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Madame Q's Emporium of Oddities

by Blackhand

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Payment Plan

It was just another one of those grey sunday afternoons where the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. I was walking downtown looking for a particular shop I had heard about in the fetish forums. Madame Q’s Emporium of Oddities, everyone was talking about it but no-one could tell me where it was. The closest I got to directions was “if you search you will find it” and that it was somewhere downtown. Oh well, I had time to kill after just losing my job and had to get out of the flat to stop from worrying about how I was going to pay my rent.

I was just leaving the china town sector when the first big fat raindrop hit the pavement at my feet. Fantastic, now I can be broke, bored and drenched as well. With a deep sign I broke into a slow trot hoping to find some cover from the coming downpour. Alas the weather had other ideas and as if a few big drops was warning enough within seconds it was torrential. It came down so hard I could barely see the other side of the road. Shielding my face from the stinging blows with my arm I desperately searched for anything that might offer some shelter.

I must have blindingly stumbled into an alley when I saw a doorway that appeared to offer some protection from the tempest. I stood in the doorway with my back against the door and was staring desolately at my feet thinking my shoes were now probably ruined when the door suddenly opened inwards. I fell backwards and landed with a sad, wet thud and rolled to my side groaning and winded. Then I heard a voice that sounded like warm honey in my ears, “Well, you are sure a sorry sight.” I opened my eyes and from my floor level view saw just in front of my face was a pair of red patent leather boots. They were like no other boots I had ever seen before, the wearers feet were held in a position where only the toe contacted the ground and they had impossibly long heels. I slowly followed the boots up, past the ankle, past the knee till my eyes met the top about mid thigh. The boots where just the start of the visual extravaganza, next was a deep red latex catsuit stretched over a figure that could only be described as voluptuous, exaggerated by the tight red leather corset and finished off with an open face hood with long red hair spilling out in a ponytail at the top.

“Well, are you just going to lay on the floor pretending to be a puddle or are you going to stand up and let me properly introduce myself?” she asked. I snapped out of my stupor and as I stood up it dawned on me who she was.

“Uh, hi um, my name is…”

She silenced me with a gloved finger to my lips, “I know who you are and I know you have been looking for something, welcome to my Emporium of Oddities, I am Madame Q.” I was stunned, all around me were racks and shelves filled with latex garments and various perversities. “I cater to enjoyments of the flesh otherwise not readily available, I have a select clientele of the most discerning fetishists.” It was then I realised she still had her gloved finger against my lips, the feel of her touch and the smell of the latex gloves was starting to have a familiar effect on me and I felt my dick start to stiffen in my wet shorts. With barely a glance at my tented shorts she said, “Oh, but I am being a terrible hostess, let's get you out of those wet clothes and into something else.”

Madame Q led me to the rear of the store where there were some changing rooms. It struck me as odd, most sex shops wont let you try on the produce. “Wait in there and I will get you a towel” she instructed. I had barely closed the door when a warm, fluffy towel was flung over the door.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Pass me your wet clothes and I will get them dry, give me a sec and I will dig up something for you to wear.” There was mischievous something in her voice and I heard her walk off temporarily. “Here, try this on for size” I heard her say as a shiny black catsuit was hung over the top of the stall door. Now normally I would have jumped at the chance in private but in a shop was a bit over the top for me. What if someone saw me? As if she sensed my apprehension a stern tone came into her voice, “Hurry up, I can’t have you walking around my store wearing only a towel.” Oh well, I guess no-one will recognise me anyway, as the suit had a full face hood attached.

As I started to pull the suit on it was like no other I had ever seen, the inside was silky smooth with a slight matt finish but the outside was slick and shiny. It slid on with no effort. It seemed to conform to every contour of my body, I have worn catsuits before but this one felt like it was custom made. I pulled the hood over my face but only managed to get the zip about halfway up my back before I ran out of flexibility.

I stepped out of the cubicle and asked Madame Q if she could help me with the zip. “Why certainly, but we will have to work on your flexibility,” she said as she zipped me all the way up. Once the zip was at the end she twisted the tab, I heard a click and then saw she had the tab in her hand. “There, all locked in. Wouldn’t want you to try to take it off before you see what it can do.”

“What do you mean, locked in? And what do you mean what the suit can do?” I asked incredulously.

She silenced me again with that hypnotising gloved finger and said. “I’m sure you have many questions, come sit with me and I will tell you more about my store and my products.”

She led me over to a leather lounge off to one side, as we walked I could swear it felt like the suit was massaging my butt. I put it down to the latex sliding around but with the distracting jiggle and squeak of Madame Q as she walked beside me I barely paid it any notice. As we sat she told me that her products were not readily available on the common market here but were easily obtainable where she was from. She also explained that the reason she had a select clientele was down to the fact that you don’t find the shop, the shop finds you. This only raised more questions. Where was she from? How does a shop “find” you?

I had more questions than answers but was distracted by an odd sensation in my crotch. “Ahh good, the suit is starting to work, we will wait until you have felt what it can do and we will talk about a transaction,” she said. I started to panic and again she silenced me with a gloved finger. “No more talking, I think you're going to enjoy this.”

With that the suit started to slowly close over my mouth, I could feel it growing into my mouth, forming a bite gag. My arms were drawn to my sides and they seemed to melt into the torso. I looked down and could see the same thing happening to my legs. The odd sensation in my crotch was the suit moulding itself around my dick and balls. I had been turned into a shiny black rubber worm and I was powerless to stop it.

“Oh relax,” she said, “the suit will only bind you up like that if it senses panic. If you calm down I will tell you more.” I mmphed into the gag as best I could and tried to control my breathing. As my breathing slowed the suit slowly changed from a sleep sack back to a catsuit. The gag remained in place and Madame Q continued. “The suit you’re wearing is produced by using a very special process, I wouldn’t say it is alive but it is definitely sentient. It feeds on your arousal so if you reward it, it will reward you.”

I started to wonder, was this some kind of magic or some higher off-world intelligence at work? The way it flowed from one form to another was something other-worldly. “It will tap into your thoughts and use your desires to stimulate your arousal, it then uses your arousal as fuel. It has higher functions but we will get to those later. So best you just relax and enjoy the ride, I know I am going to enjoy the show.”

I sat there wondering what I had gotten myself into when I felt the suit tighten around my balls, slowly I could feel them being drawn away from my body and at the same time it seemed like they were being separated from each other. It got to the point where I was starting to think they might get ripped off when the suit eased the tension and reverted to a slow, rhythmic squeezing. Next the latex encasing my dick seemed to contract, squeezing the length of my shaft. This too slowly increased in pressure, only easing up just short of the pain threshold. Almost imperceptibly I could feel the suit making it’s way down my urethra, it was torturous and wildly erotic at the same time.

Sensing I had other erogenous zones to exploit the suit then started slowly rolling and pinching my nipples. By this time my breathing was heavy and I was moaning into the gag. I could feel an orgasm starting to build and desperately tried to hold on. Madame Q was watching my struggles, slowly stroking her rubber clad crotch with a glazed look in her eyes.

Then the suit found another erogenous zone, one I had not experienced before. A steady pressure started to build, pressing on my sphincter. I tried to clench my butt cheeks to keep out the invader but the suit slowly built up the pressure until I could hold it out no more. I gasped as my arsehole gave way to the invader and slowly it made it’s way into my anal cavity. I could feel it probing as if it was searching for something, this seemed odd to me as I expected it to just fuck my arse, but then it found a spot and when I jumped it applied pressure against it. I didn’t even have time to realise that it had found my prostate when I tipped over the edge, wave upon wave of orgasm rocked my body, the stimulation not letting up the whole time. I thought I had had enough but it continued keeping me coming, it was almost becoming painful. Just when I thought I could take no more it eased off but it was too late for my overloaded senses. It felt like the room was tilting then everything went black.

I awoke with my head across Madame Q’s lap, her large red latex covered breast dominating my view. “Oh you poor dear, the excitement must have been too much for you.” she cooed. The gag had retracted back into the hood of my suit but the anal intruder and snug grip on my dick was still present. “So, now you have seen what it can do shall we talk about a purchase?” she asked. I told her of my current financial misfortune and she smiled. “Well, then we shall have to talk about a payment arrangement.” I was a little concerned about the slight malevolent tone in her voice, but I had to have this suit. “If you agree to work off your debt I will let you have the suit, all it will take is you to work around the shop and help me out with the customers.” This sounded too easy, little did I know of the catch when I agreed.

Madame Q giggled excitedly. ”Oh, this is going to be so much fun, I haven’t had a toy to play with for so long.” She motioned me to get up and follow her to the section of the store where all the boots were on display. Any apprehension I may have had melted while watching her red latex covered arse cheeks jiggle and squeak as she walked. “Here, these look like your size.” she said, holding up some thigh high black rubber ballet boots. I mentioned that I could not wear such boots to which she replied “Oh, you will. If you want that suit you will do as I say and either way, there are other ways to motivate you.”

As if by command, the suit started to squeeze my balls while the probe in my butt started to expand. I yelped in pain as the pressure on my balls and in my arse quickly became too much. I tried to tell her I would do as she said - between gasps - and she said “Oh I know you will, but for now, shhh.” With that, the gag formed in my mouth again leaving me to whimper into it. She then slid the long black boots up my legs and pulled the zips up to the top. I stood there desperately trying to maintain my balance all the time wishing the suit would ease up. I looked at her pleadingly and mmmphed into the gag. She just smiled again. “Not yet sweety, there is more to put on you. Now follow me.” 

With my balls really starting to ache and what felt like a bowling ball up my arse I tried my best to follow her on the restrictive boots. How did she make moving in them look so effortless. Each of my clumsy steps reminded me of my predicament as my balls knocked against my thighs with each step and the pressure in my arse was causing me to step short. Madame Q turned to watch my struggle and with a frown said “ We will work on improving how you walk in boots later, but first let’s get this on you.”

She reached for the shelf behind her and produced a black rubber heavy boned restrictive corset and a matching neck corset. As I was still suffering from the last time I resignedly raised my arms and let her place the thick corset around me. She spun me around and proceeded to pull at the lacing. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any tighter she told me to breath out which was rewarded with another pull at the laces. I was struggling to catch my breath when the neck corset was placed around my neck. I felt the laces start to be drawn in and before long I was stuck, unable to turn my head or look down. 

Madame Q then grabbed something else off the shelf but in my restricted position I could not see what it was. “Remember when I said we would work on your flexibility? Now, place your arm behind your back.” I did as she said and felt a heavy sleeve being drawn up both my arms. She passed some straps over my shoulders and I heard her buckle them behind me. “This my dear, is an armbinder, this will help you develop your flexibility.” With that she proceeded to tighten the laces on the sleeve. I felt my hands press together and pain started to swell in my shoulders and arms. 

“Oh my, you look delightful, I may have to make you into a rubber-doll later, but for now, let’s work on how you walk in those boots.” she exclaimed. She then led me over to what appeared to be a treadmill with ominous chains hanging from the ceiling above it. I was sure I didn’t notice that when I first looked around the store. She guided me onto the treadmill, attached the chains to D-rings on the corset then started the treadmill. I had no choice but to stumble forward. “There, all set” she said, “I’ll come check on you later and see how you are doing.” Despite my desperate mmphing she walked off to the front of the store and left me struggling to maintain balance as the treadmill relentlessly kept me moving forward. 

I don’t know how long I spent on that treadmill, I had lost all track of time, but I noticed that I was not struggling to keep my balance as much. The pain in my balls and arse seemed to have faded but I was still very aware of the large mass in my butt and the pressure on my balls. I was clip-clopping along when I heard the shop door open. I started to panic as I thought Madame Q had walked out and left me on the treadmill, my panic didn’t ease when I heard her talking to someone. Shit! I was so caught up in everything happening that I didn't think about other customers. Hopefully they wouldn’t notice a ballet booted rubber man chained to a treadmill at the rear of the store. Ha, fat chance of that. The rhythmic sound of the heels, the sound of my rubber covered balls means I squeak with every step. Just to make sure Madame Q exclaimed, “Oh you must come see my new toy!” and proceeded to bring whoever it was to come and witness my shame. 

My embarrassment was dulled somewhat when I saw the newcomers. It was a couple, both dressed head to toe in shiny black rubber. Both wore full length catsuits, his unadorned with sturdy black boots, hers accentuated with a black corset and over knee high heel boots. The pair both wore gasmasks with dark eyepieces. The click, hiss as they breathed was oddly distracting. They just stood there, watching me, and said nothing. I felt exposed under their gaze. It seemed like maybe they became bored with my display as they turned and walked to the front of the shop. I heard Madame Q say, “it’s agreed then,” and the shop door opening. My mind raced with questions. Who was the enigmatic couple with the alluring masks? Did they really just walk out into the street dressed like that? And what, this one scared me the most, did Madame Q just agree to?

I plodded along with my mind racing when Madame Q moved into view. “You’re doing very well,” she told me “your stride has improved.” I felt the treadmill slow, then stop, and breathed a sigh of relief through my nose. “Lets give you a bit of a rest rubber-toy.” I felt the chains being disconnected. She helped me step off the treadmill and to add to my relief I felt the pressure on my balls relax and the plug in my arse shrink. As this happened the gag retracted back onto the suit and I worked my sore jaw to relieve the stiffness.

She began to unlace the armbinder. “We can get you out of all these extras for a while so you can relax properly.” She seemed almost motherly as she rubbed my stiff arms to bring the circulation back. She removed the neck corset and massaged my neck and shoulders. The touch of her hands was entrancing and I was lost in the sensation. Her hands slipped down my back and she proceeded to remove the corset, it felt so good to take a couple of deep, full breaths. Finally she turned me around and helped me step out of the boots after she drew the zippers down. Oddly, once the boots were off I found myself standing on tip toe because it felt more natural.

She then led me to the couch and motioned for me to lie down, with my head in her lap. I lay there with my eyes closed and drank in the intoxicating scent of her mixed with latex. She lightly slapped my face. “No sleep just yet, first you must drink of me.” This struck me as odd at first, then I noticed the tip of her red latex breast was forming a nipple. I watched in amazement as it formed and grew until it resembled the top of a baby’s bottle. With little ceremony she shoved the nipple into my mouth. I must admit, I greedily sucked on it for all I was worth. She sighed and that glazed look came to her eyes; to my surprise a warm, sweet fluid shot into my mouth. I startled and tried to pull my mouth away but she firmly pressed her breast into my face till it sealed off my air. “Drink and you can breath,” she demanded. So I drank.

As I drank from her, I felt a strange calmness come over me, my eyes seemed to grow heavier and heavier. I slowly slid off to sleep with her stroking my face and cooing “Sleep my pretty, tomorrow is going to be a big day.”

My dreams were filled with shiny black rubber bodies, all sliding against each other. The sound of the rubber and the scent filled my mind. I was being carried towards an inky black pool and then lowered into it by many black gloved hands. The cool warmth enveloped me as I sank into its depths. 

I awoke with my head still in Madame Q’s lap, she saw my eyes open and said, “Greedy little rubberdoll, that’s enough for now,” as she pulled her nipple out of my mouth with a pop. A drip of golden fluid hung from the tip. “How do you feel?” she asked as she slowly stroked my face. Oddly, I could feel her touch as if it was bare skin.

Curiously, I held up my hands to see if I was still in the catsuit and sure enough the sight of black gloves confirmed this. Small black gloves... It took a bit to sink in, my hands were smaller, my hands looked dainty with slender fingers. It was then I noticed the heavy mounds on my chest as I bought my hands up in front of my face. My hands instinctively went to the heavy mounds and was surprised to feel nipples harden into my palms, my nipples. Oh it feels nice to play with my breasts, I thought, as I kneaded the supple flesh. My breasts?! My mind kept racing from new pleasures to incredulous disbelief.

“Here, this might help you understand.” she said as she took my hand and guided it down towards my crotch. Instead of a rubber covered dick and balls my hand felt a smooth fold. Instinctively my fingers probed the fold which elicited a gasp from me; the realisation hit me at the same time as a wave of pleasure. “Come look,” she prompted as she led me to a full length mirror, “you turned out perfect.” I followed her to the mirror and gasped again at the sight before me.

I was... beautiful. A shiny black goddess. Small feet tapered up into firm calves, legs that gracefully melded into full thighs, wide hips that narrowed into a slender waist, large firm breasts, full pouty red lips and a sultry blue eyes peeked out of the holes in the hood and all topped off with a long blonde ponytail coming out of the top. I turned and looked at my back and my butt, my round butt cheeks jiggled sexily when I slapped them.

I noticed the back zip was gone, in fact there was no seams to be found anywhere. Right down to the sensitive nipples jutting out of my breasts and the puffy fold between my legs. Apart from my mouth, my eyes and the long blond ponytail cresting my head everything was shiny black latex. I had truly turned into a rubberdoll with latex for skin. I stood there breathless, trying to comprehend everything that had happened, staring at this erotic rubber woman. Damn, just looking at myself was making me horny. My hands began to roam, exploring, testing, wanting.

She snapped me back to reality with a sharp slap to the rear. I yelped and giggled. “Patience my little Rubberdoll, there will be time enough for that later.” Somehow being referred to as Rubberdoll felt right. Part of me was screaming to know what was going on, but another part of me was accepting, and should I say it, submissive. I obediently placed my hands by my side and Madame Q continued, “by now you may have worked out that things in my shop are not available easily for good reason. I am what you might call a traveller, I seek pleasure and find those who seek it. What you drank from me was the catalyst for your suit, it triggered the final metamorphosis where the suit bonds with the user. While it is bonding, it has the ability to change the wearers genetic makeup, to match their innermost desires. I knew this was what you wanted when the shop found you. You may not know it yet, or want to admit it, but this is now your new life. I am afraid the metamorphosis is not reversible once the suit has expended the last of its energy bonding with you.”

“You will have to remain here. I will provide for you, you will help with customers and around the shop. But the benefits can be quite...rewarding.” With that I noticed red gloved hands roam up to my breast while another snaked its way between my thighs. The contrast of the red on the black rubber of my skin was hypnotically erotic. She slowly rolled my nipple between her thumb and forefinger as her other hand was slowly stroking my rubber clit. I moaned and rocked back into her, grinding my now pert round arse into her crotch. She laughed. “So, interested?”

I started to take it all in, I had no prospects at home. I had only begun to experience what life with Madame Q was like and deep down in the very core of my being a tiny voice said “Yes.”

“Right then, let’s get you dressed.” she said as she led me into the aisles. The black rubber ballet boots were first, this time rather than feeling clumsy and uncomfortable, they felt graceful. I walked back and forth admiring how they made my butt move and hips sway. “You're certainly getting around easier in those now, Rubberdoll.”

Then came a corset, but this time it was different. It was still heavily boned but much less restrictive. It accentuated my wide hips and narrow waist and stopped just short of my breasts, my large firm breasts, while Madame Q tightened the laces my hands roamed to my expansive breasts. I slowly kneaded the pliant flesh and a low moan escaped my lips.

“Rubberdoll!” Madame Q sternly admonished. “Looks like we will have to control those wandering hands.” With that she held up a black rubber armbinder. I compliantly placed my hands behind my back and waited for the restrictive bondage device to be placed on me, almost wanting to be controlled. Having my arms clenched behind me made my rubber breasts stand out and this made me giggle and I wriggled just to see them bounce. 

“You are turning into quite the little bondage slut aren't you Rubberdoll?” asked Madame Q. I was going to respond with a cheeky reply, hoping to maybe get slapped when my response was cut off by a large red gag being forced into my mouth. “There, now you’re just about ready for our first customers.” I chuckled inwardly, how much help would I be with my arms bound and gagged. The bondage was making me frustratingly horny. The thought of customers seeing me like this, although humiliating, was also having its effect on me. Little did I know what was in store for me.

I joined Madame Q behind the counter while we waited for the day’s first customers. My new body was flooding my senses with strange new feelings. My rubber breasts ached to be sucked, groped, my new pussy yearned for attention. This was torture, I had all these new bits to play with but couldn’t touch myself because of the armbinder. As my frustration grew Madame Q giggled “Oh you poor thing, don’t worry, you will get what you need soon.”

What I needed was on display on the shelves in front of me, dildoes, vibrators, various restraints and devices, there were things there I had never seen before and could only imagine how they worked. All I wanted to do was play with my new body, my pussy ached to be filled, to be fucked. Even my rubber arsehole was twitching for attention. “When you have some free time you can play with anything in the store you like, but now you're on my time,” said Madame Q, “and it looks like your first job is just about to walk through the door.” As if on cue the latex clad couple who watched me on the treadmill opened the door.

That is to say, I assumed it was the same couple, the gas-masks hid their identity. They approached the counter, silent except for the click hiss of their masks and looked intently at me. I started to feel apprehensive under their steady gaze, it hadn’t really occurred to me what Madame Q meant I was to do when “helping out with the customers.” To dispel any doubt, Madame Q said, “This is a regular customer of mine and it has paid quite a lot to take the virginity of a new rubberdoll.”

My horniness evaporated and the stark reality that I was 24 hours ago a man hit hard. Madame Q must have seen the panic rise in my eyes. “Oh sweety, you still don’t realise what has happened,” she said as she stroked my face, “I thought you understood my hints before, I guess I need to be more direct. I travel the universe and the emporium is my vessel. I have access to the most advanced technologies in the field of sexual gratification and I provide my services where they are needed most. We made a binding agreement for your suit and if you want to back out, I could always use another mannequin.” That last part chilled me to the bone, the look in her eyes told me she was serious. “So, my dear Rubberdoll,” she continued, “are you going to leave your primitive sexual hang-ups behind?” I nodded slowly, resigned to my fate.

I walked around the counter and approached the gas-masked couple, reluctantly allowing them to claim their prize and what happened next surprised me. Instead of being forcefully taken and deflowered they, in unison, gently hugged me. I felt my fears melt as I was gently cradled in a warm squeaky rubber embrace. Gently, the male figure removed the large ball gag from my mouth, I whispered a soft thank you. He then proceeded to free my arms from the arm binder.

Taking the two items - and as if sensing my apprehension - he took a step back leaving me in the embrace of the female figure. The click hiss of her mask took on a soft tone as she stroked my back and held me close to her, I softened and returned her embrace, my hand wandering up and down her back. I felt a flash of warmth come over me and my hands explored lower, gently cupping her latex clad buttocks, she purred through the mask and slid a hand between us, upwards to cup my breast. I returned her gesture with a soft moan and squeezed her cheeks with both hands.

I wanted to feel her tongue in my mouth, on my nipples, in...other places but there was only the black mask in place of the mouth I searched for. I nuzzled her neck and breathed in the scent of her catsuit, this was starting to feel right. I barely noticed the male figure had joined the hug, I felt a hand on my butt, a much firmer grip and I unconsciously turned towards him. She was so soft and curvy, he was firm and powerful. Oddly, I felt secure in his embrace. I no longer felt threatened and it was if they wanted to draw this out and enjoy their purchase. I had a body designed for both giving and receiving pleasure, why not enjoy it.

As if sensing my resolve, the gas-masked couple each took my hand and led me to the rear of the store, we entered through a door into a room only furnished with a red rubber mattress. The walls appeared to be padded with black latex. The sparse furnishings indicated the sole purpose of this room but at least I would have a measure of privacy.

They led me to the mattress and I sat between them. I giggled nervously and in unison they each took my hands and placed them in their crotches. I stroked their crotches as it seemed the right thing to do. To my surprise I could begin to feel a slit forming on her and a growing nub on him. As I stroked the slit my fingers delved into a quickly forming rubber pussy and in my other hand a smooth, black rubber dick was growing. I sat entranced as I watched it form in my hand, so smooth, without thinking I slowly moved my hand from the bulbous head to the base and back. I felt a trickle of moisture in my pussy, oh god, I was wanking a black rubber cock and it was making me wet. 

The female form gave me a knowing nod and I knew what had to happen next. It was time. I got up off the bed and positioned myself above him, squatting down he guided the head to my wet rubber pussy. I felt it press against my sex but he didn’t push or rush me. I bore down slightly and felt it just inside the entrance to my sex. There was some initial resistance so I pressed down a bit harder and his dick slid inside me with a rush. I gasped at the feeling of being filled. I could feel his sex slowly sliding into me as I continued to bear down until he was buried to the hilt. Oh it felt so good to be filled but I expected more, I was just starting to feel cheated when he pulled me forward so I was laying on top of him and started to move in and out. 

The first wave of pleasure was slightly better than the initial penetration but with each thrust it got more and more intense. His thrusts became quicker and more forceful. I was losing control as the pleasure built higher and higher. Then something started to build deep inside me, I could feel what was coming and knew I could not stop it. He continued to fuck me harder and I was getting closer to the edge. I tried to hold back, I had never felt anything like this before, I thought I was going to die from pleasure.

I looked across to the female form and saw she had her whole hand inside her rubber pussy, watching me about to come on this black rubber cock while she fist fucked herself and that set me over the edge. The wave crashed over me and my whole body tensed up. I screamed as the release overpowered me. I felt my pussy grip the black shaft tighter. I had come hard as a male but nothing compared to this, I thought I was going to break bones, I came that hard.

The female form was quivering and her breathing was ragged through the mask, the male continued to pound into me. Instead of the usual finality to coming I was used to the relentless pounding was bringing me back to the brink of the abyss. I felt his pace quicken and he seemed to grow slightly inside me. I was already on the edge and I felt warmth spurting deep inside me. He held me tight on his dick as it spasmed inside me, my pussy convulsing as I lay panting on top of him. 

I lay on top of him for a while in the aftermath, the male form put its arms around me as I lay my head on it’s chest as I felt the cock deep inside me slowly soften. The female form slowly pulled it’s hand out of it’s pussy and moved closer and hugged me from the side. My head was still racing from the two mind blowing orgasms but I could feel a resolution forming in my mind. If working in the emporium meant being fucked and having more orgasms like that I think I could get used to it. I had only experienced one aspect of this new body, I still had a whole store of toys to play with. I started to wonder what tomorrow would bring. I drifted off with a smile on my face to the click hiss of the gas-masks and the soft squeak of latex on latex.

To be continued...


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