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Loss of Control part 2

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; F/f; D/s; captive; bond; latex; bodymod; pierced; petgirl; cage; toys; oral; anal; mast; denial; nc; XX

continued from part one

Part Two

"Mistress" Margaret have been dragged down to the dungeon, where she had been left in her own hell. Unable to satisfy her craving for orgasm due to the bondage her slave Jane had put her in, she just had to endure hours of animal lust. As she hung in a strappardo her engorged breasts hanging like balloons craving the touch of someone, anyone! Just so she could get the orgasm she craved.

Jane and Yolanda were in the room, the moment they allowed Margaret to know of their presence, she pulled to their direction screaming for touch.

They started experimenting with Margaret to discover how much they needed to do to make her orgasm. No matter what they did., after she came a few second later she was screaming for another orgasm.

"I wish I knew who’s done this to her, they’ve made the ultimate Fuck pet!" Said Yolanda.

Margaret, still shaven headed had lost her blond wig somewhere. She could hear everything that was being talked about. Margaret wasn’t taking anything in. The one thing on her mind was the next orgasm! The one thing that could contain the urge was denied her.

"I think we need a doctor, just to tell us the best way to control her!"

Jane agreed with Yolanda that it was probably the safest way.

After ringing around the only doctor who would be willing to come over was not their first choice.

Doctor Helen Carter was a twenty something wannabe who called herself Mistress Rage. They had no choice they needed someone who could help, for all they knew the handful of Migraine tablets Margaret swallowed might have done some harm. Jane and Yolanda wanted to have Margaret as their submissive, It was very clear she would never be the person she was before.

Doctor Carter arrived and was brought down to the dungeon.

"I have never ever seen anything like this ever!" The doctor exclaimed!

"Just touch her!" Jane said. "Touch her on the nipple!"

The doctor took the precaution of putting on latex gloves, she touched the nipple on Margaret’s breast and she screamed into her gag! It wasn’t a scream of pain it was a scream of orgasm.

"The thing is even if she comes, which we think she is, a couple of seconds later she’s exactly the same!"

Doctor Carter gave Margaret a sedative. After a few minutes she slumped where she stood. All three of them were needed to get her up the stairs and out to the doctors car. They decided to put her in the back and leave her with the doctor.

Doctor Carter drove off with Margaret in the back, She couldn’t believe her good fortune!

As she turned onto the main road she burst into laughter! She Picked up her cell and called her slave, laughing all the way home. Her slave Polly was waiting for her. The pair struggled to move Margaret out the car. They used an old wheelchair from the garage to put her in.

Doctor Carter’s home was in the hills roughly between Altadena, Santa Clarta and Palmdale. In the middle of nowhere!

Once they had her indoors they stripped her and chained her in the filth of the concrete floor. Stretched out across the floor Doctor Carter stood across her head, a foot either side of her ears.

"Mistress Margaret!" Helen Carter began, "Do you recognize me!"

Other than Margaret’s whimpering there was little the doctor could do to coax her out of her own hell.

The big humiliation would have to wait, she realized it would mean nothing unless Margaret could react to her and until Margaret’s pain was controlled there would be no fun to be had.

Polly went and retrieved the migraine tablets from the car and the doctor read the guff that all manufacturers issue trying to isolate the component drug which could have provided the relief she needed.

The doctor wasn’t doing this for Margaret’s benefit, no she was doing it for her mother. Her mother had gone to school with Margaret, and had no beef with her as such Margaret had been much more popular than her. A point that annoyed the doctors mother. Anne otherwise known as Mistress Dread!

Helen carter rang her mother.

"I have a surprise for you!"

"What sort of surprise?"

"I have Mistress Margaret Bea chained to the floor of my dungeon. Someone has done some sort of surgery on her and her nipples, her pussy, and her anus have been super sensitized to the extent that she must Orgasm every couple of seconds. Or she loses it!"

"Mmmmmm can it be controlled?"

"I think so, but I’m trying to isolate the drugs that give her relief from it!"

"Then you think it can be controlled?"

"I think so! Think of it like this, she took some migraine tablets about fifteen hours ago and went to sleep, just think of it as a king sized headache which must consume all her conscious thought. You just need to find the right painkillers! I think that I might be able to arrange for a capsule to be put under her skin to control the symptoms which could last in theory, months but she wouldn’t need to know that! Would she!"

"No this is just getting better and better! You clever girl!"

"Thanks mum! I’ll need her here for a few days but pack a collar and leash you’ll be needing them soon! Also the person that did that also heavily pierced her, she has rings that must be an inch and a quarter, inch and a half round!"

"Now you must be pandering to my wishes dear!"

"No it’s absolutely true! They like stainless steel but they are the size of curtain rings!"

"Sound like someone got really pissed with her!

"Oh I hope so Mum! Anyway I just wanted to tell you what’s going down, wait until tomorrow night and then come down and pick her up. I’ll just say I treated her and she disappeared without paying me!"

Helen was pleased with herself, she had given her mother the chance to get her own back on one of the beautiful people that lorded it over her all those years ago. The mere fact that Margaret probably wouldn’t remember her Mother from school just annoyed Helen even more!

Margaret struggled in her bonds to attempt to orgasm. Her gag only made her desperate pleas even more futile.

Polly watched Margaret going out of her mind the desperation clear.

"Could you not give her something Mistress to calm her, It’s one thing to allow yourself to become a slave that is my choice, but she has no choice, she cannot have asked for this to be done to her. Just as she has not asked to be here now!"

The new thoughts slowed Helen momentarily Polly had a point!

It was one thing to enslave someone who consented to it. It might be another if she went through with her plan, which Polly didn’t know anything about!

"I know she is in pain Polly but the safest place for her to be is right down there. She can’t fall over, she can’t hurt herself and I’m trying to find something to counter the effects of the swelling."

"Oh, I didn’t think of it like that Mistress."

Helen had only got Polly a few months ago, she was a good slave, Helen encouraged Polly to speak. Usually there was only the two of them, so if Polly was silenced, it wouldn’t be long before Helen started crawling up the walls. After all that’s why she got her in the first place.

Helen decided to try a mixture of drugs to calm Margaret’s problem. She also tried to inject locally round the inflamed tissue the lessen the effects. Helen cut a piece off Margaret’s pussy to get it analysed. It was a fraction of an inch, but she could not work out what had done the damage, and now she was intrigued to find out.

Helen sent Polly down to drop off the sample, after a few hours the swollen areas did seem to be a little less sore and puffy, perhaps she might still have some hope of normality. But Helen had already made her plans and her mother was coming to take Margaret away for good!

She worked on into the evening, perfecting the dosage, she knew the effects probably couldn’t be reversed but they probably could be contained.

In the morning the lab rang and told her that the sample was from someone who had undergone laser treatment, not unlike tattoo removal, but smaller and more intense. The girl from the lab knew full well where the sample had come from and asked how anyone could have done such a thing to someone else.

Margaret had not slept at all. She could be heard whimpering and crying all night long finally Helen gave her something for the pain and Margaret fell asleep within twenty minutes.

Polly went out for some shopping and Helen took the opportunity to ring her mother to warn her that neither Polly or Margaret knew she was coming and that’s the way she wanted it to stay.

Helen injected the finished capsules under the skin of Margaret, she also injected the areas that were inflamed.

After a while Margaret was looking almost normal. She slept for hours understandably she had no real sleep since before all this happened, and Helen did not want the obvious question "If she is normal why have her chained to the floor?"

She sent Polly off to a lab to pick up some data, she just wanted Polly out the way while her mother picked up Margaret.

A car pulled up outside , it was Helens mum, Anne. Helen now was in two minds about what she was about to do.

"Hi Mum! Things have taken some twists and turns since I rang you!"

"Oh what like?"

" Well Polly pointed out that she had been given a choice if she wanted to become a slave, but Margaret has never been given that chance. If she goes I have to lie to Polly and probably a whole lot of people about her!"

"So you don’t want me to take her?"

"Well it would make things a lot easier for me!"

"But not for me!"

"Where is she?"

"Down in the dungeon".

"Don’t worry yourself about it, I’ll get her! Where’s these pills you’ve been working on?"

Helen handed them to her mum.

Margaret was still sleeping when Anne unlocked her chains.

Margaret opened her eyes and stretched, "It’s Anne isn’t it! Anne Carter I haven’t seen you since school, how are you?"

Anne hadn’t planned for this, she turned Margaret over onto her stomach and padlocked her hand together. Once she had control of Margaret, she stuffed a gag in her mouth.

"Well she knows you now mum!" said Helen arms folded leaning on the doorpost.

"Just help me get her into the van!"

"OK! But It didn’t sound like the type of greeting that someone that really disliked you would make!"

"I doubt you would understand!"

"Just don’t make me regret my part in this!"

They bundled Margaret into the back of the van, and as Anne got into the drivers seat.

"OK I’ll talk to you later!"

"Bye mum!"

Anne drove back home in a daze she had control over one of the people she hated from school, but Margaret knew nothing of this as she had fallen asleep again.

When Margaret woke her surroundings had changed. She could not see, she could not move , and she could not talk. Her hands were strapped up close to her face and her legs were folded likewise.

"How do you like that?" Said the voice.


"Doggies awake!"

The blindfold came off the mask and Margaret was a little surprised to see the helmet was longer than it would normally be. She (still consumed with sleep) reasoned it must be a doggie mask.

"Well Margaret the doggie’s going to be staying here until I feel boredom setting in, and then I think I’ll sell you off at auction".

Margaret looked at her new Mistress, It was Anne, Anne from school. She remembered Anne, but their lives hadn’t really intertwined as such.


Anne looked down at Margaret, looking up.


"Rufffff!" Said Margaret!

She knew that she had been moved, and that the effects had all but worn off, Anne was looking down at her like she was her brand new toy! For the moment she would play along.

"You recognized me then?

"Rufff!" Sounding fairly convincingly like a dog.

"I am called Mistress Dread now."

Margaret had not seen Anne for years, she couldn’t stand all the high school get togethers, so it wasn’t really surprising their paths hadn’t crossed. Margaret just played for time, she still needed to catch up with some sleep! She got close to Mistress Dread shuffling along as someone on their elbows and knees would. Margaret got to her feet and tried to raise herself doing her level best to be a licky dog.

"Wruuufff!" Margaret grunted trying to make it clear what she had in mind.

"What in the world do you want?"

"Wuf!" Said Margaret, playing the bitch for all it was worth!

Now inches away from her goal Anne suddenly realized what she was after.

Anne pulled up her cheesecloth skirt and revealed a smooth crutch. A bit worse for wear and tear but clean!

"Doggie want to get licky with me?

Mistress Dread sat back on a seat widening her legs to allow room for Margaret the licky dog to lick her, and see just how good Margaret was at Pussy licking!

She, with difficulty climbed up to Mistresses pussy and licked like mad! She knew it might take days or weeks to wait for her to make a mistake, Mistress Dread was smaller than her and it looked like she had all the trappings of a housewife.

Anne lay there enjoying the show and Margaret looked up at her longingly. She gave Mistress the best licking she had ever had! Mistress was close, very close! Until she shrieked and spurted all over Margaret’s face, Margaret kept going and she screamed again! This time she de-engorged herself from Margaret’s tongue and stood up.

"Took your time doggie!" and walked off!

Margaret smirked after her, this was no mistress, but she had an agenda and that could be just as dangerous!

Mistress kept Margaret bound for the next few days the sleep was caught up with and Margaret felt a lot better, All this stuff about a dog’s life…

Every time Mistress got close enough Margaret would besiege her, wanting her to sit so she could get licky. With her!

Unfortunately Mistress was loving the attention, Margaret was giving her, she patted Margaret on the head.

"I think I might show you now!" She said dismissively, "I’ll make the arrangements, then we’ll see just how good you are!"

Margaret closed her eyes, maybe an opportunity to escape might present itself but until then she would have to play good doggie!

Another couple of weeks crawled by, "Mistress" was very careful making absolutely sure that Margaret was fully bound twenty four hours a day and she now kept Margaret gagged so Lickybitch could not perform, unless Anne wanted her to. Anne one afternoon just completely removed all the bindings to Margaret’s surprise, but Margaret had been bound for so long, both her arms and legs felt useless! All she could do was lie there and cry.

"So what was your plan, for me to release you and you overpower me and make your escape?"

Tearful eyes looked at Mistress.

"I don’t think for one second your could or would dare to try because if I stopped giving you the antidote you would return to that state you found yourself in before!"

Mistress put new bindings on Margaret and with latex gloves on, Lubed her hands. As Margaret had no way of avoiding what was to come she just shut her eyes and waited. Mistress forced a finger into Margaret’s butt lubing the way for a second and then third fingers Margaret found the effects quite arousing after a few minutes of work. Suddenly Mistress removed her hand and replaced it with a huge butt plug with a doggie tail!

"There you go! Your own tail doggie!"

Mistress put a collar round Margaret’s neck which had L I C K Y B I T C H Written in chrome across it.

After Gagging Margaret and putting a new latex hood on her, Mistress clipped some weighted clover clamps to Margaret’s outer lips and nipples. The look was completed with weighted bells which clipped on to her oversized rings.

Margaret’s humiliation was now complete. A few hour later she found herself in a cage. Next to a male dog. Although his head was hooded she thought he looked familiar. Until she looked up and saw Mistress Dread and Ruth Cooper, whose husband was looking at Margaret through the next cage!

For Margaret B Love Worzel!!


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