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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 2: Journeys

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2012 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; solo-mf; latex; catsuit; clothing; public; outdoors; toys; mast; climax; rom; reluct/cons; X

I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material. - Story continues from Ch1 Searching: Part Two

Chapter 2: Journeys

Part 1

Jason took his suit home the next morning. Actually he put it in his car. He drove to work for the first time in months since he had to go straight to work from Kaylin’s place. Kaylin sat in the seat next to him as they traversed the back roads to the Canyon Park business complex.

Kaylin was given one week administrative time to clear her affairs locally and fly to Denver for orientation and initial hazardous materials handling certification. She was suddenly on a fast track of the company and found the new-found celebrity status rewarding and terrifying. Her hand reached for her breasts many times during the day finding the reassuring feel of the rubber against her skin.

One certainty, her new job gave her plenty of opportunity to wear all sorts of rubber, PVC and other protective clothing. The stuff wouldn’t be particularly sexy but to her it was a dream-come-true. She even wondered if the facilities at Denver were private enough to allow her to slip a cat-suit under her street clothes and then wear it under her outer personal protective equipment. This was wishful dreaming to say the least.

She met Jason for lunch at the Thai Rama. The company cafeteria just didn’t seem right. The down-side to Thai Rama was she had to go gloveless, but the high sweater and jeans covered all ilk of sin.

Jason saw the sweat on her brow. “You should be more discrete, Hon. You have a reputation to protect now that you’re going off to the big time.”

“I’m a little warm is all.”

“I’m sure that the suit under that sweater has nothing to do with the heat.”

“Suit?” Kaylin replied coyly.

“Come on Kaylin. I know you slipped the cat-suit back on under your clothes. I know you too well, even after only three weeks of seeing each other romantically.”

“I wasn’t aware our relationship was romantic. I thought it was pure lust.” Kaylin smiled slightly.

“Damn, I don’t know when you’re serious,” Jason fumed.

“My point exactly. You know just enough about my behavior and quirks to be dangerous and since I’m moving to Denver, I fear the relationship will not progress forward at the lightning pace we anticipated. You’ll be here and I there.”

Jason chewed his Pad Thai and looked in the plate. She was right. The latex thing was way too recent and too bizarre for him to grasp. He hoped time would bring clarity in his mind to the meaning of the discovery.

On balance he’d figured out the key point. Kaylin was the same person after his discovery as before. The issue was could he fit into her world? Last night did little to answer that since the love making had been a mixed session of latex and “normal” love making. He succeeded in satisfying Kaylin both times and she seemed to enjoy both the latex and the “vanilla” sex equally but a doubt in his mind told him the latex sex was better for her. That truth would probably be the fatal flaw of any relationship for Kaylin (or at least that was his thinking) since he had not really enjoyed the clammy rubber skin all that much even though the results with Kaylin were spectacular. He tried to picture himself putting the suit on just for his kinks and just didn’t see it.

Lunch ended. Kaylin picked up the check – another problem in Jason’s mind.

“My treat to celebrate my good fortune and our discoveries last night.”

“Thanks,” smiled Jason.

“I’m taking the bus home tonight. You going to drop by later?”

“I think I‘ll pass tonight. Two hectic mornings in a row are just too much.”

“I know what you mean. A night off to rest and do a little situation assessment.”

“You’re so clinical at times, Kaylin.”

“All part of the test, analyze and assess the results part of me.” She waved to Jason as she headed out the door.

* * * *

Jason rubbed his eyes from the strain of several hours studying latex fetish on the Internet. He’d looked casually at some of the sites before but this time he was looking hard for sites relating to the psychology of latex fetish. The porn sites held no interest for this search. There were few sites with discussion that he could relate as realistic.

He studied three blog and forum sites he found and reluctantly joined to be able to delve into the deeper recesses of the sites. The suit hung before him as he surfed and read the pages that downloaded. He’d look at the suit occasionally and nod as he saw glimpses of some of the feeling he felt when the thing was on his body being related in the words of the blog writers.

Was it the suit and the rubber or was it the hot sex with Kaylin that stirred the feelings? Or was the suit some sort of amplifier of the sex they had? Or was it Kaylin and her love for latex translating into the fantastic night they had both in latex and out? He had too many questions and no real answers.

Jason found himself drawn to the suit as he read deeper into the various descriptions from people who swore rubber clothing was the greatest discovery of their entire life. He looked at it hanging there with the light glinting off the tops of the folds or forming shadows in the creases between. The air from his central heating system blew lightly and caused the thing to swing a little in the mechanically generated breeze. The shadows and glints shifted as though the rubber was a living entity.

These were surprising thoughts and Jason tried to push them out of his mind but still they slipped around the corners and found a way into his reflections. He walked to the suit and put his hand on the rubber and moved it along the material. The rubber was so smooth and cool to his touch. He hefted the suit and felt the weight of the latex. He was surprised when he put the thing on by its weight, though the weight seemed to melt away as the rubber enveloped his body leaving only that stretching pull when he moved inside the suit. He remembered how the cold clamminess melted into the heat of his body as well until the suit seemed to be part of him. Now it had that cool clamminess about it as he stroked it.

He found himself reading another entry in the blog as another devoted rubberist described the transforming latex covering his body. Jason took the suit from the hanger and removed his clothes with almost automatic movements. He seemed to be on autopilot as he stripped naked and slipped his feet into the inky maw of the leg openings of the suit. He felt the slippery touch of the powder Kaylin had applied after the cleaning was done ease the donning of the suit.

He pulled it up past his waist and sat again at the computer to continue reading the blog entries, the heavy rubber body hanging like a curtain around his thighs, the arms gloved dangling to the floor and the hood between his knees. He read another entry.

He began to note that the vast majority of entries were men. In fact, the reality that women rubberists were quite rare hit him quite early in his research. This fact made Kaylin even more a puzzle. Since she was his first rubberist encounter he just assumed that this fetish was one that was shared pretty much equally when taking in the factor that fetish in general is identified as a primarily a male trait.

He went to his kitchen and poured a glass of Kiona Late Harvest Riesling. The slightly sweet wine seemed to fit his mood and his research. He slowly sipped the nectar as he read through more entries. His mind wandered to Kaylin and her unusual station as a woman rubberist.

The sweet wine warmed him inside and his thoughts wandered to Kaylin, probably dressed in rubber, sitting at home enjoying herself, probably pleasuring herself with her massager. This thought peaked interest under the suit in his groin. He felt his cock stirring under the rubber but he also knew it was thoughts of Kaylin and not necessarily the rubber bringing on the feelings. He sipped the wine and read more entries.

Several hours passed and he finished three glasses of wine. He finally shut down the computer and went to bed, sprawling tiredly on the bed with the suit still half on.

Kaylin was pleasuring herself just as Jason imagined. She was enjoying a third cum inside her rubber encasement and drifted into sleep. She knew tomorrow would be another new day of moving preparations. Her apartment was pretty much packed and the company hired moving company was due early. She set her alarm to make sure she had plenty of time to clean and put the latex away in her traveling suitcase.

* * * *

Jason woke and looked down at his black skin covering his lower body. He felt his cock stir as he thought of Kaylin. He kept thinking, the stir is for Kaylin not rubber.

Jason showered and put the rubber suit away. He completed his morning routines and found himself waiting for the bus. It came; he got on; and no Kaylin. He remembered that she’d said today was packing and moving day. Oh, well no Kaylin for lunch today. He felt suddenly afraid that he missed his chance to tell her his feelings for her again. He wanted to tell her without the rubber influence so she understood.

Kaylin watched the movers quickly pack everything away in boxes before hauling it out to the truck. They were so efficient. She didn’t realize they would be done well before noon until she clanked at her watch when they were almost done. She had time to go to the office and see Jason at lunch.

She called his cell and left a message to meet her in the lobby about noon for lunch.

The apartment looked so bare after the movers left. She had a roll-up futon and her three suitcases in the front room. She had nothing else in the place as her entire life was now in transit to Denver. She didn’t even have a car to jump in and drive out to the Everett waterfront park to look out over the Sound. Denver had mountains – high mountains – but Everett had mountains and the Sound. She wasn’t sure the two were comparable.

She pulled on a latex halter and Bermuda shorts to keep her rubbery under her street clothes and went to the bus stop to catch the next bus to Canyon Park.

Jason listened to the message and he knew he had a final chance to reveal his feelings for Kaylin. He tidied his lab station and headed for the door. He didn’t peel the latex gloves off as he went out in his haste. He was at the building entrance in time to see Kaylin hurrying up the sidewalk.

He ran out waving and grabbed her close for a hug and kiss. He framed her face in his hands and pulled her mouth to his. He felt her foundations under the blouse and knew she was wearing. He didn’t care for this was Kaylin and he loved her.

“My, you surprised me,” she said as she fingered his gloved hands.

“I forgot to pull them off,” he laughed. Was it a slip or was he unwittingly taking a fork and going down a new road?

“I’m sure you did this just for me. You wearing them to lunch?”

He pulled them off and stuffed them in his pocket, “Guess I better not.”

“Don’t take them off on my account.”

“I felt your rubber under and you have that glow too. You just can’t hide it, Kaylin.”

“Here, a little extra gift for you.” Kaylin passed him a small bag she was carrying. “Go put them on, I’ll wait.”

Jason looked inside and saw shiny black folds.

“I pass,” he said.

“Still the same Jason,” Kaylin frowned.

“Okay…be right back.”

“Don’t put them on for my account. You better want to do this.”

Suddenly Jason realized that maybe he DID want to do it.

“I want to,” he said as he went back inside.

In the disabled bathroom, Jason found combination wrestler’s suit/leggings without the cock and ball attachment and a short sleeve tee shirt. Several minutes later he was back. His face slightly flushed from the effort of pulling the latex shirt and tights over his body.

“You all right?” asked Kaylin.

“I should have looked before I leapt! I didn’t expect another pair of legging with feet and a tee shirt. And that suit makes it really hard to do my business since I have to take my shirt off to get the straps off my shoulders to drop the upper part.”

Kaylin ignored the reference to doing personal business. “You’re completely covered from the neck down. How does it feel?”

“I’ve felt better. I have to be honest. This rubber thing is still too new for me to understand.”

“This is a test. I smell a whiff of the sweet, earthy odor as we stand. But I’m the only other person who will notice the odor and guess its origin unless there is another latex lover around.”

“From my readings I doubt there will be more than one in the room.”


“Well the verdict is still out for me.”

“You put the gloves back on.”

“With everything else in rubber it only seemed fitting.”

“And you’re not a rubberist? I mean the customers WILL see those gloves.”

“Yeah, guess I’d better take them off.” Jason started to pull off the gloves.

“Wait.” Kaylin handed him a pair of black opera gloves. “These look more like leather AND they will cover your arms to the sleeves of the shirt. It’s cold outside. Go back into the changing room and put them on,” she pulled on a pair as well as she was talking.

“The ‘leather-look’ is pretty wishful thinking, dear,” said when he returned.

“Who cares?”

“You’re trying really hard to convert me on your last day here, aren’t you?”

“I just ask that you keep an open mind in the coming months.”

“You mean while you’re way out there in Denver and I’m stuck here in Bothell, you want me to work on my rubber fetish?”

“I’ll send you guidance by e-mail. They’ll be ‘letters from Kaylin’ so to speak providing you with inspiration as your journey into latex grows.”

Jason remained a little skeptical. He envisioned such correspondence would be seldom and eventually die out as their lives spun into their separate circles. For all he knew Kaylin would find another man with rubber interests developed and her thoughts of poor Jason in Bothell would be a thing of the past.

“Sure,” he said. “I like that idea.”

Lunch came and went. Jason hardly touched his food as his rubbery condition succeeded in cutting his appetite to nil.

“I’ll have to remember the ‘rubber diet’ in the future if I start putting on weight,” he joked as they left the deli.

No one had really noticed the gloves as they ate though the hostess collecting their money seemed to hold her touch to Jason’s fingers a little long as she took his card. No one really figured out the odor of the warm rubber against skin that lightly filled their space. Jason’s world didn’t end because he was sealed in rubber.

“I’d better get back to work. I need time to get out of these clothes.”

Kaylin took his hand. She pulled him against her and kissed him hard. She whispered, “If you love me, wear them the rest of the day. Only pull them down enough to do your personal business but always pull them back in place. Do this to seal your love for me.”

Jason was suddenly weak in his knees and heard a voice from another person say, “I will do it.”

Their hands held as long as possible as Kaylin walked away leaving Jason standing at the entrance to the lab building.

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