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Request by Lada97

1: Best Catburglar/Kidnapper Ever

The sun had already disappeared behind the horizon when Maike let her gaze wander over her Town. In a normal city, its inhabitants would probably start thinking about going home and to bed. But not in Leon City. The skyscrapers and neon signs lit up the streets despite the slowly fading light, and people were driven out into the nightlife to enjoy the city's atmosphere to the fullest.

Maike, however, could think neither of sleep nor of going out. She had work to do.

Impatiently, she turned over her cell phone again. She clicked her tongue in disapproval when she realized that her client was already seven minutes late. Normally she would have gotten up and gone to Jade, her partner, but the payment she was promised kept her waiting.

"Has Madame already made a choice?" asked a waiter who appeared out of nowhere in her field of vision, smiling at her kindly.

Maike couldn't help but notice that he was closely studying her body, clad in a tight black dress.

She did not blame him. She knew that her body was a gift and how best to present it to the world.

Maike brushed a strand of her Long brown hair behind her ear and returned the smile.

"Just a water please, I still want to wait for my escort."

"Very well," he said, bowing briefly and leaving to get her some refreshment.

Maike glanced at her cell phone again and her smile vanished when it told her that her appointment was already eight minutes late.

Displeased, she dropped it in her purse and got up to leave.

She made a mental note to ignore this customer from now on when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, gently but firmly pushing her back into the chair. Indignantly, she looked up at the owner of the hand and realized that it was one of her client's bodyguards who had just entered the luxurious restaurant.

"You're late!" she snapped at him while a man in a black suit sat down across from her and told his bodyguards to wait outside.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I was told that the time for my order was changed and I wanted to make sure," he said businesslike and waved at one of the waiters.

"I don't usually keep my business partners waiting especially when they are such a gorgeous woman, but the order is of the utmost importance and absolutely must go through smoothly."

He added, folding his hands together.

Maike folded her arms and said, "And now when do they want the services of my partner and me?"

"This weekend," he said curtly, nodding his thanks to the waiter, who was bringing Maike her water and him a wide glass, which was no doubt filled with a strong drink.

"That's going to cost you extra."

"I already figured that," he snapped his fingers and one of his bodyguards appeared with a briefcase in his hand and placed it next to the table.

"In this briefcase is the agreed down payment plus an urgency bonus. Once you bring the data to me, you'll get the agreed-upon balance plus a generous donation to your company."

Maike suppressed a smile and stood up.

"Consider it done," she said, picking up the suitcase filled to the top with money.


"Luke? Caitlyn? Have either of you seen my glasses?" Mr. Taylor asked his children while absentmindedly trying to tie his necktie.

His daughter's head peeked out from the kitchen and stared at him, frowning.

"On your head dad," she said and she disappeared into the kitchen.

"Ah, thanks honey," he mumbled awkwardly, sliding his glasses down his nose.

"So one last check to make sure everything is there," Mr. Taylor said to himself, feeling his pants pocket for his wallet, keys and plane ticket.

"My suitcase?" he asked, turning in the hallway for his luggage, which was nowhere to be seen.

"Up here Dad!" said Luke, carrying the colossal suitcase down the stairs.

"Honestly, you'd forget your head if it wasn't sewn on."

Said Mr. Taylor's son, Luke, smiling at him with amusement.

"That's what I have you two for," he said with a laugh, hugging his son to his chest.

"Take good care of your sister for me, will you?"

"DAD! I'm three years older than Luke! I've been allowed to drink since last month!" shouted Caitlyn, offended, from the kitchen.

"Ah, there was something," he said with a laugh, beaming at his daughter, who at that moment came out of the kitchen and thrust a peanut butter sandwich into his hand.

"Now get the hell out of here before you miss your flight!" she said as he also wrapped her in his arms and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Take good care of the house for me and please… be good to each other. I don't want the place to look like a battlefield when I get back."

"Don't worry Dad, the house is safe in my hands!" said Luke, saluting with a broad grin on his face.

"Sometimes I wonder if it was a mistake to teach you so much about engineering. Don't play so much and do something together! See you in a week my dears."

"Bye Dad!" they both said as if from the same mouth and waved goodbye as he walked to his car and sped away towards the airport.

Silence spread as the sound of the engine faded and only the sounds of the forest behind the house could be heard.


Maike opened the door of her apartment in the center of the city. It was pitch black.

"Jade? Are you at home? Did you get my message?" she asked, turning on the light.

No one answered, but she doubted that Jade had left because her shoes were still in the hallway.

Maike could hear a low hum coming from Jade's bedroom and rolled her eyes in annoyance.

She knocked.



"Are you serious?"


Maike shook her head and opened the door.

"Are you serious?" asked Maike again as she found her 22 year old partner gagged and bound in the spread eagle position on the bed. The only thing she had on was a black sports bra with matching underwear under which it hummed suspiciously.

"I've told you a hundred times that when I meet with our clients, you should be ready in case we have to leave right away!"

Maike went to the headboard and released the ball gag from Jade's mouth, brushing a few stray red hairs out of her partner's eyes.

"Sorry Maike, I couldn't control myself," she mumbled, biting her lower lip as the vibrator pushed her closer towards climax.

"Go take a shower we have to go!" she admonished Maike and untied the ropes that bound her arms to the bed. Then she took Jade's cell phone from the nightstand and used it to turn off the vibrator.

"Wait, I'll be right …"

"Get a grip! If we get the data we won't have to worry about money for now! Let's go!" she interrupted, throwing her spandex catsuit at her head.


Caitlyn tied her long black hair, which she had inherited from her mother, back into a ponytail. Over her sports bra, she pulled on a tight-fitting shirt and slipped a pair of yoga pants over her legs.

"Too bad that, no one can see that," she thought while looking at her body in the mirror.

"Oh well," she mumbled, putting her in-ears in her ears.

"Hey, Luke, I’m going out for a jog!" she called out as she walked past her brother's room. He answered with an approving hum and she guessed he was tinkering with one of his machines again.

She shook her head with a smile and turned on her music through her cell phone.

Immediately she heard a song by her favorite band, which was great for running.

She went down the stairs and turned off the alarm system that her brother had set so she could leave the property unmolested.

She began to trot slowly as she walked along the long front yard and opened the gate to jog a lap through the woods. It was already dark, but with the help of her cell phone flashlight she could still see enough to find her way. However, she did not notice that the large gate had not closed completely and thus the alarm system could not arm itself again.


"This is it?" asked Jade, letting out a whistle of recognition when she saw the massive house of her target.

"Keep it down, please. This is not our usual area of operation in the big city. And we don't know who's all in the house." Maike hissed at her accomplice while controlling a drone that was circling above the mansion.

Jade rolled her eyes and looked over her partner's shoulder.

"So what do we have?" she said as she tugged her black spandex one-piece suit into place. The suit would give her the camouflage she needed while allowing her to move freely, unlike the leather catsuit Maike was currently wearing.

"The way I see it, nothing… I guess they just think because they live outside the city they don't need an alarm system," Jade replied while doing another check flight.

"Wait, there is something." She muttered and flew a little closer to the building when she noticed movement on the roof. The two thieves winced as they heard a loud hiss and suddenly the image from their drone malfunctioned.

"Should I be worried?" asked Jade, frowning.

"I don't think so… I think that was only against drones but the rest of the building was as I said without defense. As discussed you go in and open the door for me. After that I'll follow with the equipment." replied Maike.

"See you on the other side!" laughed Jade, pulling her eye mask over her head.

Luke looked up from his work when he heard a soft noise from outside. He frowned. Normally, the thick window screens should keep out any sounds from outside.

"Unless someone did something they shouldn't," he muttered, glancing at a couple of screens that showed the perimeter and the status of his alarm system. Disapprovingly, he noted that his sister had left the Great Gate open.

"Well, as long as no burglar is stupid enough to get into the house via the main path, everything should be fine," he muttered, but clicked through the cameras to find out where the noise was coming from.

"A drone? What's it doing here?" he wondered as he saw a drone caught in a net on one camera.

He stood up and wanted to go downstairs to take a closer look at the drone and close the gate. In the process, he missed a red-haired woman in a black catsuit on one of the cameras, who was just climbing the fence to the estate and light-footedly jumping into the garden.


"Alright Maike, I'm in!" said Jade, ducking behind a nearby bush.

"Less talking, more sneaking!" came the message back.

"Oh you said there was nothing here so why should I be woaaAAAAAAAH!" yelled Jade as she stepped out of her hiding place and the jumping drill doused her with cold water.

"Jade? Jade, are you okay?" asked Maike worriedly through her microphone, back came a hiss.

"FUCK!" screamed Jade as she and her suit got soaking wet from the water. Her in-ears had developed a quirk and refused to transmit another intelligible word from Maike. Shivering, she pulled the plugs out of her ears and put them in her suit pockets.

"I need to get to dry ground fast," she muttered through chattering teeth as water continued to rain down on her. She began running toward the house, rubbing her arms to generate some warmth. She was so cold that she didn't even notice that she wasn't moving any closer to the house because the artificial rain was partially blocking her view. Only when she ran on the spot for ten seconds, she noticed that she was standing on a kind of treadmill, which had adapted exactly to her speed and prevented her from moving forward.

Puzzled, she stopped for a moment and immediately regretted it as the treadmill continued to run unperturbed, throwing her off balance. Jade fell painfully on her stomach and was thrown even farther away from the house. She slid across the wet grass and lay motionless.

"What the hell kind of house is this!" she shouted angrily and struggled to her feet.


Maike bit her lower lip when she heard her partner's screams, but there was nothing she could do to help her because she could never scale the fence with her and Jade's equipment. Instead, she looked for another way into the house and quickly found it when she spotted the open gate at the front of the house.

"If only it were always this easy," she muttered, sliding through the gate. Maike looked ahead through the front yard and was amazed when she saw the front door, which was also open.

"Now it's getting scary," she said and ran as fast as her heavily loaded body would allow towards the door.


Luke whistled loudly when he found the nearly destroyed drone under the net.

"That one wasn't cheap," he muttered.

"Whoever owns this is going to be furious, it's their own fault for flying over our property…" he interrupted himself as he thought he heard the word "fuck" behind the house. His face turned serious as he couldn't place the voice and carefully stepped back so as not to set off any of the homemade burglar traps he had set all over the yard.

Luke glanced around the wall of the house and just saw a woman dressed in black being thrown backwards from his treadmill and skidding a good ten meters across the grass.

His face went pale and he drew in a hiss of air. He turned on the spot and ran back toward the front door only to turn again to close the Great Gate. Careful not to set off any traps, since they were now armed, he went back. Luke had to contact his sister as soon as possible and call the police. He ran up the stairs to his room, but just as he crossed the threshold he felt someone trip him. The speed he had due to his sprint was his downfall when he couldn't catch himself and fell heavily to the ground. His head was spinning, but he felt someone grab his hands and tie them behind his back with zip ties. Shortly after, he saw that his attacker was a brown-haired woman whose body was covered in a black leather catsuit. A belt was fastened around her waist with several pouches attached to keep her tools safe.

"Untie me right now or I'll put you down!" Luke ordered her as he desperately tried to break through the cable ties, but the woman didn't dignify him with a glance and went to his computer to inspect the cameras.

"How do I turn this off?" the burglar asked shortly, pointing at her accomplice on the screen.


Jade trembled, but she didn't dare walk through the garden again thoughtlessly, watching the grass around the house. If she looked closely, she could see treadmills here and there in the grass between the artificial rain that would prevent her from getting ahead.

"I guess I'll have to jump over them" she thought and took a running start to jump over the treadmills in a full sprint.

Jade laughed triumphantly as she leaped over the treadmills, but her smile froze when she landed on the grass behind them and it gave way under her.

Jade cursed aloud as she sank up to her waist in the mire of a pit and saw no way to pull herself out.

"WHAT IS THIS HOUSE?!?" she asked in anguish as she sank deeper and deeper and rain continued to pelt down on her.


"Unlike my partner, I like efficiency. And I can see from your computer setup that you feel the same way, so tell me right now how I'm going to get my partner out of this before I smash your equipment to bits and then throw you in the quicksand with her," Maike threatened, sinking the heel of her leather boots into his shoulder.

Luke winced and turned pale when he saw her face. He nodded in the direction of his computer.

"There's a program running on my computer with it you can control everything."

"Good boy." Maike muttered and was astonished when she saw that she really could control the whole house from the boy's computer.

"Did you program this?" she asked as the rain outside finally stopped and a rope was lowered into Jade's trembling hands.

Maike got no answer and she glanced at her captive with a raised eyebrow.

"Jade's going to have to teach you some manners," she muttered, casting one last glance at the screens before taking out some cable ties as well as a roll of duct tape from her belt pouch to keep Luke from running away.

Maike smiled amusedly as Jade appeared in the doorway, shaking like a leaf. Her catsuit was covered with mud just below her breasts and she had lost one of her shoes.

"Did it rain a little outside?" asked Maike, handing her a towel she had found in the bathroom of the house.

"Let's not say a word about it," Jade muttered grudgingly as she wiped the grossest dirt off her body and dropped it carelessly to the floor.

"There's a bathroom upstairs. I'm sure our host won't mind if you warm up a bit there before you take care of him."

Jade raised an eyebrow and grinned deviously.

"Why didn't you say so in the first place? Just now my mood improved manifold."


Luke's pulse had been racing since the burglar had left him alone in his room to meet her accomplice in the hallway. Breathing heavily through his nose as his mouth was sealed by a strip of duct tape, he strained to crawl to his desk to reach his phone. The extra cable ties the thief had tied around his ankles and knees made this task more than just difficult, and so he fought for every inch on the slippery wooden floor. Luke's heart sank into his pants when he heard footsteps on the stairs and shortly after the door to his room opened.

"Didn't I tell you to lie here until my partner could take care of you?" asked Maike, pulling Luke by his legs back to the center of the room. There was a loud squeak as his belly slid across the floor.

"Listen little one," Maike said kneeling down to him," if you are good and don't fuck up we can all go to bed peacefully and you won't even know we were ever here. My partner will take good care of you as long as you don't cause her any trouble and I can do my job in peace all right?"

Luke gave her a disbelieving stare.

"It's your choice how you behave, but then you have to live with the consequences, and we've been working so well together so far."

Defeated, Luke hung his head and rested his forehead on the floor.

"Good boy," Maike said, gently patting his black short hair.

The thief stood up and sat down at his desk.

"I have to admit, though, what you've been messing with here is truly not easy for someone your age. You're the first one who managed to keep my partner from breaking in," Maike muttered, taking a closer look at the program that could be used to control the house.

"It still has a few kinks, though. Just now I just walked in through the front yard and none of the traps that are displayed here triggered. Should you take a look …" she interrupted herself as a red light suddenly came on next to her and the screen flickered, showing the figure of a young woman. She was out of breath after jogging through the forest, waiting for Luke to let her in.


More impatiently, Caitlyn stood at the Great Gate after realizing she had left her key behind. Sometimes she hated herself for being as forgetful as her father and constantly had to remind Luke. This time it would probably be no different since he kept her waiting for an unusually long time.

She pressed the button on the intercom.

"Come on Luke, I know you can see me. Let me in. It's getting cold out here and I want to take a shower before I go to bed."

Still no response.

"Is he maybe in the bathroom?" she wondered, looking up at the camera.

She heard the familiar whir of the gate as the electric latch opened and said dryly, "Thanks!" as she gave the camera the middle finger.

She closed the door behind her and fell into a light trot when suddenly the sprinkler system came on and splashed her with ice-cold water.

Startled, she stood rooted to the spot and opened her mouth in shock.

"LUKE! IF I CATCH YOU YOU'RE IN FOR A WORLD OF HURT! I WANTED TO SHOWER IN THE HOUSE YOU IDIOT!" she screamed and her voice echoed throughout the forest.

She picked up speed again to teach her little brother a lesson as she set off another trap. She was wiping the water from her eyes when a net came shooting out of the bushes in front of her house and wrapped around her.

"Fuck! Luke! LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!" She hissed as she lost her balance and fell on the muddy lawn.

Her demand was not met, however, as she felt a rope attached to the net being pulled back into the house.

Grumbling and screaming, she was dragged through the garden while mud and grass settled on her body and stained her sportswear.


Maike sat open-mouthed in front of the screen as she watched Luke's sister being pulled into the depths of the house.

She gulped as she realized that it could have been her.

"Did you build all this by yourself?" she asked in horror the boy next to her who was watching his sister's fate with a pale face.

Luke didn't answer and hung his head dejectedly.

"God that took me half an eternity to peel out of that suit, Maike." Cursed Jade as she appeared in the doorway.

Maike turned to her partner, who was standing in front of them dressed only in a huge towel.

"Jade your mask…" said Maike weakly, pointing at the boy next to her, who went wide-eyed when he saw the redheaded beauty in front of him.

"Oh… well those things don't do anything anyway, but they complete the image of a thieving cat."

Maike rolled her eyes and took off her own mask and threw it on Luke's bed. She turned back to Luke's computer to check where her newest competitor had landed.

"Get dressed before you take care of the boy, I don't want to get slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit because of you."

Jade looked down at the teen with interest.

"He sure looks like he's going to …"

"JADE!" Maike interrupted her.

" Alright, alright, alright. You guys can't take a joke at all!"

Maike rolled her eyes again.

"I'll take care of the arrival and then bring her to you. I hope by then you'll be ready to do your job." she said angrily, sidling past her partner.

Jade raised an eyebrow as she studied Luke's slender body.

"Don't run away little one. I'll be right there for you." she said, blowing him a kiss.

Luke's heart started racing again and he started to struggle back towards the desk.


Water dripped onto the floor as Caitlyn desperately tried to free herself from her brother's trap. The cold water didn't make it easy and she feared that if she didn't get dry soon, she was in danger of catching pneumonia.

She heard a door open above her and immediately Caitlyn began cursing her brother.

"LUKE IF YOU DON'T GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW THEN I SWEAR…" she fell silent as she spied through the mesh of the netting, high heeled boots slowly coming down the stairs.

"Luke?" she asked cautiously, her heart sinking into her pants as she saw a woman she had never seen before.

"Who are you? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BROTHER!" she asked, screaming as anger at her brother turned on the stranger and concern for Luke.

"You're both quite demanding." remarked Maike, moving closer to the net for a closer look at her catch.

"Your brother is still fine, but if you don't shut up right now, that can change real quick."

Caitlyn fell silent and bit her tongue to swallow the insults running through her head.

"I take it you're cold?" asked Maike, looking at the mechanism that trapped the young woman above the floor in front of her.

"If you want to get out of there, put these on," Maike muttered, sliding some zip ties through the gaps in the mesh.

Caitlyn gulped and, trembling, accepted the ties. Anxiously, she looked to the older woman, at whom she stared expectantly.

"Come on, hop hop!"

Gritting her teeth, she made a bow with one of the cable ties and reached her hands through before pulling it shut.

Maike raised an eyebrow when she saw this and said, "Come on, that wasn't all, was it?"

Caitlyn made another bow with the cable ties around her restraints and pulled it tight with the help of her teeth, so she couldn't escape from the restraints.

"Satisfied?" she asked, annoyed, raising her hands to show them to her captor.

"I am now," Maike replied, lowering the net to the floor to free the young woman from it and take her upstairs to her brother.

Caitlyn struggled to get up as quickly as possible but was pushed back by the older woman.

"Don't move! I'm not done with you yet, we don't want anyone to get hurt, do we?" she asked, ripping a strip of duct tape off her roll and taping it to Caitlyn's mouth. Shortly after, she wrapped her knees so she couldn't run away and depended on Maike's help to climb the stairs.

"So let's take you to your brother. My partner is eager to spend time with you," Maike said and helped the bound girl to her feet. One could hear a soft whimpering and a regular clacking as the two women climbed the stairs.


"Come on just a little bit more!" thought Luke who was trying to get up to reach his phone.

Happily, his eyes snapped open as he finally managed to get up and immediately reached for his phone to call 911.

"Let's not do that now, shall we?" said a voice behind him, fishing the phone out of Luke's hands.

The blood froze in his veins as he saw the red headed burglar's in front of him. She had replaced her towel with a combination of skin-tight wetlook leggings and a leather shirt. Over it she had pulled a jacket also made of leather. Next to her was a bag filled to the top with bondage equipment.

Luke swallowed.

"It's about time we pack you up properly. I really love Maike, but she got her bondage skills from a 60's movie," Jade said, looking at the sad lone strip of duct tape that was stuck to Luke's mouth with some difficulty.

She pulled him away from the desk and pushed him to the floor next to his bed with ease.

The smile she had on her lips before, which scared the hell out of him, suddenly disappeared and instead she put on a serious face.

"Can I count on you not to make any funny business while I loosen your bonds to make them neat? Believe me, if you give me a reason to think about tightening your bonds, you'll regret it!"

Luke quickly nodded his head to confirm that he was letting her do it.

"Good boy," Jade said, ripping the strip of duct tape from his lips with a jerk.

"Ow," Luke said, wetting his lips to soothe the burning sensation in them.

"Sorry, I like to talk while I'm tying someone up," Jade replied and set about freeing his legs only to tie ropes around his ankles and lash them tight the next moment.

Luke's mouth fell open when he saw the speed with which she immobilized him.

"Yeah, I have a knack for it. It's my favorite hobby. Maike sees it more as a means to an end, but for me it's an art." murmured Jade as she noticed his amazement and bound his legs below and above his knees. Finally, she pulled another rope through his restraints and fastened it around his waist so he couldn't just shake it off when he got up.

Luke blushed as her leather-clad breasts came dangerously close to his face and he bent back.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jade said with a smile, and he saw in her eyes that she was lying.

She helped him stand up and ordered him to kneel on his bed while she armed herself with more ropes.

Jade cut his wrist restraints but didn't give him time to get any stupid ideas and looped a long rope around his hands.

"What do you want from my sister and me anyway?" asked Luke as she put ropes around his chest and pulled them together behind his back.

"I honestly can't tell you. Maike is in charge of the planning stuff. I'm just here to let her in and take care of you and your sister. Once we have what we want, we'll be gone and you can go to sleep with peace of mind I promise. Provided you behave yourselves, of course," she added with a raised eyebrow.

A trail of mud followed the two women upstairs to the bathroom where Maike pulled Caitlyn in.

"Jade will take care of you in a minute. Wait here… and I can't say this enough. Don't do anything stupid," she said, taking another zip tie from her pocket to tie the young woman to the towel rack so she could warm up.

Caitlyn said nothing and thought feverishly about how to get herself and her brother out of this predicament.

Her captor left the bathroom and left her tied to the radiator. Caitlyn enjoyed the warmth but forced herself to work her bonds and pull on them as if her life depended on it, which may very well be the case.


"Has the boy been good?" asked Maike as she entered Luke's room to check on Jade.

"Yup I'll be done here in a minute, where did you take his sister?"

"She's in the bathroom warming up on the heater, the water outside got her bad."

"Haha!" laughed Jade as she thought of her own experience with Luke's traps.

Jade reached into her pocket one last time and pulled out a sponge, which she squeezed and held under Luke's nose.

"Open please." she urged him and hesitantly he opened his mouth for her to put the sponge in.

That was followed by a large load of duct tape, which she twisted round and round his head until she was satisfied.

"Well, that should do it for now. I'll take care of your sister then, so be a good boy. And just sit here ok?" she asked him amused.

Not that Luke had a choice when Jade, having finished with his upper body bondage, additionally tied him to his bed. The knots were all outside his fingers and so he had no choice but to wait until Jade released him as promised.

"Well, I'll get to work." Maike said, grabbed her bag and searched the house for Mr. Taylor's office. She smiled in satisfaction as she opened a door and found a massive computer room that dwarfed his son's by far.

"Jackpot!" she said, pulling out her laptop and a hard drive from her backpack to store the data for her assignment. She put her headphones in her ears and turned on some classical music while she started to look through the folders of Mr. Taylor's computer.


"So now we come to you," Jade said with her bag in hand as she opened the door to the bathroom. She expected Caitlyn to be hanging right next to her by the radiator but surprisingly she was nowhere to be seen.

Annoyed, she rolled her eyes and listened into the room. She thought she heard soft breathing just behind the door and smiled.

Jade took a step back into the hallway, took a deep breath and yelled throughout the house.


No one answered, but she heard a worried groan from her brother's room.

Jade waited for another moment to see if Caitlyn would turn herself in, but she did not.

"As you wish," she whispered through the crack in the door and Caitlyn shrieked in fright as Jade slammed the door open with full force.

Caitlyn was thrown against the wall behind her where towels were fortunately hanging and was crushed by Jade between them and the Taylors' bathrobes hanging on the door.

"Fuck!" shrieked Caitlyn as she dropped the toilet brush she was about to use as a weapon and panicked, gasping for air as towels and robes blocked her view.

Jade let go of the door once and the young woman fell to the floor on all fours in front of her.

"Congratulations little one you just earned yourself some special treatment with that stunt!" laughed Jade and grabbed Caitlyn's hands.

In a hurry, Caitlyn was tied to the shower bar with ropes. She could hardly move because her arms were connected to the bar at several points above her and she had to stand on tiptoe to have contact with the floor. Since she and her clothes were still full of mud Jade explained to her that she had to be cleaned up before they could proceed to the actual step.

"Can't I shower myself?" Caitlyn asked anxiously as she saw the burglar in front of her playfully fiddling with the sprayer and seeming to consider how to adjust the faucet.

"Oh, you lost that privilege when you tried to hit me with that thing," Jade said casually, kicking the toilet brush to send it to the corner.

Jade opened the faucet and a stream of ice cold water shot out. She licked her lips while Jade widened her eyes and tried to force herself off the shower rod.

The stream came closer and closer to her and splashes hit her clothes and skin to give her a small taste of what was to follow.

"We can talk about anything!" she shouted as Jade turned the water on her and took her breath away.

Caitlyn shrieked as she tried in vain to escape the merciless spray and in no time she began to shake again.

"PLEASE! STOP IT I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! I'M GOOD TOO!" She screamed at Jade who continued to hose her down unperturbed, removing all the mud that had begun to dry on her skin and hair.

"IIIIIIIII!!!" she shrieked as the jet of water hit her crotch and the yoga pants failed to relieve the pressure of the nozzle.

Meanwhile, Jade had a slight smile on her lips and hummed to herself as she washed away every inch of mud.

When there was nothing left of the earth, Jade turned off the shower and grabbed a bottle of soap which she spread generously over Caitlyn's body, massaging it vigorously into her hair and skin.

Caitlyn was shaking all over and kept her head lowered. She didn't dare open her mouth for fear she would make acquaintance with the cold water again.

"Are we going to be good now?", Jade asked her, gently lifting her head with her fingers.

Caitlyn's lips trembled and as Jade looked into her eyes, she knew she would be no trouble from now on.

"Let's get you ready then, shall we?" asked Jade, opening the faucet.

Caitlyn flinched, afraid of being attacked again, but breathed a sigh of relief as a warm stream of water hit her body.

Jade carefully washed all the foam off Caitlyn, making sure the soap didn't get into her eyes.

When she was done, she stuck the shower head over Caitlyn in the shower rod and let the warm water continue to rain down on her.

"Better?" she asked softly, and Caitlyn nodded hesitantly.

"If you tell me where your room is, I can bring you some fresh clothes and get you changed," Jade suggested and Caitlyn mumbled weakly that her room was right next to Luke's. She missed the last part of the sentence.


Maike stared at the screen of Mr. Taylor's computer. She had found the right folder after half an eternity and now she watched speechlessly as the time to complete the copy crept up.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said to herself as the estimated completion time stood at twelve hours and was now slowly decreasing as the hard drive finally began copying. She rubbed her eyes.

"Wenn du denkst, es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo noch mehr scheiße her." She muttered, leaning back in the chair.

There was a knock. Meike raised her hand and spied to the door where her partner stood holding various clothes.

She lifted her headphones. "Are you all right? I heard screaming."

"Yes, all good, I just had to teach the sister some manners. I just wanted to ask how long we have to stay here, approximately. So I know how to handle these two now." Jade said, looking over at her partner expectantly.

Defeated, Maike raised her hand and pointed to the computer.

"Twelve hours. Probably a little less but we'll have to spend the night here. Is that a problem?"

Jade grinned deviously.

"No, Not at all, but it would be nice if you made breakfast for us tomorrow."

Jade looked into Luke's room before she went into the bathroom again.

He hadn't been able to free himself from his restraints and was staring at her gloomily.

"What, your sister is fine. She just didn't follow my Golden Rule and will have to live with the consequences for the rest of our stay." she said snappishly and briefly checked his shackles, which were still rock solid.

"Are they all right?" she asked anxiously, checking his circulation.

Luke shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something unintelligible into the gag. Jade assumed that meant everything was okay, considering the circumstances.

She glanced at her watch.

"A little before eleven. I think it's time for you both to go to sleep, don't you? Give me a moment with your sister and I'll get you ready for bed right away."

Luke blinked in confusion. How long were Maike and Jade going to stay here, please?


Caitlyn waited patiently for Jade while the warming water poured down on her incessantly.

The fear she had felt had disappeared with the cold in her body, because now Caitlyn knew that Jade only wanted the best for her. She didn't know why but deep inside she found the whole situation exciting and wanted to know what Jade was going to do with her now.

"Here I am again!" announced Jade, beaming with joy, and came bursting into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes under her arms.

She laid them on the toilet lid and turned off the water.

"Well, let's get started. It's getting very late and I want to get you and your brother ready for the night. I guess we'll have to stay here a little while longer."

"Get ready in what way?" Caitlyn asked, frowning.

"That's a surprise, but don't worry it'll be cozy."

With those words, she clamped her fingers under Caitlyn's steaming yoga pants and pulled them down slightly.

"HEY!" exclaimed Caitlyn suddenly, turning to the side to avoid the fingers.

Jade stood in front of her and braced her hands at her sides.

"You don't seriously think I'm going to let you do this alone," the burglar said.

"But I thought …"

"Trust has to be earned."

"And this from someone who breaks into strangers' houses."

"Ha, I guess you got me there. But well. Tell you what I'll untie you and you do it yourself, but if you mess up …." she didn't finish the sentence and instead untied the ropes holding Caitlyn's hands to the shower rod.

Just in time Jade caught Caitlyn as her legs gave way under her.

"Everything okay?" she asked anxiously.

"Yes everything …. fine." she said shyly while looking into the Big Blue Eyes of her captor.

"Very well, put on something comfortable. I'll be right with you, so wait here until I get back" Jade said as she exited the bathroom, leaving Caitlyn alone.


When Jade appeared in Luke's room, he looked at her in wonder. She was leaning against the door frame and had bitten her lower lip while staring at the ceiling.

Luke grunted questioningly through his gag and she looked over at him.

"Oh sorry I got a little distracted. Let's get you ready for bed, shall we?"

Again he shrugged and leaned forward so Jade could get to his bonds better. Quickly the ropes and the duct tape of the gag lay next to the bed.

"Ouch." Luke muttered as he palpated the sore skin on his face and massaged his hand joints.

"Can we get right to it or do you need something else? A glass of water or a trip to the bathroom?" asked Jade.

"Nah, let's just get it over with. Are you going to put us in a cage or chain us to our beds?" asked Luke.

"Funny thought maybe next time." She laughed and winked at him. Standing she dug around in her bag and pulled out two shiny bundles. She spread one of the bundles out on his bed and unzipped the sleeping bag she had modified.

"Get in, please!" She demanded of him, beaming.

"What would you have done if I had been more resistant?" asked Luke nervously as Jade threaded a small lock into the zipper to leave the boy alone for the night.

Jade laughed deviously.

"I'll put it this way. I'd have a lot more duct tape to make some mummies." she replied and he paled.

"I could take you out for a minute and show you."

"No… no thanks." He mumbled and winced slightly as the lock clicked softly and he was trapped in one of Jade's reinforced shiny sleeping bags. She rolled him into the middle of the bed and attached another rope to a D ring on the sleeping bag so he couldn't fall off or get any thoughts of escaping.

"No gag?" Luke asked, wanting to bite his tongue right then and there.

She smiled at him and brushed a strand out of his face.

"Glad you're thinking along, but it's a little too dangerous for me at night," she bent down briefly and pulled a baby phone out of her pocket and placed it on his nightstand," If what is I'll be right with you." she said and turned to leave.

Her fingers touched the light switch of his room as Luke spoke up again.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Bills don't pay themselves Luke," Jade replied.

"That's not what I meant."

"I know…" said Jade, and for the first time he saw sadness in her face. Jade turned off the light and closed the door behind her.

Caitlyn waited patiently for her captor after she had dried off and put on comfortable clothes as recommended.

She had simply put on a loose white shirt and a pair of black leggings that hugged her legs. She had briefly considered whether she should take the chance to flee, but she could not abandon her brother and where should she run? Into another trap of her brother? Jade would definitely not like that at all.

As if on cue, the bathroom door opened and Jade came in.

"I see you're ready for bed?" asked Jade, and Caitlyn nodded eagerly.

Jade led Caitlyn to her own room, where a shiny sleeping bag already lay on her bed.

"I was actually expecting a cage now," Caitlyn said, and Jade chuckled.

"Your brother said something similar. Well get in there now." she said, pushing Caitlyn inside.

The zipper was quickly pulled and closed and the sleeping bag tied to the bed. Jade placed another baby monitor on the nightstand and turned to go.

"Hey, emm… Jade?"

"Yes Caitlyn?"

Her face turned red as Jade looked her straight in the eye.

"Mmmh nothing it's alright. Good night."

"Good night," Jade said with a smile and turned off the light before pulling the door into the lock behind her.


Maike was snoring in Mr. Taylor's work chair and startled when Jade pulled her headphones from her ears.

"So how far along are we?" she asked her partner, studying the numbers on the screen.

"It's still taking time," Maike said indignantly, but quickly recovered," Have you taken care of our companions?"

"Both are packed up safe and sound and should be fine until morning," as if on cue, one of Jade's baby phones picked up and she realized Caitlyn was calling out to her.

"Hold on until morning, will you?" remarked Maike, leaning back.

Jade rolled her eyes at that remark and went back to Caitlyn.

She opened the door and let the light from the hallway illuminate the room.

"Are you alright Caitlyn? Do you need a glass of water?"

"No… no, I don't need anything… Could you stay here? Until I fall asleep and you don't mind too much?" she asked nervously.

Jade smiled.

"Of course," she said and climbed into bed with Caitlyn.

As Jade got comfortable next to Caitlyn, silence spread through the room.

"Come out with it, Caitlyn," Jade sighed as she sensed her captive trying to find the right words.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked, turning her head to her captor, who wasn't looking at her.

"I'm afraid that's my little secret Caitlyn," Jade murmured.

"Can you tell me?"

Now Jade looked to the side and their eyes met.

She shook her head slightly.

Caitlyn looked up at her, pouting, and Jade started laughing softly.

"I'll tell you what. I'll tell you when Maike and I leave you guys tomorrow morning. All right?"

"It's a deal!" Caitlyn said with a smile, looking up at the ceiling of her room.

"For a kidnapper and burglar, you're not so bad Jade."


The next morning Jade woke up to noises in the house. Next to her, Caitlyn, still trapped in her sleeping bag, was snoozing.

As quietly as she could, Jade slipped out of the room and went into the kitchen. Maike was standing at the stove, preparing everything for her imminent disappearance. On the kitchen table there was already a small breakfast for her captives and only one last ingredient was missing.

"Hey, mmmh Maike could we maybe …" started Jade but her partner interrupted her.

"No Jade, you know our procedure and we are not going to suddenly change it just because you treated one of our prisoners as a pillow. Go upstairs and get them, I'm almost done here."

Jade clicked her tongue disapprovingly and went back upstairs to get the siblings ready to eat.


Shortly after, both siblings were tied to chairs and being fed scrambled eggs in turn, which Jade offered them.

Several times Caitlyn tried to open her mouth to say something, but each time Jade stuck a spoon in her to force her to chew until she gave up after almost choking and Luke started laughing loudly. After the meal, Maike covered all the traces they had left with her typical thoroughness and erased the video recordings while Jade placed the siblings in the middle of the living room and tied them and the chairs together. Both were pressed into the chairs by the ropes. Her hands were clasped behind them, preventing the siblings from releasing their own restraints, but not each other's. Finally, she gave them both a swat. Finally, she gave them both a sponge gag, which she secured in their mouths with a pair of strips of duct tape.

"Jade are you ready?" asked Maike from the door and looked at her watch.

"Yes, one more second!" shouted Jade, looking at her captives.

"So remember you can reach each other's knots, but if you still can't untie them there are scissors in the hallway."

A snore sounded as Luke was the first to be knocked out by Maike's special scrambled eggs while Caitlyn strained to stay awake and listen to Jade's every word.

She opened her mouth but no words came out. Jade gently stroked her cheek and whispered something in her ear before turning away, but Caitlyn's body betrayed her when she stopped hearing what Jade was saying and fell asleep as well.


A tear rolled down Jade's cheek as she got into the car with Maike.

"Oh come on, don't be like that! You know why we're doing this."

"She's the one Maike, and now she won't even be able to remember me."

"Would you rather we get arrested by the police? Then please go back and wait for her to wake up."

"Don't be ridiculous. She wouldn't have said anything." said Jade.

Maike shook her head and started her car.

"Whatever you say, but as long as I decide how to proceed we'll stick to memory manipulation!"


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