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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 2: Journeys Part 2

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2012 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-mf; F/m; latex; catsuits; clothing; mulit-layer; gasmasks; internet; toys; mast; climax; sex; rom; reluct/cons; X

I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material. - Story continues from Ch2 Journeys: Part One

Chapter 2 - Journeys

Part 2

One week had passed when the Jason got the e-mail. He had worn the rubber clothes until bedtime that last day with Kaylin but had removed them for a thankful shower. He had not worn any rubber since then. He still wondered what the spell was Kaylin and rubber held but soon realized that without Kaylin rubber was nothing. This only reinforced his belief that he didn’t have a rubber fetish but did have very strong feelings for a rubberist, aka Kaylin.

He opened the mail and read:

Dearest Jason,

Before reading this e-mail, please put on your latex shirt and leggings. Gloves are optional but would be nice.

Jason skipped the rubbering up request and read on.

This is my dream job. I work with some wonderful people who are dedicated to discovering some of the most evil biological germs from nature or man created. Yes we do research on artificially created strains of existing bacteria and viruses. I can’t say more since lots of the work is classified. Perhaps I said too much already.

Orientation was a dream for someone with my love of rubber. I was so hot (and I mean sexually too) after dressing out in the full body protective suit that first time. I wanted to slink off to a hidden corner and just play with myself.

Think of being completely sealed in rubber, head to toe with a respirator. It’s hard isn’t it?

Jason pictured Kaylin in a heavy rubber environmental suit and the picture was pretty unsexy. Even placing her petite body inside the suit didn’t help the image.

The suit is made of that butyl rubber. The stuff is heavy and doesn’t breathe at all! The suit weighs a ton and you feel it when in it, not like a nice stretchy latex suit. The respirator has two options. It can attach to a SCBA unit or to an air hose/umbilical.

I prefer the SCBA since that makes me a sealed, completely isolated and self-contained germ fighter just like the Power Rangers!

Justin thought about that one. He couldn’t see Kaylin doing acrobatic leaps in the heavy suit she described. However, it did seem the right clothes for chasing down really bad bugs.

The work is so exciting. We’re researching the very frontiers of microbial medicine. Bothell seems so far away but I think of you every day. I’ve found no one here. These guys are so engrossed in the work. They are geeks of the first order.

And you’re not a geek, thought Jason.

A couple of them seem to enjoy the suits too. I guess geeks can be rubberists too but they just don’t light me up like you. I miss our time together. I miss your straight-laced approach to latex. I admired your attempts to wear it when we played our games, though I knew you weren’t as excited about it as I.

Still I thought we were getting on quite well then the company stepped into my life and now I’m here. I hope you really put on your rubber before reading this so you will maybe feel some of my feeling as I write this in my latex suit.

I want us to use Yahoo or something and our webcams if you don’t mind. I’d love to have a video call and play for you in rubber as long as you were dressed at your end. Maybe we can do that after you get the package I sent you yesterday.

Oops, I let the surprise out, sort of. But you have to wait to see what it is. I’m not telling so…

Bye for now and rubbery hugs and kisses from afar!


Kaylin (Rubber Princess)

Well. She sent me another rubber gift, Jason thought as he closed out the e-mail. No point in replying and telling her she needn’t bother as that would only upset her and not reverse the delivery. Depending on the mailing method the package could be here as early as tomorrow. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. Maybe I’ll try it once on a video call to make her happy.

He checked his Yahoo connections and log-ins. He was in “invisible” mode as he usually did when just checking his messenger quickly. He saw Kaylin was on line but didn’t want to call since he hadn’t followed her instruction to dress in his rubber clothes. Amazingly he still remembered it and tested the webcam which worked nicely before a shower.

Jason went to bed without any rubber. He felt a little ashamed that he didn’t dress for her letter. After reading that she had actually written it while in rubber only made him feel guilty. Well, good going Kaylin!

The next day went pretty much as usual but upon getting home there was a note in his box that a package was at the manager’s office. Jason walked over to the office and found a large plain wrapped box sitting on the counter.

“About time you got here,” grumbled the manager.

“I just got home from work. Right on time too,” said Jason.

“That thing’s been sitting here since one. It’s cluttering up the counter.”

“I got here as soon as I could, Mildred.”

The manager grunted her displeasure without looking up from her magazine.

Jason picked up the box – a very heavy box – and walked to his building.

Now he really was wondering at what was inside. The box was not only big but it weighed a ton.

He dropped it on his couch and went to the kitchen for a drink. He came back into the room with a knife and carefully slit the tape sealing the box. As he opened the package the distinct odor of latex filled the room. It was a heavy odor that he wasn’t expecting. It had that industrial smell almost like tires but not really… maybe more like a sporting goods store’s boot and wader section.

He took out the envelope on top of the plastic enclosed pile of black. He saw Kaylin’s writing on the envelope. He opened it and read:

Dearest Jason Darling,

This box is for you with all my love for you and rubber. The suit is one similar to the suits at the lab here. The main difference is that it is made of latex (not butyl) and doesn’t have an SCBA attached to its respirator/gas mask. It does have a nice corrugated rubber tube and a filter. I think you’ll find it to be a nice size for you.

You will also find a pair of briefs that have an attached hollow shaft and ball restraining device. The thick dildo has a vibrating system that I’m sure will be the most exciting love toy you’ve ever want next to me of course. I was told the massage it provides is the nearest thing to pure ecstasy this side of a nice hot cunt squeezing the life out of your rock-hard cock (pardon my words)!

Pardon indeed! Jason didn’t even know Kaylin could talk that way.

There are instructions on how the system works. It has a remote operation capability once you’ve installed the software on your computer that I’m sure you’ll really love.

Remember to put on the cock and ball brief first, then your shirt, leggings and gloves, then your first suit and finally the new suit in the box. This is the required dress for our video chat tonight.
Don’t forget to install the enclosed software before you get dressed. And do get dressed as I prescribed before seven.

I’ll be hot rubbery and ready for a nice long chat.

Loving you from afar,

Kaylin (Rubber Princess)

Jason decided to tell her that “Rubber Princess” avatar was a bit strange.

The heavy bag spilled out a full suit that was obviously made to be worn as an outer suit. It seemed quite large and certainly wasn’t skin tight. It had a tight hooded gas mask attached to its neck area and another bulkier hood with a full face lens that pulled over the gas mask. The gas mask inlet and outlets were connected by sealed connection clips to outside hose connections. Two long tubes were inside the bag that obviously attached to the gas mask ports in the outer suit.

The suit had a very thick latex skin and thick attached chemical gauntlets. The legs ended in a pair of boots so the suit looked like some sort of total body enclosing fishing boots. Jason decided that this suit would be quite the rage in a pouring rain at the local fishing stream. One thing he couldn’t imagine was getting a sexual charge from the thing. He put it down and looked at the briefs. They seemed simple enough. There was a very thick and rigid dildo attached to a ball sack. The opening into the enclosing genital sack was very small and would obviously clamp behind his scrotum locking him inside the hollow dildo. The inside of the dildo was lined with a soft rubbery substance that would probably simulate insertion into a woman’s vagina. The thought of this thing substituting for Kaylin was a little weird even if she was on the other side of the connection and fully aware of what the thing did. He thought this thing would be quite the rage at some orgy. No matter what his condition, he’d present a massive and permanent hard-on to anyone interested in that sort of kink.

He found the software disk as promised. When he loaded it onto his computer a welcome note came on the screen.

“Welcome to the Remote Fantasy Pleasure Companion. This system is designed to provide complete pleasure and unparalleled intimacy between two loving partners separated from each other through mutual pleasuring systems and advanced computer technology.

“You and your partner just wear the corresponding devices while connected through any computer messaging program. Although video chat is best, it isn’t required to experience the advanced pleasure provided by this product.”

Jason worked through the legal pages, clicked the install button and watched the program infiltrate his computer. There were a few questions requiring response, things like where to install the software, primary messenger program, secondary messaging program and etc.

The installation finished and the disk drive popped open to remove the disk.

He noted that the final instruction was to put the UBS data link into a USB port and put the battery into the device. A high tech lithium wafer battery was included and easily installed into a tiny battery compartment behind the ball sack. The thing was virtually unnoticeable in its place.

By now he had to rush to get ready for the call. He decided to play out the entire scene this one time but he was pretty certain that he might not want a repeat of the bizarre games the suit, the brief and the instructions from Kaylin entailed. Sadly Jason felt this would be the last time he connected with Kaylin. It seemed the Kaylin he knew here was as far away as Denver was.

One hour later Jason was ready for the video call. He soon discovered the hardest part of the entire process was getting onto Yahoo. The clumsy gauntlets with two pair of gloves underneath made the computer keyboard virtually impossible to use.

He looked back on the preparations as he felt building sweat under the innermost layer. The brief had been easy. The literally sucked his cock and balls into the pouch. The soft inner lining actually felt erotic on his cock and to his surprise, he responded to the soft artificial pussy surrounding his manhood.

The leggings, shirt and gloves went on easily too. He was sure the suit would be hard to pull over the inner rubber clothes but the lightly powdered suit actually slid easily over the clothes he already had on. He closed it up after pulling the hood on. This was the first time he wore the suit completely since that night with Kaylin so many weeks ago.

The new suit went on easily as well. It was loose fitting and his feet went into the boots perfectly. He pulled the front to his chest and slid his arms into the sleeves and hands into the attached chemical gauntlets. He pulled the gas mask hood/suit hood combination over his head. The gas mask hood had a thick latex neck piece that once the zipper was pulled closed effectively created a neck corset. He had to reach through the shoulder entry opening of the suit to close the gas mask hood zipper. He was then able to pull the heavier HAZMAT suit zipper closed over his shoulders. He took up the lock that he had found in the bottom of the box. A small written note on the locked cardboard box said, “Put this on the outer suit zipper after closing and lock it through the ring at the end of the closed zipper. Be ready to show me the lock when we begin.” He pushed the zipper tongue through the ring and slipped the lock through the zipper runner hole and snapped it shut.

He put the two keys on his computer table in easy reach when it was time to get out of the heavy suit. He was definitely warm inside the three layers of rubber and his breathing whooshed in and out through the gas mask ports. He heard the popping of the gas mask valves and just wondered how anyone could find this sexy. Yes, it was definitely kinky. It was somewhat different and being completely isolated made him feel like a giant condom was protecting him from the world. He even felt a bit like he was in his own cocoon and totally separated from the outside world…alone to contemplate his most inner feelings. He remembered some of the blog entries and could see the more “spiritual” aspects of the rubber journey but sex and love was certainly way down the list, though his cock in that little chamber sure was perking up.

He logged onto Yahoo and made himself available. A sudden thought… what if one of his old friends tries to chat with him. He could never accept a video call in this get up!

The computer phone link began to ring. He could see it was Kaylin and he clicked “accept”. Soon he saw her image… encased in the same suit as he in the webcam view.

“I see you followed the instructions,” Kaylin said.

He figured the chat would last an hour at most. Maybe the thing on his cock would bring arousal and even satisfaction through its mechanical means. The physical need would be done but he doubted the emotional thirst would be quaffed. For that he needed Kaylin in the room rushing to pull off the rubber to reveal her perfect body and to feel her wet skin – slightly scented with the latex – against him.

“Yes. I’m a rubber lover’s delight.”

Jason got up and did a slow turn around to show off the suit.

“The lock is in place too. Perfect,” Kaylin said in response to his short show.

She stood and showed her own suit with lock. She sat in front of the computer and made some key strokes. A security window opened on Jason’s screen indicating that an unknown program was trying to access his system. It gave him an allow-or-reject option.

“Is that you?” he asked.

Kaylin said, “Yes. You’d better allow or this will be a pretty short call.”

Jason hit allow. The computer began to spin and the drive light flickered as the program accessed his system and set its program to work.

At first he saw no changes to anything.

“Wow, this is so amazing,” he said with levity. “You know how much I love sitting inside rubber suits with my sweat while watching an image of my girl in the same rubber suit.”

“Watch it buster or I’ll shut this off and just enjoy myself.”

“I could get out of this stuff now in time to hit a club too.”

Kaylin’s finger hovered over the keyboard. “One more crack like that and that’s it.”

“Okay. I surrender.”

“That’s better.”

Jason began to feel additional warmth around his private area. Then he started feeling a light massaging pulse from the soft material enclosing his cock. Despite his neutral feeling to rubber he responded. He could see Kaylin thrusting at something as well. She looked like she was in some sort of building rapture.

“Do you have something inside you too?”

“Of course. You read the information on the system, didn’t you?”

“Some of it.”

“Surprise! The system works on both of us simultaneously. We’re linked.”

Now Jason actually felt a true sexual stir. They were linked through the computer programming, the toys around his cock and inside her pussy and the rubber suits. This was a bit more interesting now.

Suddenly the pulses on his cock became more forceful and Kaylin was visibly straining under her suits and masks. The rubber completely hid her sweat but her body and eyes were visibly aroused. She shook and shuddered as muscles tensed and responded to the thing in her. Her eyes were wide with arousal. Jason zoomed in the shot on the eyes that were slightly distorted by face shield and gas mask eye ports. He still saw her emotional response and that excited him more.

He was thrusting inside the thing he was strapped into in order to feel the massaging power and soon the fire of explosive response spread quickly through him. The heat under the suits released a completely new rush of slick sweat. He groaned as he pumped his cum into the thick sheath. He thrust and pulled and pushed heavy rubber fingers into his crotch and groaned as the ecstasy rose to a peak.

Kaylin made one last thrust and stiffened in his picture as she was pushed beyond return and she exploded with a loud scream and heavy grunts of pure lust. He watched her as her cum rolled out of her body. The rubber sealed her lust inside the cocooning world of the suit and she reveled in its containment. The savoring flow of pure sexual lust brought her to a second quick and even more powerful explosion of raw carnal desire.

Jason watched in stunned silence. He had seen this in Kaylin before but seeing this remote display and the obvious urgency of her need was truly shocking to his sensibility. He suddenly found he was pressing against his crotch again and the thing around him responded with programmed intelligence that said desire was building.

Jason surprised himself as he quickly was aroused again and the thing wrapped around his cock brought on another explosion just as Kaylin was experiencing her third cum. She was panting hard now and Jason heard her breathing over the speakers.

His hardly noticed his own hard breathing as he was so concentrated on what he saw in Kaylin. He realized he was panting hard too. He also felt the tight suits pressing against him claustrophobically. He wanted to tear the suits off and feel cool air against his wet skin. He reached for the keys on the table and tried to fumble with the lock at his shoulder.

“Wait! That feeling passes and then the warm touch in rubber is the most exquisite afterglow I’ve ever known.”

“I can’t,” he said as he kept fumbling.

“You will. Don’t worry. Wait.”

He shoved the key into the lock despite her words and turned the key…well, he tried to turn the key…it didn’t turn the tumblers.

“What the hell!?”

“Oops. I think I mixed up the keys.”

“I’ll cut it off!”

“You can’t. It’s hardened steel and you’d need help.”

“I mean the suit, Kaylin.”


Jason stopped his struggle after this emphatic order shouted over the distance from Kaylin.

“But then what?” he asked.

“Just wait. I’ll think of something since I’m in the same predicament.”

Kaylin appeared to be thinking. Jason watched her quietly. She was right about the feeling. That pressing need to escape was replaced with a warm glow from within. He actually wanted to remain in the suits a bit longer to see what might happen. Of course he had no choice at the moment unless he wanted to cut the suit open.

He actually was opposed to that option. This suit must have been very expensive and he did have feelings enough for Kaylin to not want to ruin something she sent from her heart. He realized the suit was a gift of her heart. She truly was exposing him to the depth of her rubber fetish.

“We can mail the keys to each other.”

“What? How can we do that without going outside in these,” Jason waved his hand to encompass the heavy black rubber suit.

“I can come there. I got a car. I could be there tomorrow. I’d just make sure I got gas at places that are self-service and just try to avoid people as best I can. Actually I don’t mind if I’m seen in this outfit that much.”

“Cameras and your license plate on the car. If someone really wondered about your clothing they might call you into the cops. I mean these do kinda stick out in a crowd,” again he gestured at the suit as he said this.

“Yes, it is a bit of a tight fix we’re in here.”

“Key word seems to be tight. By the way I’m getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach again. This thing is really calling to me or will be very soon. I think it’s the novelty of being so trapped inside it with you in the picture.”

“Really? You’re getting stirrings of sex from rubber?”

“Well maybe it’s the total effect from the whole situation. Rubber alone would probably leave me cold, well hot but not aroused.”

“I see. Hold that thought a moment. I’ll be right back.”

Kaylin got up and was out of the picture. What was she doing? He looked at the limited view of the webcam. The apartment looked pretty austere and bare. It seemed there would be something in the view besides the chair Kaylin had just vacated. He heard a door close out of view. Other than that distant bang of the door he heard nothing for minutes. Where did she go?

Where did she go? He heard loud knocking on his door.

Oh, gawd not now! I hope it’s no one I need to see. He ponderously got up and the slippery rubber immediately massaged his body as he slowly thumped to the door. Wow, all I need is the rubber doing its thing on me with each movement. He looked through the peephole into the hall.

He saw himself in the distorted view… no not him… Kaylin!

He fumbled with the door lock as the heavy glove layers conspired to keep him from getting the thing open. He flung the door open and Kaylin ran into his arms. She kicked the door shut with a heavy clunk and two gas mask/faceplate protected heads clunked together as the two forgot the barriers they wore in their desperate attempt to kiss.

Kaylin giggled then began to laugh through the gas mask. Even Jason caught the humor of their futile attempt to kiss. He went straight to the computer deck and retrieved the keys. He held it up as he approached Kaylin and soon had the lock at her back off.

She returned the favor and Kaylin unzipped his suit as he did the same for her. They each struggled with the hoods and gas masks before the things hung clumsily over their chests… his loosely over his broad one, hers in heavy folds between the her rubber-clad breasts.

Now the two embraced and kissed each other through the hoods that were still on their heads. Rubber squeaked, crackled and popped as it rubbed, stretched and slipped over the opposing surfaces.

A rubber-clad kiss is noisy and the sweet aroma of latex intermingled with body musk fills the air. It is an event of complex and multiple sensations to be savored, explored and remembered. Kaylin understood that while Jason was still learning.

“Good gosh! Where did you come from?” Jason exclaimed as they disengaged.

“I love you too, Jason.”

“That too, but how did you get here?”

“I drove, like I said. Remember Maria?


“She has an apartment two floors up. I persuaded her to spend the weekend with friends so I could borrow her place.”

This tidbit of news sunk in and Jason’s eyes went wide. “You came down two floors in that?”

“Nice romantic thought. Of course I did silly.”

With that the two stumbled to the couch and fell on it in a jumble of loose black rubber while rubber-clad hands fondled and pawed at each other hungrily. The lips kissed hard again and tongues explored as rubber squealed with each movement.

Jason was rock-hard under the layers of the suits and wanted to rip them off to plant his throbbing member inside Kaylin’s hot warmth. He started to undo her suit in anticipation of completing his desire. She allowed him to proceed and went after the zip on his suit as well.

The only problem was the other things that they wore would stop them until they were completely naked. And Kaylin didn’t seem ready to wait for naked. As their suits fell to their ankles, she pulled him to her and ravaged him with kisses. She pulled at the seam of his leggings and shirt waist to allow the dildo to release and quickly opened the crotch zip of her inner suit and pulled the toy from her sweet flower and sank right onto the thick rubber shaft.

Jason could feel her through the rubber but this just wasn’t what he planned. He began to wilt as he realized his vision of this was not following his plan, but then that thing around him came to life and its vibrating pulses worked on both his shaft and her private inner recesses and she was screaming in raw lust as her passion exploded through her entire body. Jason couldn’t help but follow the lead and he was soon pumping into the heavy sheath covering him. Kaylin pawed at his rubberized chest and kissed him hard as her exploding fire carried on in waves of carnal thirst quenched by incredible release inside the two sweating bodies. Kaylin collapsed on Jason and her hard panting slowly leveled to soft regular breaths as she fell asleep from exhaustion.

That heavy feeling pressing of suffocating rubber enveloped Jason, passed from him and he was able to fall into light sleep with his rubberized lover still entangled in his legs and arms. But his satisfaction was still incomplete. The rubber served to add to his desire but it wasn’t the final end. He still wanted to feel the touch of his lover’s living body surrounding his being.

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