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Loss of Control

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; FM+/f; D/s; capture; bond; latex; bodymod; piercing; shave; toys; anal; mast; denial; nc; XX

A tribute to my friend Margaret B, A present for Valentines day.

Jon looked down at his legs, shaved smooth, his red six inch pumps, his stockings, his suspender belt, his cock enclosed in a CB 3000 and the corset his mistress likes so much. Jon had paid for all the things he now wore. His gag which lay in between his teeth, the latex hood, and the pretty little wig he had on his head, were presents from his Mistress. He groaned as he heard her coming up the stairs, Her stilettos boots did wonders for him and his straining hard on Mistress Margaret walked into the room, riding crop in hand, with a massive strap on between her legs. She walked over his cowered body and tapped his rump.

"Oh! What do we have here? A little sissy boy who’s wanting a good fucking?"

The mono glove, the collar and Leash were Mistresses. Jon could do nothing to stop his mistress hauling him over the edge of the bed, leaving him open to abuse. Mistress Margaret laughed as she lined up her strap-on with his tender butt. She covered the thing with gel and forced it in! Jon, shocked more than anything else lay there his mouth open, eyes in the top of his head taking his Mistresses monster strap on! She was a large woman, in her early fifties, She had no problem throwing a mere man about! She dragged Jon around the room for hours fucking him, laying him down and attacking him with her riding crop, removing his gag and sitting on his face, suffocating him, until he fell unconscious!

Mistress Margaret loved this job, she could feminize all her clients, feminizing them and eventually blackmailing them! Yes Mistress did get a kick out of her work.

Mistress Margaret dined alone in one of the more fashionable restaurants in LA. She was part way through her meal when a woman stood over her. As this didn’t happen very often she stopped to see who would do such a thing.

"Hello! I’m Ruth Cooper!"

Margaret stopped and put down her knife and fork. As she looked, she saw a woman who must have been ten years younger than her.

"Do I know you?"

"No! But you will!"

"How so?"

"I am the widow of Donald Cooper!"

Margaret thought for a moment, the name sounded familiar.

"Oh you mean Donna! How did he go?"

"A self induced embolism! He committed suicide! He didn’t have enough money to pay you!"

Ruth Cooper was tall, she had smooth black hair which was cut in a "Betty page" fringe style.

"So, what do you want?" Said Margaret picking up her knife and fork to resume her meal. Threats were nothing new, many times she had been accosted by the wives of those that paid her good money to do what the wives said they could not!

"Oh Nothing! But I’ll be coming for you soon!" With that she walked off.

Margaret continued her meal as if nothing had happened.

That afternoon was spent with Bob, better known as Roberta. He was a small man, only five foot four and a small penis to boot! He had his own dungeon and Margaret made use of the facilities and had Roberta stretched across a bench, whipping his butt with one eye on her trusted strap on. Due to the female hormone injections, Bob was growing some breasts, and his penis was seemingly getting smaller. Bob was pulled off the bench and fitted with a CB 3000.

"Time for a good fucking Roberta", as Mistress Margaret threw him on his bondage bed. Face down handcuffed to the posts around the bed his butt was hers for the taking. She bore down on him slapping the strap on against his butt. He franticly looked round to see the thing being inserted in his rectum. Mistress Margaret hammered the strap on home, Roberta screamed as he felt the thing inside him. Mistress was going to take her time and last. The act was of little advantage to Mistress, she wasn’t likely to come but the horror that Roberta felt being taken by a woman, the humiliation of it. That would have Mistress coming and coming later…

Mistress Margaret was in demand, and had her booked solid for weeks! Margaret always had a bag of goodies with her, in a old Gym bag. Her favourite strap on, and spare this, that, and the other. Most importantly a change of clothes for Margaret, should she need one.

As she walked through the door of her home her slave was preparing the evening meal. Jane her English slave, got on her knees and Margaret stopped just in front of her. Jane bent down and kissed Margaret’s booted feet, through her padlocked leather helmet, the clatter of the padlocks on her chastity belt made her slave uneasy, as Mistress found it a distasteful sound. The slave was much smaller than Mistress and a bit shorter. She had a waist clincher round her midriff which was very tight, Mistress had caught her adjusting her corset, the day before Mistress had Put the waist clincher on Jane. It being several sizes too small only added to the humiliation, as Mistress hauled the drawstrings to there conclusion. A heavy stainless steel locking belt just fitted just above the chastity which meant the chastity could be removed but the clincher could, and would not be removed until mistress deemed it appropriate. Needless to say the slave was in quite a bit of pain.

"Tell me Jane, what have you forgotten to do this time?"

Jane shocked to the core, racked her brain, What had she forgot? "I’m afraid I’m at a loss mistress."

"You have forgotten to ask me for release, slave!"

"Oh Mistress! I…"

"Oh too late now! You’ll just have to wait until I’m in a better mood my girl!"

"I, I, I must apologize, Mistress, but my pleasure was not high on my agenda, Only your pleasure is my concern."

"My pleasure should always be your main concern!"

Margaret got cleaned up after her day and changed into her ring mistress outfit. She didn’t fancy the tailed jacket so left it in her extensive wardrobe. Margaret fastened her tie round the collar of her blouse, tucking the blouse into her jodhpurs and her jodhpurs into her boots. Nothing more was said as Mistress prepared herself for the club. Le Club was a small exclusive club hidden away around Fullerton. Margaret usually went, not for the antics that went on down there but to see a friend who gave her the contacts she needed for her business.

As she climbed onto a stool at the bar her protégé, Yolanda walked up to Margaret. Margaret was trying to attract the attention of the bar staff.


"Yolanda! What have you got for me?"

Yolanda pulled a envelope out of her bag and handed it to Margaret.

"Two more that are crying out for you’re attentions, Margaret!"

"Thank you Yolanda. Business good I take it?"

"Oh, gathering pace, Margaret, gathering pace!"

Margaret managed to get a drink, Yolanda already had one. The place was just about full.

Yolanda had to see someone so went off to find them.

"Hello Margaret!"

Margaret looked up. She recognized the person that had made the scene at the restaurant.

"What do you want now!"

"I’ll give you a chance to come quietly Margaret."


"I’m afraid it’s going to be bad for you, Margaret, all those delicious thing you do. Well you won’t do them any more. Not where you’re going!"

"And where’s that then, never, never land!

"No Margaret, soon you’ll be in my world, where my one aim in life is to torture the things you love and hold dear, including you!"

"So why are you telling me what you’re going to do. If you could have you would have!"

"Oh, I see what you mean, your suggesting it’s all in my mind and why am I bothering you with such things, Well consider this. A week from now you’ll wish you had listened to me and come now, but no you’re the heartless Mistress who had to ruin my husband. Oh, by the way Colin’s good but Frank has the bigger dick! I’ll see you later Margaret!"

Margaret was fuming, Ruth Cooper had ruined her night. She remembered the folder and opened it. The two names were Colin Grant and Frank Honeywell. Shocked she put the paperwork back in the folder and left to find Yolanda.

"Have you shown anyone these?" Waving the folder.

"No never! I always work on my own!"

"Well your security need improving, I’ve just had someone come up to me and they gave me the first two names. Colin and Frank.!"

"How the hell!" Yolanda almost yanked the folder out of Margaret’s hand to check the contents. "How did they know?" Said Yolanda, waving the folder back at Margaret.

"I don’t know but I’m going to find out!" Margaret stormed out, angry and now a little apprehensive.

She got in her car the keys in her hand. As she turned the ignition on an air freshener she had not noticed and she didn’t buy sprayed her with a toxic substance, the lights went out as Margaret fell back into her seat unconscious…

Margaret woke many hours later her head and wrists locked in a horizontal wooden stocks, the sides were vertical her bum bounced on what felt like an air bed or mattress of some kind. Her legs were trapped under her, her knees were held at some obscene angle leaving her mound open to the elements, her breasts hung free, although she could not see them. The top of the frame was about waist height and because she was nearly sat on the floor.

As far as she could see the room she was in was all white tiled like a wet room. She looked at the floor and noticed the subtle drop of the floor which seemed to drop under her butt. Margaret could not see it but there had to be a drain under her. The door opened just ajar for about ten seconds then opened. In walked Ruth Cooper followed by three naked men each with a collar and leash around their necks. Ruth Cooper held them all. Her white fitted blouse and black leather tie was complemented by a skin tight leather pencil skirt. Her boots just disappeared under the folds of her skirt.

"Good morning Margaret! I hope you slept well!"

"Oh yes, thank you! Where am I?"

"Oh cut to the chase! I do like your style but I’ve come with some friends".

Margaret looked at Ruth, dawning on her what she had just said looked at the men behind her. It was the three men she was to have seen that day. Ruth walked behind her and fumbled with a door, the hinges needed oiling. The next thing Ruth grabbed her nose, Margaret screamed and a gag was slipped into her mouth. The gag was a two inch plastic tube which hollowed out to make a bowl. Margaret could only watch as the three clients of hers stood in front of her and started peeing into the bowl, all three of them held her head so she could not avoid drinking the piss. Margaret struggled to free herself but the stocks were strong! Much stronger than her.

"Feel free to do whatever comes to mind gentlemen!"

The three looked at each other and started wanking, right in front of Margaret. After a couple of minutes the first came shooting all over her face, then the next and the next. After their spurts they come in the bowl so Margaret could taste what she had been missing all this time. Once they had finished they tipped her head so that their juice ran down Margaret’s throat. Being unable to stop them Margaret was trying very hard not to burst into tears! Juice swallowed the three walked out and Ruth Cooper took their place.

"Well well! Oh dear You really should be more careful who you let in here! You look like you could do with a clean up!"

With that, she walked behind Margaret and came back with a hose. She pulled a lever and water shot out. It was freezing! Margaret still couldn’t shut her mouth and at times she had to breath through her nose because her mouth was full of water!

"I think we can drop the pretence!" Smirked Ruth, "Your exactly where I said you would be last night and you have no chance of ever being released. I employ my staff with one aim. To torture you and to keep you alive. Now the next thing which will be new to you is your very first enema!"

Ruth reached for a remote and pressed a button. The nice comfortable cushion Margaret had been sitting on suddenly started going down. Suddenly she found out why! Something was pushing itself into her anus she tried to raise herself but the frame stopped her. She tried to move to one side, the frame stopped that as well! The object forced it’s way up into Margaret, she screamed and burst into tears as the thing stopped inches away from rupturing her.

"Oh a little bit hard then? Poor baby, Mummies going to wash you out!"

Ruth pressed another button and freezing water took Margaret’s breath away! The excess water pouring out of her into the drain carrying her shit with it.

"Now we have a full agenda today so I’ll call the staff and we’ll get started!"

Ruth walked away from Margaret while two men and two women walked into the room. They unlocked her from the stocks and Margaret fell on the floor. She was exhausted. The staff dragged Margaret to the corner. Whilst the men held her the women covered her head with a latex open hood. Suddenly she realized she had no hair! Ruth appeared as if by magic with the wig she had on the night before. They gagged her and put another hood over her head. Ruth forced the wig over her head, making no effort to straighten it.

"Mmmmmm! What to do? Piercing first, laser treatment next! Ok carry on!" Ruth walked away leaving her with the staff.

As Margaret had only had her ears pierced she wasn’t looking forward to this, she was totally unused to being manhandled like a mental patient. The final indignity was being blindfolded.

She was dragged out of the room and taken some where that stank of cleaning fluid. They strapped leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles tying them off. Margaret’s leg again indecently wide leaving her exposed to whatever and whoever Ruth had dreamed up for her. Margaret screamed as the first needle went through her nipple. She screamed again as surgical alcohol was wiped over her breast. There was no time to think as the second needle went straight through the other nipple and again surgical alcohol was wiped over the other breast. Now she was really frightened, her clitoral hood was rubbed and tickled out of it’s hiding place! It was grabbed and pierced with the same no nonsense way her breasts were.

She screamed with every new piercing, but saved the best for her septum, she was hooded, she did not expect that! It felt like rather than piercing a hole was being punched through her nose. Still strapped to her seat the rings were put in the holes Margaret could not believe the amount they weighed specially the ring in her nose.

"You should be honoured I have had these rings specially made with you in mind!" Margaret’s senses going into overload as Ruth’s voice cut through the air. "Laser treatment next!"

Margaret, still blindfolded felt the staff unstrapping her, her arms painfully pulled back and her head kept low. She imagined that both the men had her arms in an arm lock and the women were walking behind, looking at her butt! They stopped and Margaret got spread out on a frame. She heard the familiar sound of a rack being tightened until she had absolutely no movement at all. She had been stretched between a large steel frame that could be moved in any angle or direction easily.

"I had this specially set up for you. Unfortunately you won’t feel a thing but it will change you forever!"

A small tower of five foot was set up a couple of feet away from the bench, four micro lasers at different positions had been pulled out on long arms lining themselves of the optimum position. Once lined up with Margaret. Everyone else in the room got out. The machine was designed to modify the nerve rich areas of the body and permanently change them amplifying the nerve endings maybe five hundred per cent! The unfortunate side effects were the tissue swelled to approximately twice the size and most unfortunate of all was permanently in a state of heightened arousal.

Margaret knew nothing of this, she could feel the occasional twinge but it was not a normal feeling of pain. Each laser was about the size of the point of a pin, so when they were working the gradual effect crept up rather than announced itself.

The machine was programmed to work on a narrow area, her vagina/clitoris first. The machine had scanned Margaret’s body and continued to scan once every third of a second. After three hours Margaret was lifted upright, allowing the machine to work on her nipples. Margaret felt strange, she had been expecting something like a branding, or a whipping, neither of which had happened. She began to relax a bit, if that was possible, stretched across a frame as she was. Lastly Margaret was positioned so the lasers could work on her rectum. Her arms and legs locked into an X for hours, the swelling would start to hurt but until then she was still mystified as to what was going on! She was injected with something in her butt cheeks. It instantly numbed her butt!

Finally after seven hours she was let down from the frame.

"Right I want her prepped and made ready for her suit."

The voice of Ruth made Margaret wonder if anything had actually happened at all! She didn’t really feel different at all, she just knew she needed a drink. The staff oiled her body and carefully put the Latex cat suit on Margaret, being very careful not to touch her most sexual parts. They placed a catheter in her to drain her fluids, they didn’t want her to experience orgasm whilst having a pee! Finally Margaret was locked with steel wrist and ankle cuffs and chained to a frame. Her outer helmet was removed and the gag was taken out. She was given a drink by one of the women and they left her. Quietly walking out the room .

Thankful for the drink Margaret licked her lips, just glad to have the gag taken out. Then she noticed! Her nipples looked about twice the size that they were usually! She began to get very scared, she strained to see past her breasts which were swelling, her nipples were going a deep beetroot colour. She gave up trying and took a deep breath. Margaret was just about to have another go when she realized she could not feel the piercings which had been made earlier. She knew they were very heavy, she had got that when she was taken from where she was to wherever she went.

Ruth walked into the room. "There! I finally have you, exactly where I want you!"

"Oh, and where’s that! Exactly?"

"You never did ask my husband what he did for a living, did you?"

"Some things are never asked, by a sub or a Domme!"

"Well my husband was head of research for a medical reconstructive company. He designed the machine which will ultimately be you’re undoing! It was designed to create new growth for those people needing skin grafts, the lasers promote new skin. An overdose super sensitizes the cells and given enough of a dose it’s almost permanent. You were injected with an inhibitor, but that should wear off in about an hour. After that, well you’ll find out! But I’ll give you a clue!"

Ruth walked over to a bench and picked up a box as she got closer Margaret realized it was a camera.

"Watch the screen!"

Opposite a screen was being lowered Margaret watched as the room darkened and the screen became visible Ruth was pointing the camera at her crutch, but Margaret could not believe what she was seeing. Her whole pussy had grown to two or three times the size! Her huge rings fitted perfectly the ring in her clitoral hood was rubbing on her clit the others were placed in her inner and outer lips. She thought for a second that what she was seeing was not her but something else, until Ruth pulled back and she saw her own face looking at the screen!

At that moment she still didn’t know what had been done to her or why, she had just seen her own pussy a deep blood red and engorged to breaking point. The effects of the inhibitor were starting to wear off and she felt the need to stimulate herself. Chained as she was, she could not touch herself. Slowly the extent of Ruth’s plan became clear!

"I think you can work out for yourself what’s happening to you the only thing you need is to be blindfolded again so you focus on your pain."

Margaret started laughing, Ruth walked behind her and covered her eyes with something latex. Back in the blackness of not seeing it was almost impossible not to concentrate on what was happening to her! As the inhibitor wore off the need to stimulate herself grew, more and more necessary. She started testing the chains, they were unmoving as they were taught. Margaret wanted a fuck! She was so turned on, man, woman, dildo, anything! She shook trying to stimulate herself and finding her legs were too far apart to offer any hope of frigging herself off!

She realized she had no idea what the time was and suddenly it dawned on her just what Ruth had done.

In the next few hours of darkness the pain of being unable to touch herself grew to migraine size proportions. Her whole being slowly geared itself to the one purpose.


The full force of the change was now upon her and the feeling would not cease it was there, and it stayed there. Gnawing at her, eating away at her. She cried in frustration, she screamed, she bawled, she shook with rage. Nothing! No easing of the force she felt. She had to come, she had to orgasm, she just had to!

"I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got to come! I’ve got..."

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride!"

Margaret’s blindfold was removed. Ruth was standing in front of her, with the staff, they were all smirking at her, In her darkness they had crept up on her laughing at her need.

"I have some good news, and some bad news! You will be happy to know that you’ll be sleeping in your own bed tonight, well sleeping, somehow I doubt that! That’s the good news! The bad news is it will never lessen the craving will never go away! Ever! Now did you want to come?"

"Yesssssss!" Cried Margaret!

Ruth walked up to her waving a single finger around like some sort of magician. Licking her finger touched Margaret’s pussy once! A spasm shot through Margaret like she had been electrocuted, a thunderous orgasm crashed through her. Whilst she was getting over her orgasm Ruth was looking at her watch.

"Again!" Margaret screamed!

"Not bad! Only ten seconds before screaming for another fix! Margaret I have made you a real super slut! The only way of relief is to have your sexual organs surgically removed! But that’s your decision, for you to make!"

At that moment one of the staff jabbed her with something in the butt cheek and everything went black…

Margaret woke some hours later. She was in her own bed, she still had the latex cat suit she instantly went for her pussy, just grabbing it brought on an orgasm!


She lay motionless for a few seconds and did it again!


Again after a few seconds!


And again!








Margaret could have gone on all night except for two things. The first was that Margaret did get Migraines and had a cupboard full of pills, the second was Jane, staring at her from in the doorway.


Jane knew better to question where her Mistress had been, even if she had been out of her mind with worry.

"My! My, Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My, Pills! Pills! My! Pills My, My Pills My, My migraine Pills, Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!! My, Pills! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggffffffffffff!"

Mistress was barely coherent but Jane ran to the medical chest to get the pills she wanted!

"How many Mistress?"

"All Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh! All of Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh! All, all, all of, All , All of, Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Jane emptied the container over Margaret’s left hand, her right was occupied elsewhere.

Margaret stuffed the pills like sweets Jane had already filled a glass with water and handed it to Mistress who drank greedily.

The scene went on for almost half an hour before the pills kicked in.

"Jane! I could kiss you at times!"

She just smiled at Mistress. She had seen her Mistresses "condition" and wondered, Mistress saw her and explained.

"What day is this?"

"Friday Mistress!"

"Well on Tuesday night I was at the club. I got in my car and… I woke up in a room! A white room I saw the clients I would have had the following day. They misused me. I was blindfolded and I had these rings put in, they used this laser machine on me, and this was the result, without the pills I’m insatiable! I can’t think, there’s just this urge to orgasm!"

"Yes Mistress I saw that"

"My Pussy was enlarged and, well you can see what I am like! My Nipples, my pussy and I think my butt!"

"Yes Mistress I can see!"

"I’m so tired, I just need to sleep!"

"Yes Mistress, I can see that!"

"I’ll get a few hours while I can!"

"Goodnight Mistress!"

When Margaret woke she was burning to come, she instinctively went to fondle her pussy but her hands were securely held behind her in a mono glove her eyes shot open. She was wearing a latex hood, and she was gagged. Both Jane and Yolanda walked into the room. Yolanda unlocked Jane’s Collar, the collar Margaret gave her as part of a matching set of four for her collaring, the one with: FUCKPET written across it. Yolanda bent over and put it round Margaret’s neck, padlocking it, and fondling around Margaret’s breast.

"Yes! I see what you mean! I totally agree she’ll make us a fine Slave!"


Jane looked at Mistress with a little distain, she had a box of the Migraine tablets in her hand. Showing them to Mistress and shaking them.

"Things have changed around here, if you want these, you have to earn them!"

As Margaret numbed mind paralysed with the ramifications of what had just been said. The gnawing sexual appetite was cutting in, and her slave chose to watch her fall into slut ridden slavery. All they needed to do was watch! Jane popped a blindfold over Margaret’s head. Instantly Margaret was back in her own world, trying desperately to orgasm and being unable to make it happen! The Migraine tablets were now all but worn off, and Margaret felt a leg spreader being strapped to her ankles. Whatever was going to happen to her, it was downhill all the way!

Written with the greatest respect! For Margaret B

For Valentines Day.


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