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The Latex Dungeon pt 4

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; X

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The Latex Dungeon
Part Four - Cynthia & Julie's date

Julie moaned as she stirred from her sleep, the morning sunlight was streaming in from the partially opened window blinds and glistened off of her black latex covered body and continued to cast it’s golden glow to the rest of Julie’s apartment. She rolled onto her back and stretched her arms high above her head, her back arched and her breasts each held perfectly in the molded breast cups of her latex catsuit stretched provocatively as the small of her back lifted momentarily as she stretched herself out on top of the latex bed covers, she was still wearing the latex catsuit that Alexis had given to her for such a great day of business at the fetish shop, it had felt so great that she had decided to sleep in it, it’s molded and studded sheath still resided deep within her, she reached down with her hand, sliding it under the waistband of her silver studded black latex bikini briefs until she reached her latex covered pussy lips each separated and slightly parted in their own molded lips. Julie gasped as her latex covered finger touched her sensitive rubber lips, the latex covering her vaginal lips made them more sensitive to the touch, her lips clenched at the touch of her finger sliding over them. She could feel the empty rubber sheath inside her collapse as she clamped onto it with her lips, “AHhhh!” Julie gasped again as she inserted her finger between her enclosed lips, “OHhhh!” she moaned as her rubberized lips clamped onto her finger. With her middle finger deep inside her she cupped her pussy with the rest of her hand, she gasped as she pressed her hand over her rubber imprisoned pussy, she held her hand firmly cupping herself trying limit any movement, her pussy was so sensitive and reacted to any touch or movement, she had a hard time just keeping her thighs apart, the urge to close them and pull her hand away was very strong. 

One of the many things she had learned being with Alexis is the need for certain forms of bondage and to have someone else in control, she knew that sometimes it was good to be shackled spread eagle so as you couldn’t close your legs, even if you wanted to, and to have the one in control tease and torment you sweetly, sometimes it made having an orgasm take longer and other times it enhanced the experience to the point of multiple orgasm whether you wanted one or not. Julie moaned as she held her sensitive pussy in her hand, she desperately wanted the hardness of her vibrator, but she knew that her catsuit’s rubberized lips tightly enclosed around her own and making then hyper sensitive would make her keep closing her legs, being alone at home and without Alexis do bind her she had to take matters into her own hands. Julie reached under the bed for some leather shackles that she had purchased from the Fetish Shop. Since her involvement with Alexis she had installed strong metal rings to the sides of her bed, two at the foot and two at the head, and a couple in the middle, each one was attached to the posts of her bed. She strapped the shackles around her slender latex covered ankles and fastened the chains to the metal rings, her legs were now held firmly apart. She laid back onto the bed moaning a little to herself as she thought about her vibrator and what she was going to do with it. She reached for black six inch ribbed vibrator on the bed beside her, it hummed to life as she turned it on, first she touched it to her crotch outside of her studded latex bikini briefs, she gasped and her body jumped a little as she felt the vibration against her rubber covered sex. She took the vibrator and slipped it slowly under the waist band down the front of her bikini briefs, with both hands she positioned it tip first at her clenching lips. 

“AHhhhhh...OHHhh!” Julie gasped as the vibrating tip touched her rubber covered lips, quickly before she lost her nerve, she pulled the vibrating dildo into herself, “OH, AHHhh!” she moaned, she took hold of the sides of her high cut latex bikini briefs and pulled on them really tight, the crotch of the bikini briefs held the butt of the vibrator firmly, her pulling forced the vibrating dildo deep into her sensitive rubber covered cunt, she felt the ribs of the dildo raking her sensitive lips as the dildo filled her studded vaginal sheath, “AHHhh...OHhhhh...GOD! UuuMmmm...!” She moaned and grunted, her shackled legs tried to close as her rubberized lips clenched onto the vibrating dildo, she grabbed hold of the two thick metal rings at the head of her bed, now with her body completely spread out and stretched on top of her bed she began to gyrate her hips as the dido vibrated deep within her, held firmly in place by her latex bikini briefs, her rubber covered lips wrapped around the thick vibrating shaft squeezing it lovingly. She started to fantasize about being in the Dungeon with Alexis her Mistress.

She fantasized about how she had thought her tight locked zipper jeans were going to make it difficult for her Mistress to fuck her, she fantasized about how she was shackled to the Dungeon wall spread eagle and powerless as the Alexis slowly undid the zipper between her legs as she struggled sweetly in her bondage, in Julie’s fantasy the Mistress hadn’t even ripped open her pantyhose before she had her first orgasm. Julie’s back arched, her legs struggled sweetly as her ankles writhed in the leather shackles as the waves of orgasm flowed over her, she was about to reach down and pull the vibrating dildo out of her when she realized that her Mistress would never allow it, she resisted the strong temptation and instead took hold of the butt of the vibrator and began to thrust it in and out of her hot rubber imprisoned cunt, “OHhhhh!....G..G..GOD!...UuunnnhhHH!” 

She grunted and moaned as her rubber lips racked over the ribbed shaft of the vibrator as she thrust it in and out. She continued with the fantasy: The Mistress ripped open her pantyhose exposed between the parted zipper of her skin tight zipper jeans, she reached for the vibrator resting in the vat of heated cum-like lubricant, she slapped its slopping wet shaft against her exposed pussy lips, Julie grunted at the sudden contact of the hot wet dildo against her exposed sex. The Mistress rubbed the entire length of the dildo along her lips heavily soaking them in the hot cum-like liquid. Julie was now thrusting the ribbed vibrator in and out faster and faster, grunting and moaning, as the Mistress slipped the entire shaft of the slimy dildo deep into her hot wet cunt and zipped her jeans back up and locked them Julie screamed as another orgasm took hold of her, she writhed and squirmed, she began pulling on the sides of her high cut latex bikini briefs holding the vibrator deep within her determined to do the job of the Mistress, waves of orgasm flowed over her as she writhed in ecstasy on the bed, she could no longer take it she quickly undid the shackles around her squirming ankles, she slipped her latex covered thumbs under the sides of her bikini briefs and pushed them down to her ankles, she grabbed the dildo and pulled it out, her body quivered as she collapsed onto her bed exhausted. 

“Shit!” She said to herself. “If only my hands were shackled as well, then I wouldn’t have been able to do that.” She thought to herself. “Shit, Shit, Shit!!”....Again she said, feeling a little disappointed with herself.

Julie headed for the bathroom to have herself a hot shower and get ready for work. As Julie stood under the hot shower, beads of water flowed down her black latex covered body, first she pealed off the latex open faced hood, her long hair flowed down her back, she took some shampoo and washed her hair. She pulled open the neck of her rubber catsuit and allowed some water to run inside, she knew this would make removing the latex much easier, she pealed the latex off of her shoulders and down her arms, this had to be her most favorite outfit, it felt so good to wear, she almost didn’t want to remove it, she even seriously considered wearing it to work at the fetish shop, but today she had something else she wanted to wear instead. Julie continued to slip the latex down her waist until it rested around her slim waist, she slipped a finger down to her rubber pussy lips and massaged them a little, the water she had allowed into her catsuit had pooled there and was squishing around, she loved the feeling and played with herself a little before continuing to remove the rest of her catsuit, she pealed the latex down her long legs and off of her feet, hot water continued to flow over her body washing away the sweat and wet talcum powder. Finally Julie stood naked under the hot shower washing herself, once all of the sweat and wet talcum powder was washed off she got out of the shower and rinsed off her Latex catsuit and hung it to dry in the bathroom.
Julie was feeling so spent from her morning of pleasure that she almost didn’t feel like doing her morning workout, she dried herself and got into her workout outfit and did her exercises and then ate breakfast. After breakfast she headed for the bedroom to get dressed for work.

Julie reached into her dresser and pulled out a pair of black pantyhose with a shiny finish, she slipped her long legs into them and pulled them up, they felt good, after being in her latex catsuit all night she was amazed at how different the nylon felt against her sex. She looked at herself in her full length bedroom mirror, her legs looked sexy, in her shiny black tights, next she took a red wet look spandex body suit just like her workout outfit and slipped it on overtop of her pantyhose, she admired herself in the mirror, she turned her hips towards the mirror and admired how they looked in the high cut sides of the red body suit, next she took a turquoise blue sash and tied it around her waist as a belt, to finish off her outfit she selected a pair of five inch, high heeled, red patent leather shoes, she strapped them around her stockinged ankles. After she had finished doing her hair and makeup Julie strutted back to the mirror, she loved the way she looked she felt like dropping to her knees and fingering herself senseless right there on the spot. “No...No..No....Alexis will have plenty of fun with me I’m sure.” She thought to herself. Julie walked to the hallway and took her long coat out of the closet and put it on, she took her purse and keys off of the small table in the hallway, locked the door and headed for the subway.

The whole trip to work on the subway was making her horny just thinking what Alexis was going to do to her showing up for work in the outfit she had on, it wasn’t that long ago that she fantasized about doing just what she was doing now, she thought about how far she had come since her first encounter with Alexis, she remembered how they had first met, she remembered finding the fetish latex magazine left behind by Alexis on the subway. The first time she had seen it, really taken a good look at the cover and how it had turned her off and how she had thrown the magazine onto the floor in disgust, even though she had secret fantasies involving other women and latex, it was almost as if she could never admit it to herself and that it took someone like Alexis, Cynthia and Legs to bring herself to admit it...and even to enjoy and embrace it...she wondered to herself how many other people might be just like her and not have the courage to admit it to themselves, she felt sorry for them, not knowing what they are missing, she was glad they had met, her and Alexis even though as she recalled it was all carefully planed by Alexis. 

“But Alexis had really taken a big chance leaving the magazine behind and hoping I would pick it up.” She thought, “What if I hadn’t?” Julie frowned at the thought, “I’d still be working for that photography studio and would still have no social life.... thank God I did pick it up... good thing I had found the note also ... and even better still that I had the courage to visit the Fetish shop to begin with!” Julie’s stop was coming soon so she reached into her purse for a small compact and flipped it open for the mirror, she checked her hair, she had spent a lot of time teasing it out this morning and she wanted it to look perfect for when she walked into the Fetish Shop, she pressed her lips together to even out her lipstick, gave herself a final glace in the mirror and thought, “Perfect...all properly tarted up....Alexis will love it.”

As Julie approached the Fetish Shop she thought about Cynthia, and how she was probably at this very moment getting some severe punishment from Alexis for being late for work, this would be a good thing for her and work to her advantage, Julie hoped that Alexis would be busy somewhere in the back room of the Shop for when she came in because then she could take her coat off and place it somewhere so as Alexis would be able to see her whole outfit without it being covered up by a coat. As Julie came to the door she looked in carefully to see if she could see anyone, the coast was clear so she quietly used her key and unlocked the door and sneaked in, she quickly took off her coat and hung it on the rack next to Cynthia’s and Alexis’s, she stood in front of the door that lead to the back, she could hear Cynthia’s moans of pleasure as Alexis was doing God knows what to her, Julie smiled, she positioned herself in front of the doorway, she knew Alexis would come through. Julie stood with her legs slightly parted, she looked incredibly sexy in her red wet look spandex body suit and shiny black tights and red wet look high heels. She called out: “Hello anybody in?” She tried not to giggle as she heard Cynthia scream, “OH Yes, Yes....I mean No, No, don’t do that.... Not there.... Ahhh...OH God..F f f FUck!...”

A moment later Alexis came through the door, she was wearing her favorite latex catsuit, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared at Julie, “OH my God!...You look ....” She came up to Julie and immediately grabbed her by the crotch, she reached around her waist and pulled her close to her and began kissing her passionately while rubbing the crotch of her spandex body suit, she continued to describe her between deep passionate kisses, “You look....*....Absolutely...*... Fucking...*... yummy...*...  you...*... Sexy...*... Fucking...*... Bitch...*...*...*.....” Julie could tell Alexis was more than pleased. Alexis now had her latex covered hand under the crotch of Julie’s body suit and was fingering her wet cunt overtop of the fine mesh of her shiny seamless tights, Alexis wanted to rip them open and fuck her with her double dildo right there, but she didn’t want to spoil Julie’s incredibly sexy outfit. Julie slowly slid down Alexis’s front kissing her latex covered body, once she was on her knees she started kissing her latex covered thighs, one hand was squeezing her tight butt while the other hand took hold of Alexis’s thick rubber dildo, as Julie stroked it Alexis moaned, she continued kissing Alexis’s thighs until she reached the base of the dildo, she licked it’s thick ribbed shaft back and forth, she took it’s bulbous tip into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. Alexis leaned back against the wall, her legs spread a little wider. Julie moaned as she began massaging her own stocking covered pussy under the crotch of her spandex body suit, her moans began causing the dildo deep within Alexis’s cunt to vibrate, “UunnhhH!” Alexis moaned as the dildo stirred and vibrated with Julie’s motions. Julie could sense she was close to an orgasm, she bit hold of the dildo and began thrusting it in and out of Alexis’s hot rubber covered cunt. “AHhhh...UNnnhHH!..OH, I’m C...c..c...c..Cu...CUmming....OhOooHh!.. UNhhhH!” Alexis screamed with pleasure as waves of orgasm flowed over her. Julie slid back up to Alexis’s panting mouth and kissed her passionately.

You look really great this mourning Alexis said to Julie, “here come with me.” The Mistress headed for the back room where Cynthia was bound to a bondage table. Julie followed her, she could see that Alexis had shackled Cynthia to the same contraption that she first shackled them together on before, she was trying to satisfy herself, her tight black mini dress was pulled up around her waist, her shiny silver white pantyhose had been ripped open, her sexy pussy lips were wrapped around a thick dildo mounted to a metal bracket on the table, metal clamps or straps held her thighs and waist tightly to the table limiting her movement and making it difficult if not impossible for her to get any movement to pleasure herself. 

The Mistress was already busying herself with a large round wheel like bondage table. “Come here my love.” She motioned for Julie to come beside her. “hop on up you sexy little bitch.” She slapped Julie on the butt as Julie strutted past her to climb up onto the round table, she laid down as the Mistress instructed, Alexis placed her slender ankles into position and closed heavy metal padded clamps over them so her legs were bound and spread open on the wheel like table, she repeated the same thing for her wrists. The Mistress climbed onto the table and knelt overtop of Julie’s spread out and helpless body, she bent over and kissed her, “You’re going to love this.” she purred into her ear. Julie fully expected at any moment to feel her pantyhose being ripped open, but instead The Mistress took the vibrator from her holster and began teasing her crotch with it, she slipped it under her high cut sides of her body suit, she positioned it butt first under the waist band of her shiny black tights and worked it down till the tip of the vibrator was right between her wet pussy lips, she was now playing with the vibrator’s butt with her other hand overtop of her workout outfit. 

“UnnhhHH!” Julie grunted as the vibrator slipped deep into her wetness with the mistress’s help. Alexis straightened out her outfit, making sure Julie’s Pantyhose were pulled up properly, she looked her over satisfied that the vibrator was held perfectly in place by her tights and body suit. Alexis bent over and gave her another kiss, “Ready for some fun?” she said smiling at Julie, Julie was beginning to wonder what she had in mind. Alexis stood up on the table over Julie’s helpless body, she pointed a remote control towards a stereo in the corner of the room, music started to play, “I hope you like Gitane Demone?” she said to her, Alexis stood with her legs one on each side of Julie’s helpless body, she started to sway her hips from side to side to the beat of the music performing a little dance just for Julie, Julie watched the Mistress’s sexy black catsuited body dancing and swaying above her, she would bend her knees as she sank down low in her dance and then stand up straight running her hands over her latex clad body, she slid her hands up one of her long legs, up her torso and up into the air till her whole body was stretched the whole time swaying her hips from side to side, Julie had never wanted her so badly, not only the tight rubber catsuit encasing her body but there was something about the Mistress’s dance, every time Julie had seen her dance it just made her incredibly horny, she started rotating her hips lifting her pelvis off of the table trying to reach Alexis with her sex, her trapped body beckoned to be touched, the Mistress continued to tease her with her dance, she would occasionally take her dildo with both hands and pretend to fuck it as she would thrust her pelvis forwards and backwards, her dancing was driving Julie wild. 

Cynthia had a pretty good view of Alexis’s tight latex covered butt as she danced overtop of Julie’s shackled and spread out body, she also loved to watch Alexis dance, she watched and tried to grind herself onto the dildo as she watched the Mistress sway from side to side. Between Alexis’s latexed legs she could see Julie thrusting and rotating her hips wildly as the Mistress teased her with her dance, the whole scene was making her very Horny. “God... there going to make me cum just watching them!” She thought to herself as she squeezed the shaft of her dildo with her pussy lips. ”UnnnhHH!..Oh God!” The Mistress smiled as she heard Cynthia moan, Julie never heard her she was to caught up in the beat of the music and her ears were filled with her own moans and grunts as the vibrator trapped in her hot cunt by her tights and body suit worked it’s magic. 

The Mistress still dancing reached down and grabbed Julie by the crotch, she rubbed the butt of the vibrator, stirring it, she grabbed hold of it and started to fuck her with it, Julie’s lips squeezed the hard shaft of the vibrator and she screamed as waves of orgasm flowed over her, her legs squirmed and writhed in her shackles as the Mistress continued to assault her helpless cunt with the hard vibrating cock. “UuuNnnnHhhhhhhh....Aahhh....!” Julie screamed as her orgasm continued, she collapsed onto the table, Alexis knelt over her and kissed her panting mouth, “There’s still more to come.” She whispered in her ear, she climbed off of the table and walked over to Cynthia, she removed the straps holding her thighs and waist prisoner, she could now move her hips. The Mistress raised her bondage table up a few more notches so she was now almost at a ninety degree angle facing Julie’s wheel like bondage table. The Mistress walked back over to Julie’s bondage table and removed something from under the table that looked like the front part of a bicycle “Banana” seat, it was covered with padded black leather, the back part had two silver metal poles which she clicked into place between Julie’s spread open legs into two holes in the surface of the bondage table so the seat rested just below her crotch, she moved to the side of the table and flipped a switch, the table began to tilt upwards, after a short moment the round wheel like bondage table was standing up just like Cynthia’s bondage table. In her new position Julie discovered that just by tensing her body and pulling with her shackled arms that she could rest on the “Banana” seat or lift herself off of it, she had complete movement on or off of the seat, she could remain off of the seat if she pulled with her arms or slip back onto it just by relaxing. At first she didn’t understand the purpose of such a simple device, but she was soon to learn what the Mistress had in store for her.

From Julie’s new position she could see Cynthia perfectly, the two bondage tables were facing each other, Julie could see Cynthia’s ripped open crotch of her shiny white pantyhose and her beautiful wet pussy lips wrapped round the thick shaft of the dildo up her cunt, she could see that when she pulled with her arms that she could almost slide the dildo all the way out but not quite. Seeing her struggling in her bondage was making her Horny again, Julie’s arms were getting tired from holding herself off of the seat she relaxed them a little and sank onto the seat between her legs, as she rested onto the seat it forced the vibrator deeper into her hot sensitive cunt. “UunnnnhHH!” she grunted and pulled herself back up, now she understood the nature of this insidious contraption, if her arms relaxed and lowered her body onto the “Banana seat” it would force the vibrator up her cunt deeper, she also found that she could stir the vibrator within her just by moving around on the seat. 

Julie looked at Cynthia opposite her struggling with her dildo, she watched as she pulled herself up and the dildo almost came out, she could see the round head of the dildo piercing her beautiful wet lips, Cynthia would squirm over top of it trying to dislodge it unsuccessfully, she grunted as she could hold herself no longer and slipped back onto the dildo, Julie watched licking her lips as the dildo spread Cynthia’s lips wide as it slid back home she could see her lips tighten around the thick penetrating shaft, she watched as Cynthia’s mouth moaned with pleasure as her head tipped back. Julie began rotating her hips just above the “Banana seat” as the butt of the vibrator pressed into the seat and stirred within her she moaned and watched Cynthia’s desperate struggle, soon she was beginning to work herself to having another orgasm.

Cynthia’s dildo filled her hot wet sensitive cunt, it slipped around deep within her making squishing sounds as it did, Alexis had spared no expense on the KY Jelly, every time she pulled herself off of the thick huge cock it had no trouble re entering her once her arms gave out, she pulled on her wrist shackles, the dildo again cheated and teased her by only making it as far as it’s bulbous head just piercing and slightly spreading her wet lips, she rotated her hips madly trying to avoid it, no matter how she moved the thick flexible yet firm shaft stayed with her just piercing her lips, her arms tired and she slowly sank back onto the dildo, “UuuNnnnnnHHhhhhh!.....” She moaned as it penetrated her wetness. Cynthia had been imprisoned on the Mistress’s insidious contraption for the better part of the morning and had orgasmed at least twenty or so times... she had lost count. “At least I can move a little on my own now without those metal bands holding me to the table.” She thought to herself. “And I can look at Julie now to.... God she’s sexy... I’d love to take her home with me just once....” 

“UuunnNNnnHH!” She grunted as the dildo stirred deep within her caused by her sudden hip movements as she started to think about Julie. She looked at Julie humping herself silly in her bondage, she knew that Julie had a vibrator deep within her, she saw when the Mistress put it there, she watched as the muscles in Julie’s thighs tensed up as she fucked herself onto the “Banana like” seat, the shine of her black tights enhanced the way her muscles looked, telegraphing every time they tensed with pleasure, the high cut sides of her red wet look spandex body suit exposing her shiny black nylon covered hip bones made her look even more.... “Well....Yummy” she thought and moaned as she squeezed the dildo between her spread open legs, she watched the sweet gyrations of her hips as she churned the vibrator deep within her. Cynthia now thoroughly caught up in admiring Julie’s body began pumping the dildo between her legs, moaning and grunting as she watched Julie pleasure herself also. 

Alexis watched the two women pleasure themselves as they watched each other struggle sweetly in there own bondage, each one getting off on watching the other suffer sweetly in there own predicament. “I’m an Artist.” She thought to herself as she sat in a bondage chair, her latex covered legs resting in stirrups as she played with the double dildo at the crotch of her catsuit. “Just wait till I tell them about the surprise I have for them.” She thought as she gasped at a sudden movement of her dildo as she stirred it deep within her hot cunt and her latexed ankles writhed in the stirrups, she moaned and thrust the dildo in and out as she watched and enjoyed her handiwork and brought about her own sweet orgasm.

The Morning at the Fetish Shop went by fast, Alexis had given Julie a short black latex mini skirt to put on overtop of her red wet look spandex body suit. As she worked behind the counter she constantly snuck peaks at Julie while she worked at stocking a shelf of various bondage devices, she would also sneak the odd peak or two at Cynthia who because Alexia had ripped open the crotch of her pantyhose this morning had to put on a new pair, the same kind as she was wearing this morning she had brought a spare pair knowing how Alexis loved to rip open the crotch of her pantyhose only exposing what was necessary for their fun and games. She loved the way her long legs looked clad tightly in the shiny silver white tights, the strappy high heels fastened tightly around her stocking covered ankles, she watched her as she climbed a small step ladder in order to put a boxed blow up doll onto a high shelf. Both of these women she loved dearly in her own special way, she finished writing some sales order entries into a log book and walked out from behind the counter, she strutted over to where Cynthia and Julie were working, she had changed her latex catsuit from one with a double dildo to one without, just a plain head to toe shiny black latex catsuit, her rubber thigh high, high heeled boots clicked on the floor as she approached Cynthia standing on the step ladder, she reached out with her latex glowed hand and stroked the shiny calf of her stocking covered leg. The only customer in the store had left after browsing leaving the three women alone. Alexis held Cynthia’s leg caressing it. “Well that’s probably the last customer for now, I guess we’ll close up for lunch.” She said as she kissed Cynthia’s slender pantyhosed thigh.

As Alexis moved over to Julie and slipped her hand under her latex mini skirt from behind and started kissing her on her neck Cynthia thought to herself, “God I love those two, I wonder why we spend so much time together separately, it’s almost like it’s ok for us to be together and have fun at work but that it might take on a different meaning altogether if we did it outside of’s funny how it’s never comes up in conversation even....maybe I can change that?” She smiled to herself as a new thought entered her mind, “Maybe I’ll ask if Julie would like to come over to my house tonight after work....then maybe we can go from there?”... “Boy I’d love to get her alone for one night!”
Alexis had almost brought Julie to another orgasm as she played with her. “Ok girls, let’s lock up and go to lunch.” She said. Julie catching her breath smoothed her latex mini skirt back down and pulled her spandex body suit back up over her breast covering her still erect nipples where Alexis had pulled it down in there little moment of passion, she straightened her hair, teasing it back into shape.

The afternoon sun had taken the mourning chill out of the air as the three women left the Fetish Shop laughing and giggling at private jokes and walked the few blocks to their favorite restaurant. Once inside Alexis said, “Lets take that corner table over there, I have a surprise for you both and that way we can talk privately.” She motioned towards a table by the corner next to the window. The three women seated themselves at the corner booth, sunlight bathed them in it’s afternoon warmth as poured through the window, “This is a great table.... lot’s of sunshine...very cosy!” Julie exclaimed. Cynthia and Alexis agreed and said that they should try and get this table next time to. The three women were giggling at some jokes as Alexis stretched out her latexed leg under the table and poked the point of her high heeled rubber boot at Cynthia’s pantyhose covered crotch and said “Sure.. sure...and I’d just bet you’d like to fuck my foot right here? Horny bitch!” She exclaimed as she smiled at her. The waitress came over and said, “Now, now girls... none of that in here! Psssst...” She leant over a little to the middle of the table and whispered, “Wait till closing time.” and she winked at them. 

“Hi Karen.” Alexis said. “So how’s biz?” Karen said. “Oh great.” Alexis replied. Cynthia was admiring Karen’s black stockinged legs when she said, “I like your shoes.” Knowing dammed well that’s not what she was really thinking. “That’s not all you like I’ll bet.” Karen said as she smiled at Cynthia who replied, “You know I love a woman in uniform.” They all four giggled. “So what’ll you girls have?”... “The usual?” Karen asked. “Sounds good to me.” Alexis said. Karen strutted away as the three women watched her leave to get their orders. “I like her.” Cynthia said. “Yup she seems like fun.” Julie replied. She looked at Alexis and said. “So what’s this surprise you have for us?” 

Alexis sat across from her two favorite girls, she had the most wicked smile on her face, the kind that said she was up to something, and with Alexis that was not hard to believe at all. “Well girls, how would you two like to take a little trip to the Netherlands?” “What’s the catch?” Cynthia said as she eyed Alexis with a suspicious look. Julie just sat with a surprised look on her face and waited for more information not quite sure of what to say. “Well you see there is this contest that’s held once every three years at this huge private estate, the contest is available to only our kind of special women and is by special invitation only, it’s very exclusive and not many people know about it, the cost to get in is $2000.00 per person if you accept the invitation.” She looked at Cynthia and Julie’s surprised faces. “What is it?” Julie finally said, “Not that I can afford that kind of money anyway.” She added. “Don’t worry about that this is my treat to you both.” Alexis said. 

“What else, What else...tell us more!” Cynthia said with enthusiasm. Alexis reached into her purse and produced three expensive looking brochures, each one featured a beautiful shaped long limbed women dressed head to toe in a sleek black latex catsuit with high heeled pumps on her sexy latex covered feet, the picture on the brochure was black and white but at the top of the brochure was beautifully done metallic looking chrome lettering that read: “THE LATEX DUNGEON.” At the bottom of the brochure just below the picture of the woman in the latex catsuit was the words: Special Invitation. 
“Well like I say this contest is very exclusive, only once every three years,” Alexis went on, “It has a most serious prize, the winner receives two million dollars and their very own Fetish Shop already established as a good business.” “Wow!” Julie and Cynthia said almost at the same time. Alexis smiled at them and continued, “You’ll love this... The contest takes place in an underground Dungeon over four Acres in size, designed like a maze with tunnels, traps, bondage rooms, sex machines, a staff of non contest players dressed in latex fuck catsuits.”

“Huh?” The two women exclaimed. “The same kind I like the wear with the double dildo.” Alexis explained and continued. “The non contest players are there to make getting through the Dungeon more difficult and to make sure things go smoothly, kind of like watch dogs I guess, Inside the brochures I gave you is a complete list of the contest rules and regulation, a complete description of the Dungeon and what to expect... that way I guess it gives you every opportunity to back out now if you don’t want to go or it’s just not your cup of tea, or whatever, but I think I know you two girls well enough that you’ll be game for it....just read the brochure and let me know by tomorrow ok?” 

Cynthia and Julie still a little overwhelmed by Alexis’s gift each said sure as they had that far away look in their eyes. Julie who was looking through the brochure said, “Hey.. it says here that no one is to bring any kind of fetish wear or equipment.... I don’t get it? She read on a little further. “.... Oh...Oh ok....I see it says that everything will be provided in the Dungeon. Hmmm...this is says that there is a dress code at all times (see contest rules and regulations) at the Estate’s main Hotel and that at no time will contestants be made aware of how and when they will enter the Dungeon.... Hmmm this is kind of ominous....” She went on reading, “It says: Contestants will be taken at random from the Hotel using a number of ingenious and surprising methods... all will be very unexpected and no one will know how and when it will be their turn to enter the Dungeon.... Wow this is kind of exciting in a very dark way that is.” Julie finished reading and was skimming the rest of the brochure when Alexis said, “Well you girls read the brochure thoroughly and let me know tomorrow what you think”. “Ok sounds good to me.” Cynthia said and Julie nodded her agreement as she continued to skim the Brochure.

Over lunch Julie and Cynthia looked through the Brochure, mostly just skimming it trying to get the gist of the contest, both of them figured they would read it later on tonight when they had more time to examine it in more detail, Cynthia placed hers into her purse and continued taking thoughtful sips of her coffee. “Is it ok if you hang onto mine till we get back to the Shop....I forgot my purse?” Julie asked Cynthia who looked kind of lost in thought, as she was sipping her coffee with that far away look in her eyes. “Hello!...Earth to Cynthia...” Alexis said. “Huh!...” Cynthia replied as she came out of her trance. “Julie asked you a question....” Alexis said to her. “Oh I’m sorry... I was just thinking to myself, that’s all,... here I’ll take it.” Cynthia took the Brochure from Julie and placed into her purse for safe keeping. “You know you’ve had this deep in thought look all morning... is something wrong?” Alexis said. “Well no... not really... I’ve just been thinking about us a lot lately.” Cynthia replied. “Uh Oh....your not thinking of leaving us are you?” Alexis asked as she put her coffee cup down on the table with a sudden troubled look in her eyes. “No...heavens no... I’ve just been thinking how we only spend time together at work that it’s not often we all go out together,” She looked down into her coffee cup and stirred the rim of it with her finger, “...I was thinking..... and I know you two love each other, but I can’t help having certain feelings for both of you, especially you Julie... maybe it’s because you’re the new one....I don’t know....” 

She looked at her with a kind of nervous quick smile, and then turned her gaze back into her coffee cup. “I like you two.... well a little more than just like obviously.” Julie said to her as she placed her hand on Cynthia’s knee seeing that this was a little difficult for her to talk about. “We both love you... our games just wouldn’t be the same without you.” Alexis offered, she reached out with her hand placing it on top of  Cynthia’s hand stopping her from stirring the top of her coffee cup, she clasped her hand around hers and continued, “You know...whatever is bothering you I’m sure we can work something out.... I’d hate to think we couldn’t.”  Julie was rubbing Cynthia’s knee trying to offer support as she said, “So how can we help?” “Well like I said I know you two have a special relationship,.... and apart from at work I feel a little left out... kind of distanced.... God!... This is hard... today I was thinking ... and other times to during our games, that just once I’d love to take you home with me... I’ve even thought about having you both all the time.. It’s silly isn’t it?........” 

Both women comforted her, Alexis said, “Not at all... it’s not uncommon for people in situations like ours to develop strong feelings for each other... I dare say I’ve had my share of late night fantasies as well.... and you know?” She looked deeply into both Julie and Cynthia’s eyes and said, “If you two want to spend time together just to get to know one another better... or if you want all three of us together that’s more than ok with me.... I think it will just bring us closer together.” She smiled at Cynthia who was trying to force back a tear in her eye, she had never loved these two women more now than ever before, “I love you two.” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. Julie took her in her arms and hugged her, “I love you too,” she said. Cynthia sat back into her seat and wiped the tear from her eye, “That had to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.” She said. 

“.....So what are you doing after work?” She said to Julie who laughed so hard she almost made her coffee come out of her nose. “Boy you don’t waste any time!” She said giggling as she placed her hand on Cynthia’s thigh and said. “I think I’m free.” As she glanced at Alexis who gave her a secret wink. Julie wondered what she had gotten herself into knowing what Cynthia’s sexual appetites were like, “She’ll probably kill me.” She thought to herself. But she had learned a lot being with these two women in the last little while, and she knew that these two had quite the way of awakening desires within herself that she never knew she had, a large part of her looked forward to what was going to be her first date with Cynthia.
After lunch the three women got up to leave and head back to the Fetish Shop. Alexis paid their bill as Julie and Cynthia gathered their things together. Karen, their waitress greeted them at the door as they were about to leave. “You three have a great day.” She said. Alexis slapped her on the butt playfully and said smiling. “We will.... See you tomorrow.” Karen giggled and said good bye. 

Once they were back at the Fetish Shop Cynthia gave Julie her Brochure to put in her purse. “Thanks.” Julie said. Julie leaned forward and kissed her and said. “So we’re on for tonight then?” Cynthia put her arms around Julie’s waist and pulled her close to her and said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The story continues in
Part Four - Cynthia & Julie's Date - Part 2


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