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The Latex Dungeon pt 9

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; XX

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Thanks to Michael, Wofent & Knightshift for parts 5-9 of the story.

The Latex Dungeon
Part Nine - End Game

 Sweat began to bead up on Julie's face, it gathered and ran down the sides of her face in little rivulets. Her face was flushed and looked a little redder than usual framed by the open faced hood of her black skin tight latex catsuit. She panted and gasped each time the thick chrome penis brushed against her tight latex covered pussy lips as she was held spread open and helpless before it by the strange bondage device attached to the white tiled wall of the Dungeon.

 Julie had no idea of how long she had been at this desperate game of cat and mouse with the huge dildo trying to penetrate her, a game she knew she would only loose. She could feel her hips were already getting tired from their constant shifting from side to side as she tried desperately to avoid the huge metal dildo's relentless advances. 

 Her hips stirred in a wide circle as large as her bondage would allow. Her tight rubber covered butt lifted momentarily off of the oval shaped spiky rubber seat mounted to the wall behind her as the huge metal dildo reared up snake-like on it's thick ribbed rubber tentacle base. It made a stabbing motion towards her rubber covered pussy lips just missing them. It made little rough jerky motions back and forth as it pressed against her left thigh. 

 "UunNhhnnnhH!"... Julie gasped as the metal penis blasted forth a huge amount of hot artificial cum which spewed all over her chest between her breasts and dripped down in large quantities between her spread open legs. It flowed like a river of white glistening oil and dripped down over her struggling rubber pussy lips as her hips continued to twist in wide erratic circles. 

 Even through the tight latex of her catsuit she could feel the hot cum flowing down the front of her body. 

 "Oh My God!" Julie thought, "This thing cums like nothing I've ever imagined!..... it's got the force of a garden hose!!!" .....

 "My God!... if that if that thing gets into me it's girth will surely break the inner sheath of my pussy suit!"

 Julie was very fit and agile, but was beginning to wonder just how long she would be able to keep up dodging the metal dildo's advances. Her awkward spread eagle bondage position made her struggles very taxing.

 Hidden micro sensors buried within the huge metal dildo relayed messages to it's central control. A sophisticated processor buried deep inside the dark depths of the man-hole like opening in the floor quickly received and processed the information that it was another failed attempt at penetration. 

 The chrome dildo pulled back a foot or two and recoiled like a cobra on the offensive, cum still dripped from the opening at the tip of it's thick shiny chrome head. It thrust forward again and planted itself right between Julie's legs.

 Julie forced her body upwards off of the rubber seat, her muscles tensed as her back arched curving her body outwards from the wall. Her feet were almost on "tip toes." She could feel the tightness of the metal shackles clamped around her ankles as she pulled against them.

 The metal dildo butted right between her legs against the spiky rubber seat not more than an inch from her helpless cum soaked rubber pussy. It began it's rough jerky motions back and forth.

 Julie's muscles were straining to keep herself away from the phallic monster planted between her legs. She could feel herself loosing the fight as she slipped slowly down onto the huge thrusting metal penis.

 "AahhH..UnnH!" Julie moaned as she could feel it's powerful vibration as her rubber covered lips parted around the side of it's thick metal shaft aided by the lubricating effect of the artificial cum. The metal dildo had not penetrated her. Because of it's position she was merely riding it's thick metal shaft as if it was a horizontal bar of a fence she was straddling.

 The metal monsters sensors alerted it to the situation. The dildo pressed upwards almost lifting her by the crotch. This time there was no escape for Julie with the dildo right between her legs.

 Julie's exhaustion showed as she panted and moaned in desperation. The metal dildo turned itself upwards.

 "HhhhUnH!" Julie gasped as she felt the huge rounded tip of the vibrating penis spread her rubber cum covered pussy lips open wide. Exhausted and beaten she felt herself sinking slowly onto the huge penis. She felt it's huge metal girth begin to fill her as her pussy lips stretched over each of the metal ribs down it's thick shaft. She could feel all of the raised studs of her inner rubber sheath stretched to their fullest as they raked her deep inside.

 The dildo's penetration stretched the rubber of her inner sheath so much that her pussy lips slipped out of the rubber lips of her catsuit.

 "UnH!... Oh God... N..n..No!" She cried as she felt the secure feeling of her lips being dislodged from the lips of her catsuit.

 "Uu Uu Uu Uu nnnnhH!" Julie grunted hoarsely as the dildo began jerking back and forth deep within her, her whole body moved up and down with the forceful motions of the assaulting metal penis. Her inner rubber sheath was stretched right to the breaking point. Suddenly the dildo blasted her deep with hot artificial cum.

 "UnhHhhhH!... O o OH...Gg g God!.... N n n Noooooooo!" Julie gasped and grunted as the stretched rubber of her protective inner sheath broke exposing her fully to the euphoria inducing artificial cum. Deep inside of her she could feel the broken rubber of her inner sheath slide down the sides of the thick chrome penis.

 The metal dildo pulled out of her taking with it the shredded remains of her rubber sheath. The rubber lips of her pussy suit snapped back against her dripping wet swollen pussy. Julie wiggled her hips trying to get the rubber lips to fit back around her own again.

 A tentacle from the manhole-like opening in the floor grabbed hold of the wet broken latex hanging from her crotch and pulled it away from her while another tentacle with scissor-like cutters on it's tip cut it off close to her crotch. It cut with such precision that it cut the pussylips of her catsuit right off leaving her sex completely naked and exposed. Hot artificial cum dripped from her swollen lips onto the Dungeon floor between her spread open legs. 

 The whole time she could feel the tubes attached to her nipples sucking and squeezing her. Her nipples were so sensitive. Even just from wearing the tight rubber of her catsuit. Her body writhed constantly trying to get away from their relentless stimulation. Julie couldn't fight the machine anymore. She felt the thick metal penis penetrate her dripping hot sex again and moaned as it's metal shaft filled her naked unprotected sex.

 Julie moaned and grunted with each thrust and twist of the dildo. Her mind filled with the most erotic of images brought on by the artificial cum as hundreds of tentacles snaked all over her body caressing her like a thousand fingers. They snaked and slid all over her spread open legs. The machine kept her it's helpless sex toy bringing her to one sweet orgasm after another.


 Julie wasn't sure how much time had passed as she hung from the shackles of the dungeon machine half in and out of consciousness. She could hear a voice calling her name. At first it seamed so far away but got a little more louder and more clear as her consciousness came slowly back to her. She looked up from her slumped over position. To her surprise it was Bambi. 

 "W w what are you doing here?" Julie asked groggily.

 "Oh.... I was just passing through..... you sure know how to get yourself into trouble don't you?"

 Julie just hung there looking all sheepy.

 "It's a good thing I like you.... we are only permitted to help a few times... that's if we feel like it." Bambi said.

 She smiled at Julie as she took out a small remote control box and pointed it at the dungeon machine Julie was shackled to. As soon as her latex gloved hand pressed a little red button on the remote Julie felt the suction inside of her arm cylinders release and the metal clamps holding her ankles snap open and slide back into the wall openings.

 Julie's butt slid off of the spiky rubber seat, her legs were all wobbly and felt like jelly. Her knees buckled as she tried to take a step forwards.

 "Steady lover girl." Bamby said.

 She caught hold of Julie and helped to steady her balance.

 "It's a good thing you picked this particular tunnel... there are a few others just like it that don't go anywhere.... they just come to a dead end with a nice surprise trap at the end and a sign that says YOU LOOSE BITCH...... this one is at least programmed to let you go after a while..... of course then you have the other ones throughout the tunnel to deal with.... not many make it through these tunnels."

 "S so why are you helping me?" Julie asked getting her balance back a little more now.

 "Like I say... I must like you I guess." 

 "She's going to be a little disappointed to learn about Alexis." Julie thought to herself.

 She was about to speak when Bambi cut her off. 

 "I know all about Alexis..... it's OK.... I like you differently I guess... but this is neither the time or place to be having this conversation."

 Bambi pointed down the tunnel.

 "Watch out for the traps in the floor. This tunnel opens up into another four way exit.... it's up to you from there."

 She smiled at Julie and gave her a playful swat on her latex covered butt with her whip to send her on her way.

 "Thanx." Julie said smiling back at her as she headed off down the tunnel sidestepping all of the manhole-like openings in the white tiled floor.

 Bambi watched her getting smaller as she descended deeper into the tunnel. Her lips curled in a wicked smile.

 "Good luck." She said quietly to herself.


 Alexis and Cynthia emerged out of one of the tunnels into a huge chamber. The sound of moans and pleasured cries could be heard throughout the whole room.

 In the center of the room was a huge machine that looked something like the Sex Machine in Alexis's Dungeon back home. But this was much bigger and had been mounted to some sort of track or rail that ran right up to the far wall of the chamber. The bed was built very sleek and permanently inclined. There was a large formidable looking dildo mounted to a oval dome shaped hood that separated the leg sections of the inclined bed. The leg sections ended in thick smooth molded metal cuffs that engulfed the whole leg from the calf down. There were no shackles of any kind at the head of the bed. Just above the metal hood that held the dildo was a computer-like key pad only with not so many keys. This was built on a much steeper angle in order to see it from a reclined position and built close enough so as to be able to reach it making it overlap the dildo hood by a foot or two. The back part of the machine swung outwards at the back and up over top like a "C" shape. An almost gross array of smooth mechanical devices hung from the inside top of the back part of the machine. The whole thing was made to look like it was molded out of a singe piece of metal and plastic. Everything had a very curvy and even flow to it, almost like a living machine.

 All around the machine laying in a shallow cum pit which made up the remainder of the chamber were dozens of women all spent and strung out on overdoses of artificial cum. It was from them that the sounds of pleasured moans could be heard coming from as they lay covered in cum wearing the remains of their shredded and ripped latex and pantyhose.

 It was amazing to Cynthia and Alexis just how many of them had managed to keep their costumes in one piece until they got their turn on the Lottery Sex Machine.

 Over to the left two women were fighting for another chance to try their luck on the machine. One was wearing a single piece black latex catsuit with the crotch and breast cups ripped out. Her opponent was wearing a pink popcorn spandex mini dress pulled down round her waist and black pantyhose with the crotch ripped open. They were fighting for control over a single squirt dildo as they were both drenched with artificial cum on their knees wrestling.

 The woman in the black latex catsuit was beginning to loose as the other woman slowly gained the advantage. She forced her to the slanted white tiled floor just at the edge of the cum pit and wrestled the dildo away from her. Within moments she had it between her legs forcing it deep into her cum soaked pussy. The catsuited woman moaned and grunted with each thrust of the dildo.

 Cynthia and Alexis watched the spectacle for a moment.

 "So, who goes first?" Cynthia asked.

 Alexis was about to answer her when suddenly a hand laid on each of their shoulders from behind.

 "You weren't planning on starting this party without me were you?"

 Both Alexis and Cynthia jumped in surprise and turned to face Julie smiling back at them.

 "Don't ever do that!" Cynthia said as she slapped Julie and then threw her arms around her hugging her.

 "Boy are we glad to see you!" She said while giving her a kiss on the cheek.

 Julie was surprised to see that Alexis and Cynthia's catsuits were intact. She wished she could say the same for hers as she stood before her friend and lover with her naked pussy lips hanging out of the ripped open crotch of her latex catsuit.
Alexis took Julie in her arms and gave her a big kiss.

 "It looks like you've been having fun." She said looking down at Julie's exposed sex smiling.

 "Oh brother yeah!... remind me to tell you all about it sometime." Julie said and then returned the kiss and hugged Alexis.

 "Well.... not to break up this nice family reunion.... but I've got a contest to win." Cynthia said as she came up to Julie and Alexis and leaned over their shoulders.

 Cynthia giggled and then headed over towards the machine in the middle of the chamber.

 Cynthia noticed that the machine was in the center of the cum pit on kind of a center island of curved metal and white tile. She strutted around the edge of the cum pit and started to walk down the entry ramp into the pit. She discovered it was not more that a little over ankle deep all round as the thick murky white liquid lapped at her latex clad ankles.

 Partially naked women were moaning and writhing all around her. Some of them were grabbing at her as she made her way towards the machine. 

 The two women who were wrestling with each other earlier stopped. They got up and blocked her way.

 "Hey girls... looks like we got ourselves a couple of "Dungeon Virgins" here!"

 The woman in the pink popcorn spandex mini dress and black pantyhose said as she looked at Cynthia and Alexis's intact catsuits. She advanced towards them as she pulled her dress back up over her naked breasts glistening with artificial cum. 

 The catsuited woman she had been wrestling with stood up slowly and pulled the dripping dildo out of her wet cunt.

 Alexis smiled wickedly and said to Cynthia. 

 "Hhmmm.... my favorite part of the contest! You take to one in the pink and I'll take care of the other one!"

 "Sounds good to me!" Cynthia smiled back at her.
Before Julie knew it Cynthia was all over the woman wearing the pink spandex mini dress and ripped black pantyhose. While Alexis grappled with the woman in the catsuit who was more concerned with trying to hang onto her squirt dildo completely forgetting about Alexis's built-in dildo on her catsuit.

 Julie was so caught up in all the commotion that she almost forgot that the lotto sex machine was completely free of any obstacles. She made her way towards the machine and climbed up onto the reclining bed. She grunted as she slipped herself onto the formidable dildo and slipped her legs into the ankle covers which automatically closed tightly around her latex covered calf and ankle.

 "AHhh...UHmmm!" Julie groaned with pleasure as she wiggled her slender hips on the bed and felt the dildo hum to life deep inside of her.

 Julie had not forgotten that the inner sheath and her protective rubber pussy lips were no longer there to protect her from the effects of the artificial cum. She knew she would at best get three viable chances at punching in the correct code sequence on the keyboard before she would be overwhelmed by the effects of the artificial cum and a good hard fucking.

 Beside the keypad to the right she noticed the large red dome-shaped Abort button. She remembered reading about it in the contest rules.

 Julie laid on the lotto sex machine for a little while enjoying the sensation of the dildo buzzing gently inside of her. She contemplating what numbers she should try. Her mind flashed momentarily to and old vintage movie Alexis and her had watched one night in which a woman was placed into a machine that was supposed to kill by extreme pleasure. But the woman had proved to be too much for the machine and blew all of it's fuses and burned out the machine.

 "You wretched, wretched girl.... what kind of woman are you? You've burned out the excessive machine.... blown all of it's fuses..... the energy cables are shrinking..... you've turned them into fagots! You wicked girl.... just you wait till I get my devices.... you'll wish you had died of pleasure!"

 Julie chuckled a little as the scene from the movie played in her mind. She laughed at the irony of her situation. Julie's hand reached out towards the key pad and keyed in a sequence of numbers. Suddenly a computer generated male voice boomed in her ears.


 Julie grunted hoarsely as she felt the dildo's vibration intensify as it began to thrust back and forth slowly at first. Julie placed both of her hands between her legs around the chromed dome base of the dildo and tried pushing herself off of it. Her leg clamps held her tightly and only allowed her about an inch of movement backwards.

 Suddenly two metal cup-like devices attached to smooth metal arms swung out from the sides of the machine. Each one cupped over each of her breasts and held her flat against the bed of the machine. Each metal cup was lined with black rubber. A quiet vacuum-like sound sealed each cup to her breast's. She could feel fingers or little tongues inside of the breast cups playing with her rubber encased nipples inside of her skintight latex catsuit.

 Julie tried to struggle and pull her chest away from the fondling fingers inside of the breast cups but she was held helpless against the machine bed. Even with her free hands she was not able to push them away. One hand fought with the dildo while the other frantically tried to free her breasts, sometimes with both hands against either the dildo or the breast cups.

 She moaned as her hips gyrated from the machine's fucking motions as the dildo stirred deep within her.

 For twenty minutes Julie fought the urge to hit the abort button. Her head swam with erotic visions from the little artificial cum the machine had ejaculated into her. She knew soon that she would get the full load at the machine's climax.

 "Ahhhh.... Ohhh.... G goD!" Julie cried out as she felt herself cum all over the machine's thick vibrating dildo.

 Julie's hips bucked wildly as the machine blasted her deep with artificial cum. It's dildo thrusted madly in and out of her hot dripping hole.

 The machine's motions slowed to just a gentle throb and ebbed off slowly until it was just a gentle vibration again. There was a metallic sound as the leg clamps released her and the breast cups swung back into the sides of the machine giving her a chance to escape.

 Julie was so tempted to slide herself off of the machine and join the rest of the spent women lying about the chamber.

 "Just two more tries." She pleaded with herself.

 "Just two more tries....."

 The machine's leg clamps closed back around her sleek latex clad legs holding her once again it's sexual captive.

 Julie's head was swimming from the artificial cum. She was thinking about that movie Alexis and her had watched.

 "If only I can remember the date.... how old was that movie?" She thought groggily to herself.

 "Old.... sometime back in the late 60's I think?"

 Julie's hand pressed two numbers into the keypad.

 1 9.... She hesitated trying to remember the date from the movie ad in the entertainment guide. She keyed in two more numbers.

 6 8

 1 9 6 8 .... she paused a moment pulling with her hips that big one inch movement allowance off of the dildo.... She hit the enter key bracing herself for the machine's onslaught.

 The computer generated male voice again boomed throughout the machine's chamber:


 Julie couldn't believe her own ears. It was the wildest fluke that she would get it right. Julie grunted as the machine's dildo started to fuck her but not anywhere nearly as rough as before.

 To her surprise the whole machine started to move forward towards the chamber wall where there was a round oval indentation about twice the size of the machine. Inside of the oval wall indentation was a vertical seem similar to sliding doors which ran down the center of the wall. A bright sliver of light appeared down the center of the seem followed by a hiss of an airlock seal being broken. The sliding doors parted revealing a brightly lit hallway or chamber into which the machine slid on it's track. The sliding doors closed engulfing the machine behind them.

 "That lucky bitch!" Cynthia shouted to Alexis who had been fucking her victim into submission with the dildo of her catsuit.

 Alexis looked down at the catsuited woman beneath her writhing in ecstasy.

 "Well looks like it's all over for us then." She said smiling.

 "Still... it would be a shame to let you go to waste." She purred and started kissing the woman's neck and thrusted her dildo deeper into her and enjoyed the sound of her moans and grunts she made in her ear.

 "A terrible waste indeed." Alexis purred and nibbled on the woman's earlobe.


 Julie's eyes squinted until they became accustomed to the brightness of the new chamber in which the lotto sex machine now rested. The leg clamps released her and she was free of the sex machine. She pulled herself off of the dildo.

 "UHnnhH!" Julie grunted as the dildo slipped out of her. Julie rested a moment until she was ready to slide herself off of the machine's bed.

 The high heels of her catsuit clicked and echoed on the gleaming white marble floor.

 "Where am I?" she said to herself out loud.

 She looked around at her surroundings. The decor was very sparse in nature decorated with a few large floor standing black wrought iron candle holders. She appeared to be in some sort of large hallway. The ceiling was high, perhaps ten feet or more, suspended from which were beautifully ornate chandeliers. The width was a little more than tree times that of the lotto sex machine she had rode in on and about four times it's length.

 Just in front of the sex machine there was a beautiful chest. It had a finish of glistening black lacquer. There was a note card on top of the chest which Julie picked up and read the words.

 "Open Me Up, And Put Me On."

 Julie opened the chest and was amazed to find that the chest contained a new latex catsuit very similar to the one that Alexis was wearing earlier.

 Julie looked around to make sure she was alone before stripping off her ruined latex catsuit. Satisfied that she was indeed all alone in the marble hallway she stripped off her old latex and pulled the new catsuit out of the chest.

 She discovered as she unfolded the black shiny latex that it was a little different from Alexis's catsuit in a number of ways. This new catsuit had a high neck collar where as Alexis's had a scoop neck collar. This new catsuit was also back zip to the top of the neck where it padlocked closed. She noticed that there was no key in order to unlock it with once it was put on. She chuckled a little to herself thinking that will mean no one will be able to take the suit from her like the Dungeon Slut tried to do earlier in the contest. The rubber of this catsuit she found was much thicker than that of the suits in the Dungeon making it impossible to rip or be torn off. Julie was beginning to think that this suit would make her feel very secure.

 Julie looked around once more to make sure she was still alone and satisfied she was began to slip on the new skin tight latex catsuit. First she slipped her feet into the attached high heels molded seamlessly to the catsuit. It felt much tighter as she slipped it up her long shapely legs and onto her naked body.

 "Probably the thickness." She thought to herself as she worked it up her slender thighs.

 This new suit also had the same type of inner and outer dildo that Alexis's suit had. She would be able to make it ejaculate by her own vaginal contractions.

 "Uhhhh...Nnnnn..Mmmmm...!" Julie grunted as the dildo filled her still sensitive wet cunt.

 She held onto the outer dildo with both hands and wiggled and gyrated her hips slowly until the dildo was comfortably in place and then worked the rest of the tight rubber catsuit up over her hips. She slipped her arms into the sleeves and worked her fingers into the attached gloves molded seamlessly to the sleeves. Slowly she worked the latex up around her waist until fitting her breasts into perfectly molded breast cups complete with little nipple replicas which her own fit perfectly into.

 Zipping back zip catsuits up was always difficult but Julie had lots of practice and managed with little effort. She padlocked the top of the zip closed.

 "There.... Perfect!... Mmmmm.... Feels good." She said out loud to herself as she caressed the thick latex covering her body and admired it's perfect fit. She felt invulnerable, her entire body snugly embraced by the thick latex which clung like a second skin to every curve of her perfect body.


 Julie was unaware of the electronic eye that had been watching her all of this time.

 The tall slender woman watched Julie on the monitor as she stood resting one hand against her black pantyhosed thigh. Her other hand tapped a long red finger nail on the hard black plastic casing of a small remote control device resting on her hip of her black leather mini skirt.

 She tapped her shiny black patent leather high heel of her shoe against the marble floor of the dimly lit luxurious bed chamber as if waiting impatiently.

 "Oh have I a surprise in store for you!" She giggled to herself menacingly.
"Have I indeed a surprise for you!....."


 Julie stood in the white hallway like a gleaming black hermaphrodite statue of rubber. She knew what she would have to do next. 

 "Just one more hurtle and then the contest will be mine." Julie thought to herself.

 At the far end of the hallway was a double set of doors set into a high archway. It was the only door there other than the one that was tightly sealed behind her that the sex machine had came through.

 "That must be where I have to go." Julie thought as she headed for the door armed with a squirt dildo in one hand and the dildo between her legs bobbing up and down as she strutted across the hard white marble floor.


 With both hands Julie flung open the double doors which opened directly into the luxurious bed chamber.

 Inside was the biggest four poster ornate canopy bed Julie had ever seen in her life. All made out of richly burnished highly decorated brass. The bedding was beautifully frilled and lace white sheets, the pillows were enormous with gold tassels at each corner.

 Standing in front of the bed almost as if expecting her was a beautiful woman tall and slender and dressed to the nines in a white ruffle long sleeved blouse or shirt unbuttoned midway and tucked neatly into her short black leather mini skirt. Rich black pantyhose fit tightly to her long shapely legs. On her feet she wore gloss black patent leather five inch spike heels that strapped elegantly around her slender shapely ankles.

 With the dildo of her catsuit deep inside of her Julie thought she was going to cum just looking at her. She was very attractive, a fine prize indeed.

 "All dressed up with no where to cum huh?" Julie said smiling as she studied her prey.

 The woman smiled back at Julie and said:

"How doth the little Crocodile
Improve his shinning tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
"How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!"

 The woman chuckled wickedly to herself upon completion of the verse.

 Julie had a puzzled look on her face but was determined not to be caught off guard.

 "I'm not sure I fully understand the reference but that's Alice In Wonderland if I'm not mistaken." Julie replied.

 "Ahhhh.... I see you know your ancient history of classical literature." The woman said as she paced the length of the bed. Her high heels clicked loudly against the marble floor. She eyed Julie steadfastly still with that wicked smile on her face.

 "How about this one then:"

"Step into my parlor,
Said the spider to the fly."

 The woman chuckled again as she finished the verse.

 "Do you perhaps understand the reference to that one my dear?" She said smiling wickedly at Julie.

 Julie was beginning to get an uneasy feeling as well as being a little annoyed with the woman's smug behavior. She looked about the bed chamber to see if they were the only two in the room, which indeed they were.

 "So why is she acting so smug?".... "She's no match for me, especially dressed like that..... I'll have those nice pantyhose of hers ripped open and be fucking her senseless before she even knows it." Julie thought to herself as she studied the woman closely.

 "Enough history lessons!" Julie said to her with a sharp tone in her voice.

 The woman had walked to side of the bed and faced Julie. She stood with her legs shoulder width apart, her hands behind her back leaning on the bed slightly.

 The sight of her was making Julie very horny and she started thinking about just what she was going to do to her.

 "I agree, come and get me lover!" The woman said to Julie giggling a little.

 Julie was standing not more that ten feet in front of her licking her lips and playing with the squirt dildo in her hand.

 Julie advanced towards the woman who still made no attempts to get away or show any signs that she was going to fight.

 "This is going to be too easy." Julie thought to herself as she stood right in front of the beautiful woman.

 "I'm going to enjoy you slow and easy." Julie said as she licked her lips and ran the squirt dildo down the front of the woman's midway unbuttoned white blouse.

 The woman giggled and played with the little black remote control she had been hiding from Julie behind her back. Her thumb rubbed ever so gently over the red activator button eagerly awaiting the perfect moment to activate the remote.

 Julie ran a latex finger gently between the woman's legs along her right stocking clad thigh. She took the dildo in her right hand and started caressing the woman's inner thigh. She was about to start rubbing her stocking covered pussy when the woman suddenly pushed Julie back unexpectedly.

 "I'm sorry lover but I really don't feel like having my pantyhose made all wet and sticky." She said smiling wickedly at Julie as she smoothed the front of her mini skirt and straightened her blouse.

 Julie started after her with a little more force.

 The woman pressed the button on the remote control. Suddenly Julie felt her inner dildo burst into fantastic life.

 "HhhunNHh!" Julie gasped and dropped to her knees at the sudden unexpected sensation. She spread her thighs apart and seized the outer dildo with both hands and tried to pull it out of her. The thick rubber of her catsuit allowed her to pull the dildo out a little but not nearly enough to remove it entirely. She tugged and pulled on the dildo until her arms grew tired and she had to let it go. The dildo slipped back deep into her vibrating and thrusting madly.

 "UNHhhhUnH!" Julie grunted and seized the dildo again. She wrestled with it desperately trying to get it out.

 The beautiful woman stood above her laughing at her predicament and playing with the remote control.

 Just when Julie thought the dildo was her only problem she suddenly felt the tight rubber breast cups of her catsuit start sucking and squeezing her hard erect nipples. Surprised by the sudden sensation Julie grabbed at the tight thick molded latex breast cups.

 Her fingers moved to the neck of her catsuit as she tried desperately to rip the tight rubber off of her. The thickness of the rubber made it impossible to rip. Julie's hand feverishly tugged and pulled on her dildo while her other tried desperately to stop the assault on her nipples.

 Julie moaned and groaned writhing on the bed chamber floor as more stimulators hidden in her latex catsuit activated caressing her firm butt, her inner thighs, legs, neck and waist.

 Julie could not quit determine what some of the sensations felt like. Some of it felt like hands caressing her butt while other felt like her ankles were being licked, her neck felt like it was being kissed and licked all over while other areas of her body felt like they were being given a "Vibro Massage."

 The woman laughed as she kept playing with the remote control sending one series of commands after another to Julie's catsuit, she programmed event after event into the remote.

 Julie was a writhing black mass of latex limbs moaning and groaning on the bed chamber floor. She could no longer fight the advances of the dildo and was now embracing it as it took her to one orgasm after another.

 Ahhhh.... F f fuCKk! Julie screamed as the inner dildo squirted artificial cum deep into her, she orgasmed yet again and felt herself cum all over her inner dildo.

 She had to fight this. Julie struggled with her thoughts as her catsuit controlled by the laughing woman fucked her relentlessly.

 ".... it couldn't end like this... not after she had come so far.... 
Alexis and Cynthia would be counting on me to some how pull through this.... 
But how.... this woman was clearly in control?"

 Julie managed to get off of her back and onto her knees. The dildo was still banging away at her and she grunted hoarsely with each deep penetrating thrust.
Just in front of her stood the woman. Julie grabbed her by the ankles and pulled herself up her almost as if she was trying to climb her.

 "Going somewhere?" The woman giggled. "I know.... floor too hard and you want the bed don't you."

 She giggled even more and pushed Julie onto the bed and climbed up on top of her and straddled her with her knees on either side of Julie.

 Julie laid moaning and groaning deep in ecstasy on the bed beneath her feverishly tugging away on her rubber breasts and the assaulting dildo.

 "Ha ha ha ha..... You poor hapless fool... you're my Bitch now.... did you really think it was going to be that easy?"

 The woman laughed and gloated as she keyed even more commands into the remote control watching Julie writhing and squirming beneath her.

 Julie could see her kneeling over her through half blurred vision. She knew she may never have a better chance. Julie mustered every ounce of self control she had and lashed out knocking the remote control out of the woman's hands. It flung over her head and fell behind the bed.

 "Oh No!" The woman cried.

 She made an attempt to get the remote but it had fallen too far behind the bed to retrieve it and the bed she knew would be to large and heavy for her to move. But now she had another more pressing problem.

 Despite the fact that the tight latex catsuit felt like a thousand hands and dildos fucking her Julie somehow found the strength to fight. The dildo still buzzed and banged away violently at her sensitive soaking wet pussy. The breast cups squeezed and fondled her nipples like a thousand fingers and tongues. Other stimulators in the catsuit caressed and massaged other erogenous zones of her body all in perfect harmony.

 Julie brought her knee up sharply between the woman's legs stunning her momentarily.

 "UnhhH!" The woman grunted.

 Julie's drove her knee into her stocking covered pussy a second time and grabbed the woman by her shoulders and flipped her onto her back. She rolled on top of her so as her whole body weight rested right between the woman's flailing legs. Julie almost instinctively contracted her pussy causing the outer dildo to squirt a generous amount of artificial cum all over the fine nylon mesh covering the woman's pussy.

 She began humping her with the outer dildo of her catsuit the whole time her own inner dildo savagely slammed away at her vibrating wildly.

 The woman grunted as Julie's outer dildo stretched the wet nylon of her pantyhose over it's bulbous head and penetrated her a little.

 Julie reached down between her flailing legs and ripped open the fine stocking material making her vulnerable to her outer dildo.

 "UNnnnnhhH...Mmm OH GOD NO!" The woman gasped and groaned with pleasure as Julie's dildo drove deep into her hot wet cunt.

 Julie wasted no time, no sooner had she penetrated her she contracted her vaginal muscles in three random spasms. Her outer dildo repeated the action with three deep penetrating blasts of artificial cum. Julie heard the wetness squishing between them as she rhythmically started to fuck her slow and deep holding the woman's arms above her head until she felt them grow weak from the effects of the artificial cum.

 Julie felt like gloating and saying something like:

 "Look who's Bitch is who's now!"

 But she knew she was not out of the woods yet. She had some how managed to fight the overwhelming temptation to give into the sweet caresses of her own catsuit and some how managed to fight the effects of the artificial cum still being ejaculated into her by he assaulting inner dildo and yet even still managed to find some energy to fight with the beautiful woman she now had the advantage over. She had to be careful of any more surprises.

 "UHnnnn...OH.God...F Fuck!"

 Julie felt the woman orgasm as her whole body tensed and her legs quaked and quivered beneath her. Julie thrust deeper and gave her three more blasts of artificial cum.
Julie ripped open her blouse exposing her hard erect nipples she hungrily began sucking on them trying to give her the same feeling her tight rubber catsuit was giving her but she could only attack one breast at a time.

 Julie soon felt the woman climaxing again and gave her another dose of hot cum.
Julie had no idea of how much time had passed since the two woman began their erotic struggle for supremacy. All she knew is that finally she could feel the devises in her catsuit finally letting up a bit and slowing down.

 Her dildo merle buzzed now without the relentless thrusting and churning. Her head was even beginning to clear a little.

 She pulled the dildo out of the woman's swollen pussy just so she could wait for her to come round a little and surprise her with another sudden deep penetration.

 Julie played with her prey until she was certain she was beaten. She got off of her and searched the bed chamber until she found some thick leather bondage cuffs. She returned to the bed and fastened the leather shackles around the woman's wrists and ankles and secured her spread eagle to the huge canopy bed.

 "Congratulations Julie you are this contest's new winner!" A female voice sounded throughout the room.

 Julie looked up to see the familiar face of a woman on the monitor. It was the same woman who had welcomed them all to the hotel once they had arrived at the beginning of the weekend.

 "You will be reunited with your other two friends in a few moments.... Congratulations once again on a very fine fight... we have a video of the occasion as a small momento for you also." The screen of the monitor went blank.

 Julie was over joyed but a little worn out to fully appreciate the occasion.

 "I'll have to properly celebrate later with Alexis and Cynthia." Julie said exhausted. 

 She staggered a little back over to the bed where her prey was shackled to the bed and led down beside her.

 "Whew!.... You sure gave me a run for the money." Julie said as she rolled over and kissed the woman on the cheek.

 The woman stirred groggily and replied:

 "I'll just have to do better for the next contest lover."
Julie giggled.

End Part Nine 
"Rubber Kiss, In Dream I Am Loving You."
Fetish By Knight

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