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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 1: Searching

by RbrBill

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I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material.

Chapter 1: Searching

Part 1

Kaylin slowly turned the pages of the book. She looked lovingly at each card on the pages. She had sections devoted to the characters from Power Rangers. Each of the cards depicted a pose of the character in the tight spandex suits that were the mark of their superhero status. Each card was behind a protected sheet of plastic and Kaylin even enjoyed lightly touching the protective film. Under the album of trading cards were numerous action figures, still in the original packaging. These were not as exciting as the cards since the shiny plastic was just that. The clothes were part of the figure and not covering some figurine beneath. Kaylin imagined a doll that she could dress in the tight stretchy costume and sighed.

She put the toys back and worked her way through the album a second time. She loved the shiny yellow and black of the costumes. The red, blue and pink were fine but she really loved the yellow and black. She put everything away with a sigh. It was time to get ready for work. She put herself together in the usual morning ritual. She liked her work in the clean unit of the biochemical research firm. She liked the fact that workers were not expected to wear heavy makeup. She had a natural beauty that shone without the aid of makeup. Many of her friends commented that she was destined for a special future because of the delicate beauty from Asian/American mix. Her Mother often said she could be a famous Geisha in Japan.

She eased into the light blouse and skirt she usually wore to work. She had to change into the clean room uniform at work anyway so what she wore on the bus was of little concern. The bus often had other people from her job riding it. One fellow had begun to take an interest in her recently. Jason Kildare worked in the room with her. He got on the bus at the third stop and came to the back of the bus to sit near Kaylin. She glanced over to him and he greeted her politely.

“Good morning, Kaylin.”

“Good morning, Jason.”

That was usually the extent of their morning chat. Kaylin would bury her face in the morning paper and try to avoid eye contact. She had other thoughts on her mind this day as well… thoughts that she knew no one on the bus would understand. Was today the day?

The twenty minute ride passed and the bus pulled to the curb of the stop near the office complex just off the 405. The Office Park had many empty units because of the recession but the biotech companies were not affected. The seven riders for the stop queued up and patiently waited to disembark. Jason tapped Kaylin on the shoulder, “See you at lunch?”

Kaylin replied, “Yes.”

She averted her eyes shyly.

The dressing room was her “transformation chamber”. She stripped to her underwear, a latex halter and panties, and then pulled on the regulation clean room uniform… baggy trousers with drawstring waist, long sleeve turtleneck shirt with elastic wrists and slippers over her athletic shoes. The cotton lining of the Tyvek suit restricted the protective feel of the suit. She pulled on the surgical latex gloves that completed the uniform. She inhaled the light latex odor and wondered again, “Was today the day”, before walking into the clean room.

The room was full of the chattering workers relating their weekend exploits. Kaylin listened casually and did not join in the discussion. She couldn’t explain that her weekend was spent looking at her albums, as usual, or looking at the Internet for examples of people who had the same thoughts as she. Besides she had to think about Jason and lunch. She had to be ready to respond to his chat and she was worried. She jumped out of her reverie as someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and Jason looked her in the eye. His gloved hand reached for her cheek and he stroked it.

“You are so pure and beautiful,” he said.

Kaylin’s eyes were moist. She had emotions welling up inside as she heard the words. The touch on her cheek sent a shiver through her body.

Jason asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No, Jason, nothing is wrong. Just I’ve never had anyone touch me like that. I mean you are so gentle and I feel your feeling flowing through me and I just don’t know if I am the one for you.”

Jason took his hand away and looked into Kaylin’ eyes. She saw his heart in the depths of them and she shivered again. She averted her eyes as tears welled up.

“Now I’ve hurt you,” Jason said. “I have no idea what I did but I see I hurt you. I cannot stand hurting you.”

“No, Jason. I am fine. Please I’ll see you at lunch and we can talk then.”

Jason sat across from Kaylin and ate his sandwich quietly. Lunch was not as he thought it would be. Kaylin sat and looked into her plate. She busied herself with her food that remained mostly uneaten.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” were the first words from Jason as he sat down.

Kaylin said, “I will let you know. I may be busy tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow morning I’ll know and tell you.” Then Kaylin looked down again and said nothing more.

They returned to the clean room and finished out the shift. In the dressing area Kaylin returned to her normal self, the clean room clothes were tossed into the laundry bag and the gloves tossed into the disposal chute. The bus ride was much like the morning ride. Jason sat across the aisle from Kaylin and asked her if she had made up her mind yet on the date the next day.

“Not yet, Jason.”

“You are so beautiful. I will always care for you should you decide to see me, Kaylin.”

“Yes, Jason. I know you will be good to me.”

“We have ridden this bus for almost a year. We work at the same company. I really think I can be your friend after all of this time.”

“I know that. I know you think you know me but I must be sure you know all of me. Maybe tomorrow I can see you and you can judge if you know me. But I must see first for myself,” Kaylin said. But only if today is the day, she thought.

Jason got off at his stop and just as quickly the bus was at Kaylin’s stop.

Kaylin walked up the concrete sidewalk to the apartment she lived in. The yard was well kept and the apartment complex was pretty standard for the young people who made up a large part of the working class people of the area. There were a few trees growing out of small patches of dirt to break the flat concrete and grass yard. Kaylin checked her mail and found three bills, a flyer for a local market and the lockbox key for larger deliveries. Her heart skipped a beat as she pulled the key from her box.

Today was the day. She pushed the key into the large parcel box and turned it, opening the door while locking the key in its place. She pulled the medium size brown package from the box. She held it close to her bosom as she ran up the stairs to her second floor apartment. Today she would have an answer to the burning question that had troubled her for months.

She flung her door open and dropped the regular mail on the kitchen counter. She found a knife and slit open the tape sealing the parcel and lifted the lid. Wrapped in plastic were two magazines on top of the rest of the contents. The top magazine had the photo of a person encased in shiny black material and the title “Rubber Loving”. She removed the two magazines. The second one had a cover picture of a person in shiny black and yellow material and the same magazine name. Under the magazines were several plastic wrapped packages each containing a bundle of black latex.

She lifted the first bundle out of the box. It flowed inside the plastic bag as she tilted the bag and studied the contents. The black rubber had a soft sheen inside the plastic. She could see the cuffs of the sleeves of the suit. She set the bag aside and drew out the second package. This one was a corset with eight buckles and straps easily identified in the plastic bag. She set it aside and took out the next bag holding the gloves, opera length latex and a hood, full with eye, nose and mouth openings. The last item in the box was a pair of stiletto ankle boots with locking straps.

Kaylin set the rubber aside. She went to her album and opened it to the trading cards.

“Tonight I become one of you,” she whispered. “Tonight I become Trina.”

It didn’t matter that Trina was the Yellow Power Ranger and the cat-suit was black.

She opened the bag with the cat-suit. The strong latex odor swept into the room and she breathed the sweet aroma with a smile. She fondled the soft rubber folds and let the stuff run through her fingers. The cool rubber felt wonderful as she slowly spread the suit and draped it over a chair. Kaylin stripped off her clothes. She stripped everything. She knew the rubber had to be close to her skin and nothing could be between her skin and the supple rubber. She had read that powder helped in putting the suit on. She shook powder into the legs of the suit and slowly pulled the stretchy black rubber up her left leg.

She tingled as the first rubber to touch her skin slowly covered her. She read many stories about latex and the magic it had on some people. Her love for the superheroes and her desire to wear a superhero suit had always stirred her imagination. Her own spandex suits had been wonderful to the touch. The yellow rubber household gloves she wore always seemed to be so much safer and protective than the spandex. She often rubbed herself to orgasm with those gloves while the spandex suit massaged the rest of her body as she moved. She had taken to wearing the gloves in bed and rubbing herself erotically after looking through her card collection. The rubber gloves with the little grip bumps were so exciting on her clitoris!

But when she saw her first latex clad heroine, Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep, she knew that latex would be so much more. She thrilled at seeing Cheung going through the picture in latex. Later the movie, Underworld, gave her another glimpse of latex with the power it portrayed. She began to research latex and rubber clothing on the Internet and was surprised at the huge number of associated sites dedicated to rubber fetish and porn. The pornographic sites were of little interest to her. They usually portrayed unrealistic scenes and patently silly and unbelievable sex. But the sites with discussions intrigued her. She found so many different confessions of “rubberists” on the web and she realized there was a sensual and truly erotic side of the latex equation totally ignored in most of the junk out there.

When she found a site with clothing and magazines for sale she placed an order. That had been six months ago. It was a modest order of a halter top, panties, a pair of bicycle shorts and gloves. Six weeks ago she spent a month’s pay that she’d saved and ordered the contents of this box. The cat-suit was custom fit to her measurements. The other items were off the shelf.

Tonight she was reaching for the culmination of her determination to discover if she was a rubberist. The earlier items were mere toys when compared to the one ultimate item a latex fetishist dreamed of getting. Climbing into that suit would bring a new world that would either confirm her belief that she too was a latex fetishist or at least provide a very sexy outfit for Halloween. She often kept her work gloves on during breaks and once her friends teased her for wearing them at lunch. Still this suit was the final test of her belief, the culmination of all of her latex fantasies.

She felt the supple latex warming and molding it to her skin. She slid her foot into the attached sock of the suit. She wiggled her toes inside the rubbery tube and smiled. Her second leg went quickly into the other leg and settled into the attached foot. Kaylin pulled the suit up over her bare bum and worked her arms into the sleeves of the suit. She shrugged her shoulders and the suit settled in place. She slowly pulled the zip up the front sealing her in the black stretchy skin. She pulled on the latex gloves and looked at her black-clad fingers with shining eyes.

She watched the superhero shows with the teams of shiny-skinned heroes fighting all sorts of evil doers and executing amazing feats of acrobatic and martial art moves. Her days after school were filled with the shows. Her father was laid-off by Boeing in 1989. He looked for work the next two months then one day he just didn’t come home. Her mother worked to send her to the best private schools and her afternoon sitter was the Sony color TV and her heroes. Mother always came home in time to fix a supper and make sure Kaylin did her homework. She sometimes brought trading cards for her as she knew she liked the afternoon superhero shows. She attended the University of Washington with a major in microbiology. Upon graduation she didn’t find the dream job but there were openings – and a promise of promotion – at Bio-Systems Technology of Washington. She began her “career” in the clean room.

She picked up the wide corset and wrapped it around her waist. It wasn’t a true corset, more like a super wide foundation that was as much ornamental and sexy as functional. She closed the front zip and began to hook the eight buckles straps that were the front. She fumbled with the buckles a little because of the gloves. The corset sealed the front of her suit from just below her small bosom to the beginning flair of her hips. The shiny black rubber complemented her petite Asian body flawlessly and the power of the protective latex began to surge inside her.

Her skin was almost translucent as the blend of Asian and Caucasian created a flawlessly pure glow. Her brown eyes were large like those drawn in the Japanese animation shows she was so fond. The arousal from the skintight latex stretching and massaging as she moved under it was intoxicating. Her hair was a dark brown and to the nape of her neck. She studied her face in the mirror framed above the basic ebony of her rubber encased body and her girlish bangs.

She took the hood in her hands ad looked it over. She saw an anonymity that would engulf her as she put the thing on. The clammy cool rubber wasn’t unpleasant a she pulled the thing over her head and it pressed to her face. She studied her image and hesitated to close the zipper down the back of the hood. Perhaps another time she would wear the hood but not yet.

She watched as the common school kids transformed into world-saving heroes. The plain clothes of daily school routine were replaced by the shiny skin-hugging suits that were the trademark of a superhero. These kids were her fantasy…to be one of the chosen to save the world.

She slowly moved her gloved hands over the shiny black skin as she stood before the mirror. This wasn’t what she expected as a superhero. New feelings were surging inside her as the latex took her very soul within its grip and hugged her closely. The gloves clung and pulled lightly at the rubber skin as she moved her hands along her side. The squeaking and snapping of the latex stretching then breaking the friction between rubberized fingers and latex-clad thigh was music. The symphony she heard was the melody of complete gratification in surrender to this amazing material. She felt helpless under the influence of the rubber. Her power drained as she only wanted the rubber to take control and work some special transformation inside her being. The latex protected her but it revealed vulnerability in its enclosing constancy.

She slipped the stiletto boots on and closed their buckles to complete her outfit and just marveled at her new feeling welling from deep within her womb. The feeling was nothing from her memory. No boy touched her in the way the rubber did. No boy offered such sensual protection in his arms. Only her superheroes could provide such security… and now total enclosing latex. In her vulnerability she was complete. The rubber seemed to make her a whole person, providing a missing piece of her existence.

Her hands aroused shivers of anticipation from her very core as she teased her rubber-clad mounds and slowly moved her hand to her neck. She wore nothing inside the suit. She had contemplated some sort of inner toy to thrill her but she had not gone that way. She wanted to see if there was a special power in only the latex clinging to her body.

Kaylin stepped back from the mirror as she fondled herself. She slowly moved her hands along the heavy outer ribs of the corset and down to her hips. Her gloved hands ran down her side and massaged her tight round ass cheeks. Her rubber snapped and squeaked as the music slowly built her anticipation. One hand flitted toward her nether region and the touch sent an electric shock through her aroused bud. She shook from even such a little caress and she flicked at the throbbing bud with her finger again. The touch though the latex skin seemed amplified a hundred fold in her feverish thoughts.

This time the act of self-pleasure buckled her knees and she fell into the soft chair near where she stood. She attacked the bud with fiery desire and soon screamed in orgasmic bliss as she arched her back and thrust against the rubber.

She moaned with passionate desire long pent up as it gushed forth to engulf her very being. She slid her fingers vigorously on her thigh, her breasts, her latex covered bud. She took up her massage wand, a bit clumsy as it was for true massage, not intimate touches but it was no matter. The thing against her rubberized skin was sheer ecstasy. She lunged toward the blunt vibrating head and turned upon herself in the chair. Her legs came to her breasts as she curled into a deep passion induced ball of hot latex. She threw her head back with no thought but complete satisfaction of her sensual fire. She felt the building heat and the growing lust within her rubber encasement and let her feeling go. She completely surrendered to the feelings that were suppressed for so many years and exploded.

Her juices flowed freely into the latex and she slipped and slid inside the latex as she quickly exploded a second time. This was pure carnal bliss and she had no guilt as she realized the new awakening of long sleeping feelings deep within her. After a third cum that slowly grew from deep inside to wash over her like a soft ocean wave, she fell asleep in the rubber suit.

* * *

Sunlight streaming directly from the window to the couch Kaylin crashed on earlier slowly brought her to awareness. She felt clammy and cold and couldn’t quite place why she felt so and her entire mid-section was so stiff and tightly bound. She opened her eyes and saw the black skin of her rubber suit and the night came rushing back into her head. It had not been a dream! She had given herself completely to this inanimate material distilled from tropical trees. The rubber had transformed into some sort of living entity when it enveloped her and had given her the ride of her life as it carried her away to another place and time devoted to sexual fantasy and total ecstasy!

But now she was going to be late to work for she had to shower, clean and put the suit away and get ready for work. She checked her clock and realized she was usually up thirty minutes earlier.

She realized cleaning the suit was better to just get into the shower and wash it as she took it off. She let the water stream over the outer skin and suddenly felt the urge to finger herself again. No time, Kaylin! She thought. She worked soap into the suit and cleaned body and latex simultaneously. She peeled the skin off and rinsed it. Draping it over the shower rod seemed the best option while she finished the shower and went about putting herself together for the day.

She checked the suit and dabbed the inside (now outside) dry and reversed it to allow the outer skin to dry. She hung it from the door and figured that it would be fine to leave that way.

Kaylin rushed to finish her dressing and skipped the usual yogurt and toast to catch her bus. She was close enough to the street to see it pull away… missed!

Jason wondered where Kaylin was. She wasn’t in the usual seat as he got on the bus. He wondered if she didn’t want to see him.

Kaylin arrived at work fifteen minutes later than normal. She just had time to change quickly into her clean room uniform. She ran to her work station just as morning count was being done.

“Kaylin, you’re late,” scolded Supervisor Adams.

“Yes, Ma’am. I missed my bus this morning.”

“No excuses. You stay late if you don’t finish your work tonight.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Jason whispered from his side of the table, “You don’t need to take that from her.”

“I know but she is right.”

“Your damn Asian authority figure thing…I don’t get it. Adams is always taking advantage of you. And I still want to take you out tonight.”

“Yes. I can go with you tonight.”

“Thank you Kaylin.”

Kaylin busied herself with running the samples sent to her work station. The work was simple really… especially for someone with a degree. Kaylin would take a sample from the various petri dishes sent to her station and compare the specimen growths with the control sample. The various samples were treated with different types of antibiotic compounds. Some of the new compounds showed promise as the war on germs was seemed never ending. Every time a bacterium got stronger the various bio companies would work to find new ammunition in the war. Sometimes the things worked, most times they didn’t. Kaylin was hoping to one day be with the teams building the compounds rather than reviewing results and writing summaries that were reviewed by others. Still she felt engaged in the war of bugs and she knew her job was essential, even if a bit dull.

Part of her fascination with latex was the protective side it seemed to provide. She liked the idea of being completely clad in her rubber protection as she checked out the bug cultures in the dishes. She knew the cloth masks and the rubber gloves they shed at the end of the shift were enough protection for the level of germs the company dealt with at the Bothell site. She often wondered if she would ever work at the Denver facility where they worked with the really bad stuff and even employees in her job had to wear full personal protective gear. She now would think of being enclosed in one of those full isolation suits with only the thin latex on her fingers and the heavy suit keeping her safe from who knew what! It was a scary but exciting thought.

She could dream of a future discovering the cure to some super bug. But for now she had to count cells per square millimeter and log results in a table form then write up a general description of the cell shapes and colors. She had to report on their general appearance compare to the control. Did they look weak? Did they look stronger? Did they have a healthy ovoid shape (not a good thing) or did they have signs of cellular wall failure (a good thing)?

And she wondered how she should handle Jason and her thing for rubber. Oh so many things to have to think about on a typical Tuesday!

Jason caught Kaylin at lunch.

“I’ll pick you up about six, ok? I thought we could go to ‘Famous Dave’s’ and a movie.”

“How about we go to ‘The China Doll’ for Karaoke night. They have a nice bar and the food is good.”

“Sure. I’ll see you at six.”

“Make it seven so I have time to get ready.”

“Seven it is.”

The two finished lunch and back to the work stations. Kaylin decided to try her newest attire for Karaoke. It would serve two purposes, maybe win her a prize and drop a hint to Jason on her interest. She knew that her tight latex top above blue jeans would be quite a sensation and her voice was good enough for the combination of erotic attire and talent to carry the day and pocket the $250 weekly prize and a shot at the monthly $500 on Saturday. Jason would discover later that the top went all the way down to her toes if he was interested enough.

Jason sat next to her on the bus as usual. This time he seemed unusually quiet as they rode past the high evergreens lining the freeway. He might have been having his own fantasies of the night to come. Kaylin was certain they didn’t include a rubber-clad date!

He finally asked Kaylin what he should wear to the China Doll, having never been there before. Kaylin told him it was casual that she planned to wear blue jeans and a turtleneck sweater so he could take his cue from her.

He smiled at her as he got up at his stop and said, “See you in about an hour.”

“I’ll be ready,” Kaylin promised. One way or another, she thought.

The ride from Jason’s stop to home was full of thoughts and fantasies. The range was expected as Kaylin visualized Jason ripping off her street clothes at home and making amazing love to her in the suit with the final act of slipping a condom-sheathed cock between the open rubber convenience zip into her rubber-framed pussy. Then there was total rejection of seeing a shiny rubber-clad doll ready for the taking with Jason storming from the apartment.

The shower and the preparations for her latex suit were completed quickly. She powdered herself and the inside of the suit and pulled it carefully up her body. She adjusted the arms and closed the zip to her neck. She strapped on the tight body corset and feverishly worked at closing the buckles in front. The corset compressed her already small body with an irresistible hug that she already loved. She pulled her jeans on. The tight denim added to the feel of the hugging rubber beneath. She wondered how a second rubber suit might feel as she wiggled inside the restricting denim/rubber combination. She pulled the sweater over her head and sorted out her arms. The baggy sweater hid the tight rubber and corset beneath its folds perfectly.

She tucked the latex gloves into her purse and finished making herself prettier. That amounted to combing out the few tangles of hair from pulling on the sweater.

The plan was simple. She would go up to the Karaoke stage, slip out of the sweater behind the curtain, pull on the gloves then step on stage to sing. The shiny tight rubber top and her voice would provide an erotic atmosphere sure to surprise all in the room, especially Jason. It was a simple plan. Of course the sweet odor of the latex might need some explanation to Jason before she revealed her true self to the crowd at the restaurant/bar. She knew there was a mix of the sweet rubber scent and her musk already easing out from under the street clothes. She was sure Jason would notice.

Kaylin slipped on the ankle boots she bought with the suit and was ready to go. She settled into a living room chair and waited for the doorbell to ring. She realized she was ready before the time for Jason to come and knew that the American way was to keep the boy waiting as you finished getting ready…oh, well I blew that she thought.

She touched the jeans lightly and began to rub herself into an aroused glow as she waited. She was really quite horny when the doorbell rang.

“Hi!” said Kaylin as she opened the door. “Do you want to come in a minute or shall we just go?”

“Sure, I’ll come in. We have half an hour before the reservation.”

“Want something to drink, water, tea, coke?”

“No thanks. You look amazing! I never saw such a glow on your face before.”

“It’s the lighting. Those institutional fluorescents at work do nobody any good.”

“I don’t think that’s it, Kaylin. And what is that perfume you have on. I’ve never smelled anything quite like that either,” Jason sniffed the sweet/musky aroma wafting from Kaylin appreciatively.

“I’ll grab my bag and we can go then.”

In the car her latex/musk perfume was even more intense. She was a bit worried too as the latex creaked just a bit under her clothes as she moved. The moving car covered the most obvious creaks but the odor was quite powerful.

“I have never smelled a perfume like that before, Kaylin,” Jason said as he guided the car toward Broadway. “It’s really different. The sweet mixes with something like musk to bring out something deeper inside me. I just don’t know what to think of it.”

“You’ll be surprised just you wait to see what the perfume is.”

The China Doll had a good selection of Chinese food and the food was good. The attached lounge area was lively for a Tuesday, thanks to the Karaoke attraction scheduled later. For now music from the sound system drifted out of the noisy lounge into the calmer restaurant area adding just the right tone to the atmosphere.

“You’re eyes are so deep, Kaylin. I could drown in the dark pools so easily.”

“You’re so poetic, Jason.”

“I mean it. I can imagine myself getting smaller and just falling into the depths of them. Maybe I’d discover your very soul in the dark waters of them.”

“Maybe you’d find Rachel Welch in a white wetsuit in there,” Kaylin smiled as she made reference to the 1960s movie Fantastic Voyage.


Now Kaylin’s smile became a light laugh, “You never saw the movie ‘Fantastic Voyage’?”

“No, can’t say that I have.”

“Ok, if you’re up to it we can watch it at my place for a date. I’ve got a copy of it.”

They worked through the three dishes Kaylin ordered and chatted a bit more. The lounge noise shifted and Kaylin glanced at her watch.

“Karaoke time!” She squealed lightly and jumped up running to the little area behind the stage.

She had Madonna’s “Express Yourself” lined up as her song for the competition. She felt it was perfect to go with the latex top. “Justify My Love” seemed a bit edgy for this crowd.

Jason followed into the darker lounge and found a table near the little stage.

Kaylin pulled off her sweater and pulled on the latex gloves. The fellow behind the controlling the sound console whistled under his breath as the tight, shiny rubber reflected the colored lighting from the cheap light equipment.

“You’re incredible, Kaylin!” He blurted out on impulse.

She stepped onto the stage and the crowd was first in stunned awe then began to cheer and whistle wildly as Kaylin began belting out “Express Yourself”. She sang with enthusiasm little seen at The China Doll. She moved erotically, mimicking the old music video Madonna made to the song years before. She was a dark-haired Madonna as she moved about the stage, pointed out to the crowd, tilted her head back and sang.

Sweat beaded her forehead and she could feel sweat inside the suit flowing freely down her back and legs. She didn’t care about she had the crowd which came only to see her performance. The lights kept the crowd in a bit of shadow but she could see Jason at one of the tables next to the stage where the light spilled onto the floor.

She finished to cheers and an ovation. The MC slid up to her and put his arm around her rubber/corset enclosed waist. “Let’s hear it again for Kaylin!”

“We should have saved your little performance for the finale,” he said to Kaylin quietly as he led her off the stage to a seat with Jason.

The other ten contestants didn’t have a chance. Kaylin accepted the prize and invitation to come back in two weeks for the monthly Sing-off of Champions.

“Gawd, what a costume,” Jason said when it was quiet enough. He looked Kaylin up and down. “That thing sure packages you nicely. I don’t know what to say. Gee you should put the sweater back on before someone kidnaps you from me.”

“You’re staring, Jason.”

“I can’t help it. But that top is only for your act, right? I mean you’re not some sort of well, I don’t know, I mean I’ve heard about clothes like that. I mean you’re not like the one of those sluts on north Broadway.”

“Jason! How dare you think that?”

Kaylin didn’t know whether to leave or wait to see if he could fix the mess he created. She liked Jason and understood the obvious surprise with the revelation of the rubber top. Wait till he sees it’s a full suit, she thought. Deep down she knew the surprise and the obvious connection with hookers was easy to make. After all latex wasn’t exactly the norm in Everett, Washington.

“It is so revealing. It leaves little to imagination,” he said.

“It covers me completely!”

“But it fits like a glove. It is like glued to your skin.”

“No it isn’t,” she said as she pulled at the sleeve and the latex snapped back into place.”

“You know what I mean. It’s like a wet tee-shirt.”

“Not hardly. It is total cover and you can’t see my nipples at all.”

“OK, I like it but jeez it was a shock to see you come out on that stage in that tight black rubber.”

“And what did you feel?”

“Initial surprise but it IS sexy, no doubt about that.”

“How sexy?”

“Very,” he sputtered.

“Oh you should feel what it’s like inside,” she giggled.

That got Jason’s eyebrow to lift, “Really?”

“Yes. I’ve never felt as alive as I do wearing this suit.”


“Lift the pant leg. The corset doesn’t allow me to bend that far.”

He lifted the leg and saw the black underneath. He touched it tentatively and Kaylin shivered slightly.

“That suit goes from your head all the way…”

“To my toes,” Kaylin finished his sentence.

“And that shiver was?”

“Your touch amplified by the slippery rubber skin between your fingers and my skin.”


Jason was lost for words at that point. He just reached for her arm and lightly stroked it invoking the same shiver as the leg touch had.

Jason studied her eyes closely and realized this girl was hot and extremely horny inside that suit!

“I better take you home,” he said.

“Yes, I think so.”

Jason wondered what would be next as he drove to Kaylin’s apartment complex. Would she invite him in? Would she peck his cheek? Would she jump him if he went inside? He wasn’t exactly horny from the sight of the rubber suit but he was intrigued and a bit fascinated by tight rubber binding her body.

They reached her place. He parked, ran around and opened her door and let her out of the car. She looked up at him and stroked his face with her gloved hand.

“You’re so sweet. I would ask you to come in but tomorrow is work. How about a rain check until Friday; you take me to Karaoke and if I win the monthly prize, we can come home and I’ll show you Fantastic Voyage and we can see what develops. Besides this was only our first date. First dates get a kiss… she wrapped her gloved hands around his neck and pressed her lips hard to his face.

Wow! What a kiss Jason’s head filled with lusting thoughts.

Kaylin felt the growing bulge in his trousers and pulled away from him happily aware that she had hit a chord, “See you on the bus in the morning,” she said cheerily and ran up to her apartment entrance looking back with one more wave before plunging through the door.

Jason was weak-kneed and standing under the street light for a minute before he came out of his thoughts and got into his car. Gawd what a girl, he thought as he drove away.


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