was only a minute later that their mistress entered.

Their mistress was beautiful, they had always acknowledged that, and of course she was still so young. She had pulled her hair back like they had, and had no make-up, for her unblemished skin didn’t need any. She wore a neck to ankle cape in brilliant white and they both wondered immediately what surprises she had chosen to wear underneath. They would find out soon, thought Olivia. She circled them slowly, placing a white latex gloved hand, both of which had appeared through openings in the cape, on a breast here, a buttock there. She nodded silently, a hint of a smile on her face.

“Almost twins.” She said, as if to herself. “Sweet succulent fruit and ready for picking… .and devouring, ha ha. Follow me, we’ll use the back stairs, the tradesmen’s route and then,” she hesitated, “the rear passage. Yes, over time you will get used to the rear passage.” And she laughed at her terrible pun. She led them out and then to some stairs, but they didn’t stop at the main floor but continued for two more, following each other in silence. Tanya looked up at Olivia’s shapely legs and jiggling buttocks under her short skirt, and despite her nerves felt a hot flush of passion.

“On this wing there are several suites, usually for guests, and for entertaining and being entertained. That’s where you come in. You’ll get used to this area over time, for you will be here to entertain, and maybe if you are lucky, entertain yourselves, it’s really up to you.” She swung around and stopped at a door.

“11, this will be your room tonight. Knock and enter, I think you will have an… interesting time. 23, you lucky girl, you come with me.” She opened the door opposite and allowed 23 to enter ahead of her. She was not surprised to see that it was a large bedroom, with a bathroom to the side and, against one wall a king sized bed with, she was sure, latex sheets and pillows. She turned around and faced her mistress, perhaps a little nervous. She had come so far, she was no longer this cocky womaniser, but a very attractive, and submissive, woman. She couldn’t escape of course, the place was a fortress, so she just stood and watched her mistress approach as she accepted her fate.

“You know I watch you two a lot, and how you are adapting so well. And I actually got a bit jealous there for a while. Both your and 11’s oral skills are very impressive and something that needs to be shared.” She took a breath as she circled the latex hottie.

“The men I meet out there are so talentless and self-obsessed, well I don’t have to remind you what you were like, do I?” She placed her hands on 23’s hips, looking her in the eye.

“But I think you know a lot more about women now, don’t you, or at least 11, hhmm? Your training as a dressage pony girl is only part of your role here, yes the principal one, but also you are here to please me, my father, and if I deem it appropriate some select members of our Club. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to fight or… take as much pleasure as you can from your new “situation”. And as you know, fighting it is pointless.” She came closer and placed a hand over the rubber covering 23’s pussy, gently pressing inwards. “Now I know that you are very talented in the oral department because I have watched you with your, well, lover now, isn’t she? Don’t be coy, I’m happy that you are getting on so well, my, you have come far. And she is, as you are, perhaps not as sensitive as I am, being born a woman, with all the erm equipment, haha. Actually I should be easier to pleasure, but most men I have come across so far, really don’t care about that, just think of themselves. So I anticipate an evening of skilled debauchery. Maybe you will turn me into a lesbian, ha ha. Maybe it will be worth it, let’s see.”

She turned to the bed and began to part the studs of her long cape. 23 had said nothing, just trying to assess the situation, but was already thinking that this could be a lot worse. It seemed a beautiful woman was wanting, demanding him – her - to go down on her. She hadn’t been with a real woman since, well… .not that she had anything against Olivia at all, quite the contrary. But this was the woman that had changed everything, 23 or Tanya was now a captive to her, forever it seemed. And by now she had pretty well adjusted to that, and as her mistress had said, she simply had to accept and take pleasure where it was offered, like now.

“I don’t normally wear this to bed, it’s really hot after a while, but tonight I felt I wanted something… clingy. I don’t really care if you like it, but I have a feeling you will.” She dropped the cape and stood still, watching 23’s reaction. She was wearing a white catsuit that seemed painted on her, from tip of toes to her neck. 23 had thought earlier that she was wearing white gloves but no, they were attached to the suit’s sleeves. There wasn’t a wrinkle to be seen, her well-muscled body in perfect trim (she had a gym in the house and a personal trainer – of course). 23 couldn’t help but stare, and then dropped her eyes downwards and saw the heart shaped opening at her crotch and her (she was pleased to see) depilated pussy. 23 took a breath. She should have hated this woman who had changed her life forever, who mercilessly trained her as a pony, but as she stared at her, nothing went through her mind but lust, pure lust.

“Well, now you have perused the menu, I think it’s time for you to feast.” And with a smirk she lay back on the bed, parting her legs. 23 was not sure what to do, how far to go, and what was “off limits” but there was only one way to find out. First she simply knelt between her mistress’ legs and stroked her superb body, not easy to do with only 18 inches of play between her hands, but she learnt on the job, so to speak. She stroked breasts, nipples, thighs and then leant over and kissed the rubber nipples, gently biting them, gently slapped the thighs and after a while spread her legs wider and raised her knees. Her mistress, 23 was happy to see was now breathing hard and 23 dipped her head to the exposed love nest which she could see was already very wet. This made her feel a little more relaxed as she nudged the labia with her nose then licked and stabbed it with her tongue.

“Oh, you are good, very good, now were you that good before, or have you and 11 been honing your skills, the latter I think, you naughty girls.”

This pussy was different to Olivia’s 23 could immediately discern. While Olivia was a fresh, tasty plum, her mistress was a soft, aromatic, ripe fig. They were both quite delightful, just different. Her mistress’s musk was pronounced yet not overpowering at all, moist and succulent and sweet, as she should be. So 23 settled in for a relaxed meal - licking, biting, nibbling, sucking, and as she progressed she couldn’t deny herself just a little pride as she heard her mistress, her jailer, her nemesis, her torturer starting to pant, to jiggle her knees, to grip the latex sheets with one hand and with the other to stroke 23’s bobbing head. Her mistress was very wet, wetter than many women he had been with before… .

But this spurred her on, one second pushing her to the limit, and the next holding off. 23 was actually enjoying this, after all one does take pleasure out of anything well done. Finally her mistress came, in a shivering, groaning spasm and 23’s face became smeared with warm nectar. She raised herself and sat back on her haunches as her mistress took a few seconds to retrieve her senses. Then with a satisfied smile, she patted the bed and 23 raised herself and lay down beside her, well aware of the strange paradox, captor and captive lying together. Her eyes closed and now breathing evenly, her mistress said.

“Hhmm, very good, very good indeed. I think we shall have to continue this arrangement in the future, yes 23?” It really didn’t take 23 long to reply.

“Yes, yes mistress.” After all, as 23 know now, a girl has to make the best of a life that is on offer… ..

Across the corridor her lover/companion was also experiencing an interesting evening, but for her not as enjoyable as 23’s. When she knocked and entered the room she was not that surprised to see the man who had engineered her, well, demise? Since her abduction, sexual reassignment and training she had seen little of him. He was there during and after the operation and had occasionally dropped in during her post-operative care, but after that his daughter had taken over her training. Now, with a gulp of air, she saw him in front of her. He was dressed very casually, as if for bed, in sky blue long sleeved loose latex t-shirt and matching loose jogging pants. Unconsciously she glanced down at his fly and saw no zip, just a plain fold covering the opening in the rubber.

He was not an unattractive man, not at all, in mid 40’s, quite tall, slim, fit and with a chiselled face. This might have been a small consolation, but by his expression she could tell that he was a man that demanded, and got, what he wanted. She wasn’t frightened, for in the short time she’d been in the room, she knew what lay ahead, or at least had a good idea. He smiled.

“Come closer, I know you are nervous, but then you knew this would come someday, yes? You are really quite stunning, we were very lucky with you, both of you. You will be in high demand with the Club, but I have a feeling that my daughter will want to keep you and your lover (he didn’t hesitate at this word) to herself, and me I hope. So that is lucky for you, although you may not feel lucky at the moment.” He chuckled as he ran his hands over her trim yet curvy body, up her thighs, her narrow waist, and her almost bursting breasts. 11 took a few deep breaths, but stood still, her eyes closed, trying to keep it all under control. Yes, she knew this day would come, but what would it entail? A blowjob with the real thing, not a hard rubber facsimile that she had practiced on? Anal penetration? Or plain sex (was there such a thing now)? Whatever it was she would take it, for there was no other option. She thought back to when Tanya had bum fucked her, and well maybe that was a good thing after all, her cherry had been broken and she was aware now exactly how it would feel.

“You are probably nervous, yes, of course. It’s all right making love to your new fellow pony girl, but I’m different. Yes, I know about your lovemaking with number 23, you should not be embarrassed about that. Oral, anal, just plain fucking, there is no shame in that, and you have both come a long way. My daughter is delighted with you. But you realise that being a, how shall I say it, a possession, my daughter can do with you as she wishes. I rather think she wants to keep you both for herself, and I can see why, you really are very attractive,” he smiled, “but there will be demands, erm requests from the other members to taste these new fruits, your reputation is fast growing in our community, and why not, look at you, I’m sure you can hardly believe what you once were, and that is good, because all that is over, you are here now, and will always be here.”

He handed her a glass of wine, she took it clumsily, allowing one gloved hand to drop to her waist. Well, if I’m going to do some sucking and fucking, might as well get a bit loosened up, she thought wryly. Under his orders terrible things had been done to her, irreversible and permanent. But she had now moved on, for there was no way back, not even looking back, she knew that now. She realised now that when she looked in the mirror she didn’t see a stranger, but herself, this is me, an attractive woman. She gulped down the wine, she didn’t care what he thought, but he merely smiled and filled her glass. He studied her, placing a hand on her buttock under the short dress

“You think me an animal, worse perhaps, you hate me. All this I understand, but then you were no choirboy, no? I’m sure my daughter has apprised you of your situation, for you your former life is over, and this is what you have now, it’s up to you what you make of it. It can be very unpleasant, painful, but there will be times when you can glean some simple gratification, with your lover certainly and you have done that, which is good, for I think you must seize those moments. The human is amazingly adaptable, and like nature itself, you adapt to your surroundings or… … ”

And he left it there, with a knowing smile, as 11 finished her second glass. He sat on the bed, looking up at her, inspecting her, and liking what he saw, very much. It was hard, almost impossible for him to believe that this beauty was once a rather arrogant unpleasant young man. The wonders of modern medicine, a potent cocktail of drugs, strict diet, just the right clothes (latex of course) and his daughter’s unforgiving training had truly transformed him (the former him) to a real looker. She really did look a treat, particularly in her shiny, shimmering rubber.

“Here, kneel, the wine should have dispelled some of your nerves, you know now the time has come. Come on, it will not be so bad as you think.” And she did know, she knew that now, she could do this all right, and so knelt between his parted thighs, seeing the bulge begin to grow in his crotch. There was no point in making a scene, it didn’t even cross her mind, just get on with it, I’m not going to the guillotine, could I actually get some satisfaction out of this? Being with Tanya was one thing, and she now was very comfortable with that, but a man, with a real fleshy cock, well that was different of course. She raised one hand and parted the flap in the rubber pants, inching the hand in, feeling the warm member through her rubber glove. She very gently (no use in getting him mad) gripped the cock and eased it out, his balls also flopping out. It was semi hard, not rock hard, yet. She licked her lips, suddenly her mouth was a bit dry, a bad time for that.

Nerves, not disgust or horror, just nerves. She dipped her head until the head of the cock was a couple of inches from her mouth. It glistened with pre-cum and with the shaft in her hand she guided it to her mouth. He watched silently as there was a half second’s hesitation, and then she overcame her nerves and parted her lips. She licked the underside, then the purple head. It tasted of nothing really, but she could smell the rubber of his pants as she finally took the head in her mouth.

This was the real thing, no rubber replica and the first thing she noted was how warm and fleshy it was. She shouldn’t have been surprised, but it felt alive, yes, alive. She was further surprised in her own reaction that she wasn’t repulsed, no, not at all. Why should she be now? Of course, a couple of years ago, yes, but no longer, for now she was a different person, in so many ways, in her body of course, but also in her head. She gripped the ball sac and rolled his balls in her palm, gently pulling them down and dropped her head another inch. So far so good, she thought. She heard her master.

“Good girl, very good, you have a nice soft mouth, I know this is a bit strange but you are learning fast, and that will be good for you in the future.”

Whatever that held, she thought, and felt a gentle hand on her head, not pressing down, just stroking, giving encouragement. She raised and lowered her head, acclimatising to the warm cock, even nibbling it softly. Bizarrely perhaps she felt a moment’s satisfaction as he became hard in her mouth. Then she felt the head nudge the back of her throat and managed to control her gag reflex, okay, she thought, good, I’m fine, I’m getting comfortable with this. Then he said something that truly surprised her.

“Move around, pretty one, come up on the bed and turn around, you can straddle my chest here. It will be a lot easier for you to take me fully in.”

Oh, she thought, so we’re going the full monty are we? Down to the root, well I’ve done it with Tanya, but that was different, a lot different. Just stay calm. But what’s going on here? She moved up and over him, straddling his upper chest, her knees stretched wide. She continued to move her mouth up and down, now getting used to the muscular intruder, as she gripped and fondled his balls. This was all right. Then she felt him raise her short skirt at the back. Hang on, she pondered, what’s he doing now, he’s not going to… ..

But he was. She felt him stretch her rubber panties, and heard him say, in a whisper.

“I have paid a lot for this, pretty one, only fair that I should inspect the workmanship, ha ha. Hhmm, beautiful, fresh and luscious. The doctors did a wonderful job, no one can tell.” And she felt his tongue flick her labia. Oh, oh, oh, I can’t believe this he’s actually… .

She knew what had to be done next, took a deep breath, and dropped her head, feeling the thick head of the cock pass the back of her throat and block her airway. She resisted the gag reflex, just moving her throat muscles while holding her breath. She had learnt this with Tanya and the rubber cock so now it was not such an ordeal, except this was real, live, hard flesh. Her master stopped licking her for a second.

“My my, you are full of surprises.” And began to lick and nibble her again. Her nose now rested on his ball sac and the hairs were tickling her, but she held her position, then raised her head again, took a gulp of air and dropped back, feeling the warm solid flesh glide down her throat. She was so enjoying his attentions on her pussy now, god, she was actually enjoying this, and only felt it was fair to please him as best she could. After a few minutes she heard him say.

“You have done very well, you pretty one, now there’s just one thing left for you to do. I am going to come and I don’t want to see any drips, be a good girl now.”

She withdrew a couple of inches and could feel the volcano about to burst. She knew she had done well, she wouldn’t fall short now. She had practiced with Tanya on the rubber cock, she knew this day would come, and well, after all this time, They had filled the rubber balls with a mix of plain yoghurt and milk, making it a slightly sour, creamy texture, and they both had learnt to swallow with the cock still in their mouths. But now it was the real thing. Oh god, I’m sucking him off and I’m going to swallow all his juices, and know she realised she was fine with it.

As she heard him groan, the first rush of juices hit the back of her throat. She drew in a quick breath and swallowed, then more came and she swallowed again, avoiding the gag reflex. It didn’t taste of much, she thought, perhaps a bit salty, that was all. It hadn’t been that terrible and as he slowly became flaccid she raised her head, licked his cock and then her lips, hoping there was no residue visible. He patted the bed beside him, and she lay back, both of them breathing hard. He smiled.

“Well you are a great talent, number 11. That was very satisfying indeed, and you have a sweet lush pussy as well. You have all the attributes to provide entertainment for my daughter and me, and perhaps some of the members, ha ha, although I think we may want to keep you for ourselves.”

As she lay on the bed, she noticed she was now dripping wet within her latex costume. She swallowed hard, the rather slimy residue of his juices still in her mouth, but she was strangely pleased that she had passed the first part of her audition! What if she hadn’t? And after all it was just spunk, not poison. However, there would be more to come, she knew that.

“Now you can rest, get a little sleep, and then we resume later.” She was not shocked at this, she was just pleased she had taken the first hurdle successfully, and frankly she hadn’t found it that unpleasant, yes, she had come a long way, all right. It was highly unlikely she would go wandering off in the night, but nonetheless he clipped a short strong rubber cord from the bed head to a ring on the back of the frilled collar of her dress. She lay on her back in the dark, still hot and sweaty, and really didn’t know what to expect now, but he did nothing, other than turn the light off and go to sleep!

She didn’t exactly sleep the sleep of the innocent, but did sleep fitfully, for during the night he would turn over and in his semi-sleep place a hand on her breast or under her skirt and fondle her, and she reflected that she really didn’t take exception to this.

She woke the next morning as he prodded her.

“Go and clean yourself up, we have time for another session. Don’t bother with make-up, you look just fine as you are.” He said coolly, and she took this as a compliment, sort of. She wiped herself down in all the appropriate places as best she could with her gloved hands still tethered to her waist cord. She returned and he was now on his back on the bed, his cock like a tent post already.

“Give it a lick or two and make it really hard.” So she knelt and did as told, licking him like an ice cream, and in truth not hating the act at all really. She was now used to the warm meat that more than filled her mouth.

“Okay, up on your haunches now, straddle me. We won’t bother with a condom for now (for now? she thought) as you are not the of parenting stock.” He chuckled as she straddled him, spreading her short skirt and then with extreme care began to lower herself onto him. He gripped her narrow waist, adjusted her angle and then pulled her down onto him.

“Oh, oh, oooooh” She breathed as he filled her to his root. “Oh, oh.” She repeated as he raised and lowered her. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, and soon this actually became quite pleasant, the fullness of him, rubbing all her insides, yes, it was just fine, she thought, no, better than fine. She cupped a breast through the supporting bra section of the tight dress and squeezed hard, she liked to do that, and liked it when Tanya did it as well. Now she took over without any encouragement from her master, raising and lowering herself on his rod, there was plenty of lubrication and she rode him with ease, hhmm this was actually very nice indeed.

“I can say I never thought I would be fucking you 11 like this, you are a surprise, and I know you are really liking this, I can see that, but now there’s one more trick we need to try, isn’t there? Don’t look so disappointed, you knew this would come, so raise yourself up here and slide this condom on me.”

Of course she knew it would get to anal, it was just that she really quite liked getting fucked. She took the condom and slipped it over his gleaming cock.

“Here, no point in it being more painful than it should be.” He laughed and handed her a tube of lube.

“Forget your bum, just the cock.” He said and she smeared a dollop over the rubber-sheathed member.

“All right, wriggle forward a couple of inches and spread your thighs more, good, that’s it.” Put your hands on my chest, lean over a bit and feel for the head.” He wasn’t helping her and she waved her rear in a small circle feeling for the head. Yes, there it was. She raised herself now, with the head of the cock past the opening in her panties and now resting between her stretched cheeks. She closed her eyes and heard him say, calmly and almost in encouragement.

“You’ve had vibrating butt plugs for months and your girlfriend’s rubber cock, so this is no different, just settle down nice and slowly, sit, sit, sit, nice and easy.” He was right of course, she’d had Tanya’s rubber cock in her rear and didn’t take exception at all, god, did she really say that to herself, well it was true.

“Oh oh oh oh.” She whispered as the bulbous head pressed against her resisting muscle, and then gravity took over and as she gently lowered herself, it entered her. The bulbous head, then a second’s wait, and then very slowly the shaft. Again the first thing she noticed was its warmth, yes, it was alive and so different from the rubber replicas. As it continued its path, she realised that her own hand had passed under her skirt and was seeking out her nubbin. By then she was filled by him, and she gasped.

“Ohmy oh oh oh.” He held her there like that for fully 30 seconds, fully embedded, allowing her muscle and tender channel to relax and accommodate.

“Not too bad eh, not at all, but exquisitely sensitive I think.” And then he took each of her nipple shackles through the rubber dress, and slowly pulled them to him.


“You see, something you think is painful is not really painful when you compare it to something else, right?” Her nipples were on fire, and the pain - well it wasn’t pain was it? – in her rear had dissipated. He released her shackles.

“Now you understand about pain, and pleasure as well, and you will get used to both, you can carry on playing with yourself while you ride me.” And she did, with one hand in her pussy, she rode her master. He lay back and watched her, smiling as he now cupped her superb breasts and she groaned in pleasure. Yes, the final hurdle had been taken, she was a woman now, no vestige of the man before, a woman who sought pleasure, unabashed. Soon, sooner than when she had fucked him, he came, grunting in pleasure, and she too gained some form of sexual satisfaction, which surprised her. He raised her up and she rolled over him to his side, panting. 

She had been shocked, not so much by her actions and behaviour, but by her reaction, by how much she had enjoyed it. Some parts more than others certainly, but it had not been the traumatising night she had expected, not at all. She was sore, her anal muscle was on fire, but she had passed the test, with honours. Her memories of being a young virile man were gone, gone forever, and now she sought out sexual satisfaction as a female.

Across the corridor their mistress had fewer options with 23, or Tanya. But that wasn’t to say she didn’t have an enjoyable session. The night had been so agreeable that she decided having Tanya’s expert oral skills operating on her would be an excellent start to the morning, so she lazily rolled over, raised herself, straddled Tanya, who was still half asleep, and planted her pussy over her face. Barely able to take a breath as the warm rubber of her mistress’s catsuit pressed on her nose, she sucked in the warm moist pussy. Her mistress played with her nipples through the tight rubber of the suit, but left everything else to the very capable 23.

After both couples had finished, the women were taken downstairs, hot, sticky, smelly and perhaps surprisingly fully satisfied, and sated. They were told they had performed well beyond expectations and had the morning off to relax (and recover). They took some pride in this now, yes, strange world it was. Pony training would resume in the afternoon.

So the two couples had leisurely brunches, where they both compared notes. Upstairs their mistress said to her father.

“Maybe I should turn gay.” She laughed, only partially joking. “That 23 gave me deeper, longer orgasms than any useless man has done, dick or no dick. She really gets into it… so to speak.” She laughed. “Why would I need a cock?”

Her father chuckled at his daughter’s turn of phrase, and considered his night of pleasure.

“I’m so happy for you, my love, well 11 was quite stunning too - better than any call girl with her oral skills, and for a first timer, amazing. She might save me a lot of money in the future, haha. And then we got down to the anal, hhmm. I watched her closely, and you know I think she really liked it. Getting inside her was a little tight at first, but once in, she rode me very well indeed. From her expression she didn’t seem to be in any discomfort. These women are amazing, you’ve done a wonderful job training them, I’m looking forward to popping 23’s cherry very soon.”

“And I want to try 11’s oral skills, if she’s as good as 23, well… ..”

Downstairs Olivia and Tanya were also discussing the night’s adventures.

“He wasn’t a complete bastard, no, he was all right. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, for sure. He was clean, his cock didn’t taste of anything, just warm, hard muscle. I did deep throat him, managed not to gag and finally yeah well, swallowed all his cum.” She smiled ruefully.

“I never thought I’d say something like that. But well you know, it wasn’t that bad at all, I’m glad we got in our practice on the rubber cock, that helped a lot.” Tanya waited for the rest of the story, and Olivia looked at her with another rather shy smile.

“Yeah, and then came the anal, well I knew it would. The butt plug is entirely different, once past the widest part, it’s okay, the narrow neck is fine, even comfortable, haha, you know that. But his cock is a good inch diameter all the way down, so… ..yeah, it was a bit of a stretch all right. Pretty sore at first, but the muscle relaxed eventually and it was all right, I suppose, after that. He’s a good size and filled me for sure, I could feel every inch of him rubbing my insides, I’m nicely sensitive there and it was a quite comfortable feeling in the end, ha ha I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it still burns a little there. But I survived to live another day, ha ha.” She seemed a bit sheepish saying this, guilty perhaps? 

“Well I had the easy night. She’s very easy to please, no dildo, vibrator. No, just me doing my oral gig, haha, you know about that. Certainly she’s more, erm, musky than you, and me probably, and gets very wet. Brought back some memories, and she’s really beautiful in that white suit, super body she has.”

They were silent for a while. Then Tanya said.

“Well my turn for the cock sucking and anal penetration next time, eh? Oh, well, we’d better get ready for our training, before I plug you with the butt plug, I’ll rub some antiseptic cream into your bum, that should help with the burning.” She stood and leant over her lover, and kissed her tenderly. “Let’s get dressed now.”

As usual they helped each other with the rubber suits, masks, hoof boots and harnesses, then waited for their mistress. She arrived on time, gave 23 a particular smile, perhaps related to the night before. In her hand she held two pieces of matching black and white rubber and held them up.

“This is your final piece of uniform. Monoglove, sleeve, whatever you wish to call it. It will bring your arms under final, complete, rigid control. I simply slide this inverted v sleeve down over your hands and forearms to your elbows and lace it up… as tight as possible, it will bring your elbows in, perhaps to almost touching, we’ll see.” She laughed. She began with Tanya, releasing her hands from her collar, then with them still behind her she slid the rubber single mitt down her cinched forearms to her elbows. The two rings at the tips of her hands passed through a small hole in the single inverted v of rubber. Their mistress clipped a chain of two links to the rings at the ends of the mitts, then attached this to the ring at the rear of her collar.

“Ah, aaahhh.” She winced.

“Excellent, I wasn’t sure we would ever get down to two links but you’re both more flexible than I thought. Now all I do is pull in the laces until you have a single rigid sleeve.” She began to do this, drawing in the laces, tightening, then adjusting and tightening again. Tanya aaaahhed and aaaahed through her bit, as saliva already dripped down her breasts. She thought her shoulders would pop out of their sockets, but no, her mistress stopped just when she thought there couldn’t be any more room to lace.

“Beautiful, maybe 4 inches between your elbows, but I think that’s enough, for now. Great for posture, and look at your wonderful breasts, they’re just about bursting out of their cradles, haha.”

Then she repeated the process with Olivia – number 11. And soon she was as painfully controlled as Tanya. She trained them fairly easily that afternoon, letting them get used to their new more stringent bondage. But after that it was back to hard training as blind, obedient ponies.

For further entertainment, it only took their mistress and her father a couple of days to change partners for the night. This time he took Tanya, number 23, while Olivia, 11, had an easier night with her mistress.

Neither of the women displeased their owner. Their mistress was delighted with the oral skills of 11, her approach and technique were different to 23, but the result was the same, a series of shuddering orgasms for their mistress, which confirmed her earlier observation that maybe she should forget about the vain young men she hung around with and stick with her two beautiful captives to provide all the sexual pleasure she yearned for. She was beginning to think seriously about it – no hassles, no strings attached, she had no interest in motherhood, these two women could satisfy her in every way, where, when and how she desired, and they were available all the time.

Her father was equally impressed with 23. Straightaway he could tell that she was a more willing sexual partner. There was no slight indecision in her lowering her head and placing her mouth onto his cock, expertly licking, stroking him with her gloved hand. He could hardly believe that this beauty was once a man! She took him to his root without any hesitation, no gagging, no pained expression on her pretty face. How had she learned to be this proficient? Well, her girlfriend of course, pretty number 11, but still, this was the first time she’d had the real thing, a warm hard muscle throbbing within her oral cavity. She swallowed and licked him clean without any inducement, then lay by his side. As he recovered he cupped a hand over her pussy and eased a middle finger inside her, and she parted her legs in acceptance. She was wet, without any inducement from him. He smiled in satisfaction, every hurdle had been jumped, there was only pleasure to be had in the future.

The next morning 23 went down on him and quickly made him hard again (she was very good at this, he pondered) and after he had played with her, getting her moist, massaging her wonderful breasts, she straddled him, then lowered herself onto his cock with a sigh. She was hot, sweaty, and sticky but this didn’t deter her as she rode him, enjoying those moments when offered. Just like her girlfriend, she knew what was coming, and with him still rock hard under his instruction she rolled a condom on him. She took a couple of deep breaths as he lubed himself, then moved forward, placing her hands on his chest and feeling for the bulbous head through the hole in her panties and then at her rear entrance. Again he noticed she took less time as she settled down on him, wiggling her rear, holding for a few seconds and then lower over the wider head, then calmly down the shaft, inch after inch and lower again as his cock wormed into her, finally to the hilt. He noticed that rather than a look of pain or discomfort, she was calm, eyes closed, mouth slightly parted.

She rode him more vigourously, seeming to enjoy the experience, certainly more than 11. But both, he thought with a wide grin, were talented and accepting, well beyond his expectations.

And their dressage training continued. They were now better, much better, and were used to being blind, which enhanced their other senses – the slightest change in speed of the vibrations in the butt plugs, and slenderest movement in their bits. Perhaps the fact that they were a true couple, lovers and more than comfortable with each other’s company, and with a similar mindset was a factor.

They were also used to the monoglove holding their arms rigid, their trapped hands almost touching their collars. After all, ponies don’t need hands do they? As each day progressed, they began to behave as one, reacting immediately, in perfect unison, to their mistress’s commands.

Mission accomplished!

Their mistress lay back on her bed. After all this time, finally. She no longer needed the cattle prod, in fact in their presence she no longer felt the need to have them cuffed, such was their acceptance of their lot in life. They had learned to take and give pleasure with each other, and even with their mistress. Oral, anal, taking or giving, nothing now seemed to faze them, such was their complete transformation she had done it, and now only one final, public test remained. She spread her legs further and patted the shiny rubber ovoid that was slowly bobbing between her legs.

“Good girl, very good, but a little faster now.” The anonymous black helmet nodded and mmmfed quietly, the cock extending from its front gleaming. She didn’t even know who this was, 11 or 23? She had commanded that one of them be ready, she didn’t care who, at the door in 10 minutes, in corset tube, sports bra and panties with holes at front and rear, and of course with the occlusive anonymous black helmet covering all features. And 10 minutes later, there she was, standing blind, and silent and fully obedient. She had taken care in leading her up to her room, then commanding her to kneel. Then steering the rubber cock into her. There was not a second’s hesitation or resistance, she chuckled at the thought of them discussing who wanted to go and service their mistress, maybe they took lots, maybe there was a girlish squabble, in any event the girl between her thighs was doing very well, and the mistress even allowed her to play with her breasts and pussy. All good service deserves a reward, she thought.

She patted the bobbing black rubber head again, how could this get better?    

One afternoon, now nearly two years after 11 was first abducted, their mistress excitedly said to her father.

“They’re ready, dad, I know they are. It’s truly amazing, no longer obnoxious vain men, oh no, even no longer free-thinking beauties. Once that rubber suit goes on, the feet in the hoof boots, the bells on the nipples, and then the bit, and the blinkers they are ponies, dad, real ponies, obedient, attentive, alert. It’s like they just turn off everything human, all thoughts, and just wait and respond to me, I can hardly believe it. And to cap it all, I think they may be actually looking forward to showing off.” She beamed at her father proudly, who nodded.

“Okay my sweet, we’ll set up a weekend here for the Club in the next month, we have some nice summer weather coming. You know I think we’ll get a really good attendance. A lot of members have been waiting to assess your beauties and see how you put them through their paces. And I know you, and the ponies of course, won’t disappoint.”

Please see “A Weekend at the Club” as this follows the fortunes of 11 and 23 on their exciting debut, and many other unfortunate rubber captives, male and female, as the members of the Club have a hedonistic weekend in the country.


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