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Latex Playtime 2

by Smuttmistress

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© Copyright 2009 - Smuttmistress - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; corset; fem; wrap; oral; anal;toys; true; cons; X

continued from Part One

2: Wanted

I have let myself into the house in the normal way, sorted through everything and have ready what I need.  I am waiting in my dressing gown on the bottom of the stairs your arrival from the office.  I have my plan clear in my mind and know that you will love every minute. You have promised not to ask any questions and to follow my instructions, not to help but be submissive and wanton for as long as I deem to stay for your pleasure.

My mind wanders over what we have done over the last couple of years and how this had grown.  Perhaps I was too willing to please but now enjoy what I do to you and your body and now I have to do it all in my head.  I have to reread what I have written time takes it toll even though I at times can still smell your bodily scent.

I am playing with the blindfold in my hand when I hear your car pull up, I hold my breath as you walk through the door, you have not changed, and I know that I have. You put down your briefcase and smile, I get up and come towards you and put the blindfold on, I had toyed with the idea of a gag at this point but not necessary. I whisper to you that it’s only me and there is no need to be embarrassed or shy about me seeing your body, I have always loved touching it, you reply by saying your not.  I take off your clothes at the bottom of the stairs; I run my hands along your shoulders, down your arms, kiss the back of your neck. I then take you by the hand and lead you up stairs.

Rather than shower with you and wash you, I have ran you a bath, I tell you and put your leg into the water followed by your body.  You lie back and I take the sponge and begin to wash your chest, arms, stomach, legs, feet every nook and cranny.  You ask if I would mind leaving the room as you want to shave yourself, why do I have to leave, I have seen you do it many times; you then tell me that you want to clean yourself, to this statement I understand. I inform you that you cannot come out of the bathroom and you must replace the blindfold, you agree of course.

You open the bathroom door and have the blindfold on; although cheeky you have not dried yourself, infact that does not even matter.  Earlier I had put the latex fitted sheet and pillows onto the bed.  I walk you forward and sit you on the edge of the bed.  I put the earplugs into your ears, ensuring that they are a snug fit, then take the blue tac and mould to the shape of your ear, place a large skin coloured plaster over each. I then tell you to keep your eyes closed as I am taking off the blindfold. I place a cotton pad on each eye then place a plaster over this, ensuring that none of the adhesive it touching any hair. I then put the clear mask over your head and zip it up, next I put in the breathe through gag, tying carefully at the back and put the blindfold back on again. Next comes the twin mask and the black latex collar.  I stand back and admire you, well some things do not change your cock is straining. I take the long latex gloves and slip them onto your hands and arm then I put the inflatable mittens over these pumping up as far as I can. So want to get my hands on your body.  Before I tie you to the bed, I put on my twin mask an agreement made when you wear yours, so do I.

I push you back onto the bed; yes there is oil on the sheet, just right for warm bodies and an evening to match.  I have the ties already on the bed and wrap the wrist restraints around you, holding you stretched. Thereis not loads of oil just enough so that we can slide and play. I straddle your hips and massage the oil into your chest and torso, you are writhing.  I lean forward taking your left nipple in my mouth, I rub my tongue in circles around the nub then suck, making it grow, I tentatively nip with my teeth gently, then I suckle for ages, when I pull my head away, your nipple is twice the size it used to be, I could hear you moaning.  I cannot leave out the right one and get to work on it, all the while my hand is playing with the other nipple, tweaking caressing, rolling between my fingers.  It seems you and they have missed the attention.

All I can hear is a continuous low groan enjoy and trust me.  I work further down your body, rubbing your stomach with the now warm liquid. Massaging from side to side, your skin absorbing and softening with every stroke. I move in-between your legs, I love looking at the boys and your cock shaved, it’s the way it should be, hair not required, I stroke along your skin beside your cock and into your inner thigh, you voluntarily open your legs wider, I spread the lubricant along your right leg and massage down to your feet at this point I arch your knee so that it is bent, I repeat this on the left leg.

I sit back on my feet and look at you, you are in an aroused, heightened state, and I know you do not want me to stop. I wonder what is going through your head or are you just concentrating on the sensations that I am creating, your chest is heaving. I look at the video camera which I had set up earlier when I arrived and I know it should have captured every detail.  I rub my hands on the sheet to coat them then I lean forward and take the boys, I caress and play in my own way, running both thumbs in-between the boys down along your perineum, each hand taking one of the boys and rotating and pulling, then reversing the action, coming back up from just touching the opening of your arse back through the boys. I sit there in a trance just touching, kneading the boys, your cock mesmerising me, whether you know it or not but he is huge and you keep making him come off your stomach as if aching to be touched.  I bend my head forward and take the tip of your cock gently in my mouth, push the top of your foreskin  back with my lips, I can feel the throb, your head grows within my moist mouth, your hips start to thrust, oh no, baby, not yet we have so much more to do before I take you. To satisfy me, I take you fully in, down to the hilt and savour every little bump and vein when letting you out.  I turn to the camera and lick my lips.

I push your legs further apart and upwards as my hands begin a rotating movement on your buttocks, it seems I have found your spot and you stop thrusting your hips.  My hands gently sweep along your perineum and down your crack, I make large circular movements with each pass lingering on your hole, I can feel your muscles at work. I put more oil onto my hands and continue, this time I stop at your hole and smoothly push one middle finger into your inner sanctum, and you pull and squeeze me in further. I leave it there while I continue playing with my left hand. It heads upwards skimming the boys but finding your rigid shaft, my fingers surround the girth and pull. My right hand pulls the one finger out  and replaces with two, once inside they do a 180 degree turn so that they are playing with the flesh just behind your perineum, not far from your prostate, I push in as far as I can, wanting you to feel, wanting me to find. You are pushing down with so much strength my left hand stops what it is doing and comes and pulls your cheeks apart, I retract my two fingers and three delve into the darkness, I hear you, looking at you, your head is going from side to side (will have to stop that) your nipples are erect and hard. I splay my fingers once they are inside pushing smoothing the inner skin, tickling. I do not want to hurt you with my nails, so time for me to give you something else to think about.

Once my fingers have unwillingly departed, I reach for the inflatable vibrator, I turn it in the oil so that it is coated all around, I then offer the tip to your starfish, gently pushing you open up beautifully and take it in.  I pump it up eight times the bigger the better as far as I am concerned, and then switch it on. I then take your feet and restrain them to the corners of the bottom of the bed. The feeling of the oil around your body must be making you feel very hot and horny. I sit on your chest and put a piece of wrap around your nose ensuring that its not too tight but that you cannot breathe out of it.  I test by putting my mouth over the gag, fantastic it works.

I turn my attention back to your body for the moment I have flesh but not for too long, I want to coat your skin in as much oil and be absorbed as possible. My hands are all over you, rubbing along your shoulders, under your arms, your chest, tasting your nipples, kissing your belly, rubbing into your stomach, thighs, calves, knees, and feet.  You cannot cope with the sensation of continually being aroused.  You want to explode, can you alone; I give the pump a couple of more squeezes. I rest in between your legs, comfortable, I play with the boys and my cock, nothing too strenuous but knowing I have the power over you.  You maybe thinking why am I doing this, but there is a reason why as I have looked into it.

I come and rest beside you on my side playing with your nipples as I do so; I just want you to enjoy the experience at the moment. You moan with each tweak of the nipples, I must admit that I am turned on by you, looking at you lying here, totally under my control.

The camera cannot have much more time left on it, doesn’t matter thoroughly enjoying myself anyway.  I sit up and straddle you, I put your cock at my opening and already you are pushing in, I squeeze my muscles as you enter and you are going far too fast, you need to stop, I get off of you and I hear your moan, I move further up towards your face, I then just let the tip of your cock enter me, this will be done at my pace, each time I let my cunt take you just over your head before I come off, I repeat this again and again.  I turn to face away from you so that my masked face and naked body is on show to the camera.  I place one of my hands on your chest while I put your cock at my arse opening, I have already had an enema before you arrived, I ensure we are both well oiled, I push my hips slowly down onto your cock, with eyes closed I jerk and the top of you are in, then its nothing, you slip in half way, I place my hands on your ribcage my legs are taking most of the weight, you start to thrust, you must have sensed what was happening. I hope the camera is getting this.  My arms are beginning to ache but I am so close to orgasm that I could not stop if I wanted.  You give an almighty push and I feel heat, I begin to keep in rhythm for you ensuring that your orgasm continues, I can feel your head shaking from side to side, you are spent. I get off of you exhausted.  I pull myself to your side and take the mask off so that I can get to the gag, which I also undo; you take in gulps of air but do not say anything. I undo the restraints at both the top and bottom and take off the mittens then rest my head on one of the pillows.

We are both breathing heavy it takes a few minutes for us both to regain our composure at which point you pull me to you and say this was novel and slap your rubber laden, oiled hand on my buttock.

 The mask is not coming off Steve, I look at our suits hanging on the door, well lets see if my investigation into the oil giving you that added something when wearing is correct, infact I cannot wait to try.  I have the towels ready on the floor so that we do not make a mess, its not as if we are dripping anyway as our bodies have absorbed nearly all of it, so looking forward to what I am going to do to you.

I stretch and sit up. Just a quick look back at you, nipples still erect, my cock still with a semi, you know that I know every inch of your body and know how to please you; I doubt that anyone else will.  I take the gloves off of you and slowly coat your arms in the oil, massaging it into your skin.  I then lean over and slowly deflate the butt plug and take it out, dropping it onto the floor reminding myself to wash it later.  I take off my mask; I need to focus on what I am going to be doing next.

I check on the camcorder and change the battery and memory card so that I can capture the next couple of hours.  I pull your legs together and pull you around so that you are lying in front of me.  I then take your hands and pull you to a sitting position. You suit the transparent mask, enjoy being able to see your skin when looking at you.  I reach for the flimsy 55 black mask, stretch this and put it over the see through one.  Pulling this down around the back and front of your neck ensuring comfort.  I run my hands over your body and feel your skin ripple beneath my fingers; you are so touchable, especially now oiled all over.  I reach for suit number two and take it off the hanger, I go onto my knees and lift your foot and glide it into the leg, and I do the exact same with the other leg.  I then pull you into a standing position, I take the latex penis sheath and slide it onto your now stiff cock, a wry smile develops on my face, can never get over your stamina and quickness of recovery.  The cock ring with the sheath is effective but put on the cock and ball strap anyway, looks pleasing to the eye and makes the boys look fantastic.  I then turn you around and bend you over the bed.  I wash my hands in the oil still on the bed and run my hands around in a little inside your starfish.  I have the remote bullet in my hand and ensure this is covered and I implant very neatly into you, I push you down further into the bed so that your arse is higher and opens up for me even further, I nudge your ankles noting that I want you to move them apart wider, you obviously are on the same wave length at the moment, as you do it immediately.  I then have the beaded vibrator which I start to fill you with, as each ball disappears, I want to join them inside.  Once finished I pull you upwards and turn you around.  I pull the suit up to your waist very easily, then put your arms into their allotted slots and pull up and around your chest; I go around your back and pull the zipper over your lovely arse, ensuring that your cock is out, then zip all the way to your neck.

I reach for the masking tape,  and tape around the bottom on your legs and arms, I then close the zipper as much as I can around your cock and put the tape over the zipper, I then take the bottle of oil and drizzle it down the inside of the suit from the front and the back.  I then mask the back zipper so that none can escape.  Once done I then knead and massage the oil down further into the suit, I can feel it soft under my fingertips.

Suit number one next, put on the exact same way.  I then put on wrist restraints and attached them to the D ring on the end of the mittens of the suit.  I then take my corset and put it on you, taking my time to pull and tug at the laces so that inch by inch your waist begins to nip inwards.  Before I do anything else to you, I need to get you down the stairs.  I have already prepared the lounge whilst waiting for you to return and everything else I require is awaiting us.  I tug at your hands and you know that I want you to follow, we very tentatively go down the stairs and I sit you down on a chair.

Your camera is on hand and I take a few snaps for you but you will prefer to look at the film being taken, remembering the camcorder, I race upstairs and retrieve it.

I put on the thigh length boots, which I think when I bought them you, were not so keen, they go on easily and I zip them up.  Then I put on the new mask with the connected inflatable gag, bit of a struggle but I manage it, perhaps too tight a fit, then comes the twin mask, this is going to be tough, I detach the bulb of the pump and thread through the mouth area, then pull on with great difficulty, you are loving this, I reattach the bulb and inflate the gag.  Next comes the latex collar this finishes the look.  I take a few piccies for you, and then I pull you to a standing position.  I walk you over to the massage bed and I let you feel it as best you can through the mittens of the suit, you put your buttocks on the edge and go into a laying down position on your back, I slap you on your arm and you turn over onto your front.  I guide you to the face hold and pull the pump through, next I ensure the cock has gone through its hole that you made, which it has.  I sit down feeling a little puffed at this stage. 

I take out the leather belts from the bag and pick the longest ones.  I buckle one of the belts about two inches above your knees and one around the ankles, I then buckle one about two inches above your elbows and I clip your wrists to each other rather than the D rings on the mittens.  I then bend your legs backwards towards your head and pull your arms downwards, attaching the smallest belt around the heel of the boots and your wrists.  Just as I imagined and I hope that you are enjoying this. I take many pictures for your own gallery, from under and over the bed; each angle just seems to capture the mood.

My turn, I go and put on my suit, boots and mask then I come and join you. I set the camcorder on the cupboard where I had previously determined the right angle so that you can enjoy watching.  My body seems to be heating up with the rubber, the oil must be doing this, my crotch feels warm and each time I move I get arousing sensations, hmmm hope it is doing the same for you.  I undo the belts that are holding your feet and arms together and unclip your hands and bring them around and under the bed; I do not want you to become uncomfortable, just yet. 

I have put much of the white wrap onto a small roller; you seem to be breathing adequately so I will begin.  I start wrapping your head to the bed, when on the bed earlier upstairs you were shaking it back and forth; I know how you like to have your head still when you reach the height of your orgasm.  I leave out your neck but wrap your shoulders and upper arms, I then clip your hands together under the bed and wrap around these so that it because a little pliable but you cannot move your upper body,  I wrap around your waist and knees leaving out your backside so that I can play with it.  I have two sensual but strong vibrators on each rubber hand and I begin massaging your body with them.  I have chosen these as they will easily send pulses into your body through the suit and the wrap.  I can hear you when I delve under the bed and take your erect rubber clad cock in both hands, the throb emanating from my hands must be stimulating your blood flow, and I can feel your muscles contracting.  When I feel that you cannot take much more I move to your buttocks.  As I move up and down over your flesh, I then move from side to side.  At this point I turn on the remote egg on its highest pulse, with my hands on the outside causing rippling sensation and the bullet on the inner, I am taking you into ecstasy again.  I move down along your legs and cover my tracks back then to the small of your back and I stop.  I then switch on the anal beads, I am sure you are thinking oh yes, give me more Marie. 

I go upstairs, sort the bed by putting the sheet in the bath and washing it then leaving to dry and the inflatable I put into hot water, and I replace the sheet with another rubber sleeping sheet, for us this evening and put the duvet into the rubber cover.  I have the remote in my hand and I switch off the bullet, just to let you know I am still here.

When I arrive back in the lounge I restart the bullet and once again strap the hand vibrators on, I head straight for your backside, moving this time in circular movements, each time I sweep past with the rhythm I have started I pull the anal bead out bead by bead.  When it finally comes out, I take the pulsators off my hands and replace it with two of my rubber fingers. I push in with my nails turned towards the ceiling so that I can cup your prostrate, learning all the time, I squeeze a little more oil down the opening my fingers have created, as I pull out I let my three middle fingers go inside you as far as the knuckles, they are moving around easily, prodding, caressing, pulling, I can feel the base of your cock, I knew I would get this far eventually just needed to train and be brave and for you to be comfortable, you know I would never hurt you.  My tempo increases and frankly I realise that I am getting carried away, I am feel so horny. I take the anal beads and gently offer them back to you and they disappear where I then turn them on.  I sit on the floor feeling totally satiated then I look and catch the boys and your cock, hello.

I take off the cock and ball strap and slide off the latex sheath, the aroma, I turn the sheath inside out and it is dripping, but none of it is white, but without a doubt this is your odour.  You are so stiff that I cannot even bend him that much, I fondle the boys as I kiss and lick off the liquid that is over your length. I take my time as I devour you.  I can hear the buzz of the two vibrators contained in your arse, hope their magic is working. I keep one hand on the boys as my mouth opens around your cock and take you in as far as the hilt, once there, I press my lips around your base and slowly let you out, as my mouth comes off of you it is replace by a hand, so as I let the head of your cock savour on my tongue both hands are around you and begin to pump you gently.  I remove a hand and give the gag a couple of pumps it’s been almost ninety minutes I am sure a little air must have escaped. You must be very closed in with your surroundings as I get back to my cock, its little whole and foreskin pulled back longing to be taken in my moist warm mouth.

I move down your shaft with my tongue until I reach the boys where I nudge them apart with my nose and take one in my mouth, rolling and sucking as I pull your scrotum, not painfully I have done this hundreds of times, I am delicate but firm, your right ball becomes tight, when this happens I start with the left until he does the exact same, you are at your peak and would offer my best that it will not take much for you to explode.  I take you in my mouth, with purpose and a goal, you know this time business is at hand, I take your tip and with one hand at your base my head moves with speed, with each pass of your head my mouth gets tighter, then I feel that spasm and your juice fills my mouth with its goodness, it smell, its taste, we really should have done more with this.

I do not want to let you out of here at the moment, so I cautiously cut the tape away from your head so that I can raise it enough to get all but the transparent masks off, I work deftly and within minutes you are free and your face is back in the hole on the bed, you are gasping for breath, I just wait until you are ready to talk, minutes pass.  I turn off the anal beads and take them out, but I leave the remote bullet in but off.  Eventually you say that was intense, are you not letting me out, well you cannot hear me so no point in answering really, I think you will know the reply shortly.





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