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The Latex Dungeon pt 8

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; XX

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Thanks to Michael, Wofent & Knightshift for parts 5-9 of the story.

The Latex Dungeon
Part Eight - The Devil gets her due

 "W w why a a are y y you B... b being so N Unh! nice to m me....!?! Julie panted and moaned as Bambi continued thrusting her dildo in and out of Julie's hot rubber encased cunt, Bambi didn't answer, instead she took hold of Julie's hair flowing from the rubber cone on top of her open faced rubber hood of her catsuit and pulled on it jerking Julie's head back, Julie gasped as Bambi starting to kiss her passionately as she stirred the dildo deep within her in nice wide circles,

 "UhH..Mmmm...." She moaned with pleasure returning Bambi's kiss's with an equal amount of passion, she wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her close to her, she could feel the hot rubber of their two catsuits rubbing together as they were locked in their passionate embrace. Julie explored Bambi's perfect latex covered body with her hands looking for a way to return some of the pleasure she was receiving, she slid her hand around the front of her crotch between their two bodies, her hand caressed the leather strap of her body harness pulled tightly between her legs. She moved her hand back to behind her back feeling for the buckle, once she found it she feverishly worked it undone and slid her hand back between her hot rubber clad thighs, she slid her hand up and down her hot rubber covered crotch. She could feel Bambi's hot pussy getting moist under the tight rubber stretched over her lips.

 Bambi moaned at Julie sweet caresses, she could feel her fingers pressing the latex into her hot wet pussy,

 "HhhhUnh!" She moaned and started thrusting the dildo in and out of Julie faster. Julie moaned deep and pulled Bambi closer to her with her other hand on her tight latex covered butt. 

 Bambi was almost lost in passion when she suddenly remembered her position, she stopped kissing Julie and pushed her back up against the white tiled wall of the tunnel. She had pulled out the dildo and had it held out in front of her resting on Julie's chest with it's tip between her breasts dripping with hot artificial cum,

 "Uuummm... N not n now!" She said catching her breath a little while her other hand pulled the leather strap of her body harness back up between her legs pulling it tightly over her throbbing rubber covered pussy lips. 

 "Maybe we can do this after the contest." Bambi said as she buckled the strap up tightly behind her back. 

 "Ohhh...but I want you to fuck me...." Julie pleaded, she was still under the influence of the artificial cum that had been squirted deep into her by the Dungeon Slut and her pussy still ached to be filled.

 Bambi thought about it for a moment, "Well so long as I don't let her get the better of me it's still within the rules...." "Besides I love the way this sweet little bitch moans when she's getting fucked."

 She smiled as she looked at Julie leaning back up against the wall moaning and rubbing her wet rubberized pussy lips with her thighs spread wide apart begging for the firm hardness of her dildo to fill her aching cunt, Julie sucked on the thumb of her rubber catsuited hand while fingering herself as her body writhed up and down against the Dungeon wall like a cat in heat. The sight of her writhing against the white tilled wall was more than she could take, the steamy "take me now" look in Julie's eyes gave Bambi more than enough incentive, she pressed herself up against Julie's hot rubber clad body once again and began rubbing her dildo along her swollen rubberized pussy lips.

 "UnhhH..Oh God...Y y yes...Fuck me hard..!" Julie cried as she felt the dildo fill her, stretching her ribbed inner sheath over it's thick hard shaft, she lifted her left leg and wrapped it around Bambi's leg while spreading her thighs apart even more to take Bambi's dildo all the way in, she bucked her hips wildly against Bambi's thrusting dildo while clenching her sensitive rubber encased pussy lips tightly around the thick thrusting rubber cock.

 Julie's cries of ecstacy echoed throughout the tunnels as Bambi brought her to one orgasm after another.


 Alexis and Cynthia strutted side by side down the long tunnel occasionally having to wade through hip deep sections of artificial cum filled pools spaced at odd intervals down the length of the tunnel and narrowly evading the odd tentacle or two that would try to seize them by the ankles.

 As they approached the end of the tunnel Cynthia and Alexis could hear the pleasured cries of someone echoing slightly from beyond the opening at the end of the tunnel.

 They emerged from the tunnel and entered into a huge chamber. Cynthia smiled wickedly. In front of them trapped by two tentacles that had wound their way around a tall slender woman's fishnet pantyhosed legs was Cynthia's "Fishneted Bitch!"

 Cynthia couldn't believe her luck. 

 "What are the chances of this?" She thought to herself as she chuckled wickedly.

 "I take it that this is the one you told me about?" Alexis asked in an almost knowing voice.

 "Oh yes....this is her all right....I'll never forget her face....and I never forget a great pair of legs in Fishnets!" Cynthia said as she eyed the helplessly trapped woman up and down.

 "Oh God No!".....Not you!" The trapped woman in fishnets cried as she recognized Cynthia, she struggled as the tentacles removed her patent leather mini skirt leaving her standing there naked in just her fishnet pantyhose and shiny black high heeled pumps, her legs held spread apart by the two thick tentacles wound around each of her legs, she covered her stocking covered pussy with one hand while her other hand covered her exposed breasts almost as if out of modesty. 

 Each tentacle emerged from a three inch diameter metal edged hole in the Dungeon floor. and held her feet planted firmly to the Dungeon floor in her high heeled shoes while each tentacle coiled it's way up each of her shapely fishnet clad legs.

 "Oh's me alright." Cynthia said smiling wickedly as she strutted up to the trapped helpless woman. Cynthia grabbed the woman by her hips and slid her latex gloved hands around to her butt and pulled her close to her with a sudden motion.

 The woman gasped as her body slammed into Cynthia's and she felt Cynthia's dildo of her red rubber catsuit stab slightly at her stocking covered crotch as she put both of her hands in front of her to try to push her away.

 "Now it's my turn for some fun." Cynthia said as she seized one of her naked breasts with one hand and started to suck on the nipple of her other breast, the trapped woman tried to push Cynthia away with her free hands but Alexis was quick to restrain her from behind.

 "Not so fast sweety.....if you are going to dish it out you have to be willing to pay the price latter." Alexis purred into her ear as she forced the woman's arms behind her back forcing her chest to stick further out in front making them more accesable for Cynthia's advances.

 "Unhh..h..H!" the woman moaned as Cynthia grabbed the thick shaft of her dildo and began rubbing it along the crotch seem of the woman's pantyhose, while Alexis held her hands together behind her back and kissed her face and neck. 

 The woman struggled vainly as Cynthia and Alexis played with her, she tried twisting her hips away from Cynthia's thick studded probing rubber cock, she could feel it's bulbous head pressing the crotch of her fishnets into her a little guided by Cynthia's hand motions.

 "Uhh....Hh...h..h....UnnnhH...N..n..No!" She moaned and cried as Cynthia took hold of the waist band of her fishnets and pulled them down to just below her crotch, she then squirted a generous amount of artificial cum from her dildo onto her helpless exposed pussy lips and rubbed the tip of her dildo along her lips working the slippery murky fluid all over her sqirming, helpless pussy. 

 "Hhhhh....UunnNH!..." She grunted horsily as Cynthia thrust her dildo deep into her with one fluid motion, she watched her facial expressions as she stirred her studded rubber dildo's thick shaft deep within her, she enjoyed the sensations of her hips squirming between Alexis and herself as they both pleasured her, this was her favorite form of revenge, it felt sweet, she purred satisfactorily as the sides of her lips curled up in a wicked smile. 

 Alexis probed the woman's exposed butt from behind with her own thick formidable dildo, she squirted a large amount of the murky artificial cum between her butt cheeks all over her exposed anus.

 "UunnhH...Oh...G..g...g..GoD...!!" The woman groaned and cried as she felt Alexis's dildo penetrate her well lubricated ass and fill her. She grunted and groaned as Alexis and Cynthia thrust their dildos in and out of her aching love holes while Cynthia kissed and sucked on her exposed nipples and Alexis kissed her neck and face from behind.

 "I'll bet you like that don't you?...Bitch!" Alexis said as she continued thrusting her dildo deep up her ass in perfect harmony with Cynthia's thrusting motion as she licked the side of her sweating face and bit lovingly on her earlobe.

 "!" She cried as the tentacles caressed her stockinged spread open legs, she moaned and grunted, gyrating her hips under Cynthia's hands placed firmly on the sides of them, she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm took full hold of her, her body shook and her legs quaked, she gasped and moaned. Alexis withdrew her dildo and Cynthia pulled her own dildo almost all of the way out and then gave her a final deep thrust causing the trapped woman to grunt horsily.

 Cynthia and Alexis played with the woman, caressing her, teasing her with their toys.

 "I have a special going away present for you." Cynthia said as she smiled wickedly at the spent woman before her, her fishnets still pulled down just below her exposed pussy, artificial cum dripped from her swollen lips and landed on the fishnet mesh stretched between her spread open legs. Cynthia produced a thick black rubber dildo, she turned a small knob at the butt of the dildo and it buzzed to life with a powerful sounding vibration, she rubbed the tip of the vibrating rubber cock between the woman's cum soaked lips, she gasped and shuddered at the sensation against her sensitive wet lips.

 "!" She pleaded as Cynthia smiled wickedly and inserted the thick rubber cock deep into her in a single thrust and started stirred it around for a moment or two in nice wide circles enjoying the expression on the woman's face as the strong vibration coupled with the dildo's thickness worked it's magic, she grabbed the waist band of her fishnet pantyhose and pulled them up high stretching them over her naked breasts. 

 "UNnnnhH!" the woman grunted horsily as her pantyhose forced the vibrating dildo  deep into her sensitive hot wet cunt effectivly trapping it there.

 "There... that should fix you!" Cynthia said as she gave the woman a final passionate kiss on her panting lips while her latex clad hand cupped the butt of the dildo trapped under her pantyhose and stired it a little and then strutted away swaying her latex clad hips provocatively, "Enjoy!" she added smugly.

 The woman reached down with both of her hands cupping the fishnets stretched over the butt of the dildo deep within her, she was about to try and pull the dildo out of her when suddenly two more tentacles emerged from the metal edged opening in the floor and seized her wrists forcing her arms behind her back preventing her from removing the assaulting dildo.

 "Tisk Tisk!...How unfortunate." Cynthia said mockingly as she watched the woman struggling with the two new tentacles as she looked back over her shoulder as she walked with Alexis away from the woman.

 "Looks like she's really in for it now." Alexis said smiling.

 "Indeed it does...serves her right!" Cynthia replied smiling wickedly.

 As Cynthia and Alexis exited the chamber and started down one of the four tunnels opposite the one they had entered, the woman's pleasured cries echoed throughout the chamber and down the tunnel as more tentacles emerged from the two holes in the Dungeon floor and wound and snaked their way up her stockinged legs and entwined around her naked body, they could hear her pleasured moans as the tentacles ripped open her fishnets and pulled out her dildo and inserted their own insidious erotic devices into her exposed and helpless orifices.


 Julie had been walking aimlessly down one of the Dungeon's many tunnels for what seemed like over an hour, she was completely and utterly lost, not sure of which direction she was headed. All of the action she had encountered had managed to put quite the spin on her sense of direction, which for the most part was usually quite good, she always had a great sense of direction, but now she was completely lost. She thought about retracing her steps to try and find her way back to a more familiar part of the Dungeon, but had abandoned that idea in favor of exploring more unfamiliar territory in hope of eventually making it into the center of the Dungeon.

 As her high heels clicked on the white tiled Dungeon floor and echoed off into the distance she became curious by strange "manhole" like openings spaced about two to three meters apart on the floor in the center of the tunnel, she stopped to examine one a little more closely. She noticed that each hole was about a foot and a half in diameter and was rimmed with a shiny chrome metal ring two inches wide and set into the floor, the faint sound of machinery could be heard throbbing below in the inky black darkness of each hole.

 "I don't like the sound of that." Julie whispered to herself as she stood up from her crouched position after examining the hole.

 Julie stood a little perplexed in the center of the tunnel trying to decide on what to do, she noticed that the metal edged holes in the Dungeon floor became a little more closely packed together as the tunnel progressed, she thought about going back for a moment and then shrugged off the thought and pressed on over stepping one of the holes, as soon as she passed over the hole she must have inadvertently activated something.

 A slight hissing and the sound of something stirring deep within the dark blackness of the hole attracted her attention. As she turned to look she noticed a silver metallic metal sheathed tentacle rising up out of the hole. Julie knew better than to stick around, she quickly stepped over the next hole, and then dodged to the left stepping over another hole. With each hole she overstepped she activated it's contents, soon the tunnel behind her was alive with dildo waving metal and rubber tentacles.

 In her panic to escape she stumbled and fell onto the tiled floor, scrawling over three of the metal edged holes, she rolled onto her back and scrambled backwards on all fours further into the tunnel. She kicked her high heeled boot frantically at a tentacle that tried to wind it's way around her ankle knocking it momentarily to one side, she scrambled backwards a foot or two kicking at the persistent growing jungle of tentacles in front of her. Suddenly she felt two tentacles wind their way around her arms pulling them out from under her, two more emerged from a hole beneath the small of her back and quickly wound their way around her latex clad middle pulling her to the floor. Within moments her struggling legs were covered with metal and rubber tentacles. Many tentacles held her spread out struggling on the tunnel floor.

 Julie struggled as the tentacles seemed to pass her from one hole to the other carrying her deeper into the tunnel, she moaned as her whole latex catsuited body was fondled, caressed and probed by hundreds of writhing tentacles.

 "UuunnNH!" Julie moaned as a long thick rubber tentacle rubbed it's large studded shaft between her struggling spread open legs, she felt each little stud like caressing fingers stroking her rubber encased pussy lips as it's thick studded shaft snaked it's way over the crotch of her tight latex bikini briefs and slid between her legs.

 Just up ahead behind Julie as she was carried by hundreds of writhing tentacles along the wall of the tunnel was some sort of oval cylindrical devices mounted to the wall spread apart about shoulder width apart from one another, each one had a dome shaped bottom and an opening at the top with what looked like black rubber padding around the top that disappeared inside of each rounded cylinder, each one was mounted to the tiled tunnel wall by two large chrome metal clamps that seemed to wrap halfway around the middle part of the cylinders, about midpoint between the two oval shaped cylinders was some sort of round spiky black rubber cushion or seat mounted to the wall between them about three feet above the floor, closer to the floor about a meter apart were two holes about a foot in diameter with chrome metal edges set into the wall, each one of these had a thick metal rod that disappeared into the holes and was fitted with a thick metal shackle or clamp that opened and locked closed automatically. 

 The whole affair was positioned in front of one of the many "manhole" like openings from which the tentacles emerged set into the tunnel floor.

 Julie was carried struggling over towards the waiting mechanical bondage device, she struggled as her arms were placed into the two rounded cylinders mounted to the wall, forcing them behind her back a little causing her chest to stick out in front of her provocatively, her rubber covered butt was forced into the spiky rubber cushion as the tentacles placed her struggling ankles into the metal clamps that emerged from the two circular holes on the wall at her feet, once in place they held her spread open firmly shackled to the wall with her chest and her pelvis thrust slightly out in front of her provocatively squirming deliciously.

 Julie relaxed a little once she realized that struggling was useless, she started to wonder just what form of erotic torture she was going to be in for now.

 All of the other tentacles that had carried her down the depths of the tunnel and locked her into this strange bondage machine had all disappeared, the tunnel was silent except for a slight stirring and throbbing of machines coming from the "Manhole" just in front of her.

 Julie tried to move her arms inside of the strange metal cylinders but some form of suction provided by a mechanical air compressor and the rubber padded seal around the top of the cylinder prevented her from even budging her arms, she could move her fingers freely and turn her wrists but that was all, she fidgeted her butt a little in the spiky rubber cushion trying to make herself more comfortable, she could feel each well defined stiff but flexible rubber spike pressing against her butt through the tight latex of her catsuit, she had to admit to herself how good it felt.

 The sounds from the "manhole" increased in intensity as a couple of tentacles emerged and snaked their way across the floor towards her, she struggled vainly as one of the tentacles slid up her rubber covered thigh and slipped under the waist band of her latex bikini brief at the side of her right hip, the tentacle gripped hold of her latex panty and ripped it off of her.

 "UunnhH....N..n..No!" Julie Cried as her latex bikini brief hung off her left side between her spread open black rubber clad thighs leaving her rubber encased pussy lips open and exposed helplessly. 

 Julie's eyes widened as she saw a thick black rubber ribbed hose with a formidable chrome metal dildo mounted to the end of the hose emerge from the manhole. Near the base of the dildo were what looked like spiky balls with rounded tips on the ends of the spikes so it just looked even more threatening at first glance, although threatening by appearance, Julie was more concerned with the size of the metal penis. She had played once or twice with a white porcelain penis that she had as a decoration on her glass coffee table at home and had always managed to take it's thick shaft all the way in slowly and with lots of lubricant, but that was always under her own control. She wondered how she would fair against something like this monster in her trapped spread eagle and helpless position.

 "N n n n Oh G god....N n No!" Julie cried and twisted desparatly in her bondage as the thick threatening metal penis drew closer. 

 The manhole was now alive with tentacles each one with some sort of erotic device or other device mounted to the ends of them.

 Julie watched as the dildo drew ever closer bobbing up and down in front of her, it's tip spurted forth a blast of artificial cum which landed on her left leg and dripped down onto the floor between her spread open legs, she tried to close her legs and clenched her rubber covered pussy lips closed almost in a vain attempt to prevent penetration, her bondage made the attempt almost laughable.

 "HhhhuuunH!" Julie gasped as she felt the tip of the mechanical chrome penis start to stroke her rubber covered pussy lips up and down causing them to part a little, other tentacles started writhing all over her body caressing and cupping her rubber covered breasts with large black rubber suction cup-like devices.

 Julie's desperate cries carried off down the tunnel and faded out. Julie knew struggling was useless and that she was about to find out what being fucked by a really huge dildo will be like as she twisted her hips wildly from side to side desparatly trying to prevent the probing metal penis from entering her, a game she knew she would loose.

End Part Eight
Next:"The Rescue and End Game"
Copyright 1998 Fetish By Knight

The story continues in
Part Nine - End Game


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