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The Latex Dungeon pt 3

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; X

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The Latex Dungeon
Part Three - Julie & Cynthia's punishment

Julie woke up the next morning laying in her own bed, she was surprised that she made it home at all after spending most of it at Alexis’s apartment, she could have just stayed the night, Alexis did make the offer to her, Julie had said that her offer was tempting but that there were a few things that she had to attend to at home, it wasn’t true of course deep down she would have loved to spend the whole night making love with Alexis, she was so kinky and Julie loved that about her, but she could not get what Cynthia had whispered in her ear out of her mind, so she deliberately wanted to show up for work late,  and she figured that it might give her a chance to be close to her for a while, she did not love her the same way that she loved Alexis, but she was attracted to her, the morning she had spent on the strange bed like contraption had been very exciting for her and with the Mistress in control of the two of them, the whole experience had been very stimulating. It had made Julie a little jealous that it wasn’t herself that the Mistress had kept on the machine all morning.
“Well,” Julie said to herself as she lazily got out of bed, “I’ll make sure I don’t miss out on any of the fun this time.” 

After her morning aerobic workout she walked into the bathroom, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, she was wearing a red spandex body suit and black tights, the red body suit was cut high at the hips and really accentuated her figure, “Now what should I wear?” She said to herself as she slid her hand under the crotch of her spandex body suit and massaged the tights underneath covering her crotch, she contemplated the thought of going as she was in her workout suit; she started to fantasize about what the Mistress would do to her if she did. Julie stood in front of the bathroom mirror rubbing her now hot stocking covered pussy under the thin high cut crotch of her red body suit, she started to moan as she began to imagine coming through the door of the fetish shop with just her workout outfit on and a black pair of high heeled shoes. 

She walks through the door and sees the Mistress standing there wearing her black latex catsuit with the attached molded double dildo, she’s wearing her thigh high rubber boots with six inch heels, “You’re late!” She says “And now you will have to be punished!” She adds. She grabs her by her arms and forces them behind her back and pushes her towards the dungeon, “Oh what are you going to do to me?” Julie imagines herself saying in an overly dramatic voice, “Oh you’ll find out!” She imagines the Mistress saying in return, once in the dungeon the Mistress pushes her onto the red rubber mattress, her body clad in her red spandex body suit and black tights falls onto the mattress her legs spreading as she falls on her back before she knows it the Mistress is securing her stockinged ankles into the shackles of the leg spreader bar, “OH PLEASE... WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” She pleads; Julie was rubbing her pussy as she fantasized, her wetness beginning to soak the crotch of her tights, “OH PLEASE!” She pleaded as the Mistress fastened shackles to her wrists and secured her arms above her head to a large metal ring bolted to the floor at the head of the red rubber mattress.

Julie was pulling on the crotch of her spandex body suit as she imagined herself shackled helplessly in front of the Mistress’s tight latex clad body, she pulled the crotch of her body suit far to the side of her hot wet stocking covered cunt, her fingers and tights slipping easily over her wetness. The Mistress stood over her helpless body, her dildo poised threateningly in front of her she knelt down between her black stockinged legs as they writhed and squirmed helplessly in there shackles, “OH PLEASE... please... don’t fuck me.” The Mistress grabs the crotch of her workout outfit and pulled it forcefully to the side revealing the seam of her black tights running over her pussy between her spread open legs, she grabbed the fine web like mesh of Julie’s tights and rips them open, “Uunnhh.” Julie grunts as the tights are ripped away from her hot wet sex leaving her open and exposed to the Mistress, the Mistress knelt between Julie’s helplessly shackled legs, she stroked the double dildo between her legs with her latex gloved hands, smothering it’s thick black shaft with KY jelly, her thighs parted as she churned the dildo between her own legs, Julie imagined her pulling on the dildo, in her mind she could see the latex at the crotch of the Mistresses catsuit stretch and relax as she played with it’s long thick shaft. She then moved on top of Julie grinding her hips around causing the dildo’s wet tip to caress Julie’s exposed wetness of her sex, Julie Grunted with pleasure as the dildo attached to the Mistress’s catsuit slid deep into Julie’s helpless cunt, she grunted and moaned as the dildo was thrust in and out by the wild pelvic thrusts of the Mistress, Julie was lying on her bathroom floor, her black stockinged legs were spread open, her hand was ramming her wet tights and fingers deep into her wet cunt as she imagined the Mistress slamming her with the double dildo built into the crotch of her latex catsuit, she moaned and grunted as she continuously thrust her pelvic area onto her assaulting fingers as she lay on her back on the tile floor of her bathroom, “UuunnHHh!” she moaned as the orgasm flowed over her, her body shook and her legs quaked. She could no longer take the fantasy, she needed to be filled. 

She got up and went into her bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, she reached into the drawer of the night stand and grabbed her studded vibrator, determined to give herself another orgasm while the fantasy was still going in her mind, She laid on her back and slipped the vibrator down the front of her workout outfit and worked it down to her soaking crotch, she worked it down into her tights and positioned it tip first at her wet lips, with her hands on the outside of her outfit she pulled the body suit from the high cut sides pulling the studded vibrator up inside her hot wet cunt, “UunhOhh!” she moaned as it slid vibrating up into her wetness, she could still imagine the Mistress in latex still slamming the dildo up her helpless cunt, she had now ripped open the front of her body suit exposing her bare breasts and was sucking on her hard nipples, Julie’s black stockinged legs writhed on the bed as she imagined the Mistress continuing to fuck her, the Mistress ripped the black tights off her right leg, “UuuNNHHhhh..OOhhh,” she felt herself cuming as her vibrator sent waves of pleasure flowing from her hot sex to her entire body, “UunnHhhOohh, YOu Sexy BITCH, you fuck me so good!” she screamed.

Julie was laying exhausted on her bed still in her workout outfit, her legs spread open and the studded vibrator still deep within her, held firmly in place by the tightness of her tights and spandex body suit, she moaned as it continued to pleasure her sensitive cunt, she was definitely going to be late for work now. She stretched her long slender body a smile formed on her face as she looked at the clock realizing that there would be no way for her to be on time even if she wanted to be.
Fifteen minutes later after she had a shower, she returned to the bedroom to get dressed for what was bound to be an exceptionally fun day, she was beginning to understand why Cynthia deliberately shows up late for work, “Half the fun is in the anticipation of what the Mistress is going to do to you when you finally get there, what delicious torment will she  inflict upon me once I show up late?” Julie thought to herself.

The towel that was around Julie’s naked body dropped to the floor, she stood naked before her full-length bedroom mirror trying to decide what to wear. After a short moment, she decided to wear her skintight Zipper jeans that can be unzipped completely in half, she figured that she wasn’t going to make it easy for the Mistress. 
Julie slipped on a pair of black pantyhose and then pulled on her skintight Zipper jeans, she zipped them up nice and tight, she could feel the coolness of the zipper against her pussy through the fine mesh of her pantyhose as she pulled the zipper closed. “OH, these feel so good!” She said to herself, she reached for the length of silver chain that she liked to use as a belt and she slipped the chain through the belt loops of her skin tight Zipper jeans, she then grabbed the small brass padlock and locked the top of her zipper to the ends of the silver chain pulled snugly around her waist, “Alexis is going to love this.” She said to herself, she took the key and hid it in her purse, Julie was determined to make the Mistress work for her fun this morning, “Lets see her fuck me with these babies on.” She said happily to herself as she turned around and admired her tight butt in the now locked up tight Zipper jeans.

Julie stepped off the subway and walked to the escalators that lead to the street level. The Fetish Shop was about four blocks away from the subway tunnel, when she got to within two blocks of the shop she suddenly noticed Cynthia crossing the street. She was wearing a short black spandex mini dress and black lace pantyhose and she had on a pair of glossy black ankle boots with high heels, she thought that she looked very sexy as she watched her slender body strut across the street, she called her name and waved, Cynthia smiled brightly as she saw Julie approaching, once she reached her she grabbed Julie and gave her a kiss, “I wasn’t sure if you would show, say, I love those jeans, where did you get them, I’ve been trying to find a pair of those for a long time, nowhere seems to have them any more?” Cynthia asked. “Oh, I got these at a second hand shop, I wish I could find a new pair as well, if I find them anywhere I’ll get you a pair too.” Julie replied. “That would be great!” Cynthia’s lips drew back into a wicked smile as she said,” I wonder what Alexis will do to us once we get there?”  She then noticed the brass padlock securing the zipper on Julie’s skintight jeans and said, “Jesus you’re almost as kinky as Alexis, no wonder she really digs you!”

Both women entered the Fetish Shop, they were giggling to themselves as they came through the door, The Mistress was standing in the middle of the floor next to a display stand of dildos, she was wearing her tight black latex catsuit with the attached dildo, she had on the leather body harness, Julie could see the dildo sticking out of a two inch shinny metal ring attached to a leather strap that ran down the front of her catsuit and continued from the other side of the metal ring to between her legs which were spread slightly apart, she stood in her thigh high six inch heeled rubber boots, her latex gloved hands were planted firmly on her hips, her right hand was holding a small whip close to her hip. Julie noticed that she had dyed her hair blonde, she was wearing an open faced latex hood that had a molded cone on the top, her blonde hair was pulled through the cone in one big pony tail, her hair flowed from the cone to behind her back, Julie thought that the contrast of the blonde hair against the shinny blackness of her latex catsuit was very sexy.  “So you both decided to be bad girls together did you? Well I have just the punishment for two such bad girls who like to do bad things together!” The Mistress said as she stood powerfully before them, She cracked the whip, “On your knees!” she commanded, Julie and Cynthia obeyed her command, “Now I want you to crawl over here and lick my rubber boots!” She cracked the whip again, both women were down on their knees and crawling towards the Mistress’s waiting boots.

After a moment of boot licking, the Mistress’s boots now had red lipstick marks all over them from the overly enthusiastic kisses of the two slaves at her feet. The mistress cracked her whip and said, “Alright... Enough!.... I want you to stand up slowly both of you and I want you to lick my latex covered body as you do... And you,” she pointed to Cynthia, “I want you to suck my dildo until I tell you to stop!” She cracked the whip again, she started to moan as Cynthia took hold of the what was obviously a double dildo in her mouth. The Mistress moaned as Julie was licking and kissing her latex covered nipples sticking out of the metal rings held down by the straps of her leather body harness, she finally reached her exposed face in her latex hood and began kissing it all over until the Mistress began to return her passionate kisses, she moaned deeper as Cynthia began forcing the dildo in and out of her hot latex covered cunt, Julie and Cynthia worked frantically to bring the Mistress to an orgasm in the hope that it would ease the torment that she would soon inflict on them both for showing up late.

Whether or not the Mistress had an orgasm or not the two women could not tell, the Mistress had cracked the whip and commanded them to stop. The Mistress stood, her long black latex covered legs spread slightly apart with her hands on her hips. Her shiny black rubber body was smudged in all the right places with red lipstick marks, she looked down at her latex catsuit, noticing the smudges she turned her gaze to the two women kneeling before her. “UMmmmmm.... Look what you two nasty bitches have done to the nice shine of my catsuit!.... I think you should polish me back to a nice shine....Hmmm...What do you think?” she moaned and purred at the two women. “Oh yes Mistress!” Julie and Cynthia chanted in unison as they crawled back towards the Mistress. 

“Not so fast!” The Mistress cracked her whip sensing their eagerness to please. “This time it’s your turn to suck my dildo!” She nodded at Julie. Julie crawled slowly to the Mistress’s feet. She kissed and licked her way up the Mistress’s black high heeled rubber boots, she kissed her tight latex covered thighs and worked her way slowly over her inner thigh towards the waiting dildo, she licked the long length of the thick rubber shaft, then with her mouth she took hold of it in one big passionate gulp, “UNHhhhh!” The Mistress grunted as Julie practically swallowed her dildo, Julie grabbed the Mistress’s tight latex covered ass with both hands and squeezed and caressed each butt cheek. The Mistress took hold of Julie by the back of her head and held her onto the dildo.  Julie’s movements made by her sucking and moaning caused the other end of the dildo deep within the Mistress’s hot cunt to stir and vibrate. “UuNnnhhh!.....!” She moaned.  Meanwhile Cynthia was polishing Alexis’s smooth rubber legs from behind, as Julie continued to pleasure the Mistress with her double dildo, Cynthia had worked her way up to the Mistress’s breasts, with her latex polish and cloth she began massaging her molded rubber nipples poking through the metal rings of her body harness. 

“Uhhh...UMmmmm...!” The Mistress moaned, her back arched and her hips gyrated as the two women continued to pleasure her, Alexis was having a hard time staying in control, the urge to let these two women take her to the floor and have their way with her was almost too much, she had to fight for control of her carnal desires. Finally she managed to take control, she cracked her whip. “STOP!... Stand up and turn around you two naughty bitches!” She commanded, Julie and Cynthia stood side by side at attention, almost like soldiers awaiting instructions, they could hear Alexis’s high heels clicking on the floor as she paced up and down behind them. “Now what to do?............ Hmmm.... I know!” She strutted around the two women eyeing them up and down the same way a prison guard would inspect prisoners. Julie felt the Mistress come up behind her. Alexis grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back and held them together with one hand, she put her face over Julie’s shoulder and with her free hand rubbed the handle of her whip along the zipper of her skin tight jeans, she played with the lock and kissed her on the side of her face from behind her, “This is cute.” She purred into Julie’s ear, Julie smiled, a second later a cloth soaked in a little chloroform was put over her face and the room around her dimmed, her struggle was brief and she collapsed into the arms of her Mistress. The Mistress repeated a similar action with Cynthia.

Reality swam back into Julie’s mind as she slowly regained consciousness, she could see that she was shackled to the dungeon wall in the same place where the Mistress had her shackled the last time only this time she was still in her own cloths, she was still wearing her skin tight Zipper jeans and her tight spandex long sleeve top, she smiled to herself thinking that the Mistress could not fuck her or take her jeans off with them locked up nice and tight. She could see Cynthia laying on the red rubber mattress, her black spandex mini dress had been removed and she was shackled to the leg spreader bar with just her black lace pantyhose on and her short ankle boots, her arms were shackled above her head to the large metal ring bolted to the dungeon floor, Julie watched her as she to began to stir into consciousness, “I wonder what time it is?” Julie said to her, “Don’t worry... we’ll open on time... I have a feeling we’re going to be a big part of opening today!” Cynthia said to Julie in return.

The heavy door to the dungeon opened and the Mistress came in, she had in her hand a remote controlled dildo, she came up to Julie and started to kiss her, “Is that for me?” Julie asked smugly, “Yes, as a matter of fact it is.” The Mistress answered. Julie rotated her hips provocatively at her and said, “And how do you intend to use it?” She finished on a forward thrust of her hips as she kissed the Mistress in return, the mistress kissed her and rubbed the remote controlled dildo along the zipper of her skin tight jeans and said, “You see my love, you probably didn’t know this but I’m very good with locks, and a little one like this isn’t even a challenge for me, that’s how I intend to use it.” And she gave Julie a deep wet passionate kiss as Julie gasped with disbelief, “You Bitch!” she said, “Tut, tut, such language, I’ll soon have you singing a different tune.” and she started to work on the lock of Julie’s Zipper jeans.

Julie squirmed and tried to rotate her hips away from Alexis’s probing hands, she struggled effortlessly but it was no good, her shackles held her spread eagle to the wall of the dungeon, and before long the Mistress had removed the lock from her Zipper jeans, she dangled it tauntingly in front of Julie’s face and said, “See I told you, now I’ll fix you up good.” She purred as she grabbed her by the back of her hair and kissed her deeply, she then took hold of the zipper with her black latex gloved hand and started to unzip her skin tight jeans slowly. Julie felt helpless and disappointed that her plan had not worked, she struggled powerless to do anything as the zipper was slowly undone between her spread open legs, the Mistress loved her sweet struggles. Because of Julie’s spread position against the Dungeon wall, the zipper parted as it was undone exposing the fine mesh of her black pantyhose covering her pussy.  Julie felt the cool air of the Dungeon against her sex as the zipper parted. The Mistress began rubbing Julie’s crotch. The fine mesh was the only thing now covering her unprotected cunt, exposed between the separated zipper of her skin tight jeans, “Uummm, you look delicious.” she said to Julie as she still continued to squirm against the shackles, the tightness of the zipper against her stocking covered crotch no longer provided it’s snug protection.

She kissed Julie deeply and reached between her spread open legs, the zipper of her jeans parted and the Mistress caressed the pantyhose covering  Julie’s vulnerable cunt, “UunnnnHhhh, Nnoo,” Julie grunted as the Mistress ripped the crotch of her pantyhose wide open and began to finger her wet cunt. After a short while of fingering she reached for where she had placed the dildo. Beside where Julie was shackled to the wall was a wrought iron ornate tripod with a metal bowl on top filled with a liquid that looked like cum, under this was a small flame positioned so as to heat the liquid, the Mistress had placed the dildo into the liquid, stirring it until the entire shaft of the rubber cock was coated in this cum-like liquid. “This will warm you up..... Mmmmmm..... you are going to be so wet when I’m done with you my love...!” She purred as she took the cum covered dildo and began  teasing her with the tip of the dildo. Julie felt the heat of the cum covered dildo as she rubbed the slimy shaft of the dildo along the exposed lips of her wet cunt, she teased her again with the tip and then slipped it up into her wet sex. 

“Unhhh! OH GOD!..” Julie moaned and struggled. Alexis slowly zipped her jeans back up,”Unh!” Julie grunted as the zipper was pulled tightly closed holding the butt of the dildo firmly in place, her struggles desperately trying to prevent the inevitable. Alexis then re locked the zipper to the chain around her waist and kissed her moaning mouth, “There, all fixed up... for now.” She rubbed the tightness of the zipper against Julie’s crotch, Julie could feel the dildo squishing around deep inside of her, she tightened her lips around it’s firm hot shaft squeezing it, almost as if she was trying to push it out, but the tightness of her locked zipper jeans held the slimy hot dildo firmly in place. “UunnHhhh...!” She grunted as the Mistress rubbed her crotch purring to herself, satisfied with her handy work. ”Don’t go anywhere!” She added and then went over to Cynthia laying on the rubber mattress.

Julie watched as the Mistress knelt between Cynthia’s spread open black lace stockinged legs, she laid herself on top of her and began humping her stocking covered crotch with the attached dildo at the crotch of her latex catsuit. Cynthia moaned as she could feel the Mistress’s hardness pressing at the fine mesh covering her pussy. Julie was so turned on, her skintight Zipper jeans were holding the dildo tightly up her hot wet cunt, she started to rotate her hips causing the hardness within her to churn a little.

The Mistress reached down to Cynthia’s pantyhose covering her now wet cunt and ripped them wide open, “UunnhhHH!” Cynthia grunted as the fine mesh was torn off of her wet cunt, the Mistress rubbed KY jelly all over the shaft of her double dildo. Julie watched as she started Kissing Cynthia, her back arched as the Mistress thrust the well lubricated shaft deep up her wet exposed cunt, Cynthia turned her head away from the Mistress’s kisses as she grunted with pleasure at the sudden penetration of the Mistress’s dildo, her whole body writhed as the Mistress stirred the dildo deep within her, and began to thrust it in and out. The Mistress began moaning as her half of the double dildo churned and twisted deep within her latex covered cunt.

Julie was thrusting her hips in and out in an attempt to get some movement out of the dildo deep within her, she could feel the butt of the dildo rubbing slightly against the inside of the zipper that was done up tightly over her hot wet pussy, as she thrusted and rotated her hips it’s movement caused slight vibrations. The Mistress watched Julie struggle in sweet torment as she continued to fuck Cynthia, she pointed the remote control at Julie’s helplessly shackled body and pressed the activator button. “OoHh, UunnHH!” Julie grunted at the sudden sensation as the dildo suddenly started vibrating deep within her hot wet pussy, her pelvis thrust forward and upwards as her arms tensed up in their shackles, her whole body made an attempt to lift upwards almost as if she was trying to pull herself off of the dildo. Her body dropped back down as she moaned with pleasure, her pelvis began thrusting in and out wildly, she grunted and groaned as her whole body writhed with pleasure, the dildo deep within her churned wildly as it vibrated sending waves of pleasure flowing from her hot cunt to her whole body, she screamed as an orgasm took hold of her, Julie thrust her pelvis in and out in a few short fast movements and rotations, her whole body tensing against the shackles, “AaaHH, UunnHH!” Her back arched as much as her bondage would allow as she groaned with pleasure, her pelvis jerked around wildly for a few moments as the vibrator continued to vibrate deep up inside of her hot wet cunt, held firmly in place by the closed zipper that ran between the legs of her skin tight jeans, Julie’s body quivered as her orgasm finished but the dildo held firmly in place continued to vibrate, she pulled against the shackles with her arms desperately trying to pull herself off of the dildo, “UunhH!” 

She grunted as the vibrator stayed with her, she collapsed back into the firm grip of the shackles that held her spread to the wall. A moment later she felt a hand rubbing the zipper over top of the butt of the still vibrating dildo, she lifted her head and opened her eyes, the Mistress was standing in front of her, she had finished fucking Cynthia and had come over to where Julie was shackled spread to the wall, she was rubbing the vibrator inside of Julie’s skin tight Zipper jeans. The Mistress could feel the heat from Julie’s hot soaking crotch, she could feel the vibration of the dildo held deep within her, “Uummm... I’ll bet that feels good,” she purred to Julie as she kissed her and continued to rub the tightly closed zipper, she almost wished that she had put Julie into a catsuit with a built in dildo so as she could have pulled it almost all of the way out and then let it snap back up her cunt, she so loved the way Julie grunted when she had done it before, “Oh well,” she thought to herself, “there will be plenty of time for that.”
Before Julie knew it the Mistress had again chloroformed her and the lights went out.....

Julie started to come to, she felt strange, she tried to move but she found that she could only afford the simplest of movements , she opened her eyes and closed them again quickly, it was very bright, for a moment she thought that she was out side on the street, for the quick second that she had her eyes open she saw the street outside of the Fetish Shop, she slowly opened her eyes again, when her eyes focused properly she could see in front of her was an upside down shinny black latex covered leg with six inch high heel, the heel appeared to be molded seamlessly to the foot which was shackled at the ankle by a four inch wide metal cuff  which was attached to a large circular chrome metal pipe frame that disappeared over her head, beyond the latex covered leg was in fact the street as seen from the display window of the Fetish Shop, she tried to move again this time with a little more force, as she tried to move the feeling of a large dildo deep within her churned, “UunnH!” she grunted at the sudden movement of the dildo, the latex covered leg in front of her jerked as she moved the dildo, she could faintly hear the muffled sound of another woman grunting at the same time that she did.

Julie was now a little more aware of her surroundings, she could tell that she was wearing a rubber mask of some kind over her head, the mask had glass eye covers that she could see out of, she could breath perfectly and figured that it was probably a gas mask, she could feel a familiar tightness all over her body, she looked down following the shapely latex covered leg in front of her, as she looked down she could see that she was wearing a black latex catsuit that covered her from head to toe, she looked at her legs, they were spread open and shackled by the same type of shackle that the latexed leg in front of her was in, her arms were also shackled spread out to the sides, she was attached to some kind of giant chrome metal “hoola hoop” by the shackles at her wrists and ankles, the other woman she could only assume must be Cynthia, was shackled to the same type of metal hoop that intersected hers, she was suspended upside down at the other end of the framework. Julie noticed as the other woman moved and the dildo churned deep within her, “UnnH!” they both grunted at the movement of what was obviously a double dildo, they were both attached at the crotch, the latex catsuits that both women were wearing was all one molded piece of rubber, it was a double Siamese twin catsuit that was molded together at the crotch with a double dildo.

Julie couldn’t believe it, they were both suspended inside of a giant metal double hoop like framework joined crotch to crotch by this insidiously clever double latex catsuit, she could feel the heat of the other woman’s cunt radiating through the crotch and the dildo of their shared double catsuit, she wondered to herself, “How the hell did the Mistress achieve this, it must have been extremely difficult to get us both into this double catsuit much less the hoop like frame, how did she do it?” Julie looked around as much as she could she tried to concentrate on her body to feel what had been done to it, she could feel something firm up her butt, “probably a butt plug,” she thought, the nipples of her breasts were attached to half inch thick soft rubber hoses, the same type that the mistress had attached to her when she had her shackled to the sex machine, they led off around the back of the framework and out of her sight. She looked down at Cynthia to see if she could learn anything by observing her latex clad form, she had a better view of her body than her own and could see hers from the side, she could see the breast tubes coming from Cynthia’s nipples but she could still not see where they went, she could see a single similar rubber tube coming from her butt and leading off along with the other tubes, there was another tube that branched off into two separate short tubes, each one of the short tubes went into the crotch of the joined latex catsuit, one at the front of Julie’s and the other at the front of Cynthia’s just above where the dildo entered up into each of the two women’s cunts. The whole framework was mounted on top some kind of machine.

Julie was not sure what time it was or how long they had been in the display window for, she looked out into the street remembering that she had seen one of those electronic time and temperature boards, she found it just above the department store across the street from the Fetish Shop, it said that the time was ten thirty five, a couple of people had come by and stopped at the window and looked at them, Julie felt embarrassed, she felt a strong urge to close her legs and cover herself, her reflex was prevented by her bondage, “UuhhHH!” she grunted as the dildo was suddenly jerked around inside of her, she saw Cynthia’s latex covered ankle squirm in the shackle in front of her, Julie grunted again as the dildo twisted a second time, she felt so embarrassed and helpless being fucked right there on public display, she could feel Cynthia moving her hips as her hot pussy pressed snugly against her own separated only by the thin latex of the joined catsuits as she was forcing the attached dildo deep into her hot cunt, “OohhUumm..” she moaned as the firm shaft of their shared phallus slipped slowly out and then back in. Cynthia was pulling on her shackles causing the rubber at the joined crotches of the double catsuit to stretch. Julie was so embarrassed as the two people outside of the glass display window watched, but she could not help  herself as she began to moan with pleasure as Cynthia’s sweet hip movements caused the dildo to stir deep within her hot cunt. 

A couple more people came to watch as Julie and Cynthia squirmed with delight inside of their shared rubber prison, Julie was beginning to feel exited at being watched, her face was covered by her latex open faced hood and gas mask, so her identity was protected, she could see the people watching but they could not see her face, she started to press her hot pussy against Cynthia’s causing the dildo to be forced back  into her, Julie tightened her pussy lips around the dildo and rocked her hips back and forth, “UummmpphHH!” She could hear Cynthia’s muffled groans of pleasure coming from under her latex hood and gasmask.

The spectators who had been watching the two women in latex eventually wandered off and new ones arrived.  Suddenly Julie felt a kiss on the side of her warm latex covered cheek, “Having fun,” the Mistress purred in her ear, “I have a surprise for both of you,” she continued, “I told you I had just the thing for two bad girls who like to be bad together, didn’t I.” The Mistress was doing something with the hoses behind her back, but she could not see what it was, she felt a slight tug on the rubber tube that was attached to her crotch just above where the dildo entered her, she moaned at the sudden movement of what felt like little rubber studs rubbing across her clit. The Mistress pushed a button, suddenly the two large chrome metal hoops that held Julie and Cynthia prisoner began to rotate around slowly, after a few moments Cynthia was now right side up and Julie was  upside down, they both grinded their hips onto the shared double dildo, the Mistress must have turned something else on as well Julie thought as she could suddenly feel a vibration coming from the little rubber studs that covered her clit inside of the rubber catsuit’s crotch, “Oohh, UnhHH!” She moaned at the new sensation as it sent waves of pleasure through her wet clit, “Uunhh, OohhHH, UnHH!” She moaned as the waves of her orgasm flowed over her, the dildo thrust deep into her as Cynthia arched her back and sent the double dildo deep into her hot wet cunt, Julie’s lips closed tightly around the shaft of the penetrating dildo as it slid easily deep within her, her pussy was now very sensitive after her orgasm, she pulled on her wrist shackles in an attempt to try and pull herself off of the penetrating dildo, only to be betrayed by the tightness of the latex that held her tightly to Cynthia’s crotch.

Cynthia pressed her crotch to Julie’s and the dildo slipped deep, back into her wet sensitive cunt, Cynthia rotated her hips and stirred the dildo around moaning as she did, the thought of Julie in her skin tight Zipper jeans shackled to the wall of the dungeon, was going through her mind, she continued to fantasize as she sent the dildo slipping in and out of Julie’s sensitive wet cunt, “UuunnhhHHH, Oh God, UnHH!” Julie groaned and grunted as her helpless pussy continued to be fucked by the double dildo. 

Cynthia could see Julie’s high heeled latex covered leg squirming in the thick metal shackle in front of her, she watched as her leg jerked around and her ankle writhed in the shackle, “She must be having an orgasm,” she thought as she could feel her hot cunt lips close to her own through the thin layer of latex that separated them in the crotch of the Siamese twin catsuits, she could hear her muffled moans and grunts, “I’ll make it a good one for the sexy little bitch,” she thought to herself  as she clenched her cunt lips around the shaft of the built in dildo and thrust her pussy towards Julie’s spread open legs, she continued to fantasies about Julie in her skin tight Zipper jeans, she imagined the double dildo between them as the remote controlled vibrator that the Mistress had zipped up tight inside of her Zipper jeans, she imagined  that she was in control of it as she continued to stir the double dildo deep within her.

The machine had made a full rotation and Julie was no longer upside down, she was desperately trying to pull herself off of the dildo churning deep within her, she could tell by Cynthia’s movements and her moaning that she was close to an orgasm, she wished she would hurry up so she could give her poor helpless pussy a rest, “Unhhg!” she grunted as the dildo was pulled almost all the way out and then slipped back into her sensitive wetness and began stirring around as Cynthia rotated her hips. Cynthia’s pelvic thrusts increased as Julie’s whole body tensed, she could feel the approach of another orgasm, “n..n..NOo..OH, God.. UnhhH!” the dildo churned wildly within her, she watched Cynthia’s latexed high heeled foot writhing in the metal shackle in front of her, she felt her hot pussy and the dildo slapping against her own crotch, the dildo pumped in and out, suddenly both women at the same time began to feel the breast tubes beginning to be turned on, a massaging tightness sucked and tugged on what were now very sensitive nipples, both women squirmed and tried to pull their breasts away from the assaulting attached tubes that sucked and squeezed but they were held firmly to the chrome metal hoop like framework, waves of pleasure spread from not only their hot pussys but their nipples to their whole bodies, both Cynthia and Julie could see one another’s latexed leg in the shackles in front of them quake and quiver as the waves of orgasm flowed over both of them, they were fiercely slamming the dildo back and forth between themselves.

The Mistress handed a bag to a customer who had just purchased something, “Come back again sometime.” she said, the customer left, and she listened to the muffled sounds of Julie and Cynthia as they both screamed with pleasure as they both creamed together, she smiled to her self and said, “I should use those two more often as a window display, walk by customers are just pouring in today.”
Both women were exhausted from their shared orgasm, the dildo between them moving slowly with any movement on their part, because both of their cunts were so sensitive they tried not to move, Julie was a little worried about being fucked to death by Cynthia, it didn’t take much for her to figure out that she was a real nymphomaniac, Julie liked her sex, but this woman was just too much.

Cynthia moaned softly to herself as the dildo moved slowly within her, she was thinking about Julie, “poor bitch, did she actually think that her locked skin tight jeans would stop the Mistress, I could have told her it wouldn’t have worked, but then where would the fun be in that, Oh I loved the look on her face when the Mistress unlocked it right in front of her, I’ll bet she felt so helpless,” she was beginning to feel horny again as she continued thinking about Julie, “I’ll bet it felt even better when the Mistress unzipped her sweet little zipper and ripped her pantyhose open,” and with that thought she clenched onto the shaft of the dildo and thrust it deep into Julie’s helpless cunt.
“UUuuNNnhhHH.. HHhh....Uh!” Julie grunted at the sudden unexpected thrust of the dildo within her, “Ohh G..G..GOD, Not AGAIN... Unhhh...!” Her whole body tensed in the shackles, the machine sensing the patterns of their movements started up again, the hoses attached to just above the dildo started to cause the studs at her clit to vibrate and the breast tubes began their squeezing and sucking, “Oohhh... UunnHH..!” Julie continued to moan and grunt, as her whole body was assaulted with pleasure.

Cynthia continued her fantasies getting more and more exited, “I’ll bet it felt even more humiliating when the mistress slipped that nice cum covered dildo right up her nice little cunt and then zipped her nice tight jeans closed,” UNNnnhhHH!” she grunted as she thrust the dildo at Julie, she could feel their hot latex covered cunts slapping together, “And I’ll bet it felt even more humiliating when the Mistress locked them back up with the same lock that she thought would protect her... Oh how sweet and innocent, that sweet sexy bitch, I wonder if Alexis would mind if I took her home for a night?” She continued to fantasize.

“UuuunnnhHHH... Ahhh, Oohhh... OH G.G.ggOODD..I’LL NEVER COME IN LATE AGAIN, Julie screamed as the dildo stirred around inside her, she could feel her body betraying her as she could sense an approaching orgasm, “OH god, she’s going to kill me,” she thought to herself. Not since the sex machine and that night with Alexis had she ever been fucked so good and so hard, “Alexis should have warned me about Cynthia’s sexual appetites,” UunnhhHH..HH...HH..Hh!” “I know what I’m going to get her for Christmas, the biggest dildo I can find,” she thought as the dildo continued slipping in and out of her hot cunt wildly.

Julie had no idea of how much time had passed, five maybe six orgasms latter when Cynthia had finally worn herself out, Julie looked at the clock, “One forty eight, what the hell happened to the time!” she thought, she suddenly felt a kiss on the side of her cheek through the tight latex of her gas mask, then she heard the Mistress’s voice, “It’s past lunch time, I would have come to get you both sooner, but I didn’t want to disturb you, you both seemed to be having so much fun together.” The Mistress peeled the latex gas mask off of Julie’s head leaving only her hot sweaty face exposed in her open faced latex hood, she grabbed Julie by the pony tail of her hair pulled through the cone on top of her latex hood and gave her a deep wet kiss. Alexis had closed the blinds to the display window so no one could see in. “I think we’ll order lunch in today,” she said to the two exhausted women. “you wouldn’t believe how many customers have come by just from seeing you two in the window, well I suppose we should get you both out of here, it’s not going to be easy, you have no idea how hard it was to get you both into this thing to begin with, I have half a mind to just keep you both here all day.” She said.

Cynthia moaned with delight at the thought of being trapped together in her rubber prison with Julie, she grinded her hips onto the double dildo, Julie grunted as it stirred within her, “That sounds absolutely YUMMY... Ummm,” she purred. “Don’t you ever get enough, I should put you on the sex machine!” Alexis snapped at her, “She’s such a horny bitch,” she said to Julie who’s body was tensing in the shackles as she grunted, Alexis leaned over and kissed her moaning mouth, Julie gasped as the machine started the tubes attached to  her latex covered breasts  sucking and squeezing her sensitive nipples, “Unhh,OoHh!” she moaned as she turned her head away from Alexis’s probing tongue, Alexis smiled realizing what was happening. Cynthia started rotating her hips causing the dildo to stir around inside of them both. The two women arched their backs and clenched their lips around the shaft of the dildo as they forced their latex covered crotches close together, Julie was trying to limit it’s movement within her hot, wet sensitive cunt, while Cynthia was trying to force the dildo deep within her own hot wet cunt, “Oh,UnnH!” She moaned at the satisfaction of how deep it penetrated into her as she pressed her cunt against Julie’s, she could feel her heat radiating through the layer of latex between them. Julie tried again to pull herself off of the dildo as Cynthia rotated and pressed her hot cunt and dildo right between her helpless spread open legs, her ankles squirmed in the shackles as she slipped back onto the dildo, her lips wrapped lovingly around the thick shaft as it slid back home, “UuunnnhHHH, OooHh!” She grunted as the Mistress continued to kiss her all over her exposed sweaty face, she kissed her panting moaning mouth, her other hand grabbed Julie by the breast and squeezed it lovingly, Julie moaned as every inch of her body quaked with another orgasm.

Alexis had left and a few moment came back to the window with a small bed on wheels, similar to a hospital Gurney, She turned a hand crank at the side of the bed and lowered the mattress to about a foot off of the floor, she then positioned the bed carefully next to the machine that held the two women prisoner and then lowered the hoop like frame work over the bed, the motor whirred as it began lowering the framework, “Ok, here’s the tricky part,” she said as she was removing the rubber tubes attached to the various places on the Siamese twin latex catsuit, once she was done she told both women to grab hold of the chrome metal hoop and hang on until she removed all of the shackles from their wrists. Julie and Cynthia felt the firmness of the mattress under them as the machine finished lowering them both onto the bed, the motor stopped, Cynthia was laying on her side while Julie was laying on her back, Alexis removed all of the wrist shackles and Julie and Cynthia gripped onto the metal frame to secure themselves as instructed, Alexis then removed each of the shackles around Cynthia’s ankles, carefully placing her legs one at a time onto the Gurney on top of Julie off to one side, she placed her other leg which was under Julie’s thigh so as it rested on the bed beside her the  high heel of her latexed foot resting beside Julie’s head, she walked around to where Julie’s ankles were shackled and repeated the same procedure.

Both Julie and Cynthia were now laying on the bed of the Gurney free of the metal hoop like framework that had held them prisoner for most of the day. As they laid there crotch to crotch in their latex Siamese catsuit, Cynthia grabbed Julie by her high heeled latex covered ankles digging her own high heels into the mattress beside Julie’s head for a good grip, she started to rotate her hips and slowly pump the dildo between them into Julie’s cunt, “UunHH!” Julie moaned as Cynthia said, “Did you have a good time lover?” Julie tried to pull away but Cynthia had her firmly by her ankles pulling her hot crotch right up against her own as she rocked her hips back and forth, Julie couldn’t help herself as another orgasm approached, she turned her head and began licking and biting Cynthia’s latex covered ankle as she grabbed her leg and massaged it all over, “Y..y..yy you’re going to m..m..m. make me Cum!” She said breathlessly to Cynthia, as Cynthia pulled on her ankles slapping their crotches together, they were both so wet you could hear the squishing sounds coming from their latex covered cunts as the double dildo pumped in and out. Alexis bent over the Gurney and began kissing Julie’s moaning mouth passionately. “I’m going to get you two a room.” Alexis said to both of the two writhing women in latex on the Gurney in front of her.
As Julie continued to be fucked by the double dildo controlled by Cynthia, Alexis began wheeling the Gurney into the dungeon, the two black latex clad women writhing on the Gurney looked like some kind of medical experiment gone wrong as they were joined crotch to crotch, both pelvises thrusting at one another wildly while they held onto one another’s ankles moaning and grunting.

Once in the dungeon, Alexis lowered the bed to the floor next to the red rubber mattress, she then lowered the side rail and rolled the two writhing women onto the mattress. She thought to herself as she watched the two women going at it, ”I’ll bet there’s only one woman here who would like to get out of this, I think I will make it a little easy for her, but not too easy,” she went over to Julie who was struggling with Cynthia’s ankles in a desperate attempt to limit the movement of the dildo deep within her sensitive wet cunt, she reached around the back of her neck where the zipper on her half of the Siamese twin latex catsuit was locked closed, and she unlocked it and said to Julie, “You can remove the catsuit, if Cynthia will let you that is.” And then she kissed her on the lips and got up and walked over to the sex machine in the corner of the dungeon and sat on it to watch the two women writhing on the red rubber mattress.

Alexis had been right, Julie let go of Cynthia’s ankles and arched her back as she reached behind her neck to the top of the now unlocked zipper, it took her two or three tries to get a hold of it, the whole time the dildo slammed in and out of her hot wet cunt, she moaned and grunted as the dildo slammed and stirred within her hot wetness, She finally got hold of the zipper and pulled it down far enough for her to reach it with her other hand and pull it down the rest of the way, she felt a cold rush of air hit the hot wet sweat soaked skin of her back as the latex of the catsuit separated as she slid the zipper undone. “UunHH! She grunted as Cynthia thrust the dildo deep into her, her lips clenched around the shaft of the dildo as it slipped deep into her sensitive cunt, Julie started pulling the latex off of her shoulders and finally off her right arm, she got her hand out of the glove molded to the sleeve, her left arm still in the sleeve while her right breast fell out of the molded rubber breast cup of the catsuit. Cynthia thrust the dildo hard at Julie’s struggling pelvis, “UuuunnHH!...OohhunH!” Julie collapsed onto her back as her whole pelvis shook and the dildo penetrated deep, she grabbed the other sleeve of the catsuit and peeled it off of her hot sweaty left arm, after a struggle she had managed to get the rubber catsuit off of her arm and work it a little down to her waist, her top half was now completely naked except for her open faced latex hood, but Cynthia had her firmly by her latex covered ankles, still churning the dildo deep within her, Julie screamed as waves of another orgasm flowed over her, 

“UnnHH...AaHHhhh..UunHh!’ she reached above her head to the large metal ring bolted to the floor of the dungeon and she twisted herself around and started to pull with all her strength away from Cynthia’s crotch, she reached down with one hand and tried to peel the latex off of her hips, it was a major effort but she managed to get it a little off of one side of her hip, she pulled harder on the ring and switched hands, she peeled the latex off of the other side of her hip, it wouldn’t go any further because her legs were spread and Cynthia had a good grip on her ankles, her body collapsed and the dildo slipped back deep into her,”OoHh...OH God... I’m going to Cum.... UuunnnHhH!” She moaned as her hand slipped off of the metal ring and Cynthia pulled her by her ankles away from it, she pulled her right up to her cunt and began thrusting and rocking her pelvis up and down causing the double dildo to churn wildly inside of them both, Cynthia thrust faster and faster, finally she screamed as waves of orgasm flowed over her, her hands unclenched and Julie’s ankles were free. Julie pulled herself from the dildo, “UNH!” she grunted as the dildo slipped out of her sensitive hot wet cunt, she peeled the catsuit off of her butt pulling out the butt plug as well, she inched herself away from Cynthia as she lay there exhausted, peeling the latex off of her hot legs and finally down to her ankles, it was hard work and she just had to rest, she collapsed onto her back with her feet still in the latex high heels, her left leg still had the latex up over her knee.

The Mistress came over and knelt down beside Julie’s spent body and began to kiss her, ”Well that’s what I call entertainment.” She said to Julie as she kissed her, she grabbed her ankle and peeled the latex and high heels the rest of the way off of her leg and foot. “I took the liberty of ordering pizza while you two were busy, how does that sound?” Julie just smiled and said, “I could eat a horse.” “I’ll be back in a moment,” she said and she stood up and walked out the dungeon door.

About five minutes later the dungeon door opened, Julie could hear the high heels of Alexis’s thigh high rubber boots against the hard floor of the dungeon, she looked up and saw her pushing a metal cart about three feet high by another three feet in length, the cart had metal shelves on it, she noticed that the top shelf had a bundle of neatly folded shinny black rubber, the second shelf had a  couple of plastic bottles of talcum powder and a couple of spray bottles of wet look latex polish, and the bottom shelf had a wash basin full of hot soapy water and a few neatly folded white towels. Alexis wheeled the cart over to the side of the red rubber mattress where Cynthia and Julie were laying, she took the wash basin of soapy water and a couple of towels off of the cart and came over to Julie, she knelt down and began to wash Julie’s body with a cloth from the wash basin. 

Once she had washed all the sweat and wet talcum powder from Julie’s body she took one of the towels and started to dry her off, Julie was still wearing the open faced latex hood with her hair pulled through the cone on top, it was the only thing she had on. “I have something for you,” Alexis said to Julie as she finished drying her leg, she reached for the bottle of talcum powder and sprinkled it all over Julie’s naked body, she rubbed and smoothed the fine white powder all over being careful not to get any on her pussy. She then grabbed the bundle of black latex from the top of the metal cart, “I have a little something for you to wear, you’re probably still exhausted, you just relax and let me put it on you,” she said to Julie as she arranged the items of rubber, the first item was long and slim as she held it up to powder the inside of the garment Julie saw it had sleeves and legs, a catsuit she figured.

Alexis worked Julie’s leg into the latex of the catsuit, once she got both feet into the feet of the catsuit she started to pull the tight black rubber up Julie’s legs pausing once she got to her crotch, the catsuit had a vaginal sheath that was ribbed and molded vaginal lips made to fit over her own lips, Alexis took a bottle of KY jelly and smeared some all over the vaginal ribbed sheath and then applied a generous amount of the slimy liquid to Julie’s cunt, she then slipped a dildo into the ribbed sheath so she would be able to insert it into her easily. She worked the latex of the catsuit up a little more around her hips to bring the crotch of the catsuit closer to Julie’s waiting wetness, she pulled the latex snugly over her hips and then continued to work the tight latex up Julie’s torso and over her breast making sure that each of her nipples fit into the molded nipples of the latex breasts, Julie moaned as the tightness of the latex was worked onto her body, it felt good, she spread her fingers open as Alexis slipped her hands carefully one at a time into the molded rubber gloves that were part of the catsuit’s sleeves, it was a little hard getting it on over her shoulders, the catsuit was a neck entry catsuit and had no zipper, the neck hole was a little larger than normal high turtle neck collar that was very stretchy, once on Alexis pulled the neck of the catsuit up over the neck of her open faced latex hood, Alexis then once the catsuit was completely on then pushed the dildo into Julie’s well lubricated cunt, pushing the ribbed vaginal sheath in place, “UunH, OHh!” Julie grunted as she felt the hardness of the dildo enter her with the ribbed rubber sheath stretched over it, “UunHhh..” she grunted again as her vaginal lips slipped over and into the molded lips of the latex catsuit, it was a strange feeling, but it felt good, Alexis carefully pulled the dildo out of Julie’s now rubberized pussy leaving the ribbed sheath deep within her.

Alexis brought over to Julie a pair of black latex high cut at the sides bikini briefs, they had silver rivets around the high cut leg bands and around the waist band that were spaced half an inch apart all the way around. Alexis helped her slip them on, the latex bikini briefs felt good against her latex encased sex. The next item she brought over to Julie was a pair of thigh high rubber boots with five inch heels, she unzipped them and slipped Julie’s feet into them one at a time and zipped them up nice and tight, the tightness felt good against Julie’s latex covered legs, her whole body felt great, she touched herself all over her latex covered body with her gloved hands, she felt like she would have an orgasm just wearing it, she clenched her vaginal lips within the latex lips of her catsuit and felt a shudder of pleasure, she moaned.

Julie stood up and looked down at her sexy latex clad body touching herself all over, she looked at Alexis who said, “It’s yours to keep,” Julie stared at her with disbelief, “Just think of it as a bonus, you certainly earned it today, while you two were having fun in the window, lots of people came in and bought lots of stuff.” Julie looked at Cynthia who was still in her half of the Siamese twin catsuit passed out on the rubber mattress, “What about her?” she asked, “I think she already got her bonus,” Alexis answered. 

Alexis and Julie left Cynthia with the wash basin and the cart of towels as they left the dungeon and went back into the shop, a hot, well deserved pizza was waiting for them on the front counter.


The story continues in
Part Four - Cynthia & Julie's Date


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