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The Latex Dungeon pt 5a

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; X

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Thanks to Michael, Wofent & Knightshift for parts 5-9 of the story.

The Latex Dungeon
Part Five - The Hotel - Part 2

Julie entered the Dungeon and walked over to the gleaming sex machine. Cynthia was still shackled to it's bed, it's devices poised and ready just waiting to be switched on. Cynthia stirred from her Chloroform induced sleep, her eyes focused, Julie was standing above her smiling.

 "Ah're awake!" Julie said as she leaned over and kissed her. Cynthia looked around, she couldn't see Alexis anywhere.

 "Where's Alexis?" She asked.

 "Oh...she's all tied up at the moment!" Julie replied with a devilish tone in her voice, she chuckled to herself, "Now then let's see what fun we can have here shall we?"

 She walked around Cynthia shackled helplessly to the sex machine, she ran her hand up the thigh of her dark opaque reddish brown pantyhose and stroked the slight dome of her pussy overtop of the mesh of her pantyhose. She then reached up and fondled the long thick chrome metal penis of the sex machine, she admired it's huge formidableness gleaming in the lights of the Dungeon. Her fingers traced the ridges of it's chrome imitation thick veins and then traced little circles with her index finger around the ejaculatory opening of the thick chrome penis head. Her eyes wandered around admiring the craftsmanship that went into creating this insidiously delicious device. Julie bent over and licked Cynthia's nylon covered pussy.

 "Hhhhh..!" Cynthia gasped at the touch of Julie's tongue as it flicked over the pantyhose covering her pussy lips, it didn't take long before she was wet, but not wet enough for what Julie was going to do to her. She grabbed the crotch of her pantyhose and ripped them open exposing her sex, her legs struggled in the shackles of the sex machine as the crotch of her pantyhose were torn open making her even more vulnerable than before. Now nothing stood between her naked sex and the formidable chrome penis poised between her spread open legs.

 "You are going to be so wet once I am done with you!" Julie said to her smiling wickedly as she looked at her trapped and helpless body.  Julie strutted over to the control panel of the sex machine, she set it to tease for twenty minutes with a good squirting of uforia inducing cum every five minutes.

 "That should get her nice and wet before I set the fuck mode." She thought to herself as she continued to configure the controls, she set the fuck mode settings for slow fuck until orgasm detect and then switch to hard fuck mode and upon orgasm three large forceful squirts of uforia inducing cum.

 "Hhhhmmmm...I think a nice leg massaging will be nice also..." "What do you think?" She said rhetorically as she set the controls. Two large devices with what looked like hundreds of rubber fingers came down and positioned themselves just above Cynthia's struggling pantyhosed legs, one over each leg.

 "Ahh a nice nipple sucking is always good to if I remember correctly." Julie chortled as she set the controls, two chrome cup-like devices with black rubber ends lowered themselves down overtop of Cynthia's breasts. The machine gave a warning beep, Julie looked at the control panel.

 "Ooops, how silly of me... It can't suck your nipples unless they are uncovered!" She said as she walked round over to Cynthia and pulled the "V" front of her spandex mini dress to the side exposing her naked breasts. Detecting the change the two chrome and rubber cups lowered themselves down engulfing Cynthia's entire breasts as she tried struggling vainly.

 "No, No!" She cried as she felt something inside of the cups latch onto her nipples.

 "UuuuhhhhHh!" Her tune soon changed as her nipples were squeezed.

 Satisfied with the control settings Julie strutted around the sex machine admiring her handy work she could see the first drip of hot pre-cum drip from the head of the chrome penis as the machine warmed up, she watched Cynthia's pantyhose covered thighs struggling desperately knowing she was going to be fucked senseless by this machine.  A green light went off on the machine indicating it was ready to begin. Julie smiled and bent over and kissed her captive on the mouth passionately and said: "Fun time!"

 Julie pressed the activator button and the gleaming chrome machine hummed to life about to start it's hour and a half long program. Cynthia's hips squirmed as the huge chrome penis squirted it's first hot load of uforia inducing pre-cum onto her naked pussy, it's large rounded metal head began sliding up and down her cum covered lips between her ripped open pantyhose.

 "AahhhhhhMmmmmm...!" Cynthia moaned as she felt it's hardness caressing her wet lips.

 Julie walked around the sex machine as it worked on Cynthia, she leant over and kissed her on the side of her panting mouth and headed for the Dungeon door.

 "See ya lover girl!" She said as she strutted towards the door with her hips swaying provocativly.


 Alexis had gathered her composure after two more orgasms, she had rolled herself off of the couch and was kneeling on the floor with her thighs apart, the steel and leather chastity belt still locked up tight trapping the huge ribbed dildo deep within her.

 "UunnhH!" She gasped as the dildo stirred within her.

 "I'll get that sweet little bitch for this!" She said to herself scowling as she fiddled with the locks of the handcuffs behind her back.


 Julie entered through the door of the Fetish Shop, she barely got into the room when a napkin laced with Chloroform was placed over her face and out went the lights. Alexis gently lowered Julie to the floor, her long lean red latex encased form stood above her, her black crotch high latex booted legs on either side of Julie's body.

 "Unnhhh!...Oh G g god.!" Came the muffled  cries of Cynthia from the Dungeon as the sex machine worked her over. Alexis smiled at the sound and said: "My my...we are in a mischievous mood today, aren't we?" She looked down at Julie's unconscious body lying on the floor between her spread open booted legs. "What are we going to do with you?" She said with a smug tone in her voice.


 A long moment passed, how long Julie wasn't sure, her head was still swimming a little from the Chloroform. 

 "UunnnnhhHH...Mmmmmmm....." "Oohhhhh!...F f f f FUuc c cCK!"

 Came the cries of pleasure from the sex machine on the other side of the dungeon, her eyes focused, she could see Cynthia still being fucked senseless on the Sex Machine.

 "I must not have been out for that long if Cynthia is still getting it by the Machine?" She thought to herself. She felt a familiar tightness all over her body, she looked down at herself as she tried to move, the sound of chained shackles clinked in her ears as her wrists were restrained against the dungeon wall, she could see Alexis had slipped her into a latex catsuit. She could feel the thickness of a dildo deep inside of her pussy, she looked down and could see a short rubber tube protruding from her crotch, two more similar tubes extended one and a half inches from the nipples of her black latex catsuit.

 "This is the same catsuit she put me in when I first met her?" She thought realizing to herself, her legs felt tired, she tried to close them only to feel the shackles tighten around her ankles and the sound of the chains clinking in her ears. She was again the Mistress's rubber clad prisoner shackled to the wall of her Dungeon.

 A long moment passed. Julie watching Cynthia being fucked by the Sex Machine, and feeling the large dildo of her catsuit between her legs started to gyrate her hips moaning with pleasure. She looked up at the camera mounted to the ceiling of the Dungeon.

 "Alexis is probably watching." She thought, she started licking her lips provocatively while grinding her hips in nice wide circles trying to stir the dildo deep within her hot rubber covered sex.

 A moment later the heavy door to the Dungeon opened. Alexis came in, she was still dressed in her deliciously red latex "pussy suit" and crotch high, high heeled black rubber boots. She had put on a pair of black high cut latex bikini briefs overtop of her red catsuit. The sight of her as she strutted over towards Julie was making her hotter than Georgia asphalt, she thought she was going to cum just watching her. Alexis stood right in front of Julie's shackled spread eagle body, she rubbed the tube protruding from the crotch of her catsuit.

 "You have been a very naughty girl today Julie..." "What should I do to such a naughty girl?" Alexi said as she played with Julie's rubber tube.

 "H h how did you get free?" Julie asked with a certain amount of surprise in her voice.

 "You forget, I'm pretty good with locks." Alexis purred into Julie's ear as She pulled on the tube pulling the dildo almost all of the way out of her and then let it snap back up her cunt.

 "UunhH!" Julie grunted at the sensation of the dildo as it slammed up her helpless cunt between her spread open legs.

 "What we need around here is a little more discipline!" She took hold of Julie's pony tail pulled through the top of the open faced hood of her latex catsuit and jerked her head back, she kissed her mouth and snapped the dildo back up her cunt again.

 "UunnhH!" Julie grunted right into Alexis's kissing mouth, she turned her head to avoid her kisses as she tried to catch her breath between each of her deep throaty sensual grunts as the dildo slammed into her.

 Alexis strutted to the far side of the Dungeon, a moment later she came back pushing in front of her a upside down "V" shaped hobby horse. The top was padded with black leather fastened to the sides with silver studs or tacks, near the bottom at the four corners were metal rings for attaching shackles to. She pushed the hobby horse to in front of Julie and said: "I have just the thing for you."

 She strutted over to Julie and undid the shackles from the wall holding her wrists, she pulled them in front of her and locked them together. She then undid her ankle shackles and walked her over to the hobby horse. Julie's legs felt like jelly so she wasn't able to put up much of a struggle, not that it mattered, Alexis was very careful to make sure her hands were secured together by the shackles. Alexis laid Julie over the hobby horse on her front and shackled her wrists to the steel rings at the sides of the horse, she then fastened her ankle shackles to the metal rings on the other side of the hobby horse.

 Julie was now laying on her stomach on top of the hobby horse, her arms and legs shackled close to the floor to the sides of the horse, her tight rubber covered butt was right at the end of the horse giving Alexis complete access to the rubber tube protruding from her crotch. From Julie's position she could see Cynthia still being worked on by the Sex Machine, she watched as she writhed and moaned as the machine's huge formidable chrome penis fucked her relentlessly.

 "Do you see what you are putting poor Cynthia through?" Alexis said pretending to be stern about it as she strutted around Julie's body shackled to the hobby horse. Julie could see she had a strap-like device in her hand, once Alexis had it unfolded she could see it was a short black rubber dildo gag-like affair, the straps obviously for securing the gag to ones head.

 Alexis approached Julie with it and said: "Open wide!"

 Julie refused and closed her mouth tight shaking her head from side to side.

 "So you're going to be difficult are you?...." "Well you really have no choice in the matter my mischievous love muffin!"

 She reached out and pinched Julie's nose closed waiting for her to open her mouth to get some fresh air. Julie squirmed trying to break free of Alexis's grasp on her nose, she gasped for air, cursing as Alexis shoved the short black rubber cock into her mouth.

 "You Bit-Bb bBl.l..l!..."


 She never got to finish the word but Alexis knew what she was trying to say, she fastened the straps around the back of Julie's head fully securing the cock-like gag in her mouth.

 "So I'm a Bitch am I...?" "You'll beg this Bitch to make you cum by the time I'm done with you!" She chuckled and crouched down to kiss Julie on the side of her sweating face.


 Cynthia screamed as the Sex Machine sensed the approach of another orgasm and started to shoot hot uforia inducing cum deep inside of her, her crotch area and the bed of the Sex Machine was soaked in the stuff. Her legs quaked as hundreds of individual rubber fingers massaged and stroked her legs. Her pantyhose were all bunched up in places from the constant fondling of these rubber invaders. Her hips rose off of the bed and she drove her soaking cunt onto the assaulting chrome metal cock bucking her hips wildly.

 More hot cum filled her seeping out of her, soaking her ripped open pantyhose even more. Rivulets of the stuff seeped over the edge of the Sex Machine and gathered in a murky white pool on the Dungeon floor. Her back arched and twisted as she tried desperately to get away from the constant sucking on her nipples, no matter what the machine's breast cups stayed with her constantly pleasuring her breasts. Again the huge hot metal cock fired a load of hot artificial cum deep into her.

 "AAahhhH.....Mmmmmm!" She moaned and writhed under the machine's relentless love making. Pleasure waves of her orgasm were sustained by the uforia drug compound in the artificial cum. Cynthia's intense orgasm flowed over her causing her to lose her mind. Any inhibitions she had, or may have had about doing it in front of other people were long gone. Only the pleasure the machine was giving her was all that mattered, the world around her ceased to exist only her sex, the machine, and the pleasure were all that mattered to her now. She clamped her hot wet lips around the thick metal shaft thrusting wildly deep within her pussy, squeezing it hard further intensifying her orgasmic experience.

 "AhhhhH...Mmmm..." "Oh...F f fUc c  cK!" She cried, finally the machine gave one final thrust and dispensed a huge hot load deep into her and then it's rhythm slowed and then finally stopped with it's thick metal shaft half in and half out of her hot wet cunt vibrating gently.

 Alexis still crouched in front of Julie's shackled body purred into her ear as she kissed her on the cheek. "I'll bet Cynthia would like to have a little bone to pick with you now Julie..."

 "What do you think?" She said as she stroked the side of her face with her rubber gloved hand. All Julie could do was mumble some inaudible protest with her dildo gag strapped firmly in her mouth. She was still feeling a little pissed that the morning hadn't gone quite the way she had planned. Alexis freed Cynthia from the Sex Machine. After she toweled herself off she walked half staggering over to Julie. She was still a little drugged from the uforia inducing cum ejaculated into her from the machine and her sexual state of arousal was still very high.

 Cynthia rubbed her wet pussy between her ripped open pantyhose. "OHhhhh....Julie, Julie, Julie!..." "Oh how I'm going to punish your sweet little pussy for what you did to me..." She practically sang the words into her ear as she kissed her on the side of her face and played with her dildo gag causing it to stir in her mouth.

 "OmmmNNnn,mmmm!" Julie moaned into it, and then grunted as Alexis pulled on the rubber tube protruding from her crotch and snapped the dildo back up her cunt. Alexis loved the way her body jerked whenever she did that, she loved the sounds she made also. 

 "Yes... she does need to be punished doesn't she?..." "I wonder what's gotten into her?" Alexis said as she played with the dildo attached to the inside of Julie's rubber catsuit. Cynthia had walked over to a rack of leather bondage equipment hanging on the Dungeon wall. She returned carrying a black leather bound, foot long, four inch wide spanking paddle. Julie saw the paddle and immediately began to struggle while trying to say something in protest into her dildo gag, but it all came out as inaudible mumbles.

 Alexis smiled when she saw Cynthia with the paddle. 

 Cynthia walked around to the rear of Julie shackled to the top of the hobby horse, she admired the way her tight rubber covered butt was held sticking slightly up in the air by her bound position.

 "That's a butt that begs to be spanked!" She said smiling wickedly, she teased the shiny black surface of her butt with the paddle and then gave it a light swat. 

 "Unnnnh!" Julie grunted into her dildo gag as she felt the slight sting of the stiff leather paddle slap against her latex covered butt.  Alexis winked at Cynthia as she pulled on the short rubber tube holding the dildo molded to the inside of Julie's catsuit. As soon as she stretched it out of her and let it go snapping the dildo back up her cunt, Cynthia immedately swatted her on the butt with the paddle.

 "UuunNN!...MMmmpPHhhh!" She grunted while sucking on the hard rubber dildo gag.

 "UuunNH!...MmmpPHhhh!"..UuhhH!" She grunted and moaned as Alexis and Cynthia double teamed her again. Each time Alexis and Cynthia did that to Julie she thought she was going to cum, Every time Alexis sensed she was close to an orgasm they would stop their actions robbing her of her release.  Alexis watched as Julie's buttocks muscles tensed up in anticipation of another smack. Her thighs clamped onto the sides of the hobby horse anticipating the dildo to be snapped back up her hoping this time her orgasm would come.

 Cynthia was about to deliver another smack to her butt as she stood beside the hobby horse licking her lips, her spandex mini was still rolled up around her waist revealing her pussy between the shredded pantyhose that Julie had ripped open. Her breasts were still hanging out of her "V" neck mini dress, her hair was a mess from all the thrashing around and sweating she had done on the Sex Machine and her maskara had run giving her "Racoon Eyes". She looked like an insane mad woman.

 Cynthia was about to deliver another smack when Alexis caught her hand in mid swing, she shook her head and said: "Sometimes the anticipation of the smack is more effective..." 

 "Wouldn't you agree Cynthia dear?" Alexis added smiled at her, She walked around the hobby horse still holding Cynthia's wrist, she took the paddle from her and pulled her close to her and began kissing her passionately.

 Cynthia gasped at the sensation of Alexis slipping a rubber covered finger into her still dripping wet cunt. She gave Julie a swat on the butt with the paddle and then dropped it onto the floor. She continued kissing Cynthia and led her over to the rubber mattress on the Dungeon floor.

 Julie watched Alexis and Cynthia making love to each other on the rubber mattress, she struggled in her bondage, pressing her pussy against the surface of the padded leather hobby horse forcing the dildo attached to the inside of her catsuit deeper into her hot sex. She moaned and sucked on the rubber dildo gag, her hips grinded as she watched Cynthia take hold of Alexis's black rubber bikini briefs and slide them off of her. She started to cum as soon as she saw Alexis moan with pleasure as Cynthia took hold of her rubber covered pussy lips in her mouth and began licking and sucking on her. The two women lost in passion smiled as they listened to Julie's grunts and moans as she pleasured herself to the sight of them writhing in passion on the rubber mattress.


 The Fetish Shop opened a little later today than it usual. The morning had gone by incredibly fast and soon the three ladies were locking up and heading for lunch. Julie entered their favorite lunchtime haunt first and secured their usual table. Karen came over and cleaned the table as soon as Julie sat down, she usually liked to keep this table deliberately messy until they showed up knowing that it was a favorite table of theirs. A moment later Alexis and Cynthia seated themselves at the table also.

 "Say Julie, I love that dress!" Karen said smiling at her as she stroked the red latex of the sleeve. "Red's my favorite color."

 "Thanks." Julie said.

 Alexis had given Julie a red latex knee length long sleeved dress to wear at the Shop for the day. Karen couldn't help but admire how great she looked in the red latex dress, she had been watching her ever since she came through the door, she stared at her black pantyhosed legs as she followed behind her to the table. Karen finished cleaning the table and said:

 "I'll be right back... forgot my order pad."

 As soon as she walked away from the table Alexis said: "You know I think Karen has a crush on you Julie."

 Julie giggled and said: "Are you serious?"

 "Oh should have seen the way she was looking at you when you came in." Alexis replied.

 Julie tried not to blush but couldn't help it.

 "I think it's the latex...." "It does strange things to know...sexually?" Cynthia said trying to sound serious but ended up giggling. They all laughed.

 "Ok you two giggle twins!..." "What's the deal with this contest...?" "Are you in or not?" Alexis said, all morning she had been trying to get the answer to that question.

 "In...!" Cynthia replied.

 "How about you Julie?" Alexis asked.

 "Me too!" Julie replied smiling. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

 After lunch the three ladies got up and got ready to head back to the Fetish Shop, as they all filed out the door Karen waved goodbye, she swatted Julie on the butt and said:

 "I'll be dreaming of you!"


 The main lobby of the Hotel was incredible, it was spacious. Rich green marble and brass trimming was everywhere. Huge marble pillars held up the huge domed ceiling.

  From the beveled glass revolving doors Alexis, Cynthia and Julie emerged dressed to the nines in short mini dresses and pantyhose, the sound of the three ladies high heeled shoes clicked on the hard marble floor as they approached the front desk to register in.

 Lounging in the hotel lobby on luxurious furniture were dozens of beautiful women all were dressed in nice dresses and pantyhose and tights of many different colors and shades, all of them were stunningly beautiful.

 Standing to the left of the hotels front desk was a group of maybe fifteen or so tall slender gorgeous women, they were all wearing black spandex mini long sleeved dresses with "V" neck front, cut to just above the belly button. Each one wore a  black belt with large round silver dome studs around it,  they all wore black shiny pantyhose with spike high heeled shoes that strapped around the ankles. Their hair was done up on top of their heads in a bun type of fashion, their makeup made their eyes look dark and mysterious while their faces looked pale in contrast to the bright red lip stick.

 "My god they look just like those women from that old 1980's video I have in my vintage rock collection...." "MMmmm...what's it called...?" "Addicted to love by Robert Paulmer." Cynthia thought to herself as she stared at them. 

 As Alexis approached the front desk she could see that the woman behind the huge marble and brass desk was wearing the same kind of outfit as the group of beautiful women to the left of the front desk.

 "They must be the Hotel staff." She thought to herself, she handed the woman the three brochures and introduced herself, Julie and Cynthia to the lady. 

 "Greetings and congratulations." The woman said, she had a French type of accent in her voice. She scanned the bar codes on the bottom of the brochures through the computer.

 "Ahh, you three lovely ladies are in room 42..." "My staff will help you with your luggage, after dinner there is a special meeting in the lobby where we go over some of the details of the contest,'s a six o'clock .." "Don't be late. No?" She smiled and handed them three keys to their room, she rung the bell and three of the tall women dressed in black to the left of the front desk came over and took their bags.

 "Room 42!" The woman behind the desk said.

 On their way up to their floor in the elevator the three women in black lectured a little about the hotel:

 "On every floor there are private bathrooms open to contestants, there is a late night curfew of 12:00 midnight. All guests of the hotel are to be in their rooms at this time, the briefing in the lobby tonight will educate you more about the Hotel and the contest."

 Julie could not help but keep staring at the three women as they rode the elevator, she could see they were very fit looking, they probably workout a lot she figured, they weren't overly muscular but very well toned, the shiny black pantyhose they wore really emphasized their calf muscles, the sight of them was beginning to make her wet.

 "I know what I'll be fantasizing about tonight." She thought to herself as she continued to stare.

 The three women in black opened the door to their room and let them in, they followed and placed the bags beside the huge luxurious looking beds.

 "Remember six O'CLOCK after dinner in the main lobby."

 Alexis handed them each a small gratuity and said: "Would you like to stay awhile?"

 The tallest of the three took the money from Alexis and said: "That's very nice of you to offer but we are not permitted to fraternize with the Hotel guests until the contest...." "Hotel policy...I hope you understand."

 All three of them smiled and turned on their high heels and walked out the door.

 Alexis, Julie and Cynthia admired their legs as they left.

 "Wow...they were gorgeous!" Julie said.

 "To bad they couldn't stay." Cynthia said frowning.

 "Yup, they would have been fun." Alexis added.

 " know I wonder if they are the Dungeon Mistresses mentioned in the brochure?" Alexis said thoughtfully.

 "If they are then that means they'll be having fun with us once the contest gets underway." Cynthia added.

 The thought of the possibility that those women would be having their way with her in the Dungeon was making Julie hot.

 "Say have you guys checked out the bathroom in this place...?" "It's huge... all three of us could fit in that hot tub in there!" Julie said as she came out of the bathroom.

 "Hmmmm...A triple bubble bath for all of us later on before bed time." Alexis said smiling back at her.

 "Sounds great!" Cynthia added as she unloaded the contents of her suitcase onto the bed. 

 Six O'CLOCK rolled round pretty fast and the three women headed for the lobby to get a good seat for the contest briefing.

 "That meal was incredible, it's been a long time since I've had shrimp cocktail." Julie said as they entered through the double etched beveled glass doors into the Hotel lobby.

 "I think I gained five pounds just looking at some of the food." Cynthia said. Alexis giggled and slapped her on the butt and said. "You'd never know it...I think it's all that sex burn it all off."

 There were about seventy or more other women seated and standing in the lobby as they entered and took their seats, they engaged in polite conversation with a few of the other contestants.

 A few moments later two tall slender women entered from opposite sided of the room wearing head to toe black rubber catsuits. Each with thigh high form fitting rubber boots, their heads were covered with open faced latex hoods with their hair pulled pony style through rubber cones molded to the top of the hoods. Their faces were made white with theatrical makeup, their eyes stood out in dark contrast to their white faces along with the bright red lipstick they wore also.

 The two rubber women walked across the room and met each at center stage and stood beside a huge brass gong suspended in a large ornate metal frame. They struck the gong with huge mallets causing the sound to echo loudly throughout the great expanse of the Hotel lobby. All the women in the room could be heard awing at the sight and the sound.

 A moment later another woman dressed in a black latex just above the knee long sleeved high neck dress and matching latex pantyhose strutted into the room on her five inch high heeled patent leather shoes. She played with a silver chain belt she wore hanging off her slender hips as she came to a halt just in front of the two rubber women and the gong.

 The gong reverberated throughout the room as the two rubber women struck it again with their mallets. 

 The sound of the gong faded and the tall woman in the rubber dress said: "Welcome ladies to the Latex Dungeon!"

 The two catsuited rubber women struck the gong again filling the huge Hotel lobby with it's reverberating sound.

Copyright 1998 Fetish By Knight 

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