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The Latex Dungeon pt 6

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bondage; cons; X

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The Latex Dungeon
Part Six - Disappearing Guests


 Alexis, Cynthia and Julie had now been at the Hotel for three days, they passed the time dancing or having a drink at the Hotel's Bar, it was becoming obvious to all of them that the crowd at the Hotel was thinning.

 Julie had been spending a little time at the luxurious hotel bar while Alexis and Cynthia were dancing with two other women they had just met. Julie never being one for dancing opted for a drink at the bar instead, as she sat on the edge of the bar stool with her long black lace stockinged legs crossed playing with the Rubber Bondage Doll decoration sticking out of her drink she watched Alexis and Cynthia dance, she drank the last of her drink and licked her lips seductively as she watched Alexis swaying her hips to the beat of the music while sliding her hands up and down the tight black spandex mini dress she was wearing, she loved the way she would stretch her arms above her head causing her breasts to stick out while swaying to the music.

 The woman tending the bar taped her on the shoulder, "Miss... Would you like another?" She said indicating the empty glass Julie was holding in her lap.

 Julie looked at her wrist watch and noticed that it was twenty minutes before the Hotel curfew, "No thanks." she said as she placed the empty glass onto the bar behind her. Most of the people in the bar had left except for Alexis, Cynthia and the two women they were dancing with, there were a few other stragglers also.

 Julie waved to Alexis and caught her attention, Alexis looked at her smiling continuing to move to the music opposite Cynthia dancing in front of her, she saw Julie pointing at her watch and then indicating that she was heading up to their room.

 Two beautiful women passed by Julie as she gathered her purse and room key off of the bar behind her, she had been looking at them all night admiring the red haired woman's shiny white pantyhose clad legs and the way her black patent leather high heels were strapped around her slender ankles, the contrast of her turquoise blue mini dress and her shiny white pantyhose really excited Julie... it was always one of her favorite color combinations next to red and black.

 "Hi!" the woman said as she and her partner walked past Julie just getting up off the bar stool.

 "Hi.." Julie said in return, she sat there for a quick minute looking at Alexis and Cynthia still dancing on the dance floor, "They'll probably dance all night.......they better not forget the curfew." She thought to herself.

 The two women that Julie had been admiring had exited the hotel bar and were half way across the lobby heading towards the elevators. Julie headed after them thinking maybe she could start a conversation with the red head in the elevator.

 By the time she exited the bar the two women had already entered into the elevator and the doors were just closing.

 "Shit!" She whispered. "Maybe I can catch the next elevator, I think their room is on our floor... I'm sure I've seen her there before." She thought. Luckily the next elevator opened just a few short moments after the other one had just left. Julie quickly entered and began frantically pressing the DOOR CLOSE button.

 "C'mon, C'mon!" she muttered, the doors closed and the elevator began its accent.

 The elevator doors opened and Julie stepped out and looked both ways down the long hallways, near the far end of the hallway she saw the back of the red heads shiny white pantyhosed leg disappear into one of the hotel's public bathrooms located on each floor.

 "Oh good... this is perfect, I'll go in and pretend I'm touching up my hair and see what happens." She thought as she headed down the hallway towards the bathroom.

 Julie entered into the bathroom but the woman wasn't there at first glance, and then she heard her moving about in one of the stalls. Julie moved to the long white marble counter and placed her purse on top of it and opened it up and took out her lipstick and hair brush trying not to move to fast, she did not want to be done by the time the red haired woman was finished. As she slowly applied her lipstick she suddenly heard a loud hum followed by the woman suddenly gasp, there was a loud click and then silence. Julie wondered what had happened.

 "Are you alright in there"? She asked moving over towards the stall's door, she listed for a reply but there was none. "Hey. it's ok... I'm the one you said hi to at the bar...remember.....?" She said thinking that the woman might be shy or something, but there was still no reply.... Julie was certain she was in there.... she looked around to see if there were any other doors leading from the bathroom, "Nope." She thought... "Just the one I came in through." She walked back to the marble counter a took the room key out of her purse and returned to the bathroom stall, she leaned against the door and knocked softly and said, "Hello.... anybody in there?....." There was no answer, Julie took the key and used it like a screw driver and twisted the latch from the outside to open the door, the door swung open slowly revealing an empty stall, Julie gasped in surprise. Thinking for a moment she may have been mistaken she looked into all of the other stalls, they to were empty. "Where did she go?..." "What happened to her?" She thought.


 Julie was sitting on the edge of the bed when the door opened and Alexis entered, Julie didn't notice at first but Alexis was alone, she had a worried look on her face.

 "Is Cynthia here with you?" She asked.

 Julie could detect a hint of concern in her voice, she looked up at her and said, "No...the last I saw of her was with you dancing at the bar."

 Alexis tossed her purse onto the bed and plopped herself down beside Julie on the edge of the bed, she took a deep breath and then sighed, "She was...and then she went into the bathroom with the other two women and they just sort of vanished.... I thought for a moment that perhaps she was just being funny and had somehow snuck out when I wasn't looking."

 Julie placed her hand on Alexis's thigh and looked at her straight in the eyes and said: "You know the same thing just happened to me a moment ago..." She paused a moment studying Alexis's reaction, "Now this is going to sound strange but just after I left the bar I followed a couple of women up to our floor, they both....or at least one of them entered into the bathroom in the hallway, so I followed her in hoping to perhaps get to talk with her... you know?......" "Anyway, she was in one of the stalls... I heard a strange sound and then she was gone......just gone!" 

 Alexis looked at her for a moment and then it hit her, "I wonder if this has something to do with the contest...." "remember what the woman all in rubber said in the Hotel lobby on our first night?.... She said that at no time would any of us know how or when it would be our turn to enter the Dungeon."

 Julie's eyes widened, "I think your right... that's what it must have been... that means that this whole hotel is probably full of traps and secret tunnels all leading to the Dungeon.... well I know where at least one is for sure." Julie smiled.

 "Maybe tomorrow we'll check it out... it's too late now the Hotel curfew is in effect." Alexis said as she stood up, "I'm going to take a quick shower before we go to bed."

 Alexis was about to walk away when Julie wrapped one of her black lace pantyhosed legs around Alexis's leg and pulled her back towards her,  "Not just yet love." she said as she wrapped her other leg around her and put her arms around her waist pulling her down onto the bed between her legs. Alexis could detect that certain pur in her voice that indicated she was horny, she rolled over and began to kiss her, she felt Julie's hands exploring her butt overtop of her tight black spandex mini dress. Julie pulled Alexis's mini dress up around her waist and began caressing her black pantyhosed butt while entwining her legs around Alexis's legs. Alexis moaned as Julie moved one hand under her and began to massage her pussy through the fine mesh of her pantyhose. Julie was wishing she had a vibrator to tease Alexis with but the contest rules were very specific in that no sex toys or rubber was allowed, that all of that stuff would be provided in abundance in the dungeon. She sighed a slight disappointed moan at the thought and quickly returned her attention back to Alexis who she had rolled further onto the bed on her back, she was now half on top of her caressing her increasingly wet crotch through her pantyhose, Alexis moaned a little loader as the fine mesh of the pantyhose stretched over Julie's finger's began to penetrate her hot moist sex. Julie kissed her moaning mouth passionately. Alexis returned her kisses with an equal amount of passion, she slid her hand up between Julie's stockinged thighs and began caressing her pussy through her pantyhose as well. Before long both of them were fingering the wet pantyhose in and out of each other's hot pussy's and moaning deeply with pleasure. 

 Julie changed position on top of Alexis so they were now both in the "69" position, she explored Alexis's long stockinged legs with her hands occasionally licking the tight nylon covering them, she slid her hands down her legs to her feet and began caressing the outside of her high heeled shoes, she slowly undid the little leather strap from around her ankles and slipped the shoe off of her stockinged feet and began caressing and licking her foot. Alexis moaned and twisted her foot at Julies tender caresses, she to was holding Julie by the stockinged ankles while licking one of her high heels.

 Julie ripped open the pantyhose covering Alexis's toes and began sucking on them.

 "Ummmm..Uhhhh..." Alexis moaned at the sudden sensation of the tight nylon being ripped from her foot and Julie's hot mouth sucking on her naked toes, she pulled off Julie's High heeled pump and did the same ripping the pantyhose just off of her toes and began sucking on them.

 "Unnhh!" Julie moaned. Alexis grabbed Julies ankles and pulled her upwards on top of her, she now had her face between her legs, she began licking the nylon covering her pussy. "Uuummhhh!" She heard Julie moan, and she ripped her pantyhose wide open at the crotch exposing her hot wetness, she rolled her over onto the bed and began thrusting her fingers deep into her.

 "Ummm.. UnHhhhh..mMmmmm...!...." Julie moaned with ecstacy as Alexis fingered her hot little hole, her body writhed and her legs squirmed as her orgasm flowed over her in waves.


 Next morning in the Hotel Dinning room it was pretty evident by the sparseness of the crowd that a lot more of the Hotel's guests must already be in the Dungeon.

 Julie sat across the table from Alexis, she was playing with a white napkin with the Hotels logo embroidered near the corner, she looked sheepishly at Alexis and said, "Thanks for last night... that whole experience in the bathroom kinda had me spooked until you mentioned that it was probably the contest....I don't know why I never thought of it....I guess it must have been the booze....." Her voice kind of trailed off as she returned her stare back at the napkin on the table in front of her.

 "That's ok." Alexis said and then added, "Thank you to, I to was a little concerned at first when Cynthia disappeared, and I never thought of it either... the last time I was at this contest they did it a little differently so I wasn't expecting it either... you have to admit...this way is pretty exciting though." She said with a sort of wicked smile on her face.

 Julie giggled... "I guess you're right."

 "Is everything alright ladies?" One of the Hotel staff had come over to the table unexpectedly, she was tall and beautiful, one of the Hotel's Robert Palmer's girls Look-a-likes from that old 80's video "addicted to love" that Cynthia had described to them on their first day.

 "Yes everything is wonderful, we are really enjoying our stay." Alexis said.

 Julie just couldn't help staring at the woman's incredibly shapely legs encased in her black pantyhose and high heels. Catching herself staring she quickly looked up at her to meet her eyes and said, "Y yes, everything is terrific... this place is amazing."

 "It looks like most of the guests must already be in the Dungeon." Alexis said, The woman looked at her, she smiled and said, "Yes it does look like it's pretty much under way, I hear they grabbed a few other guest last night just before curfew."

 "Yes we know... I was in the bathroom on our floor when it happened." Julie said, she paused a moment with a thoughtful look on her face and added, "I wonder what Cynthia is doing right now?"

 The woman turned her attention to Julie and said, "I'd love to tell you but it's not permitted, all I can say is that once the last of the guests have entered the Dungeon the rest of the girls and I will be entering the Dungeon as Dungeon Mistresses."

 Alexis looked quickly at Julie and winked and then she said to the woman, "So that means we'll probably see you in the Dungeon then?"

 "It's quite possible." The woman answered smiling, her voice soft, the words sort of purred out of her bright red lips. "Will you excuse me?... I have a few duties to perform... enjoy yourselves, your turn could come at anytime." She said as she walked away from the table.

 "Hmmmmm...." Julie purred.


 It didn't take Cynthia long to realize what had happened, one minute she was getting up off of the toilet, she had just pulled up her pantyhose and pulled her tight red spandex mini dress down to cover herself, the second she flushed the toilet the room seemed to spin, the next thing she knew she was sliding down a long slide, she slid into a large plexi-glass tube which exited into a huge cavernous expanse, THUD! A lid closed over the end of the plexi-glass tube-like entrance ceiling it off.

 She looked around her as she straightened out her dress which had ridden up during the long slid down.

 "What a ride!" She said as she finished pulling her mini dress back down. She could see in front of her was what looked like a pool, there were slanted white tiled inclines leading into it on all four sides, the pool was filled with a white murky liquid that looked like Cum. On some of the slanted inclines were steel shackles bolted to the surface, on some of the others was what looked like molded white reclined seats which were flared at the bottom and bolted to the tiled incline, they looked a little like those molded seat you see in some of the video arcades. The lower half of them was submerged a little in the cum pool, she could see padded steel shackles molded to the sides of the seats positioned so as to hold one's arms and legs spread open, attached to the crotch of the molded seats crotch was a formidable looking dildo made of the same white material as the seats, as she walked by she placed her hand on the dildo which immediately started to vibrate and squirt artificial cum.

 "OoH!" She said caught a little by surprise and jerked her hand away. 

 On one of the inclines there was a contestant shackled spread eagle, she was wearing a black wet look vinyl mini dress hiked up around her waist, she had on opaque white pantyhose which had been ripped open at the crotch, her legs were smeared and covered with artificial cum from the pool. One of her high heels had come off and laid on the tiled incline about two feet from her shackled out stretched body, the shoe laid in a puddle of artificial cum, a cum covered dildo rested on the incline also on the other side of her body, it was obvious to Cynthia that she had lost a battle with some other contestants.

 Cynthia had walked over to the woman and picked up the dildo to arm herself, she examined it and realized it was one of the squirting type of dildos described in the brochure, she also noticed that it was completely empty.

 "Probably emptied on her." She thought looking down at her, the woman was half in and out of consciousness, her body squirming in the shackles a little as she moaned from the euphoria inducing effect of the artificial cum that had been squirted into her several times.

 Cynthia bent over the cum pool and refilled the dildo, the artificial cum felt warm to the touch.

 "It must be heated somehow." She thought.

 "Now if I can just find one of those latex catsuits..... don't want to end up like her.... my mini dress and pantyhose will offer no protection here." She thought as she looked down between the woman's spread open legs at her ripped open pantyhose, artificial cum still dripped from her clean shaved wet pussy.

 She looked around trying to decide which way to go. There were four tunnels one on two of the opposite walls from where she had slid in, and two on the far wall at the other end of the pool, a hidden panel on one wall had been removed, the contents of the space were empty, she looked around for any other panels like that, she saw two others, both of which also empty. After being satisfied there were no others she headed down the left tunnel at the far end of the pool.


 After their breakfast Julie and Alexis went back up to their floor. While in the elevator Alexis said, "Now lets have a look at where that woman disappeared in the bathroom last night, shale we?"

 Julie entered the bathroom first followed by Alexis,

 "This is the one." she said moving over to the stall and pushing the door open, she walked in and closed the seat lid on the toilet and sat down. "I wonder how it works?" She said looking around.

 Alexis stood in the doorway of the small cubical holding the door open. "I don't know.... maybe it works by going through the motions of actual use."

 Julie looked at her for a moment. She was always so amazed at how Alexis was good with mechanical concepts and how things could be made to work. "No wonder she has so many clients always getting her to design bondage equipment for them." She thought to herself.

 "Hmmmm.... let's try!" She said with a slight hint of enthusiasm clearly in her voice.

 Julie stood up and lifted the toilet seat, she sat back down, and waited a few moments, she was about to flush the toilet when she paused and looked at Alexis, "Ahh!" she said holding up a finger in a "Boy George, I think I've got it!" Fashion, she pulled off some toilet paper from the dispenser mounted to the wall of the cubical, she hiked up her spandex mini a little and dropped the paper into the toilet.

 "I like your thinking." Alexis said.

 "Mmmmm...I think you're rubbing off on me that's all." Julie said smilling.

 "Ha ha ha!...." Alexis laughed. "Ok, Try it now." She added still smiling.

 Julie turned around and flushed the toilet. .......... They waited..... but nothing happened..... "Hmmm... that's odd.... I would have thought for sure that would have worked!" Julie said surprised.

 "Hmmm... maybe it's timed or something?" Alexis said thoughtfully.

 Julie and Alexis headed back down to the Hotel's Bar. "Maybe we can try it later on tonight?" Alexis said as they walked out of the elevator and headed towards the Bar.


 Cynthia had only just entered into the tunnel when suddenly she was grabbed from behind, she felt a dildo being jabbed at her crotch, the tunnel was kind of dark so she couldn't see at first but her eyes quickly adjusted, she twisted herself around while pulling the woman in front of her.

 "W where did Y you come from!?!" She said as she struggled with the woman.

 The woman was a little smaller than her, she could tell she was Asian, beautiful, slender and covered head to toe in a sleek black rubber catsuit. As she struggled with the woman she could tell the catsuit was a tiny bit too big for her by the way it bunched up slightly here and there and particularly by how it looked at her crotch, like it sagged a little.

 "That could work to my advantage." She thought. She felt the woman's dildo pressing against the fine mesh of her pantyhose at her crotch, Cynthia almost by reflex started jabbing the woman also in the crotch with her dildo momentarily forgetting the woman's catsuit covering her body.

 "Unhh!" The woman grunted at the sensation of Cynthia's dildo pressing at the latex covering her crotch. 

 "I've got to disarm her quickly before she manages to rip open my hose." She thought as she struggled with the woman, she hooked a leg around the woman's latex covered leg and pulled her to the tiled floor. They rolled into a long shallow cum pit that seemed to run the entire length of the tunnel, Cynthia managed to work her hand with her dildo between the two of them and up to the woman's rubber open faced hood, she pulled at the rubber and managed with a little difficulty to get her dildo inside of her open faced hood and down inside of her catsuit to between her breasts, the slight looseness of the catsuit helped a little.

 "N Nno!" The woman gasped as they struggled rolling around in the artificial cum. Both of them were covered in the stuff. 

 Cynthia could feel the stuff soaking her pantyhose and spandex mini dress, she could feel it squishing around against her stockinged feet inside of her high heeled shoes, for a quick second she managed to pin the woman's rubber gloved hands behind her back, she took advantage of the time and worked the dildo down the front of her catsuit towards her crotch.

 "If I can just hold out and manage this." She thought working the dildo frantically.

 "Uhhh ..N no...!" The woman cried. The woman worked her dildo ferociously at Cynthia's cum soaked pantyhosed crotch. 

 Cynthia was beginning to feel the effects of exposure to the slimy substance as some of it was being forced through the fine mesh of her pantyhose and into her now soaked pussy. She finally managed to get the dildo between the beautiful Oriental woman's legs, she squeezed the butt of the dildo effectively soaking the woman's crotch inside of her rubber enclosure, she gave her four more good squirts soaking her rubber enclosed sex really good.

 "UunnhH!....Mmmmm...Hhhh...!" The woman grunted and groaned horsily as the thick wet dildo penetrated her, "Mmmmm..Hhhh.. UnhhH!..." She moaned as Cynthia squirted the euphoria inducing cum deep within her, her latex and cum covered legs squirmed as Cynthia thrust the dildo in and out of her stirring it in wide circles, she started to kiss the woman passionately as she started to succumb to the influences of the artificial cum. She emptied the entire contents of her squirt dildo deep into her just to be sure, the woman's body relaxed, the dildo fell from her hand as her vain efforts to try and get the dildo to rip through Cynthia's pantyhose failed. Under the influences of the artificial cum and Cynthia's dildo manipulation the beautiful Asian woman had three orgasms before collapsing in a state of pure ecstacy.

 Cynthia looked around to make sure they were alone, satisfied they were she began to remove the woman's latex catsuit.


 Julie was sitting at the Bar with Alexis, they both were watching a couple of attractive looking women dance together on the dance floor.

 "I'll be right back..... I've gota visit the little girls room." Julie said as she smiled at Alexis as she tuned on her swivel Bar stool and stood up pulling her spandex mini dress down. Alexis nodded and watched Julie's shiny white pantyhosed legs as she strutted across the bar and disappeared into the bathroom.

 Julie pushed open the bathroom door and entered into the small space between the outer and inner door to the bathroom, she pushed open the second door and entered into the bathroom, there was no one else there that she could see. She pushed open the second door of the row of cubicles by force of habit since it was the closest one that was definitely unoccupied since the door was partially ajar. She entered into the cubical and lifted the lid of the toilet, she hiked up her spandex mini and pulled down her shiny white pantyhose and sat down.

 A few moments passed and she was done, she sat there a moment thinking about the bathroom upstairs on their floor and how the two women had disappeared, she wondered if this could be her turn, she paused a moment in thought, stood up and pulled up the fine mesh of her pantyhose, pulling the waist band high up around her waist, she could feel the firm comfort of the tight nylon against her naked sex, she pulled her spandex mini dress back down and turned and flushed the toilet. She half expected the floor to drop out from under her or something, but nothing happened. She felt a little disappointed.

 "Oh well... it'll happen when it happens I guess?" She thought as she exited the small cubical and walked to the long marble counter, she tuned on the tap and pulled off her long arm length black evening gloves and washed her hands while looking in the mirror, she played with her hair teasing it out a little. Once she was done she pulled her evening gloves back on and headed for the exit.

 Julie had just entered into the small space between the inner and outer door when all of a sudden the room began to spin and she suddenly had a falling feeling.

 "Uhhhhh...!" She gasped as the floor at her feet had suddenly tilted and one of the walls had slid open in an upwards fashion, she landed on her butt and started sliding through the opening in the wall and into a long slide, faster she slid downwards, her spandex mini had ridden up around her waist, her pantyhosed legs flailed about as she tried to gain control of herself, suddenly she could see an opening fast approaching.

 In the center of a wide white tiled room was a four foot deep artificial cum pool, protruding from one of the walls was a thick plexi-glass tube about three feet in diameter which opened up about a meter and a half over the large pool filled with artificial cum. Standing next to the opening of the tube as if waiting were five of the beautiful dungeon Mistresses's all dressed from head to toe in sleek shiny black latex catsuits, their lower halves from their thighs down were submerged in the murky white, heated, slimy murky liquid of the cum pool.

 Julie came sliding out of the plexi-glass tube and landed with a slight splash right into the artificial cum pool.

 "Uhhhh....Yuck!" She exclaimed as she felt the heated slimy liquid soaking through her pantyhose and spandex mini dress, she could feel it soaking through her long black evening gloves and squishing around in her high heels against her stockinged feet.

 Suddenly she was seized by the rubber catsuited Dungeon Mistresses's, four of them each seized her by her arms and legs, Julie looked at the fifth one who held a formidable looking black rubber dildo with raised studs down it's thick shaft, she pressed a button on the butt of the dildo and it buzzed to life.

 "Welcome to the Dungeon Princess!" The rubber clad woman said as she dipped the dildo into the cum pit, lifted it up to her face, she smiled and licked it's cum covered shaft, Julie could hear the powerful vibration of the dildo as the woman moved towards her spread open body with it poised for business.

 Before Julie knew it the rubber catsuited women had dragged her struggling towards a partially submerged white tiled pedestal about four feet long by three feet wide.

 As they dragged her struggling body through the cum pool towards the pedestal she could feel their rubber gloved fingers rubbing the cum soaked fine mesh of her white pantyhose covering her crotch.

 "Uuhhhh..Mmmm... N n no...." She moaned half wanting more, secretly she was glad to finally be in the dungeon.

 They fastened her cum soaked wrists and ankles into shackles mounted to the sides of the pedestal, with her legs spread open and her crotch right at the edge of the partially submerged white tiled pedestal the leader of the rubber catsuited women moved between her struggling legs with the thick vibrating rubber dildo, she pulled at the waist band of her soaked pantyhose and stuck the dildo down inside of them, she then looked at Julie's helpless artificial cum soaked body shackled to the pedestal, she smiled licking her lips, she took hold of the front of her mini dress at the neck and ripped open the front tearing her mini completely in half.

 "Hhhh..Nnnn!" Julie gasped, the cum soaked black spandex remains hung at the sides of her body from her arms shackled to the sides of the pedestal. The two rubber clad women who had shackled her wrists now leaned over her each taking one of her wet cum soaked nipples into their mouths. Julie could feel their hot tongues circling her fully erect nipples as they began to suck on them.

 "UhnNhhh!..." She moaned as the other two women were busy caressing her cum soaked stockinged legs.

 The leader of the rubber catsuited women between her legs watched Julie's sweet struggles, her bright red lips curled into a wicked smile, she pured and licked her lips as she took hold of the thick, studded, vibrating dildo resting under the cum soaked waist band of Julie's pantyhose. She pulled the waist band of her pantyhose right down between her legs exposing her cum soaked naked pussy.

 Julie gasped at the sudden sensation of the tip of the dildo vibrating against her soaked pussy lips, she writhed in ecstacy as the two rubber women on each side of her sucked passionately on her hard nipples.

 The thick studded dildo entered her easily under the gentle persuasion of the leader, the woman took hold of the waist band of Julie's pantyhose and pulled them right up past her waist pulling them up tight, stretching them over her breast.

 "UnnnNH!....O ooH g g God!" Julie cried as the tightness of her pantyhose being pulled up so high pulled the dildo deep into her sex, the leaders rubber clad hand seized the butt of the dildo from outside of her pantyhose and began stirring it in wide circles.

 "Oohhh..UummHhhh..H......H...Uhh!..." Julie groaned and grunted, her back arched as much as her bondage would allow...... Suddenly she felt a burst of hot artificial cum from the heated dildo squirt deep within her.

 "Aahhh!...F..f...f..Fuck k k...!" She cried, a moment later her senses were driven wild as the euphoria inducing cum began to take full effect. She felt the dildo's studs raking her deep inside as the leader of the rubber women thrust the thick studded rubber shaft in and out of her helpless cum soaked pussy.

 Her orgasms continued, the rubber women just wouldn't let her rest, after a while they started on another contestant who came sliding out of the tube and landed right in the cum pool. 

 Julie watched half in a euphoria induced orgasmic haze as the rubber women dragged her struggling over towards one of the slanted inclines leading into the pool and shackled her to it. The whole spectacle was making her even more horny, she grinded her hips clenching onto the thick vibrating cock still trapped deep inside of her by her pantyhose pulled up over her breasts. She moaned as she watched the helpless woman getting her pantyhose ripped open and finger Fucked by each of the rubber catsuited women.


 Cynthia had managed to get the rubber catsuit on, fortunately the artificial cum made an excellent lubricant, she finished strapping her high heels around her tightly rubber clad ankles, she stood up caressing the tight latex covering her body, she moaned as her latex covered index finger pressed against the tight rubber covering her crotch.

 "Mmmmm...Ohh God this feels so good!" She cried.

 She looked down at the naked beautiful Oriental woman lying spent on the floor covered in artificial cum and said: "Now lets see what we can do with you shale we." She looked around and noticed on the side of the tunnel wall was an object that looked like a white porcelain panty that seemed to flare out at the back where it was bolted to the wall, hanging above the porcelain panty were two shackles and bolted to the floor directly under the panty were two what looked like heavy high heeled shoes made of the same shiny white porcelain, slightly flared at the bottom where they were each bolted firmly to the dungeon floor. Attached to the porcelain shoes were thick leather straps undoubtably for doing up around the ankles.

 Cynthia looked down at the naked woman and she smiled as she licked her lips,

 "Puuuurfect!" She purred, she took the wet pantyhose from the floor that she had been wearing and started to put them on the woman, the woman stirred a little but she was too out of it to do anything about it.

 Once Cynthia had the woman dressed in her cum soaked pantyhose and spandex mini dress she lifted her up and carried her over towards the dungeon wall with the mounted porcelain panty, she was about to lift one of her legs up to put it into the leg hole when she noticed that in the crotch of the porcelain panty was a formidable looking dildo molded out of the same porcelain as the panty.

 "OoooH!....Kinky!" She said a little surprised, she touched it with her rubber catsuited hand, the dildo sprung to life with a strong vibration....

 "OoooH!....That's a very powerful vibrator, She looked at the woman she was holding in her arms and said: "Someone's going to have fun!" the words came out of her half like she was singing them to the woman. "Looks like I'll have to make a small adjustment first she pured and kissed the woman on the side of her face as she reached down between her legs and ripped open the soaked pantyhose from her crotch exposing her still dripping sex.

 Cynthia lifted her legs one at a time into the porcelain panty.

 "Hhhh...NnnhH!" the woman gasped as the thick vibrating dildo penetrated her, she half tried to pull herself out of the porcelain panty but Cynthia had her firmly by the ankles and was already fastening the thick leather straps attached to the porcelain high heeled shoes around them, she slid her hands up the Oriental woman's trapped cum and pantyhose covered legs, she took hold of her wrists and shackled them into the shackles hanging above her.

 "Oh..GOd ..Mmmm...!" The woman cried.

 Cynthia slipped her rubber clad hand down the front of the porcelain panty towards the woman's trapped sex, she rubbed her lips stretched around the thick vibrating cock, their two mouths found each other as she kissed her passionately. She stood back a little to admire her handywork, her lips culed into a wicked smile.

 "Mmmmmm....." She pured," "have fun......." "See you lover girl....." She sang to her as she bent over and picked up the Squirt Dildo resting on the white tiled floor at her feet and then headed off down the tunnel, there was a certain spring in her step.

 "I'm gona win this contest!" She said and then she disappeared into the dimness of the tunnel leaving the other woman to her own sweet torments at the hands of the vibrating dildo and porcelain panty.

End part Six
Copyright 1998 Fetish By Knight

The story continues in
Part Seven - Tricks & Traps


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