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Continues from

4: Best Catburglar/Kidnapper Ever II

The whole car ride to Leon City, Jade had punished Maike with silence. Maike did not care, she was just glad that their mission was successful after the initial difficulties and enjoyed the silence on the way home.

However, as they passed the first skyscrapers, Jade broke the silence.

"I just mean that I know her somewhere, you know? She wouldn't have said anything. I just know!"

Maike rolled her eyes.

"Jade… we're not chewing over this again right now. Just because you think you have a connection with someone doesn't mean she won't rat you out to the police, we still broke into her house! I know it feels really crappy right now, but I'm telling you tomorrow morning the world will look a lot better."

Jade looked at Maike in irritation.

"I didn't know you could show empathy," Jade said, raising an eyebrow.

"Now don't exaggerate. I just have a feeling, okay? Give it all a little time and think of something else. Why don't you buy something nice with that money, maybe a pretty necklace or a dress from… what are their names? She and Tea?" said Maike, stopping in front of the old skyscraper on the south side of the park.

"The company is called C&T."

"Whatever. Make yourself comfortable upstairs and turn on the TV. I'll drop off the package to the customer for a minute."

"Can you bring some ice cream?" asked Jade, putting on a pout.

Maike's usually stern face relaxed and her mouth formed a gentle smile.

"Of course Jade I'll see you this evening," she said and waited until Jade had gotten out and entered the Old Building.

The smile vanished instantly and in its place appeared Maike's usual expression, cold and calculating.


Jade dropped onto the white leather sofa and groaned in exhaustion as she leaned against the soft cushion. She reached for the remote to distract herself, as Maike had said, but paused and instead got up from the sofa and walked to the glass front of the apartment. Leon City's Central Park stretched out below her, one of the few green places in the city. From Maike's apartment she had a perfect view of it, and Jade watched the little people walking or picnicking in it.

"I wonder if Caitlyn likes picnics too," Jade pondered.

An image popped into her head of her lying on a blanket in the park with Caitlyn, enjoying the sun. A basket stood next to them with a delicious smell coming from it.

Jade shook her head and turned away from the window.

"Maike is right, she was just part of the job nothing special." She told herself and went up one floor to take a shower. If Maike had seen that she had sat down on the sofa with her work clothes on, the household sag probably immediately.

"Maike's perfect kingdom," Jade muttered, throwing her black leather jacket over the railing of the glass staircase.

Jade opened the clear glass door, walked into the bathroom, and immediately the light turned on. She locked the door behind her and the glass of the door instantly became opaque.

Her shirt and black leggings landed in the corner and shortly after, her underwear landed on top of them.

Jade walked past the glass panel that separated the shower from the rest of the room. She turned on the faucet and breathed a sigh of relief as the warm water ran down her back.

Her thoughts drifted back to Caitlyn and she began to smile as she remembered how they had showered together after she had broken the rule.

She felt a tear roll down her cheek.

Jade blinked in confusion and wiped the tear away

""WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!" she suddenly screamed, and Jade's voice echoed off the walls.

A lump formed in her throat and she swallowed hard as hundreds of emotions exploded in her head.


"I'm back!" exclaimed Maike as she closed the door of her apartment behind her late that evening.

She hung up her jacket and, ice cream in hand, walked into the living room from where she heard the way-too-loud TV.

"Jade? That's a little too loud for my taste!"Maike shouted over the blaring of the TV.

She found Jade sitting on her sinfully expensive sofa dressed in nothing but a towel and she hoped for Jade's sake that it was dry.

Jade turned to her and rubbed her tears away with her arm in vain.

"Oh, sweetie," Maike sighed, walking around the sofa and hugging Jade to her chest.

"I, I don't know what's going on! I just can't get her… Caitlyn out of my head! Maike, I have to go to her!" stammered Jade, starting to sob.

"Jade, are you absolutely sure?"

"Yes… yessss, I am Maike!"

"Alright Jade I'll drive you to see her in the morning, but please sleep on it tonight, okay? Look, I brought you your ice cream, we'll watch a movie and I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards okay?" asked Maike and she felt Jade nod hesitantly. She sat Jade back on the sofa and stroked her hair.

"Go ahead and pick a movie, I'll get the ice cream ready," Maike said softly and disappeared into the kitchen.

Jade pulled up her nose noisily and fumbled for the remote.

"Sorry M… Maike such a thing ne… never felt before. I think Cait… Caitlyn is…"

"Don't apologize for your feelings Jade, you can't help it."

Replied Maike and there was a brief silence while Maike prepared the ice cream and Jade cycled through the streaming services.

"Maike can we watch the Pokémon movie?"

A groan was heard from the kitchen.

"Fine by me, but then I need another one of these," Maike said and Jade could hear her helping herself to her wine.

Shortly after, the movie started playing and Maike returned with two bowls of ice cream as well as two filled glasses.

She put everything down on the sofa table and dropped herself next to Jade on the sofa.

Immediately Jade grabbed her bowl while Maike took a big sip of her wine as one of the monsters she didn't know chased a car and threw it off a bridge.

Maike glanced at the clock on her phone.

"Oh come on, the movie just started and you're already looking at the clock? It's not that bad." said Jade between spoonfuls.

"No, no. I thought I got a message…" said Maike, smiling at Jade.

"I'm sure you did," Jade muttered, yawning loudly.


"Tell me, does this yellow rat have the voice of…" Maike was about to ask and turned to Jade who had closed her eyes and was breathing regularly. She had a soft smile on her lips and seemed content.

"Finally," Maike murmured and turned off the movie. She lifted her partner from the sofa, causing her towel that covered Jade's body to slide to the floor.

Maike rolled her eyes and hoisted Jade over her shoulder to carry her to her room and get ready for bed.

Once in Jade's bedroom, Maike laid her on her untidy bed and spread her out on the sheet so that her arms and legs faced the four corners of her bed.

Maike took the ropes that were still attached to the bed from the day before and put Jade's feet and hands through the loops so that Jade was bound in the spread eagle position. A ball gag followed as well as a small vibrator which Maike sank into Jade in slight disgust.

Maike turned on her toy via Jade's phone and let it hum softly.

"If only you weren't so talented," she muttered, closing Jade's bedroom door behind her as she left the room, picking up the dishes on the sofa table and taking them to the kitchen. She finished off Jade's untouched wine glass and poured the untouched already liquid ice cream from her own bowl down the drain.


"Mum you didn't have to wake me up, we said goodbye last night," Ava said, yawning loudly as she brushed her long brown hair out of her face.

"It's a little before nine, honey. Also, I want to remind you that I don't want you to throw a party while we're gone. Invite some friends over for all I care, but don't overdo it." Mrs. Miller said, looking sternly at her daughter.

"Of course not Mum, so far only Chloe has accepted, I'll have to call the others again," Ava said, rolling her eyes.

"Who was Chloe again? Was that the one with the pink hair?"

"Mum how many times… , just get to know my friends then we don't have to have this conversation constantly," Ava said, but added at her mother's look, "The one with the blonde."

"Ahhh yeah, she's nice," Ms. Miller said, trying hard to remember Chloe's face.

"You have no idea, do you?"


"No," said her mother, embarrassed, "but I should be getting out of here with your father, I think he's getting impatient. Have a great week and remember NO PARTIES!"

Mrs. Miller and Ava hugged goodbye. She looked around the hallway again, as if to memorize every detail, and then tripled down the short flight of stairs to the gravel road where her husband was already waiting for her in the car. She climbed into her husband's red old 1959 Cadillac and the Millers waved goodbye to their 21-year-old daughter again before the engine roared to life and they drove down the long road to the gate.

Ava waved behind them with a smile until they left the massive estate through the main gate and disappeared.

She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply.

"They're finally gone," Ava muttered, and a thud sounded as she banged her head against the door in exhaustion. Ava let herself slide to the floor and fished her phone out of her pajama pocket, texting her friend group.


Ava: So what's the deal girls? My parents are away and we have the house and pool just for us


Chloe: I'll be there in a few hours. I'm still waiting for my new swimsuits to sufficiently appreciate your "pool" :D


Ava: No bikini? Wait plural?


Chloe: Nope! And YES!!! found some great ones there. You will make eyes

Chloe: Thanks again for the tip @Summer


Summer: Np. These are great, you'll see. But unfortunately I have to cancel, sorry guys. Tea messed up and I have to teach her a little lesson


Ava: Why don't you take her with you, so we can finally meet her?


Summer: I'd rather not, she's got her hands full right now


Chloe: What did she do? And is the lesson what I think it is?


Summer: XD

Summer: Chloe the others don't want to know about it, like always


Ava: You're absolutely right


Caitlyn: I would like to know


Summer: Ho? Since when have you been interested in this?


Caitlyn: Since yesterday? It's mmmh hard to explain. Luke and I had a crazy idea yesterday and now …


Ava: Caitlyn are you serious?






Chloe: Maybe you two should write this in a private chat.

Chloe: But also write me what happened ^^


Ava: You guys are unbelievable. Cait, are you coming or not?


Caitlyn: I'd really like to, but I want to do some research on the subject first :P

Caitlyn: I could join you later though


Ava: :/


Chloe: Better late than never. Don't worry guys I'll bring Ava to the dark side! I have a week to do it MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA




Chloe: XOXO


Ava tucked her phone back into her blue satin pajamas and shook her bright red head.

"You guys are really unbelievable," Ava said, glancing at the grandfather clock next to the stairs leading up to her room. It was nine.

"Damn mom. Well, if I'm already awake, I might as well have some breakfast." said Ava and went to the kitchen.


Maike walked down the glass stairs into the living room in the morning and heard the familiar buzzing from Jade's room.

"Here's to a fresh start," Maike muttered, clearing her throat loudly.

She knocked on Jade's door.

"Jade? Please tell me this isn't true? We have to go, a new job is waiting."


Maike opened the door to Jade's bedroom with an indignant look on her face.

Jade was lying in full glory on her bed, playfully bracing herself against her restraints and biting down hard on her ball gag as an orgasm rolled over her and judging by her sheets, this had not been her first.

"Again? You are absolutely impossible!" exclaimed Maike over Jade's moans and without further ado turned off the vibrator.

"Get ready we have work to do," Maike said displeased and freed Jade's hands from the restraints.

"Honestly now, imagine me falling down the stairs or having a car accident if you… do that to you!"

She rudely pulled Jade's gag out of her mouth and disgustedly held it up with two fingers.

"Don't worry Maike, I have a contingency plan or two if something should happen to you, but I just love it when I tie myself up at night and you save me the next morning," Jade said, letting the tip of her tongue peek out from the corner of her mouth.

"Aha… anyway, get dressed, the client from yesterday has sent us another mission."

" Really? Was he that pleased with us?"

"Yes, but he apparently needs more data, from a certain family Miller. They have a mansion on the outskirts of town. Do you feel up to it?" asked Maike, raising an eyebrow.

"I've never felt better!"

"Good, then prepare yourself properly. I don't feel like having to do your job again."


Early in the afternoon, the doorbell finally rang and Ava opened the gate for her friend, waiting excitedly beside the door for Chloe to cross the long driveway, in her rusty pickup truck.

Ava had meanwhile stowed away her pajamas and exchanged them for hot pants and a white shirt. Over her legs she had also pulled white overknees.

Chloe parked her car at the edge of the gravel road and got out, beaming. The young blonde woman wore a short red summer dress and had hidden her blue eyes behind sunglasses, as the sun shone down on her unmercifully the entire car ride.

"Took you long enough!" threw Ava at her.

"Indeed! But it was worth it! Those bathing suits are awesome! You're going to make eyes!" retorted Chloe, opening the passenger side to lift two bags out of her pickup.

Ava frowned.

"Two bags?"

"Caitlyn wanted to borrow some stuff, so don't worry the stuff isn't for you," Chloe said, smiling and hugging her perplexed friend, "for now at least," she added as she broke away from the hug and looked at Ava's clothes with a teasing expression on her face.

"No kidding, the way you're dressed right now you'd be the perfect model for Caitlyn's research."

"Can we please talk about something else? Get in here before I change my mind." Ava laughed.

"So what are you in the mood for? Chill out a little more first, or maybe get something to eat?"

"I'd already like to wear the first swimsuit in," Chloe muttered, starting to grin sheepishly.

"Almost figured as much. You can go ahead and head to the pool, I'll get us something to drink."

"You're the best!" said Chloe, hugging Ava and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Giggling, she disappeared towards the pool with one of her bags in hand while Ava took another look outside. Ava frowned when she saw a black SUV parked in the shade in front of her parents' property.

Concerned, she walked over to Chloe who was in the process of pulling her dress over her head.

She was startled when Ava suddenly opened the door to the swimming pool, tripped over her bag and fell head over heels into the water.

Ava had to pull herself together to keep from laughing out loud as Chloe pushed back to the surface, gasping, and her blonde hair stuck to her face.

"Shit Ava, I'm not that fast!"

"Sorry Chloe, I was just wondering if you noticed the SUV parked in front of the property? Did you notice anything weird about it?" asked Ava, helping her friend out of the pool.

"Did your parents really make you so paranoid that you think every stranger wants to rob you?" asked Chloe indignantly.

In response, Ava pointed to the huge indoor pool, which had a small tunnel leading to an even larger pool outside.

"Flex harder with the money of your family," Chloe said, fumbling for the clasp on her bra.

"Chloe please!"

"It's okay, yes the car was already there when I arrived, but I saw the woman behind the wheel making a heated phone call, maybe she just doesn't have a speakerphone. Now can I please go back to changing?"

"Yes, yes… mmmh thank you. I'll be right back."

Ava walked back up the hallway and to the door. A quick glance around told her that the car must have moved on by now and she breathed a sigh of relief.


"Are you insane! Jade get away from that pickup right now!" yelled Maike into her phone as she watched her creep toward the car. Her slender body was covered by a black spandex and only her eyes could be seen. Even her red hair had disappeared under the suit.


"Maike please be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate!" hissed Jade back as she lay down on the ground and crawled under the truck.

"What the hell are you doing? If that woman saw you, we're screwed!"

"She didn't and that is the fastest way in! Just let me do my job and drive the fuck on! You're too conspicuous!"

"JADE! Take another…"

"Tut, tut, tut." Jade had hung up and was now straining to hold on under the car. A moment later, the car pulled into the mansion grounds and the gate closed behind it. Immediately Maike pulled out a pair of binoculars and watched the car as it drove ever closer towards the estate. Jade was barely visible underneath and the ground must have been sliding dangerously close beneath her.

The car stopped and she saw the woman get out of it and disappear into the mansion with another woman.

Maike's phone rang.


"Keep driving!"

"Tut, tut, tut."

Maike shook her head and started the engine to drive out of sight. She had to hand it to her Jade, she knew what she was doing.


Carefully, Jade lowered herself to the ground and crawled out from under the pickup. Jade hid behind the car and patiently watched the mansion. A few minutes later, the door opened and a worried-looking young woman stood on the doorstep. She watched the fence of the property, seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and disappeared behind the door.

Jade also exhaled in relief as well and crept to one of the windows to take a look inside the mansion.

Through the curtains she could make out a kitchen. All the cabinets were covered in dark wood and the countertops were made of black stone. Jade even thought she saw gold-plated faucets.

The young woman who had been anxiously looking outside appeared in Jade's field of vision, preparing some drinks for her visitor.

"Just two glasses Perfect!" muttered Jade, watching as the woman left the kitchen with the glasses on a small tray.

Jade went to the door and pulled out her lockpick, the only tool besides some zip ties she had taken with her. Maike would bring the rest once Jade had managed to gain her access.

Jade surveyed the lock and cleared her throat as she began poking around in the lock.

"We're so rich that we can electrify the fence even, plus our front yard is so big that any burglar is completely out of breath by the time he gets to our front door. What? Our lock? Well, it's only one from the nearest hardware store, who the hell would want to break in through the front door?" said Jade with her nose turned up.

The lock clicked quietly and Jade scurried inside. There was nothing in the hallway except a staircase leading upstairs, a grandfather clock, and several doors. One of them led to the kitchen and another to a staircase leading downstairs. She heard voices of two young women and the splashing of water.

"Ohoo? So we have a small pool in our mansion?" Jade muttered, nudging a bag she had overlooked with her foot.

She frowned under her mask and curiously, glanced inside to confirm her suspicions.

She couldn't help but giggle when she saw that her targets had a bag full of ropes, tape and handcuffs.

"Well then, I guess they'll be behaving themselves until Maike is done and we can get out of here," Jade thought, hearing someone coming up the stairs.

Feverishly she looked around but couldn't see a suitable hiding place anywhere and so she prayed that the stairs didn't creak as she climbed the steps as quickly as possible and disappeared into the next room. Jade's mouth dropped open as she entered it. In its center stood a huge round bed over which a huge black and white butterfly had spread its wings. In the corner stood a dressing table on which a huge mirror was enthroned, which put everything in the shade, what Jade had ever seen. The floor was parquet like the rest of the house, but white rugs had been laid here and there under the black furniture. Behind her, there was a TV mounted on the wall that rivaled Maike's. Jade, however, didn't take time to admire the elegance that reigned in the room and hid in the walk-in closet.

She heard someone go up the stairs and enter the room.


Through a crack in the closet, Jade could see the young woman from the kitchen lie down on her bed and start typing something on her phone. She was about the same age as Jade and had brown hair. While the woman was typing with one hand, she took off her over-the-knee socks with the other and tossed them carelessly next to the bed. Jade waited patiently for the woman to put her phone aside and pulled out her zip ties.

The woman giggled briefly as she read a message and placed it on her nightstand. She stood up and stretched, then walked determinedly to her closet.

Jade grimaced in displeasure, she didn't want a fight, but if the woman opened the closet, that's exactly what could happen. The woman reached out her hand and stopped as her phone vibrated. Immediately she let go and went back to her bed.

"It's now or never!" thought Jade, opening the closet and overcoming the distance between herself and the woman with three quick steps. She turned her head to Jade in surprise and she could see the horror in her eyes when she saw the burglar. Jade threw her body against the young woman and pushed her down on the bed. She cried out fearfully and painfully as Jade pressed her hands into her back and nimbly tied her up with the zip ties.

"Let me go right now!" she cried unconvincingly, resisting Jade's grip.

Undeterred, Jade picked up the overknees from the floor with one hand and crumpled one of them into a ball.

"CHLOE! HERE IS…" Screamed the woman but was interrupted as Jade stuffed the sock into her mouth and sealed it tightly with the other.

Angrily she looked up at Jade and began to wriggle like a fish that had gone into the net.

"Oho we have a warrior!" said Jade laughing and pushing Ava deeper into her bed. Jade grabbed her bare feet and attached zip ties to them as well. She was about to apply restraints to her knees when she remembered the bag from below. She grinned down at the woman who froze to ice at the sight of Jade as she guessed what Jade had in mind for her.


Chloe dove through the tunnel back into the house and swam to the pool edge. She reached for her glass and took a big gulp of her drink.

"Why can't I just be Ava's sister?" she thought, sighing with pleasure as the cold lemonade ran down her throat.

She glanced at the clock. It had been half an hour since she had last seen her friend.

Chloe lifted herself out of the pool and went to her towel to dry off. Water beaded off her new swimsuit and it shone in the light from the overhead lamps.

Chloe stroked her hand over the smooth material and her fingers traced the manufacturer's logo.

"C&T, Summer really made a fantastic discovery there," she murmured, admiring herself in a nearby mirror.

Her entire slender torso was hugged tightly by the stretchy silvery material of the swimsuit. It felt quite thick yet it accentuated her figure and did not hinder her walking or swimming. A two way zipper had been sewn on next to the black emblem of the company. With it, she could easily take off the swimsuit or give her breasts a little "air" if she wanted to attract attention.

Chloe shook her head and grabbed her towel to wipe the roughest water off her body. She had to pull herself together to keep from blushing as the towel rubbed over her breasts and crotch.

Her phone vibrated, bringing her back to earth. Chloe bent down and saw that there were some funny pictures being sent around in the group.

She opened her chat with Ava and started typing.


Chloe: Where are you?


Ava: I have a surprise for you


Chloe: Hoo?


Ava: Just follow the tracks, I think they should give you a good enough clue

Ava: XO


Smiling, Chloe set her phone aside, dried her golden blonde hair and threw the towel over the back of her couch. Since her underwear was still wet, she decided to just look for said trail in her swimsuit. Chloe quickly found it when she climbed the stairs and saw one of her ropes lying in the hallway next to the grandfather clock. It was uncoiled and led up the stairs to Ava's room.

Additionally, she noticed the absence of her bag.

"She didn't do that now, did she?" thought Chloe incredulously, following the rope up the stairs.


The door to Ava's room was only ajar, Chloe carefully opened it and walked into the room.

She froze when she saw Ava sitting on her desk chair. Her hands were locked behind her with handcuffs, and her legs were tightly bound with rope at her ankles and knees. In addition, they had been pulled back with another rope so that Ava could not move from the spot. Her mouth was locked with her own socks and she had an eye mask on. As Chloe walked closer to her friend, she could see that Ava even had earplugs in her ears. Ava herself was breathing heavily as if she had just completed a marathon and had her head resting on her chest.

"Ava it took you half an hour to do that? You could have just asked me if you ever wanted to be tied up!" said Chloe loudly so Ava could hear her.

Immediately Ava's head jerked up in her friend's direction and began screaming like a fury.

Chloe took a step further into the room to remove the gag so she could understand her friend, but she suddenly put one and one together. The rich Millers, the SUV from this afternoon, and her bondage-hating friend who was suddenly sitting tied up in front of her, screaming her head off.

Chloe widened her eyes in horror and was about to turn around in a flash when her hands were suddenly pulled back. A second later, the painful grip of her attacker forced Chloe toward the bed. She landed face first on the bedspread and heard the familiar ZZZIIP of zip ties binding her limbs one by one. Chloe was shaking all over, not daring to fight back as her attacker stole her freedom.

"You're just going to give in? Do you actually like this maybe?" asked Jade and Chloe shook her head.

"Please let us go," Chloe said weakly, turning her head to Jade who was busy tying her knees together.

"Not yet. But don't worry, if you're good, the three of us will have a wonderful time. If not… well I'll have fun on my own but in the end, you'll still come free I promise."

Chloe didn't know why, but Jade's words seemed to calm her.

"What are you going to do with us if we don't behave?" asked Chloe with a little bit of nervousness.

"Look at your friend… Ava. This is just a little taste of what you might be in for, but I only had the materials from your bag. My bag will be here soon and then we can really get started." Jade said, helping Chloe stand up and gently laying her on Ava's bed. She folded her legs back and connected the zip ties of her hands to the ones on her feet, so Chloe was tied up in a loose hogtie.

"Test number one. Don't do anything stupid or you'll end up like your girlfriend. Got it?" asked Jade and Chloe nodded several times, in quick succession.

"Good girl!" said Jade, gently patting the blonde woman's head and winking at her from under the spandex mask.

"Nice swimsuit by the way, that's where I order my stuff too." Jade added, leaving the two bound women alone. One lying still on the bed while the other with new zeal tried in vain to break her handcuffs.

Satisfied, Jade slipped off her mask and pulled her red mane out of her suit. She pressed the button on her in-ear to make contact with Maike.


"Can come in, I've got them under control."

"Good job."

Jade rolled her eyes at her partner's scant praise and headed downstairs to the door.




Without a word, Maike pressed her bag into Jade's arms and disappeared behind a door that seemed to lead into the mansion's living room.

"No problem Maike, glad to do it!" Called Jade after her and went to her prisoners shaking her head. She took a quick look inside but the situation for Chloe and Ava didn't seem to have changed.

Jade smiled contentedly and opened the side of her bag and took out her leather jacket and leggings, which she simply put on over her catsuit. Finally, she tied her long red hair into a loose ponytail and put on a smile.

Beaming with joy, Jade pushed open the door, causing Ava to flinch in fright and Chloe to panic and sink her face into the blanket.

"Soo, shall we get started then?" asked Jade, setting her bag down next to the door.

"Hey, what's up… Chloe, right? Looking for bed bugs?" asked Jade as she pulled out some ropes and utensils from her bag.


"You took off your mask! I don't want to know what you look like so you can let us go!" she cried panicking into the covers.

"Chloe, you don't have to worry about anything so called. Once my partner and I are gone, this will be nothing more than a fun memory for the two of you."

"I doubt it!"

"Do you think I'd bother convincing you of that if I was going to hurt you later anyway?" asked Jade, sitting down on the bed next to Chloe.

Gently she lifted her head and suppressed a giggle when she saw that Chloe had squeezed her eyes tightly shut.

"Alright, have it your way, but I'm certainly not putting the mask back on here," Jade said, pulling a sleep mask from her jacket pocket and placing it over Chloe's eyes.

"Can you still handle the zip ties? I want to take care of your friend first."

Chloe nodded hesitantly.

Jade rose and walked over to Ava who was still struggling with the handcuffs.

She raised her voice so Ava could hear her through the earplugs, "Ava! I'm going to uncuff you now! Hold still so I don't accidentally hurt you, understand?"

In response, Ava yelled something into her gag.

"You're lucky I didn't understand that! You're also welcome to stay here tied to the chair locked in your closet for the rest of our time while my new friend Chloe and I have fun in your pool."

Ava's resistance stopped immediately when she heard the threat and her head slumped defeated on her chest.

Jade pulled the eye mask down from Ava's face first, and Ava blinked several times to adjust to the sudden change in light. As Jade smiled softly down at her, Ava stared daggers in her direction.

Carefully, she pulled out the earplugs next and removed Ava's overknees from her mouth which landed on the hardwood floor of her room with a loud splat.

Ava opened her mouth only to have it squeezed shut right back by Jade.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, it would be wise to say nothing at all," Jade muttered, pulling from her jacket pocket a ball gag the size of a fist.

Ava's eyes widened in horror and she nodded quickly.

Satisfied, Jade let the gag disappear back into her jacket and released Ava's mouth.

Jade next untied Ava's legs from the chair and removed the handcuffs. She almost expected Ava to jump up and attack her, but she seemed to have given up the idea for now. Jade escorted her to her bed next to Chloe and tied Ava's hands behind her back into a boxtie. The ropes wound under and over Ava's breasts, lifting her advantageously.

"What are you going to do to us anyway?" muttered Ava as Jade worked on her.

"Not much, actually. Mainly, I'm just here to give my partner access to the house and get you guys out of the way…now that sounded more sinister than intended. WHAT I MEANT," Jade started again as Chloe flinched and Ava looked up at her frightened, "is that I'm going to keep you busy until Maike is done with whatever. How long it takes I'll find out in a minute once you two are comfortable."

Jade walked around the bed and cut the zip ties that held Chloe's body trapped in the hogtie. A quick slice followed, freeing her arms but she barely had time to massage her arms as Jade already took her hands and bound them in a boxtie as she had done with Ava.

After both women were lying next to each other in identical bondage, Jade untied their legs to tie Chloe's left leg to Ava's right. She pulled the Free Legs away from their counterparts a bit and wove them into a net which she loosely connected to the chest restraint and the already bound legs.

"Doesn't feel so secure yet," Chloe noted and she earned a dumbfounded look from Ava while Jade started laughing out loud.

"No," she said when she regained her composure, "but I wasn't done yet."

Jade began to weave the women to the bed with the help of several ropes, pulling them tight so that it looked like Chloe and Ava were stuck in a spider web. They could not move in any direction because no matter where they wanted to go a rope would have pulled them back. Ropes were attached to their shoulders, breasts, hips, legs and feet. In addition, Jade pulled ropes through both of their crotches.

"Better?" asked Jade as she stepped back to look at her artwork.

"Unfortunately," Ava noted.

"I think so," Chloe said uncertainly, "could I see it?"

Smiling, Jade complied with the request and removed her sleeping mask.

Chloe's mouth formed into an astonished O when she saw Jade's bondage art.


"This is incredible!" stammered Chloe, blushing as she realized she was part of this work of art.

"Please stop praising our kidnapper Chloe," Ava remarked, glowering at the ceiling.

"Kidnapper sounds so negative Ava, just call me Jade or your babysitter," Jade said cheerfully, stowing the gag and sleep masks in her work bag.

"Whatever," Ava replied.

Jade's smile disappeared and she said, "Look I want to give you both a good time despite the difficult circumstances. I just want to check on my partner… maybe you guys can think about what you want to do for that long?" "What do we want to do? What could we do tied up, please?" Ava hissed, starting to struggle against her bonds.

"Ava, please stop, you're tightening… AAAhhh!" Hissed Chloe, blushing as the rope drilled through her swimsuit and into her crotch.

Instantly Ava froze to ice when she heard her friend's moan and stared at her wide-eyed.

"Well for one thing, you can do this. I don't know how close you guys are, but that might be a nice start. I'll be right back." said Jade amused and left her captives.

Ava listened until Jade had gone down the stairs and then started pulling like crazy on her bonds again.

"AVAAAA, PLEASE STOP!" cried Chloe, her eyes wide and gasping for air.

"Get a hold of yourself Chloe, who knows what this Jade has planned for us! We have no reason to trust her! What if her partner doesn't get what she's here for? Maybe they will take us and sell us? That would no doubt be a beautiful last memory then!" said Ava sarcastically.

"No Ava you don't understand I… HAAAAAAaaa!" screamed Chloe as the steady rubbing of the rope and the tight swimsuit pushed her over the edge.

Ava stared open mouthed at her friend who had come next to her on her beloved bed.

"You're not serious now Chloe, about that little bit?"

Chloe breathed heavily and swallowed while trying to organize her thoughts.


Jade opened the door to the living room and smiled when she heard the scream from Ava's room.

"That was quick."

"What?" asked Maike, looking up from her laptop.

"Nothing, our competitors just seem to be having a great time."

"I see," Maike said curtly, looking at the screen again.

"Is everything alright Maike? You seem a little colder than usual."

Maike looked up again.

"This mission is just very important for me… us," she replied, "and I don't want something to go wrong like last time. That's why we'll just stick to the plan and get out of here."

"What do you mean by ‘go wrong’? I mean ok, the beginning was a bit bad but after that we had everything under control. The siblings were good and after that you could just take the data to our client," Jade replied and sat down on the couch across from Maike.

Maike seemed to remember something unpleasant, but kept silent.

"What happened? Didn't the drug work?"

"No, don't worry, it worked like it was supposed to. They forgot we were there and their minds gave them a plausible story as to why they were tied up." said Maike.

"What then?"

"Nothing Jade. Just let me do my job! Why are you even here?"

"I just wanted to ask how long we have to stay here."

"Yeh, could be longer… Two days? Tomorrow night at the earliest."

"Tomorrow… Maike you're not supposed to be recording the Death Star blueprints onto a VHS tape. Why is this taking so long?"

"Just take care of them and let me do my work!" repeated Maike, turning back to her laptop.

"You're impossible," Jade muttered and stood up.

"Wait! I found these downstairs in the pool and took them upstairs. There are the clothes of one of them in there. "Maike said and threw a bag at Jade.


"Very well your highness," Jade said and bowed mockingly to her partner before disappearing from the living room.

Maike looked anxiously after her. Maike bit her lower lip and picked up the phone she had also found in the pool, staring at the messages Chloe had written with a certain Caitlyn. Clicking on Caitlyn's profile picture confirmed Maike's fears. The drug had obviously worked and Caitlyn and her brother thought they had done a self-bondage session, that wasn't the problem either. Her drug made users believe everything was fine and tried to fill in gaps in memories no matter how absurd they seemed. The problem was that Caitlyn wanted to come to the mansion. She didn't say when, but if Maike wasn't ready and Jade and Caitlyn met or talked shortly after they both took the drug, Maike's whole business could go up in flames. Maike briefly considered simply texting Caitlyn to stay home, but dismissed the idea. The message would only raise questions and suspicions after the young women had been so excited about the meeting.

"Shit," she muttered as her laptop had made no progress in breaking through the firewall.


When Jade reappeared in Ava's room, she giggled at the sight of her captive.

Both were out of breath, though for different reasons. While Chloe had a dreamy expression on her face and looked weakly in Jade's direction, Ava looked stubbornly at the ceiling and made a face like seven days of rainy weather.

"Well, could you agree on something fun to do?" asked Jade, sinking down on the bed next to Ava.

"How about calling the police? I bet you haven't heard that one before!" hissed Ava.

"You may find it hard to believe, but I already know that game. How about we take a trip to your pool instead?" retorted Jade, earning confused looks from Chloe and Ava alike.

"I saw that Chloe packed a few extra bathing suits and I thought we girls would enjoy ourselves in the water a bit? After all, that's what you came here for, isn't it Chloe?"

"Well not exclusively…" muttered Chloe meekly.

"What about you Ava? What's it going to be? A fun afternoon at the pool or your walk-in closet?"

Ava blushed, but then barely audibly muttered that she'd rather go to the pool.

"Perfect!" said Jade, beaming.


Shortly thereafter, the three women stood at the pool's edge. Two of them had their hands tied with ropes while the third carried an air mattress and a huge floaty hoop under her arms. All of them were wearing different swimsuits from C&T. While Chloe still wore her sleeveless silver leotard, Ava had opted for an open-backed one in blue with orange stripes. Jade borrowed a catsuit in black.

"Chloe, are you sure you bought the right size?" muttered Ava who normally had no problems with Chloe's clothes. This swimsuit, however, pinched her crotch a little.

Before Chloe could even answer, Jade cut her off.

"Don't worry Ava, they have to fit so tight," Jade said, tossing the mat and ring next to the pool

"Who first?" asked Jade, looking into the nervous eyes of her charges.

"Nothing will happen to you as long as I'm there, don't worry."

Hesitantly, Chloe stepped forward.

Jade smiled encouragingly at her and helped her lie down on the mattress. She secured Chloe to it with ropes and crossed her arms behind her so she could control where she wanted to swim with her hands in the water.

Gently, Jade pushed the mattress into the water and Chloe began paddling happily into the middle of the pool.

"But don't overdo it Chloe! Don't tip over!" joked Jade, but Chloe seemed to take the warning to heart as she slowed down. Just to be sure, Jade waited for Chloe to become more confident and watched her movements until she relaxed and let herself drift.


"So Ava we come to you now," Jade said and turned to Ava who had said nothing until now.

Instead of being confronted with Ava's sullen face, Jade made acquaintance with Ava's head. Ava had taken a running start and used her head as a battering ram against Jade's stomach.

Jade's breath caught in her throat and the attack knocked her off balance. She went over backwards and crashed to the floor. Her head hit the tiles and she stopped moving.

"Oh shit, Ava!" cried Chloe in horror.

"Nothing oh shit, Ava! Swim over here before Jade wakes up again! This is our chance to escape!" shouted Ava towards her, trying to untie her bonds while Chloe tried to get her air mattress towards the edge of the pool as fast as she could.

"Come on, speed it up!" cheered Ava, looking nervously down at Jade. She was breathing, but she didn't know if she would wake up at any moment. Ava was thinking about maybe pushing Jade into the pool when all of a sudden she heard a short scream from Chloe. She turned to the pool and her blood froze when she saw that Chloe had lost her balance. She was held underwater by the mattress while her hands panicked trying to free themselves from the restraints.

"CHLOE!" cried Ava in horror, and was about to rush to her aid when she remembered that her hands were tied and she was no help, let alone able to swim to her. She sank to her knees as Chloe's struggle weakened and she ultimately stopped moving.

"Chloe?" she whispered in disbelief as tears ran down her cheeks and wet the ground.

Time seemed to stand still while Ava stared transfixed at the lifeless form of her friend.

"Please don't!"

Ava began to sob unrestrainedly and her cries echoed in the pool.


Jade blinked. A light shone directly in her face as she opened her eyes. She realized that she was lying on the floor of the pool and instantly remembered what Ava had done. Furious, she straightened up and to her surprise saw the girl, still tied up, kneeling at the edge of the pool.

"Ava, what the hell…" Jade fell silent when she saw and heard Ava crying. She looked into the pool and saw the body of Chloe under the water surface.

Immediately, sweat broke out on Jade's forehead and her breathing quickened. In the next moment, Jade jumped into the pool and dove to Chloe.

The wound on her head left a red trail in the water as she tugged at the mattress and pulled it toward the edge. Jade fumbled with her sleeve and pulled a pocket knife out of it, which she had hidden there as a precaution. Quick as a flash, she crushed the rubber cover of the mattress and cut Chloe's restraints. Carelessly, Jade threw the knife aside and immediately began to rhythmically press her hands on Chloe's chest. She counted quietly as she did so. Jade paused for a moment and pressed her mouth on Chloe's before going back to pressing her chest in. Again she kissed Chloe and gave her air.

"And again!" whispered Jade, pressing again.

Suddenly Chloe opened her eyes and coughed. Water splashed out of her mouth and poured onto the tiles of the floor.

Relieved, Jade groaned as Chloe began to breathe again and blinked weakly.

"Welcome back," Jade whispered, stroking Chloe's head, "Can you stand up?"

Chloe shook her head and Jade gently picked her up off the floor and carried her to the nearest couch. With tears streaming down her face, Ava followed them and sat down on the floor next to Chloe.

"Take care of your friend, I'll be right back," Jade said. Ava noticed that all joy had disappeared from her captor's voice, but nodded and rested her head on Chloe's shoulder.


"What's wrong now?" asked Maike, frowning when she saw her soaking wet and exhausted partner.

"We need to call an ambulance," Jade said shortly.

"You're serious now? You want to call an ambulance to the house we broke into. What the hell happened?"

"I… I was careless and one of the girls almost drowned…"


"But she's awake?"

Jade nodded.

"Then go ahead and take them both back to the room. We can't afford to have this mission fail!"

Stunned, Jade stared at Maike.

"Chloe needs to go to the hospital!" said Jade, reaching for a phone hanging on the wall.

"JADE, SIT DOWN NOW!" hissed Maike decisively and Jade looked at her somberly, but followed the order.

"Our distribution of tasks is clear, we don't change anything in our methods and you do what I tell you! What do you think will happen when the client finds out we failed?"

"But Chloe…"

"Then take fucking care of her, that's what you're here for! If you can't do your job anymore, I'll get someone else on board who may be a little rougher on our playmates, but at least does their job reasonably! Do I make myself clear!"

Jade looked down at the floor in shame.

"Figured, now get out there and keep those two busy before I fill your position!"

Jade rose from her chair and left the room. The living room door slammed into the lock. Annoyed, Maike stood up as she remembered that Jade was not the best person to deliver this message.


Jade opened the heavy door to the swimming pool. Her mouth was formed into a thin line, and she walked over to the sun lounger where Chloe was lying. Ava sat next to it with her head resting on her shoulder. Her tears were running down her friend's arm and Chloe was trying to soothe her.

"Ava I'm fine, it's not your fault, I was just too careless."

"But it was my idea and I pu…pushed you to hurry!" sobbed Ava.

"Neither of you is to blame. I've been in charge of you for as long as Maike and I have been here, and I was careless." said Jade, kneeling on the floor in front of the two.

"I apologize to you guys. I know nothing I could say could forgive what I almost did to you, but I want you to know that I care about you both first and nothing like this will ever happen again." as Jade spoke, she lowered her head to the floor until her forehead touched the tiles.

Ava pulled her nose up noisily and looked alternately at Jade and Chloe.

"Chloe needs to go to the hospital," she muttered.

"I know, but my partner won't allow it."

"Excuse me? She almost died just now! How can she just decide …?" Ava fell silent as the door to the pool opened again and she caught sight of Jade's partner for the first time.

Maike looked coldly and calculatingly from Chloe to Ava and finally to the pleading Jade.

"Jade get up!" ordered Maike and a cold shiver ran down Ava's spine when she heard her voice.

Immediately, Jade followed the command and looked dejectedly at the floor.

"My partner messed up and for that one of you almost had to die, I regret her unprofessionalism and hope we can put the mishap behind us and…"

"Mishap?" stuttered Ava in disbelief, "Chloe needs to go to the hospital, and she needs to go now!"

She stood up and faced the older woman.

Maike did not look amused.

"You know, where I come from there's a saying: when the cake talks the crumbs have to keep quiet! And I hope this was just a one-time outburst, otherwise I'll have to ask Jade to pack you up for the rest of the time and not let you out until we leave. You can imagine the mishaps that could happen to you in the meantime, can't you?"

Ava's face went pale.

Chloe got up from the sun chair, swaying, and propped herself up against Ava.

"It's okay Ava," she croaked, "we'll get through this together, I feel a lot better and we can move on." said Chloe, willingly raising her hands forward.

"There you see Jade, even your prisoners know what their job is. So do yours and tie them up before another mishap happens." said Maike and walked out. The door clanged shut and the three women were alone again.

"Suddenly I'm very glad I'm under your care and not hers," Ava murmured, smiling encouragingly at Jade.

"If you knew what her bonds looked like, probably not," Jade said, grabbing a towel from a rack to dry Chloe and herself with it.


After Chloe and Ava had woven back into the web of ropes on the bed, Jade sat down next to them on a chair and rubbed their temples.

"I don't go in the closet?" asked Ava in wonder, looking up nervously at Jade.

"No, as long as you give me back my knife, which you just picked up off the floor while I was drying Chloe off."

"You saw that?"

"It's my job. So where is it?"

"Under the bathing suit in the gap on my back," Ava muttered.

Jade lifted Ava slightly and carefully pulled out the knife.

"Oh Ava," Jade sighed, "Is it really that bad for you to be tied up?"

"Must be Summers' fault," Chloe muttered, "She played a little prank on her a few years ago…"

"SMALL!" interrupted Ava, staring at her friend, stunned.

"That was an unfortunate way of phrasing it," Chloe relented.

"It's okay," Jade said gently, placing a blanket over the two women, "Get some rest while I check on dinner. You must be hungry, right?"

As if on cue, Chloe's stomach grumbled. She looked up at Jade, embarrassed.

"Already on my way. Don't run away, I'll be right back." said Jade and disappeared from the room.

"Haha!" threw Ava after her sarcastically as Chloe giggled.

"Sorry about what happened Chloe," Ava mumbled.

"It's okay, I would have done the same thing. Me falling over wasn't your fault and Jade saved me."

"After she put you in danger."

"We could go on about that forever now. Can we just enjoy the time?" asked Chloe.

"How the hell could anyone enjoy it?" retorted Ava.

"Jade doesn't mean us any harm, they don't seem to want to steal your sinfully expensive TV, and we don't have to do anything but sit back and let them feed us."

"I just imagined our time together differently. Swimming together, watching a movie, and as soon as Caitlyn comes…" said Ava, her face turning pale.

"I completely forgot about her," Ava whispered, and following Chloe's face, she did too.

"Should we tell Jade?" asked Chloe.

"Are you insane? I'm not letting Caitlyn walk into an open knife!" said Ava.

"Better Jade than Maike gets her."


"'Shit' indeed."


Half an hour later, Jade came back into Ava's room. She had a large tray in her hand on which she balanced three steaming plates.

"Maike whipped us up something from her home country. The actual dish is called… I won't even try to pronounce it, but basically it's a mixture of pureed carrots and potatoes," Jade said, placing the plates next to Ava's bed, "and before you ask no I'm not undoing you and yes I will feed you now."

A few silent minutes followed during which Jade took turns shoving a spoon into Ava and Chloe's mouths while the captives exchanged furtive glances in the meantime.

When Jade's own plate was finally empty, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Well spit it out already, what's keeping you guys busy?"

"Come on Ava," Chloe prompted her.

"A friend of ours was coming to see us. She didn't know exactly when yet, but I don't want her to get captured like we did, or your partner to hurt her, should you still be here."

"That's it?"

"Well… yes?"

"What's her name?" asked Jade, pulling out Ava's phone.


Jade looked up from the phone.

"You serious?"

Chloe and Ava gave each other a confused look.

"Why? Do you know her?" asked Chloe.

"No, it's just a pretty name." Lied Jade and searched the chat and clicked on the profile picture.


In fact, it was the same woman who had tied Jade up yesterday. Jade felt her heart start to beat faster for a brief moment, but she shook her head and read the last few messages between Ava and her.

She typed a message and pressed send.

"What did you write?"

"The truth. That Chloe had an accident in the pool and you need some rest because of it. I asked her to come over when Chloe feels better, maybe Wednesday. Then Maike and I should be gone and you can relax with her."

The phone vibrated.

"Oh dear, I hope it's nothing serious! Tell Chloe get well soon and I'll see you Wednesday! XO." read Jade aloud and placed the phone on the nightstand.

Relieved, Ava and Chloe breathed a sigh of relief.

"Did you think I was going to have someone else here to take care of? You two are enough for me for now, don't worry."

"Well, we were thinking that Caitlyn would rather not get into Maike's hands. She seems to have a different attitude towards us than you do." whispered Chloe.

"Yep that's Maike, always the mission in mind. But as long as she's on her laptop, you don't have to worry." said Jade, glancing at the clock.

"I'd say we'll get you guys ready for bed now and we'll watch one of my favorite movies. And Ava. You just earned yourself a special honor with your ramming maneuver."

"I thought you weren't mad," Ava said in horror.

"I'm not, but unfortunately Maike and I have some rules about what we do and when, and you earned special treatment with that kind of escape attempt." Jade explained, pulling two handcuffs out of her pocket that were connected with a chain.

"The handcuffs seem like a downgrade to me, though," Chloe noted, earning her a scowl from Ava.

"Oh those are just so Ava doesn't think of another escape attempt while you both go into her bathroom and freshen up. I hope you don't mind going together, it will save us a lot of time. Oh and Ava, if I were you, I'd keep the bathing suit on, might get a little warm tonight." Jade said, placing a large roll of packing wrap and four rolls of duct tape next to the bed. Ava swallowed.


"Is this really necessary?" asked Ava nervously as Jade taped one last strip of tape to the plastic wrap.

"It's the rules Ava, I'd rather just put you in a sleeping bag like Chloe too," Jade replied, frowning and looking at the Silvery Mummy in front of her.

After Ava and Chloe had come out of the bathroom, Jade had started to wrap the former with foil and then to wrap every free part of her body below the neck with two layers of duct tape. Chloe meanwhile sat quietly next to it and watched fascinated by the display. Jade had refrained from tying Chloe up because of the recent events, as she still seemed very exhausted.

"But that's all now?" asked Ava, immediately regretting her question as Jade bent down and pulled two shiny bundles out of her bag that turned out to be sleeping bags.

Jade laid them open side by side on the bed and looked at Ava expectantly.

"I'm not going in there!"

"Well maybe not of your own accord," Jade replied and rolled Ava unceremoniously on top of the sleeping bag, tucking her legs into its depths and zipping it up to her chin. A small lock, secured the zipper and the key landed on the nightstand.

"Let's get to you!" said Jade, turning to Chloe who bit her lower lip and handed Jade the foil.

"Oh honey those won't be necessary, you've been through enough and you've been good so far," Jade said smiling at her.

"Can't you make an exception?" asked Chloe and Ava rolled her eyes.

"Chloe please just lay down in your sleeping bag," Jade said.

Suddenly, a smile graced Chloe's lips.

"No. Chloe! This isn't a game!" Jade admonished her, raising a warning finger.

"You're making it seem like one though!" threw Chloe back at her, standing up and holding the scroll in front of her like a sword.

"Get her Chloe!" Ava cheered her on, grinning broadly.

Chloe took a quick step forward and slashed the foil in Jade's direction.

Jade deftly dodged to the side, grabbed Chloe's hands and yanked them onto her back as she passed.

The roll fell to the ground and all three started laughing.

"Alright as you wish Chloe," Jade whispered and laid her on the bed to wrap her with foil and tape.


Jade settled down on the bed between the two women and pulled the sleeping bags closer to her.

"So now we're warm and cozy, right?" she asked with a laugh, turning on Ava's TV.

The two women didn't answer, but rested their heads on Jade's shoulder and waited to see which movie Jade wanted to watch.

Jade decided on the Pokémon movie.

Both women groaned.

"What, it's a good one and I haven't seen it in forever."

"Summer keeps trying to convince us to watch the movie!" said Ava, and Chloe agreed with her.

"But you guys haven't seen it yet?"

They both fell silent.

"Then shut up now, or I'll shove your socks in your mouths!"


After the movie, Jade turned off the TV and was relieved to find that Chloe and Ava had fallen asleep peacefully during the movie. Carefully, Jade leaned over Ava and picked up her phone from the nightstand.

She opened Ava's messaging service and pressed Caitlyn's profile picture. Again, she felt her heartbeat quicken once more, and she frowned as she read a pair of the messages Caitlyn wrote.

The way she wrote and what she wrote felt strangely familiar, almost as if she knew Caitlyn from more than just the break-in.

Thoughtfully, she put the phone back and looked at the pleased faces of Chloe and Ava.

"Those are questions for future Jade to worry about," she murmured, turning off the bedside lamp and closing her eyes.

Part 2

When Jade woke up, the smell of bacon rose to her nose. Her charges seemed to still be asleep and Jade decided to give them some more rest and let herself slide out of bed without waking them.

"Good morning Maike," Jade said and sat down next to her partner at the set breakfast table.

"Morning," Maike said curtly, sipping her coffee and typing something on her laptop.

"Can we talk about yesterday Maike?" asked Jade, watching Maike roll her eyes.

"I don't see what else we need to talk about right now JADE!" Maike replied and turned her eyes back to the computer.

"It's not a coincidence that we're here, is it?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"I just find it surprising that the two girls are friends with Caitlyn and Luke."

"I'm sorry, who?"

"The siblings we broke into on Friday."


"You're serious now? Maike, the great hacker and chemist from Germany can't remember two names?"

"What are you getting at Jade?" asked Maike, annoyed.

"It can't be a coincidence that we break into Caitlyn and Luke's house for a client first and their friends' house shortly after," Jade said, crossing her arms.

Maike rubbed her temple.

"Our client wants certain data from a company where both families are employed. The Millers are work colleagues of the Taylors and the children of them may know each other from company parties or visiting with each other. Did you think of that?"


"The great Jade, ladies and gentlemen! She's a burglar and a bondage expert, but doesn't have the ability to see simple connections." Maike exclaimed, applauding her.

"Haha," Jade said dryly and stood up, "I'll get the girls down, be better for them if you're out of sight then."

Maike raised an eyebrow but said nothing.


Jade knocked on Ava's room door and glanced into the room lit by the morning sun.

"Hey you two how are you feeling?" asked Jade, and two pairs of eyes blinked sleepily at her.

"Sweaty," Chloe and Ava murmured as if from the same mouth.

"I'll let you guys into the bathroom then," Jade laughed and began to untie them both from their layers. As Jade carefully cut the tape along with the plastic, Ava and Chloe's damp sweaty air met her in the face.

"Oh yeah you guys really need to shower and don't forget to put those on when you want to come out." Jade noted, shooing the two into Ava's bathroom and placing two pairs of combined hand and ankle cuffs in the bathroom.

"And I thought you were going to come in and wash us!" shouted Chloe through the closed door.

"CHLOE! It's bad enough we're being treated like prisoners in my own house, I don't need to be showered by Jade too!"

"Naa maybe when we know each other a little better, Chloe."

"Shoot then!" said Chloe over the shower's downpouring water.

Jade smiled in amusement and as she spoke took off her swimsuit and slipped back into her catsuit putting on her leather jacket and leggings.

"How do you two know each other?" asked Jade, leaning against the wall.

"We've known each other since elementary school and have stayed together ever since," Chloe said curtly.

"Not exactly a captivating story," Jade noted.

"Haha, no but that's just how it was," Ava replied.

"So who is this Summer who played a prank on Ava?"

Ava groaned, while Chloe started laughing.

"Summer was a classmate of ours, too. She was always a little more laid back but was always class best. I think you would like her a lot, Jade. Ava doesn't always speak well of her though."

"Because of the prank?"

"Can we please not talk about that and Summer," Ava interjected, interrupting Chloe.

"And who is this Caitlyn? You guys seem to be getting along better with her if you're so worried about her?"

"Yeah, she just moved back here a few months ago but we've taken her to our hearts. She's funny, helpful and not a fan of bondage until recently," Ava said.

"Is bondage really that bad?" asked Jade.

"It's… difficult, okay? I mean, it's been interesting but… can we just not talk about… the prank?"

"No problem Ava. What was Caitlyn doing before?"


"Yes?" asked Jade after a while when she heard whispering between the two.

"We honestly don't know for sure," Chloe said hesitantly.

"Ho? Is she uncomfortable talking about it?"

"No she… she told us her parents split up and she moved away with her mom, but she said she doesn't remember that time away from Leon City very well."

"Wait like…" Jade said, interrupting herself as the house-bell rang.

"JADE!" echoed Maike's voice, through the house.

"Coming right away!" Shouted Jade down and opened the bathroom door without a second thought.

"Sorry you two," Jade said curtly as she looked into the deep red faces of Chloe and Ava, who were both standing naked in the shower, covering their nakedness with their hands.

"What was that about getting to know each other better?" asked Ava in shock as Jade picked up the metal cuffs from the floor and snapped them around Ava and Chloe's wrists. Jade tied the foot ends of the cuffs to the shower rod so they couldn't leave the bathroom.

"Excuse me," Jade said curtly, and walked into the hallway where Maike was already waiting impatiently for her.

"WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE!" hissed Maike, pointing at the screen next to the front door.

Jade's eyes snapped open as she saw a small blue Fiat on the gate camera screen with Caitlyn behind the wheel.

"What do I know? I texted her yesterday that Chloe needed rest and not to come until she was better!" said Jade panicked as once again her pulse skyrocketed.


"Oh, what?"

"She checked on Chloe's condition a few hours ago and I texted back that she was fine," Maike replied, holding up Chloe's phone.

Jade looked at her, stunned.

"And that's why I take care of the humans and you take care of the computers!" hissed Jade, snatching Chloe's phone from Maike's hands.

Caitlyn rang the gate again and typed something into her cell phone.

Chloe's phone vibrated.


Caitlyn: Is everything okay with you guys? Ava isn't answering my messages. Does this have something to do with the SUV?


Chloe: Ava is busy right now


Caitlyn: Ah yeah. Mmmh ava told me to come on wednesday but i was worried about you and since you said you were feeling better i thought i would come by and check on you


Chloe: Yeah we're fine, some old friends of ours came over unexpectedly yesterday and kept us a little busy.


Caitlyn: Oh, cool, cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool …


Chloe: Yeah it was a surprise like I said


Caitlyn: Yeah I totally understand, I'll go back and leave you guys to it

Caitlyn: I mean ava said wednesday and um yeah.

Caitlyn: I'm embarrassed right now.

Caitlyn: Sorry that was inappropriate

Caitlyn: Get well soon


Jade rolled her eyes. She didn't want to be responsible for breaking up a friendship just because Maike messed up.


Chloe: Wait a minute, we're in the middle of some …

Chloe: Something

Chloe: Hard to explain

Chloe: Wait a second


"Maike," Jade began, looking up at her partner, "Our client. On a scale of one to ten, how much are we and the girls in deep shit if we get caught?"

Maike swallowed and sweat appeared on her forehead, Jade had never seen her so nervous.


Jade took a deep breath.

"I thought we weren't taking those kinds of customers anymore! Maike I have to let her in!"

"WHAT! Why don't you just send her away?" she hissed angrily.

"BECAUSE, WE HAVE RULES TOO MAIKE! Why else are we doing this with the drug? So that our victims can continue to live without fears and their social lives aren't ruined. Don't you think if Caitlyn is so worried about her friend and then gets screwed over in such a way that no permanent damage is done?"

"Yeah but…"

"Or Caitlyn doesn't buy that the SUV belongs to friends?" Jade interrupted her, "What if she goes to the police? You fucked up and I don't feel like sleeping with the girl at the fishes or even being to blame for ruining their friendship! You don't care about the latter, but it was a condition of our partnership! I can get us out of this, but only if I let her in now!"

Maike exhaled deeply and shook her head.

"Go ahead then," she said and disappeared into the living room.


Chloe: Remember how I said I was taking ava to the dark side? The friends I'm talking about are experts in the field and have managed to get ava to at least try it


Caitlyn: Are you serious now?


Chloe: Yes. I'm sorry, I just met her and I had to convince her that you were interested. It's all been a little up and down. And I was really not well yesterday, please believe me… but I would be happy if you join me.


Jade waited eagerly for Caitlyn's answer while she typed and deleted a message several times.


Caitlyn: Okay


Chloe: Great! Hold on a second please. It was a miracle that I was able to use my phone anyway. It's about to open.

I'll see you in a minute XO


Caitlyn: XO


Jade pushed open the gate and rushed into Ava's room.

She opened the bathroom door again and was met with questioning looks from Ava and Chloe.

"There's been a little change of plans," Jade opened, releasing Chloe from the handcuffs.

"Don't tell me my parents are back," Ava said, horrified.

"Oh no thankfully not, but Maike messed up," said Jade, escorting Chloe out of the bathroom to the bed

"What happened?" asked Chloe as Jade nervously paced the room.

"Caitlyn's here."

Chloe stared open-mouthed at Jade.

"You've got to be kidding me! How could this happen?" asked Ava heatedly.

"Like I said, Maike messed up and our client isn't one of the nice ones. I'm trying to straighten everything out so we can all get home safely and I really need your help." asked Jade.

"What do we need to do?" asked Chloe.

" HOW, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO? WHY SHOULD WE HELP JADE OR MAIKE AT ALL!!!" asked Ava angrily, pulling on her bonds to no avail.

Jade walked into the bathroom and Ava winced as her emotions turned from anger to fear.

"Because I'm asking you, Ava," Jade said softly, "I'm afraid for you. Afraid of what will happen to you if our client sends someone else out. I'm not perfect and I've made many bad decisions in my life, but please let me make up for the mistakes made yesterday and today. I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to have a good time with you guys and that goes beyond the job. I could have just sent Caitlyn away, but your friendship might not have survived that."

Ava bit her lip thoughtfully, trying to gauge whether Jade was telling the truth.

"Fine, whatever. What do I have to do?"

Jade breathed a sigh of relief and freed Ava from the shower rod.

"Put on something comfortable and let Chloe tie you up until I get there with Caitlyn. I'll talk to her for a minute and tell her that it's my job to teach bondage to interested people like you."

"Why do I have to be tied up?" muttered Ava, massaging her wrists.

"Because," Jade said, handing Chloe her phone, "bound people usually can't write anything."

Ava and Chloe looked down at the phone seriously.

"Can I count on you guys?" asked Jade, putting her hands on her charge's shoulders.

"Yes," Chloe said curtly while Ava just nodded.

"Please don't make me regret this," Jade said, hugging them both to her chest.

Chloe hugged Jade back and murmured, "Never."

Ava said nothing, trying to hide the fact that she was blushing as Jade hugged her and Chloe's naked bodies.

The doorbell rang.

Jade hesitantly let go and disappeared downstairs. Chloe and Ava looked again at the phone in their hands.

"Let's get this over with," Ava muttered.


Jade suppressed her racing heart as she opened the door and Caitlyn looked up at her with a deep red face.

"Hi you must be Caitlyn right? Come on in, Chloe and Ava have already told me a lot about you." Jade said and stepped aside to let the black haired beauty in.

Caitlyn hesitated and studied Jade's outfit which reminded her strongly of a burglar.

"Do you own the SUV?" she asked shyly.

"Honestly, no, it's my manager's. Maike handles appointments and events for me and is a fantastic cook. There was a little gap between a few appointments and so I was able to persuade her to make a little detour here. She's in the living room right now sorting out upcoming events."

"Mmmh," Caitlyn said as she continued to stand on the doorstep, seeming to consider calling the police.

"Are Chloe and Ava okay?"

"Why don't you ask them yourself? Chloe, Ava can you come here for a minute?"

Ava: "A little bad right now!"

"Hold on!" said Chloe, appearing on the stairs. She had put on one of Jade's spare catsuits and was beaming down at Caitlyn.

"Hey, sweetie, great to see you. I hope you two come right up!"

"After a quick chat in private," Jade said, looking over at Caitlyn again.

"What about Ava?"

"Ah wait." Said Chloe, pulling out her phone. She grinned deviously and moments later Caitlyn's phone, which she had been holding tensely in her hands the entire time, vibrated.

Caitlyn's face took on an even darker hue when she saw a selfie of a broadly grinning Chloe, a bound Ava beside her.

"Wow, you weren't lying."

"Yeah, sorry for the confusion," Chloe said, "With everything that happened yesterday, I wasn't quite up to speed and I still had to convince Jade to let you in."

"Ahaa I see, how's that going now?" asked Caitlyn, finally crossing the threshold. Jade breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well I'll get you settled in and Chloe will continue to take care of Ava for a minute," Jade said, clapping her hands together.

"Don't worry Caitlyn, Jade is great, you'll like her!" said Chloe and disappeared into Ava's room.

"Shall we?" asked Jade, escorting Caitlyn to the kitchen where she poured herself and Caitlyn a drink and sat at the counter.

"And your name is?" asked Caitlyn.

"Just call me Jade, it makes the following a little easier and more informal." Replied Jade, folding her hands on the table.

"Okay, Jade. All this time I've been thinking about whether we've met somewhere before. Maybe from wanted posters?" said Caitlyn, sitting down across from her and pointing at Jade's burglar outfit, consisting of the jacket, a skin tight spandex catsuit and the wetlook leggings she wore over it.

"Haha, no but that would be good advertising for my business. Maybe you've seen me in some videos or on bondage shows though? I'm a frequent rigger there." Jade lied.



"That's what they call the ones that tie people up."

"Oh well… mmmh I don't think so. I've only been dealing with this recently. You said we still need to talk about something?"

"Just some rules and safety kerfuffle, then we can get to the other two," Jade said, smiling at Caitlyn as her heart continued to race.


"I think it's great you're joining in Ava," Chloe murmured, catching Ava's legs in a sling to pull them onto her back.

"I just don't feel like getting mugged again anytime soon. Besides, Jade is… quite nice" Ava groaned as Chloe pulled tightly on the rope and forced her legs into a strict hogtie. To keep from lying naked on her bed, she had quickly put on yesterday's hot pants and randomly slipped on a shirt from her closet. Too late she had noticed that it was much too small and now stretched tightly over her skin.

"How long do you think we have to keep up this charade?"

"I don't know. I think you interrupted Maike yesterday when she was about to tell us, but it's kind of fun, with Jade. I think so, anyway."

"Except for yesterday afternoon, right?" asked Ava.

"You may find it hard to believe but drowning is something I don't want to do again… but the rest? Maybe we'll go swimming again today, this time without incident?"

Ava rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but put on a smile when she saw the anticipation in Chloe's eyes.

"Tell me, what do you like about bondage anyway?" asked Ava as she tested her restraints only to find that she could never free herself without help.

"I honestly don't know exactly. It started when I was watching this show with Summer where the heroines were always captured. We acted out scenes and later we made it into a game ourselves to see if we could escape from the restraints. Summer tied it in with her other hobbies while I stuck with ropes and handcuffs. I think I like the challenge or the feeling of not having to think about anything else. The way Jades took care of us, the way her ropes hugged me… I haven't been hugged like that in a long time…" Chloe fell silent and turned away from Ava.

"I'm sorry," Ava murmured.

"Oh, don't be,…" began Chloe but interrupted herself when she heard Caitlyn and Jade climbing the stairs laughing.

"And how long did you say you and your brother were tied up?" asked Jade.

"It was a good four hours in the chair, we used the scissors after that or we would have been sitting there like that for ages. Luke said he didn't really need to do that again, but if I needed help I should just ask him," said Caitlyn.

"Now that's what I call an adventure! Are you ready for another one?"

"You betcha!"

"Let's get started then!"

Jade opened the door and Caitlyn froze when she saw Ava lying on the bed in front of her. Her hands were tied in a boxtie and her feet were pulled back so tightly they were almost touching her butt.

Chloe sat calmly beside her and smiled at them.

"Hey Chloe, hey… Ava, didn't think I'd ever see you like this," Caitlyn said, taking a few steps closer to Ava to inspect the bondage.

"Well, since you said you were interested, I thought I'd at least give bondage a chance," Ava said, putting on a brave smile.

"Was that you Chloe? Looks a little painful for Ava?" asked Caitlyn.

"You think?" Chloe asked, glancing at the restraints.

"It's fine," said Ava.

"Let's see," said Jade, standing next to the girls, "This is indeed a little tight Chloe."

She tried to go under the ropes on Ava's arms with her fingers, but they were so taut it was impossible.

"The ropes can't be too tight here, even if they are a little looser they serve their purpose." explained Jade, loosening the ropes a little.

"The hogtie is perfect though, I didn't know you were so limber, Ava," Jade said, stroking the soles of Ava's feet with her fingers. The young woman winced at the touch.

"Hoooo? Is someone ticklish?" asked Jade while Chloe and Caitlyn exchanged furtive glances.

"No, I just got spooked." Ava lied, bracing herself for more tickle attacks, which failed to happen. Instead, Jade loosened Ava's bonds on her legs so she could walk again.

"What do you say we take a little trip out to the garden? It's nice weather and outdoors is just as good a place to tie up as here."


"Outside?" asked Caitlyn, turning pale, "What if someone sees us?"

"I think Ava's garden is big enough that no one from the street can see us, assuming anyone would actually drive out here. Besides, that was more of a rhetorical question." Jade explained, picking up the middle of the rope she had just loosened and grabbing Caitlyn's arms.

"Then I'll show you how to make a secure and hard to escape bondage," Jade explained, wrapping Caitlyn's parallel arms twice, leaving the middle hanging loose. She took the resulting two rope ends in her hands, crossed them and tied two simple knots in them. Chloe and Ava watched the result intently.

"This is the first step for a Safe Boxtie. Now if I were to continue tying and Caitlyn gets too uncomfortable or her hands go numb, I can just push this bow here into the knot and her hands are instantly free." Explained Jade, showing them both what she meant.

"Do you want me to untie Ava again?" asked Chloe.

"Not now. If anything happens to Ava, I'll just cut her free, so don't worry about it."

Jade continued and wrapped Caitlyn's arms, running the rope under and over her breasts as she did so. She knotted everything on Caitlyn's back and helped her stand up.

"Provided I've done everything right now, Caitlyn shouldn't be able to get free without help, right Caitlyn?" asked Jade, watching the young woman who immediately began checking her bonds.

"I'll never get out of there," Caitlyn muttered, hiding her increasingly reddening face.

"Glad to hear it. Then see how it goes with Chloe, then you can do it by yourself." said Jade, demonstrating the bondage again on Chloe.

"So what now? I thought we were going to the garden." Ava remarked, blanching when she saw Jade's smile.

"Why do you think I untied your feet?" asked Jade, pulling three collars from her bag.


Maike rubbed her temples. After going back to the living room, she had started to get a headache. With each additional minute Jade spent with Caitlyn, the chance of her business destroying itself increased. She looked at her screen and scowled to see that her computer still hadn't made any significant progress.

She bit down on the knuckle of her index finger and thought about how best to prevent them from spending time together.

There was a knock.

"Yes?" asked Maike, looking at the door.

"And this is my manager Maike, I was just going to ask her for a favor then we'll be right out," Jade said to Caitlyn who looked over Jade's shoulder into the living room half curious and half embarrassed with her head bright red.

"What do you need?" asked Maike indignantly, staring coldly in the direction of the three bound women who were bound together with collars and so had to run after Jade.

"Could you get a small basket ready for us? We want to have breakfast in the garden."

"Sure, I have nothing else to do." Maike grumbled.

"You're the best Maike!" said Jade, leading the women single file into Ava's garden.

Maike's gaze dropped to her bag and she clicked her tongue.


"You know Ava since I've been here, that tree has always caught my eye," Jade said, pointing to a huge oak tree that stood in the middle of a green meadow, casting its shadow on the ground.

"Um, what are you going to do with Great Grandpa’s Oak?" asked Ava worriedly while Jade removed their collars.

"I was going to show you suspension bondage, but since nowhere in your palace of a house is a suitable place to hang you, we'll just take this tree."

"Hang!?" asked Caitlyn and Ava in horror as if from the same mouth while Chloe stared dreamily up at the oak tree.

"It's not what you think," Jade said quickly, tousling both of their hair.


"You can do that?" asked Chloe, quivering with excitement.

"Sure, it's my job," Jade said with a smile, spreading a picnic blanket on the grass.

"Which one of you wants to go first?" asked Jade, checking one of the thick branches of the oak tree for stability. Jade heard a rustle behind her and had to laugh as Ava and Caitlyn took a step back while Chloe still looked up dreamily.

"Very good, Chloe come here," Jade said with a grin, waving the young woman over.

"Please what?" asked Chloe absentmindedly, looking around at her friends who started giggling.

"Don't worry, you'll look fabulous," Jade said, gently pulling Chloe to her, "especially since you just put on my spare clothes," she added in a whisper and began braiding a rope in Chloe's upper body harness.

Jade threw the other end over the branch and knotted it tightly so Chloe could only stand on her tiptoes.

"Don't worry, we're about to start," Jade said when she saw Chloe's strained expression and tied one rope around each of her legs, above her knees.

She threw the other two ropes over the branch and tightened them both.

"Oh my!" cried Chloe in surprise as her legs were yanked out from under her and she was suspended in mid-air in one fell swoop. Her legs hung in front of her in loops and she felt all the ropes tighten around her chest.

"Are you okay?" asked Jade, stroking Chloe's back.

"Yeah everything's fine," Chloe gasped, "I was just a little surprised."

Chloe leaned back in the ropes and relaxed, closing her eyes.

"Who wants to go next?" asked Jade, glancing at Ava and Caitlyn.

"I'd like to watch a little more," Caitlyn murmured shyly.

"No problem!" said Jade, grabbing Ava and laying her on the blanket.

"Wait, why are you tying me up in a hogtie again?" asked Ava irritatedly while Jade started humming jauntily.

"I think you look excellent in a hogtie and the few minutes in your room just now weren't nearly enough," Jade said, pulling Ava's feet towards her bottom.

She then attached ropes to her back, hips and legs and used them to pull Ava up off the floor.

"Hey Ava! You here too?" asked Chloe with a laugh as Ava's head popped up next to her.

"You're unbelievable!" said Ava though couldn't help but smile.

Jade turned to Caitlyn who now had the same gleam in her eyes as Chloe had earlier.

Without wasting much time, Jade weaved a rope into the upper body restraint and lifted Caitlyn onto her toes like Chloe. She wrapped several ropes around her left shin and pulled it upward. Finally, Jade folded Caitlyn's shin at the knee and secured it with the remaining ropes.

Jade took a few steps back and looked at her work of art.

"Well, what do you say?" she asked, rubbing her hands together.

"Well, I can't free myself… I'm not even sure I want to," Ava said, looking down at the ground.

"She means her rope skills, Ava," Chloe enlightened her, "That looks amazing Jade. Where did you learn that?"

"Oh here and there," Jade replied, but then frowned when she couldn't remember exactly where she had learned bondage.

She was snapped out of her thoughts, though, when Caitlyn said, "Can you teach me that, too? We look fantastic."

"Of course, but first we're going to have some breakfast," Jade replied, beckoning Maike, who was stumbling across the lawn with a picnic basket in hand.

"Why did you have to take them outside?" whispered Maike irritably while handing Jade the basket.

"Do you think it would have been natural if we had spent the whole day inside? Just let me do my job." Jade whispered back and accepted the basket.

While Maike grumbled and walked back to the house, Jade turned to the trio. She suddenly contorted her face as an image popped into her head. She and Caitlyn, lying arm in arm in a meadow with a picnic basket beside them. Jade put her head down and rubbed her eyes.


While Chloe seemed to be on cloud nine and Ava had closed her eyes to avoid looking at the floor, Caitlyn looked over at Jade with concern.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Mh yeah just… remembered something."

"Was it a nice memory?"

"I'm not sure yet," Jade replied, untying the ropes and letting the women slowly slide back to the floor.

Maike had made sandwiches for them and topped them with cheese and sausage. In addition, she had added a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Jade refrained from completely freeing the trio and instead began feeding them, Ava with some resistance until her stomach began to grumble and the others began to laugh.

"Glass of juice too, Caitlyn?" asked Jade, holding a cup under her nose.

"I'm allergic to oranges, unfortunately," Caitlyn said.

"Guess that leaves more for us," Chloe remarked, sipping the cup Jade now held to her mouth.


Chloe had fallen victim to the gentle warmth of the mid-morning sun and was dozing off while Jade drank a glass of the orange juice and refilled Ava's cup.

"Say Jade, are you sure we haven't met somewhere before?" asked Caitlyn as Jade yawned and poured Ava the rest of the orange juice.

"Doubt it, Caitlyn, such a pretty face is hard to…" Jade said, falling silent as she had a hard time keeping her eyes open.

"She didn't do that, did she?" whispered Jade, stunned, looking down at the cup in her hand.

She heard footsteps behind her and turned around, while Ava's face sank into the grass and she started breathing calmly and evenly.

"What…why?" Jade asked weakly, looking up at her partner.

"If you knew that, I'd have to make you forget it, too, again," Maike murmured, bending down to Jade. She stroked her hair while Jade lost her strength and went down in front of her.

"What's going on!" demanded Caitlyn as she saw her friends had fallen asleep and now Jade was also suddenly lying in the grass in front of Maike unconscious.

Maike sighed and stood up.

"It wouldn't do any sense to explain anything to you. I can only hope that our paths don't cross again Caitlyn, you're getting in the way of my business," Maike muttered, holding up a small bottle in which a silvery liquid sloshed around.

Caitlyn turned chalk pale as Maike approached her, her hands clenching around her jaw like they were a vice.

"Open your mouth Caitlyn, you'll wake up safe and sound next to your friends later and all of this had been a dream at best," Maike muttered, trying to force Caitlyn's mouth open.

The young woman tried to turn away but Maike's fingernails clawed painfully into her cheeks.

"Come on, just one little sip and you'll wake up in a few hours. Like the day before yesterday with Luke, or the day I recruited Jade." said Maike forcefully.

Caitlyn's eyes widened when she heard that.

"Oh yeah, not that long ago you drank that," Maike said, taking advantage of Caitlyn's shock and forcing the bottle between her teeth.

Panicked, Caitlyn tried not to swallow, but Maike just squeezed her nose shut and waited until she ran out of air and had to swallow to breathe again.

Satisfied, Maike stood up and while Caitlyn coughed and looked up at the older woman.

"Why?" asked Caitlyn.

"Why should I answer that ? In fifteen minutes tops, you'll be asleep just like the others and when you wake up, all of you won't remember what happened here." said Maike, shrugging her shoulders.

"Tell me right now what you did to Jade and me!" demanded Caitlyn, struggling against her bonds.

Maike's cold expression disappeared and a mischievous smile appeared instead.

"No," she said tersely, bending down to her partner and pulling her onto her shoulder to take her back to the house, while Caitlyn desperately tried to free herself, cursing Maike in the process.

With each passing minute she felt herself growing tired and her strength failing her until she finally fell asleep next to her friends.


"Hey, get up, sleepyhead. I'm definitely not carrying you upstairs." said Maike, rousing Jade from her slumber.

"Mmmh? What happened?" asked Jade irritatedly, shielding herself from the light of passing cars.

"We finished the job and you wanted to rest a bit on the ride home. Must have fallen asleep. Those three seem to have kept you pretty busy," Maike muttered.

"Ah yes," Jade said hesitantly, rubbing her eyes, "I'm sorry. I know how you like to use the ride to debrief." said Jade, stretching.

"Don't worry about it. We'll talk about it tomorrow. I'd really like to go to the client now though, could you…"

"Oh yes of course I'll see you later," said Jade hugging Maike briefly and leaving the car towards the old skyscraper.


"Which one of you two had this dumb idea again?" cursed Ava, watching the block of ice in front of her drip onto her parents' expensive wooden floor. The key to her handcuffs was frozen in it, hanging a bit out of reach.

"CHLOE!" "CAITLYN!"they both shouted as if from the same mouth.

"Mmmh sure," Ava mumbled, sitting on the floor handcuffed. Her legs were folded inward with the help of leather restraints and fitted with locks whose keys hung around her friends' necks. Chloe and Caitlyn were tied side by side on the bed. The ropes held them pinned to the bed as if they were flies in a spider web. They all had to wait for Ava's key to drop so she could free herself from the handcuffs.

"Come on Ava, admit that you're having a little fun," Caitlyn said, playfully pulling on her restraints.

Ava exhaled heavily.

"But don't tell Summer," she muttered, smiling over her shoulder at her two friends.

"You can do that yourself, the days we're going to visit her! I want to finally meet Tea properly!" said Chloe and Ava clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

"Fine by me, but I'm not getting into any of her costumes! That last time was just mean and sneaky of her!"


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