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The Latex Dungeon pt 5

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; XX

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Thanks to Michael, Wofent & Knightshift for parts 5-9 of the story.

The Latex Dungeon
Part Five - The Hotel

Julie walked along a long narrow corridor three feet wide, the walls were made of shiny black rubber and seemed alive. She could hear them breathing, see them moving.

 "How did I get here..." "Where am I?" Julie thought to herself feeling a little panicked at first. she was still wearing the electric blue spandex mini dress that Cynthia had loaned to her.

 The ground felt soft and rubbery under her high heels as she walked down the corridor. She reached out and touched the breathing surface of the rubber wall. It reacted to her touch, quaking and quivering. For some reason she was not as frightened as before in fact she became a little exited by her strange surroundings. Up in the distance there seemed to be a opening at the end of the corridor... But it seemed so far away.

 Suddenly Julie felt something grab her ankle, she looked down and saw that a black rubber hand had come out of the wall and seized her. She tried to struggle free and only just managed. She backed away from the wall with the hand and moved up against the opposite wall not noticing that it too was now alive with rubber arms and tentacles. Two of the rubber hands down at her feet grabbed her by the ankles as a slimy rubber tentacle coiled it's way up around her stocking covered leg.

 "Oh god no!" Julie cried as two more rubber hands grabbed her flailing wrists and held them tight. Two more still came out of the wall and grabbed her by the breast's. They ripped open the front of her dress and started massaging her naked breasts and caressing her body. She felt another hand between her legs rubbing her stocking covered pussy.

 "Uuuuuhhhh!" Julie moaned at the touch.

 Soon her whole body was being fondled with rubber hands and slimy tentacles. She could feel one of the tentacles sliding over the crotch of her pantyhose, it's slimy ribbed surface massaging her lips through the fine mesh of the nylon covering them.

 Julie struggled helplessly. her legs were held firmly apart as slimy rubber tentacles coiled and slid over them.

 On the ground between her legs she could see a larger penis shaped tentacle emerging spurting a cum-like liquid as it emerged.

 "Oh God!" Julie cried as she struggled in vain. Two rubber hands at her crotch ripped open her pantyhose while a slimy ribbed tentacle slid over her exposed lips coating them with it's slime.

 She felt hands and tentacles tear at the legs of her pantyhose while other rubber hands pulled off her high heeled shoes and tossed them aside. She squirmed and struggled, her spandex mini dress hung from her body in slimy rags.

 The rubber dildo tentacle slithered up the ripped pantyhose covering her leg spurting it's cum-like liquid all over her leg as it neared her vulnerable cunt. A moment later it was at her helpless pussy. She squirmed as she felt the hot cum squirt at her cunt.

 "UnhhhH!" Julie grunted as it entered her, her hips gyrated and squirmed in her bondage of tentacles and rubber hands.

 The sound of deep sensual breathing was heavy in her ears. Her pantyhose were shredded and covered with the slimy cum-like liquid. She moaned and grunted as the penis shaped tentacle between her legs pumped her in and out while every inch of her body was constantly being caressed and massaged by the rubber hands and tentacles.

 "UUuuuuunnnnnhhHH!...." She felt a large blast of hot cum deep inside of her as the rubber penis filled her, it squirted her three more times. Hot cum dripped out of her and flowed down her leg over the shredded remains of her pantyhose.

 Julie screamed as she orgasmed. Her hips gyrated and thrust back and forth as the snake-like dildo fucked her.

 A moment latter the rubber tentacles and hands released her and slowly retreated back into the wall. Her worn out body slid down the wall till she sat on the floor with her legs spread open, hot cum dripping from her wet pussy exposed between the ripped open nylon of her pantyhose.

 Suddenly she found herself at the end of the corridor. A huge expanse was opened up before her. It was dark but not so dark that she couldn't see.

 In the center of the huge chamber she could see a central light source emanating from the ceiling down onto some sort of large machine or table. There was a flash of blinding light from some indeterminate location.

 She suddenly felt a familiar tightness all over her body, the scent of latex hung heavy in the air. She looked down at herself and saw that she was now wearing a latex catsuit from head to toe.

 "How did I get into this?" She thought to herself puzzled.

 She turned her attention back to the machine or table, or whatever it was. She couldn't tell because of it's odd shape and the darkness. She could see things moving on it, it was rounded at the ends, more larger on one end. Hundreds maybe more tubes and hoses stretched from the table or machine up out of site into the incredibly high dome of the chamber. The sight was overwhelming. She could hear something, or someone... 

 "No it's someone!" She thought. A voice was calling to her from the dark recesses or the chamber beyond the machine, all around ...




 Julie jolted from her sleep. She looked down at herself surprised to see that her clothes were still intact. Her head still felt groggy from the all the wine she had drunk with Cynthia. For a moment she forgot where she was and then it dawned on her.

 "Oh yeah... that's right I'm still at Cynthia's house...." "What a weird dream." She thought to herself as she looked over to the other side of the bed. Cynthia was still sleeping next to her.

 They were still wearing the same clothes they had on when they fell into bed together half drunk from too much wine. 

 "Oh..." Julie put her hand on her head which was still swimming a little.

 "That Baby Duck'll do it to you every time." She groaned. Cynthia stirred next to her and slowly opened her eyes. "Oh God... a pizza and wine hangover!" She said mimicking Julie as they both rubbed the sleep from their eyes.

 "Sorry I passed out on you last night... Too much of the vino I guess." Cynthia said, her eyes still looking a little heavy.

 "That's ok." Julie said in return She paused looking at her, "To much sex to I think."

 They both giggled as Cynthia said. "You can never have enough of that!"

 The morning sunlight lighted the bedroom beautifully.

 For the first time Julie was able to see the interior of Cynthia's bedroom having stumbled into it last night in the dark and half drunk with Cynthia.

 She was surprised to see that it didn't look too much unlike her own bedroom. Cynthia seemed to have limited most of the bondage, fetish furniture and equipment to the living room with exception of a medical gynecologists chair complete with stirrups with shackles on them over in the corner of the room and the red rubber sheets on the huge bed which Julie now noticed was round.

 Mounted on the wall above a black laquer dresser was a large beautiful framed picture of a naked woman's butt wearing nothing but a pair of seamless black pantyhose.

 "I love that picture." Julie said not noticing that Cynthia had a large black double dildo in her hand. Cynthia started sliding it up Julie's leg while doing an imitation of the theme from the movie Jaws.

 "Dun Dun... Dun Dun... Dun Dun!"

 Julie giggled and Cynthia followed as the dildo was tickling Julie's pantyhosed covered leg. Julie put her leg over top of Cynthia's tan pantyhosed leg and kissed her as she slid her hand under the crotch of her skin tight cut offs.

 Julie could feel her crotch getting hotter.

 Cynthia rolled Julie over onto her back and straddled her on the rubber sheets, her knees were on both sides of Julie's body while her feet rested over top of Julie's legs holding them spread apart a little. She held her by the wrist pinning her to the bed.

 Julie struggled a little trying not to make to much of a deal about it knowing she was enjoying herself. She found she liked to be dominated whether it was Alexis or Cynthia didn't matter much. She just loved the anticipation of not knowing what she was in for.

 Cynthia bent down and kissed Julie as she struggled beneath her.

 "Up for a little fun?" She said with a wicked smile on her face.


 While eating breakfast which consisted of left over pizza and coffee, Julie began reading the special invitational brochure that Alexis had given to her and Cynthia. After a moment of admiring the beautiful black and white picture of the slender woman in the full body black latex catsuit printed on the cover she opened it up and began to read:
You have been chosen
for a very special contest...
...are you ready to enter

The Latex Dungeon?

 If you are, it will be like nothing you have ever experienced before, the hotel is located on a very large and luxurious private estate completely closed to the public and only open to those special ladies who posses the invitational brochure you hold in your hands. This time we have a special prize to the winner of this most exotic and unique contest, there is a cash prize consisting of:

    * two million dollars
    *Your own fetish shop

 The hotel sits atop a huge underground network of tunnels and chambers lovingly referred to as the "DUNGEON." You will not at any time know how or when it will be your turn to enter the DUNGEON, your time could happen anywhere and at any time.

 The goal of the contest is simple: You must make your way through the dungeon until you reach what we like to call the "FUCK MACHINE." Now this is no ordinary sex machine this one is special, it is the key that opens the door at the end of the DUNGEON, but only entering the right four digit code will open the final door, once on the machine it's built in shackles will hold you to the machine whilst it's dildo fucks you slowly at first.

 You can try the machine as many times as you like (or can withstand). Now here is the fun part, for each wrong code entered the machine will not only fuck harder but will also squirt a large quantity of our special erotic sedative cum deep within you. There is an "Abort" or "I give up button" located on the machine's console once you have had enough, the shackles will then release you and you are free to recuperate until you are ready to try it again.

 If you succeed in entering the right code the machine fucks you slow and deep whilst ejaculating a small amount of sedative cum into you. Once this is done the door opens and the machine takes you inside the final section of the DUNGEON where it will release you. Once there you will have to defeat the DUNGEON MISTRESS who is the last contest winner of three years ago. Now there are a number of ways to do this:

  *You can render her immobile by bondage.
  *If you manage to get a FUCK SUIT you can fuck her into submission
  *or you can try to fuck her into submission with any of the toys you find

 Having managed to accomplish this you will be the new winner of the contest and become the new DUNGEON MISTRESS to return to defend your title when called upon at the next contest. Failure to comply with this rule will result in complete forfeiture of all winnings and title.

 Getting through the dungeon will not be an easy matter. We have a staff of non contest players who are dressed in latex fuck suits who have the complete authority to do with you as they please. Also the dungeon is filled with bondage equipment of every kind. Once trapped into bondage you either have to escape by your own means or someone has to free you. There are tunnels and pits filled with our special erotic sedative cum (Very slimy) it is best not to get caught in a "BONDAGE CUM PIT" the sedative in the cum-like liquid if enough of it enters your vaginal cavity it will make you docile and an easy target for other contestants. Therefore it is recommended to select other players to be your companions. Travel through the DUNGEON together and work at trapping other contestants.

 There are a number of helpful and desirable items to try and obtain hidden and scattered throughout the DUNGEON:

  *Latex FUCK SUITS (Lockable & Unlockable)
  *Latex PUSSY SUITS (Lockable & Unlockable)
  *Sedative cum filled dildos
  *Plain dildos
                        *And of course, lots of Bondage equipment

 More details will be given to you upon arriving at the hotel. We hope to see you there and to all we wish you the best of luck.


 Julie looked up from reading her brochure. "You know this contest is intense!" "Have you read your's yet?" She said to Cynthia.

 "Yup...I'm gonna win!" Cynthia replied with a mouth full of pizza.

 "It's going to be trench warfare in there....dildos at twenty paces!" Julie said as she jokingly saluted. They both laughed.

 After breakfast the two of them got ready to go to work.

 "You know you are going to be really early today, you don't start till later than I do?" Cynthia said as she downed the last of her coffee.

 "I know... but I can't very well stay here now can I?" Julie said. ".... How would I get to work from way out here?" She giggled, "... Besides maybe I can help Alexis punish you for being late today."

 Cynthia leant over the kitchen table and kissed Julie and said. "You are so bad!"

 She walked into the hall to get the thick latex catsuits and rubber thigh high, high heeled boots ready for their trip back into the city. She ran her finger along the metal zipper thoughtfully and called to Julie who was just finishing the last of her coffee. "You know the next time you come over I'd love it if you wore those deliciously sexy zipper jeans of yours!"

 Julie just smiled to herself as she placed her coffee cup on the table.

 Cynthia walked into the living room carrying the two thick latex catsuits and thigh high rubber boots.

 Julie was sitting on the spiky rubber couch waiting for her.

 "Ready for another fun ride?" Cynthia asked. Julie put her hand under her short mini and covered her stocking covered crotch with her hand wondering if her pussy could take it.

 "Don't worry no dildo this time..." "It's good to experience the trip two different ways, don't you think?" Cynthia said. Julie nodded as she slipped her stocking feet out of her high heels. Cynthia handed her the rubber catsuit and Julie took it and started to slip into it. The tight embracing rubber felt good as she slipped herself into the suit.

 "OH god this feels so good!" She said as she pulled the zipper closed between her legs. The tightness of the rubber and zipper over her pussy was already making her exited. She could feel herself starting to make the crotch of her pantyhose wet under the tight rubber. 

 By the time she had zipped up her thigh high rubber boots she thought she was going to cum. She grabbed her crotch and started to rub herself.

 Cynthia already dressed in her rubber ridding catsuit reached out and stopped Julie and said. "Now now... there'll be plenty of time for that on the ride to work."

 She grabbed Julie and kissed her passionately while she gave her own hot rubber covered cunt a good rubbing. "God I'd love to just have you right here on the floor!" She said to Julie who was moaning under her pressing lips. "Comon quick lets get on the bike and get going before we have an orgasm right here!"

 She grabbed Julie's rubber gauntelted hand and pulled her into the hallway and out the door. 

 The red motor bike and side car were waiting in the drive way.

 "Here... stow this for me will you love?" Julie said as she gave Cynthia her purse to put into the small trunk at the back of the side car. Cynthia locked the small trunk and went over to Julie who was already seated in the side car playing with herself. She reached in and fastened Julies seat belt.

 "All buckled in." She said as she kissed her. Cynthia swung her long latexed leg over the bike and wiggled herself into the seat. Julie watched her tight rubber covered butt as she made herself comfortable. Just watching her was making her hotter.

 "Hands up!" Cynthia said. Startled Julie did as she said. Cynthia threw the small switch on the bikes handle. Suddenly the banana seat flipped up between her legs again keeping her thighs apart.

 "Fuck!" Julie cursed.

 "Don't worry... you'll love it!" Cynthia said as Julie scowled at not being able to play with herself. She flipped her long hair back and slipped her helmet on cursing.

 Cynthia turned the key and started the bike, she revved the engine and right away Julie could feel the vibration against her hot rubber covered crotch.

 "OHhhhhh...!" She moaned. Cynthia smiled as she heard Julie moaning with pleasure under her helmet, she placed her own helmet on and fasted the chin strap. She revved the engine a good four times really hard and then put the bike in gear, the bike lurched forward and they were off.

 Julie was amazed at how different the feeling of the bikes vibration felt against her rubber covered sex without the dildo. Part of her wished for the hardness of the dildo to fill her as she pressed herself against the banana seat between her legs. She could feel the tightness of the rubber and zipper vibrating against her hot, soaking stocking covered cunt. Once they bounced over the train tracks Julie came in one massive orgasm.

 For the rest of the trip into the city Julie sat trapped in her seat as the vibration of the road and motor bike massaged her sensitive pussy. 

 Once they entered the underground parking center. Cynthia sped down the concrete ramp way towards her usual parking space. The groves in the concrete ramps causing the bike to vibrate violently quickly brought Julie to another orgasm. 

 Cynthia stopped the bike with a sudden lurch, she revved the engine a good four hard times finishing off her own sweet orgasm. She removed her helmet. She could hear Julie still moaning and see her still squirming in her seat. Her hips were gyrating as she was pressing herself against the banana seat.

 Cynthia turned off the engine and dismounted the bike. She walked over to Julie still moaning and grinding her hips, she flipped the switch on the bike's handle, the seat flipped back down between Julie's legs. Julie pulled off her helmet and Cynthia kissed her passionately while she grabbed her by the crotch and rubbed her.

 "Oh God!" She cried. It didn't take long for Julie to have another orgasm.


 Cynthia and Julie entered the Fetish Shop. Alexis stood waiting for them, she stood wearing a slick shiny red latex catsuit with black high cut latex bikini briefs over top of the catsuit. Covering her long sensual legs were tight fitting high heeled black rubber boots that came right up between her legs and stopped just one and a half inches in front of her crotch. She looked incredible, her long blond hair was pulled through the cone of her open faced red latex hood and flowed down her back, whenever she moved her head her hair swayed from side to side just above her tight latex covered butt. Julie thought she was going to cream herself just looking at her.

 "Oh my god!" She said unable to contain herself.

 "You're a little early today.... aren't you dear?" Alexis said to her smiling.

 "Spent the night at Cynthia's." Julie replied sheepishly not being able to take her eyes off of Alexis's beautifully red rubber covered body.

 Alexis motioned with her whip for Julie to come over to her. Julie walked over to Alexis and kissed her. "Good morning." She said.

 "Well it certainly will be for us." Alexis replied kissing Julie in return.

 "As for you..." She cracked her whip at floor glaring at Cynthia still standing in the doorway who did this who me kind of thing as she pointed her own finger at herself.

 "Yes you...naughty girl... late for work again!"

 Alexis cracked her whip again. Julie was standing just behind her unable to contain a giggle. Alexis turned to her and said.

 "Would you like to join her in her punishment?"

 Julie quickly wiped the smirk off of her face and stood at attention. "No Mistress." She replied looking sheepishly at the floor.

 Alexis cracked her whip again and said. "Now slave!.... Crawl..." "Crawl on your knees to your Mistress's feet!" "...Crawl over here and lick my boots!"

 Cynthia hiked her red spandex mini dress up a little as she lowered herself down to the floor and began crawling on all fours over to Alexis's waiting boots. Julie and Alexis both watched as Cynthia crawled along the floor in her tight spandex mini and dark reddish brown tan pantyhose. Cynthia extended her tongue and started licking the bridge of Alexis's rubber boots. Julie started rubbing her crotch through the fine mesh of her black pantyhose, feeling herself getting hotter as she watched Cynthia starting to lick the tightly rubber clad slender ankles of the Mistress. After a moment of over enthusiastic boot licking on Cynthia's part, Alexis cracked her whip again giving her a new command.

 "Remove my panties slave!"

 Julie watched from behind as Cynthia kneeling in front of Alexis took hold of the sides of her black latex high cut bikini briefs and pulled them down around her ankles. Alexis stepped out of them and slipped the toe of her high heeled boot under the leg opening of the panties and tossed them to the side. Planting her feet firmly on the floor with her legs spread slightly apart she commanded:

 "Now lick my pussy slave!" Alexis cracked the whip again.

 Julie couldn't see from her position behind Alexis, she couldn't see that Alexis was wearing a latex catsuit just like the one she had given to her with the built in molded pussy lips that enclosed around your own and the studded inner sheath inserted deep inside of her. She listened to the sounds of Cynthia sucking and licking Alexis's rubber enclosed pussy, the sounds were making her wet and even hotter as she heard Alexis moan with pleasure. Julie's finger and the fine mesh of her pantyhose now slipped easily into her hot wet sex as she fingered herself while watching the display before her. Julie looked down at Alexis's tight red rubber covered but gyrating in front of her, she could see a short red nub of a tube sticking out of her butt, the thought of an inflatable butt plug entered her mind and excited her all the more as she spread her legs a little further apart and began thrusting her wet fingers and pantyhose in and out of her hot soaking pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned.

 The whip cracked, breaking the sounds of pleasure emanating from the three women.

 "Enough slave!" The Mistress commanded.

 Cynthia immediately stopped sucking and licking Alexis's rubber covered cunt. She remained on her knees waiting for her next command.

 "To the Dungeon with this little Bitch!" Alexis said in a stern voice catching her breath a little.

 The heavy door to the Dungeon creaked open. Cynthia came through the door first followed by the Mistress, and then Julie who's electric blue spandex mini was pulled up around her waist exposing the soaked fine mesh of her pantyhose covering her crotch.

 Julie anxious to play her part to the fullest asked. "What should we do with this naughty bitch my Mistress?"

 Alexis smiled to herself knowing that Julie was enjoying herself, she nudged Julie's arm and showed her the small bottle of Chloroform and handkerchief she had hidden behind her back. She motioned for Julie to distract Cynthia while she poured a little onto the folded fabric in her hand. Cynthia watched Julie as she stood in front of her and played with her stocking covered pussy, before she knew it the handkerchief was placed over her nose and mouth, she struggled momentarily and out went the lights.

 "I love when I catch them by surprise..." "It makes it all the more delicious, don't you think?" Alexis said to Julie as she held Cynthia's limp body under her arms and lowered her gently to the floor.

 "Indeed." Julie replied with a sinister smile on her face, it felt so naughty to be on the other side of the fence for a change, she liked the feeling, it gave her ideas she never had before.

 "Here... give me a hand with her will you love!?!"

 Alexis called Julie over to her as she started to drag Cynthia's limp body over towards the gleaming chrome sex machine in the corner of the Dungeon. Julie picked up one of Cynthia's red high heeled shoes that had managed to come off of her stockinged foot as Alexis dragged her across the floor. Julie grabbed her ankles and lifted her off of the floor holding the high heeled shoe between her teeth by the heel. The two women lifted Cynthia's limp body onto the Sex Machine and shackled her wrists and ankles to the sides of the machine. Alexis watched as Julie smiled and chuckled to herself as she fastened the thick metal padded shackles around Cynthia's ankles, she watched her licking her lips smiling, she could tell Julie was really enjoying this.

 "What now!?!..What now!?!" Julie said, her voice sounding giddy as a school girl as she walked slowly around Cynthia's helplessly shackled body. 

 "We wait til she comes too..." "Then it's fun time!" Alexis said smiling to Julie who had walked completely around the machine, she was running her hand up along Cynthia's dark opaque reddish brown pantyhosed covered leg, brushing her hand along her thigh as she walked around the machine til she finally stood beside her Mistress.

 "You're really enjoying this huh?" Alexis said smiling deliciously to her as Julie kissed her and then turned her gaze back to Cynthia all spread out helpless on the Sex Machine soon to be fucked senseless by the deliciously sinister device.

 "Til I met you guys I never knew how much fun this stuff can be..." She motioned with her arms indicating the Dungeon and all of it's contents. "...I think I understand why you like this stuff so much." She kissed her again looking deeply and lovingly into her eyes.

 "Do you indeed?" Alexis purred, she looked at the clock on the Dungeon wall. "I think it'll be at least twenty minutes or so til she comes around, maybe a little sooner..." "I only gave her a small dose."

 She took Julie by the hand and started for the heavy dungeon door. "Lets go up to the shop... I have a few things to ask you."


 The two women sat together on a small leather couch in the rarely used lunch room in the back of the shop. Alexis sat on the edge of the couch looking at Julie who couldn't help but stare at her red rubber enclosed pussy lips pressed tightly to the surface of the couch so as her red rubber lips looked like they were kissing the shiny surface of the couch.

 Alexis sat with her thighs spread open wide purched on the edge of her seat, probably deliberately so Julie could see her rubber covered pleasures. After a moment of watching Julie eyeing her rubber enclosed sex as she rocked her hips slightly back and forth putting on a little show for her, and said:

 "So tell me love, did you and Cynthia have a good look at the Brochures I gave you?" Alexis's words purred in Julie's ear. Julie unable to take it any more slid off of the couch and down between her Mistress's spread open thighs and began sucking and licking her clenching and unclenching rubber enclosed lips, Alexis grabbed Julie by the back of her head moaning as she lowered her back onto the couch and spread her thighs further apart unable to resist Julie's advances. She moaned deeper as she felt Julie humming.

 Julie slipped her tongue deep into her sex.

 Alexis had almost forgotten her question suddenly caught up in the moment of passion, but she managed to gasp it out again.

 " Youu...REad It....?"

 Her pelvis rose slightly off of the couch as Julie grabbed her squirming hips and pressed her mouth deeper into Alexis's love muscle.

 "AaahhHHhhhhh....!" Alexis gasped with pleasure.

 "This sexy little Bitch is going to make me cum." She thought as she felt her rubber lips tighten around Julie's flicking and vibrating tongue as she hummed and moaned as she licked and tongued her rubberized pussy.

 Julie listened to her Mistress's sounds of pleasure as she worked her magic on her rubberized pussy, she felt the delightful squirming of her body under her as Alexis screamed and her body quaked with her orgasm. Julie slid up her front kissing the tight red latex covering her belly, she kissed her way up her heaving chest between her breast pausing to suck on her fully erect nipples filling the rubber nipples of her catsuit.

 Alexis gasped and tried to pull away but Julie had her arms pinned onto the couch beside her. Julie moaned deep as she sucked her sensitive nipples hard as her body squirmed beneath her, she was enjoying having her at a disadvantage for a change. She kissed her way up towards Alexis's panting mouth.

 Alexis was so lost in her passions that she had totally forgotten the question she had asked Julie before. She tried to struggle her arms free but Julie had them pined to the couch under the small of her back forcing her chest to stick out. She struggled more as Julie kissed her way back down her neck to her breasts again sensing how sensitive they must be to her, she gasped as she latched onto them again with her mouth. The more she struggled the more she could tell Julie liked it.

 Standing on a small coffee table in front of the couch was a large black ribbed dildo, beside it was a tube of KY Jelly. Julie spotted it out of the corner of her eye as she continued to suck Alexis's nipples hard listening to her moaning.

 "Hmmm... how can I get that without letting her go I wonder?" She thought to herself, she glanced around the room and noticed a pair of handcuffs hanging over the back of the couch.

 "Hmmmmm..." She hummed thoughtfully looking at them. She pushed Alexis hands together under the couch and placed her knee beside her pelvis on the couch effectively trapping her right arm beside her, she grabbed the handcuffs and slipped them under Alexis's squirming body, with both of her hands working frantically under and behind Alexis's back she finally got the cuffs on her. She giggled to herself now having both of her hands free. She turned around and grabbed the dildo off of the coffee table, Alexis tried to sit up but Julie pushed her back into the couch.

 "Uh Uh Love... my turn for some fun!" Julie purred.

 Before Alexis knew it Julie had the cap off of the KY Jelly and had squeezed a large amount of the slimy thick liquid all over the front of her rubber covered pussy, she tried to struggle but Julie was on top of her with the dildo rubbing it's thick ribbed shaft up and down between her now well lubricated rubber pussy lips. She had her hand behind her back holding the chain of the handcuffs firmly to the seat of the couch under her back. Julie started sucking madly on her nipples again while continuing to rub the thick shaft between her legs. Alexis gasped as Julie inserted the ribbed dildo into her.

 "UunnNH!" She grunted as it filled her studded inner rubber sheath, she groaned as she felt each of the ribs of the dildo rake over her rubber enclosed lips. Julie started bitting her nipples while she stirred the dildo in nice wide circles deep with in Alexis's rubber enclosed trapped pussy beneath her. She stirred and stirred the ribbed dildo and then began thrusting it in and out of her hot, wet rubberized hole.

 "UunnnNHhhhh!...." "Oh..God ...I..I.I'mmm...G g g gona cum...Again!" Alexis cried as her hips grinded onto Julie's hand as she stirred and thrusted the dildo deep within her, her legs kicked wildly in the air on both sides of Julie's body between them as her pelvis bucked up and down onto the assaulting dildo controlled by her hand. Alexis grunted loudly and gave a final gasp as her orgasm took hold of her again, her whole body tensed momentarily and then collapsed onto the couch exhausted.

 Julie gave her a kiss and stood up leaving her handcuffed lying on the couch with her legs spread open and the dildo still up her hot wet cunt. She saw a chastity belt hanging on a small hook on the wall, she took it down and slipped it on overtop of Alexis's catsuit and locked it up trapping the dildo up her.

 "This is going to be fun." She thought as she left the lunch room and headed for the Dungeon.

The story continues in
Part Five - The Hotel - Part 2


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