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The Red-Headed Catburglar

From Kinktober Day 6, 11, 26

Part 1
Vale Alone

I finally got home after a long day and flopped down on my bed.

"Another free weekend," I muttered, staring at the ceiling. I was alone in my own four walls, had so much space and yet most of the time I was lying, curled up on my bed or sofa, sometimes just the floor. Freedom was something I hadn't felt in a long time. And now that I could do whatever I wanted, I just lay on my bed and did nothing. For the first few months, I had thought that if I ever got free from slavery again, I would enjoy life to the fullest. It was true, too. I did more things, met more people, and overall had a happier life than before, but once I was home… I was alone.

I raised my arm. It had gotten significantly stronger since I had been attending rehab. I could hardly see any difference between now and before I was a slave, and yet I was missing something. I stroked my wrist. Could it really be that I was missing the metal shackles my mistress had put on me? I shook my head to get rid of the thought, but it persisted and I groaned out in annoyance. I let myself slide off the bed onto the floor and poked around in the darkness under my bed until I found my secret box. In it I had hidden the symbols of my bondage. Since I had banished them there, I had not touched them. Too great was the fear of wishing back something I was guaranteed not to want. But perhaps this was exactly what I needed all the time. I ripped the lid off the box and I was greeted by a pile of ropes. I set those aside until I found what I was looking for. The symbols of my bondage. Ten smooth metal rings of gold and now that I was back to my normal weight, they should fit me neatly again, right? The shackles had no hole for a key. I had to painfully realize that after the police had freed me and no one could open them. It wasn't until the manufacturer sent me a special magnet and a QR code that I was finally able to break free of them. I had considered throwing them away or selling them, but no… they ended up in the box, hidden under a mountain of ropes. Meanwhile, like my mistress at the time, I could also control them with my cell phone. Without realizing it, I bit my lip and had completely undressed.

I took my cell phone in my hand and set the restraints to softlock so I could open them again by hand. I took the hoops and let them snap around my wrists first. The weight immediately felt familiar again and my racing heart calmed down a bit. The restraints for my elbows, ankles, knees and hip followed. I looked down at the last ring. The one for my neck. I picked it up and stroked my finger over the cold gold. I opened the ring and placed it around my neck. It snapped together behind my neck and I felt the old tingling sensation I had first felt when my mistress had been kind to me and given me these shackles.

I looked in my wall mirror. A young woman of twenty was looking back. Despite my fair skin and light brown hair, the golden shackles shone and drew my gaze to them. As I had done before, I stroked my fingers along the collar and maybe I was imagining it, but the shackles were much tighter around my body than they had been then. Not that they pinched, they just fit me much better. I took my cell phone in my hand and used it to close the shackles; now I couldn't open them by hand.

I looked at the other options on my phone and pressed the restraint options that were currently possible for me. Legs together and arms behind my back. I set the shackles to turn on in thirty seconds and wouldn't free me for another hour. I put my phone back and lay down in my bed. I breathed calmly. I could still stop the countdown, but did I want to? My cell phone beeped briefly. Ten seconds left. What was I actually doing? Did I lose my mind? My restraints beeped and my legs snapped together as the magnets in the restraints were pulled together. The same was true of my arms, which snapped together at my wrists and elbows. I gulped. I thought about what I was thinking, but shook my head again. This was just a test, nothing bad, and so I closed my eyes and snuggled into my bed. At least the mattress here was softer than in my old cage.

"So warm," I whispered and tried to break my bondage, but they held me tight. My thoughts, which had just been wild, quieted and I prepared to fall asleep. Since my bonds would break on their own, I also didn't worry about waking up in pain and wanting to be free of the bonds. I blinked. Had I just heard someone? I must have imagined it. I closed my eyes again, only to open them immediately. I clearly heard someone downstairs in my house.

"No, not again!" I whispered and kicked the bed cover to the side as quietly as I could. In my bound state, I almost couldn't operate my cell phone, so I decided to hide! I hopped into my closet as quietly as possible and awkwardly closed the door with my hands. Then I waited. I could watch my bedroom through the slits in my closet and I could now hear well that someone was sweeping my house. The footsteps were coming closer and all at once a woman was standing in my bedroom. She had on a black catsuit that accentuated her athletic figure and red hair. She looked around my bedroom and I held my breath as she looked toward the closet.

"Mmmmh Vale doesn't seem to be home," the red-haired woman mumbled, but she didn't leave my room. She walked towards my bed and felt it.

"Still warm…"

Oh, God, why does this have to happen now of all times?

"Her phone is here too though… oh interesting app and it's active right now… timer, electric shocks, uuuuuh hogtie mode!"


My restraints beeped loudly and suddenly my legs were yanked out from under me and connected with my arm restraints. I toppled forward and yanked open the closet door. My head spun around and I looked up fearfully at the masked woman. She knelt down to me and… smiled? Not that diabolical smile that my mistress always put on just before she electrocuted me. No, it was serious, meant and almost concerned.

"Hey Vale, how are you?" the woman asked softly, brushing some hair out of my face.

"G… Good?" I said cautiously.

"You sure? You seem a little distraught."

"Well… I'm lying helpless on the floor and you broke into my house!"

The woman scratched her chin.

"Yeeeah, but you don't have to worry. I just wanted to check on you." the woman explained, picking me up off the floor with ease and laying me down in my bed. She released my hogtie and the next moment my hands. I looked at her puzzled, but the moment I brought my hands forward, the redhead squeezed them in front of my chest and they were caught in straitjacket mode of my restraints.

"This is a little more comfortable, isn't it?" she asked.

I nodded cautiously. I still didn't know what she wanted from me.

"What do you want from me?"

"I already told you, see how you're doing and… ask you something. If you don't know, that's fine. You really have nothing to worry about."

I nodded again, for some reason the stranger's words reassured me, she seemed sincere.

"So… how are you?"

"Fine," I lied, and the stranger raised an eyebrow. I exhaled heavily.

"I feel strange, I can't describe it, I'm free, but… it feels like I'm alone in a cage." I explained and the woman nodded in understanding.

"You're not alone there, Vale. Many of the people I've visited feel the same way. The difference, though, is that these ones don't tie themselves up. Especially not with the shackles from their slavery."

"You know about that?" I asked.

"My… still partner, is friends with Judy."

My blood froze in my veins when I heard the name of my first mistress.

"Please, I don't want to go back again, that would…" I fell silent as the woman took me in her arms and squeezed gently.

"I told you I wouldn't hurt you. I won't sell you back into slavery either."

I didn't know why, but I believed her. I laid my head against her shoulder and snuggled up to her until she laid me back on my pillow.

"As I was about to say, they're friends and I'm looking for someone who might have heard from them about a friend."

"I don't know if I can help you there, I haven't actually heard that much," I mumbled, hanging my head.

"Not that much, but maybe just what I need. Did Judy ever mention anything about someone named Terra?"

I looked up. The name said something to me.

"You know her?"

I nodded.

"Judy once talked to a woman about a certain Terra."

"Do you know where she is?"

I shook my head.

"No, but they were talking about a bunker…"

"A bunker? Mmmh. That might actually help me… Thanks, Vale. I'd be on my way again now, do you need anything else?" the woman asked. I was about to shake my head first, but then I said, "Can you stay here a little longer?"

The woman smiled understandingly and climbed into bed with me.

"Sure thing," she said, hugging me as I closed my eyes and rested my head on her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm sorry I broke in," the woman said and I rubbed my head against her shoulder.

"Feel free to do it more often, at least I won't be so alone."

Part 2
My burglar

I opened my eyes. Had it all been just a dream?

"If it was, it was beautiful," I murmured and turned to my window. The sun was shining in, revealing that my experience yesterday was not a dream. My bonds were still all in place, shimmering in the light of the morning sun.

"Not a dream after all?" I murmured, looking at a red hair lying next to me on the pillow where the nice burglar had lain yesterday. I snuggled a little more into the covers and blinked in bewilderment when I only now noticed that she had left me a present. I flipped back the covers and froze. Bare steel pressed itself around my crotch and prevented any penetration from the outside, but I felt two intruders moving back and forth inside me. I felt a barely noticeable humming in my crotch and my butt. I tried to loosen the chastity belt from my waist, but of course without success. My old mistress had almost never used it, but I could remember the few times well.

"My old mistress…" I murmured, lost in thought. Was the burglar my new mistress now? I shook my head. After all, I had just met her, where did I get such weird ideas! I'm sure she was just having a joke. As soon as I get my cell phone I can get rid of this infernal device, I thought and turned to my nightstand where my cell phone was, but it was gone. Instead, there was a note there, which I took with trembling hands and read.

Hello Vale,

I hope you had a restful sleep. I honestly would have thought you would wake up when I tightened the belt, but you slept like a rock. Unfortunately, I had to leave you before you woke up, but I hope my little gift will be able to keep you busy for a while. I hid your phone somewhere in your house, now you just have to find it to free yourself, and naked! Not that I can control that, but I think you might like it better that way. Follow the vibration and find your phone.

Have fun

your burglar

"This is unbelievable!" I gasped and swung myself out of bed, "How am I supposed to…" as I took a few steps, towards the closet, to throw something on despite the request, two things immediately struck me. First, that the vibrations were getting a bit stronger and second, that my burglar had put a padlock on my closet. There was another note on it.

Oh! I can control you after all, come on now, the key is next to your phone! LoL

I made a face. I should be upset, maybe even angry, but that wasn't the case. I also didn't feel vulnerable or taken advantage of like I did in my slave days. A warm feeling spread through my stomach and cheeks.

"Damn you Ms. Burglar, how can you play with my emotions like that?"

I walked out of my bedroom and down the stairs. With each step I took, both intruders in my crotch began to vibrate more. So I approached my phone, but I couldn't see it anywhere. I gulped as the vibrations got even stronger and automatically reached for my crotch. My fingers scraped uselessly over the cold steel of the chastity belt and I gasped in frustration.

Come on, where have you been hiding? I thought as I stood in the middle of my living room with the vibration at its maximum. No matter where I moved now, it was getting weaker.

"Where… where did you hide it… Ms. Burglar?" I gasped as I had to pull myself together not to come here and now.

Had she hidden it under the floor? I pondered and looked down feverishly.

"No, that's bollocks," I muttered, looking up. My lamp was hanging from the ceiling above me.

"She didn't… do that, did she?"

I exhaled briefly in relief as I walked out of the living room to retrieve my small ladder, but stepping back in hit me like a punch. I placed the ladder under the lamp and immediately had to grab onto it as my legs gave way beneath me.

"You devil!" I muttered as I sank to my knees and a bloodcurdling orgasm washed over me.

My eyes fluttered open and I looked up at the ceiling. The vibrators were still doing their demonic work and I could already feel that I didn't have much time left before I would orgasm again. I pulled myself up the ladder and almost tore down the glass bowl of the lamp. There they were, my cell phone and the key. Another note was taped to them.

Congratulations, you found it! However, you're not allowed to get rid of the vibrators yet. How do I prevent that? Simple, I changed your password, it's upstairs in the closet XO

My mouth dropped open as I slid back to the floor. Tortured by the vibrators, I crawled up the stairs to my closet. I put the key in the lock and yanked it off the door. There it was, a piece of paper. It was leaning against the last piece of the chastity belt, a metal bra that would simultaneously protect my breasts from my fingers and torture them like the belt itself.

"What do you want from me?" I muttered, reading the note.

The password is 1234, you now have my permission to turn off the belt.

I didn't read any further, first I wanted to silence the infernal things in my crotch! The vibrators finally fell silent when I turned them off with the app. That had been close… too close. I read on.

Before you get out of the restraints and belt, I have an offer for you. You can either undo everything and I'll come back on Sunday so we can do something "normal" together, or you can put on the metal bra and start ‘set-up 2’ on your awesome app. That will keep you locked in the belt until I release you on Sunday. Think carefully.

Until Sunday

your burglar

I swallowed. My finger was already hovering over the release button, but I hesitated. The burglar was so far from me and yet she played with me like my old mistress… albeit on a completely different basis. A friendly and caring one. She gave me a choice. Something I had almost forgotten after all this time.

"See you Sunday, Ms. Burglar," I murmured, reaching for the metal bra.

Part 3
Kim's backfire

Kim leaned back in her chair and pressed print. The printer spit out the latest Detective Phoebe comic and Kim stapled it together as usual. She grabbed a sheet of paper and began writing on it.

Enjoy my latest work. I hope you like it <3

Kim folded the paper in half and tucked it behind the cover of the comic and stood up. She needed to stretch her legs and was hungry. The young blonde pressed print again and left her small room in her sister's apartment, on the edge of Falenplaza. Once in the kitchen, she opened the fridge and took out the spaghetti Chloe had brought from a friend. It smelled excellent, even in its cold state, and Kim had to pull herself together not to just eat it cold. Kim placed the plastic bowl in the microwave and turned it on. The machine began to hum softly and Kim went back to her room. The print job was done and there was no trace of her previously printed comic.

"As usual," Kim commented, taking the new sheets out of the printer and binding them into another comic. She took it from her desk and slid it onto her shelf, where there were already a considerable number of comics, all of them about the young detective who had saved her life.

"Phoebe Wynters…" murmured Kim, smiling softly as she thought back to the last interview with her redheaded friend. The microwave beeped and all at once Kim heard the delicious smell of spaghetti and she hurried to the kitchen.

Kim was devouring her last meatball when she got a message.

Chloe: Hey Kim, spend a night or two with some friends. There's some spaghetti in the fridge and if I'm not back tomorrow there's some money in the cookie jar XO

Kim: Haha, all right! Have fun and the spaghetti was first class

Chloe: I'll tell the cook, you have fun too

Kim shook her head smiling, she knew exactly what her sister did when she was with her friends and didn't say exactly what she was doing.

"Bondage," she mumbled, sitting down on her bed and letting herself fall backwards. She'd tried it with her boyfriend Luke, but he hadn't warmed up to it and they quickly let it go. Her curiosity didn't get any better after she had been to the event hosted by the fetish company C&T. She had enjoyed it, a lot, but she didn't understand why. Why could she enjoy it after all she had been through? Even last night, she had woken up sweating and trembling, with her captor's face in front of her, but still.

Kim swung herself up from her bed and sat down in front of her computer. She typed "bondage" into the search bar and began to read. Experiences, techniques, ideas, stories, and for some reason a lot of fan fiction from the animated series Crabcop, but she couldn't find anyone anywhere who could relate feelings and experiences similar to hers. Kim was about to give up and ask Chloe for help, when something caught her eye. It was an instruction booklet on how to tie yourself up, with things that everyone had at home. No elaborate knots, no handcuffs, just two cozy blankets, plastic wrap and duct tape. The creator of the instructions promised that it was secure, yet tight, while also being cozy.

"Mmm, that sounds promising," Kim said, getting up from her desk and gathering the items before laying everything out on her bed. As a precaution, she also placed a pair of scissors on the floor of her room, just in case she couldn't free herself from what should have been a simple bondage, and began her work. She had read that it could get warm and therefore one should put on as little as possible. Kim undressed completely and laid her clothes neatly at the foot of her bed. However, she thought briefly and put on her cute swimsuit that Chloe had given her. A sporty cut design from C&T in red. It looked a bit like the swimsuits from the series Baywatch.

Kim nodded with satisfaction, took a deep breath and started with the first step. The wrapping with the two blankets. They were large and Kim managed to wrap them around her slender body several times. They covered her bare feet and were supposed to go all the way over her shoulders. Since she wasn't done yet, the blankets ran beyond that under her armpits. Her eyes fell on her mirror and she had to laugh as the thought occurred to her that she looked like a burrito.

"Hihi, come on Kim Concentrate!" she admonished herself, smiling to herself as she took the transparent cling wrap and began to wrap it around her legs. She made one wrap after another, pressing the blankets more and more against her body.

Mmh, that's why we always have so much plastic waste. I guess sis does it all the time too. Kim thought and when she reached her chest and wrapped down again to her feet. She was a little out of breath now, but she was determined to finish this before she rested. She reached for the tape and wrapped it tightly around her legs. Once at her hip, she remembered a warning about not overdoing it with the tape in the arm area, and she made just a few loose coils around her torso. Kim tore off the end and puffed with satisfaction.

"Now just lay on the bed and tuck your arms between the blankets," Kim remembered the instruction and did as she was told. She had to struggle a bit to push her arms to her side, but ultimately she managed it and exhaled contentedly. Her legs were now pressed tightly together and her arms were stuck between two blankets. Not 100% but enough that she felt a little helpless and definitely had to make an effort to free herself.

"Sooo and what do I do now?" Kim asked but got no answer. But she felt a pleasant warmth starting from her crotch and spreading further into her body.

Is that it? Kim asked herself and closed her eyes to better perceive the feeling. She tried to stimulate her crotch with her hands, but the inner blanket prevented her from doing so. Kim bit her lower lip in annoyance and tried to roll onto her stomach. She hoped to apply more pressure with the help of her mattress. Kim took several swings and laughed happily when she finally passed the tipping point and landed on her belly. But cursed in annoyance when she just kept rolling and landed on her back again.

"Here's to another one!" said Kim and was about to take a running start, to roll back again, when she suddenly lost her grip underneath her and slid. Panicking, she tried to brace herself with her arms, but they stuck uselessly to her hip and so she fell the short distance down between the wall and her bed. She squinted her eyes, ready for the impact, but it never came. Kim opened one eye and stared against the white wall of her room. Behind her, the bed pressed against her butt.

"Oh, haha. Well at least…" Kim fell silent as she tried to pull her arms out but couldn't because of the wall, it took away what little space she needed. Her heart began to race as she wrenched her eyes open and feverishly tried to push through the blankets away, but even that was not granted.

"Oh shit. No, no, no!" she muttered with a pale face, remembering that Chloe probably wouldn't be back for another two days, no one would rush to her aid.

Kim had given up trying to free herself after five hours and had fallen into a fitful sleep. Not that she could do anything differently. Occasionally she would wake up when a car passed too quickly outside the door or sirens broke the silence of the night. Each time she hoped that by some lucky chance the policemen had come into her rooms, but it remained to be hoped. She didn't know how much time had passed, but she heard someone fumbling with the door lock.

"Please let it be Chloe and not our drunk neighbor again!" she whispered, but she heard soft cursing outside the door and more clicking on the door lock.

That's not Chloe. It flashed through Kim's mind and she began to fidget again. But her custom-made prison continued to hold her tightly. A louder click could be heard throughout the apartment and a satisfied sigh of relief as the apartment door opened.

"So this is where Chloe lives. Are you home sweetie?" asked a female voice, soft and curious, but no one answered her. Kim forced herself to breathe as calmly as possible, but her rising panic made it more than difficult. This person knew her sister and yet she broke into the apartment. This had to mean something bad. Kim heard the burglar approach her room, then pause and move a few steps away again. Kim guessed that the woman was looking for Chloe because the light was still on in her room. The burglar quietly walked to each room and ultimately arrived back in Kim's room.

"Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Just leave the lights and PC on when you leave your apartment. I expected better from you, sweetie." the woman said and entered Kim's room, making her believe it was Chloe's bedroom.

"What do we have here?"

That's it, it's over, Kim thought, but the woman pulled something from Kim's bookshelf and Kim suppressed the compulsion to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Phoebe Wynters… Isn't that name on my list too?" the burglar asked thoughtfully, and Kim heard the woman flipping through her comics a bit. Once or twice Kim heard the woman hiss, inhaling in what she guessed was shock.

"I didn't know Chloe could draw… oh, Kimberly Denvers… her sister?" the thief muttered, still unaware that Kim was wedged in the crevice right next to her, "Oooh her sister lives with her…"

Kim heard her office chair spin and she suspected the woman was now glancing at her computer. Where the instructions for tying herself up were still displayed. A moment later, a shadow fell across Kim's face and Kim could make out a masked red-haired woman out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey, little one," the woman said, smiling down at Kim. Immediately a lump formed in Kim's throat and buried herself deeper into her blanket.

"Please don't hurt me, please! Take what you want and…" it bubbled out of her mouth, but she fell fearfully silent as the woman's hand moved down on her. She buried her face in the blanket and felt… how the woman gently stroked her head? Cautiously, Kim looked up.

"Don't worry, dear… I won't hurt you. Do you need help?" the woman asked kindly and Kim nodded shyly. The intruder grabbed the cocoon at Kim's shoulder and hip and hoisted her out of the crevice. Immediately the pressure on Kim's chest disappeared, but she didn't dare to free her arms.

"Thank you," Kim whispered, eyeing her masked rescuer. Kim saw a friendly smiling mouth, blue eyes and straight red hair, which the woman had tamed in a ponytail. Her whole body was covered by a black spandex catsuit and faux leather pants.

"You're welcome… Kimberly?" the woman said, and the younger one nodded but remained silent.

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing here, right? Well, I… I wanted to check on Chloe, see if she was all right and so forth, after… Judy." the woman said, and Kim winced at the mention of the name. Tears glistened at the corners of her eyes and her lips began to tremble.

"Oh darling," the woman said and immediately took Kim in her arms and hugged her to her chest. Kim began to sob, the stress of her self-imposed bondage causing her and the suppressed emotions now erupting and her tears wetting the stranger's spandex suit.

"You're not alone, Kim, come on, let it all out," the intruder said, cradling the young woman in her arms.

"It… it's just… Chloe, she's doing so well after all this and I… I… I'm so weak."

"No, no, Kim, you're not weak, you made it, you're out of this hell and you can go on living while this demoness spends the rest of her life behind bars."

The burglar gently rubbed Kim's back. She could barely feel it through the blankets, but the touch did her good and she cried it out to Jade. Everything she had held back over the weeks and kept secret from her friends.

The burglar had freed Kim from her cocoon and the remains lay scattered on the floor. Both were lying in Kim's bed. Her head rested on the burglar's shoulder, reading along with her the adventures of Detective Phoebe Wynters.

"This Phoebe… is she a friend of yours?" the woman asked, and Kim nodded.

"She showed me that you can't give up hope and saved Chloe and me," the blonde girl murmured, sniffling loudly, "She's the best detective in all of Leon City."

"Mmh, I'll have a chat with her sometime, if you don't mind. Maybe she can give me a hand in finding a friend of mine."


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