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Man - Woman - Pony 2: Training

by rbbral

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Training

It was with mixed emotions that Olivia and Tanya, or 11 and 23, emerged into the bright sunlight of a summer’s morning. They had followed each other up the back stairs of the west wing of the huge mansion in which they were being held. Olivia had followed Tanya and had admired her shiny tight rubber rear, and the wiggling of her tail as she took the stairs carefully. Now they stood docilely, side by side as their mistress clipped a short steel rod of about 9 inches to the D-rings on the sides of their belts, leaving them locked together, but not touching. They both breathed in the warm sweet air, something they had not done for a long time, and took in the limited view from between their blinkers.

In front of them was an enormous lawn, with gravel trails around and across it, and beyond that there were a series of wooded areas, making the lawn fully enclosed and private. So private indeed that they were unable to see any further as to where the boundaries might be. Perfect, they thought for keeping slaves and ponies in training. And to their right they saw an exercise area with wood chips on the ground and a single steel post in the middle, with four arms extending out eight feet off the ground. 23 had seen this before, for exercising ponies, the arms would rotate and the ponies, attached by a chain to their bits would be forced to circle at the necessary speed. She didn’t really like the idea of that, round and round, under the command of an uncaring machine. Their mistress came before them, dressed in her dressage attire of black and white latex, and holding up the remote control that would govern their every movement as human equines.

“For the first few days of your training, I will not use the reins or hook you to the buggy. Let’s call these orientation days. I want you used to each other, and used to what this little beauty can make you do. Now I want you to listen closely, very closely. This remote controls your speed and your length of step, your direction will be controlled by the reins, but for the first few days I will control you verbally. Simple as that. So here we go, first you will feel a pulsing in your anal passages. It’s not painful but it will be very noticeable. Now as that pulse increases you will increase your speed, every time you feel the pulse your left foot must make contact with the ground, so two steps between pulses, remember that. The pulse speeds up, and you speed up, you must be alert.” She turned it on, and immediately they felt an insistent pulse in their sensitive rears. Both took a breath, but no, it was not painful, although you wouldn’t call it comfortable either.

“Now the length of the pulse can alter, and so you will feel this.” And it did, but with the same space or time between pulses. “Same spaces but longer pulse, and that means lengthen your stride. Then we can speed it up, and that means walk, or run faster, simple, but you have to remain alert at all times, and it will get tougher when you have the reins as well, for then you must do turns in unison. For coming to a stop, the pulse will stop, and you have two steps to come to a complete halt. And this is the unpleasant bit, ha ha. If you are not paying full attention you will get this.” She touched a separate button and a violent electric current shot through the rears of the women, who immediately aaaahhhed in shock and jumped clear off the ground. She raised her finger from the button.

“Yes, not pleasant at all but a wonderful incentive to be obedient ponies. It’s also an inducement for you to work together, for if one of you is out of line, I’m afraid both of you get a blast. So, I hope you remembered all that, for today we will just do some walking and get you used to the bit, the plugs in your rears and the boots. Your arms will be sore, and I won’t shorten the chain on your mitts for a few days, that will get you used to it. Afterwards I have some very good muscle relaxant cream and you can give yourselves a massage later. I’m sure you will like to do that, ha ha. Okay, we’re ready, so off we go.”

Immediately they felt a pulse in their rears and left foot first, stepped out. Quickly they got the pace required as they walked across the huge expanse of the lawn. She took them to a gravel path and ordered them to turn left, and now they were on the path. Crunch, crunch, crunch - it was not difficult to hear how close they were to being in unison.

“We’ll stay on the path, so you can concentrate on your rhythm, good so far.” She paced behind them, enjoying the view of their tight latex buttocks gripping their butt plugs, the flicking tail brushing the latex, and their arms held immovably behind their backs. Saliva was already dripping out of their open mouths and down between their breasts and within a few minutes they were warm and a little sweaty in their body-hugging outfits. Despite their discomfort, and to a degree their embarrassment at the somewhat ridiculous spectacle they were, they relished the fresh air, the sun and the rather limited view between the blinkers either side of their bridles, for they had been kept downstairs for so many months. But they concentrated hard on keeping in harmony. The path eventually took them back to the house, and they saw what a mansion it was, as if they didn’t know before, now it was confirmed that they had been abducted and transformed by some very rich people indeed.

The plugs continued to twitch and pulse in their rectums, and then slowly increased pace, which they immediately matched. And so it continued for the morning, the pace and the length of the step changing and the two beautiful masked women/ponies attentively matching it. She didn’t give them time for a break. The daily sessions on the equipment in the basement ensured they were very fit already. They were now very hot in their suits and could feel their sweat dripping down inside. Their arms were sore, but the muscles seemed to have adjusted very slightly. The rings attached to their nipple shackles tinkled merrily as they continued to learn their steps, only three times were they subjected to a venomous shock from the butt plugs when the were slow in changing pace.

Soon it was lunchtime, but their repasts and their mistress’ were very different. Mistress had hers under a beautiful umbrella at a garden table. The two ponies however were not quite so comfortable. Underneath an adjacent tree (at least they were in the shade) they were strapped to what she termed as covering frames, where presumably the ponies would be “covered” by the members at their leisure. These were of sturdy steel and leather straps and superbly designed. Once settled in, the ponies were immobile and bent over at 30 degrees, supported on soft leather padding and held there by leather straps at ankles, knees, thighs and waist, and with a supporting frame to hold their heads still. To discourage further movement two straps were connected from the frame to their nipple shackles. At the rear, their legs were spread and their pussies and plugged rectums gorgeously exposed. In front of them was a single hospital IV stand with an inverted container of unidentifiable viscous liquid. From this a single tube descended and split into two. These extended via two horizontal arms and were connected to two thick black rubber cocks. As the mistress removed their bits, she said.

“Need I say no talking? All right, it’s up to you how much you suck through the cocks, don’t be greedy now, share and share alike, ha ha.” And she extended the two rubber tubes and the women/ponies opened their mouths dutifully and began to suck hard on the rubber cocks for their lunch. Meanwhile their mistress had a pleasant salad, some wine and dessert, and sat and watched as they continued to suck hard on the rubber cocks. It tasted foul, but was no doubt nutritious, and equally no doubt contained their female hormones and drugs. Eventually they were finished and the container was replaced by one of water, which they drew in voraciously. It was of course humiliating and degrading, but in a few days they would care no more about that.

The afternoon continued in the same vein, with their speed increasing slightly and by 5 o clock they were exhausted. Their mistress knew they would learn nothing in that state so called it a day, and returned them to their quarters, loosening their mitts and leaving them to do the rest. They were ordered to clean and disinfect and shine all of the outfits ready for the next morning. 

She provided them with a large jar of muscle relaxant cream and after they had cleaned everything, and eaten a small meal they got ready for bed (they were shattered). In their matching bras and harem pants they gave each other a lengthy massage. Their arms were very sore but this helped a great deal, and now they were getting used to and each other’s bodies and enjoying the others’ attention. A couple of times their hands strayed and coquettishly they began to relax together.

For the next week each morning and evening their mistress observed them, fascinated to see the gradual transformation. How do two young women, formerly men, adjust to a life of equine servitude. How do they grow to accept their lot? Well, the impossibility of escape is certainly a factor. And their mistress believed that her decision to pair them up certainly accelerated their acceptance. They could share their feelings, lighten the emotional burden, and this they did.

Now each morning they became more accepting, almost as if, as they dressed each other in their rubber and horse tack, that they were, well, dressing for work. Even their mistress found this a little bizarre, but she was pleased for it meant that they would be more compliant with their training. There was little conversation, they eased themselves into the rubber, smoothing out the creases, and occasionally a hand would dwell on a breast or bum cheek. They were now as lovers, completely at ease with each other, naked or in rubber. There was no complaining or whining, they just got on with it. And in the evenings they stripped off, cleaned and shined their gear and then showered - together their mistress was happy to see, before massaging their sore limbs, then dressing in their favourite rubber evening clothes for dinner, and finally changing again and going to bed.  

The days were very much in the same vein, with the mistress gradually increasing speed or making them undertake tighter turns or more intricate patterns. Occasionally she had other appointments, after all she did have a life, and before leaving she would attach their bits to a chain on the exercise carousel, turn it on, and then watch them as they were forced to circle, one following the other, heads held high by the short chain, tails flicking their rubber bottoms and bells jingling. They were a wonderful sight. For the two ponies this was actually a respite, while they may have to follow each other in a circle for a couple of hours, sometimes in hot sun, the pace remained the same, and there was the added bonus that they didn’t receive any shocks from their butt plugs. She had been delighted with their progress, only a few times a day did she need to shock their rears, always accompanied by a yelp from both of them. She decided they were ready for the buggy.

More Intensive Training

On their first morning they dressed as usual and she brought them out to the garden and they saw their new means of training. The buggy was a stunning design, a two seater in black and gold, with two arms between which she backed her ponies, locking the arms of the buggy to the outside of their belts.

She attached two sets of reins to their bridles and immediately the women knew that life was going to get a lot harder. The butt plugs still controlled their speed and length of stride but now instead of verbal commands the reins would rule their lives. From now on there would be no verbal commands at all. Suddenly they had to be a lot more alert again.

During the first two weeks of training the two women naturally became closer. Gone were any last vestiges of the male character, they had accepted the fact that they were now women. They had further accepted the fact that they were not going to escape, never. It appeared that their future would be hard, used as playthings by their owners, father and daughter, and, if they chose, by other members of the Club. They could sit and mope about it, and it wouldn’t change or, as they had mutually decided, they would try and make as much out of life, such as it was, as they could. That meant moving on from a growing friendship to something more, and it is this that their mistress observed. They helped each other dress, helped each other with make-up, showered together, and most important, slept together.

From the start Tanya, or 23, had been the quickest to accept her fate, only a week after the last surgery she was inspecting herself in front of the mirror. One look was enough to say that the reassignment was irreversible. She took interest in dressing in latex and contouring her figure. She was comfortable with the corset tube, which over time became narrower and narrower, and even took to wearing it in bed, actually pleased with the firm support it provided. She was also the first to tentatively explore herself. It was a perfect idea that their mistress decided that 11 needed some moral support and confidence and she just got very lucky with 23.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, for there were lapses along the way, and this not perhaps surprisingly was always number 11, Olivia. Having Tanya with her helped the transition, but a few times at first and then gradually less, Olivia would succumb to her thoughts of her past. This generally happened in the evening after their pony training, and after dinner, before bed. But one time, after they had showered it happened before dinner as they selected their evening clothes. Their mistress watched one transpire before her. As they were both naked and selecting their rubber for the evening Olivia suddenly sat down, her head bowed, with a pair of frilly panties in her hand.

“I… I still can’t believe this, here I am running my hands through a pile of female rubber clothing, some frills and ruffles, and the intent is for me to look beautiful, look sexy and alluring for you, another former male! So we can have dinner, and then have… .sex. I don’t know, sometimes it’s all too hard, I mean… .”

Tanya sat by her. “Hey, we’ve had this conversation before haven’t we, you really must move on. This is no good. Now calm, take a breath.” And then Tanya did something that surprised their mistress. She raised Olivia’s hand with the rubber panties in them, to her face. “There there now, calm, take a breath, just clean out your mind.” Olivia closed her eyes, and breathed in the rubber.

“Good, good, now lie back and take it easy.” And she did and for some reason that Tanya seemed to know, Olivia calmed, breathing in the rubber placed, held over her face. Tanya now leant over her, and took a nipple into her mouth, hummimg quietly, while her finger sought out her lover’s pussy and then clit. Olivia spread her legs now, her mind seeming to clear.

“Good girl, good girl, you’re with me, I’m here with you, and it’s all okay.” And shortly it was Olivia who was panting and shuddering with her orgasm. Their mistress sat back, fascinated and very happy that she had Tanya there, and what a flash of genius it had been to pair them. This happened a few times, sometimes before bed, the black cloud would cross over Olivia, but Tanya knew instinctively how it would pass. And after a few weeks going into months, it dissipated.

What would have happened with 11 without the support of 23 it would be hard to say, but now she too had accepted her irreversible fate, and eventually lost any embarrassment at the predicament that had been forced on her. Now she was content to dress with Tanya, particularly in the mornings when they both needed help with the tube corset, catsuit, mask, belt, harnesses, bridle and bit. And very gradually she even began to take pleasure in gliding her hands over 23’s latex clad body, easing out any wrinkles, tickling her nipples, squeezing her buttocks, anything to lighten the tension of what the day might bring. They also helped each other with the butt plugs, and here 11 was a bit more of an expert. Using lots of lube and quiet encouragement she pressed the plug into the rear of, well what was she now, her lover? Yes, she now supposed she was.

Certainly at night, in matching latex bras and gossamer thin harem pants or above-the-knee bloomers they were now very comfortable with each other’s touch. Interestingly while they kissed each other’s breasts, nipples and pussies, and squeezed and caressed each other, they seemed reluctant to kiss on the lips, a strange conundrum, perhaps, but kissing pussies and breasts, they had been experienced at, kissing lips, former male lips, was a last hurdle they had to overcome.  But finally without expressing their desire verbally they met in a first tentative peck one evening before bed. Neither knew who initiated it, it seemed mutual, and once commenced, natural and normal, and then, slowly, very gradually they commenced full-on tongue exploring and necking.

Once that had been achieved they were a couple in all ways, supportive, caring and of course loving. They didn’t have to make a declaration, it had happened as if by osmosis. Their mistress watched this with enormous pleasure. For after all a happy slave will be more likely to perform her substantial and sometimes painful obligations more readily if at the end of the day she could look forward to some pleasure with her lover.

The first day between the arms of the buggy and without any verbal commands proved very difficult for the two women, and they lost count of how many times their rectums were violently shocked. The reins were pulled to one side and then the other, and the bits dug into their mouths. For some reason having to pull the buggy and not rely on verbal commands had put them completely out of sync. And their mistress made it harder by not communicating with them at all. They were back to being dumb animals having to learn by touch and feel, through painful shocks in their rears and the hard rubber covered metal in their mouths.

By lunch they were exhausted, and in some pain, their tender insides feeling on fire. Even a few tears had been shed, perhaps it was the regular dose of hormones that brought this on, but their mistress was actually pleased to see that these two former Lotharios, were crying like, well like poor disconsolate women. Lunch was taken as usual with the ponies strapped to the covering frame and sucking hard for their lunch through the thick cocks. Their afternoon was better, with them getting a better rhythm going and being more alert to the subtle pull of the reins.

A Present from Mistress

She allowed them an early end to the day and after undressing each other, cleaning all the clothes and tack, they blissfully they took a shower together. At first they were depressed and sore that all the hard work from earlier seemed to have gone to waste, but soon picked up spirits when they began to caress and kiss each other in the shower.

When they returned to their bedroom, they saw that their mistress had been in and left a very unexpected present. Lying on their latex pillows were identical black rubber facsimiles of an erect cock and balls. Rather wary of this gift they quickly dressed for bed, Olivia this time copying Tanya in bra, tube corset and harem pants. She too now liked the firm control of the tube during the night. They inspected the cocks and balls. It felt rather strange, for the last time they had felt an erect cock and accompanying balls was their own, and that was a long time ago! The cocks were of a good size, not enormous. The balls were also very lifelike and on inspection they saw that underneath was a small plug that could be removed. They saw that it was possible to pour some liquid, presumably some sperm-like liquid into the balls and then at the “appropriate” time squeeze the ball sac and eject the “sperm” through the cock and into the partner, their pussy, mouth or anus, whichever was the favoured location at that time. The whole contraption was attached to a pair of thick rubber panties, cut high at the sides to sit over the hips and with an oval hole at the rear. On the inside of the crotch were hard rubber bristles with one larger and curved, clearly designed to ease through their labia, under their “clit” hood and attend to their nubbins.

Well, Olivia and Tanya didn’t quite know what to make of this, coming from their mistress. But there was a card on the pillow which perhaps explained it. Tanya read it out.

My Beautiful Rubber Ponies

Today was a hard day, but you did well, you stuck to the task. No one said it would be easy. If you perform as well with the buggy as you did without, then I will be pleased with you. It will take time, and some pain and discomfort I’m afraid. Ponies typically have a carrot or apple for reward after a strenuous and painful day but I thought you might enjoy these much more. I am very happy you are getting on so well, and these two beauties should cement your love for each other. Do not be ashamed or shy, we are long past that. Enjoy yourselves. Your appreciative mistress.

They looked at each other, saying nothing for a few seconds.

“I haven’t seen one of these in a while, real or rubber. Why do you think she… ” Said Olivia slowly.

“A happy slave etcetera?”

“Yeah, maybe. But let’s not forget where we are and how we got here, all thanks to her.”

“But as you said that’s all in the past, and can’t be changed. We have to look ahead, don’t we, we have no alternative.”

“I know, so… are you too tired to fancy a bit of cock? Neither of us has, so to speak, h ad it yet, have we? We’ve done all right so far, but I wonder what it feels like to have… ”

“Yes, can’t be the same as the real thing, no doubt, but it can’t harm to try. Remember what we said, take pleasure when it is offered.” They were tentative, this was new territory, their tongues and lips had pleasured each other but a cock, how would that feel inside their created pussies? Tanya then smiled.

“Well it’s been a hard day, we do need to relax, yes? The question is who plays who?” They had already read each other’s thoughts and were taking off their harem pants, but leaving the corset tubes and bras on.

“Toss you for it?” Laughed Olivia, getting into the spirit.

“I really don’t mind, you pick.”

“Okay, you know I think I want to try this inside me, it’ll be strange but who knows, maybe the surgeons gave us pussies that can get pleasure from these.” And with a conspiratorial smile Olivia, 11, began to pull the cock and ball panties up her thighs and around her hips. It settled snugly over her hips and the waist curved downwards at front and back, also leaving her arse subtly exposed under a heart-shaped opening. Hhmm, interesting, thought Olivia. She adjusted the front, wiggling the cock and pulling down the balls.

“I can’t tell you how strange this feels, having these sticking out in front again, really strange. Oooo, these little spikes are giving me a real tickling, very interesting and the bigger one is right up against my, well, clit I guess, oooh ooh. We won’t bother with filling the balls, this is a trial session, yes?”

“I need to get warmed up if I have to take all that,” said Tanya, “so how about some foreplay hhmm?” She smiled and lay back on the bed, and Olivia knelt, dipped her head, and began to lick and nuzzle her pussy. Olivia had over their short time together found out quickly what Tanya liked and very soon she was moist. Then Tanya sat up, saying.

“This is going to have to be lubed too, hhmm? Well I’ve never done this before, obviously, so let’s see.” And she took the cock to her lips and licked it, then settled her mouth around the end. She backed up a second.

“Fuck, this is too weird. Sucking cock, a rubber cock, I never thought I’d end up doing this. I suppose it’s better than the real thing, maybe they have plans for us in the future, sucking the cocks of the members. Anyway, let’s not dwell on that, I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.” She drew it into her mouth, licking it and sucking, getting it moist, and continued for maybe a minute, then she lay back.

“Well that wasn’t too bad I suppose, okay, come on, let’s give it a go.” Now she let out a deep breath and spread her legs wide and invited Olivia onto her. She lay between Tanya’s legs and with her arms either side dropped her head, kissing her shackled nipples and then her shining lips. It was then Tanya who took control and guided the rubber cock to her entrance, then whispered with a smile, for Olivia to be gentle.

She felt the head breach her, ooooh, okay, okay she thought and then the shaft moved forward and she took in a deep breath. And then with a final thrust from Olivia, it was fully in.

“Oh, wow, oh oh oh, I didn’t expect that, not too tight but nice and full, hhmm, wooo very full.” Without further encouragement Olivia withdrew slowly and then eased into her again.

“Oh yes, that’s okay, easy now, more please, it’s much more sensitive than I thought. Like little electric shocks rushing to my brain, hhmm. Again, more. Nice and easy.” And like a well-oiled machine Olivia began to pump in and out, in and out at a comfortable rhythm. After a while she raised Tanya, and twisted around to sit on the bed with Tanya spread and resting on her thighs, and she then wrapped her legs around Olivia and drew her head to her breasts.

Now they were face to face and Olivia lowered her head and nuzzled Tanya’s firm breasts. She then began to bounce on Olivia’s cock, eyes closed, breathing hard, slowly at first and then increasing in speed.

“This is so bloody weird, and yet, and yet, it’s really quite, nice, oooo, yes, quite agreeable. I can’t believe I’m saying that.” Soon she came, not a full-blown female orgasm but a grunting, sighing shudder. They rested, leaning against each other and finally separated, lying on the bed. Tanya explained the feelings she had experienced, no, not a male orgasm, or female for that matter, although she didn’t know what that was like exactly, but it was a pleasant feeling of profound contentedness, and something she would like to repeat, yes, she would. She realised that all was not lost for the two of them. She described it so well that Olivia wanted her turn.

And so, taking their time, it was now Olivia sucking the black cock (how can I do this, she thought) and preparing to be impaled. With the same sense of care and some trepidation Tanya eased the hard member into a gasping Olivia. As it advanced past the thick head Olivia was amazed that rather than being unpleasant or even painful she became nicely surprised at the effects of a cock inside her newly created pussy. As Tanya worked up a rhythm and they repeated their earlier coupling, she too writhed and grunted in pleasure as she came.

Too tired to even take off the cock-and-ball panties Tanya fell into an immediate deep sleep next to Olivia, realising that even a transsexual slave, or a latex pony girl can gain pleasure in her new life.

You just have to work at it.

Their mistress had observed all this on her monitors, and was delighted to see that her beauties were bonding further. Why shouldn’t they have fun? It was a fair reward for all their hard work, and more was to come.

The next morning, while their mistress dressed in her rubber jodhpurs, shirt and topcoat as was her custom she watched on her large screen her two pony girls prepare themselves for another day. She liked to do this, morning and night, getting a sense of how they were coming together, helping each other with the rubber and horse tack. Expertly they were in their latex suits, boots, masks, harnesses, posture collars, nipple bells and all that remained were the bits, mittens and butt plugs. Their mistress looked on approvingly as they tightened all the straps to just the right tension required by her. She watched as 11 completed the dressing of 23, the bit slipped between the accepting lips, the chain was passed carefully through the septum grommet and attached to the sides of the bridle and then the hands were slipped into the mittens and drawn up the back, and attached to the posture collar. They were now down to just six links of chain, such was the flexibility in their arms and shoulders now. As this proceeded she listened in to their conversation.

“Last night was really very satisfying Tanya, I didn’t believe that we could get so much pleasure like that.”

“Aaaaargh.” Tanya nodded and grunted through her bit.

“But I’ve been thinking, and you know we have some hard times ahead, I know when we are finally introduced to the members they are going to want to fuck us, and bumfuck us too. I’m sure of it, we’re too cute for them to pass us by. Tanya, we should be prepared for this, you look so good you’ll be in high demand, and I want it to be me who, well… you know, I think it would be better… I look at you now, you look so great. I would like to be the one to take your virginity.”

“Hello,” mistress stared at the screen, “what’s going on here? What are you up to, 11?” And she watched as 11, behind the back of 23, slipped into the panties with the cock and balls attached. 23 turned round and looked down at the black cock. She shook her head as best she could with the posture collar, bridle and bit restricting her.

“Aaaaah, aaaargh.”

“Yes, come on Tanya, it will be nice and easy between us, honestly, look you have to get you used to it, best if it’s me that pops your cherry, hhmm?”

She slid a condom over the black cock and smeared some lube over it.

“This will slide in no problem, you’ve had the butt plug for weeks, this is a bit different as there is no narrow collar, but you will have to get used to it, I’m sure the members won’t be as tender as I will be. Come on Tanya, just relax. We don’t have long but I’ll be as gentle as I can. You know you are so good looking the members will want to fuck you here, but I’ll be the first and I promise I’ll be nice and gentle, okay?”

As 23 wriggled and grunted in displeasure – she really wasn’t up for this now - but 11 placed two pillows on the bed, then not too gently turned 23 round and bent her over. She had no option but to raise her legs and kneel, leaning forward supported on the two pillows.

“Oh, you bad girl, 11.” Thought their mistress. “I thought you two had a nice understanding going. But it seems you still have some testosterone in your system number 11, haven’t you. I didn’t expect this, I thought you were getting on so well. Oh dear, all right I’ll have to up your female hormone treatment and cool off your remaining manly ardour. Hhmm. Now do I stop you? Well actually 11, you are right, you are both are so cute I know the members will be wanting their time with you, and I know I’m going to have to limit that as I want you for myself, after all I’ve put in all the hard work. But you might as well know that it is going to happen someday so I think I’ll let you get on with it. I just hope 23 will get over it quickly and perhaps get a bit of revenge later. That would be interesting to watch, but I want you girls to be absolute equals working in perfect unison, I don’t want any sub/dom thing going on here. So, you might as well get used to bumming each other as well.”

23 could do nothing but grunt and appeal as 11 stroked her, playing with her pussy, then gripped her narrow waist and aimed the thick end of the cock at her puckered hole.

“Aaaahh. Nnnnkk. Naaaah.”

“You’re going to be fine, just relax. The more relaxed you are, the better it will be in the future.” And immediately she pressed the hard rubber into the tight rectal entry, then further, then with a loud grunt she had breached the firm muscle with the head of the cock.

“Aaaaarggh. Aaaaahh.” Tanya felt as if she was bursting, she took several deep breaths to try to calm herself, all this happened way too fast for her. This is insane, I didn’t prepare for this. Please stop, please stop.

“You’re doing fine, you’ll be fine, just a little stretched that’s all. Good, oh, good, you are a beauty.” Their mistress observed as 11 stroked her transsexual lover, and began to pump in and out of 23’s defenceless rear. Accompanied by loud groaning from 23, bellicose grunting from 11 and the tinkling of her nipple bells they continued.

“You’re doing well, Tanya, really well, you look so good.” Within a couple of minutes however, it went quiet as 23 seemingly relaxed (or her tight muscle did) and she began to accept the assault. For 23 there was no pain now, just a sense of numb fullness. Now fascinated, their mistress watched as her two pony girls became as one again. She continued to be impressed by how quickly they both adjusted to their hugely changed environment and what she threw at them, and what they threw at each other!

After five minutes or so 11 withdrew, her cock gleaming, while 23 stayed bent over, gasping for breath. 11 stepped out of the panties and glancing at the clock said quietly.

“That was great Tanya, it wasn’t that bad was it? (easy for you to say, thought Tanya) You did fantastically. Aren’t you glad it was me that popped your rear cherry? I promise I will let you bugger me later, and I want it to be you, it’s only fair, now come on, we’ve only two minutes.” She quickly placed the bit between her own lips, locking it to the bridle, then with difficulty attached the septum chain. As 23 stood up and obediently bent over, 11 slid the butt plug in her rear, noting how much easier it entered this time, and attached the crupper strap. So now 23 was fully in gear and ready. Quickly, aware of the time, 11 bent over and pushed her own butt plug in her rectum, surprised at how easy it had become, then attached the crupper strap, so that, like 23 her tail was now perkily flicking the air. With just enough flexibility in the mitt she slid her hands into one mitt, strapped it tight and then the other. All that was needed now was for her mistress to attach it to her collar. They stood in silence, and 11 had time to lean over and press herself against her companion before their mistress, who had observed most of this strange vignette, entered.

More Anal Training

She ran them hard that day, and they responded as one, yes, they were getting the hang of it, slowly but surely. She was pleased with them and now in the next couple of days she would advance their training with one more crucial test. Once this began she knew it would be several more weeks of training before they were ready to perform before the members. This last test would prove the most difficult to conquer, for it had been her intention from the start that when she introduced the ponies to the members their blinkers would be fully closed! She required them to be mute, blind, fully obedient dressage ponies, and having them blind meant that they would have complete dependence on her. This was the ultimate test and she knew it would take lengthy and hard training for them to become fully trusting in her, and themselves.

But first Olivia – 11 – had to undergo her anal initiation, and their mistress was intrigued as to how this would proceed. She had no intention of interceding, this was between the girls, and she knew, bizarre though this was, it was a form of bonding for them. They both knew the membership would not be able to resist bumming them. Earlier Olivia had taken it upon herself to pierce Tanya’s anal virginity, calmly and gently, and now she knew it was her turn, and in fact, this is what she wanted, and she wanted Tanya to be the one, after all it was only fair, and they were lovers in all senses now. Better this than for her first time being painfully stretched and plugged by one of the members. After their day at pony training had finished and they had cleaned themselves and their clothing and tack, they had a leisurely dinner, with their mistress even providing a bottle of wine.

They were now completely at ease with each other’s company, well they had to be. But their mistress was impressed at how they had become lovers so quickly, except perhaps for the surprising anal initiation that Olivia had forced upon Tanya. But Tanya knew it was inevitable, and took it in relatively good cheer, eventually admitting that it hadn’t been as unpleasant as she had anticipated, in fact at the end she had been surprised at how intense and quite pleasant it had been, and how sensitive her rear had become. So this was the final bridge to be crossed. They now knew every inch of each other’s bodies and how to give pleasure and receive it. They had explored every crevice and cranny in search of pleasure. And they knew that even being powerless slaves they could and should take pleasure wherever and whenever it was possible. Gone was the macho posturing that they both possessed as arrogant young men, they were women now, 100%, and had learnt how to attend to each other’s sexual needs. They were considerate, caring, loving. They had to, they had no option. And this would be the final, small hurdle; the, well, cherry on the cake, after which there would be no boundaries to cross, no questions to answer, just a shared commonality between two kindred hearts and bodies.

Bizarrely Olivia actually found herself looking forward to it. She had come a long way from the callous young man, always in charge, the archetypical dominant male. She had been the one administering the anal assault, not really caring for anything but his pleasure. Now he had become transformed, into an attractive (she knew that) young woman ready for her anal canal to be prised open and plundered. Maybe it was all the hormones she had ingested, who knew? But she knew how she could get pleasure, even as a slave to this strange and beautiful mistress.

They decided that rather than this be a nervous ordeal that they should enjoy it, as certainly they believed there would be many of these evenings to come. So they took great care in firstly expertly applying their make-up and arranging their hair, which had now grown to shoulder length. They were women now, no vestige of the former males was left. Satisfied, they began dressing for the occasion and, as nearly always now, started with matching rubber corset tubes. Over their many months of captivity and transformation their mistress had reduced the diameter of these tubes such that once both women had squeezed themselves into them they now had very pleasing narrow waists. In addition, their female hormones had added attractive curves to their new bodies, ample and sensitive breasts, even slightly rounded buttocks, and smooth silky skin. Their mistress had also, for variety, provided them with different coloured tubes to match or contrast their latex outfits. It was Olivia who suggested their costumes for the evening.

“Well as I’m going to have my virgin hole penetrated perhaps I should play the subbie in virgin white, and you can play the dastardly dominant villain?”

“Ha ha, I like that idea, I can be all in black, fucking you mercilessly, my virgin white bride, ha ha.”

They helped each other with the narrow rubber tubes, white for Olivia and black for Tanya, taking their time, smoothing out all the wrinkles. This didn’t feel strange at all any more, this was almost natural, no shame, no embarrassment, they were in complete sync. They couldn’t believe how their waists, through rigid corseting, a very controlled diet, and no doubt the female hormones they’d been taking from the very start, had become so trim, and yet contoured. Once on, they stroked each other, admiring their shiny not-quite-hourglass torsos. Ever since their sexual reassignment they had for some reason quite liked the firm cling of rubber stockings and now they sat on the bed and pulled on a slim garter belt and then matching black and white stockings. They were quite adept now at stretching the pliable rubber up their shapely legs and attaching them to the suspenders, then pressing out any imperfections.

All the latex bras they shared had nipple holes for the shackles to poke through, and expertly they placed their full, enhanced breasts in the cups, and adjusted their nipples through the holes. They took a short break and giggling coquettishly, massaged their ample breasts and kissed, warming up for the big event to come. Maybe it was the bottle of wine they had consumed, but the were completely relaxed and now very ladylike, simply enjoying the pleasure of dressing in beautiful, sexy latex clothes, and certainly now all remnants of their former male selves had gone.

They helped themselves to pull on matching black and white shoulder-length latex gloves, and then slipped their feet into matching 4 inch pumps. Now they were nearly ready and both began to breathe a little faster. Neither wore panties, for Olivia would have no need for them and Tanya would later don the cock and ball panties for her amorous assault on Olivia’s virgin arse. With an evil smile, for final dramatic effect Tanya draped a black cape over her shoulders and pressed the single stud at her throat. She laughed and shivered as the cool latex covered her from neck to ankles. She slid her arms though the side openings and placed a gloved hand at her pussy, giggling. They stood opposite each other breathing deeply in anticipation, Tanya in shining black and Olivia in virginal shimmering white, ready for plucking. Now the fun would begin. Olivia nodded.

They leant against each other, just quietly familiarising, touching their breasts, buttocks and narrow waists, then Olivia nudged her lips against Tanya’s as her gloved hand passed between her cape and cupped her naked pussy. Olivia immediately dropped to her knees and eased her head through the front of the cape, seeking out her companion’s moist treasure. Tanya parted her legs and enveloped Olivia in her rubber cape, pressing her head to her pussy where Olivia began darting her tongue into her. Within a few minutes Tanya was hot and wet, and said.

“Oh, oh, you are so good, okay stop now, I need to get into my clobber.” Olivia withdrew and helped Tanya pull up the cock and ball panties, settling the hard rubber bristles over her wet pussy and then roll a condom over the hard black rubber probe. Now it was Olivia’s turn, and quickly she was on her back, her knees spread and in the air as the kneeling Tanya’s rubber cock descended to her luscious pussy.

Before their reassignment both these women (when they were men) were very familiar with the workings of the female pleasure zone, and had taken pride in that. Now that they were with a same sex partner, but different to what they were before, they viewed it from a different perspective, now it was to give as well as to gain pleasure. Tanya placed her gloved hands on Olivia’s thighs then ran her tongue up and down her labia, allowing the small steel ball embedded in her tongue to tickle and torment. Then she clamped her lips over the labia and thrust her tongue as far as she could. She always loved doing this, there was no heavy musk, no perfume, just hot tender flesh, fast becoming wet.

Olivia gasped and Tanya knew she was ready. She pulled her up to the sitting position and drew back her cape again, then placed her hands on Olivia’s head and pulled her onto her cock. Olivia hesitated for just a second, yes the idea of her sucking cock was still very odd, but then opened her mouth and drew her in. She really had not got used to this side of her new sexuality, but she knew she had to, as Tanya had pointed out, the Club’s members would be expecting them to be adept at sucking cock. And so in the pungent yet sweet darkness under the cape Olivia concentrated on taking as much of the cock as she could without gagging. Tanya felt she was doing quite a good job, and she knew she would be doing it often enough in the future. She stroked her partner’s head, then parted her cape and advised her to turn over and kneel on the bed. The time had come. While Olivia somewhat nervously, yet excitedly settled on her knees with a couple of pillows under her ample chest, Tanya collected a couple of pieces from their clothes drawer and leaned over her partner.

“If I recall,” she whispered, “you had me cuffed behind my back and gagged with the bit, so it only seems fair that I should return the favour. Hands behind back please.”

“Oh Tanya, look I’m not sure this is fair… ”

“All’s fair in love etc etc Olivia.” She took Olivia’s wrists and deftly wrapped a long latex glove around them, tying it off in a cute bow. 

“Hey, hey, wait a min… aaarrgh arrgh mmmmff.” And now Olivia was very effectively gagged with a pair of soft rubber panties.

“Now relax, and learn how to play the sub, ha ha.” She smeared a dollop of lube over the cock and settled it at the entrance to Olivia’s virgin anal canal.

“As you say, we are going to have to get used to this and this is as good a place to start as any, so I’ll take it easy.” Olivia felt the cold cream at her rosebud and naturally flinched but Tanya pressed further on, holding her hips and pushing the wide head of the cock into the resisting sphincter. Then she felt the resistance ease and watched as the head began to disappear. Quickly it was past the head and Tanya stopped while Olivia mmmmffed and panted hard.

“This brings back some pleasant memories, being on this side, which is I suppose partly what got us both into this situation, anyway,” she pushed another inch in, “too late for worrying about that, how are you feeling, not too bad I would think.” And Olivia had begun to adjust to the invader, she of course over the past weeks had got used to the remote butt plug, and this was definitely different, but she thought, it’s really not that bad at all, and she nodded.

Tanya responded by driving in, in one long thrust, to the hilt, accompanied by a loud mmmff from Olivia, who hadn’t expected such a manoeuvre. Tanya held it there for maybe 20 seconds, allowing Olivia’s tight muscle to acclimatise and withdrew a couple of inches and thrust again. She stroked Olivia’s spread thighs and her stretched buttocks and then began to pound in and out. After a minute or so she felt Olivia relax, just as she had done, and expel a series of quiet moans.

Eventually they were no longer moans of pain or discomfort, but acceptance and perhaps even pleasure. As she continued to pump in and out of her companion’s no-longer-virgin anus Tanya smiled, for now she knew they both had cleared the last hurdle. They could gain gratification from all of their orifices, and this would make life a lot easier and even pleasurable for them in the future.

Someone else was smiling as well. As she turned off the direct feed from the CCTV their mistress was delighted at how far and fast her two protégées had come. They werer a unit, they were lovers, supportive of each other.

Excited at the prospect, tomorrow she would start the final part of their training.

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