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Madame Q's Emporium of Oddities

by Blackhand

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; hood; sleepsack; roleplay; tease; oral; inflate; alien; scifi; straps; cons; X

Continues from

The Shoplifter

I awoke alone in the black room with the red mattress, my mind filled with both memories of my past life and expectations of what is to become. My new body tingled with anticipation and as I absent-mindedly pinched and twisted one of my nipples I could feel a now familiar warmth growing in my crotch. I could have lain there all day, exploring, teasing but my self indulgence was interrupted by Madame Q walking through the door. She was resplendent in her full body red catsuit which complimented her red flowing locks and green eyes; today she wore no hood, her glorious auburn mane cascaded across her shoulders and back. Around her neck was an inch wide buckled collar with short chrome spikes adorning it. Over her curvaceous form a figure hugging latex halter neck dress clung to her breasts and thighs. She had replaced the ballet boots with some over knee red laced platform boots. The outfit was completed by the red riding crop and the stern look in her eye.

“Oh Madame Q, you look positively dangerous,” I commented sheepishly, hoping the change of attire did not mean a change in attitude for me.

A smirk broke across her face erupting into hearty laughter. This did nothing to relieve my anxiety. “Oh Rubberdoll, the look on your face is priceless,” she exclaimed “you look like a rabbit in the headlights, don’t worry, this is not for you, it is for our next customer.” I was relieved and strangely a little disappointed. She continued, “I am well aware of your submissive side but today we will see if you have any dominant tendencies.”

She explained to me that the next customer had a specific scenario in mind, he wanted to be caught stealing from the shop and then punished accordingly. He had seen my performance with the gas mask couple, apparently televised across the network, and asked to be dominated by me specifically. I was both a little excited and embarrassed. “Oh don’t be coy Rubberdoll,” Madame Q chided, “You put on a magnificent performance that I thoroughly enjoyed and judging by the responses, our viewers did too.” The thought of what was a very intimate moment for me shared among the interstellar fetish community was a bit humiliating but strangely the humiliation made me feel horny. Oh god I was turning into such a sub-slut.

Madame Q allowed me to pick out an outfit to suit, I chose to swap my ballet boots for some black rubber thigh high platform boots, a black spiked collar to match hers, and a long black latex halter neck dress which came down to my ankles. The dress had a slit down the side which started at my hip and I relished in the way it clung to my rubber body. Madame Q took something from a small make-up compact and gently rubbed it across my cherry red lips, she then showed me the result in the small mirror, my lips had turned gloss black. She giggled at me as I snarled and pouted for the mirror, admiring how just a change of lipstick had seemed to change my demeanour.

Madame Q explained that she would not intervene unless the customer transmitted a safeword signal to her, he fully understood that I was inexperienced in this field but wanted to experience me ‘learning the ropes’ so to speak. She warned me that he was ‘basically humanoid’ and would react similarly and that she would be there to provide technical advice on devices and their use. She then handed me a small white rubber ball and told me “ You will know when to use this, other than that, you have free reign, have fun.”

When he arrived his appearance was less surprising than I thought. I am not sure what I was expecting but before me stood a short, somewhat tubby, grey man. He wore some sort of metallic tunic and the most alien of his features was his largish head with a mouth that seemed too large for his head. This was emphasised by his almost non-existent nose, in fact, I couldn’t even see any nostrils. His eyes seemed to be all pupil, all black, but still seemed to convey a mischievous grin to match his broad smile.

“Rubberdoll, please take care of this gentlemans needs,” Madame Q said, giving me a gentle shove.

I placed the small white ball into the small of my back and held out my hand for him. “Certainly Madame Q, and what would sir be interested in today?” I asked as he placed his hand in mine. He asked if he could view something in a restrictive hood. I noticed his skin was warm and soft in my touch, his three fingered hand resting in mine.

I led to the section which contained the hoods, there was a wide selection in various sizes and levels of bondage. Madame Q certainly catered for a wide customer base. The customer asked if I had any suggestions. I replied, “It depends on what level and type of restriction you were after. An inflatable ball hood offers ease in placing on and is surprisingly restrictive in that it tends to isolate the wearer from the outside world.”

I handed him a latex ball hood to examine. He felt the texture of the item and gave the attached inflation bulb a couple of tentative squeezes. “This could be fun,” he said. I turned back to the shelf and retrieved a heavy rubber hood in thick latex, it was intended to dollify the user. There were no eye holes and it had a moulded mouth which would essentially gag the user. It felt weighty in my hands and it had both laces and lockable buckles for closure.

“Then, on the more extreme side we have something like this,” I continued.

He looked at the heavy rubber hood and frowned, “No, I feel that is too much.”

I turned to return the heavy hood to the shelf and noticed out of the corner of my eye a subtle movement, I pretended not to let on. “We have a very wide selection sir, I’m sure we can find something to your tastes.” I said as I turned back to face him.

“No, in fact, I am a little disappointed there is nothing to cater for me here.”

“Sir, I would be more than happy to spend more time finding something for you if you like.”

“No,” he abruptly cut me off, “in fact, I think I will be leaving now,” as he started for the door.

In my politest but firmest voice I called out to him “I am sorry you feel that way sir, but first I must insist you return the ball hood under your tunic.”

He was outraged. “How dare you accuse me of stealing! That's it, I’m leaving!” He started making his way to the door.

“Sir, I must insist you stay until we work this out,” I called to him. Madame Q made a throwing motion to me, then I remembered the small white ball. “Sir, I said stop,” I called out as I threw the ball at his back.

The ball struck him between the shoulderblades and stuck there. There was a blueish flash of light and suddenly he was cocooned in a white latex sleep sack, only his eyes and mouth were uncovered. It was instantaneous, one second he was walking away, next he was falling to the floor cocooned head to toe in white latex. His tunic was in a bunch around his feet with the incriminating ball hood and his forward momentum was carrying him down.

I walked over to his struggling form and chuckled to myself, he looked like a helpless white worm. He cried out as I approached, “You can’t do this to me! I insist you let me go!”

I bent down over him, relishing the rush of power I felt holding him captive. “Seems you were a little too fond of this ball hood,” I said, “let’s quieten you down a bit while I decide what to do with our thief.” With that I pulled the ball hood over his head despite his protests, careful to make sure the breathing tube went into his mouth. I zippered it up and gave the inflation bulb a dozen quick pumps. His head was quickly enveloped in the expanding rubber ball, silencing his protests. He was still doing his best to escape, wriggling as much as he could with his legs pinned together and arms trapped by his sides. I was feeling something stirring inside me, the sight of this helpless male struggling at my feet was really starting to arouse me.

“Good job Rubberdoll,” Madame Q said from behind the counter. She then explained to me how the sleep sack worked. Essentially it is packed into a tiny wormhole that is activated when thrown. On contact it then unpacks and remains controlled by the person who threw it. She showed me how with two fingertips tracing a line the thrower could open seams to access their victim. It was a spin off, originally developed as a crowd control device.

“Now, what are you going to do to our little thief?” she asked.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure. I tried to think of something I would have liked if I was in his situation. I wanted to stay in character but I also had a captive male and a new body to play with. An evil smirk crossed my face, “I think some tease and denial until we get a confession is in order Madame Q.”

I straddled the wriggling form and with two fingertips drew a line where I assumed his crotch was. The sleep sack separated along the line and his grey/pink penis was exposed. It looked reasonably like a human cock, there appeared to be no foreskin and the head was more or less ball shaped. I reached down and gave it a firm grasp and his struggles stopped, I apparently had his full attention. I could feel it thicken and grow in my hand as he responded to my touch. I reached down with my other hand to squeeze his balls but there was nothing there, silly me for assuming everything would correspond to what I was used to. Oh well, I still had enough to work with as I slowly stroked the length. I kept my tempo slow, occasionally rubbing the tip with my other hand until I heard his breathing get deeper. I heard a low moan come from under the hood, so I stopped. Another low moan followed, tinged with a note of frustration. I giggled, this was going to be fun.

I then grabbed his dick and pulled it hard and fast, listening carefully to the sound of his breathing. It started to come in short ragged gasps and his moans started to sound desperate, again, I stopped. I stood up from him as he moaned in frustration and wriggled with renewed vigour. “Oh not yet my little worm, you will beg me to come after you admit to stealing the hood,” I said sternly. I was really starting to enjoy this.

I stood back and watched his struggles abate, walking around his inert form as quietly as I could. I didn’t want him to know where I was, I wanted him to think he may have been left alone in bondage on the floor. With the ball hood on he would not be able to hear very well and definitely could not see, I was thinking of how that would play on someone's mind and wanted to take full advantage of it.

I was really getting into the role and wondering how I could kick it up a notch when the idea struck me. I got down on my hands and knees and quietly made my way to him. His previously engorged cock was slowly starting to droop. I held my breath, moved in close and took the head in my mouth. He let out a surprised yelp. It was spur of the moment thing, and I am not sure why I did it but here I was, with an alien’s cock in my mouth slowly starting to stiffen. It had a slight metallic taste but felt nice in my mouth.

I never assumed giving a blowjob could be satisfying to the person giving it but I felt a strong sense of enjoyment from it. I sucked on it as I drew my head back, it came out of my mouth with a pop. I tried to put more in my mouth but it seemed to get stuck. I drew back and ran my tongue up and down it’s length, making sure I got it good and wet with my saliva and tried again. It satisfyingly slid past my tongue and went deep down my throat. I kept it there for a moment, realising that not only did I not have a gag reflex anymore but I could also breath quite well through my nose. The feeling as it passed down my throat was somehow satisfying, not quite like when my pussy was penetrated but still it felt good. I was so preoccupied with the sensation I nearly forgot about my victim. His breathing was rapid and ragged, “Not yet my little worm,” I told him as I stopped again.

I didn’t realise how close I got him to climax as I watched his dick twitch and pulse. His frustrated moans were reaching a desperate pitch and I almost felt sorry for him. Almost... it seemed like his frustration was fuelling my arousal and I brought him to the edge three more times.

I deflated and removed the ball hood, “So, is my little worm ready to confess yet?”

“Yes yes I took the hood, please, I have paid my penance, please Rubberdoll, let me come”, he begged.

“Why should I let you have all the fun?” With that I drew down with my thumbs and forefingers over the eye holes in the sleep sack, this caused it to close over his eyes rendering him blind again. Reaching behind my neck, I undid the top of the halter dress. I shimmied out of the dress and let it fall to the floor. Standing over his head I said “Let’s put that big tongue of yours to good use, if you can make me come, I will let you come.”

As I lowered my crotch to his face he lapped at my rubber pussy like a starved cat with a bowl of milk. I looked down between my breasts at the top of his white rubber covered head and realised why women love cunnilingus so much. I was already dripping from being aroused for so long and soon his face was slick with my juices. His long broad tongue would dab and flick across my clit then stab deeply into my rubber pussy causing me to alternate between twitching uncontrollably and grinding my crotch into his face. I cupped my rubber breasts with both hands and pinched my nipples, this seemed to send signals straight to my clit which was already in sensory overload. I was moaning quite loudly at this time and he must have sensed I was close, he opened his mouth wide and sucked my whole pussy in. This added sensation coupled with oral onslaught pushed me over the edge. My body convulsed and my breath came out as a scream as wave upon wave washed over me.

I fell sideways off his face, still twitching from the aftershocks and he turned to me and smiled, “I’m guessing that was to your satisfaction, Rubberdoll?” He had broken my demeanour, I had forgotten all about staying in character.

I undid the eye coverings, held his head in my hands and kissed him deeply. “Yes, and you shall have your reward”, I said to him as I climbed back on top of him in a sixty nine position. His tongue was much more gentle this time, caressing my labia, sparing my overworked clit for the moment. I purred as I slowly pushed his member past my lips to the back of my throat. I knew after all the teasing he would not take long so I picked up the pace bobbing my head on his dick. I had not even considered if I was going to let him come in my mouth when I felt his body tense. My reflex was to pull him out of my mouth but as I pulled him out of my throat the head of his strange member swelled.

I panicked as the head filled my mouth and forced my jaws open. It was like a cock ball gag and I mmphed loudly as the first spurt shot across my tongue and down my throat. I was trapped as spurt upon spurt shot down my throat and instinctively I started to swallow it. It seemed like I was just along for the ride as he emptied into me. I don’t know how much I drank but by the time the head of his penis shrank enough for me to take it out of my mouth my belly was swollen and distended.

I turned around to face him, his face covered in my juices and a big shit eating grin. “Arsehole, you could have warned me”, I said to him, playfully punching him. After the initial shock I realised that it was kind of kinky and with my big round belly I felt blissfully full.

“Sorry Rubberdoll, oral stimulation is not as common across the galaxy as you might think, there was no way I was going to stop you once you started, besides, once the footage of this goes out I’m sure people will be lining up for you to demonstrate your unique talent...” he said with a smirk.

“It was pretty wild, you will have to come in my pussy some time, that would feel amazing,” I said as I patted my belly full of cum, already my rubber body was absorbing it and I could feel the swelling going down.

“That was incredible, you have done very well Rubberdoll, but I think it’s time you let him free,” Madame Q said as she walked over to us.

“Aww, but he looks cute as a little worm, can I keep him?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “but if he wants he can stay and play for a while after.”

Reluctantly I ran a fingertip from the top of his head down to his toes. The sleep sack split open and he climbed out, there was another blue flash and a small white rubber ball bounced across the floor. Madame Q quickly snatched it up. “If you two want to retire to the couch I will prepare some refreshments,” she said as she walked off.

The short grey man offered me his hand. “Come sit with me Rubberdoll, there are rumours about how you came into the service of Madame Q, perhaps you can sate my curiosity.”

I sat with the short grey man on the couch and explained to him the strange course of events that led to me becoming a living rubber doll. From when I first fell backwards through the front door to the present moment.

He sat enthralled with my tale, his eyes drinking in every detail of my curvaceous shiny black body. “It’s hard to believe you were once male,” he said, “Madame Q has excelled herself.” He reached for my breast, “May I?”

I guided his hand to my chest, he gently felt the curve and fullness, cupping it to feel the weight. “Truly amazing,” he said. As he idly toyed with my nipple he explained to me that the Emporium rarely travels to my part of the galaxy as humans were not considered developed enough for it’s services. The fact that I was once human seemed to add a raw sexuality that is uncommonly refreshing. He further explained that there had been many converts before me but rarely do the suits change a person so completely as mine had.

Madame Q returned carrying a tray with three cups of some steaming beverage. “Yes,” she added, “some have paid for their conversion up front and some agreed to payment plans like yours. You are truly unique Rubberdoll, the suit takes it’s guidance from the wearer to perform the conversion and in your case there must have been something deep inside that allowed such a complete conversion.”

I asked her if I would have a chance to meet any of the former converts and she replied enigmatically that I had already met two and would undoubtedly meet more. “You mean the gas-mask couple?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “they were one of my earlier converts, quite an affluent couple, as soon as they heard I had the technology available they were first on the list.”

My mind drifted to the previous night, the click-hiss of the masks, the mysterious couple so devoted to their fetishwear that they became what they most desired. I remembered how kinky it was to see a gas-masked woman with her whole hand buried in her pussy and I must have drifted off. My hand absentmindedly wandered into the short grey man's crotch.

“Rubberdoll! Let our guest rest, do I have to put you into bondage to control your wandering hands?” Madame Q scolded.

“Oh yes please,” I replied cheekily.

“Hmm, drink your tea and we will see if we can come to some arrangement.” We sat and drank our tea, I could feel a moistness growing between my legs, a combination of the short grey man idly toying with my nipple and the anticipation of being placed into bondage was having its effect on me.

The short grey man drained the last drops from his cup. “Thank you Madame Q, that was refreshing, now, I recall you said something about placing Rubberdoll into bondage,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“I believe said we will come to an arrangement,” she replied. Ï will let you put her into bondage but you must join her and you will both spend the night that way”

“Very well,” he agreed, “could you please fetch me a box of your figure 8 straps please.”

Madame Q returned with a box of what looked to me like black rubber dog chew toys. I tentatively took one out of the box, it looked for all intent and purpose to be a number 8 made from inch thick rubber. The two loops were about six inches across. I tested how stretchy the loops were and was amazed at how far it would stretch without breaking. Madame Q informed me that they were made from a nano-polymer that was virtually unbreakable and activated by a small red dot at the junction of the two loops.

“Let me give you a little demonstration,” said the short grey man as he took the figure 8 from me. He stretched one of the loops out with his hands and then surprised me by pushing it over my right breast, making sure it sat snug at the base of my boob. When he released it the thick rubber strap stayed put, slightly constricting my breast, making it stand out from my chest slightly. He then repeated this with the remaining loop on my other breast.

I was busy admiring how the figure 8 was making my already quite large breasts seem even bigger when the short grey man said, “Now to activate the straps, press and hold the red dot to tighten, double tap to release, just like this.” He reached between my breasts and held a finger on the red dot, immediately the straps began to tension. “Let me know if it gets too much, it’s going to be on for a while,” he said to me over the sound of rubber squeaking against rubber.

I was not watching, just experiencing the sensation of pressure in my breasts, I could feel the skin getting tighter and it felt like all the pressure was going to my nipples. I opened my eyes and saw a slightly concerned look on the short grey man's face as he withdrew his hand. I looked down and saw that the straps had constricted the base of my breasts so much that they looked like two volley balls attached to my chest.

“Hmm, I guess we underestimated the elasticity of your new body Rubberdoll,” said Madame Q as she reached around from behind me and jiggled the black rubber globes. An evil smile crossed her face, “If you would like to finish binding her up I just have to go fetch something,” she said to the man as she walked off.

He asked me to turn around with my hands behind my back. I felt him slide a figure 8 up my arms to a point between my elbows and my shoulders, then another just below my elbows. Then I could feel one at my wrists, in a few moments my wrists were locked together, then my forearms, then my elbows. It felt like when I wore the armbinder, my arms were pinned behind me and it made the black orbs on my chest stand out even further.

Getting into the mood I said, “Oh my, I feel so helpless with my arms trapped like this,” and turned ‘accidentally’ grazing my nipple across his mouth.

“Not so helpless that you can’t show me what you want,” he replied as he sucked my left nipple deep into his mouth. A soft moan escaped my lips as his tongue flicked the tip of my nipple as he sucked it deep into his mouth. Strange maternal instincts mixed with a tingling in my clit washed over me as I watched him suckle. Madame Q had me step into one loop of two of the figure 8’s and pulled them up my legs till they were snug up against my crotch, she left the other open loops free. “Don’t worry, we will put something through there eventually”, she said.

Then she turned her attention to the short grey man. She handed him what looked like a silicone sleeve. It had a set of electrical leads coming out of it which were attached to a small control box. The short grey man winced at the sight of it. “Now, now, you knew there would be a price to pay,” Madame Q admonished, ”now put it on.”

He pulled the sleeve over his stiffening member. Once it was in place Madame Q made an adjustment with the control box, the effect was instant, his penis bobbed and the head swelled to the size of a tennis ball. His breath came in short sharp gasps and his knees started to buckle, before Madame Q turned the control back down. Looking somewhat anxious he said, “looks like it’s going to be a long night.”

Madame Q told the short grey man to lay down and me to straddle him, I could feel the extra girth of the sleeve and was subconsciously grinding onto his cock. Madame Q laughed at my attempt to come. “Oh no Rubberdoll, one of you doesn’t get to come and the other will come too much.” With that she pulled my feet through the loose ends of the figure 8’s at my thighs and tightened them until my feet were pinned to my buttocks.

I was focused on satisfying my craving and found I could lift myself up slightly by clenching my thighs but Madame Q had a plan to stop all movement. Just as the short grey man grabbed both my breasts she threw the small white ball at us. There was a flash and the short grey man and myself was welded together in a cocoon of white latex. Try as I might I couldn’t lift off him and his hands appeared to be stuck to my breasts. I could feel him groping me under the latex and it was making a delicious squeaky sound.

Madame Q made a small slit in the cocoon and removed the control box, sealing the cut back up after. She placed the control on the floor and walked around the two of us. “This is going to be a fun little experiment, with this control I can make him come over and over and as you are both stuck together it will have nowhere to go but into you Rubberdoll.” She leaned in and with two fingers sealed both our mouths shut, grabbed the control and turned it up. “I’m pretty sure you won’t pop, Rubberdoll.”

I could feel the short grey man's penis swell and fill me as he writhed beneath me, unconsciously his hands clenched at my breasts as I felt the first of what would be many warm loads empty into me. It was very erotic but teasingly unsatisfying as apart from the attention my breasts was getting my rubber pussy ached for movement. Already my belly was starting to swell and I could feel a panic rising in me, what did she mean by ‘pretty sure?’ Again I could feel his penis swell inside me as the sleeve cycled him through another orgasm. Madame Q was going to turn me into a big cum balloon and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


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