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The Latex Dungeon pt 7

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; X

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Thanks to Michael, Wofent & Knightshift for parts 5-9 of the story.

The Latex Dungeon
Part Seven - Tricks & Traps

 Julie started to stir from her euphoria induced state, she still laid on the white tiled pedestal in the middle of the artificial cum pool. Her head was still swimming a little like she had, had too much to drink. For a moment she thought she was still shackled to the pedestal but found she could move her limbs freely.

 "Ohhhhh.... that stuff really does a number on you when you come out of it !" She groaned.

 "Hhhhh!" She gasped as she tried to move and felt the sudden sensation of the dildo still trapped deep within her stir, it was still held firmly in place by her cum soaked opaque white pantyhose, she slipped her hand down the front of them while spreading her thighs wide open and pulled the thick black studded rubber dildo out of her.

 "HHhh..UnnnhH!" She grunted as the studs raked her sensitive pussy, she placed the dildo on the pedestal next to her and pulled off the remains of her ripped spandex mini dress which hung from her arms in wet cum soaked, red rags.

 Julie looked around her and noticed that the Rubber Dungeon Mistresses had disappeared, she noticed there were a few more contestants shackled to the slanted white tiled inclines leading into the cum pool, for a moment Julie wondered why they had undid her shackles and then she remembered the rules: 

 "The Dungeon mistresses's were aloud to do with you as they saw fit so long as they let you go once they had their fun." 

 Julie's white stockinged legs dangled off of the edge of the pedestal, she felt the warmth of the artificial cum as her legs soaked in the stuff, she looked around getting her head together.

 "I'd better get out of here before they come back." She thought to herself as she slipped off of the tiled pedestal and into the cum pool, she felt the warmth of the thick white murky fluid as it enveloped her up to the tops of her thighs. She felt the slimy liquid lapping against her soaked crotch through the mesh of her pantyhose as she waded her way through the pool to the edge. She made her way up the incline leading out of the cum pool, she looked down at a beutifull woman all spread out and shackled helplessly to the white tiled floor of the incline, her black pantyhosed legs were partially submerged in the artificial cum, the crotch of her pantyhose had been ripped open. Artificial cum dripped from her pussy lips.

 Julie remembered her as being the one they were giving the works too as they left her shackled to the pedestal and the tender mercies of the studded vibrating dildo she now held in her hand, she glanced around at the other women all in a similar predicament.

 "I must have been here for quite a while!" She said surprised.

 Julie stood at the edge of the cum pool naked in just her high heels and cum soaked pantyhose. She looked around for anything that might help her,

 "Of course!", She said suddenly remembering the hidden pannels mentioned in the contest rules.

 She started to examine the walls. There were a few panels that had been removed and the contents of the small spaces emptied, she found a couple that were still intact, she selected one and slid open the cover. Inside she was amazed to find a bundle of shiny black rubber. She immediately pulled the black shiny bundle from it's compartment and discovered some red rubber to. The red rubber turned out to be a pair of high cut latex bikini briefs, while the larger black bundle she discovered was a latex catsuit complete with molded attached high heels, hands and open faced hood. Julie smiled.

 "Thank God!.....This is perfect!" She quickly looked around to make sure the coast was still clear, satisfied that it was she reached down and pulled off her high heeled shoes, and then pealed off her cum soaked pantyhose.

 Slipping into the latex was so easy Julie thought as the latex snaked onto her legs, her feet fit perfectly into the molded high heels of the catsuit as she slowly worked the black rubber up her long slender legs, it felt good. She found the slipperiness of the artificial cum to be an excellent lubricant.

 As she worked the latex up her thighs she noticed that the rubber catsuit was one of the "Pussy Suit" varieties with it's molded rubber lips made to fit snugly around one's own, and it's inner sheath with slightly raised ribs for that extra sensation she had come to love so much  from wearing them in the past.

 Julie moaned as the tight black latex snaked onto her body as she worked the slick rubber into position, her breast filled out the molded breast cups, her fingers slipped easily into the seamlessly molded rubber gloves of the catsuit, she twisted her hair and slipped it through the short three inch rubber cone positioned slightly to the top, back of the seamlessly attached open faced rubber hood. With her fingers she pulled the rubber up around her neck and positioned it carefully around her face, she found she was getting quite adapt at getting in and out of latex, the slipperiness of the artificial Cum made the job even easier.

 "Julie stood at the edge of the cum pool a vision in black rubber.

 "Now for the inner sheath." She said to herself, she picked up the black rubber dildo resting on the white tiled floor at her feet. Her pussy still tingled from the effects of the artificial cum. With her fingers she slipped the rubber sheath into her pussy,

 "Hhhh..!" She gasped at the sensation of the well lubricated rubber penetrating her. She took the dildo firmly in both of her hands and slowly started to rub it against her pussy, slowly working the dildo into her, she could feel it's thick shaft starting to fill her as it pushed the rubber inner sheath into position.

 "AHhhhUNH!" She grunted as her own pussy lips spread and slipped around and into the molded rubber lips of her "Pussy Suit" held open by her dildo.

 "UNnnnhH!...OH God!" She cried as she slipped the dildo all of the way in fully inserting the rubber sheath deep into her hot wet sex. Julie dropped to her knees onto the tiled floor next to the cum pool, she spread her thighs wide open, leaned back and began to stir the dildo deep within her in wide circles.

 "OhhhHH!....F.f...f.Fu ck! k k k......This Feeels Sooo Goood!" She moaned, she reached back with one hand grabbing one of her high heels and started thrusting the dildo in and out of her grunting and groaning as the dildo slid over the ribs of her inner sheath, beads of sweat appeared on her face as she continued to pleasure herself. Her hips bucked wildly against her hand as she continued to thrust the dildo in and out of herself faster and faster, until she screamed with her orgasm.

 After a moment Julie pulled the hot black rubber dildo out of her and stood up, she picked up the red latex bikini briefs and slipped them on pulling them high up over her hips, she wiped her four arm across her forehead wiping away the sweat, 

 "Whew!......What a rush!" she said. She bent over the edge of the cum pool and filled the squirt dildo with fresh artificial cum, she stood up and slipped the dildo into the top of her high cut latex bikini briefs at the side and strutted around the edge of the cum pool over towards one of the tunnels leading out of the cum pool chamber.


 Cynthia walked down the length of the tunnel, the walkway at the sides of the tunnel had narrowed and eventually disappeared. The only choice of path was to walk through the center which was filled with artificial cum.

 Cynthia cautiously slipped her black latex and high heeled foot into the cum to see how deep it was before walking further. The artificial cum enveloped her entire foot up to her ankle. She placed her other foot into the white murky liquid next the her other foot, she moved forward a little till she was satisfied that the center of the tunnel must be only ankle deep with the stuff. She walked on, the sound of artificial cum splashing her latex clad feet and legs echoed through the tunnel as she walked onwards.

 Off in the distance Cynthia could hear the sexual moans of other Dungeon contestants obviously getting it at the hands of either the Dungeon Mistresses, sex machines, or other contestants. She smiled and pressed onwards down the cavernous length of the tunnel.

 Once Cynthia reached the end of the tunnel she saw that it ended with an archway leading into a chamber that was filled with tentacles, she noticed a sign above the archway written in a gothic looking red colored script that read:

"Tentacle Room"

 "Hmmmm.... Well ... that seems appropriate." She sighed, she looked inside and could see the room was alive with tentacles, all of them seemed to have some kind of diabolical looking attachments to the ends of them, some had formidable looking dildos that were squirting artificial cum, others had what looked like three black rubber fingers the middle one being a little longer and thicker than the outer two, some seamed to have what looked like a black rubber face mask made to cover your nose and mouth, she could see a small vapor of some kind of gas escaping from them, in fact the whole room she found had a heady sweet smell similar to the smell of the euphoria inducing artificial cum that filled the Dungeon everywhere. 

 She remembered Alexis telling her about these rooms once over coffee one day, she remembered how Alexis had said that these rooms were scattered throughout the dungeon and a little difficult to get through as the tentacles were all programed to capture you, hold you, strip, you and basically fuck you senseless. They would eventually let you go once they had done their job, and that depending on how fast you got out of the chamber once they let you go would determine if the other tentacles grabbed you or not. She had said they were timed in some way, at least that's what she thought she had told her, but she couldn't be sure.

 "Oh this is going to be fun!" Cynthia said as she considered her options, she looked back down the tunnel and listened to the moans of ecstacy echoing off in the distance, the were no such sounds coming from inside the Tentacle Room, she considering going back thinking that perhaps most of the other contestants had been this way also and decided not to take their chances trying to travers the Tentacle Room.

 "Could turn out to be a good short cut through the dungeon" She thought to herself.

 She paused a moment thinking about what she should do when suddenly in front of her from out of the shallow cum pool running the length of the tunnel six tentacles emerged dripping with cum, they started to snake their way towards her, their thick formidable looking cocks squirting euphoria inducing cum as they bobbed rhythmically up and down.

 "Looks like the decisions been made for me!" She said as she backed slowly away from them and passed through the archway and into the Tentacle Room.

 Cynthia managed to get about a quarter of the way into the chamber before she was completely immobilized by hundreds of slimy black and red rubber tentacles. They came up out of small holes in the floor while several others came from similar holes in the ceiling, they wound about her legs, coiled and snaked their way all over her entire body. She struggled vainly as they covered her body spreading her latex clad legs open.

 "Uhh..God!" She grunted as she felt their rubber dildos and fingers probing her tight latex clad body assessing the situation. She could feel the firm bulbous tip of a rubber dildo being pressed against the tight latex covering her crotch squirting artificial cum as it probed at the latex of her catsuit, sometimes it would miss during her struggles and shoot a huge load onto the tight latex covering her belly and breasts. She was constantly twisting her head and neck trying desperately to avoid the three rubber face masks all jockeying for a chance to smother her with euphoria inducing gas.

 The tentacles had worked out the situation in a short amount of time. Cynthia could feel them repositioning her body as new tentacles emerged from the floor, these had an even more diabolical look to them. Some had what looked like scissors on the ends of them while a few others had something like a circular surgical saw on the end. Cynthia's eyes widened with fear as the diabolical instruments buzzed to life.

 "OH GOD....N n n No!" She cried as her whole body was lifted into the air by hundreds more rubber tentacles that emerged from the ceiling so she was suspended in the middle of the chamber from the floor and ceiling, her body struggling as much as the tentacles would permit, which wasn't much as they spread her arms and legs open wide.

 She twisted her neck again only just avoiding a tentacle with a rubber face mask, this time the tentacles had anticipated her action. She turned her face the opposite way only to dodge right into another one.

 "MmmPhhhhmmm!" She mumbled as four finer tentacles attached to the sides of the rubber face mask wrapped themselves around her head as the mask sealed itself over her mouth and nose. She suddenly smelt the sweet heady gas as it began to fill her lungs. The tentacles sliding and winding about her body started to feel more like caresses, she could feel her crotch starting to get hotter and wetter as the gas began to take effect.

 She struggled sweetly as two of the three fingered tentacles grabbed the tight latex covering her breasts and pulled at it, the circular buzz saw tentacle was quick and precise cutting the latex off of her breast with two quick circular motions leaving two holes in her latex catsuit with her breasts sticking out of each one. Cynthia's fear of them disappeared quickly when she saw the speed and precision at which the tentacles operated, even a human being could not have been be as precise as these finely tuned instruments. 

 "Mmmmm...Hhhh!" Her muffled moans of pleasure came from under the rubber face mask as other tentacles with some kind of suction cup-like affair latched onto her naked breasts, she could feel them sucking on her hard nipples.

 Cynthia moaned as the tentacles slid all over her legs caressing them, they spread her legs open wider as a three fingered tentacle grabbed and pulled at the tight latex covering her crotch, she felt the latex being stretched away from her hot pussy. There was a quick buzz and she felt the sudden sensation of the cool Dungeon air hit the hot wet moistness of her pussy and she knew she was now naked and exposed there.

 The euphoria inducing gas had taken full effect and now Cynthia's hot exposed pussy ached for hard cock, and the tentacles were more than willing to oblige her.

 Cynthia's eyes widened as she saw six tentacles rise up between her spread open legs in a snake-like fashion, each one brandished a formidable looking dildo at it's tip, and each one of them was a little different. One had well pronounced ribs running the entire length of it's thick phallic rubber shaft while another had raised studs down it's shaft, another still had a tickler on the end. Each one of them was capable of delivering a different sexual sensation. 

 Cynthia didn't get too good of a look at the other phallic tentacles before she gasped with pleasure at the sudden sensation of the ribbed dildo penetrating her hot wet sex.

 "Ahhh..UnH!....Ohhh...!" she moaned and gasped into her gas mask as she felt the raised ribs raking her, her back arched as the tentacles supported her and continued snaking and sliding all over her body caressing her. She felt like a million hands were massaging her all over, the feeling was incredible.

 The rubber mask covering her nose and mouth disengaged and retracted being no longer needed, the sweet scent of the euphoria inducing gas was not as strong having been fully exposed to it now and she could feel the cool Dungeon air filling her lungs again.

 "UunnH!" She grunted horsily as the ribbed dildo thrust deep into her a delivered a hot blast of euphoria inducing cum deep into her, faster the dildo fucked her helpless pussy as her pelvis bucked madly at it,

 "OoooHhhhh...Unnnhh!" She moaned as she tightened her lips around the thick ribbed shaft thrusting in and out of her faster and faster. She screamed as her orgasm flowed over her, she felt another blast of hot cum shoot deep into her. The floor beneath her was a huge puddle of the stuff.

 "Oooohh G g goD d d!...." She moaned as her own juices flowed and mixed with the artificial cum as she came. 

 Euphoria inducing cum was still making her horny and hungry for more cock. The ribbed dildo retracted and the studded one took it's place, it's thick studded shaft penetrated her dripping wet cunt easily.

 "Aaahhh..Ummmmm...Ahhhumm!" Cynthia groaned and grunted at the new sensation. Rubber fingered tentacles started to pull and tug at the latex of her catsuit tearing it open here and there. Shiny wet shreds of black cum covered latex fell to the tentacle laden floor as her whole body bucked wildly and madly onto and at her phallic tormentors.

 By the time the tentacle room had finished with her Cynthia had no idea of how much time had passed. All she could remember were Alexis's words about how little time she would have to clear the chamber before they would seize her again. She sat up on the floor in the middle of the chamber, she was sitting in a large pool of artificial cum, her head was spinning from the effects of the cum and the gas. Her latex catsuit was in tatters as shreds of it hung from her cum soaked body, she felt like how she imagined a college co-ed might feel after the whole football team had their way with her.

 She quickly started to crawl towards the exit at the other end of the chamber. Her rubber clad hands reached up and she took hold of the edge of the archway to steady herself, she pulled herself partially through the doorway.

 Standing in front of her was a woman's fishnet stockinged foot wearing a black patent leather high heeled shoe. Cynthia stopped a little shocked.

 "My my.... that was some show you put on there sweety!" the voice came from above her head, Cynthia strained her neck to look up at the woman standing just out side the door way of the tentacle room.

 Suddenly Cynthia felt something seize her by the ankle, it was one of the tentacles, it started to pull on her leg.

 "Oh God!...No!....H h help M m me!" She pleaded with the woman.

 The woman bent over, "You know.... I'd love to, but I've really got to get to the center of this Dungeon in order to win this contest." she said as she smiled and kissed Cynthia on the forehead. She stood up, and pulled down her patent leather mini skirt straitening it out. She raised one of her legs and placed her high heeled foot onto the archway next to Cynthia's hand and then bent over slightly placing her hands on her ankle and started sliding her hands up the black fishnet covering her leg like she was smoothing them out.

 Cynthia was almost pulled entirely back into the room, her fingers holding onto the edge of the doorway desperately trying to pull herself out were beginning to loose their grip.

 "You Bitch!" She panted struggling as hard as she could against the tentacles pulling on her legs.

 "Life's a Bitch!" The woman said smiling as she moved her foot from the archway wall and placed the tip of her foot onto Cynthia's forehead and pushed her back into the chamber.

 "Have fun!" The woman said laughing as Cynthia was dragged back into the center on the chamber, tentacles swam and wound about her body again as she was lifted into the air.

 "Oh God....Not again!" She cried. Her cries of pleasure echoed throughout the tunnels.


 Julie had been walking down this tunnel for a while now. The pleasured tortured cries of the other contestants were echoing all throughout the tunnels. She had passed by several rows of beautiful women shackled to the walls and to various sex machines. All of them were spaced out on the sexual stimulant they called "Euphoria Inducing Artificial Cum," it was their pleasured and tortured cries Julie could hear echoing all around her.

 "I wonder if this means I'm close?" She whispered to herself.

 The tunnel eventually came to a four way intersection. Julie stood in the center of the tunnel looking around her.

 "Oh this is swell.... which way do I go?" She thought. She tried to imagine an overhead map of where she had first entered the Dungeon and the route she had followed so far,

 "Hmmm.... let's see I came in there, and turned back there, and now I'm hear, ....Ummmm the slide kinda twisted and turned like...Oh Shit!....what's the use.... that dammed slide twisted so much I could be anywhere?" She muttered, cursing to herself. She looked down each tunnel still trying to decide on the best route. After a moment she decided on the old trustworthy "Eney, Miny, Moe" method. Given her situation it was as good as any method at this point she figured. 

 "Ok..... left one it is then." She said, still feeling a little unsure even about that choice she strutted off down the left tunnel. Her high heels of her latex catsuit clicked and echoed throughout the cavernous expanse of the tunnel.

 Julie did not get to far down the tunnel when four women came out of a small alcove nestled into the side of the tunnel's white tilled wall. They were all dressed in their cloths still, one was wearing a semi transparent skin tight whitish silver lycra catsuit with feet and she had on a pair of black high heeled pumps. The woman next to her was wearing black shiny pantyhose and a pink spandex mini dress, her shoes were similar to the woman with the lycra catsuit. The woman on the other side of her was wearing a black cocktail dress with black pantyhose and shiny black high heels that strapped around her ankles. The fourth one Julie guessed she must be the leader of the pack by the way she stood out in front of the other three women was wearing a pair of fishnet pantyhose, black high heels, a patent leather mini skirt and a sluttish looking blue T-shirt with the word "Slut" printed across the front on an angle in appropriately bright pink lettering.

 "Look what we have here girls." She said half making a motion to look over her shoulder but being sure not to take her eyes off of Julie.

 Julie was standing before the Dungeon Slut in the center of the tunnel all done up in her rubber "pussy suit" and red latex bikini briefs.

 "Mmmmm.... She looks like she would be fun." One of the women purred.

 Julie was starting to back up slowly a little when the Dungeon Slut said, "Get her girls."

 Before Julie knew it the women were all over her, they pulled her up against the dungeon wall. The one in the lycra catsuit and the other woman in the cocktail dress both hooked their legs around Julie's while holding her arms at her sides. Julie struggled but it was no use they had her held tightly in their grasp. Even if she could get away there was four of them.

 The woman in the pink spandex mini dress stood in front and a little to Julie's left, she was eying Julie's latex covered body up and down and started exploring it with her hands.

 "Hhhunnh!" Julie gasped as the woman in pink grabbed her by the crotch, while the two women holding her were kissing and licking her face framed by the open faced hood of her sleek black latex catsuit.

 "I'll bet you like it rough don't you bitch!?!" the woman in pink purred as she started to slip her hand down the front of Julie's red latex bikini briefs.

 Julie tried to struggle away as the woman's hand approached her rubber enclosed pussy lips,

 "HhhhhunnnHhhmmmm!" She gasped as the woman inserted her finger between her hot rubber lips and into her. 

 "Ummmm.....This little Bitch has a "Pussy Suit," the woman said as she slid down Julie's front and pulled down her latex bikini briefs.

 Julie struggled as her latex panties were slowly removed.

 The Dungeon Slut had been standing in front of Julie watching, she came over and took Julie's dildo from the catsuited woman who had been rubbing it up and down the shiny surface of Julie's catsuit.

 The Dungeon Slut took the dildo and licked it's long black rubber shaft and said:

 "Oh how I'm going to fuck your poor little pussy....and then I'm going to take your catsuit." She purred into Julie's ear and then kissed her on the cheek. She motioned to the woman in pink with the dildo and said:

 "Strip the Bitch!..... I'm gonna fuck her up!" as she rubbed the dildo along the crotch seam of her fishnet pantyhose and licked her lips hungrily.

 "Come and get her..... We've got her all spread out like a meal." The woman in the lycra catsuit said as she licked the side of Julie's face.

 The woman in the pink spandex mini slipped her hands into and down the sides of Julie's open faced latex hood, Julie tried to squirm away as the woman pushed the latex hood back off of her head, her hair pulled out of the short rubber cone and flowed down her back, the two women holding Julie at her sides pinned her arms behind her back. 

 The Dungeon Slut strutted right up to Julie and squirted a little of the artificial cum from the dildo onto her rubberized pussy lips.

 "!" Julie gasped and grunted horsily as the dildo filled her and was stirred around, she felt the ribs of her inner sheath raking her deep inside.

 "I'll bet that feels good huh?... don't worry sweety that nice catsuit will soon be mine." The Dungeon Slut purred as she kissed her moaning mouth.

 The woman in pink had managed to pull Julie's catsuit down off of her shoulders.

 "UuhhnNnn...N!" Julie cried struggling desperately to prevent her latex catsuit from being removed as she groaned and grunted with every thrust and twist of the dildo being manipulated by the Dungeon Slut, her shoulders struggled from side to side as the woman in pink continued peeling the latex down past her shoulders and around her waist, the two women holding her arms repositioned them so the woman in pink could pull the latex catsuit off of her arms pulling the sleeves inside out as she peeled the black latex off of Julie's arms. Julie struggled vainly as the woman knelt down on one knee and pulled the latex down around her struggling waist and over her hips. 

 Julie was clenching her fists determined not to let the catsuit be pulled off of her hands. The Dungeon Slut pulled out the dildo so the woman in pink could continue.

 "Unhhh...N n no...!" Julie grunted as she felt the tight comfort of her latex pussy lips and the ribbed inner sheath being pulled out and away from her hot wet cunt.

 The woman in pink had pulled the latex down around her thighs.

 "Time for your medicine you horney little Bitch!" The Dungeon Slut said as she thrust the dildo deep into Julie's vulnerable wet cunt.

 "UuunNH..Ohhh..Ummm..!" Julie grunted and moaned as she felt a blast of hot cum from the dildo being squirted deep into her.

 The two women holding Julie were bitting and sucking on her nipples as she struggled sweetly. Julie was completely naked from the tops of her thighs up, the sleeves of her catsuit inside out hanging from her clenched fists as they held her spread open with their stockinged legs wrapped around hers and held her up against the white tiled Dungeon wall.

 With all the excitement no one noticed that six of the Dungeon Mistresses had entered into their section of the tunnel.

 "Is this a private party?..... Or can anyone join in?" The voice of the Dungeon Mistresses came from behind them, The Dungeon Slut stopped her actions with the dildo and let go of it leaving it sticking out of Julie's dripping wet pussy as she turned to face the Dungeon mistress's.

 Six tall slender, fit looking women all dressed in gleaming black latex full body catsuits stood in the tunnel, they all stood firmly with their legs shoulder width apart with their hands resting on their perfect hips. Around their waists they each wore wide black leather belts with silver studs, hanging from their hips were holster's each containing a formidable looking dildo with a long three foot cat of nine tails hanging from the butt of each the dildos. Each of their right hands rested on the butt of the dildos in the same fashion a policeman rests his hand on his weapon when he's pulled over a cloud speeder.

 The Dungeon Mistresses who addressed them and the woman standing right beside her were the only ones in the group who wore leather body harness's linked together with silver rings of three different sizes, two larger five to six inch diameter rings were strapped over their latex covered breasts, smaller one inch diameter rings linked the rest of the leather body harness's together, there was a three inch diameter ring mounted just above each of their crotches fastened to a one and a half inch leather strap that ran between their legs and buckled up at the back.

 Julie recognized the body harness's as being very similar to the one Alexis had worn over her latex catsuits from time to time. Julie's head was spinning from the effects of the euphoria inducing cum.

 "Allow me to introduce my colleague here and myself," "I'm Bambi and this is Thumper." she said with a wicked smile as she nodded with her head indicating her partner standing to her left, "And these are my girls," she said as she gave a quick nod with her head over her shoulder at the other four latex clad Dungeon Mistresses's standing in "V" formation behind them.

 The two women who had been holding Julie let go of her and started slowly backing away towards one of the tunnels, the woman in pink too.

 Julie started pulling her catsuit back on quickly before the artificial cum took full effect, she could feel her pussy already starting to hunger for hard cock, her nipples tingled, she knew the rubber pussy lips were going to feel extra good as she frantically worked the tight latex back up her sweat and cum covered body. 

 The Dungeon Slut said: "C'mon girls....we can take em!" She stepped towards Bambi and thumper expecting her cohorts to join her but instead they fled off down separate tunnels leaving her embarrassingly alone.

 "Hmmm...Looks like your friends aren't very loyal," Bambi nodded, "Round em up girls!" She added and the four dungeon Mistresses's set off after them.

 Thumper had pulled out her dildo whip and was tapping it's thick black veiny shaft against the palm of her black rubber catsuited hand as the cat of nine tails swayed back and forth with the motion.

 "Care to take a guess why they call me Thumper?" She said with a wicked smile on her face.

 The Dungeon Slut backed away nervously.

 "I'll give you a head start." Thumper said smiling at her and she started to count from ten slowly downwards. With that the Dungeon Slut took off down an adjacent tunnel before thumper headed after her.

 "Hey you said you'd give me a head start!" The Dungeon Slut said surprised as she stumbled down the tunnel on her high heels.

 "I lied!" Thumper said as she was catching up fast.

 Julie had managed to get the catsuit back on, she was just pulling the open faced hood back up around her face when the Bambi came up beside her:

 "I'll bet you're glad we came along when we did?" She said smiling at Julie as she looked her up and down and added, "You look good in latex, that suit fits you well."

 "T t thanx..... that all depends on what you have in store for me now?" Julie said a little out of breath.

 Bambi noticed Julie hadn't put the inner sheath and rubber pussy lips of her catsuit back into place yet, she moved closer to her and said:

 "Here... let me help you with that." As she pulled out her own cat of nine tails, dildo combination, she stood right up close to Julie looking in her eyes, she could tell she was under the influence of the artificial cum, she took hold of Julie's right hand pulling it behind her back a little and started to kiss her as she rubbed her hard thick, veined dildo against the rubber of the sheath and pussy lips hanging from Julie's crotch.

 Julie grunted as she felt the dildo being inserted into her hot aching cunt as it pushed the ribbed inner sheath of her catsuit back into her.

 "UuunnnhH!...Ohhh...F...Ff fuck me!" She cried as her own lips stretched over and back into the rubber lips of her pussy suit, she felt the full penetration of Bambi's solid rubber dildo fill her stretching the inner sheath over it's thick shaft, the ribs raking and massaging her deep as she stirred and thrust the dildo deep within her.

 Julie's moans of pleasure echoed throughout the tunnels as she was brought to one orgasm after another.


 Cynthia was so warn out by the time the tentacles had finished with her for a second time, lucky for her she was a genuine nympho maniac, but even so everyone had a limit, Cynthia had definitely reached hers.

 The tentacles let her go, she laid on the floor covered in artificial cum, her rubber catsuit even more ripped than before. One leg had been completely ripped off, shreds of wet rubber hung from her high heels strapped around her ankle, her other leg had a dozen or so small and large holes ripped in the latex. Most of the mid section of her catsuit was ripped away, her naked butt and pussy dripped with artificial cum exposed through large holes ripped in the wet black latex. The arms of her catsuit were just as damaged, one arm was ripped all the way down from the shoulder, shreds of wet latex hung from her still gloved hand while her other arm was ventilated with six huge holes.

 She got up from the floor dripping with cum, the tentacles stirred. She had to muster all of her remaining energy as she stumbled and slipped on the slimy floor in her high heels. She stumbled through the archway into the tunnel bumping into somebody standing in her way, the first thing that came to her mind was that Bitch in fishnets who had pushed her back through the door to be half fucked to death by the tentacles again.

 "OH N n n  n No!.....P p p please....N n not a again!" She cried not even looking at the woman in latex before her as she groveled at the woman's latex clad high heeled feet.

 "Well you must have had it rough in there dear?" The woman said.

 Cynthia paused a moment still kneeling in her position from groveling at the woman's feet, she recognized the woman's voice.

 "A.. Alexis!?!" She cried half not sure until she looked up at her to see Alexis indeed standing over her, a vision in black latex with thigh high rubber boots that fit tightly against her long sexy legs.

 "Oh Thank God it's you!" She cried wrapping her wet cum soaked arms around her thighs,

 "Oh!" She gasped as she almost put her eye out with the thick black studded dildo attached to the crotch of Alexis's catsuit.

 "Do you like it?" Alexis said as she reached down with a rubber catsuited hand and stroked her rubber cock lovingly. 

 "I've got one for you too." She said producing a bundle of red rubber from behind her back,

 "It's the same as mine only red.... although after what you've been through you're probably not going to want to put it on since it's a double dildo."

 "Oh yes I will!..... She snapped and then added, "Maybe I can find that Bitch in fishnets who did this to me!" She scowled at Alexis.

 "Hmmm!" Alexis hummed, "You'll love this then!" She said as she squirted some artificial cum against the tunnel wall, "These are even better than the ones they had last year... this time you control the squirting action by squeezing your inner dildo with your pussy." She said as she moaned and squirted the wall again.

 Cynthia was impressed, she couldn't wait to get into the red rubber Fuck Suit Alexis held out for her.

 Once Alexis had finished helping Cynthia into her red rubber Fuck Suit she stood back to admire her. 

 "Very nice!" Alexis said. 

 "Lets go.... I've got a little score to settle with a certain Bitch in fishnet pantyhose!" Cynthia smiled wickedly stroking the formidable eight inch dildo protruding from her crotch.

 They headed off down the tunnel.

 "Oh how revenge is going to be sweet." Cynthia chuckled, her voice fading as they disappeared around a corner of the tunnel.

End Part Seven
Copyright 1998 Fetish By Knight

The story continues in
Part Eight - The Devil gets her due


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