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Latex Playtime

by Smuttmistress

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© Copyright 2009 - Smuttmistress - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; corset; fem; oral; rim; anal; true; cons; X

The more that I think about playtime the sadder then anger sets in.

You have been told to be naked when I arrive, no dressing gown, nude, showered with no deodorant on either. I want to smell you and you only.  You didn't even argue the fact, good about time you did as you are told.

You are astounded as I take off my coat and I am fully clothed in latex suit, boots and my shaven cunt on show. Letting you know that on the way down my hands were constantly playing with myself, I bet you wish you had boobs in your suit.

I arrive laden with goodies.  I admire your body in a 360 degree rotation.  I notice that you have smoothly shaved, lovely, hope you are keeping this up, females love it shaved especially if you want oral. I ask you to go and sit on a chair while I sort things out.  I have brought with me the massage bed and a few other items which I purchased a while ago. You do not seem to be looking after the equipment.  I rummage around the bags and select certain items; I come towards you with the transparent mask in hand. I stand between your legs as I place the mask on you, swivelling it around so that it is comfortable and zip it down the back, you are obviously excited as your cock has stiffened and is now winking at me.  You miss this no denying it, I know. 

I place my hand on your chest and your heart is racing. I put in the breathe through gag and buckle it. I then take suit number one, carefully thread your legs through, I then pull you to a standing position, put in your arms and pull over your body, none of the zips have been closed at this point.  I zip the suit up to your neck, I then take the latex garter and pull it over your head to your waist, and I then take the stockings and pull them up your legs and attach to the garter. Over the top of the latex I put on red fishnet stockings, next come the thigh length boots.  I stand back looking nearly finished. 

I then ask you to stand up, I have brought with me a new corset and the old one, although it's smaller than the other it should fit once I start pulling you in (it's amazing how sexy you feel when you have this on, I have mine against my skin obviously it just makes you twitch).  It's black satin and steel boned, I pull out the laces so that its fairly cylindrical in shape and I ask you to step into it, I then pull it upwards, I then begin to pull and tug at the laces, it is never going to come together at the back but it is pulling in your waist with great effect, once done I ask you to sit down again.  I then take the inflatable mittens, I know suit one has D rings but I think it will work, you wriggle your hand in and I buckle up and pump up we do the same with the other hand. I then take out the gag and take off the mask. 

I start on your face with a base foundation similar to your natural colour, I will use the same colours as I am wearing, I coat your eyes with a light grey, then working from the inner eye out I build up with a darker grey and a smoky purple, quite vampish but looks brilliant, I do the same on the other, I then apply the fake eye lashes, quite adept at doing this again now, I see you looking at my nails, yes because I am not wrapping my nails are long and are coated in a vibrant red, I tell you perhaps later when I undress you.  I coat the lashes in mascara, I put a little blusher along your cheeks, nose and chin, now onto your lips, definitely a red but not garish, I select one and glide it over your plumps lips, top and bottom. I fit ear plugs in and cover with the natural plaster, and then I carefully return the mask trying not to smudge your face. 

From the bag I brought with me I take out the long blonde wig, I have put a little breast tape on the inside of it so that it will attach to the surface of the mask. I fiddle around with the wig until I am satisfied with the look, I then give it a quick brush, it's not straight it has a few curls, same length as my hair which is about half way down your back, I reach and take the collar and fit it around your neck ensuring not to catch the hair in the buckles.  I bend down and kiss your lips through the mask, I am becoming so horny.  No I do not have lesbian tendencies.  I pull you up and you are looking at me, I know you can hardly hear but I ask you how you feel, from looking at your cock I think I already know. You walk towards the full length mirror that you have erected in the lounge at my request and you look at yourself from all angles, I can see it in your eyes you look and feel fantastic, the inflatables are not helping as I come behind you and run my hands down and around your hour glass shape. 

I have a surprise for you later; I have bought a water fillable bra, which I am hoping will give you the look of proper breasts when I dress you later in the other suit and the rubber corset. I replace the gag and pump it up just a little.  I have positioned restraints from the top of the door and I pull the mirror forwards so that you can see yourself in the mirror.  I raise your hands above your head and attach to the wrist restraints; I come behind you and open your legs apart.  You can feel my hands on your buttocks and balls, I have them coated in oil and I massage both equally at the same time.  All the while you are looking at yourself when your eyes are not shut; see there was a purpose for me not putting on the blindfold.  You are concentrating on where my hands are, they are now on the flesh between the stockings and the top of the cut off suit, kneading and caressing. 

I return to the boys, licking them with my tongue, taking each in turn in my mouth, squeezing them against the top of my mouth while my tongue dances along the bottom, sucking, they ache and want release.  I take the yellow cock ring and put it around the base of your cock and pull tight without catching the skin, your length seems to start to pulsate.  I return to my knees at the back of you, you stick out your bottom helping as I massage both cheeks pulling them apart as I do, I run my warm tongue along your perineum, grazing a little with my teeth not in a hurtful way but a god I want to explode. Having proved that you love your arse being licked that's exactly where I go, my tongue on your sphincter rubbing hard then going in long licks from perineum to the top of the crack in your bottom, I continue this for as long as I can sustain it, I then reach for the inflatable butt plug, I oil it and offer it to your starfish, your arse so wants to feel full. I zip up your bottom leaving the pump out so that I can inflate which I do immediately, you moan through the gag, I am sure I heard more, so be it, I pump up even further, that has got to be huge inside you and turn on the vibrator. 

I return to the front of you and pull out another little goody the shorts with the attached hood.  One reason why I have not put on my mask.  I thread your heels through the openings and pull them up and lead your cock into the sheath, before I do anything else, I must take a few photos for you, I snap away from all angles ensuring that I get myself in when behind as the mirror will capture me. When done I look at you, your eyes are so wide.  I have no idea how I am going to breathe but hey always willing to try something new, I put my head in the hood and I can feel your cock as I pull it over the top of my head, what you must be seeing in the mirror should be mind-blowing, me on my knees in black, head covered.  My mouth finds the tip of your cock and I begin to try and suck, not as easy as it seems, I arrange myself closer and put both of my hands on your bottom cheeks pulling you into me.  My mouth is a vacuum around your cock, your smell is so heady, I am becoming a little frenzied, my mouth slips along your length, time and again all the way down to the hilt, god I want your hands free so that you can ram your hips into my mouth, grinding ensuring I take every little bit in.  The images going through my head is making my breath ragged, I want you to cum and cum again, I am so engrossed in me, that I feel you become stiff and then my mouth is full of your juice, it doesn’t stop, flow after flow, I think you were saving it for me. I take my head out of the hood and stand up, you are breathing heavy but before I release you, I take off your gag and kiss you, releasing some of your cum into your mouth, your tongue is in mine, lapping up your own essence, come on I need more.  I let your hands free.....

You turn and say I want more.

I kneel on the floor in front of you, eye level to your cock; I still say that your aroma should be bottled.  I kiss your inner thigh and start to work my way upwards, I take your right ball in my mouth rolling it around in my heat, I then let it pop out and I do the same with your left, they are beautiful, I lick them in a circular motion, smoothly shaved hmm, I take your scrotum sac in the middle and nuzzle my mouth in between the boys, my nose at the base of your shaft, I begin to work my way down wards, licking your perineum, you can feel the my tongue and its sending ripples inside your stomach, further down I go, kissing sucking and licking reaching the opening where the vibrator is sticking our of your wonderful backside, I run my tongue around the edge of your hole and then push my face inwards, you need to open your legs further. I slowly pull out the vibrator and replace my mouth at your opening, my tongue delving, you made a big deal out of this and I proved you wrong, I knew you liked and so do I, I hear your breath becoming heavier, your becoming turned on, I replace my tongue with a finger and bend and bring your cock up to my mouth, I take you in and suck so hard, but not that it hurts, you know how good I am with your cock. I pull back you are so stiff, I pull my finger out and replace with three the middle one having the finger vibrator on it, feeling the soft mound as I push into your arse seeking and searching. I wiggle my fingers around rubbing your inner most sanctum, the feel of the vibrator on your inner flesh this is a new one for you, we know no abounds... 

You revel in the thought I know your body the way that I do.  Your head is thrashing from side to side. Then I stop.  I stand up and say time for a change, I can see the pre-cum, glistening from your cock eye, bending I lick until its liquid free. I take off the restraints, take you by the hand and lead you over to the massage bed. I am going to use something different and I am going to have you blindfolded while I carry it out.  I take the entire ensemble off including wig until there is only your mask left.  I then place the blindfold on and hey lets put the gag in also.

I have gone through this in my head a few times but when it comes to putting into place for real never quite goes to plan, perhaps you can try at some point. You are being very patient, not that you can hear very much as the ear plugs are still in place. The bra that I have selected is made out of black latex and is a 40DD without water/air being added, hmmmm let us see. I follow the instructions, I put your arms through the hoops and put the straps along your shoulders, everything is fairly wide; I hook the back up and ensure not too tight otherwise it will be uncomfortable.  Next I take out the nozzle where the nipple should be quite ingenious, it comes with a funnel which I attach and then from the kettle I put a pint in each one, which gives it weight.  I then close the nozzle as instructed and attach the pump, as I start to inflate it is mesmerizing watching them expand and grow, when finished they do not look natural but that is not the look that we are going for.  I fondle them to find that the water is not sloshing about inside must be the pressure of the air, they feel firm but squidgy.

I think that suit number three will be too tight and we will not get a defined breast shape, if at all.  I decide then to alter my thinking.  I stand you up, totally in my own thoughts now.  I reach for the oil and begin oiling your body from top to bottom, the feel of your hot skin under my hands ensuring that I think this through so that we can both enjoy the outcome. I put you back on the massage bed, lay you against the upright board and bring your knees up into a position that I can readily have your arse.  I trickle the oil sparingly from on high, it will not do any damage to the bed.  I take the remote egg and slip it into your arse, very secure very easy, next come the anal beads, watching as each ball slips into the place I long to feel and explore. Next I take the latex shorts and slip them onto your feet pull them up till I reach the boys as which point I put on the cock sheath and ball restraint, along with the metal cock ring, because when I release you later I am expecting you to have the hardest shaft yet, ready to impale into my arse and ride me like never before. I then put your cock between your legs and pull the latex shorts up. Job done. I remove the bra and put it to one side. 

At this point I look at your lovely pink nipples, I need to suckle seems an era since I let my senses go to town and divulge in my passion of wanting your nipples hard and erect. I bned down taking your left one in my mouth, round circular movement whilst flicking across the nub, pulling it in between my lips, then holding it there while my jaw moves from left to right a stomach churning, wanton experience, of lust and the motion ensures that a delightful twitch is beginning in your balls.  I know why my juices are beginning to flow.  I take the round nipple clamps and tenderly put them onto each stiff peak, they are not as savage as they were as they have been widened and are now a pleasure to wear.  I take suit number two and thread your legs through them, I then swing your legs around and pull you off of the massage bed where I then pull them over your hips, the oil just makes this a pleasure to dress now, rather than having red sore fingers. I then take the latex gloves and talc these, I thread your hands into them and pull up as far as they will allow, then I thread  these into the suit arms up to your shoulders where I pull the excess latex up, I zip up the back all the way to your neck painlessly.  I had closed all the zips prior to putting on, as I could not play but I did remember to turn on the anal beads before I pulled the suit over your buttocks. This is coming together better than I imagined.  I pick up the bra and thread your arms through and I fasten at the back, pulling the mounds down so that they are symmetrical in shape and definition.  You cannot see from a distance the actual bra it does look all in one. 

Next I take my corset, steel boned. I have done the front up already and just need to pull you into the shape which is required. I ensure that the bottom of the boobs in the bra are covered, sorry you just cannot beat a corset yummy.  As the laces become tighter the cleavage at the top is bulging over the top, you are going to be so excited at seeing this.  I take your hands and left you feel along your breast, the cleavage and then I take your hand further down so along feeling you can envisage what you look  like. Before I close and tighten the bottom half of the corset, I take the latex garter and hide it under the corset then finish off with a few tugs. 

My breathing has become heavier and wish I was wearing the items you are, but I am content with the suit and boots I have on, although wearing my new corset and stockings always give me please, how sexy can you feel. 

I then take the white fishnet stocking and slowly thread them on to your legs, hooking them at the top.  Then the calf length boots which have become easier to zip up. I take the camera and snap you as you are at the moment, I know I have forgotten to do this on many an occasions spoiling the many ways in which I have bound you.  I lead you to the bed and you sit on the edge.  I take off your blindfold and re-touch the make-up then taking out the gag and finishing your smudged lips.  I take the blonde wig and place it onto the mask securing, at which point I take the heated curling tongs and ensure the wig is flowing with loose curls over your shoulders.

So your taller than most females who cares, I take you to the full length mirror, your eyes are so wide, you look at yourself from all angles, running your hands over the breast shape, then you look at your crotch no cock on show, I turn to you and say this has nothing to do with masculinity this is two people enjoying a fetish, I know you are all male. I want to take you out looking like this, with me in my suit, who would know.  The excitement would be so erogenous a turn on from start to finish, oh god we talked about this at length.  It is dark outside, I know I have done this before but I want to take you out as a passenger, who will see, the thrill, the exhilaration, I want to cum.

There is nobody around and you get into the passenger seat of the car, I want to drive on the motorway, no lights, you tell me where to head for.  Before I got into the car, I opened up my zips, I have told you I want you to make me cum whilst I am driving, your latex gloved hand to delve into my cunt and play with my clitoris until I yell with ecstasy. We have not been driving for long when I can hear the squelch of my juices as I have brought my hips to the edge of the seat, your four fingers are disappearing into my warm mound while your thumb is rubbing, my breath is shortening before I scream with delight, trying so hard to maintain my composure, good thing I kept to the inside lane. 

I tell you I want to go somewhere quiet park up, go for a little walk.  You direct me to a deserted car park leading off into woodland. We get out and stretch our legs, we go off the beaten path into a slight clearing, and the moon is bright.  I stop and turn around and put the breath through gag in your mouth.  I pull down the zipper of your suit and pull your cock out of its nestling place and am thrilled you are huge and throbbing. I take you in my mouth savouring the length and the odour, your hands are now free and you grasp my hair slamming your hips into my mouth, my reflex is to gag but I do not want to stop. I can see you’re as heated as I am. I lay on my back on a flat stone my cunt and arse on show for the cool night air. My legs are far apart and I am looking at you, your place the tip of your cock at my arse entrance, I did squirt oil in before leaving and you gradually enter my tight darkness. You come further forward towards me and your cock is ramming me to the hilt, it hurts a little but not for long, I can keep my legs apart easily with out you holding them you notice, at which point your put your hand onto my cunt and insert your fingers, I was not expecting that, the gag is keeping you fairly quiet, then I let out hot air, gasping as I cum with such vigour at which point I have a warm sensation in my arse as you strokes become weaker.  You pull out and I deftly put him away in shorts.  I take out the gag and you say come on lets get out of here. 

Oh but my fun is far from over.



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