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Continues from

2: Tea's New Suit(s)

Tea left the theater bitterly after she had received yet another refusal. This was already the eighth time this week and even the weather seemed to have conspired against her. Tea hadn't made it halfway home when it started to rain and of course she didn't bring an umbrella. She looked up at the sky, exhausted, and raindrops pelted her face.

Tea exhaled heavily and muttered, "Typical."

This was not how she had imagined her breakthrough in the big city. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, Leon City had caused her nothing but grief so far. If Summer hadn't offered her the guest room in her house, she would have left town already.

"Back home," Tea said, slamming the door behind her. The rain had left her wet to the bone, and from her dark brown, shoulder-length hair it dripped incessantly onto the floor.

"Hold on I'll be right there, I just have to … shit, it escaped again!" shouted Summer angrily from her bedroom.

"Welcome back," she finally greeted as she turned off her console, "and how was it? Did you get the role?"

Summer's pink long hair appeared behind the door and she glanced at Tea's wet misery.

"Ohh. That bad, huh?" she asked, and Tea nodded.

"Come on, I filled a tub for you. It's the weekend and you should get some rest and relaxation." Summer said, pulling Tea towards the bathroom and helping her peel out of her wet clothes.

"I don't know what I'd do without you Summer," Tea muttered as her roommate pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it into the hamper.

"Oh don't worry about it, what are friends for? Do you feel like going to the club with me in a bit? I'll invite you, too. Maybe that will take your mind off things?" asked Summer, brushing Tea's skintight jeans off her legs.

"Nice of you but I think I'll just go to bed. I have to get up early again tomorrow."

Summer braced her hands on her hips and looked anxiously at Tea, who stood before her dressed only in her underwear.

"You need to give yourself a break once in a while too Tea. When was the last time you did something for yourself or just relaxed for a bit?"

Tea opened her mouth to answer, but she couldn't manage to remember. Since arriving in Leon City, she had only been thinking about her career and neglecting everything else.

"Tea I'm really worried about you. It's best to stay home and relax for the next few days. We can do something together this week."

"But …"

"No, but! As soon as I get back, you'll be in bed asleep. Your alarm will be off and you'll stay in at least this weekend. I could make you stay home, too!"

Tea blushed as she remembered the second week at Summer's house. Tea had caught Summer dressed up, lying on her bed, desperately trying to unlock handcuffs after hearing that she was no longer home alone.

"Summer I told you I don't want anything to do with your weird hobby, but fine as you want, I'm staying here!" said Tea, pushing her friend out of the bathroom and locking up.

"God you are so kinky!" exclaimed Tea and all she heard was a giggle on the other side of the door.

Tea unclasped her bra and dropped it carelessly to the floor. Moments later, her panties landed next to it.

"Why does she keep making these suggestions?" asked Tea in exhaustion, getting into the hot water of the tub.

A moan escaped her lips as she felt all the stress wash away with the cold as she lay down and the water covered her up to her chin.

All the thoughts and worries in her head seemed to be blown away as the warmth penetrated her body and she breathed in the soothing aroma of the soap.


"Tea? I have to go to the club now, could you do me a little favor?" asked Summer through the closed bathroom door.

"Yes," Tea replied shortly.

"There should be a package arriving for me any minute now, which I'd hate to miss. Could you take it for me?"


"Thank you, I owe you one. I'll be home sometime tonight. Can you, in the meantime, go to my console and catch some Pokémon I'm still missing. Bye!"

"Have a good time," Tea wished her and closed her eyes again. She wouldn't dream of going into Summer's room. That was probably just one of her tricks to get Tea to jump on Summer's "special" hobby. She had to hand it to Summer though, the bath had been a really good idea, she was already feeling much better.

Ten minutes later she got out of the tub and dried herself with a huge white towel. She wrapped it around her body and went into the living room to make herself comfortable on Summer's sofa. She picked up the TV remote and sat down.

The doorbell rang.

Tea cursed loudly as she remembered Summer's package and opened the front door dressed only in a towel.

The mailman grinned when he saw Tea's covered body.

"I have a package for …"

"Yes, yes, give it to me already," Tea said impatiently and took the package, put her signature and slammed the door. The letter carrier shrugged his shoulders and turned around, humming a happy song on his lips.

Tea put the package on the TV table and sat down on the sofa behind it. "I don't get a moment's peace either, do I?" she asked with a snort, leaning back only to find that the remote was on the table next to the package.

"Apparently not," she muttered, leaning forward again. Her eyes fell on the package as she did so.

A logo had been printed on the side of the box that she had seen many times since she had moved in with Summer.

A medieval coat of arms, which was divided into four fields. While a C and a T were emblazoned on the top left and bottom right, a woman and a cat were depicted on the two remaining fields. Underneath, in cursive writing, it said: "C&T Fashion and more, since 1255".

Tea had asked Summer more than once if the company had actually been around since 1255 and what the "more" meant, however, Summer only ever put on a mysterious smile and winked at her while showing off the company's adorable dresses.

Even on the Internet, there was hardly anything about the company. It was as if someone had put a magic veil over them, preventing them from being found out.

"What a ridiculous idea," Tea muttered, leaning back into the sofa armed with the remote. She flipped through the channels, but nothing decent seemed to be on today. Tea's eyes kept wandering to the package and she studied the logo as if to discover if it hid the company's secret. The sun had already set and Tea was slowly overcome by fatigue. The exhausting fruitless day took its toll and a boring movie slowly lulled her to sleep.


A bang jolted Tea from her sleep and she blinked at the TV. Someone had pulled out a gun and was threatening another person with it.

"I'd better get to bed," she muttered, swaying as she stood up. Her hand brushed Summer's package as she did so.

Tea licked her lips. Her curiosity had always been a problem and this time was no different.

"She won't mind if I take a peek, will she?" she said, tucking the package under her arm and disappearing into her room.

She placed the package on her bed and carefully removed the tape. What appeared was something black and shiny that completely filled the box. A sweet smell rose to her nostrils that she had only noticed from Summer's room before.

"What is this?" Tea asked herself, touching the unfamiliar material.

It was smooth and felt a little cold, after further testing she determined it was some sort of rubber.

"Is this part of Summer's hobbies?" pondered Tea, pulling it out of the box for a closer look.

She didn't notice a remote control falling to the floor, hidden in the box. It beeped softly as it hit the floor and rolled under Tea's bed.

In fact, the item was a full body suit, made entirely of rubber and heavy in her hands. Tea suspected it was because of the extraordinary thickness of the material.

She had heard and even seen clothing made of rubber before, but nothing she had seen before bore any resemblance to the garment before her, which she now spread out on her bed.

It had undoubtedly been made for Summer, Tea saw it in the feminine cut of the suit. Additionally, feet and gloves had been attached to it. But what she found most impressive was that the suit had a mask. It had no visible openings for eyes, nose or mouth.

"Summer didn't order a suit just to suffocate in it, did she?" said Tea, looking at the mask more closely, but finding no signs of holes to breathe through.

She stroked the suit again with her fingers, but quickly pulled them back as if she had burned herself on the cool material and bit down on her index finger.

"What am I doing here?" she stammered, taking a step back.

She took a deep breath as if to organize her thoughts but again she noticed the sweet smell hanging in the air.

"Just to see how it feels … after that I'll take it off again!" she said after a moment's consideration and loosened the towel around her waist.

Quickly the zipper on the back was opened and with trembling hands she pulled the suit up her legs.

The latex slid over her smooth skin, it felt cold, but warmed up the longer it lay on her body. She felt as if the suit would resist her, but she managed to pull it over her hips. Summer had probably had it made to her exact measurements, as her roommate was a bit smaller and more petite than Tea. Fortunately, despite the thickness, latex was extremely expandable and with a little effort her hands disappeared into the gloves and her body into the maw of the suit. Nervously, she glanced at the mask dangling across her chest.

"Maybe I shouldn't put the mask on, it's too scary for me," she thought, but felt for the zipper on her back and pulled it up a bit. Tea almost expected it to get stuck halfway up because the suit was too small for her, but it closed without a problem. It took her breath away when it was completely closed around her. The latex squeezed her hips and was tight around her neck. Tea took a deep breath to resist the corset-like effect of the suit.

"That sweet smell again." Tea thought, holding her hand to her nose. No doubt the smell came from the suit.

Tea shrugged and walked to her closet where a large mirror hung.


The suit had wrapped around her body like a second skin, accentuating her slim figure and lifting her breasts. As Tea had already suspected, it squeezed her waist and now additionally served as a corset. The only thing missing was the Faceless Mask, which still rested on her chest and disturbed the perfect image.

Tea swallowed. She was nervous and didn't know if she should really dare. However, her curiosity won again and she lifted the mask to her face.

Tea took a deep breath. Before she could change her mind, she closed her eyes and had the mask pressed to her face.

She tried to breathe and again she noticed the sweet smell, stronger than ever, but she also breathed in fresh oxygen. Tea was relieved and zipped up the mask with a jerk. She had done it. She had stepped naked into her friend's latex suit and she felt fantastic.

Tea opened her eyes and she was relieved that she could see almost perfectly, everything was a bit darker but she had feared worse. Tea looked in the mirror and sank to the floor in awe when she saw her shiny black body in the reflection.

She raised her trembling hand and touched her image.

"C&T … is THIS your fashion or is THIS the ‘more’?" she asked, pulling her hand back to trace her body.

While the latex was thick, she could clearly feel her hands dancing over her entire body. A cold shiver ran down her neck as she touched her breasts and caressed her crotch.

She leaned against her bed with pleasure and massaged herself.

"I need one of those too … I wonder if Summer can order me one?" she pondered, letting her mind wander. She imagined what it would be like to sleep in the suit, wearing it around the house with Summer. Just the thought of it made her blush.

A noise snapped her out of her daydream and she blinked several times in confusion, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Staggering, she got up and saw that her cell phone was the culprit. Annoyed, she walked around her bed to see who was interrupting.

She froze when she saw that Summer had called her and left a message.

Tea read that there was nothing going on at the club and that's why she was coming home already and she asked if Tea would like to watch a movie together or play a game.

Panicked, Tea opened her eyes and whirled around to get out of the suit as quickly as possible with the help of the mirror.

Tea fumbled for the zipper of the mask, but her hands felt no trace of a bump in the suit.

"I just zipped you up!" she cursed, wondering if the zipper was hidden under a flap, but that wasn't the case either.

"What's going on!" she yelled angrily, turning to the cardboard box lying innocently on her bed. She shook it out and a sheet of paper fell out.

She briefly skimmed it and read something about a remote control that could be used to control any of the suit's functions.

"What kind of remote? There wasn't anything else in there," Tea said but paused briefly to get her thoughts in order, "maybe it fell out?"

She looked down at the floor.


Tea knelt down and took a look under her bed. There she saw her key to freedom. She reached for it but the suit made it difficult for her to grab the remote and instead she accidentally pressed a few of its buttons while moving farther and farther away from her fingers.

"Come on!" she growled, pushing herself even deeper under her bed.

Triumphantly, Tea straightened up as she got her hands on the remote and took a look.

It had a small screen on it that said something and it flashed numbers that were slowly counting down.

Straining, she read the words and her blood froze in her veins.

"Lockup Mode Active. Synchronization Mode Activated, start in 5 seconds. Abort during synchronization with user not possible!"

Feverishly, Tea searched the remote and just as the timer showed zero, she pressed the Cancel button.

"Synchronization Mode Active. Please wait while all functions are tested."

"All functions?" repeated Tea in horror.

Suddenly it went black around her as the suit took away her vision. Panicked, Tea gasped for air and stumbled toward her bed. She fell softly onto the blanket and tried to tear the mask off her head, but she couldn't get a grip through the thick latex. As if her suit sensed that it was in danger, the neck and hip area constricted and compressed Tea. She opened her mouth in horror to a silent scream and the mask took the chance and grew into the opening presented to it. It wrapped around her tongue and enclosed her teeth so that all she could taste was latex and it would be difficult for her to speak. At the same time, she felt the suit in her crotch growing as well, slowly but steadily penetrating her front and back. Tea thought the intruders would impale her as they filled her abdomen, but they stopped all at once as Tea thought she would burst. Also, her neck corset opened up a bit so that she gasped greedily for air. Her breathing was still restricted, but she thanked the suit for no longer suffocating her.

As a reward for enduring the ordeal, the intruders began to vibrate and pushed Tea over the top. She howled loudly as an orgasm rolled over her. The lack of air and the arousal the suit caused Tea were too much for her and she slumped unconscious on her bed. Tea didn't hear the rustle of keys on the door or the surprised cry from Summer.

Tea moaned into the mask as she regained consciousness. The two vibrators hummed in her crotch, driving her closer and closer to another orgasm. Tea's eyes opened and she was relieved to see something again, even if it was much less than at first.

She exhaled in relief and tried to straighten up. She noticed that she was lying neatly in her bed and had been wrapped tightly in her blanket by someone. Belts had also been fastened around her body, preventing the blanket from being easily removed.

"Shit," Tea thought, trying unsuccessfully to free herself while the vibrators continued to work unperturbed.

"Hammer? Hammer?!" cried Tea desperately through the gag and it wasn't long before she heard her roommate's footsteps.

"You called out Tea? Anything I can do for you?" asked Summer with amusement as she watched Tea's wriggling form. She was wearing a loose shirt that had a Pokéball on it and black leggings that accentuated her slender legs.

"Hihe hoh meh he hau," the trapped woman begged, lying motionless as she felt the suit heating up more and more from her movements and the blanket, turning into a sauna for her.

"I don't think Tea dear. You put on my suit, soaked it, and to make matters even worse, registered it on YOU! Look at that as punishment for your curiosity. Do you know how long I waited for the BondSuit 6900 from C&T? And now I have to order a new one because of you!"

"Hihe, hi huhe also hahhe ha hu hihh!" begged Tea, looking at Summer out of wide eyes. Summer, however, only saw her friend's face in latex. After the suit synchronized on her, the mask had turned into a rubberized likeness of her face. Her eyes were black, though, not allowing a glimpse into her sapphire blue eyes.

"Anything I want, you say? Mhhmmm. Wait here I actually have an idea." Summer disappeared into the hallway while Tea waited for her to return. She started to shake as the vibrators pushed her to her limit again. Tea tried hard not to come in front of her friend as she came back into the room chatting cheerfully.

"You know. When I invited you to stay with me I had a selfish ulterior motive," Summer said, placing a few bags in the room, "The only problem was that you only had your head for your theater and so I couldn't get you interested in my hobby. Of course there is nothing wrong with making your dreams come true, but as I told you a few hours ago, you have to give yourself a break, I think what I have in mind for you will take your thoughts away, but first…" said Summer and Tea could see that she was holding the remote control in her hand. All at once the vibrators became weaker and were now at such a low level that Tea could not be brought to orgasm by them.

She moaned in disappointment as the heat inside her subsided and Summer chuckled in amusement.

"Don't worry you three will still be good friends," Summer said, undoing the belts of Tea's prison. A warm moist wave hit Summer as she removed the blanket from her friend. Tea smelled of latex, her soap and sex.

"Stand up!", Summer ordered her.

Tea didn't know what was coming over her as she stood up as if on her own when she heard her friend's command. She was excited and nervous at the same time about what her friend was going to do to her in the near future.

Summer bent down to one of the bags and pressed a catsuit into Tea's hand. It was made of a thick spandex fabric and had a creamy coloring.

"Get dressed! I have to do some quick prep and no peeking!" said Sumer curtly and disappeared behind Tea to place the bags next to the mirror.

Tea wondered why she should put another suit over her perfect shiny skin but she also complied with Summer's order and pulled the new suit over her second skin. The thick latex made the spandex fabric feel strange against her skin, as if someone was caressing and loving her whole body with a cloth. Tea pulled the hood of the new suit over her face and once again she was just a faceless doll. Her vision was further limited by the spandex as there were no openings for her eyes.

"So in a moment it's time. I'm going to take away your vision for a moment, I want to surprise you." As if on cue, Tea's eyes went black and she felt Summer's reassuring hand on her shoulders. She was led around the bed and Tea guessed Summer placed her in front of the mirror.

"What's the best one to use?" asked Summer, the bags next to Tea rustling suspiciously.

"I think this will look excellent on you!" said Summer, pulling out some clothes to put on Tea.

Summer motioned for her to lift her legs so she could pull up her body a bit. Tea guessed it was some kind of leotard. A zipper was pulled shut in her back and Tea heard a soft click.

"Ha haa ha?" asked Tea nervously, feeling around the back of her neck with her fingers until she felt a tiny padlock that locked her leotard and spandex suit together.

"Just a little spur of the moment idea of mine. Not that you're removing your clothes without permission."

Tea suddenly felt a slight panic when she heard that. How long was Summer planning to leave her locked under all those layers?

Tea was about to voice her concerns when she was gently placed on the bed so Summer could have easier access to her legs.

She felt something being pulled over her feet and just above her knees. This was followed by boots which were also fitted with locks.

"At least the boots have a flat sole." Thought Tea.

"So now for the grand finale!" said Summer enthusiastically, and Tea felt something encircle her head. Frightened, she ducked away, but it was too late when she heard another click very close to her ears. Summer had her head encased in something.

Tea shook her head to express her displeasure and stood up awkwardly. She swayed menacingly as she lost her balance, but was caught just in time by Summer.

"Trust me, you're going to look gorgeous in a minute," she whispered in Tea's ear and hugged her.

Tea didn't know what to say. She had messed up and now had to live with the consequences, plus she wanted to see what Summer was going to do with her. However, the situation was making her more and more uncomfortable and the heat that was developing under the suit was not making it any better.

She let herself sink back onto the bed after a long hesitation and Summer put something around her neck. Tea guessed it was a collar of some sort.

Summer helped Tea up and stepped back a few steps, to look at her masterpiece.

"You look amazing Tea!" said Summer, fiddling with the remote.

Tea froze as her vision cleared, with only the spandex suit restricting her view.

She looked in the mirror, but instead of Tea's face, an anime character from Pokémon smiled back at her. Summer had put on her over-knee stockings and her legs were in pink boots. Instead of a normal leotard, she had a kind of mini dress on whose short skirt was the same color as the boots, the upper part had a black coloring. The collar was sewn to a scarf which covered the transition between her neck and a kigurumi mask. The mask enclosed her entire head and on it was attached a wig with dark blue hair that sprouted out from under a white beanie.

Startled and fascinated at the same time, she stared at her reflection. It was almost as if she had jumped out of the show itself.

Tea raised her hand and touched her hard face. It had an innocent smile on its lips and blue eyes beamed expectantly at Tea.

"So, what do you say?" asked Summer with a smile, commanding the suit to release Tea's mouth.

"It's beautiful Summer," Tea said dreamily, moving closer to the mirror to study every detail of her new body.

"Is this that character with the Pikachu?" asked Tea, looking over at Summer.

Summer's features derailed when she heard this but she quickly regained her composure and said, "No that's the one with the Piplup."

Tea frowned and wondered what a Piplup was.

As if Summer had read her mind she added, "Doesn't matter, the character's name is Dawn and she's one of my favorite characters from the show."

"Oops sorry," Tea said embarrassed, sinking her face into her hands.

"Don't worry, I said ONE of my favorite characters," Summer said, standing next to Tea and pulling her hands down to look at her face.

"Are you all right? Just now you were a little panicked."

"Don't worry it was definitely worth the experience," Tea said, looking in the mirror again, "even if I am a little warm."

"No problem," Summer said, raising the remote. Instantly, Tea's suit cooled to a more comfortable temperature.

The trapped woman breathed a sigh of relief and began scanning her body again.

"What else can this thing do? It said it was testing all the functions but I don't think I caught most of it."

"Oh, if you were willing, the BondSuit 6900 from C&T has quite a bit more to offer. But all in good time." said Summer, walking toward the hallway.

"Where are you going?" asked Tea in surprise, looking after her friend.

"You think I want to walk around like this all night while you have all the fun?" asked Summer, pointing at her leggings, "No I just had a brilliant idea and I want to be decently dressed when I present you to the world!" She disappeared behind the door as Tea's blood froze in her veins.

"Wait a minute! What did you just say?" asked Tea in horror, stumbling into the hallway after Summer.

"I said I was going to change. I want to take you out and get some pictures of us. I know just the place where we can take some stunning photos." said Summer.

She didn't seem to notice that Tea didn't agree with this plan.

"I'm not going outside in this outfit! Especially not this late at night!"

Summer paused and turned to Tea in irritation.

"What are you afraid of? That someone will recognize you? Under three masks?" asked Summer amusedly, waving her hand in Tea's direction.

"What if someone recognizes my voice? I've auditioned in front of hundreds of different people. If this gets out, I'll be ruined before my career even starts!"

"Who said you were going to speak?" Summer replied, pressing a button on the side of the remote.

Immediately the latex of the mask grew into her mouth and began to expand even more than before. Tea froze as she could only make moaning sounds and stared angrily at Summer. Summer, however, could only see Dawn's smiling face and grinned maliciously.

"That should put your worries out of the way, don't you think?", Summer said but didn't wait for Tea's answer and went into her room.

Fuming, Tea stomped after her and grabbed her roommate by the shoulder.

"What?" asked Summer, annoyed as she was forced to look into Dawn's face.

Gesticulating wildly, Tea pointed at herself and shook her head while only unintelligible words escaped her mouth.

"Kigurumis don't usually talk anyway, so I'm doing you a favor right now."

Tea raised her arms in annoyance, pointed at the front door and shook her head.

Summer rolled her eyes.

"Alright then, we'll save the photos until you're in a better mood, but you owe me for this. I got a better idea anyway when you pulled me around. Pretty rude of you, by the way."

Tea shrugged.

"I think before you get to be a Pokémon trainer, I need to show you what that even means," Summer said, eyebrow twitching.

She pulled Tea into the middle of the living room and pressed a button on the remote.

Tea froze. This time, not figuratively, but literally. She widened her eyes in surprise as the suit enclosed her as if it were made of steel and no longer allowed any movement.

"I'll prepare a few things. You can fill in your knowledge gaps in the meantime." Summer said, turning on the TV and starting a DVD. The opening of the first Pokémon season drowned out Tea's angry screams into her gag, while Summer disappeared from her sight into her room, giggling.


Tea was forced to finish the third episode when the door to Summer's room opened behind her.

Instead of her striking pink hair, she now had even longer blond hair with black jewelry sticking out of it. A pair of black pants and an elegant coat completed the picture of a strong Pokémon trainer. At least Tea believed that Summer was a trainer, because she was putting several balls in front of her and looked at Tea expectantly.

"So, before I release you from your immobility, what do you say?" Summer asked, making the gag disappear from Tea's mouth. Tea moved her jaw tentatively to get a feel for it again and said, "The show isn't bad, although I don't understand why the Pokémons always say their own names. Dogs also don't say "Dog, Dog. Dog!" and why can this cat talk? Is it because of the gold bar taped to her forehead?"

A vein appeared on Summer's temple as Tea insulted her favorite show in so many ways, but she took one deep breath to calm herself.

"I mean my costume! This is Cynthia, my favorite character of all time. She's Strong and Brave and …" she paused as if to remember why she was here and waited to see what Tea said.

"The costume looks really excellent. I can really see everything you just described to me," Tea said, surveying her friend's elegant appearance, "Where's Cynthia's mask?"

"It should be arriving soon, so you don't have to worry your hard head about it," Summer said, tapping Dawn's head, "You better worry about that."

Summer pointed to the ten Pokéballs lined up in front of Tea and began to explain, "These Pokéballs have various Pokémon characters trapped inside. I have a matching costume for each of the characters. You will now choose a ball and I will put you in it for the weekend."

"Uh huh. Sounds a bit unfair, don't you think?"

"Not really. You opened my mail, soiled my sinfully expensive suit and ended up stealing it, were rude to me and just drove a dagger in my back with your questions. If you ask me, it's actually very fair of me to let you choose," Summer replied, releasing the stiffness from Tea's suit.

Tea fell to the ground as she regained control of her body and landed right in front of the Pokéballs.

Only one of them had the typical red and white design, the rest of the balls had a different coloring, some even had symbols or were deformed.

"What are those? Are those rear spoilers for Pokéballs?" asked Tea in confusion, looking up at her friend.

Summer's mouth dropped in dismay and her shocked expression turned to disbelief.

"We have so much to catch up on." She breathed barely audibly, pushing Tea closer to the balls to finally get her to make a choice.

Tea hesitantly lifted her hand and slid it over the balls.

None of the new balls looked particularly inviting, so she decided to just take the regular one.

"I'll take this one!" she said, handing it to Summer.

"Oh such a coincidence. You already know this Pokémon, don't you?" she said, releasing the miniature Pokémon from its prison.

Tea frowned under her mask and hesitantly replied, "Metapod?"

"Absolutely right Tea!" said Summer, pressing her remote control and Tea froze into a statue again, losing her ability to see and hear at the same time.

"Summer please at least stop the …", that's as far as she got as the gag sealed her mouth.


Five minutes later, Tea felt herself take control of her body again, but every movement cost her enormous effort, as if she were walking underwater. Despite her layers, she felt Summer's guiding hands pushing her effortlessly through the house. Always careful not to bump into anything or worry Tea.

Tea felt herself being gently placed on a fluffy surface. Her head and back were lifted slightly as if Summer had placed her on an adjustable-height bed. Tea's arms were placed in tight yet soft pockets.

Finally, she felt something being pressed down on her body, steadily getting tighter. The only thing left uncovered now was her face, or rather Dawn's face.

Tea heard something scraping across the floor as she finally regained her senses and control over her body. She tried to stand up, but as she had to realize, Summer's idea made it impossible for her to move much, let alone stand up. The artificial head seemed to be fixed and so she could only see through the eyes of the mask towards the ceiling, where a lamp shone with sensual dark red light.

"Summer?!?", Tea asked nervously as she tried unsuccessfully to free her arms.

"Yes, just a moment, my dearest Metapod named Dawn!" said Summer, placing something heavy on the bed next to Tea.

"Please what?" asked Tea incredulously, but she was enlightened quite quickly when she felt Summer grab her and pull her to her. Tea's gaze wandered across the ceiling to the wall and finally caught on a huge mirror that Summer had placed on the bed next to her. The woman dressed as a powerful trainer grinned from ear to ear while Tea's mouth dropped open, trying to understand what she just saw in the mirror.

Dawn's head was peeking out from a green cocoon that was strikingly similar to the shell of a Metapod. The Pokémon costume had soft padding inside and out so that Tea could lie comfortably inside and Summer could use it as a pillow at the same time, but still something inside was pressing mercilessly on Tea, making it impossible for her to escape. A small padlock connecting two zippers on the side completely erased any residual thoughts of escape.

"And what do you say?" asked Summer, still grinning.

Tea closed her mouth, only to open it again and laugh out loud. She thought the whole situation was hilarious. From a miserable day to being trapped in multiple costumes in just a few hours. She hadn't expected this when she had woken up this morning.

"Why? It's a cozy sleeping bag that combines my two favorite things in the world! Why wouldn't I own something like that?" replied Summer, setting the mirror aside.

"So what are you going to do with me now? Are you going to train me until I turn into one of those bees?" asked Tea, amused.

Summer banged her head against the wall and the thudding sound echoed throughout the house.

"I think that's a task for my future self to take care of. Because Cynthia just got a little tired and now she wants to sleep with her cozy Metapod!" said Summer, stripping off her clothes so she stood in front of Tea dressed only in a lacy black bra and matching panties. She left her blonde wig on and crawled towards her Pokémon to hug it. Tea barely felt the touch through her thick layers, but she still appreciated her roommate's caress.

Summer pulled a blanket over them both and snuggled up to her Pokémon.

"Wait Summer I don't think I can sleep like this," Tea said worriedly and Summer's head appeared in her tiny field of vision.

"You're absolutely right, I forgot something else!" said Summer, pressing a kiss to the Kigurumi mask before clapping her hands twice and turning out the lights in her room as the two intruders continued to hum softly in Tea's crotch.


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