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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part eight

Part 9

(Day 29)

They started stirring well after their normal breakfast time. Rob crawled out of bed first and used the toilet.

Cindy flagged him down as he came out and pointed to her mouth, still gaged from last night.

Rob, devilishly just nodded and pointed her toward the bathroom. “Clean your insides first, then come back out, and we’ll remove your outfit.”

Cindy gave him a dirty look, as much as she could with only her eyes exposed through the mask, and paraded over to the door. She closed it behind her with a slight slam, indicating her displeasure.

He gave her a few minutes to get started and then used his watch to ramp up her front two vibrators.

He knew that he had gotten her attention when he heard a muffled scream, more like a squeak, come from beyond the door. He then adjusted the plugs back down to a milder speed.

When Cindy came out, several minutes later he could see that she was angry.

As soon as he removed the penis gag, she started scolding him for screwing with her.

“I almost dropped my penis in the toilette!” she screamed. But then realizing that she had been too loud, she began giggling. “God, I hope the neighbors didn’t hear that. Whatever would they think?” She said breaking into outright laughter along with Rob at the thought. She was laughing so hard that she fell onto the bed and rolled until her tail stopped her from landing on her back.

After calming down, she got up and punched Rob hard on the shoulder. “Don’t ever do that again. I have to concentrate to clean myself out with all my new plumbing and these crazy nails. It’s hard enough without you messing with me.”

Rob responded with a smug nod, and began unlocking and stripping his lady so she could take a shower and follow her normal routine cleaning up her latex outfit.

When she was naked, and standing in her mules Cindy gave Rob a ‘don’t mess with me’ look before returning to the bathroom.

Today she would be wearing the blue catsuit with a corset and her new blue pony boots and of course her matching mouse tail. Over the top was a pretty white dress with small purple flowers spotted about.

They grabbed a cab as they left the hotel, headed for the 13th Arrondissement to walk the English Garden in the Bois de Vincennes and, perhaps the zoo. Cindy was gaining experience in how to get in and out of Taxis with all of her restrictions, the tight cat suits, the tighter and stiffer corsets and the tall pony boots all made bending and twisting a real chore. Maneuvering the long tail so it wouldn’t get sat upon or caught under Rob or in the door, was also a challenging task. But she handled all of her challenges with increasing competence, and lately, without complaint. Rob was really pleased. He even got some pleasure watching her struggles. To him they were another symbol of her submission to his dreamed of lifestyle.

It was a warm and sunny day in Paris. They grabbed a late breakfast at a place just off the park’s grounds and then headed into the gardens.

They walked around the huge and beautiful park, and the English Gardens were magnificent. There were a lot of local couples out for a stroll but not all that many tourists, which suited Rob and Cindy just fine.

The clip, clop of Cindy’s boots accompanied them everywhere they went. They occasionally drew attention, and both admiring and disdainful glances, that they ignored as they moved along.

Of course, Cindy was the center of attention pretty much wherever they went. The passers-by reacted as they always did. Most men and some of the women were obviously enamored with her beauty, her shape and her outfit. A few others were scandalized by her blatant sexuality. While many others were simply oblivious, focused more on the greenery and the blue sky. Very few seemed to notice her tail.

Only occasionally was Cindy distracted by some rude comment or derisive laugh.

She was getting better at disregarding all of them. Rob enjoyed the positive reactions and ignored the rest.

They paused periodically in their wanderings to sit on an empty bench and rest while admiring some pretty view. Cindy casually maneuvering her tail to get comfortable each time.

They left the park to eat lunch and returned again afterwards, having enjoyed a typical long and relaxing meal with a lot of wine.

Eventually Cindy grew too tired to go much farther. Her boots were starting to hurt her legs and feet, and the warmth of the sun was raising the temperature of her latex to the highest level she’d felt, since she’d begun wearing it full time.

They headed slowly to a park exit and grabbed a cab, to first stop by the seamstress’ shop to pick up her dresses and then take them back to the hotel. Cindy had really enjoyed the beautiful day, and was pleasantly relieved that her tail hadn’t spoiled anything.

Rob just ran in to the shop, paid the lady and ran back out with the clothes.

They got back to the hotel in the late afternoon and, despite her need for rest, Cindy was more interested in making love than napping. She got no argument from Rob.

Although they didn’t want their recent techniques to get stale from constant use, they once again made love via Cindy’s rear hole with her front vibrators running on high. Cindy rested her chest and head on a pillow and supported herself on her elbows and knees, with Rob using her tail to control their movements as he pumped away with his cock in her ass.

Cindy was in ecstasy as she again had several unbelievably great orgasms. Rob thoroughly enjoyed her performance and had a great orgasm of his own.

Afterward though, Cindy pretty much just passed out on the bed, even before Rob moved off of her, reinserted her rear plug and adjusted her vibrators to their regular, slow and steady state.

She was fully asleep when he returned from cleaning up. Rob joined her and dozed off himself.

It was several hours later before they began stirring and thinking about dinner.

They discussed going out, but in the end decided to just stay where they were, so room service was ordered.

When the waiter arrived with the food, rather than climb out of bed, Cindy just pulled the covers up to her chin and pretended to sleep. She didn’t realize, though that her tail was sticking out and hanging over the side of the bed. It moved slightly with each breath she took.

Rob saw the waiter do a double take, and when he looked at Rob, with a confused expression, Rob just shrugged; nothing to be concerned about.

The waiter left without saying a word.

After the man had gone, Cindy threw off the covers. Rob proceeded to tell her about her tail’s exposure, and they both laughed while wondering what the poor guy was thinking on his way back downstairs.

They ate their dinner slowly, enjoying the wine.

Afterwards, Cindy feeling grubby under her latex, asked to take a bath. Rob helped her strip everything off, except for her tail, of course, and she ducked into the bathroom.

Coming back refreshed, more than an hour later she slipped into a blue body suit and crawled into bed, next to her loving husband, who had been sitting up reading,

Before falling asleep they talked about tomorrow’s visit with Cat and Alex. Both of them were excited. Looking forward to visiting the French countryside and the reportedly quaint village near their friends’ home. They were also expecting to have a lot of sexy fun with the couple who seemed to be just like them. Into latex and locked up compliments of Chasti-Permalock.

Above all, they were both pleasantly aroused with thoughts of their friends’ new Chasti appliances.

Rob was, of course, interested in Cat’s new nipple covers. Cindy wanted to learn more about Alex’s chastity cage.

(Day 30)

They got up early. After last night’s discussion they both wanted to hit the road as soon as they could manage. Rob ordered room service for breakfast while Cindy performed her elaborate morning ritual in the bathroom.

She was finding that it was taking her longer and longer to get ready each day. Her long nails were now the big challenge. They slowed her down considerably as they made her hands so clumsy. She was astonished to realize that the constraints they imposed seemed to make her wet. Like her appliance, the cat suits, corset and boots, all of the things that made her life sexy and difficult, really turned her on. ‘Fetish heaven’ she thought, with a laugh.

By the time she emerged from the bathroom, breakfast had been delivered and Rob had already run out and picked up the rental car.

He helped her into the black latex cat suit, along with her leather over-bust corset and her black pony boots, locking everything to complete the process. Rob had to do more of the work, as Cindy was still having trouble getting used to her new nails, and he didn’t want her to wreck them.

As the last step, he plugged in the black mouse tail and locked it. Cindy just sighed in submission.

She slipped a simple pale blue dress on over her head, while Rob threaded her tail through its hole, at her rear.

Then they gobbled down their light breakfast and Cindy made a quick call to Cat, to let her know that they were on the way. Cindy grabbed a small over-night bag on her way out. Rob looked at her questioningly.

“Hey, we’re going to be there all day and I may have to use the plumbing. I have my enema things and my penis in here, along with some makeup.”

Rob nodded his understanding and they then heading down to the street and the waiting car.

Getting into the front seat of the car proved to be an even bigger challenge. In the wide bench seats in the back of the cabs they’d been riding in, she could easily sit sideways. But faced with the bucket seats of the smaller rental car, it took her a lot more maneuvering to find a position that only barely worked. Rob had to help her and make sure that her tail didn’t get caught in the door.

When Cindy realized that their efforts had drawn a small crowd of amused onlookers she almost cried in embarrassment. Of course, that also made her pussy tingle.

Once she was finally strapped in, sitting sideways with her back to Rob and her tail stretched out over the console into the back seat, Rob was able to hop in and drive away from the gawkers.

It was a full 10 minutes before she had composed herself and with a heavy sigh, she looked over her shoulder.

“Well that was an adventure. We’ll have to work on that move if you really want me to continue wearing these tails. You realize, don’t you, that I won’t be able to drive. I can’t sit like this behind the wheel.”

Rob laughed, “You’re right about that. We’ll have to figure out a more efficient and dignified method. Or you can just ride in the back. Your call. As for driving, I usually do all of the driving anyway.”

“When we get back to the states, I’ll have to be able to drive myself. We’ll have to forgo the tails, there.”

Rob shook his head, “But I love you with the tails. You look so sexy and so exotic, and the way they sway behind you as you walk drives me crazy with lust. I don’t want to give that up.”

“Well then maybe we should just stay here then,” Cindy replied, pleased that she was able to push her ‘stay in Paris’ agenda. Score one for the girl!

Rob made no comeback.

Instead, he fiddled with the car’s navigation system as it guided him through the crazy Paris street network in the direction of Alex and Cat’s home.

It took a little more than an hour to get to the house.

The place was much more than a simple country cottage, it was more like a country estate, set back among a grove of trees with a long curving, gravel driveway. There was a large brick garage, or perhaps it was a carriage house, off to the side. The home itself looked like it could have been a Summer retreat for a 19th century French nobleman. It was large and imposing with many windows and Roman columns over a large covered entryway.

As they pulled up the front door opened and Alex came out to great them.

At least, sitting as she had to, it was easy for Cindy to get out of the car, her tail slid out smoothly behind her as she climbed out onto the gravel driveway. Her hooves made a crunching sound, much different from her usual clip, clop as she walked over to meet Alex.

Rob had to hurry around the back of the car to catch up.

Cindy gave Alex a hug, after which he grabbed her by the waist and held her at arms-length giving her a thorough inspection, top to bottom. Cindy blushed and giggled as he raved about her outfit, beauty and overwhelming sexiness. He then turned her around and told her how wonderful her tail was and how it accented her ass perfectly. By the time he had finished with his performance, Cindy was laughing so hard that Alex had to hold her up.

Rob stood back smiling broadly, happy to see Cindy enjoying the open admiration for a change. He knew that she was always fighting off embarrassment over the stares of strangers, and her reaction to Alex’s babbling worship was a good sign.

As Cindy calmed down, Alex held Cindy’s hand as he reached out his other arm and shook Rob’s hand, warmly.

He then led them up to the house where they met Cat at the door. She had apparently watched Alex’s performance from the doorway, as she was still laughing at his antics and reaffirmed Alex’s comments about how beautiful and sexy Cindy was looking. She singled out Cindy’s beautiful nails for admiration and comment. Cindy accepted the kind words, and for once, didn’t complain about how difficult they were to deal with.

Another good sign, Rob thought. This day was already paying large dividends, by helping Cindy accept her new body and all of its striking aspects.

Cindy and Rob exchanged French kisses and polite hugs with Cat.

Rob, of course had to comment on how great she looked. She was wearing a skin tight, purple latex dress that appeared to have been painted on her shapely body. It started with a turtle neck and slithered down over her large breasts to a very short and tight skirt that ended just at the knees. There it appeared to be so very tight that it restricted Cat’s steps, holding her knees tightly together. She was also wearing a pair of high spike heeled pumps that looked like they had 6-inch heels and a one-inch platform. The dress was complimented by a tall Golden metal collar secured snuggly around her neck, and the collar of the dress.

In no uncertain terms, she looked stunning and sexy as hell.

One other aspect that was hard to miss were the tips of her breasts that sported very prominent nipples. Apparently, the result of her new Chasti appliance. Rob got hard just looking at them, and was dying to hear, and hopefully see, all about them.

He held his stare a little too long and Cat caught him out.

“Wait till later and I’ll show you.” She said with a sly smile.

Cindy was mortified, and punched her husband on the arm, exasperated by his lack of manners.

They all laughed at that, before heading into the cool, dark house.

They walked down a long hallway past a formal sitting room and an office before entering a large open family area with a huge modern kitchen off to the side. There they settled into a comfortable seating area and began reacquainting. After all, they had only met once before at the party, but that was a very eye-opening event and after their open discussions of their passions while there, they felt that they already knew each other quire well.

Their discussions, therefore, focused more on career and family backgrounds, and of course on Alex & Cat’s beautiful home.

It was, in fact a summer house built in the mid-1800s. Alex and Cat had purchased it several years before in a pretty run-down state and had poured a lot of time and energy into fixing it up to become a wonderful mix of the old and the new. The room they were sitting in and the kitchen next to it were both new additions.

They also spent time discussing Rob’s business, back home. Alex was interested when Cindy mentioned that they had received several offers to purchase it for many millions of dollars. She also mentioned that she wished Rob would accept one of them so they could move to Paris, or somewhere nearby, like here.

Alex, as an investment counselor, volunteered his services should they decide to follow through.

Rob remained non-comital, but Cindy could see that he was giving the idea more thought. She was delighted by the prospect.

After a while they took a casual tour of the house and then the grounds. Cat, in her hobble dress, could only move slowly, taking small steps, wiggling her hips and ass delightfully. They saw a half-dozen bedrooms upstairs including a massive master suite. Each of the bedrooms included a private, full bath although only two of them were furnished. The others remained unneeded and unused for anything but storage.

The office and sitting rooms that they had seen on the ground floor, as well as a large dining room were beautifully furnished as they might have looked when the house was built. Of course, the office was also fitted with a large computer and modern business tools and comforts.

Outside, they saw several wooded acres that surrounded the property, providing a beautiful backdrop and adding a lot of privacy. Behind the house there was a large carriage house fit for three or four cars, and an upstairs servant’s quarters, currently empty, as they had no live-in staff.

There was also a large brick barn that according to Alex was built in the early 1900s. There was no mention of how it was currently used.

Finally, there was a large, modern patio that included a covered pavilion with an outside kitchen and bar, along with a comfortable seating area opposite a fireplace. Included off to one side was a small cabana that housed a bathroom with space for changing into swimming attire. This was needed, as there was a large swimming pool with spa tub attached, just outside the pavilion.

All in all, their yard looked like it belonged to a luxury resort hotel.

Alex and Cat were obviously living large…

They settled down for drinks and snacks in the seating area, and after Rob and Cindy finished complimenting the couple on their perfect home, the two couples began a discussion that quickly turned into a frank and open review of their opinions on sex practices and favorite, and not-so favorite, sexual proclivities. In effect, they were just continuing where they had left off at the end of last week’s party.

Their first topic, with Rob’s lead in, started Cindy talking about her experiences with her tail and her long and decorated nails.

They all laughed as they realized that she was sitting oddly perched on her chair, only because that was the only option with her tail poking out behind her.

Alex and Cat both told her that despite the inconveniences they thought that it was a very attractive and erotic accessory, and that it was, to coin a phrase, sexy as hell. They agreed with Rob that she should keep wearing them as long as she could stand it.

Her nails also received much acclaim. They too were seen as beautiful and very sexy, and Rob chimed in that she did wonderful things with them while they were making love.

Cat finally voiced her opinion that whether Cindy admitted it or not, the tail and nails like all of her other fetish-oriented clothes and modifications, hinting at the Chasti appliance, were a huge turn on for her and that Cindy would always be a very sexual creature, and a happy one too, while she was wearing them.

Cindy, put on the spot by Cat’s comments, just nodded and smiled, but deep down she knew that Cat was right. That even though she complained and was occasionally frustrated by the restrictions imposed, she did love everything that she and Rob had done and were doing. Some, of course more than others.

Cat continued, admitting that she felt the same way. Her clothes and body modifications, although occasionally troublesome or humiliating, were also the source of her greatest pleasures.

Alex, in turn, joined in nodding, proudly at his lovely wife’s admission and agreed that he too felt the same way about his Chasti appliances.

Cat then moved into a description of her new CP breast appliance. Although it was almost purely restrictive in nature, she was thoroughly enjoying its effect on her state of arousal, and as she had hoped it, was adding to the intensity of her orgasms, even though it was purely passive. She also appreciated the larger breasts that the nanites had developed for her, taking her up double-D cups – not as large as Cindy’s but much larger than her old B-cup breasts.

She laughed delightedly as she mentioned that it had forced her to buy an entire new wardrobe, What fun! Cindy joined in to second that opinion.

Cat then took the final step of her ‘show and tell’ and asked Alex to assist her in stripping off her dress. With some effort, he unzipped it along the back and then helped Cat slither out of it.

She stood proudly, naked but for her Chasti devices. The original one plugging her vagina and the newer addition covering the ends of her beautifully large breasts. Leaving her big nipples standing out of the golden plates that covered her areolas, and then some. The thimble-sized nipple covers were prominently locked in place. They looked wonderful, and both Cindy and Rob told her so.

Actually, Rob almost came in his pants when he saw them. God it turned him on! And he immediately dreamed of how they would look on Cindy’s even larger chest.

Cindy also though that they looked wonderfully hot. But she wasn’t sure they would be something she would want. After all, she thought, her Chasti appliance prevented direct contact with both her pussy and her ass hole, already. Locking away her nipples would take them out of the picture too. She wasn’t sure she could handle that.

Cat even walked over and without the slightest indication of embarrassment invited first Cindy and then Rob to touch and feel. Alex smiled proudly as they both took Cat up on her offer. Cindy asked if they were heavy? Perhaps pulling her breasts down, but Cat explained that the nanites had done their work and strengthened the tissues sufficiently to prevent any sag.

Rob followed up by asking if, when the covers were removed, could she still feel pleasure form her nipples. Cat explained that the wonderful nanites had taken care of that too. That her nipples, when exposed were even more sensitive than they had ever been, and that she had even been able to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. She smiled and winked at Alex as she said it.

After they completed the examination of Cat’s glorious breasts, they were invited to go for a swim. Rob and Cindy agreed, but before they could even comment on their lack of swimming suites, Cat was giggling and diving into the pool and Alex had stripped down to nothing but his Chasti cage and was following her.

Cindy and Rob looked at each other and shrugged. It was obviously a game that their hosts often played, skinny dipping without giving their guests an option to back out.

Of course, Rob had to help Cindy out of all of her clothes. They came off one, by one, as they were unlocked and unzipped. Eventually Cindy was down to just her Chasti, and her tail. She reached around and grabbed it looking at Rob over her shoulder. “Really?” she complained.

Rob just grinned and nodded, and commenced stripping down himself. He felt a little embarrassed, as he was the only one present without a Chasti-Permalock appliance in place.

They walked over and joined their hosts in the pool. It felt wonderful, and they swam, floated and just sat in the water for an hour or more.

Cindy’s tail drew laughs on several occasions as it behaved in the water like it had a mind of its own.

At one point, as they sat or floated together in a corner of the pool, it occurred to Cindy that Alex hadn’t volunteered any information on his two Chasti appliances. She wanted to see his cock cage and hear about his new anal plug. So, she simply asked.

Alex wasn’t as open and forthcoming as was his wife, but with her goading him on, he first showed his front, and then his back.

He said that it hadn’t taken him long to get used to the cage. It covered his cock completely in a circular grid that prevented an erection and pointed it downwards. But the construction allowed for easy cleaning. Of course, he had to sit to pee, as was the case with other such devices. It wasn’t particularly visible when he wore normal clothes, he was happy to say. It was held on by a ring that was custom fit to his anatomy and wasn’t uncomfortable. The ring was held irremovable by the Chasti nanites. The cage locked to the ring based on commands from Cat’s watch.

Alex also showed where his vibrating dildo would also lock into the ring, over the top of his cage so he could screw Cat with it. He reminded them that her watch would only allow that to happen once a month, and that it was up to her when, after the 30-day counter had run down.

He then moved on to explain that his new anal plug and vibrator was exactly like Cindy’s rear plug. Cat controlled the vibrator speeds and unlocked the big plug as she wished. Alex gave himself enemas through the tube in its center. They had found, that he could orgasm from the vibrations it produced, as they worked on his prostate, but they were small and not particularly satisfying.

But at least they were something…

He finished by mentioning that he too had to recharge his appliance like Cat and Cindy did theirs.

It was obvious that he wasn’t as enamored with his new appliance as Cat was with hers.

Cindy asked them, why they had decided on the 30-day limit, instead of something less.

Alex just shrugged so Cat spoke up. She said that they had discussed it at length, and that within their relationship she was the more dominant person. She wanted to reinforce that by ensuring that Alex was always hungry for release, which would encourage him to be more subservient to her, and more anxious to earn his orgasms by pleasing her.

Alex seemed uncomfortable with Cat’s explanation, but didn’t disagree.

Cat continued her explanation. They had considered 7 or 14 days, but had settled on 30 days as the thought of that long a period of denial had really turned both of them on. It had really hit a sweet spot in their fetish fantasies. Only later, in the cold light of day did Alex realize the implications and the difference between dreams and reality. He started wishing that they had picked a smaller number, but of course, by then it was too late. Her watch was irrevocably set to 30.

Cat then reiterated that the decision for Alex to get the rear plug was based on his desire, or need, for more frequent relief. She looked at Alex when she said that she wasn’t sure if he was pleased with his new appliance or not.

Cindy sensed from their expressions that Cat and Alex hadn’t really talked about this aspect of his new appliance. After all it had been only a couple of days since they were installed.

Alex finally admitted that so far, he wasn’t enamored with the new appliance and the enema process, but that he supposed he’d be able to get used to it, especially if it delivered the promised relief, he felt he needed.

That pretty much ended their discussions on those topics and they went back to enjoying the water and the late afternoon sun.

Although Cat made one more comment, directed at Rob. She wondered when he might join the Chasti-Permalock fraternity.

When he just stood, speechless, they all laughed at him good naturedly and moved on.

Cat pointed to Cindy’s neck, “what’s the story with your neckless, it looks a little heavy and the trail in back looks a little like a leash.”

Cindy didn’t know quite how to describe her neck chain. “Well, Rob bought it for me, as a sign of his love for me. It’s permanent. And the trail isn’t really a leash.”

Cat wouldn’t let it go. “What do you mean it’s ‘permanent’? And that sure looks like a short leash to me. Does he use it to control you?”

Rob jumped in. “It’s welded shut, and it does serve as a gentle lead on occasion.”

Cat eyed Cindy questioningly for a moment, as if to say ‘Are we talking ‘slave’ here?’ At least that’s the way Cindy read it, so she shook her head ‘no’.

The women, as if by mutual consent, then just moved on to other topics.

An hour later they settled back into the pavilion for a glass of wine, before dinner.

They had dried off with available towels, and as neither Cindy nor Alex had bothered to dress, Cindy and Rob had followed along, although a little uncomfortably – but, when in Rome…

They sat contentedly, sipping their wine, talking about nothing in particular for another hour as the sun set beyond the trees, all the while Cindy and Rob became more comfortable sitting around in just their skin.

Finally, Cat seemed to catch sight of something in the house. She nodded and then waved. Cindy and Rob realized, much to their chagrin that someone else had been in the house while they were frolicking around naked in the yard.

Before they could ask, Cat announced that dinner was ready, explaining that their cook had prepared a meal for them. She went on to explain that they had a local woman who was a retired chef cook for them several nights per week, and Cat had asked her to prepare something special for the four of them tonight.

When she got up, still naked, to lead them into the house, she noticed her guests’ hesitation and chuckling, she told them not to worry, that the chef had just left with the meal waiting for them in the warmer, and had gone home for the evening.

“Come along,” she said with a smile, “we won’t be interrupted, and we can be comfortable with each other as we are.”

Cindy and Rob looked at each other and shrugged in unison. They got to their feet and, still naked, followed Cat and Alex into the house.

As they walked in, Cat pointed out that between them they only exposed one cock, two ass holes and one pair of boobs. That got a big laugh from all of them. Rob, however, again felt like the odd man out. The only one of them without a Chasti-Permalock appliance.

They sat around the table in the kitchen, and ate a fabulous meal. Cat noted how difficult it was for Cindy to sit comfortably with her tail and commented on it. That got them started debating the merits of the unique appendage.

The discussion continued throughout much of the meal, with everyone contributing at one point or another. The final conclusion, driven by Rob’s opinion, much to Cindy’s dismay, was that it was a beautiful and infinitely sexy component of Cindy’s look, and that she should keep it. Even the difficulties it caused her were seen as cute and endearing aspects that added a lot to the exotic, submissive and erotic side of fetish life.

‘Easy for you to say’ Cindy thought, you don’t have to deal with it, but she understood what they meant. It was a major turn on for her too.

During the debate, Alex had asked Cat if she would wear one. She sat mute for a few seconds, deep in thought, and then nodded with a slight smile, “perhaps,” was her only reply.

Alex was looking for a better answer. “Well Cat, the right tail would go perfectly with your name.”

The quip drew a snicker from Rob.

Feeling devilish, he couldn’t let it go at that, so he described how while he was researching Cindy’s appliance in the Chasti-Permalock catalogue he remembered seeing a stand-alone tail mount that would be nanite secured to the base of the spine, in the same location where Cindy’s socket was positioned. A tail would then be physically locked into it.

Alex, excited by the prospect, again looked at Cat, but she made no further comment.

After that they moved into the adjacent lounge for an after-dinner cognac. They talked casually about various, non-sexual subjects for quite a while, until Rob realized how late it was getting. He suddenly sat up and started to warn of their imminent departure.

Cat cut him off. “Nonsense, it’s too late and you’re in no condition to drive. You’ll sleep here tonight, and tomorrow we can relax, take another swim and visit the village pub for an easy lunch before you head back to the city.”

Cindy agreed and thanked Cat for the hospitality. She asked Rob to retrieve her bag from the car and walked out to the patio to gather their clothes. Cat followed her to help. On their way she couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and swat Cindy’s tail. Cindy jumped, startled, but then realizing what had happened turned to Cat and grabbed her in a bear hug. “None of that, you minx” and they play wrestled for a few seconds before Cindy gave Cat a quick kiss on the lips, and they split up to continue with their task.

Alex and Cat showed them to a guest room, turned on the lights and folded open the bed. Cat explained that there was a substantial stock of toiletries in the attached bathroom and there were drinks and snacks in a small hidden refrigerator under the long counter.

Neither Cat nor Alex mentioned clothes, apparently, they were quite comfortable in the nude. Although the open nudity lifestyle was new to them, Cindy and Rob accepted it as house rules and just went along.

They took turns in the bathroom. Rob went first taking a quick shower to rinse off the chlorine from the pool. Cindy used her little penis and her enema kit before using the shower. She washed out her catsuit and hung it in the shower before jumping into bed with her lover, tail in hand to keep it out of the way.

Cindy felt strange sleeping without her latex, corset and boots. They had become such a part of her life that sleeping without them was disconcerting at best, but again she just went with the flow. She realized that she had been doing that a lot lately. Hmmm, something to contemplate when she wasn’t so tired and tipsy.

Rob was content to sleep with the feel of Cindy’s smooth flesh for a change and wrapped her in his arms in a face-to-face hug, as they talked quietly, reviewing the day’s events. They agreed that they absolutely loved Alex and Cat, as well as their wonderful home and lifestyle.

It wasn’t long, though before they fell asleep still wrapped around each other.

(Day 31)

It was around 9:00 in the morning, and Rob and Cindy had just started stirring when they heard a soft tapping on the door. Rob jumped up and opened it a crack to find Alex standing there.

“Good morning, Cat has just started putting together a breakfast, and would love it if you would come down and join us in the kitchen.”

“Certainly, we’ll be down in about 10 minutes.”

Alex nodded, “oh, and she said not to bother dressing as we’ll be eating on the patio and spending our morning in the pool,”

He then turned and headed back downstairs.

Rob closed the door and turned to see Cindy giggling from the edge of the bed.

“What?” he said, confused.

“Didn’t that sound like an order, from Cat? ‘don’t wear clothes.’ Delivered by Alex.”

“Rob shrugged, “I guess it did, kind of… Alex was standing there naked, when I opened the door; kind of a shock.”

“Well, I guess we had better get a move on, better not keep the mistress of the house waiting.” Cindy jumped out of bed and headed into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Of course, she took 15 minutes, and Rob had to rush in, afterwards. It was close to 20 minutes before they made it to the kitchen, naked except for Cindy’s appliance and of course, her tail.

Cat greeted them, wearing only a skimpy apron, giving each of them a hug and kisses on the lips, before turning back to the stove.

Cindy apologized for their late arrival, she took the blame, but then passed it along to the difficulty of doing things with her cumbersome nails.

“Oh, that’s fine, you’re just in time. There’s juice in the refrigerator and the coffee is in the maker over there,” was Cat’s reply.

Apparently, bacon and eggs were on the menu.

Alex was on toaster duty, and had assembled a stack, already buttered and ready.

A couple of minutes later they had filled their plates and were walking out onto the patio.

It was a bit cool out, especially to be walking around naked, but they had lit the fireplace and it was generating a lot of heat off to the side. Rob and Alex moved the table over as close as they could get it.

The ladies sat in the chairs with their backs closest to the heat. As Cindy was maneuvering herself on the chair. Cat laughed and warned, “Don’t get your tail too close to the flames, I’d hate to see you running into the pool with your appendage on fire.”

Everyone laughed, at the mental image, including Cindy.

After they ate and Alex and Rob were clearing the table, the ladies headed out to the pool and the sunshine.

Cat sprawled out on a lounger while Cindy laid on her side facing her. Cindy’s tail was draped over the other side and onto the adjacent lounger.

Soon the men joined them. Alex next to Cat and Rob took to the one next to Cindy, taking her tail onto his lap and idly waving and tugging on it, much to Cindy’s chagrin.

Cat looked at Cindy. “Ok, it’s your turn. Last night Alex and I did the whole show and tell thing about our appliances, but you never showed us yours. We’re very curious about it and how it feels to be so thoroughly covered.”

Cindy was surprised, and a little uncertain. For some reason she hadn’t expected to have to describe her own Chasti, and wasn’t prepared to explain hers, or her feelings about it.

Seeing her confusion, Rob started to talk, but was quickly shut down by Cat. “No Rob, we want to hear from Cindy.”

Taking a deep breath, “OK,” Cindy said. She stood up and positioned herself at the foot of the two chairs holding Cat and Alex, with her legs spread and her appliance on display. Rob let her tail slip through his fingers as soon as she started to move.

For a minute, Cindy was reminded of pictures of kindergarten kids nervously describing some toy in front of their class…

She shook off her nervousness and just started talking.

“My Chasti covers me from my mons, all the way thru my crotch and up to my tail bone. I have vibrating plugs in my pussy and my ass, and another vibrator over my clitoris. Rob’s watch controls all three vibrators and the locks on the plugs. His watch also controls the lock for my tail socket.

“I also have a small valve, just in front of my vaginal plug through which I can pee using a little penis.”

Cat stopped her at that point, “a ‘penis’?”

“Yes,’ Cat said with disdain. “I have a little penis that when I plug it in, my urine flows out of my bladder.”

“I have got to see that,” Cat said, with a giggle.

Cindy sighed in response. “OK, full disclosure. Rob would you mind going upstairs and bringing down my bag?”

Rob jumped up and trotted in to do her bidding, as she continued her presentation.

Between my two plugs is my charging port.

The base of the vaginal plug extends forward over my clit. When it is removed, my clit is exposed, at least a little.

Cat sat up straighter and asked Cindy to come closer so she could see.

Cindy did as asked sliding in between Cat’s and Alex’s loungers.

Cat reached up and pushed Cindy’s pelvis, twisting her for a better view. Of course, it left Alex looking at her backside and tail. He reached up and slid his hand up her tail to her ass, making Cindy twitch, involuntarily.

Cat was examining the path of the seam where the front plug fit into the body of the appliance.

“May I?” Cat asked.

Cindy looked at her, and nodded.

Cat reached out and rubbed her hand over the appliance starting at the very front and slowly moving back over the front plug.

“Hey, she said, are your vibrators on?”

“Yes,” Cindy said exasperated. “Rob keeps them running pretty much all of the time, on a low, slow setting. He says it’s to keep me at a ‘slow simmer’. And, it does…”

Cat laughed, “Wow, I’m not sure I could handle that. No wonder you’re such a hottie.”

Cindy turned to look at Alex, who was practically drooling, behind her.

Cat caught it, too. “Alex, you disgusting dog. Forget it, or it’ll be more than 30 days, next time.”

Just then Rob returned and handed Cindy her bag. She fumbled around until she found her little penis and displayed it for Cat and then Alex to see.

“May I?” Cat asked, holding out her hand.

Cindy hesitated for a second, but then gave in and handed it to Cat, who took at and examined it with a big smile on her face.

“This is really something,” she said “so you just plug it in, and it opens a valve?”

Cindy was really embarrassed. To her, this was the most troubling aspect of her Chasti. That it forced her to pee using a penis.

Cat though didn’t seem to understand: “That’s really cool. You get to pee like a boy. I love it.”

When she handed it back to Cindy, she saw that she was blushing and uncomfortable.

“So, tell us what you think of the whole thing, and why did you choose such an all-encompassing appliance?”

Cindy quickly slipped her penis away and then paused for a few more seconds to collect her thoughts.

“Well, the answer to the second question is easy. I didn’t choose it. Rob did, to feed a long- standing fantasy of his.”

Everyone looked at Rob as she said this. It was his turn to be embarrassed.

Cat was horrified. “You mean, this wasn’t your fantasy? It was his? Did you have any say in the matter?”

“No, not really,” Cindy acknowledged, “he set it all up and sort of sprung it on me, so my feelings toward the thing are very mixed.”

“I can only imagine,” Cat said, giving Rob a dirty look.

Cindy continued, “But I have to say that I’m not really upset about it. We’ve spent the last month working on a campaign to satisfy our fetishes and fantasies, and all in all it has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve never felt so alive! I spend most of my waking hours, thinking only of sex; I’m horny all of the time! And, my orgasms, the ones that this thing gives me are truly mind-blowing. By far the best I’ve ever had.” She looked at Rob as she delivered that last statement and winked at him.

“I’ve only been wearing the Chasti for about 10 days, but I guess I’m OK with it. I don’t like peeing through a penis, and the tail has been really hard to get used to, but like I said the front vibrators have given me so much pleasure that I do love them.”

With that, Cindy indicated that she was done talking. She walked over to the bar, calling over her shoulder, “I need a drink, it isn’t too early is it? Anyone else?”

Rob jumped up and ran over to her, grabbed her and gave her a huge hug and kiss. They stood still for a few minutes before Cat joined them and took over from Rob. Also giving Cindy a huge hug and a passionate kiss.

Then they moved behind the bar and started rummaging around, looking for the right kind of alcohol and mixers.

Alex meanwhile, just watched, his cock straining painfully in its cage.

They spent the rest of the morning sitting around the pool, talking and occasionally diving in to cool off.

It was close to 1300 when they decided that they were hungry, so they agreed to go into the village for lunch.

They’d take two cars, so Rob and Cindy could leave for the City immediately afterwards.

Cindy and Rob changed back into the clothes they had arrived in; they didn’t look too rumpled as they had been hanging during much of the visit.

By the time Rob had helped Cindy get back into her cat suit, corset, boots and dress and they’d wandered back downstairs, Cat and Alex were already dressed, and ready. Cat was wearing a simple black leather dress that showed off her shape and was low cut and short skirted.

They pulled up to the Village’s only decent restaurant and found a table inside. Cindy perched sideways on her chair, so her tail could hang freely.

Rob and Cindy were impressed by the food as it was surprisingly good, and the local wine was excellent.

As they were finishing up, and about ready to say their goodbyes two teenaged couples, obviously locals, walked in and sat at the table next to them. One of the girls, who sat nearest Cindy, noticed her tail and pointed it out to her companion sitting next to her. The young man began laughing and the four of them began a loud conversation that obviously centered on making fun of Cindy’s outfit in general and more specifically her tail.

Cat scolded them for their rudeness, but it had no effect.

When Alex had finished paying the bill and they started to get up to head home, the boy nearest, reached over with his foot and stepped on Cindy’s tail just as she started to stand. She overbalanced and fell heavily back into her seat.

Rob had seen it happen, and he lost it. He stepped over to the laughing jerk and sent him flying with one punch to the chin.

Luckily the proprietor had also seen the event from the beginning, and came running over before anything else could happen. He picked up the clown, who was still dazed and shuffled him and his friends out the door, angrily scolding them for being assholes in his restaurant.

He returned a few minutes later and apologized for their behavior. He finished by commenting that the people of the village weren’t used to such erotic women.

Alex and Cat were also mortified. They apologized too, somehow feeling responsible too, as they were likewise residents of the village.

Rob calmed down quickly and hugged Cindy as her embarrassment waned.

Eventually they were able to work their way back to their cars, where they completed their goodbyes like the close friends they had become.

Cindy worked her way into the car, settling in the seat at the angle that allowed her tail to slide between the seats, and Rob helped fasten her seat belt. It was still a chore and probably would always be. She sat quietly staring at the countryside it passes by her side window.

After a few minutes, she broke the silence. “I’m afraid that’s the way things will be back in the states, the fools won’t allow us to live like this.”

Rob knew she was probably correct. Paris and Parisians had a different attitude and lifestyle that seemed to focus on beauty and individual fashion. Erotica was a big part of it. ‘Paris is for lovers’ and all that. He wasn’t aware of anywhere else that would accept their lifestyle as well as Paris did.

An hour later they were back at the hotel. Rob made arrangements with the front desk to return the rental car, and they headed upstairs.

It felt good to be ‘home’. it had been a long day and a half. The time had been fun, exciting, erotic but also troublesome.

They spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and cleaning up. Rob helped Cindy out of her outfit and she headed in to draw a bath as she felt the need to soak for a while. While the water ran, she used her penis and gave herself an enema.

With those chores finished, she walked over to Rob as he sat in a chair and turning, wiggled her tail in his face, “Oh master, please would you remove my pretty tail? I’d like to soak in the tub and I don’t think I can fit with my tail in the way.”

Rob laughed. “Of course, my dear. I understand. Your blue one will be waiting for you when you come out.” He then hit the appropriate button on his watch. He removed the tail from its socket and gave her a slap on the butt. “There you go, lover, now go soak.”

As she started to walk away, he piped up, “Hey don’t forget this, it needs to be washed along with your other latex.”

Cindy reached out and grabbed the white snake, continuing into the bathroom and closing the door, firmly, behind her.

A couple of hours later, she finally came out, squeaky clean and smelling wonderfully, Rob helped her into her blue latex outfit, with her corset and boots, and tail all locked in place.

He then took his turn, getting clean.

They then headed out to walk around a bit and get some dinner. Both of them were a bit depressed, as tomorrow was supposed to be their last full day in Paris. They were supposed to depart for Berlin early the day after tomorrow. They would take the ICE Train from the Gare du Nord, at 0923.

Over dinner they avoided the subject, focusing more on their time with Cat and Alex. They had really enjoyed their visit and thought highly of their new friends, their idyllic home and their lifestyle.

They drank a little too much wine, but the result was an improved mood, and by the time they got back into their room they were both ready for sex.

The first thing Rob did when they got back to their room was to dig out the blue hood, the one with the cuff that held Cindy’s mouth open in an ‘O’ perfectly designed to accept his cock.

Cindy wined, complaining, but not actually saying anything while he began pulling her hair into a pony tail. She opened her mouth begrudgingly to accept the collar and Rob pulled the hood over her head, threading her hair out the top. He then zipped it closed over her head and locked it in place.

He didn’t bother putting a plug in, at least not yet.

Cindy took off her dress while Rob stripped naked.

Knowing what was expected, Cindy fell to her knees as Rob turned to face her. His cock was already hard, so he was able to easily plug it into the hole in the mask. Just as Cindy started licking and sucking, Rob adjusted the speed of all three of her vibrators, pushing them to the 8 setting.

Cindy’s response was dramatic. She jumped, squealed and her whole body started shaking. Rob grabbed her head in both hands to make sure that he didn’t come unplugged.

Her first orgasm hit her within seconds, and Rob readjusted the vibrators to a moderate setting to give her a break to catch her breath, and allow her to focus on his cock for a while. After a few minutes, he was getting close, sooner than he wanted, so he sped up her vibrators again and held on while she worked up to yet another shuddering orgasm. She would have lost her balance and fallen over if Rob hadn’t held her head and mouth in place.

Rob then, again, slowed her vibrators down to a lower speed. Cindy needed a rest to regain her focus on his cock. She recovered slowly, purring around his still hard penis as she resumed sucking and licking, anxious now to bring him off, and perhaps have another ‘big O’ herself.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to take him over the top. He, himself, groaned and filled her mouth with his cum. She swallowed, just before her own orgasm hit her and it was all he could do to stay upright and hold Cindy too. He managed, and once they had stabilized a little, he adjusted the vibrators back down to a more relaxed level. It took Cindy a while to catch her breath. Rob, enjoying the warmth of her mouth around his slowly deflating cock, just stayed in place.

When he decided that he’d had enough, he let go of her head and started to pull out. He was surprised when Cindy’s arms suddenly shot up and she grabbed his ass, pulling him back into her mouth. It took him a minute to understand what she was mumbling around his cock, but he finally figured out that it was “more, more.”

He was amazed when he realized that Cindy wasn’t done yet. She had already had three seemingly massive orgasms, and she could barely stand, or in this case kneel, up, but she still wanted more.

He quickly started her vibrators back up. For the first time since she got her Chasti, he pushed them to their max settings. And grabbed her latex covered head once again.

It was a good thing he did as in her state, and with the vibrators going crazy on her clit and in her pussy and ass, she began groaning, shaking and humping so energetically that she momentarily lost hold on his ass, and almost fell over. As his prick had shrunk to half its size, it no longer plugged her mouth and her moans were loud and varied.

When her orgasm hit, she froze in place for a minute, holding her breath and her arms fell to her sides. Rob thought that she might have passed out, or even something worse, but within a few seconds she began moving slowly, and breathing in large gulps of air through her nose and her mouth, around his cock.

He slowly unplugged and lowered his happily exhausted wife to the floor. She wound up on her side in a fetal position, and he then joined her sitting next to her on the rug.

When he had sufficiently recovered, he crawled over to the nightstand and retrieved a bottle of water and the plug for her mouth hole.

He lifted her head slightly and poured some of the water into the collar and watched as she swallowed. Cindy looked up at him and he could see the smile in her eyes as she whimpered quietly.

He took that as a good sign of recovery, so he put down the water and inserted the plug into Cindy’s gaping mouth, locking it in place.

Cindy just shook her head in resignation.

Rob then picked her up and deposited her on the bed, laying down next to her, where they could both be more comfortable. He laid with her for a while before he slid into the bathroom and got cleaned up. When he came out, Cindy staggered in and emptied her bladder, and gave herself her evening enema, before crawling back into bed.

They hugged for a while before they both fell soundly asleep.


The end of part 9

Continues in part ten


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