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Request for Manofthemirror

5: Kim's Prom Dress

Kim stood in the dark hallway in her parents' house.

"Come on Kimberly, like you practiced!" she whispered to herself and reached her hand out for the door handle. Kim's stomach turned when she saw that she was shaking. She drew in a hissing breath and pushed down on the handle. Her mother and stepfather were sitting on the sofa in the living room and when Kim opened the door, she immediately felt their eyes on her.

"Um… Mom, can we talk for a minute… in private?" asked Kim, trying not to look into her stepfather's eyes.

"Honey, can't it wait? I'd hate to miss an episode." her mother said, pointing to the TV where her show was playing.

"I'm afraid this doesn't have time …" began Kim, but was interrupted when her stepfather spoke up.

"Didn't you hear what your mother said? Now get into your room before I have to show you where the door is!" he snapped at her.

Kim's lips began to quiver and something inside her ordered her to turn around on the spot and wait until her stepfather was gone, but she forced herself to stop and continue staring at her mother.

"Please Mum." she continued to plead.

Her stepfather rolled his eyes and stood up. Kim was about to back away, not eager for what was to follow, but widened her eyes in surprise when her mother pulled him back.

"What's wrong Kim?" her mother asked worriedly, but Kim didn't miss the slight hint of disappointment as she turned down the TV.

"Um…", Kim stammered while her stepfather scowled at her, "I was wondering if… if we could look for a prom dress for me today…" Kim said, her voice getting softer with each word. Her mother had her eyebrows drawn together to focus on exactly what she was saying.

"What are you saying? Your prom dress darling?" her mum asked and Kim nodded.

"Your dad already got you a dress, so we don't have to go and get it," her mum said, turning her attention back to her TV, "It's on the table in the kitchen."
Kim pressed her lips together and looked at her "dad" for the first time in this conversation.

"I would have liked to have done that with Mum," Kim said, her heart slipping into her pants as he opened his mouth.

"I'd be happy to take it back, too," he said coldly, sighing exaggeratedly.

"No…no, I'm just…surprised. "Kim stammered "Thank you."

"Mmhmm." was all he said and turned back to the TV.

Kim turned and closed the door behind her as she left the living room and went into the kitchen, where she indeed found a brown crumpled package on the table. A smile flitted across her lips and joyfully she cradled it in her arms. Kim rushed into her room and locked the door behind her. She had to try it on right away.

"I hope it fits. Graduation isn't far off and I can't have it altered." she muttered, placing the package on her bed and carefully beginning to open it.

Her heart beat faster when she saw the light blue color of the dress. Though she wanted a darker one, at least her stepfather had remembered her favorite color. She tore aside the remaining brown paper and lifted the dress. At first glance it appeared to be her size, but the material made her pause. The word cheap immediately popped into Kim's head as she rubbed the fabric between her fingers and it gave off a chemical smell. Her previously growing euphoria instantly disappeared and her smile slipped when she saw what her stepfather had bought her. Her body froze like the name of the movie from which the dress came. Her throat tightened and she drew in a rattling breath as she continued to stare at the dress in disbelief. Tears welled up in Kim's eyes as her pulse skyrocketed. She heard her bedroom door open and the shutter sound of a camera. Standing in the doorway was Kim's stepfather. Grinning spitefully from ear to ear with his phone in his hand.

"I figured Elsa has almost the same hair as you. It will look excellent on you." he said mockingly.

Kim stared at him, stunned.

"Well, come on? Where's the thank you?" he whispered to Kim, but fell silent when Kim's mother appeared behind him. She pushed past him to get a good look at the dress.

"What's the matter honey? You don't have to cry just because your dad was able to get you such a wonderful dress, do you?" she said in confusion, taking her daughter in her arms.

Kim continued to stare at her stepfather.
"Tears are indeed a bit excessive Kim. But I'm glad you like it so much." he said and winked at her before disappearing back into the living room.

"Come on, put it on, I want to see if it fits you! You'll look just stunning in that dress, Kim! Oh, he's such a wonderful man, isn't he? It's a shame your sister can't see that."

Kim swallowed, trying not to sob as she tried to regain her voice.

"Mom see… don't you see what… what he's doing? That… that's not a prom dress! That's a fucking Halloween costume!"

"Of course it's a prom dress! Now don't be ungrateful and put it on. I'll do your hair quickly too, then you can thank Dad." her mother said, stroking her blonde hair.

Kim now looked at her mother, stunned.

"I… I need to get some fresh air." said Kim, knocking her mother's hand aside.

"Kimberly! You're thanking your dad for his trouble right now! He said he had to go to some lengths to buy that dress!" her mum shouted after her and Kim whirled around in a rage.

"That piece of shit is not my DAD, STOP CALLING HIM THAT!" she screamed at her mom and stormed out of her room.

Kim grabbed her key and slammed the apartment door behind her. She could still hear her mother's nagging and her stepfather's yelling, heard the door open and her being called, but she had already gotten into the elevator and was heading downstairs to the lobby.

The entire ride, she banged the back of her head against the elevator wall and the throbbing echoed throughout the small cabin. Kim let her gaze wander over the countless graffiti as the lamp above her flickered, leaving her partially in twilight. Her eyes lingered on the picture of a turd her sister had drawn in honor of their mutual stepfather, strangely enough not painted over by anyone else after all these years.

Her lips fluttered slightly into a smile as she silently tried to wipe away the tears. When Kim arrived on the ground floor, she laboriously opened the broken outer elevator door, not caring about the noise the vermin made as she startled them with her appearance. She left the run-down apartment building in the heart of Falenplaza, a quarter Leon City , and walked quickly toward the bus stop while fumbling for her phone. She dodged one or two puddles on the ground after it had rained briefly, earlier in the day. Kim sat down on one of the bus stop's battered plastic seats, read her sister's name on her phone, and pressed call.

It beeped several times, but no one answered.

"Come on …," Kim mumbled disappointedly as she felt tears welling up in her eyes again. She ended the call and opened the chat instead.

Kim: Hey… mmh, can you call me back as soon as possible? I can't take it anymore, I thought I could, for mum's sake, but I just can't take him anymore

Kim paused, thinking about how to continue writing, when she noticed a movement next to her. She looked up and winced as a boy on his bicycle passed her by a hair's breadth and through a puddle, soaking Kim from top to bottom. As he did so, he grabbed Kim's phone, snatched it out of her hand, and sped down the street at breakneck speed.

Kim wiped the water from her face and stared after the thief, stunned.

"Ohhhh no! Not with me kid! Not today and not now!" she shouted after him and began the chase on foot. While Kim held out little hope of catching up to the thief, she felt that if she didn't fight here and now, she might as well go right back and put on the costume. She ran after him with all the anger she had swallowed the last few years, hoping that by some miracle a police car would appear and help her chase him, but she knew that was a long shot. Not in this part of Leon City. Here and there a few eyes of shady characters or elderly passersby followed her, but they all seemed to have better things to do than help her. Eventually she turned a corner where she had seen the thief turn and slowed her pace as she saw only an empty street ahead. "Oh come on!" groaned Kim, kicking angrily at a nearby trash can that rolled across the concrete and came to rest against the stairs of a store. Defeated and exhausted, she sat down on the stairs and buried her face in her hands. And as her anger subsided and gave way to grief again, she felt her throat tighten once more. Kim started sobbing and didn't hear the door of the store open behind her.

"Erm excuse me, young lady? Could you please put my rubbish bin  back in place?" a woman with a British accent spoke up and Kim flinched in fright.

"Oh sorry…I…I didn't mean to…" began Kim, sheepishly wiping away tears as she saw the black haired beauty before her. The woman had tied her hair into a ponytail which now rested over her shoulder on her white blouse. Her legs were in tight black leather pants and high heeled ankle boots. Kim could have said that she would certainly wear this outfit, if there had not been a corset around the hips of the shopkeeper which narrowed her pretty waist. All of a sudden the woman's mood changed when she saw the pile of misery on her stairs and her deep red lips formed a sympathetic smile.

"Oh, darling, what a sight you are! Come in and warm yourself up a bit, nobody should say Aunt Judy doesn't have a heart."

"No, I'll be fine. Sorry about your trash can," Kim mumbled shyly, standing up awkwardly and putting the can back down. She was about to walk further down the street and look for the nearest bus stop to go to her sister's when she felt the woman's fingers on her shoulders, clawing tightly and gently pushing her up the stairs.

"Oh nonsense dear, I know when a sister needs help. Tell me everything and let's see if we can't make sense of your world." she said determinedly and maneuvered Kim into her store.

As she crossed the threshold, she instantly grew warmer and a soothing, almost sweet smell rose to her nose. Still, Kim didn't want to inconvenience the woman and tried to free herself from her grip, but paused when she saw the merchandise Judy had on display. Beautiful dresses of various shapes and sizes were worn by dozens of mannequins standing in several rows one behind the other. Prom dresses, wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, and many more that Kim couldn't name. The store spanned several floors and the floor and walls were covered in fine wood. A wine red carpet ran across the floor and led Deeper into the store. Immediately her resistance was broken and she stared open-mouthed at Judy's display and interior design.

"I didn't know there were still such charming stores in this neighborhood. We're still in Falenplaza, aren't we?" asked Kim incredulously, letting Judy lead her to a small waiting area and press her into a leather armchair.

"Of course we are still in Falenplaza," laughed Judy, pulling a small table and yet another armchair towards Kim, "I just made myself a cup of tea, Fancy a cuppa?"

"Um … yes please." Kim mumbled as she took a closer look at the clothes. Each of them seemed to be unique and there were none that looked even remotely similar.

Judy's slender body pressed into Kim's field of vision and she shook her head slightly to focus on her hostess, who handed her a towel. Kim accepted it gratefully and dried herself with it as best she could while the woman put cups down for them both and poured tea. Finally Judy cleared her throat and said, "I take it that's not supposed to be a fashion statement there."

She pointed to Kim's dirty shirt as she did so. Kim smiled weakly and began to tell. About the costume, the theft of her phone, the disappointment that her sister hadn't picked up when Kim needed her, but also about all the other trouble she had at home. With each passing minute, Kim opened up a little more, and Judy listened intently.

"I think fate is trying to play a trick on me. I'm looking for a prom dress and here I am sitting in the nicest dress store in town and I probably can't afford a single one of them." Ended Kim leaned back annoyed and stared at the ceiling.

“That’s the strange thing about fate. I think maybe it brought you here today so that I could help you.” Judy murmured, setting the small table.

"What do you mean Judy?" asked Kim hopefully.

"Well I can't gift you any of the dresses here, and since you don't have enough money, buying them probably won't work either."

"Thanks for reminding me." said Kim dryly and Judy giggled.

"But how about earning one of my dresses?"

Kim brightened. "Working here in your store? Is it even worth it for you? Not a single customer has come in since I've been here," Kim remarked, looking at the large old-fashioned grandfather clock next to the cash register. Judy shook her head gently.

"That's because this is more of a showroom and my products are really only bought over the Internet. No, I had something else in mind. I always need new models for my products. What would you think about modeling a dress for me? You would look fabulous and I would give you a matching dress as a thank you," Judy explained and smiled at her pleadingly.

"You have a problem finding models? With such nice dresses?" asked Kim with a raised eyebrow, looking for what must have been the hundredth time at the dresses on display all around her.

"What can I say? They come and go," Judy laughed, folding her hands together, "Besides, I'm sure that when we're done, you won't give a second thought to your stepfather."

Kim began to grin.

"How can I say no to that?"

"Great, come with me then." said Judy, leading Kim through a door, at the cash register, where it said "Staff Only." They entered a brightly lit hallway adorned with the same wood as the rest of Judy's store.

"I would have thought now that I'd be met with barren concrete walls," Kim said.

"Naa, they're always so scary. The wood, on the other hand, seems cozy and warm." said Judy, opening a door for Kim. At first, everything was dark in the new room, but with the flip of the light switch, Judy's photo studio was instantly lit up. A white screen stood in the center of the room and a camera was pointed at it. A few dresses were also in the room and immediately Kim rushed to a dark blue one, admiring its elegant cut.

"Am I going to wear this?" asked Kim excitedly.

"No no, I still have to get it. Kim darling be a sweetheart and undress while I get your dress. And could you rub yourself with this lotion please?" said Judy absentmindedly, checking the Camera while pointing to a bottle sitting on a small table.

"Completely?" asked Kim incredulously.

"Well, my clothes are very tightly cut," Judy said and looked out from behind the camera to look sternly in the direction of Kim, "surely you understand that I don't necessarily want to take pictures of your underwear, but of my products, right?"

Kim hesitated, she hadn't really imagined it like that but of course Judy was right… wasn't she?

"And what's in the bottle?" asked Kim, stalling for time.

"Just a liquid to help you get dressed, rub it on from the neck down please. So the camera is fine, I'll be right back. Don't worry, it's just us here." Judy said, smiling encouragingly at Kim before leaving the room. Perplexed, Kim looked around, but then thought of the promised dress and fervently hoped it was the dark blue one she had just admired. But even if it wasn't that dress, Judy would surely give her something better than her stepfather's costume.

Kim swallowed her doubts and hurriedly took off the shirt, her jeans and underwear. Judy just wanted to have some nice photos, there was nothing unusual about that. Kim lifted the bottle from the table and opened the cap. The liquid inside was odorless and a bit viscous as Kim dropped a tiny gob onto her hand. The translucent drop was cool on her skin and slowly spread as it got warmer.

"What kind of dress is this? I don't understand why I have to rub myself with this," she yelled after Judy, but got no response. Kim glanced at the dark blue dress. Her stepfather's grin would be gone when she got home with it.

Kim shook her head again to focus on the given task. She rubbed the liquid into her hands briefly and began rubbing it onto her body. Kim shivered as she spread the cold liquid on her belly and rubbed it on her breasts, but she continued undeterred and within a few minutes her body was glistening from the neck down.

"Wow, you look really lovely Kim!" said Judy, who had just come back in with a package under her arm. Kim startled slightly and covered her breasts and crotch as best she could with her hands.

"Umm, thanks Judy. Is that the dress you want me to wear in there?"

"That's right. When you're ready, you can take that chair there for a moment and sit in front of the screen."
Kim nodded eagerly and sat down as instructed while Judy opened the package and took out a blue almost black bundle. Despite its dark coloration, it shone in the light of the ceiling illumination and captivated Kim's gaze.

Judy unfolded the heavy material and, still smiling reassuringly, went to show Kim.

"Have you ever seen a dress like this?" she asked, holding it under the young woman's nose. Kim just shook her head. She was fascinated by the shine and the slim cut of the dress.

"What is this?" she asked Judy, not taking her eyes off the dress for a second.

"That, my dear, is latex. You know, silk and velvet are all well and good, but this," Judy said, pointing at the dress, "Is the finest material ever turned into clothing."

"Isn't latex something… perverted?" asked Kim, barely managing to get the last word out for fear Judy would immediately throw her out the door.

"Well in some circles. Unfortunately, I can't stay afloat on the clothes in the store alone. That's where my special products come in, which I ship all over the world. So what do you say? Do you still want to try it on?"

Kim tilted her head and took a closer look at the garment. It had a long skirt that would cover her front and back but allowed an unobstructed view of the side of her legs. She breathed a sigh of relief, however, when she saw that some kind of pants had been incorporated and would cover Kim's legs and especially her crotch. Her gaze wandered upward and she saw that the otherwise smooth dress had several flaps which were attached in the middle and on the side. Their function was a mystery to her, but she didn't waste another thought when she saw the much too long sleeves of the dress.

"Aren't the sleeves a bit too long?" she asked, tracing her fingers along the sleeves that reached almost to the floor.

"Mmmh yes, that's right, I wanted to try something with this one." Judy said, pulling the neck opening apart so Kim could slide her legs inside. Apparently the suit had no zipper.

Kim hesitated and looked up at Judy who was still smiling warmly and encouragingly at her.

"Oh what the hell, but I'd like some prints then!" said Kim, grinning broadly and pushing her legs into the proffered opening.

"I'll see that you get them." Judy laughed and helped Kim to push her creamed legs bit by bit deeper into the dress. Even with the lube, it was no easy task. Kim guessed it was because the latex was very thick, presumably so that she, a first-timer, wouldn't accidentally break it.

Kim quickly realized that she had made a wrong impression and that the pants turned out to be some kind of latex pantyhose. Judy tugged them into place and made sure that no air bubbles were trapped between her skin and the latex before letting Kim stand up to pull the dress further over her hips and told her to tuck her arms into the sleeves.

As the tight neck opening pressed her arms against Kim's side, she felt very vulnerable for the first time and she wondered what she was doing here.

"Hey um… Judy? Would it be bad if… um… if we cut this short? I'm not really feeling very well right now."

Judy looked at her, frowning, and she raised an eyebrow.

"Is something wrong, Kim?" she asked with concern, carefully setting Kim back in the chair with her arms still in the depths of her neck opening.

"No it's just… I don't feel comfortable with the thought of my face showing in this dress." Kim lied, trying not to hurt Judy's feelings.

"Oh, honey, why didn't you say that?"

 I have a few ways to hide or retouch your face. You and I are the only ones who will see your face for a long time."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that eventually you'll be able to show the pictures to your friends."

"I see." said Kim meekly, feverishly trying to think of a way to convince Judy to release her without hurting her feelings.

"Look, Kim. We'll finish putting on this suit, then we'll see how you feel, alright?" said Judy, gently stroking the young woman's cheek.

"Okay." whispered Kim, leaning into the movement of Judy's hand. She had missed this brief human-to-human contact for years.

"Oh you poor child." Judy murmured sympathetically, pulling Kim in her arms. Since Kim's arms were still bound, she couldn't help but let the embrace wash over her, but even if she could have resisted, she wouldn't have. Kim felt safe for the first time in years. She laid her head on Judy's shoulder and sniffled loudly while the older woman pressed her tightly against her and rubbed her back and head.

Finally, the older woman released the embrace and Kim motioned to her that they could continue as she tried to hold back tears of happiness.
Judy pulled the opening further up Kim's torso and over her breasts until the dress slid over her shoulders and wrapped around her neck with a slurping sound. Kim's breath was taken away briefly as the thick latex wrapped around her body and seemed to suck in tight.

"Woah, that feels incredible!"

"And you look incredible too!" said Judy, taking a few steps back to admire her product.

"Would you like to see it?" asked Judy and Kim nodded nervously. She smiled contentedly and slid a large mirror in front of Kim.

"Wow.", was all Kim could say as she looked at her reflection. The dark coloring of the dress was in strong contrast to her fair skin and blonde hair. The long sleeves had first made a very strange impression on Kim but she now found that they gave her a mysterious beauty. The long skirt blocked the view of her crotch as already suspected but she could see her legs that looked out of the left and right gaps.

Kim stroked her arms and legs. The touch felt strange but still pleasant. Beaming, Kim looked up at Judy.

"Can we get started?" she asked, and Kim nodded eagerly as she tried to lift her arms, which proved to be a difficult challenge due to the thick long latex on her sleeves. She also noticed that something metal was attached to their ends, providing additional weight.

Judy showed Kim what poses and movements she should do which she then had to hold briefly until the camera shot the photo.

"Wow Kim you are a natural!" said Judy after some time and moved closer to get a picture of Kim's blushing face.

"You think so?" She mumbled sheepishly while trying not to look at the camera and raised her arms behind her head as Judy had shown her.

"Oh yeah! I wish we could do this more often!" replied Judy, "These pictures are awesome! Not many more, then we're done dear!"

In the end, Kim was breathing heavily in the latex dress, but felt excellent and even considered modeling for Judy's special dresses more often. She liked the feel of the latex on her skin. She felt embraced by the dress and loved by Judy.

"Do you actually have a date for the prom?" asked Judy casually as she turned off the camera and walked over to Kim.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you? "laughed Kim, "No, I was planning on going with a certain boy and well, he turned me down."

"That's a real shame, Kim. Do you think he'd change his mind if you showed him the pictures?"

Kim blushed instantly, not noticing Judy tucking the sleeves of the dress into the side flaps.

"That might be a little too much of a good thing." Kim laughed, and bristled when she saw that Judy was now pulling the sleeves through the front flap.

"Ehm Judy, what are you doing?" asked Kim in irritation, trying to pull her arms back, but as before, she found that the latex was far too heavy for that and seemed to stick to itself.

"Just making sure my product can't hurt itself," Judy said, gently patting Kim's cheek.

"'Hurt itself? You mean …" Kim interrupted herself as she felt the sleeves being pulled down her back by Judy and forward again, where she pressed the two metal ends together and it clicked softly.

"Judy? Could you let me out of this now?" asked Kim nervously, trying to disengage her arms from her body, but to no avail. The latex was just too tightly pulled around her body and the latches held Kim's arms tightly in their grip. The metal lock apparently could not be opened without a key either.

"Let you out? Kim, but this is the dress you were promised, isn't it?" replied Judy, sitting Kim back in the chair.

Kim's Prom Dress by pyperhaylie

"Please what?" asked Kim, panic spreading through her, the only reason she hadn't already jumped up was the thought that Judy was just playing a little trick on her or Kim had simply misunderstood her.

"Come on, Judy, I really need to get home. My mum …"

"You have to go home? After everything you told me today? Naa I'm sure they wouldn't even call the police if you don't come home for the next few days." replied Judy still with her warm smile on her lips.

Kim felt a chill run down her spine and stood up, only to be pushed back into the chair by Judy.

"As I said, I don't want you to get hurt. After all, you are very precious, Kim." Judy said and pulled down two hidden zippers on the skirt of the dress, which connected the two latex sheets together. Within seconds, Kim's legs were squeezed tightly between them.

Kim's heart began to race and she strained with all her might against the dress and Judy's hands that kept pushing her back onto the chair.

"You're crazy, let me out of this right now!" screamed Kim, rolling to the side to escape Judy's grip. She landed on the floor roughly and it took her breath away.

"There, there, Kim, don't hurt yourself, that might bring the price down." said Judy, taking the opportunity by grabbing Kim's legs to loop a hidden flap in the dress around her feet to keep the hobble skirt from sliding up.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Kim, pulling her legs out of Judy's grip.
"I already told you. I sell products all over the world and you are now one of them." said Judy and knelt down next to the defenseless Kim, who tried in vain to distance herself from her.

"I have only the best in mind for you Kim." said Judy with her warm smile and Kim felt sickened all at once. Her lips began to tremble and she felt tears well up in her eyes again.

"Please don't." she pressed out, but Judy just kept smiling and patting Kim's cheek as she had done moments ago. This time Kim flinched and turned away as she fought her tears.

"Such a shame, really," Judy began, standing up, "I would have liked to keep you here a little longer, but if you're going to give me the cold shoulder, I might as well find you a new home right away."

Immediately, Kim turned back to her abductor and stared up at her with tears smudging her face.

Her trembling lips slowly formed into a smile as tears continued to run down her cheeks.

"I… I would like to spend a little more… time here." Kim forced herself to say.

"Quick shift dear. I have to say I like you, but I can't promise you'll be here long." said Judy. Kim started sobbing and said, "Please, let me go, Judy I… I won't tell anyone either. I could …" Judy just shook her head gently and put a finger over her mouth to silence her.

"Save your strength, dear, nothing you say will change my mind. So be quiet now!" ordered Judy, walking over to a cabinet against the wall.

Kim looked after her and wanted to continue trying to persuade Judy to let her go, but the lump in her throat had grown so big that she could no longer bring a clear word past her lips. And when Judy turned back to her, the last bit of hope that her kidnapper would change her mind left Kim. In her hands she held a bag made of a thick black material and a thick padded mask.

"HELP PLEASE! SOMEONE! CAN SOMEONE HEAR ME!" Begged Kim through the pain in her throat and crawled away from Judy.

"Oh Kim… you really don't have to do that right now. I could get a headache!" said Judy, standing beside her with three quick steps. She held Kim tightly while she put the bag over her feet. Kim struggled and screamed but to no avail. This was not the first time Judy had done this and within minutes Kim's body was stuck in a much too tight Darlex sleeping bag that held her relentlessly.

"Please…" Kim whispered hoarsely as Judy lifted the mask.

"Don't worry, Kim, I'll find you a nice new home." she whispered back and slipped the mask over Kim's face.

From one moment to the next, Kim's world was plunged into darkness and she could barely hear anything. A gag inside the mask cut off any sound she made.

Kim felt Judy pick her up and carry her down the long hallway, deeper into her business.

"This is all just a nightmare!" she thought, squinting her eyes tightly shut. But she did not wake up or lie in her bed at home. Instead, she felt herself being gently placed on a soft floor.

"I'll be back as soon as I close the store. You should take a rest Kim." She heard Judy say, but it sounded muffled and far away. Next she heard a soft click and the rustle of keys. Then just her own breathing in the darkness.


"Hey, didn't your phone ring earlier?" asked Caitlyn as she tied Chloe's ropes together and put them in her bag.

"Right, I completely forgot." said Chloe, grabbing her phone from the nightstand as she rubbed her wrists, which showed clear rope marks.

"Who was it?" asked Ava curiously, sitting down next to her two friends on her bed.

"My sister." Chloe murmured, frowning as she read the message.

"Is it serious?"

Chloe nodded, got up, and went down to Ava's living room while her friends continued to clean up.

She dialed Kim's number, but no one picked up. She tried again with the same result.

"Mmmh. Hey girls, could we postpone this at Summer's for a few days? I need to rip my stepfather a new one!" Shouted Chloe up the stairs, typing a quick message into her cell phone.
"Do you need help with that?" asked Ava.

"Naaa, I gotta see what that asshole did to my sister first. I'll keep you guys updated. See you later!"

"Bye!" said Ava and Caitlyn as if from the same mouth, while Chloe left the house and got into her car.


Art by pyperhaylie

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