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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 1: Searching Part 2

by RbrBill

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I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material. - Story continues from Ch 1: Searching Part One

Chapter 1 - Searching

Part 2

The next morning Kaylin was on the bus she usually took. Her evening had consisted of a quick finger-fuck in her suit, clean up and sleep by midnight. She woke refreshed and ready for the day.

Jason got on and sat across the aisle from Kaylin as usual.

“I enjoyed last night,” he said

“Me too.”

“That suit you had on. That was the perfume wasn’t it.”


“Does the suit do something to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’ve heard some people get a sexual charge from clothes like that.”

“You mean looking at someone in the suit or do you mean the “someone” wearing the suit?”

“Both,” said Jason frankly.

“That’s my secret.”

“Are we on for Saturday?”

“If you mean Karaoke and a movie at my apartment after,” Kaylin said.

“Sure, that sounds fun,” replied Jason.

Jason was really itching to find out the answer to the “someone/my secret” response from Kaylin but knew that was a discussion for another time… and probably not until Friday at the earliest. He knew he was stimulated when he saw Kaylin wrapped in the tight black latex. He was sure most of the rest of the guys in the room were too. But was Kaylin even more aroused? It looked like it when he studied her eyes. And if that was the case, why? He understood the visual eroticism of tight clothes and the revealing nature but the idea of the clothes adding something above that general exposed feeling to the person in them was a new path that he didn’t understand.

Then there was the social stigma associated with erotic leather and latex clothing… a dark side of sado/masochism that was promoted by the way media frequently presented people in such clothing publicly, especially rubber. Kaylin just didn’t seem that sort of girl but then you really never knew what kinks might be in the folds of a mind until you had a chance to explore. Oddly enough Jason felt a little like Indiana Jones but his dig would be the mind of this girl he thought he thought he loved just to see what was revealed and if the discoveries added to his developing feelings or sent him away in disappointment.

He looked at the clean and prim girl in the seat across the aisle then his mind saw her in shiny black. He shivered and again wondered at the depths of eroticism, something he never really considered as a part of his desire until last night, which might be revealed in his discovery. He thought back to his night. He had slept little as the vision of Kaylin on the stage then sitting next to him kept flooding his fevered mind. He had tossed and turned. He had eventually pleasured himself before he finally was able to sleep.

When Jason went into his dressing room he found himself sniffing the rubber gloves before putting them on. He had a new memory to attach to rubber and it was quite powerful. At work, the two of them said little to each other. They were busy with their assignments. Jason found himself looking at his hands frequently. He even rubbed his hands together occasionally to see if he could replicate some sort of feel that he’d noticed in Kaylin last night. Alas, he felt nothing special in his hands. He did slip a couple of pair of gloves into his pocket at the end of the day.

He spoke up on the bus, “Do you want to do something casual tomorrow?”

“Like what.”

“Oh, just pizza or something, nothing more.”

“You can’t wait until Saturday,” Kaylin smiled lightly.

“You see right through me. I admit it.”

That night Jason put the gloves on before going to bed. He slipped on a condom and wanked off again as the vision of Kaylin flooded his mind. This time he felt erotic tingles and shot a load of cum into the sheath. To his surprise, he remained hard enough for the condom to stay in place and he soon was letting his rubberized fingers circle and massage the slippery lubricant of the sheath until a second wave of passion surged forth before falling into a deep sleep, the condom and gloves still in place.

That morning he woke with a bit of guilt in his mind. He looked at the gloves now damp inside from sweat and the drooping condom that had leaked some of its contents out. The arousal had been real but what was the source? None of his thoughts were of him peeling the rubber suit from Kaylin to reveal her soft pale skin beneath though he was so hoping to do that on Saturday. His thoughts were on the rubber-sealed Kaylin pleasuring him. Was he beginning to slide down the road of fetish? This disturbed him as this new sexual feeling was nothing he had experienced. All of his experience put this new desire into the kinky side of sex that was typically on the dark side. He saw Amazon women and leather-clad gay guys as the only types that were into kink. The media didn’t show particularly good role models for sexual deviation, even minor deviation, from the basic act. Then the basic moral upbringing that portrayed such oddity as wrong didn’t help. Yet the very act of masturbating with the rubber gloves had been exciting.

He then visualized Kaylin’s compact body molded inside the tight rubber encasement of that suit and he stirred again but with a desire to unwrap the package and fulfill their mutual destiny to be one together in love. It was confusing to say the least.

Kaylin’s evening was nothing as thrilling as Jason’s. She went to bed early and planned her moves for the pizza night. She decided that pizza night would be just that after having mulled over several scenarios in her mind. Thursday night would just be some chat and pizza. Saturday night was going to be the main event.

The Thursday morning bus ride found Kaylin watching the trees pass by while Jason seemed self-absorbed. Finally Kaylin started watching Jason as he seemed to be in deep thought.

“You’re very quiet this morning,” she said.

“Just thinking about last night,” he said.

“And what was that about?”

“Some of it was me thinking about you.”

“Good and pure thoughts I’m sure.”

“Good thoughts but some weren’t so pure,” he chuckled lightly.

“I see. Well that is ok as long as they were me in them I suppose.”

“Undoubtedly,” he quickly replied.

The two got off the bus and went into the respective dressing rooms for work. Surprisingly both emerged at almost the same time. Jason put a gloved hand on Kaylin’s shoulder and stopped her a moment.

“Lunch?” He asked.

Kaylin stroked his cheek with her gloved hand, “Sure. See you then.”

He put his hand to the spot she touched trying to rekindle that moment as she ran off to her lab room.

That evening Kaylin was ready for pizza. Jason got her at 6:00 and they went to Sparta’s, a local pizza and pasta place that was known for its sauce and excellent Sicilian pizza. The restaurant was bright and there were a couple of families there. Dinner was a medium half vegetarian/half meaty pizza after a dinner salad with Romano cheese dressing. Jason drank a beer while Kaylin had a juice splash. They chatted about work some while munching on food. Latex didn’t enter the discussion. All in all the meal was friendly but not intimate. That was exactly what Kaylin had intended for dinner.

After paying the bill, Jason took Kaylin’s hand and they went to the car. He held the door open for her, the perfect gentleman, and then ran around to his side and slid into the seat.

Kaylin looked at him as he started the car. She kind of wanted to slide close to him too, but the bucket seats prevented that.

“Do you want to go to a movie?” asked Jason. “It’s still early enough to catch a show starting in the “around eight” group.”

“I think I’d rather just go home.”

“Sure, ok.”

He turned north on Mukilteo Speedway and ran up to the Boeing Access Road. They passed the monster Boeing hangar and Paine Field and pressed on past the Interstate where the access road became 19th Avenue. It was a straight shot to the apartment complex on Silver Lake where Kaylin lived.

“Park your car and come in for some coffee,” invited Kaylin.

They went up the flight of stairs to her second floor apartment. Kaylin opened the door and let Jason in first. He saw a very normal looking girl apartment. This surprised him a bit after the show on Tuesday. There were a couple of stuffed animals on the couch. Some nice pictures hung on the walls. There was a side table with family pictures. A flat screen TV sat in a corner. He noticed the collector album for trading cards on the table.

“Do you collect sports cards?” Jason asked. “I love collecting and trading.”

Kaylin smiled, “Those aren’t exactly sports cards.”

Jason opened the album.

“Wow, I can hardly remember these guys!” he said as he paged through the cards of afternoon Japanese superheroes that used to play on practically every local channel after school. “I loved the Power Rangers too.”

“They were favorites of mine,” Kaylin said. “Make yourself comfy; I’ll fix some coffee.”

He leafed through the album and packed up the second one. He figured that none of the cards had any value beyond sentimental memories. Under the second album he saw a thin soft-cover catalog for rubber clothing. So this is where she got the stuff, he thought.

He looked around to make sure Kaylin was busy in the kitchen before leafing through the pages. There were all sorts of things made of rubber. He actually didn’t see the corset in this book… probably ordered that on line. He saw men’s and women’s clothing. There were suits for men, briefs with sheaths and other attachments, face covering hoods (that was kinky), gloves, heavier bondage stuff, rain gear, socks, gloves, leggings, tee shirts… the choices were as varied as any Sears catalog selection… more so when adding in the bondage stuff.

He heard cups tinkling and quickly put the catalog under the second album as Kaylin came out of the kitchen area.

“You find more than you expected?” she asked coyly.


“Come on, I know what is on my own table. You picked up the second card album and found the latex catalog. There’s nothing to be ashamed… or did you get that little twist of your stomach when you found it.”

Jason looked down.

“That’s it isn’t it!” she exclaimed. “No shame in feeling something when you see something new and adventurous.”

“OK. I was looking at it but I sure didn’t see something I wanted.”

“Are you really sure about that? Maybe we can page through it together and you can point out the items that peaked curiosity above the normal level… not that you’d really want the clothes,” she added quickly.

“This will make a pretty boring evening,” Jason said. He still wasn’t sure about the rubber thing.

“I’ll raise the stakes. Be back in a minute or two.” Kaylin pushed “play” on the DVD and changed the TV channel to video input. “Take a trip back to the 1960s.”

Fantastic Voyage began to play on the screen.

The movie was quite a show for the mid-sixties. Jason watched as the victim was plowed at an intersection by someone obviously intent on killing him with an “accident.” But the guy didn’t die. He had a really traumatic head injury. The guy was also the scientist behind some super-secret government project to miniaturize living matter or just about anything except nuclear material. The catch was the miniaturization only lasted an hour.

The details got lost to Jason and he had a grand laugh when the victim’s body was surrounded by little red HO scale radar scanners. Mickey Mouse Radar, he thought.

Then the team that would go into the guy’s head and relieve the pressure on the brain came trooping out in their uniforms for the trip. The white cotton jumpsuits (obviously sterile) were open at the collar and Jason caught the hint of high white rubber collars under the things. White wetsuits?

Anyway they went through a major process to miniaturize everything down to something small enough to inject into the bloodstream. No one explained what happened when the thousands of gallons of water the sub was dropped into began to expand. Surely the victim would explode or maybe they would just cath him and he would pee for a month!

The movie was pretty hokey and starred lots of people that he saw on TV Land these days. The only draw was Rachel. Her boobs were scantily hidden beneath the slightly open wetsuit under the loose cotton. Oh the imagination could run wild with this one.

It wasn’t long before adventure on adventure as they traversed the human body played out. Rachel and team got to strip out of their cotton smocks regularly and swim into the victim’s veins. She filled the white rubber suit admirably.

Sometime during the second half hour Kaylin put rubbery hands over Jason’s eyes. He turned to find her clad in the rubber suit from Tuesday and she dropped into the couch next to him. She quickly put a leg between his crotch and rested the rubbery skin against his zipper. That brought an immediate response! He lost total interest in the movie that was pretty close to losing it anyway. He caught glimpses of the team in or out of the submarine and finally reaching the brain where the Donald Pleasence (Jason remembered him from the Great Escape) character turned out to be a bad guy planted to screw up the surgery. Time ran out and there was an exit through the eye or something like that while poor Donald met his end to white blood cells… all of this was really quite fuzzy as another part of Jason’s anatomy was taking complete control of his senses.

Kaylin rubbed her leg against him lightly and she soon put her hand near his thing and began to tease it. All the while the movie played out with predictable expectation. They went through a small flaw into the arterial system and had to go through the stilled heart. They wound up in the inner ear and Rachel got attacked by antibodies. They formed a supposedly perfect seal around her body and kept her from breathing much like a constrictor would suffocate a victim. There was a rush to get the thing off her chest which proved fairly easy once they hit air and turned into brittle crystals. Ah those white mounds were magnificent as they were uncovered.

All the while, Kaylin was teasing the hell out of him and the raging hard-on that resulted was quite painful. Jason tried to adjust the thing inside his pants and found Kaylin tugging the fly down and letting him out. She wrapped her gloved finger around the base of his swollen cock and slowly raked the vein-swollen member between thumb and forefinger. He shivered with desire as she slowly continued the massage and Rachel forgotten he starred at her tight corseted body as he fired off a huge load of cum all over his pants.

“Oops,” Kaylin said with a smile.

Now Jason wanted to unwrap Kaylin and take her soft body in his arm. As he reached for the buckles of the corset, Kaylin pulled back and put up her arm defensively.

“Not yet, Jason,” she said.

Jason was confused and a little disappointed at the rebuff of giving this exotic girl the pleasure she’d just given him.

“Better take off the jeans and your brief. I’ll wash them for you,” she said. She tossed him a pair of rubber shorts to wear. “I picked those up for emergencies when I got the suit.”

The movie ended and his clothes dry he waited for what was next.

“It’s late and we have work tomorrow. You’d better get on home. Hope you had as much fun as I did tonight.”

Jason found Kaylin herding him to the door with not much more than a by-your-leave. So much for budding romance but gawd what an evening! He still had the rubber shorts on under his jeans.

Kaylin went into her bedroom and took up the massage wand she used on sore muscles. So much for sore muscles tonight. She plugged the thing in and slowly moved it along her legs, her arms, her breasts and finally her rubber-clad pussy. She fingered her nipples above the enclosing corset. She was soon slick inside the suit and she moved easily against the tight rubbery skin until she exploded in a huge orgasmic release that spread quickly beyond her flower to envelope her entire body from the top of her head to the tip of her fingers and toes. Her loud moans and heavy panting were true signs of her total and complete ecstasy within the rubbery confines of the suit. She slowly eased down from the pinnacle of desire and curled up on the bed, still dressed in the suit.

* * *

Saturday night is Ladies Night, oh what a night…

The China Doll was PACKED! Word spread quickly about the Lady Gaga-like performance in honor of Madonna on Tuesday night. The place was loaded and there was a powder keg atmosphere. Beer was flowing freely among the working-class types from Boeing and the Everett port. There was a smattering of short-haired clean cut military types from the Naval Station. They were obvious despite civilian clothes. The buzz was all about the sexy Asian girl in rubber. Everett had never seen anything like it. There were also a few girls in the audience. Some of the girls were with men; a couple of them were together.

The China Doll manager had the police on speed-dial and had warned the EPD that things might be a bit jumpy at his place. He’d already written out the $500 prize check to “Kaylin Franklin”. It was pointless to wait. The game was surely rigged since she had the tight rubber suit and a very good voice to boot.

The other three weekly winners went through their paces with little audience support. Polite applause greeted the last chords of each song. Then Kaylin stepped up into the pool of light. Like Tuesday she wore jeans over the suit but the latex top was fully visible. Raucous howls filled the small room. The girl couples stood and applauded loudly. Two of them kissed each other passionately as their arousal bubbled to the surface upon seeing the rubberized vixen. Jason sat quietly as he could only observe the rowdy crowd. “Express Yourself” belted out from the petite girls lips as she moved sensually to the beat of the music. She pointed to various parts of the audience and everyone was included in her performance. As her performance ended the entire place erupted in ovation again. Kaylin slipped off the stage to sit next to Jason. The spotlight followed her to the seat and the crowd wouldn’t sit until Kaylin stood again and waved to the crowd.

Despite the raucous crowd during the performance things were fairly tame after. Pete, the manager, took the audience poll of performances. Kaylin won by a landslide. He presented the $500 check to Kaylin and the night went on. A couple of the guys tried to move in on Jason but he, with Kaylin’s support, firmly let it be known that Kaylin was his girl.

Jason and Kaylin left the China Doll about 11:30. Pete escorted them from the restaurant just in case but the Everett clientele was not going to be any trouble. The ride to Kaylin’s place was quiet.

“Do you want to come in a while?” Kaylin asked.

“Sure,” Jason said getting out of the car and running around to her side.

He held her gloved hand as she climbed out of the car and together they went up the walk to the building. Kaylin let Jason in.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll fix some coffee.”

Jason sat at the couch. He couldn’t help picking up the rubber catalog and thumbing through its pages. He was wearing the shorts Kaylin gave him on Thursday but he hadn’t told her yet. He studied some of the items closely. Most of the clothes were straightforward but there were a few items that he had a very hard time understanding the appeal. The brief with the huge dildo in its rear was one of the items he wasn’t so sure about whether for the female or the male.

“People really put that up their ass?” Jason said pointing to the picture when Kaylin came in with coffee.

She giggled a little. “I guess so. I wouldn’t do it nor ask my partner to do it either.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

She settled into the couch next to him. The heat of her body went right through the latex and her rubbery odor was quite noticeable. She flipped through a couple of pages and pointed to the suit.

“What do you think of that one?” she asked. She had picked a full male suit with attached feet and gloves.


“Interesting? That’s all?”

She snuggled her rubbery body to him and began to play with his ear. He gasped as she reached under his shirt and squeezed a nipple between her rubbery fingers. She noticed that his cock seemed to be subdued (maybe restrained).

“You’ve got the shorts on don’t you!” she exclaimed.

“It’s that easy to tell?”

“Of course. The rubber locks your cock inside and your hard-on doesn’t show.” She put her hand under his jeans. “But I sure can feel the tension under the rubber!”

“Guilty as charged,” he gasped as her fingers found the rigid rod safely concealed behind the thick rubber. She began to rake her fingers along the ridge of rubber covering his tool. Jason was soon gasping as he neared orgasm. He reached for her corset and began to undo the buckles. Kaylin suddenly pulled away from his advance but she didn’t stop the massage of his cock and he exploded despite his confused mind.

“I don’t get you,” he said. “You wank me with a vengeance but don’t allow me to fulfill the love I feel for you. I want to be inside you, feeling your hot insides squeezing me with joy, not your hot rubbery hand job.”

“I’m not ready for that commitment yet, Jason.”

“My gosh, you’ve given two stunning hand jobs in three days! I just don’t get it,” Jason said as he got up from the couch and paced the room.

She pulled herself into a tight protective ball of rubberized armor and openly wept. “I’m just not ready, Jason. That’s all there is to it.”

“I sure don’t get you.”

“You can leave if you like. Your jeans aren’t messed,” she managed a little smile. “Or you can stay and maybe we can talk things over.”

Jason looked at Kaylin’s curled up form. “I’d better go.”

The door closed behind him and she openly wept. How could she get past her stigma for intimate touch and fulfill the basic need of life? Why was she so stigmatized by the thought of raw sex… something she saw as dirty. This dilemma was something to try to get past or she would have no lasting relationship.

She finished ordering a suit for Jason despite the scene and went to bed to enjoy her massage wand. This time she pulled the hood on and felt completely safe and secure in her rubber world. Strangely the hood felt good this time.

* * *

Monday on the bus Kaylin asked Jason to come over to her place after work. He was a bit surprised and reluctant to accept. Kaylin persisted with her invitation and he finally said “yes.” The day went pretty routinely.

Jason arrived at Kaylin’s, flowers in hand and his rubber shorts in place. Kaylin came to the door dressed in normal clothes, at least outside. She pulled him into the apartment and laid a passionate open-mouth kiss on him. She pawed at his shirt. She had on her gloves so he assumed the suit was under her clothes. She pushed him to the couch and aggressively pulled at his shirt and jeans literally ripping them off. She pulled a pair of rubber surgical gloves on his hands and opened her top to allow him access to the treasures beneath.

She wore a rubber halter beneath the suit but he easily worked his gloved hands under the layer and felt her fine breasts for the first time, even if through the thin latex of the surgical gloves. He felt her heat and saw her swelling breasts as her rapid breathing defined her arousal. He looked into her eyes and saw raw animal lust staring back. It was almost frightening.

She pulled at his pants and then the shorts. She rolled a condom onto his rigid cock after it sprung free and deep throated him as he continued to paw at her head. He swooned with new feelings and his knees gave as he shot a load into the condom. She sprang to her feet and ground her rubberized hips against him and she shuddered with orgasmic release as he held her against his hot body and his fingers explored her petite breasts beneath the rubber halter.

She threw herself into his lap and snuggled against him, playing lightly with his chest hairs as she slowly climbed down from the peak. He pecked at her head lightly with his mouth then found her mouth and gave her a deep full kiss.

“I liked that,” she said.

“I did too,” he said while knowing it still was missing completeness. Still this was better than the previous times they had been together. This time there was an approach to intimacy. Jason played with her ear now as they fell into light sleep.

Later he eased from under the sleeping Kaylin and let himself out of her apartment. He was thinking this relationship could work and he wanted it so much as he started the car and went to his place.

His mind was a whir of thoughts as he grappled with Kaylin’s odd fetish and his building desire to be with her the rest of his life. He tossed and turned as sleep deserted him. He finally pulled the rubber shorts and gloves on and found relief with his gloved hand rubbing his rigid member until it released his tension. All the while visions of Kaylin swam before him and he finally fell asleep.

Tuesday was a big day at work. It didn’t start out that way but the events that were about to unfold shake the very foundation of the company order. Kaylin wore her latex halter under her street clothes. Even the changing room atmosphere seemed tense.

“Big wigs are visiting from Denver,” was the quiet rumor running through the room.

“Why would they come out here to Bothell?” asked Kaylin to Cheryl, her station-mate.

“I heard they aren’t happy with some of the sample reviews and results. They’ve come out here to see what is going on.”

“Really?” Kaylin questioned.

“Maybe the taskmaster will be fired,” Cheryl said wistfully.

“We’ll see,” Kaylin replied.

Stripped to tee shirt and shorts, Kaylin pulled on the clean garb and her gloves. She added the mandatory head cover and was out to the work station.

“The black bra shows under your tee shirt, Kaylin,” commented Cheryl. “The sticks here might not appreciate even a hint of sexual display.”

“Yeah, I was out of white ones this morning.”

Kaylin was sure her work was top notch. She was confident that even without the supervisory review, it would be considered outstanding. She busied herself with specimens and began to check cell counts and cell health. She annotated the check sheet accordingly and added her usual pithy notes to explain the probable results. She saved a copy to her private files before forwarding the report up the line. She hit the send key and went on to her next specimen.

Jason was working across the room and occasionally glanced at Kaylin with a smile. Twice he caught her eye and she smiled back. She fired off an e-mail, “Meet me in the store room at break.”

The third specimen was bad. She studied it closely and knew this antibiotic formula didn’t work. She checked the specimen number and noted it down. She usually didn’t try to match the numbers with the research product but this one was so bad she decided to check it. The stuff actually mutated the bacterium it was supposed to beat and the obvious result was a new strain of a super bug. This was really bad. This was stuff that should be isolated. She realized that their scant clean uniforms were probably okay but probably wasn’t good enough.

She made some quick notes and sealed the stuff in its dish. She ran to the changing room and peeled her gloves off after washing in disinfectant and put them in a sealed bag. She grabbed another pair of gloves and headed back to work.

“Miss Franklin, where did you go?” asked Natalia, the infamous taskmaster.

“I had to change my gloves and sanitize. Look at this report, Ma’am.”

Natalia read the terse report on antibiotic specimen 02-2011-54C. The “C” meant at least three similar samples were in the room, maybe more.

“You think this merits a lock down? “

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You little tarty bitch with your high minded education. I know all about your Everett Karaoke scene and I am appalled the company allows little sluts like you work here.”

Now Kaylin was steaming. Her personal life had nothing to do the quality of her assessments and her knowledge of her trade.

“We need to do something about this stuff before someone catches something.”

“Get back to your work. I’ll take care of it.” Natalia walked off toward the door.

Shaken, Kaylin went back to the next specimen. Shortly after a group of suits was standing at the door. Natalia was there and pointing toward Kaylin. The suits wore doctor smocks over their suits and a mask but nothing more. They came over to Kaylin.

“Ms. Adams informed us that you saw something today and rather than reporting it you falsified results that could have resulted in horrible consequences. Please back away from your work station now.”

“But I reported the problem,” Kaylin protested.

“Not according to Ms. Adams,” replied the suit. “We can handle this quietly. Please tender your resignation now.”

“Sir, I have my copy of the file in my documents section of the computer. I also forwarded a copy to the plant safety officer because I thought the situation that serious.”

“Is that true, Ben?” the suit looked at another suit.

“Uh, well, I don’t know. I didn’t check my e-mail before coming here.”

“Go do it now! Report back at once.”

“Meantime, let’s have a look at your supposed report young lady. Tell Mr. Anston where the files are and he’ll recover it.”

Kaylin gave the IT guy the file location and he quickly pulled it up. He compared it to the report presented by Adams as the report from Kaylin. The two weren’t even close.

“We’ll wait for the Mr. Hale (Ben) to return and see if we have a match”.

Adams was shaken. She hadn’t counted on duplicates of the report being saved.

Hale returned with a printed copy of the file. They compared it with the electronic copy in Kaylin’s computer… a spot-on match. The head suit turned to Adams, “You have three minutes to leave the premises.”

“But, but…”

“Two minutes, fifty-five seconds or do we bring in security. Someone will box your belongings and ship them to you, COD.”

“Young lady, it looks like we need a new supervisor of this work section. The job is yours if you like.”

A fourth suit who had been in the background through the entire scene stepped forward and said, “I read that report and have glanced through some of your other work in the last few minutes of this little drama. I’d like you to come to Denver.”

Denver… her dream fulfilled!

“Yes, sir. Thank you!’

Kaylin raced to the storeroom. Jason waited patiently.

“What happened? I thought you were a goner.”

“I am.”


“Gone to Denver!” Kaylin wrapped her arms around Jason and planted a kiss hard on his lips as he picked her up off the ground and spun her wildly. He fumbled with gloved hand to open her smock and found her foundation latex halter under.

He rubbed her hard and kissed her again. She hung on to his body and didn’t want to let go. He fumbled for the baggy pants draw string and found her rubberized panties under. He rubbed her pussy through the rubber and held her as she lifted his smock and began to tease him.

Noises in the hall and the door knob turned. “Who locked this damn thing during work hours?”

Quickly the two put their clothes back in order as the door opened. The clerk was a bit surprised, smiled and started to close the door.

“We’re going now. It’s okay,” said Jason.

Kaylin babbled, “You can come to Denver too. I’ll request your transfer.”

“Whoa, not so fast. I mean we’ve been seeing each other all of a week and a half and we do have some issues to sort out.”

“You don’t want me?” Kaylin asked. “And we’ve known each other almost a year.”

“Of course I do,” he replied to the question and added for the record, “Working together and seeing each other aren’t the same.”

“But you’re not sure you want all of me.”

“I guess that’s the issue.”

“Come over for dinner tonight. I’ll fix some salad, a steak or something and have wine. It is a call for celebration after all.”

“For you but I’m going to be here and you’re going to Denver.”

“Every day is a new day and there are always new doors and paths to open or follow.”

“You’re a philosopher,” Jason said.

“Hardly… words my mother lived by.”

They parted on those words until later.

Jason arrived at 7:00. Kaylin let him in and handed him a glass of wine.

“It’s a celebration,” she said quickly.

He noted that her hands were bare, not clad in black rubber.

“I’m cooking. Make yourself at home. There is a movie in the DVD if you’re interested. It’s Japanese and not subtitled but I think you’ll get the general drift of the plot.”

He sat at the table and noticed the catalog was on top. He opened the book and found a tagged page – the leaf turned in – not too subtle. A male cat-suit was circled in ink. It seemed to be a full suit with feet and gloves and there was a zip at the crotch as well as the back. He noticed the accessories circled included an attached penal sheath and saw a picture of the zipped front open to reveal a little pouch with a rubber sheath inside. Was this for him?

Again his mixed feelings rose in conflict as he thought of this suit covering him. The counter balance of it all was the thought of Kaylin feeding that sheath inside her wet and dripping pussy that would obviously be framed by the open zipper of her suit.

She was moving to Denver. Surely this suit would never come to pass. He figured that something like this took at least a month or two to receive and she was leaving inside the week. He sighed at the loss of Kaylin but was secretly relieved that a test of the rubber thing would not happen. His conflict since the revelation that rubber was an important part of her sexual being was very real.

He fired up the movie. Sure enough the titles were in Japanese. The picture of a little girl engrossed in some TV show was on the screen. After several seconds the show was revealed to be one of the Japanese superhero shows. The movie then cut to a grown woman running for the bus. The bus scene cut to a dressing room scene. The girl was at her locker and putting on the protective garb associated with her job. He noticed that her bra strap appeared to be rubber.

Oh, oh, he thought.

The scene played out a routine day at the job, work (making sushi) he thought, lunch and conversation, the introduction of a new man at the job and her bus ride home.

Then it changed quite dramatically as she receives a package from a place called “Rubbers”. The scene goes into her slowly putting on the rubber clothing that looked remarkably like the outfit Kaylin wore. He assumed it was no accident.

Then the girl gets into a deep session of self-pleasuring and achieves rubber induced orgasm with the help of a little vibrating egg as the scene fades to black.

The movie then goes to the next morning and her rush to get to work. It is all complicated by the fact she slept in the suit.

“I see you found the movie,” Kaylin said entering the room.

“Have you done that?” Jason asked.

“The masturbation? Yes, I have,” Kaylin said frankly.

“And your response is like the movie?”

“Very much so. I mean everyone has a different reaction but the actress in this movie portrays the visual response that I have very accurately. Her erotic arousal and response seem to mirror mine. Based on how I respond I have to say she is a very good actress unless she really is a rubberist too.”


“That’s the name people who are fascinated with latex and rubber clothing have given themselves.”

“Ahhhh,” was all Jason could say.

“What’s the name of the movie?”

“Rubbers Ou Onna,” Kaylin replied.

The movie continued to play as they talked and the scenes worked through another day at the sushi plant. It was obvious the new guy was falling for the little rubberist and he didn’t know her secret. Jason had to smile at the parallel.

He shut off the TV off when Kaylin informed him that dinner was served.

“What is that?” asked Jason as he entered the dining area.

“It’s sushi.”

“You are really pouring it on thick aren’t you?”

“I guess,” said Kaylin as she pulled of her top and pulled on the black rubber gloves that matched the suit she was already wearing.

“I should have known.”

“Yes and this is for you. It’s a remembrance gift but you need to open it now.”

Jason took the brown box and held it as though a bomb was inside.

“I’m almost afraid to open it. Let me guess, it’s one of your albums and maybe some photos off you?”

Kaylin giggled.

“It’s a rubber suit?” he asked.

“Open it.”

Jason pulled open the packaging and the plastic bag filled with black living rubber fell out.

“I had them send it next-day delivery. It’s only an off-the-shelf suit and not custom made but it will work fine for now.”

There were four more bags in the box. Jason held one up.

“Those are leggings. The other ones are a long-sleeve tee shirt, gloves and a hood. You put those on before the suit so you have double layers.”

“Put them on or there is no steak for you after the sushi“. She added, “You can take off the shorts if you have them on. Powder helps when putting it on.”

Jason discovered the legging had an attached cock and ball sheath. The shirt was pretty hard to get into since he had to work the sleeves on over sweaty arms. Even the powder didn’t help much. It took some patience, a little agility and plenty of talc to get the inside to slip over his body that was soon sweating from the exertion of tugging the supple but stubborn material over his damp skin. The latex did quickly mold to his form and as the material warmed to skin temperature it actually felt pretty good.

Jason figured out the basics of putting on a latex body suit quickly enough. The suit actually slipped on easily over the first rubber layer. It had attached feet, gloves and hood. He was soon standing neck-to toe in two rubber layers. He hadn’t put on the separate hood.

He smoothed the latex to clear up any odd wrinkles or creases but all in all the thing fit pretty good. He let the bundle of the hood fall on his chest as he pulled the zipper as high as his arms allowed.

“You need to close the zipper for me,” he said.

“Come on out.”

Jason came into the front room and let Kaylin give him a once over.

“Not bad. You forgot the hood,” she scolded. “Come here and turn your back to me so I can close that up. Give me the hood too.”

He faced away from her and she quickly, before he could react, pulled the hood over his head, reached over his shoulder and pulled the hood into place then swiftly finished the zipping of the suit. He reached for the top of the head but she was ready with a small lock and closed it with a snap before he could do anything.

“You locked it closed!” he blurted.

“Hush up or I’ll gag you too.”

“Let’s eat. You can still use that wonderful mouth of yours despite the rubber framing your lips.”

Jason sat at the table. His appetite left him as the rubber covered his body. Now he had that odd flutter of anticipation inside. His stomach cramped slightly, that little cramp of adrenalin rushing into his system. It was a sort of fly or fight (or maybe sexual lust heaven forbid) feeling instinct wired into humans from the beginning of time. He just knew that food was not on his mind.

Kaylin was very much on his mind as she sat across from him in her rubber suit and delicately picked at her sushi with surprising ease considering the chop sticks were between rubbery fingers. He picked at his food. He put a small bite into his mouth and chewed. The rubber didn’t form some sort of invisible shield across his lips.

“I thought you were hungry, Jason,” Kaylin said between bits.

“I lost my appetite for food about ten minutes ago.”

“Maybe later. Is there appetite for something else under that latex?”

“Could be.”

Kaylin pushed up from the table and pulled Jason to her room. She pushed him on the bed and then wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her lips to his rubber-framed lips.

Between gasps and breaths and tongue play she groaned, “Oh you taste so good. I taste the rubber mingled with your mouth, ahhhhhhhh.”

She pulled at his front zip and let his sheathed cock out of the front pouch. She pulled open her pussy zip and settled onto his rigid member.

He gasped in response to her hot slick pussy surrounding the sheath and he pushed hard against her. The rubber protested with loud squeaks as the two bodies became one and they held each other close as he thrust and she pushed and he pawed at her beasts and she pulled at her corset. She succeeded in releasing the corset straps and zipper as the combined passions rose toward the final release.

She pulled open the zip of her cat-suit and eased it off her shoulders. She wore nothing beneath and Jason held her bare breasts for the first time between his gloved hands. The stark purity of the white skin above the black latex still draped about her waist was incredibly sensual. He pushed against her bare skin as she wrapped her arms tightly and let his thrusting member bring her to total orgasmic bliss.

The latex sheath helped his own performance by slowing his final explosive finale. Kaylin actually rippled with two orgasms as he continued to pleasure her with his forceful penetrations. He finally shot a massive load into the sheath and she fell against him as he made one final push to bury himself as far into her glorious flower as possible.

As one body they fell sideway onto the bed. Kaylin was sweating profusely and panting from exhausted consummation. Jason was breathing equally hard and sweating heavily under the suit.

Kaylin found the key to the lock and opened his suit. She pulled it from his head and got it down to his waist. The two held each other through the night, the latex suits intermingling around their legs as their naked arms played and caressed the naked flesh of chests and breast.

Sometime in the early hours, Kaylin pulled her suit the rest of the way off and eased Jason’s down to expose his cock. She straddled him as he lay in some sort of hazy in between wakefulness and sleep and she slowly pleasured herself on his cock which obediently grew and stiffened in response to her attention.

Her action woke Jason completely and he took her in his arms and pulled her closer as the two reached the cliff of sublime ecstasy and leaped together into the abyss of total consummation.

Their love was sealed this night.

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