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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part nine

Part 10

(Day 32) Change of plans, change of life

In the morning they had a large room service breakfast and took their time getting up and about. They figured it would be their last in this place as they were set to leave early the next morning to catch the train.

Cindy began packing her now, much larger collection of clothes in the set of suitcases needed, two new ones had been purchased just to fit everything.

As he was folding some of his shirts, Rob looked over to see her crying, quietly.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

She sniffed and rubbed her eyes, her long nails and their dangling charms, flashing in the light.

“Oh master, please let’s stay here. I love the things we’ve done here, the changes made to my body and the sexy outfits I wear every day. Even my nails and tails.

“All I think about is our erotic lifestyle. All I want to think about is having orgasms with you.

“I just can’t stand the thought of giving all of this up, and I just know that we’ll have to if we go back to the states.

“You’ll go back to the company, and even if I don’t go back to work, I won’t be able to do the things I love.”

She stopped to catch her breath, and rub at her leaky nose, before continuing, “I really, really want to live in a place like Cat & Alex, and have lunches with Simone. I want to attend more parties with the BDSM club. I want to check out the Club Erotique that Simone told us about, and not have to worry about the crowd watching me.”

Rob grabbed her and held her to his chest.

“But Cindy, do you really want to dress like this all of the time? In latex cat suits, with corsets and pony boots. Have they become so much a part of you that you’d give up our lives back home?

“Is the sex and eroticism so very important? I know we’ve been having a great time living out our fantasies and fetishes during our month here, but do we really want to go on this way? Is it a forever thing?”

Cindy stared into Rob’s eyes, “Yes, I can’t think of any life I’d rather live, and besides you made it forever when you put the Chasti appliance on me, remember?”

Cindy’s last statement hit Rob right in the heart. He was responsible for that all-important aspect of their life change. It was his fantasy that had forever pushed Cindy into this lifestyle. That fact could never be changed. He felt pangs of guilt, that conflicted with his normal feelings of arousal whenever he thought about her appliance.

Rob stepped back and rubbed his head with both hands as if to prevent it from exploding. “My God, what have we become?” he moaned.

Cindy smiled, “we’ve become the people we always dreamed about, whether we like it or not.”

“Cindy, are you really sure? Sure, that this isn’t something that will pass? Sure, that we won’t regret what we do a year or two from now? “

Cindy nodded, “yes, I’m as sure as I can be. And, as I said, I don’t really have a choice. The Chasti, my Chasti appliance drives me, controls me and gives me the greatest pleasures there are – pure pleasure like I’ve never felt before.”

Rob hung his head at the reminder, that he was the cause of so much of this, “Do you really love walking around all of the time in latex, and corset and pony boots enough to continue doing it all of the time, day and night, forever?”

“Yes, Rob, I love all of this so much that I want to continue like this forever; and that’s the point. I don’t believe that it will be possible anywhere other than right here.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve also thought about going home and giving it up, as you know I’d have to. I’m really afraid that I’d be miserable, always dreaming about what we have had here, and what we’d be missing.

“That’s something you need to think about too. Back there, you’d get back into the same old grind. It would be the same, but you’re not the same man anymore either. You’ve changed, not as much as I have, but you’re much more sexually oriented now than you ever were. You’ve been fulfilling your fantasies and fetishes, much of it through me. Are you willing to back away, now? Now that you’ve accomplished so much. Enjoyed so much?”

That too stumped Rob. He slumped back into a chair and sat forward with his hands on his head and his elbows n his knees.

Cindy stood there looking down at him for several minutes before she took a step back and sat on the bed, adjusting her tail subconsciously, as she did so.

Rob saw her do it, and that little thing triggered his decision. Cindy had become the embodiment of his love and of his fantasies.

He looked up at her and said, “You’re right, we should stay,” with strength and conviction.

“The time zones are off, right now. I’ll place the call in a while and get them started on doing the deal.”

Cindy jumped up, delightedly, as did he, but he held her off from a big hug with an outstretched arm.

“But I think this calls for a deal, like the one that got all of this started, remember? You made the deal that kept us in Paris.”

Cindy looked at him, apprehensively, “what do you have in mind, big boy? I’m not sure I trust you.” She patted her crotch and said with a sly smile, “look what it got me, last time, and I had no say in the matter.”

Before Rob could respond she held up her hand – stop. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll agree to more fetish fulfillment through Chasti-Permalock, but I will be the one to pick it out, and you will absolutely not have a say in the choice.”

Rob was at first overjoyed, with the thought of another appliance for Cindy, but then he reevaluated what she had just said and started to get nervous. As he thought about the possibilities, and potential consequences, he started to get turned on. His cock started tenting his pants.

Cindy noticed, she stepped over and started rubbing it, making things much worse. His brain, like any man’s would, started to atrophy.

“Well, do we have a deal? A Chasti appliance for each of us?” Cindy said slyly, knowing full well what she was doing to him.

Rob, seemed to snap out of it for a moment, “Yes, OK” he said before grabbing her in a hug and nudging her over to the bed.

He twisted as they fell back on the mattress, so they landed on their hips, avoiding Cindy’s tail. A few moments later found them in their familiar position with Cindy on her elbows and knees and Rob kneeling behind her. Once Rob had unlocked her and adjusted her front vibrators, they both began pumping back and forth and Cindy quickly had her first orgasm. Rob was so excited that he couldn’t hold back and he had his as Cindy was having her second., a shuddering, panting and mind-blowing orgasm that left her exhausted. She collapsed onto her breasts and belly as Rob pulled out of her appliances hole.

He locked her plug back in place and asked, “More?”

Cindy just sighed and shook her head, no.

“You know,” Rob said with a laugh, “if we just keep screwing like this, doggy style, I mean, we may get caught in a rut and get bored with it.”

“Not a chance,” Cindy responded, still out of breath.

The decision made, tired and relieved, they fell asleep.

Several hours later, they were lying in bed facing each other when Rob suddenly pushed up on his elbow, “OK, it’s early in the states but I can call Greg at home. He’s an early riser and should be up. I can get him started on the deal.”

Rob called his attorney, apologized for the early call, and told him to do the deal, telling him to shoot for $25 million to be executed as soon as possible. Like yesterday!

The guy was surprised, and tried to talk him out of it but Rob was adamant. Rob asked him to get everyone working on it, today, and a call-back first thing tomorrow – even if they had to get everyone out of bed, to do it.

Cindy was overjoyed.

As Rob provided more details of the negotiation strategy, he wanted followed, he paced around the room, occasionally jotting down notes on a small pad.

Cindy took advantage and staggered into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

When she emerged looking fresh and ready to head out. He was done and moved into the bathroom himself.

Before they headed out, Rob had to make a call to their travel agent to cancel the rest of their trip. Cindy cringed, thinking about how much the cancellation would cost them.

Finally, they wandered out of the hotel like two lovers who had just arrived in the City of Light, and were just starting their adventure. They were, but their journey wasn’t just the start of a week of touring, it was the start of their new life.

They spent the rest of the evening celebrating their decisions and making plans for their new lives. They visited several restaurants and bars, and headed back to the hotel, happy and drunk.

Rob helped Cindy strip off her clothes. As was the new norm, he left her tail in place and ushered her into the bathroom, where she took a long, hot bath. She was annoyed that she couldn’t simply lay back and soak. Her tail was such a limiting factor, she loved it though.

When she came out, for the first time in ages, Rob didn’t present her with any latex. She was surprised, but Rob told her that he just wanted to snuggle with his lovely wife and feel her real skin, not her latex, for a change.

Cindy accepted his invitation and they settled in to a blissful sleep in each other’s arms.

(Day 33)

They started their day making love, again with Cindy naked.

When they were laying, spent in the bed, Cindy admitted to Rob that it had been great but that she had missed her latex outfit, corset and even her boots. They make it so much more stimulating, she said.

Rob was a little surprised, at how much Cindy had changed. How she had become so much more sexual and so into living her new fetish-oriented lifestyle, but he loved it.

Cindy spent the next hour getting cleaned up and dressed, in her normal sexy attire.

Just as Rob had finished dressing his phone rang. As he picked it up, he mumbled ‘So now it begins, they’re all ready to talk.’

He spent the next several hours on calls, some with a group and others with individuals.

While he was doing his best to get things straight, Cindy got cleaned up and ordered a room service breakfast and practically fed him as he talked.

Eventually things wound down, as the people in Denver and Portland figured out what was happening, and what had to happen to close the deal, and start their new relationships.

Rob wound up agreeing to a deal that would turn over his company to the new corporation for a whopping $24.5 million, plus a small percentage of the company’s profits for the next 3 years. He would also be required to travel back to the US to consult face-to-face, one month per quarter for the next year and one week per quarter for the two years after that.

The new corporate owner is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, so he’ll probably be spending as much time there, as he will back in Denver at his company.

The discussions went on for a good part of their morning.

Cindy listened in on much of the conversation. Rob kept his phone on speaker to make it easier for her.

For part of the time, though she was on the Chasti-Permalock web site, reviewing their product catalogue and studying appliance options.

That afternoon, while Rob reviewed proposed contracts, she slipped out and went over to Amour Fétiche, and placed an order for two Chasti appliances, one for her and one for Rob. Of course, they had all of the necessary measurements for the both of them – having scanned both Cindy’s entire body and Rob’s cock (little did he know that when he had her Chasti made, and had his cock scanned, that he was setting himself up for a Chasti cage.)

She returned to find Rob still buried in the details of the pending sale.

Not wanting to disturb him, she curled up on the bed and sitting sideways, perched on one hip to avoid her tail, she settled down with her tablet and began searching Paris for places to live.

When Rob needed a break, they headed out for a late lunch and then returned so Rob could take a couple more calls.

When the business day in the US finally wound down, they headed out for a late-night snack and a drink.

Back in their room, exhausted but satisfied from their hectic day, they just crawled into bed and talked through the details of the sale before quietly drifting off to sleep.

(Days 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39)

The next week was kind of anticlimactic. They’d made their life changing decisions and just had to make it all happen. They were confident that all would be resolved in time, and that they could then settle in and enjoy their new lifestyle.

They were certainly done with tourism and their life of leisure, at least for the time being.

Rob was busy making the final arrangements for the sale of his company. There were endless phone calls and discussions with his lawyer, accountant and managers as well as with the new owners. And there were huge stacks of documents and contracts to review.

Cindy lead the hurried effort to find a new home for them. She received a lot of help from Simone, who it seemed, knew everyone who was anyone in and around the city.

Simone had been overjoyed when Cindy had contacted her with the news of their decision to stay in Paris, and word apparently soon spread across the kinky sex community.

Cat was disappointed that Cindy had decided to settle in the city, rather than join her and Alex out in the countryside. Cindy had explained that she and Rob enjoyed long walks around the big city too much to give that pastime up.

They both agreed that Cindy and Rob would be spending a lot of their time residing in Cat and Alex’s guest room. Regardless of their new home’s location.

They had received similar invitations from both Simone and also from Joseph Verlan, master to slave Adele, although Cindy wasn’t sure she would be comfortable with that. She remained unsure about their extreme dominant/submissive lifestyle. Rob, however was secretly intrigued by their lifestyle and the heavily decorated Adele.

While Rob labored over the sale and Cindy worked on finding the house, they accepted Cat’s offer to move in with her and Alex, so they could get out of the hotel they’d been ensconced in for so long. They accepted as much out of respect for their friends as for financial, practical or sexual reasons.

They wound up leasing a car for a month and spent a lot of time driving back and forth between the house in the country and the city.

The enjoyable times they had with Cat and Alex made the drive worth it, and helped relieve the tension they were both under.

After several days of searching, in the hot Paris market, Cindy found a beautiful place in the 3rd Arrondissement – The Marais, a historic, fashionable and quaint part of the city. They signed on a fantastic penthouse apartment with a grand balcony overlooking the English gardens of the Eli Wiesel park.

Rob took a break from his endless work on the sale to examine the place and gave it his enthusiastic approval. He loved the location and knew that they’d be able to fix anything they didn’t like, once they took possession.

Cindy paid a huge sum of money for the place, but Rob had just signed the papers and the $24 million, minus a bundle in taxes, was heading into their bank accounts.

Cindy was not pleased that he had to leave for home in Denver and then travel on to Portland where the new owners’ corporate headquarters were located, to start his consulting work in only a week. They wouldn’t be able to really work on the new place until he returned.

At the last minute, she decided to go with him.

They discussed her plans, one night over dinner with Alex and Cat. All three tried to talk her out of it, or at least convince her to not wear her standard latex apparel, but she refused, saying that this is who she was and always wanted to be.

Cindy did agree to not travel in her latex, or with her tail. She knew it would probably be hell getting through security and their scanners with her appliance in place.

Screw ‘em, if they couldn’t handle her new wardrobe. And, in any case, she’d only be home for a few days, with Rob. She’d spend those days packing up the important things in their old house. She figured she could put up with any crap her old friends may throw her way for that long.

Rob’s lawyer had already made arrangements to put it on the market, and Cindy didn’t intend to ship any of the furniture to France.

She’d spend the rest of their one month’s stay with Rob up in Portland. While he was locked away at the new corporate headquarters, she could explore the city. If she got tired of the routine or the place, she could always fly back to Paris and her friends, there.

(Day 40) More Chasti appliances

Cindy was almost too excited to eat her breakfast this morning. She could hardly wait to hit the road for the long drive into the city to Amour Fétiche to be fitted with their new Chasti appliances. Alex and Cat were amused by her behavior, but remembered their own excitement when it had been their turn several weeks ago.

Rob wasn’t so thrilled, Cindy had refused to discuss what she had ordered, but he figured he knew what it was. He wasn’t enthused about wearing a Chasti cock cage for the rest of his days, but he felt that he couldn’t back out, not after the extreme appliance he’d already had installed on Cindy. And it was part of their deal for staying in Paris and maintaining their new, erotic filled lifestyle.

He was also worried over what options she’d ordered for his appliance. He prayed that she hadn’t ordered any time limitations like Alex was stuck with. It would be bad enough to lose control of his penis.

Rob was very curious about what Cindy had ordered for herself. He hoped that it was a nipple shields, like those that Cat wore. Although he was sure that Cindy wouldn’t have added the option to have the nanites increase her bust size. Oh well, only time would tell - because Cindy wouldn’t. Hah…

After they finished with breakfast Cindy was in a hurry to get cleaned up and dressed so they could be on their way.

He helped Cindy strip off her cat suit, corset and boots. Her tail stayed on, of course and she headed to the bath.

Rob prepared her blue cat suit, her under-bust latex corset and her blue thigh-high pony boots, along with the matching mouse tail. She wore a tail constantly now, always swapping them out for the one that matched the color of her latex outfit.

Once dressed they headed out to tackle the long drive into the city.

Cat walked them out to their car, and gave first Rob and then Cindy a big hug and kiss. Rob noticed that Cindy also got a knowing wink from Cat as they parted.

Damn, Rob thought, Cat knows what appliances we’re getting and I don’t. That’s not fair.

During the entire drive, Rob continued to worry, while Cindy seemed to be excited and very much looking forward to their installations.

When they arrived, they were quickly ushered into a treatment room where Lucy greeted them, once again. Both Rob and Cindy remembered her from their visit several weeks ago, when Cindy was fitted with her Chasti appliance. Lucy had done the deed, and had briefed Rob on all of the attachments and their controls.

“Rob, you will be first.” Lucy ordered, taking immediate charge of the situation, please take off your clothes.”

Rob took a deep breath and then stripped down, stacking his clothes on a chair.

Cindy sat in another chair, watching and smiling.

“First we must rid you of all of your pubic hair, “Lucy said looking at his cock and balls. She then turned to Cindy, “please assist your husband. Take this cream and use that bathroom and shower. Put on the rubber gloves and apply it completely around his crotch. Allow it to sit for ten minutes, there’s a timer in there, and then have him thoroughly wash it off. You must inspect him to make sure all hair is gone. You should probably have him do a second application to ensure complete depilation. This solution is permanent, by the way. It is necessary to ensure the proper fit and function of his appliance.”

There it is, Rob thought, his suspicions were confirmed. He’d be getting a chastity cage.

He led the way, resignedly into the adjacent bathroom, followed by Cindy.

She quickly found the largest pair of thick rubber gloves and carefully pulled them on, over her long nails and hands.

She scooped up a handful of depilatory cream and began slathering Rob’s crotch. After doing his cock and balls, and surrounding area, she reached around and did his ass crack, too.

That got Rob worried. Had she also ordered a plug for his ass, like Alex’s?

“OK, set the timer,” Cindy instructed, as she stood like a surgeon with her rubber gloved hands held up in front of her.

Rob started the timer running.“ What have your ordered for me?” He asked with trepidation, “a chastity cage and a rear plug?”

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, I just wanted you to be hairless in back, in case we decide to play back there some day, “ Cindy said, giggling like a mischievous child.

Rob was a little relieved, but he still wasn’t sure if he was only getting a cage. It hit him that for a moment there, he was happy to be getting a chastity cage. That wasn’t something that he’d ever fantasized about.

He was starting to feel a burning sensation down there, when the timer finally dinged. He jumped into the shower and rinsed off.

When he came out, Cindy didn’t even look, she just slathered on another load of cream. She then slipped off the gloves and reset the timer herself.

Rob wined, “Hey, you didn’t even look.”

“I just wanted to be thorough, stop whining.” Was her reply.

When they fished the process, Rob was bare down there, since for the first time since he was a boy. He was embarrassed when he walked back out to the treatment room, and faced Lucy.

She had him get up onto a gynecological treatment chair, and put his legs up into the stirrups. This was another first for him and he found it too to be an embarrassment.

Once he was in place, Lucy strapped his legs down, and then adjusted the stirrups open to the sides, until Rob started moaning in pain,

Stepping in between his legs, she took an appliance out of its sealed plastic bag and began preparing it for installation. Rob didn’t want to watch so he just laid his head back and stared at the ceiling. Cindy came around and stood next to his hip and held his hand as she watched Lucy at work.

Lucy was, of course, all business. She applied a small amount of cream to Rob’s balls and manipulated them through a small contoured ring. Once his balls were thru, she slipped his flaccid cock through too, and snugged the ring up against his body. She held it there, while she first wiped the lube off with a damp cloth and then applied another cream to the ring.

“This will activate the nanites and they will seal the ring in place. Cindy, if you look closely, you can see the jack where he will plug in to recharge the appliance’s batteries. This ring, by the way is thicker than the basic ‘off-the-shelf’ chastity cage as it includes the batteries and circuitry necessary to lock and unlock the device, as well as issue the corrective shocks.”

Hearing that last comment, Rob lifted his head, “What was that?” But Cindy cut him off “Shush; don’t worry. I’ll explain later, “and she pushed his head firmly back onto the headrest.

“We have to wait for several more minutes before the nanites will have initiated their bond. Cindy if you want to examine the cage component, it’s right here.”

Cindy took the thing from her hand and held it up for inspection. Rob looked over too.

It was golden, like her own appliance and composed of a series of rings, formed into an arch, connected to each other at the inside of the arch. The ring at the tip left an opening no bigger than a dime. All, in all it was only about two inches long.

Rob was horrified by its short length. That was about the same length as his fully flaccid cock. It wouldn’t allow for any growth at all. He wouldn’t be able to have even the smallest of hard-ons any more.

He groaned at the thought, eliciting a chuckle from Cindy, who knew exactly what he was thinking.

After about twenty minutes, Lucy declared that the nanites should have now formed their initial bond. She took from a small box a ladies’ watch that would be Cindy’s controller for Rob. She asked Cindy for her wrist and warned her that like the one that Rob wore; this would be permanent on her wrist. Cindy nodded and Lucy closed it loosely but irremovably in place. She then pointed out and explained the buttons that would lock and unlock the cage, as well as the one that would administer a shock to Rob’s cock, whenever she felt it necessary.

Rob listened in horror. ‘What had she done?’

Lucy continued to show Lucy the information displayed on the watches’ face. Including the setting for shock strength, communications connectivity and battery life.

Finally, she moved back to position between Rob’s legs and taking the cage out of Cindy’s hand looked at her expectantly.

Cindy nodded and Lucy proceeded to fit Rob’s now very tiny cock into the mouth of the cage and then lining up a couple of pins pushed them firmly into corresponding holes in the base. She then nodded to Cindy who pushed the ‘lock’ button on her watch.

Lucy then gave the cage a pull and validated that the cage was secured to the ring that was in turn bonded to his body.

“C’est Fini,” Lucy exclaimed. And backed away. She loosened the straps and allowed Cindy to help Rob out of the chair.

He immediately reached for his cock to test his new appliance. It certainly felt constrictive, and the ring behind his balls held them away from his body, pushing them out from his groin. As he took a step, he felt them brush against his thigh, uncomfortably.

As he continued to handle the cage, he actually started to become aroused, but his expanding cock quickly squeezed up against the rings of the cage and stopped there, somewhat painfully. That shut him down, rudely.

Cindy was watching, and smiling the whole time. “Well, big boy, now we’re more equal, finally.”

Rob, just shook his head, finding it hard to believe that his sex was now controlled by Cindy, just like he controlled her. His fantasies had always been only one way – guy controlling girl. He had never fantasized about the reverse.

His ruminations were interrupted by Lucy. She looked at Cindy, and said simply: “Next?”

Cindy, in turn, looked at Rob, “stop playing with yourself and help me undress.”

Rob looking sheepish replied, “yes. dear” and then jumped to it, his caged cock prominently standing in front of his body.

Soon, Cindy was standing naked except for the Chasti appliance covering her crotch and her tail.

Lucy and removed the stirrups from the table so it was easy to have Cindy to lay down on her back.

Her beautiful and large breasts lay firmly on her chest.

Lucy first massaged a cleansing cream all over them, and then wiped it off with a soft sponge. Then she placed a short plastic tube over Cindy’s left nipple and using a suction bulb pulled her bud up into the pipe.

Rob, watching, was overjoyed to see that his hope had been satisfied and that Cindy had apparently ordered a set of nipple shields like the ones Cat wore.

He watched as Lucy opened a plastic envelope that contained a golden nipple shield about 3 inches in diameter and slightly concave out of the wrapper. She applied a cream to the inside and then slid the hole in its center down over the tube that encased Cindy nipple. When it hit the bottom and was firmly in place against the skin of her breast, Lucy held it in place with one hand while pulling the tub up with the other, the action pulled Cindy’s nipple out through the hole and when the tube finally released due to the pull, Cindy’s bud stood tall, exposed out of the center of the shield.

Unlike Cat’s shield, there was no cap, that would cover Cindy’s nipple.

As Cindy and Rob admired her new appliance, Lucy proceeded to follow the same procedure with the other breast.

When she was finishing up, she explained, “These will soon be bonded permanently to your skin via the nanites. As you requested the nanites will then proceed, over the next few days to expand your nipples in both girth and length until they are about twice their current size. They will also be firmer and will not shrink, for example, when they are warm or grow when they are cold. The nanites will also adjust your nipples to be about twice as sensitive to touch as they have been in the past.”

Interpreting what Lucy was saying, he estimated that the nanites’ work would make Cindy’s nipples stand out a full half inch beyond the shields’ surface. They would certainly be a prominent part of her body from now on.

At the thought he started to get hard but was shut down by his new cage. He moaned in frustration and grabbed at his cock, eliciting laughs from both Cindy and Lucy.

‘Good lord,’ he thought with despair, ‘is this how it’s going to be from now on? I can’t get even a little aroused by the sight or even the thought of my fantastically sexy wife? I’ll go nuts!’

Again, he moaned, and again the women looked at him and laughed, as he was still standing with his hands on his caged cock, looking defeated and miserable.

Cindy, meanwhile had been feeling herself up. When she pinched her nipples, Lucy commented that it would take about a day before she saw or felt any substantial changes, there. “Wait until morning,” she said with a smile, “the changes should be near complete by then.”

Finally, Lucy said her goodbyes, and congratulated them about their new appliances. She also gave Rob a pair of chargers for his appliance and explained that hey functioned lust like Cindy’s. Bluetooth connectivity when in range of Cindy’s watch and remote connectivity via Cellular technology and the charging station.

After Lucy left the room, Cindy and Rob hugged each other, They each reacted when Cindy’s new nipples came in contact with Rob’s chest and Rob’s new cage contacted Cindy’s lower Chasti appliance.

For a moment they were surprised but then they both cracked up, laughing at the reminders of their new body parts.

“Well, that’s something we’ll have to get used to. And when my nipples are their new size and sensitivity, I’m sure it will be thrilling.”

Rob smiled and nodded in agreement.

“But, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to enjoy it. Every time I even think about you, I start getting hard and my Chasti cage stops me in my tracks. It’s both frustrating and painful.”

With a gleam in her eye, Cindy replied, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll get used to your appliance, just like I have. You have no choice, you know.”

The reminder of the way he had treated Cindy and her complaints when she first got her appliance, saddened him as he now knew what it felt like and realized how thoughtless he had been.

Cindy then brought him back to the present by grabbing his hand, saying: “you need to help me get back into my cat suit, I want to see what these shields will look like under my latex.

With that, Rob got going. When Cindy was finally dressed, they saw that the shields themselves fit fine within the built-in cups of the suit, only adding a little to the shape and firmness. The nipples, even without their future growth were much more obvious than they had ever been when they used to be warmed and compressed by the stretchy material.

Rob thought,’ wow, her new, prominent nipples are really going to look fantastic and turn even more heads.’ And, that thought generated another moan as his cock reacted and his cage countered.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, and Cindy giggled.

He then got dressed. Cindy was the first to notice that his tight pants were tented more so than usual by his new appliance. It looked like he was aroused and very hard, even though they both new that was now impossible, at least unless Cindy unlocked him.

“I’m going to have to buy pants that have more room in the crotch.”

“Not so fast, big boy, I like the look, and I’m sure other women will to.”

“Yea, but they’ll be mistaken, thinking that I’m well hung or hard. Only we will know that it’s not that.”

“Exactly,” was Cindy’s only comment. She was looking very pleased with herself.

Rob shrugged, and grabbing his Chasti-Permalock bag of charging devices, headed out of the room, followed by Cindy and her swaying tail.

On their way out, Rob stopped at the sales counter and ordered three more latex outfits for Cindy. They were complete cat suit sets with matching hoods, and socks, and, of course tails, in silver, red and purple, and the shop volunteered to contact the boot shop to obtain matching boots for them.

Cindy was pleased at the broader selection of colors she’d have to work with. The silver one was particularly interesting; she pictured herself looking like a robot when the hood was in place. She’d need to expand her wardrobe of outer dresses, and, of course, have them tailored to accept her tails.

As they left the store, they were both feeling their new appliances with every step, Rob certainly more than Cindy, though. With each step he felt his naked balls brush up against his inner thighs. It was distracting, to say the least. He’d never felt that before.

As they walked back in the direction of their favorite restaurant. Rob had to be careful not to waddle, or walk like a cowboy in an old western who’d just gotten off a horse he’d been riding for a week.

He laughed when he realized that he was, in fact, walking to the beat of horse’s hooves, these being worn by his wife.

Cindy herd him, and asked what was up, so he told her. She replied that he had been riding her for almost a month. They both laughed, trading off-color comments for the next several blocks.

They eventually arrived at the restaurant, were seated and ordered wine and food.

As they ate and drank, Rob remembered the comments about his appliance and its ability to administer a shock. He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten about that aspect until now.

“Oh that,” Cindy explained, “it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Easy for you to say.”

Cindy continued. “Your appliance has electrodes and enough battery power to administer small shocks to your balls when I press this button my watch. Want a demonstration?” An evil grin spread on her face as she looked Rob in the eye.

“I’ll pass,” Rob replied with a shiver. “But why?”

“Oh, I saw it in the CP catalogue and the idea intrigued me. I’m not sure why, or if I’ll ever see the need, but it excites me a little to know that I can get your attention whenever I feel the need.”

Rob wasn’t comfortable with her answer.

“Get my attention, eh? Is that all it does?”

“Yes, like this,” Cindy said as she pressed a button on her watch.

Rob jumped and squealed like a little girl, as he reached between his legs. Several people sitting around them looked over quickly, curious at the disturbance. Noticing, Rob turned red and put his hands back on the table.

Cindy giggled, and Rob gave her a dirty look.

“Don’t give me that look,” she admonished him, scowling. “That was only a setting of 2 of a possible 10. If you really piss me off, it can be much worse.”

‘Oh shit,’ Rob thought, ‘what have I gotten myself into?’ He clammed up and concentrated on his wine for a few minutes, before continuing.

“But why? Rob asked again, unsatisfied with her original answer.

Cindy looked at him, speculatively, for a few seconds before replying.

“Rob, do you remember when we first went to Simone’s house and you forced me to wear the tail, by torturing me with my vibrators? That really upset me. It was the first time that you really forced me to do something I didn’t want to do. You used my Chasti against me. When I placed the order, I was feeling like I was in need of a little revenge.”

“It may have also been a feeling that I wanted to introduce you to one of my fetishes. I did fantasize about controlling my man, in some way, back before we met.

“Honestly, I don’t see why I’d ever use the capability on you, but it turns me on knowing that I could.”

Rob didn’t really like any of the things Cindy had said, although he realized that she was right. That he had pushed her into many of the fetishes they were now enjoying. He also felt bad about the incident with the tail. She was right, he had gone too far on that night.

“I guess you’re right, I have been pushing my fetishes on you, and a lot of them were without your consent. I guess I owe you your fantasy. But please don’t shock me, unless I really deserve it.”

Cindy liked his answer. “Is that any way to ask?” she said in a commanding tone and with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Rob thought for a minute. “Oh mistress, who I adore and worship, please don’t punish me.”

Cindy smiled broadly at that, as did Rob.

Soon after, they finished their lunch and headed toward the car park where they had left their rental.

Walking along, Rob resumed their conversation about their new appliances, asking why Cindy had chosen the ones she did.

She explained that she’d initially been aroused by the sight of slave Adele’s nipples, and their size. She had imagined Adele’s humiliation everywhere she went, with her huge nipples always leading the way. It turned her on something fierce. Then she had seen Cat’s nipple covers and had dreamed of them too, ever since. So, her selection of nipple shields was simply a no-brainer for her.

As to why she got him the Chasti cage, Cindy explained that, in part it was because with all of his pending travel, she didn’t want him tempted to stray, and because when he returned from his time away, he’d be nice and horny for her.

Of course, he swore he’d never stray, especially now, with such a sexy wife. He also acknowledged that he was sure he would be very horny each time he returned to Paris and her.

Cindy also mentioned that she had been very turned on by the control Cat had over Alex. Rob didn’t know how to take that. He had seen that Cat was defiantly the more dominant in her marriage with Alex. Was Cindy going to try and exert the same level of dominance over him? He couldn’t picture it, but it made him nervous – and also turned on. One thing was certain. He was relieved that Cindy hadn’t instituted any time limits on him, like Alex suffered with.

On the drive back to Cat and Alex’s home, they began discussing their travel plans. Rob had to head back to the US, in a couple of days to finalize all of the paperwork and begin the transition. This first trip would be only a couple of weeks, but soon thereafter, if all went according to plan, he’d have to return for his first month-long consulting gig.

As they talked a distressing thought struck Cindy and she voiced it to Rob.

She had realized that when they were apart, their remote-controlled Chasti appliances meant that they’d have to coordinate getting themselves off. It wouldn’t be a problem when they traveled together, but when Rob was in the US and Cindy was in Paris, he would be locked in his chastity cage, and she wouldn’t be able to turn on her vibrators.

She could call Rob and have him give her orgasms, remotely, but she couldn’t very well just unlock his chastity and set him free to fuck someone. She could allow him to masturbate, perhaps, but that wasn’t something she liked the thought of.

“Wait. Why not?’, he had asked, thinking it was a good question.

“I want to make sure you miss me.”

“Of course, I’ll miss you. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time I’m gone. Your fantastic body, latex covered, standing tall in your pony boots, with your delicious tail swinging behind you. Hell, it’s making me hard, and hurting me right now.” He finished with a moan, grabbing his caged cock.

She giggled at his suffering, “I’m sorry honey, I know you’ll miss me, but I want more than that, I want you to be so very horny and frustrated that you’ll hurry back to me and screw the daylights out of me as soon as you come back. I’m going to enjoy owning your cock, and I won’t even share it with you.”

Rob didn’t like this at all, but he didn’t see what he could do about it. He started hoping that he could work on her, and that eventually she’d have mercy on him.

When they arrived at the country hose, Cat came bursting out of the door. She greeted them with affectionate hugs and then, like a child at a birthday, cried “Show me, show me!”

They laughed, and Cindy responded, “OK, hold on, let us at least get inside.”

Once they were in the siting room, Cat posed with her hands on her hips and demanded. “strip!”

Rob and Cindy looked at each other and started taking their clothes off.

Rob’s normal street clothes came off easily so he was the first to be examined.

He stood patiently as Cat bent over to closely examine his cage. After a few minutes of close visual inspection, Cat turned to Cindy and with a crafty smile asked, “May I?”

Cindy nodded, “you may.”

Rob harrumphed, noticing that Cat had asked Cindy and not him.

Cat then reached out and grabbed his caged cock and prominent balls, held as they were away from his body by the ring behind them. She fingered and fondled them until Rob started to get hard from the attention. When it started hurting, he backed away, “Enough!” and reached down to massage them himself.

Of course, it elicited giggles from both of the women.

Cat then turned to Cindy reaching out, she began fondling her breasts through her slightly tented dress.

Cindy, asked Rob to help her strip so she could show Cat her shields.

“All the way?” He asked innocently.

Before Cindy could respond, Cat jumped in, “Of course, all the way. I want to see the entire package.”

Cindy just smiled so Rob proceeded to help her strip off her dress, her cat suit, corset and boots. Her tail stayed in place, as it was now the norm.

Cat absolutely loved Cindy’s new breasts and complimented her on how gorgeous her two appliances looked together.

Cindy explained that her nipples would be stimulated by their nanites to grow bigger and longer over time, making them more prominent, despite the latex covering. Cat was enthusiastic when Cindy told how they would also get much more sensitive, again thanks to the nanites’ work.

After the examination, Cat invited them out to the back patio for a swim, and to catch some sun, as it was a beautiful afternoon, and they were already dressed for skinny dipping.

A couple of hours later, as dinner approached, Alex got home from a series of meetings, and they had to do the whole show and tell routine for him, too. Rob was uncomfortable showing off his cage to another guy, even though it was a friend, who also had one.

It was during this session that Cindy brought up the shock feature of his cage.

Cat was fascinated and lamented that she hadn’t had that feature included on Alex’s device.

Neither of the men were happy about this discussion. Alex, was relieved that his appliance didn’t have the capability, but didn’t appreciate the thought of Cat wanting more control over him.

Rob, of course was still wondering what his life would be like with Cindy having the capability to hurt him at her whim. The implications of her ability to control him in that fashion were frightening.

The two couples spent the evening together, their discussions flipping back and forth between Rob and Cindy’s appliances and their plans for their future.

In the end, each couple adjourned to their respective rooms and had glorious sex. Even Alex, who had just reached his 30-day limit.

(Epilogue – Closing out their old lives)

Their trip back to the US went as planned and as expected.

They had the trouble they anticipated at the airport, even though Cindy didn’t wear any latex. Both of them had to submit to private body searches as their Chasti appliances set off the security scanners due to their batteries and electronics. The humiliation was, both an inconvenience and a turn on. Their irremovable watches and Cindy’s permeant neck chain were also disconcerting to the security staff.

Predictably, Cindy’s old friends and neighbors were baffled by the changes in her body, her attitude, and her erotic wardrobe. They simply couldn’t accept her new lifestyle and they all just drifted away. Except for a couple of guys who tried, unsuccessfully, to seduce her.

Rob spent almost every waking hour working on the sale of the company.

Cindy packed up their old house and sent several shipments of treasured items to Paris. The rest was sold, donated or left in the house for the new owners.

There were several offers on the house and they accepted one from a nice family. Rob and Cindy were concerned more with the people rather than the money.

A few weeks later, when the time came for Rob to head to Portland, Cindy was happy to leave.

In Portland, Cindy and Rob were able to visit some neighborhoods, shops and restaurants without her body and clothing causing too big a stir. But it was still all too often an uncomfortable experience.

They were both happy to depart at the end of their time in the states. Rob was happy to have finally concluded, for the most part, the sale of the company. The money was in the bank!

Cindy was happy to be rid of the stares and the scandalous comments, and head back to her beloved Paris.

Their return trip was as underwhelming as their trip out.

Cindy was overjoyed, when she could settle back into her latex. She was somewhat surprised at how much she had missed her tail.

They soon settled into their new home without issue, having spent quite a bundle on minor improvements and new furnishings.

They visited often with Cat and Alex, and with Simone and her fetish-oriented friends. They even spent a couple of days with Joseph Verlan and his wife and slave, Adele at their summer house in Nice.

After a few months, they established a comfortable routine, exploring the endless streets of the city. Visiting with like-minded friends, and of course, nights, and many days, filled with enjoyable sex.

They also continued to expand on fetish fulfillment. It seemed that there was always something new to explore, and many of their adventures resulted in fabulous sex that both exhausted them and made them very happy with their decision to ‘leave it all behind’.

They did, have a hard time when Rob was traveling back in the US. Cindy never again accompanied him.

While he was gone, Cindy would periodically call him for their unique brand of ‘phone sex’. It allowed Cindy to have her usual great orgasms as administered by her Chasti’s vibrators. She also loved her new, large and highly sensitive nipples.

Rob, on the other hand was seriously jealous of his wife’s pleasurable sessions. He was unable to enjoy much of anything, locked away as he was.

On one occasion he got stubborn and refused to turn her appliance on. He quickly found out that he couldn’t get away with that behavior, as Cindy issued a sizeable shock through his cage, sending him collapsing to the floor in pain. After that he quickly yielded and gave her what she wanted.

That lesson also taught him that he was pretty much powerless to resist her.

When he did return home, horny and frustrated, Cindy found him to be an attentive and passionate lover, and very cooperative too…

It all seemed very appropriate to her. After all, her new lifestyle and body had required a lot more of her than it had of him.

The End


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