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The Latex Dungeon pt 4a

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

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The Latex Dungeon
Part Four - Cynthia & Julie's date - Part 2

The afternoon went by in the usual way with the playful petting and the usual jokes when there were no customers in the store, and soon it was closing time. Julie had been busy dusting a glass display shelf and was now putting all of the boxed dildos and vibrators back onto the nice clean shelf when Alexis called out to them. “Ok’s time to close up.” Julie walked over to the counter where Alexis was catching up on some orders, she leaned over and kissed Alexis on the cheek as Cynthia was getting her coat and said. “Are you sure about this?” “Hell yes.” She replied. “I’ve known Cynthia a long time, she’s sincere in her feelings... I think it’ll be good for the two of you to get to know one another better... besides maybe tomorrow we’ll all do something together....” She kissed her back and continued. “You two go on ahead I have a few things to do before I go.” She winked at Julie and said. “Have fun.” Cynthia came up behind Julie and put her hands around her waist and kissed her on the neck and said. “You ready to go?” “Yup.” Julie replied and headed for the door. Cynthia kissed Alexis passionately and said. “Thanks this means a lot to me.” “You two just have fun.” Alexis said as Cynthia turned and headed to meet Julie who was waiting at the door. “Do you want us to lock the door on our way out?” Julie called to Alexis. “Please.” She replied. “Ok good night” They both said as they locked up and left the Shop.

Julie having never been to Cynthia’s home before asked her. “So where do you live?” “I have a house I’m renting to own just outside the city.... it’s quiet and very private... lots of land around... I think you’ll like it.” She replied. “So how do we get there?” Julie asked. “I’m parked in and underground lot four blocks from here.” Cynthia said. “Do you want to go out to eat first or would you prefer to order in once we get to my place?” She asked Julie. Julie giggled and said. “Are you kidding I’m dying to see where you live.” They both laughed as they headed for the parking lot.

Once they got to the lot and had taken the elevator down to the level Cynthia was parked on, they were walking along a row of cars when Julie asked. “So which ones yours?” “That’s mine there.” Cynthia pointed to a shiny red motor bike with an egg shaped side car. Julie was surprised although while looking at it and thinking about it she thought. “It figures that someone like Cynthia would own a motor bike.” She somehow now knowing this couldn’t imagine her with anything else. Julie still had a look of surprise on her face. “So what were you expecting...a pinto?” Cynthia said seeing the surprised look on Julie’s face. Julie giggled and said. “It’s really you.” “Thanks... I think?” Cynthia said and smiled at her. Julie continued staring at the motor bike, Looking at it almost reminded her of Alexis’s Sex Machine in her Dungeon, the shape, the chrome. “VvRrroom! VvRrroom!” She thought to herself.

Cynthia had opened the small trunk on the back of the side car she pulled out a bundle of rubber, Julie gasped in surprise and looked at her shocked, she looked around the parking lot which was very empty.   “...Don’t worry.. there’s never anybody down here... that’s why I park here... here put this on.” She handed Julie half of the bundle of rubber she had pulled out of the sidecars compartment. Julie took it thinking to herself. “God she wants to have me right here in the parking lot!?!” She grabbed the bundle of rubber and shook it out discovering that it was a latex catsuit with a high collar made of slightly thicker rubber than the suits she was accustomed to, almost four times as thick, it had a zipper that ran from the front neck to the back just above the butt. “Well what ya waitin for Christmas?... Put it on.” Cynthia said smiling at Julie as she was already sliding her thick latex catsuit overtop of her shinny white pantyhosed legs hiking her tight spandex mini up around her waist. “These are my riding clothes, I always carry a spare just in case of times like this if I want to take someone on my bike with me... sometimes if it rains the roads out where I live can get very messy.” She said to Julie as she slipped her arms into the sleeves and began to zip the zipper up to behind her butt, she slipped her stockinged feet into thigh high matching high heeled rubber boots similar to the ones Alexis always liked to where with her latex catsuits. 

She stood in her tight rubber riding outfit looking incredibly sexy. “Here let me help you with yours.” She said to Julie who had removed her latex mini and was just standing in her shinny black tights and her red wet look spandex body suit still a little nervous about being caught by some passerby. “Don’t worry.... like I say no one ever comes down here.” Julie relaxed a little and slipped her long legs into the rubber catsuit, Cynthia helped her into it, she pulled the suit up nice and tight, she stood up in front of Julie, she was holding a thick black dildo in front of Julie’s face. “Are you game?” She said. Julie not quite sure what she had in mind nodded in agreement. Cynthia took some KY Jelly and smeared it all over the black dildo, she slipped it under the high cut sides of Julie’s Spandex body suit and worked it down the front of her pantyhose till she had it’s wet tip poking her between her pussy lips which were now tingling with excitement, she slipped the dildo deep within her and straightened out her tights and body suit and then zipped the zipper down the front between her breasts and between her legs, Julie grunted as the zipper closed tightly over the butt of the dildo just sticking out of her hot wetness, Cynthia smiled wickedly and continued to close the zipper up to the finish just above her butt, she was standing face to face with Julie as she pulled the zipper the rest of the way closed with a sudden jerk, “UNnhH!” Julie grunted as the rubber tugged between her legs, Cynthia smiled and kissed her deeply, Cynthia reached down Julie’s front and massaged the slight bulge of the dildo’s butt covered by the tight latex of Julie’s catsuit, she moaned and kissed her passionately. 

Julie loved the tightness of the catsuit, she moaned as the zipper held the dildo deep within her, she could feel it slipping deeper within her as Cynthia played with her crotch, soon it was all the way in held tightly in place by the tight latex covering her crotch. Cynthia gave Julie a matching pair of rubber thigh high boots like her own. “Here slither into these sexy.” She kissed her on the mouth as she handed her the boots. Once Julie had the boots on Cynthia gave her a motorcycle helmet and a pair of thick rubber gauntlets that came up to just below her elbows. Julie put them on and placed the helmet over her head and closed the black visor. “Perfect.” Cynthia said as she to flipped the visor of her own helmet down. “Hop in.” She said to Julie who climbed into the seat of the side car, Cynthia reached inside and fastened Julie’s seat belt. “Ready for a ride?” Cynthia said to Julie. Julie’s helmeted head nodded, she started thinking about the time she put on her skin tight zipper jeans and had inserted a vibrator into her pussy, locked them up tight with the little brass padlock and silver chain and then went down town riding buses she knew were bumpy rides. “This must be what Cynthia has in mind to.” She continued thinking. 

Cynthia straddled the bike, Julie watched her fidget and wiggle her tight rubber covered butt in the seat making herself comfortable as she turned the key and the engine roared to life. Julie could feel the vibration of the bike’s engine in the seat, it felt good sending it’s vibrations through the dildo deep within her, she moaned into her helmet as she reached her hand between her legs and fondled the tight latex covering the butt of the dildo and her crotch, her head tilted back and her rubber covered thighs parted at the sensation between them, she placed her hands on her thighs caressing the tight rubber, when suddenly Cynthia threw a small switch on the handle of her bike that caused a small banana like seat similar to the one she was on this morning only more curved to flip up and lock into position between her legs effectively keeping her thighs spread apart, the banana seat also pressed snugly against her crotch intensifying the vibration from the engine a little more, Julie suddenly surprised by this action tried to get her hands under the banana seat to her crotch but the seat prevented it, she also discovered that her seat belt would not come undone, that it was somehow locked. Before she could protest Cynthia revved the engine to a deafening roar and they were off. The bike lurched forward momentarily causing Julie’s crotch to be forced into the banana seat driving the vibrating dildo deeper into her, her head flung back as she grunted at the sensation. “UunnhH!” 

Cynthia sped the bike up the ramp towards the exit, the deep groves in the concrete surface of the ramps caused the bike to vibrate violently, Cynthia moaned as her own latex covered pussy pressed into the seat of the bike as she enjoyed the sensation, she revved the bike faster as they sped up the curving concrete ramp, Julie with both hands was pushing on the pointed tip of the banana seat protruding between her legs desperately trying to stop the vibration assaulting her pussy, her lips clamped tightly around the vibrating dildo, this was the first time Julie’s arms had ever been free in any kind of bondage, and she was still powerless to do anything, for three floors her pussy endured the vibrating of the bike as it sped over the grooves in the concrete floor, finally Cynthia slowed the bike as they approached the exit from the parking center to the street, she stopped to insert her monthly parking pass into the slot of the machine, while she was waiting for approval and the gate to lift she watched Julie struggling sweetly, she revved the engine knowing that it was causing the dildo to vibrate, by revving the engine she could effectively cause slower or faster vibrations to run through the dildo between Julie’s spread open legs, she revved the engine several times watching Julie’s reactions, she could hear her moaning and grunting into her helmet. 

The light on the machine went green indicating for her to remove her monthly parking pass as the gate started to rise, she took it from the machine and tucked it back into a small compartment in the dash of her bike, once the gate was completely lifted she revved the bike and sped down a short ramp out onto the street, the bike hit the end of the ramp with a thud which forced the seat and dildo deep into Julie’s hot wet cunt. “UunH!” Julie grunted, “Oh fuck!” She mumbled as they sped down the street, she swore and grunted at every pothole they hit, she could swear Cynthia was hitting them on purpose. By the time they got out side the city Julie had orgasmed four times as the dildo and the vibrations of the bike still continued as they sped out of the city, for about eight miles Julie relaxed and enjoyed the soothing vibrations of the highway and the bike, her lips clenching and unclenching around the shaft of the thick vibrating cock, waves of orgasm flowed over her as she caressed her rubber covered thighs and massaged her nipples under the thick latex of her catsuit. Laying back in her seat she watched Cynthia gently rocking her hips back and forth in the bike’s seat, pressing her own rubber covered pussy into the seat enjoying the vibrations of the road and the engine of the bike. 

“Couldn’t we get a ticket for this?” Julie thought to herself, Cynthia slowed the bike and turned onto a gravel road that ran off of the highway, “Oh God no!” Julie thought as she braced herself for the onslaught, she saw up ahead on the gravel road a slight hill and the railway crossing sign. “You’ve got to be kidding!” She thought. She saw Cynthia Press her pelvis into the seat, the tightness of her latex catsuit accentuated her every muscle movement, she could tell she was getting off on this. The bike sped down the gravel road vibrating violently. Julie grunted and groaned as the vibration of the dildo caused by the road and the bike continued to send waves of pleasure throughout her whole body, the bike rumbled up the hill and over the train tracks, “UunhH!”... “UnnHhh..OhhH!” Julie grunted as she felt the dildo being slammed up her as the bike bounced over each rail, Cynthia revved the bike’s engine and tore down the hill. Julie pressed herself into the banana seat, squeezing her vaginal lips tightly around the assaulting dildo, her hands were squeezing her fully erect nipples under the tightness of her latex catsuit, her hands explored her rubber covered body as the dildo relentlessly assaulted her hot wet pussy, by the time they had made it to the end of the gravel road both women had screamed with orgasm, Julie was so wet she had creamed herself so many times, the crotch of her spandex body suit and pantyhose was soaked in her own juices as she felt them squishing around in the crotch of her latex catsuit.

Cynthia turned the bike off of the gravel road onto the driveway in front of a two story brown stone house. She stopped the bike and turned off the engine, she took off her helmet and shook out her hair, she put her high heeled feet onto the ground still straddling the bike, her tight latex covered butt firmly in the seat, she turned to Julie who had just removed her helmet who was still resting in her seat after her ordeal unable to move because of the locked seat belt, but probably more trying to recuperate. “Oops... sorry... I forgot.” Cynthia said as she flipped the switch on the bike handle. The banana seat flipped back down out of the way and the seat belt pooped open freeing Julie from it’s grasp. Cynthia leant over the side of the bike’s side car to where Julie was still resting herself, she grabbed her by the latex covered pussy and kissed her passionately. Julie gasped at the sudden sensation of Cynthia caressing her hot wet sensitive  rubber covered cunt. “Oh my are you ever wet!” Cynthia exclaimed as she kissed her again. 

She helped Julie out of the bike’s side car. Julie almost buckled at the knees her legs felt like jelly as she tried to stand up. Cynthia helped her to steady herself. “So did you enjoy the ride lover?” Cynthia said to her smiling and looking rather pleased with herself. Julie gave her a worn out look, her hair was flattened from wearing the helmet, her mascara had run a little from sweat, her lipstick was a mess from kissing, she looked like she had been through hell and back, she rested herself against the side of the side car. “You’re a mad bitch... aren’t you?” She said as she tried to look mad but failed because deep down she knew that she had just had several of the best orgasms she had ever had, she had no idea that she could feel that way, the speed of the bike racing down the road, the thrill, the danger, the fact that no one knew the pleasure she was feeling between her legs as the bike sped down the road at a tremendous speed. “Well did you?” Cynthia re asked her question. Julie was running her fingers through her hair trying to get some shape back into it. “What do you think?” She said. “Well having made the trip several times myself I’m willing to be bet you had at least two or three orgasms.” Cynthia replied. “You’re right!” Julie giggled. “And if you ever do that to me again I’ll kill you.” She added. Cynthia came up to her after fiddling with her bike, she stood right in front of Julie and took her in her arms holding her around the waist, the front of their two rubber catsuits touching. “You wouldn’t kill me would you?” She asked her as she began to kiss her. Julie’s muffled “No” was lost in their passionate kissing but Cynthia caught it.

Cynthia unlocked the door to her house and the two of them entered. “Welcome to my corner of the world.... make yourself at home” Cynthia said as she disappeared into the kitchen. Julie looked around, she didn’t know whether to be thrilled or frightened, Cynthia’s home was decorated more like how she had originally thought Alexis’s home might have been when she first visited there, all the furniture was bondage like, everything was done in a red and black color scheme, she even had her own sex machine in the corner of her living room just like the one in the dungeon at the Fetish Shop. “Oh my God!” she said trying not to sound impolite, she walked around the living room which was very spacious, over on the far wall was a large beautifully crafted wooden “X” with bondage shackles near the tips of the “X”, both top and bottom for ankles and wrists, the main area of the “X” where one’s body would be rested against was covered with a padded leather fastened to the sides of the “X” with silver studs, the whole thing was mounted to the wall at a ninety degree angle but she noticed that it was designed in such a way that it could slide out at the bottom on a folding track enabling the whole “X” to be laid down at probably any angle she figured. 

Julie walked around Cynthia’s huge living room examining the various erotic furniture, she ran her latex gloved hand along the back of a black spiky rubber couch shaped like a big pair of lips. “I know, I know,’s a bit much... but I like it... just can’t help myself.” Cynthia said. “Wow!”...”You really like to take your work home with you don’t you.” Julie said thinking about her own already growing collection of fetish items at home as she almost tripped over something on the floor. “Sure...would you like a drink?” Cynthia said. She came out of the kitchen with a couple of glasses of wine and placed them on top of a small coffee table in front of the spiky couch. Julie looked down to see what she almost tripped on, mounted to the floor overtop of the red carpet was a large silver metal ring three inches in diameter attached to a smaller “U” shaped metal attachment mounted to a shinny steel plate bolted to the floor, she looked around and noticed three others just like it spaced apart at about five feet to seven feet, it didn’t take much of Julie’s imagination to figure out what they were for. Julie was so caught up in looking at all of the fetish stuff that she hadn’t noticed that Cynthia had removed her latex catsuit and was wearing her black spandex mini dress, her shiny white pantyhose and her strapy red high heels. 

“Oh!...You changed!” Julie said surprises. “Yup... here let me help you out of yours.” Cynthia said. “I’m guessing you don’t entertain a whole lot of normal people here do you?” Julie asked. Cynthia with one hand on Julie’s hip reached between her legs with her other hand and took hold of the zipper just above her butt and pulled it down and between her legs. “I don’t know any normal people.” Cynthia said as she continued to pull the zipper up Julie’s front to her high neck collar of her latex catsuit, She helped Julie out of her thigh high rubber boots and catsuit, Julie’s spandex body suit and shiny black tights were damp with sweat. “You are so wet!” Cynthia said. “It’s those rubber get so hot in them.” Julie answered as she shivered a little as the cool air hit her damp spandex covered body. “Is there somewhere I can freshen up a bit?” She asked. Cynthia took Julie in her arms and said. “Awww... I was hoping we could have some fun first....... do you have to go to the bathroom?” “No... I just wanted to get out of my wet cloths.” Julie said. “Well how about later we can take a bath together.... besides if we order pizza it’ll take forever for it to get here.... and it gives us plenty of time for some fun.” Julie nodded in agreement, she played with the dildo still trapped up her pussy by her tights and body suit. 

Cynthia was so horny from looking at Julie standing there in her red wet look workout outfit and shiny black tights. “I can’t believe she’s here, she’s really here in my house and all alone with me... God she looks sexy!” She thought to herself as she watched Julie slip her feet back into her red high heeled pumps, she thought how she would love to have her on every piece of bondage furniture she owned, “Oh the fun I could have with her.” she continued thinking. Julie stood up straight after putting her last shoe on, she noticed Cynthia looking at her with that far away look in her eyes again, she was licking her lips like someone who’s anticipating the eating of a sumptuous meal. “Uh oh!” She thought.
Cynthia walked over to Julie, she put one arm around her waist and pulled her close to her, her other hand slowly started rubbing the butt of the dildo trapped in Julie’s crotch. Julie moaned at the touch, her legs spread apart a little as Cynthia massaged her crotch and kissed her moaning mouth. Julie managed to gather her senses a little and said. “D.. d.. don’t you think you should order the pizza?” Cynthia paused a moment and rested her head against Julie’s chest, she groaned. “’re right.” She looked up and pouted at Julie. Julie kissed her and said. “don’t worry we have all night... but afterwards were going to be hungry... at least I will... sex always gives me an appetite.” “Me too” Cynthia said, “usually for more sex.” Both women laughed. Cynthia swatted Julie on the butt and went over to a small table in the hall to use the phone. a moment later she came back and sat beside Julie on the spiky rubber couch. “Well pizzas on the way... it’ll take a few hours or so for it to get here, the delivery people know where to go but because I’m so far away it always takes so long for it to get here, they’re one of the few places that’ll deliver this far out.... Mmmmm and they make good pizza too.” Cynthia said as she placed her hand on Julie’s stockinged thigh. “So where were we?” She continued.

Julie had been sitting on the couch waiting for Cynthia to finish ordering the pizza, she was playing with her dildo, she put her leg on Cynthia’s lap and continued to rub her hand over the butt of the dildo over top of  the crotch of her red spandex body suit. Cynthia started to caress Julie’s shiny black pantyhose covered leg, she lifted her leg up caressing the calf and began licking her stockinged ankles, she slid her hand down her long leg along her thigh towards her red spandex covered crotch, she helped Julie caress the butt of the dildo. Julie was moaning as they both played with her dildo. Cynthia’s other hand still holding Julie’s leg up in front of her face as she continued licking her stocking covered ankle, she licked the length of her red spike high heel and then moved back to her ankle and continued licking it, she slid off the couch and knelt on the floor between Julie’s spread open legs. “Stand up.” She said. 

Julie stood up in front of the couch, Cynthia still kneeling at her feet kissed the spandex covered butt of the dildo, she slipped her hand under the crotch of her body suit and played with the butt of the dildo under the fine mesh of Julie’s shiny black tights. “Ohhh....” Julie moaned. Cynthia slid up Julie’s front kissing her body as she slowly stood up, she grabbed the scoop neck of Julie’s body suit and pulled it down. Julie pulled her arms out of the long tight red spandex sleeves as Cynthia continued to peal the body suit off of her body, she paused momentarily to kiss and lick Julie’s nipples. “Uunhhh!” Julie moaned as Cynthia sucked them and she played with her dildo. Cynthia was back on her knees, she had pulled the spandex body suit all the way down around Julie’s stockinged ankles, Julie stepped out of the bundle of red wet look spandex around her ankles as Cynthia pulled her body suit out of the way and tossed it to the side. Julie stood naked in just her shiny black pantyhose and red high heels before Cynthia’s kneeling body. 

“God you’re so beautiful!” Cynthia said as she slowly stood up kissing Julie’s pantyhose covered legs, she flicked her hot tongue over Julie’s pantyhosed hips and worked her way up her body to Julie’s moaning mouth, once she was up Julie grabbed the hem line of Cynthia’s black spandex mini and pulled it up to around her middle, she started massaging her shinny silver white pantyhose covered crotch, Cynthia moaned at her touch. Julie could feel her juices soaking the crotch of her pantyhose, she was so wet with excitement, she continued to pull her black mini dress all the way up. Cynthia put her arms above her head as Julie pulled her dress off over her head and tossed in onto the floor next to her red spandex body suit. Both women played with one another standing naked in just their pantyhose and high heels. Cynthia pushed Julie onto the couch and knelt down on one knee between Julie’s spread open legs, she grabbed her ankle and licked it while Julie reached out an massaged Cynthia’s nylon covered crotch between her spread open thighs while her other hand played with her dildo which with just the fine mesh of her pantyhose covering it was able to move around more freely, she wrapped her hand and her pantyhose around it’s base and stirred it deep within her hot wet cunt. 

Cynthia watched her play with the dildo getting hotter and hotter as she licked Julie’s nylon clad ankle, she pulled off her red high heeled shoe and started to rub the crotch of her own pantyhose with Julie’s shoe, she turned the shoe over and began to rub the spike heel over her stocking covered cunt. Julie watched Cynthia pleasure herself with her high heeled shoe as she started to pump the dildo in and out of her wetness. Cynthia dug the heel of the shoe into the crotch of her pantyhose sinking the spike just between her lips, she caught the fine mesh of her shiny silver white pantyhose with the spike and ripped the crotch of  them open with the shoe. “Uunnnh...OHhhh!” She moaned as the fine mesh tore away from her sex exposing her, she continued caressing Julie’s leg with her other hand and licking her stockinged foot, she turned the shoe around and started rubbing her exposed wet pussy with the point of the toe, she braced the heel of the shoe into the couch and lowered herself onto it, the tip of the shoe penetrated her wet lips. 

“UnnnnHhhh!” She groaned, She grabbed hold of Julie’s stocking covered foot in front of her face and ripped the toe of her pantyhose open exposing Julie’s toes. Julie gasped and moaned as Cynthia started sucking on her naked toes, she thrust the dildo in and out faster and faster feeling the approach of a nearing orgasm. Cynthia noticing the change in Julie’s tone lowered herself between Julie’s rhythmically squirming legs, she took hold of the crotch of Julie’s pantyhose and ripped them open exposing the butt of the black dildo, Julie’s wet lips were clenched around it’s thick shaft, she took hold of the dildo and thrust it deep into Julie’s hot wet cunt and stirred it around in nice wide circles, Julie moaned and struggled as Cynthia brought her to her sweet orgasm, she dug the high heel of her other foot into the carpet as the waves of orgasm flowed over her, her ankle squirmed and she pushed her foot right out of her red high heeled shoe as she creamed, her juices flowed down the shaft of the black dildo soaking the remains of her ripped open pantyhose at her crotch. 

She reached down and pulled the dildo out of her pussy and started rubbing it’s sopping wet shaft against Cynthia’s hot spread open lips, Cynthia moaned as Julie inserted the dildo deep within her. “Your turn lover.” Julie purred into her ear, she rolled Cynthia over onto the couch and started to fuck her with the dildo as she kissed her passionately and massaged and caressed her shiny white pantyhosed leg, she laid on top of her pumping the dildo in and out kissing her breasts and nipples. “Oh god Yes....UunnnhH!”..... F..fuck m mme!” she cried as Julie pumped her with the dildo. Finally her legs quaked and shook as waves of orgasm took hold of her, she collapsed back into the couch with the dildo still deep inside of her kissing Julie. They both laid in each others arms exhausted.

By the time they had finished their bath together and freshened themselves up the pizza had arrived. Julie had borrowed a short electric blue spandex mini dress and matching blue tights from Cynthia’s wardrobe while Cynthia had her clothes in the wash. Cynthia had changed into a pair of tan pantyhose and very short skin tight jean cutoffs, the crotch on them was so small that Julie could almost see her pussy under the fine mesh of the pantyhose, she was also wearing a black spandex T-shirt stretched tightly over her perfect breasts, her long slender body looked very sexy in this outfit. Julie had noticed how when Cynthia had paid the delivery boy that he could not take his eyes off of her, she knew how he must have felt, as she kept looking at her when she thought Cynthia wasn’t looking. 

“You know that boy never even got a tip?” Julie said as she nibbled on her pizza. “Oh he got his tip alright.” Cynthia said giggling, Julie burst out laughing, “And what a tip too.” Julie and Cynthia ate, drank their wine and eventually stumbled half drunk together into Cynthia’s bedroom, they fell together onto the huge black rubber covered bed, she was too tired and drunk to notice too many details of Cynthia’s bedroom, her attention was more on Cynthia, she wanted to make love with her again. Cynthia was lying on her back, her legs were slightly spread apart, Julie was kissing her cheek and had slipped her hand under the tight crotch of her cutoffs massaging her pussy overtop of her tan pantyhose, Cynthia moaned.....

*** End Of Part Four ***

The story continues in
Part Five - The Hotel


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