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The Latex Dungeon pt 2

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; cons; X

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The Latex Dungeon
Part Two - Julie's First Day


Julie woke up from a long restful sleep, it had been two days since the Mistress, (her new lover and employer) had her shackled to the dungeon wall. “Two days,” Julie groaned as she knocked the still ringing alarm clock off of the night side table onto the floor, “Two days...Uuhh! legs still feel like jelly,” Julie reached down between her leg and massaged her still a little sore pussy, the thought of how being shackled to the sex machine while it relentlessly rammed the attached studded dildo inside the latex catsuit that the Mistress had her put into was still fresh in her mind, as she reached beside her on the bed and grabbed the six inch ribbed vibrator, she looked at it and said, “you my friend are going to get a vacation for a while.” Julie put the vibrator back into the drawer of the night side table, she had been unable to use it last night, her poor pussy was just too sore from the hour long fucking she had received at the hands of the sex machine, she in a small way cursed the Mistress for that but she had to admit to herself it was the best fuck she had ever had.

Julie swung her feet off of the bed and got up and walked to the kitchen to make her morning coffee, “this is what I need.” she said as she slipped the coffee and filter holder into the coffee maker. After her morning aerobic workout and a long hot bath, Julie headed back into the kitchen for a light breakfast, which for her on most days consisted of a Grapefruit with sweet and low and a couple of cups of coffee. Julie was always watching her weight, not that she needed to, she was tall and slender, curved in all the right places, her aerobics were probably more than enough, but it was force of habit I guess.

Julie returned to the bedroom to get dressed for her new job at the fetish shop, she was looking forward to being with her Mistress again, the thought of one of the Mistress’s deep wet passionate kisses was beginning to make her excited, “I had better stop thinking like that,” she said, “Or I’ll never get dressed.” Julie opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a new package of opaque black tights, she opened the package and pulled out the fine black fabric, Julie loved the feel of a new pair of tights, she loved the way her legs looked in them to, she had been thinking what she should wear to her new job, she really wasn’t sure what to wear, only that it should be sexy she thought, after all it is a fetish shop. Julie slipped her feet one at a time into the silky black tights, she carefully worked the fine web-like fabric up her long slender shapely legs to her hips and finally her perfect waist, she bent over with her legs straight and with both hands smoothed each leg from her ankles to her thighs. Julie wasn’t wearing any panties, she loved the way tights felt against her naked sex, “besides she thought to herself... what if my Mistress should want to feel me up... damned panties in the way would be such a bother, unlike the fine mesh of just the tights.” Julie often wore her tights in this manor; it made her feel naughty walking around in public knowing that she was not wearing any underwear.

Once when Julie was feeling really naughty and horny, she had gone shopping with a skin tight pair of jeans on, they were the kind of jeans that have a zipper that runs right through the crotch and can completely be separated into two halves, she had put on a pair of pantyhose and then she had put on the skin tight zipper jeans, she had then taken her vibrator, lubed it up with K-Y Jelly and inserted it into her pussy, pulled up her pantyhose and her zipper jeans nice and tight and zipped them closed, she had then looped around her waist a good shinny metal chain which she had used for a belt, she took a small brass padlock and locked the top of the zipper to the chain so as to prevent the zipper from being undone, she had then deliberately left the key at home while she went out shopping with this vibrator trapped deep inside her wet pussy, she had spent the day deliberately riding buses and subways that she knew to be bumpy , she spent the whole day pleasuring herself with this and other methods. It had pleased Julie immensely that no one knew what she was wearing and no one could hear the faint muffled sound of the vibrator over the usual downtown noises, the only thing that bothered her that day was when the batteries finally died.

Julie stood in front of the full length mirror that occupied one of the bedroom walls, she was studying herself in the mirror trying to decide what to wear with her black pantyhose, she then reached for a few items of clothing that she had laid out on the back of a chair the night before. She slid into the first article of clothing which was a red form fitting wet-look spandex mini dress with long sleeves that fit tightly to her arms and that came to about eight inches above the knee, she finished it off with a shinny chain link belt that hung nicely from her hips. Julie reached under the chair and pulled out a pair of red wet-look patent leather four inch high heels which she slipped her stockinged feet into and then buckled the half inch wide strap around each of her slender ankles.

Julie stood up straight with her long slender stockinged legs slightly apart and looked at the finished product in the mirror and said, “Good enough to eat... or at least I hope my mistress thinks so.”

Julie selected a sleek black, full length wet-look rain coat out of her front hall way closet and put it on, as the weather looked like it might rain, she thought about taking her car into work, but had remembered that it was hard to find parking in that part of town, so she elected to take the subway instead. Julie grabbed her purse from the a small table beside the door, she opened it and checked to make sure she had everything, she was about to close it when she remembered that she had better take an extra pair of pantyhose in case the ones she was wearing should develop a run in them during the day, she grabbed the new package of pantyhose from out of a shopping bag that was still in the hall way from the last time she had gone shopping and stuffed the package into her purse, she then looked at herself in the mirror and played quickly with her hair to make sure it was perfect, she leaned close to the mirror and with her lipstick and touched up her lips a little, she pressed her lips together to even out the lipstick, satisfied that they were just the right shade of red she put her lipstick back into her purse and closed it.

When Julie finally arrived at the fetish shop it was about a little after nine “O” clock, she was told by her Mistress that the store did not open until eleven “O” clock, but that she had to be there shortly after nine, which it now was. Julie walked up to the door, she wondered if it would be locked or not, as the closed sign was still in the door window, when she got to the door she noticed a small note addressed to her taped to the glass, she plucked it off of the door, the note said,
The door is unlocked please come
In and lock the door behind you, I
should be there to greet you, if not
coffee is made, help yourself.
Love and Kisses:
At the bottom of the note was a red lipstick mark where the Mistress had kissed the note to finish it off, Julie smiled as she put the note into the pocket of her rain coat for safe keeping, she then turned the handle of the door and opened it, Julie was not surprised to see that not all of the lights in the store had not been turned on yet, probably so as passer-bys would not think they were open yet, it was Monday and the Mistress (Alexis) had told her that Mondays were pretty slow at the shop any ways.

Julie closed the door behind her and locked it as instructed by the Mistress’s note, she looked around the store which was to be her new work environment, Julie inhaled deeply the scent of rubber and leather with hints of perfume which permeated the air, she loved the smell, she walked over to one of the display racks which held the special latex catsuits just like the one her Mistress had her in when she was shackled to the dungeon wall, she picked up a sleeve of one of the catsuits and began to caress her cheek with the latex inhaling its scent as she did so.

“It’s quite stimulating ?”....”Isn’t it my love?” The Mistress’s voice startled Julie from behind, as she was playing with the intoxicating latex of the catsuit sleeve against her cheek, “O”, was just looking.....” Julie replied nervously, “that’s Ok....perhaps I will give you one as a gift.” The Mistress said in return, “You don’t have to call me Mistress when we are in the that for our play time Julie, after all we don’t want all of our customers to know our little secret now do we?” Julie smiled and looked at her boss Alexis as she stood in the doorway to the back room, she was completely dressed in latex, she was wearing a skintight latex catsuit with thigh high semi-gloss rubber  boots, with five-inch heels  on. The boots were zipped up nice and tight, they fit beautifully to the Mistresses long shapely legs, she was also wearing a kind of body harness that was made from black leather straps and shinny metal rings of about two different sizes, the leather straps were about an inch and a half wide, one went around her waist and was buckled at the front, two more went around her upper body one above and one below her perfect breasts, Julie could not see how those two were fastened, but assumed it was probably at the back, at the front she could see that the three straps were connected by a single strap attached to the one inch shinny metal rings, the strap formed a straight line down the center of her perfect rubber clad body, separated only by the metal rings which linked the vertical strap to the horizontal ones, the center strap ran right down her front, connected to a wide strap that went  around her neck, the center strap then ran  between her breasts down across her tummy and through the Mistresses crotch which Julie assumed was buckled tightly at the back, there were a few smaller straps arranged in a circle and attached together by small half inch metal rings around her breasts these straps branched off of two large metal rings about two inches in diameter, each of the two larger rings was positioned by the connecting straps perfectly and tightly over each of her rubber breast cups, Julie could see how each of her nipples were fitted inside the catsuit, into perfectly molded breast cups, each with a molded place for each nipple, each one of the two inch metal rings fit over each of her nipples and was held down by the leather straps forcing each of her rubber clad nipples to poke through the rings while the other straps lifted and separated her breasts perfectly. Julie could also see that the Mistress was wearing a belt around her waist, attached to the belt in a small slender leather holster containing a red six-inch plastic dildo or vibrator. Standing in the doorway in her rubber catsuit and body harness with her breasts poised provocatively and her rubber nipples sticking out of the metal rings, wearing this dildo in a holster on her belt, Julie thought that she looked like some kind of perverted western gun slinger challenging anyone to defy her lest she fuck them into submission with her dildo weapon, Julie could not help but be turned on by the beautiful rubber doll before her, she could feel herself getting wet.

“What do you think of my outfit?” The Mistress asked. “You look hot.” Julie replied, The Mistress was standing in the doorway with her latexed hands on her hips, she put her hands above her head and stretched and then turned around with her back towards Julie and wiggled her tight latexed ass at Julie, “Would you like to fuck me?” she asked as she turned back around to face Julie, Julie could think of nothing else since the first day they met, “Oh would I .” she said as the Mistress walked up to her, The Mistress grabbed Julie by the back of her hair and pulled her head back as she began to give Julie deep wet kisses, Julie moaned as the Mistress began to rub her wet pussy through the fine mesh of her pantyhose, she was so wet from admiring the Mistress in her skin tight latex catsuit and bondage like body harness that the Mistress’s latexed fingers and pantyhose easily entered her, under the Mistress’s hot wet kisses and probing latexed fingers Julie’s moans of ecstasy quickly turned into grunts as the Mistress began to fuck her harder with her fingers.

She was now fast approaching an orgasm, the thought of the mistress’s tight latex body close to hers was more than she could take, she reached out with her hand and grabbed the dildo from the mistresses belt, she moaned and grunted as she with one hand unbuckled the leather strap that ran between her latexed legs, she grabbed the dildo from her other hand and discovered that it was indeed a vibrator, she turned it on and began to massage it into the mistress’s tight latex covered crotch, the Mistress moaned, “My we are naughty so early in the morning.... aren’t we?...UUMmmmm.....” she moaned as she continued to ram Julie’s wet pantyhose stretched over her latexed fingers deeper into her wet cunt, before long both women were down on the floor of the shop fucking each other silly, Julie now had the latex of the Mistress’s catsuit stretched tightly over the vibrator as she was ramming it in and out of her hot wet cunt, the latex offering no protection against the constant thrusting of the vibrating invader that was penetrating deep inside her, the Mistress was pumping her latexed and panty hosed fingers relentlessly into Julie’s wet cunt, Julie was on top of the Mistress thrusting her with the hard vibrating cock, her latex and rubber booted legs writhed in ecstasy as she rotated and thrust her pelvis at the vibrating cock, her hand down between Julie’s legs thrusting at her soaking pussy as well, both women suddenly screamed as they orgasmed together, “I’m Ccuumming!” The Mistress cried, “Mee TOOooo....UunHhh...!” Julie cried, she collapsed onto the Mistress who was lying on the floor with her legs spread open, the mistress wrapped her legs around Julie’s stockinged legs and  her arms around her waist she embraced her as they calmly kissed one another, “God you’re sexy!” Julie said. A short moment passed and Julie added “If this keeps up I’ll need a new pair of tights before this day is out.” “Hhuummm....” Alexis purred in return.

It was at least an hour to go until the store opened and Alexis said to Julie, “I should show you around the store so you will know your way around.” she pointed towards a door next to the fitting room and said, “That leads to the’re already familiar with that.” as she smiled at Julie, “back here is where our showroom for our bondage toys and furniture is kept...we get a lot of requests for specialized items, most of which have to be custom made, a lot of our customers are very rich and can afford to request some pretty strange things... I have a company in Germany that I use for such things, they’re very good.” 

As they entered the room Alexis said to Julie, “I suppose I should warn you some of the things might shock you.” 
“I think I’ve seen it all after that sex machine of yours.” Replied Julie.
“Uumm...I suppose you have at that my love.” Alexis led Julie down a short row of weird and exotic looking furniture and devices, they came to a large contraption which resembled a large strange looking bed inclined at about a forty five degree angle, it was a large black rubber bed covered in rubber round pointed spikes, each one about two to three inches in height and about an inch and a half wide at the base, the bed was held at its incline by a large metal framework of beautifully crafted metal, Julie thought that it might have been designed by the same mastermind who created the sex machine, the look was very similar, shackled spread eagle to the bed was a woman wearing a latex catsuit similar to the Mistresses only this one had a formidable dildo attached to the crotch. “Julie I would like you to meet Cynthia.” The latex clad woman looked at Julie and tried to say hello but the inflatable gag strapped firmly into her mouth made it sound funny. 

“I like to try things out to make sure they work properly before I deliver them to the customer, and I thought that you might want to help me with this one.” Julie looked at Alexis, not sure of what to say, she looked at the strange contraption examining it all over, she noticed that the dildo attached to Cynthia’s latex catsuit was also attached to a hinge-like device that was centered about four inches below the women’s crotch, the dildo had a pronounced bend to it resembling a banana shape, the hinge-like arrangement reminded Julie of a  “see-saw”, the women’s latexed arms and legs were held firmly to the spiky rubber bed by thick metal clamps that were welded to the metal framework, Julie continued to watch the woman noticing that her ankles were squirmed in their metal enclosures, she could see that the women’s feet were wearing six inch high heels that were attached seamlessly as part of her latex catsuit, she noticed that she seemed to be trying to thrust herself onto the dildo in order to give herself an orgasm, but could not get the necessary movement, Julie noticed her sweet endeavors were prevented by two large bands of metal that held her thighs firmly to the bed up close to her crotch while a similar band secured her waist, the cruel contraption would only allow her the slightest of movement in her pelvic area, another band of metal ran across her breasts, this one had two molded holes one for each breast, the breast shackle lifted and separated her latex covered breasts and held her to the bed tightly, by now Julie had figured out that the only way for the woman to have an orgasm would be for someone to manipulate the dildo attached to her latex catsuit.

Julie looked at the Mistress and said, “What do you want me to do?” “Oh ...not much, all you have to do is get up on top of her and hump her dildo... and let it happen.” Alexis said, “Here I’ll help you up.” the Mistress helped Julie up onto the spiky rubber bed, Julie positioned herself on top of the dildo, the crotch of her pantyhose was still wet from the fingering Alexis had given to her. Before she could do anything Alexis had grabbed Julie’s ankle and shackled it to the bed and had already grabbed her other ankle, she squirmed but the Mistress had already secured her other ankle into the shackle, she pushed a button on the side of the machine and a motor started the bed moving into a horizontal position, she grabbed Julie by the wrists and shackled each one above her head, Julie was now as helpless as the woman in latex under her, she was also shackled spread eagle on top of the other woman  while the attached dildo pressed at her soaked stocking covered pussy. The Mistress while still at the head of the bed bent over and began to remove Cynthia’s inflatable gag, she opened the valve on the small black rubber hand pump and undid the strap at the back of her head, she pulled the limp rubber gag from her mouth, “there... now you will be able to kiss her.” she said to Julie.

The Mistress walked back around to the front of the strange bed-like contraption, the sound of her high heeled rubber boots clicking on the floor accompanied only by the moaning of Cynthia’s voice at finally being able to talk, she pleaded to Julie, “Fuck me, please fuck me .... make me cum.” as she tried to stretch her neck forward in an attempt to kiss Julie, only to be prevented by her bonds and her head fell back onto the spiky rubber headrest.
“Now lets see if this thing does what its supposed to do shall we.” the mistress said “You see the customer in this case wants this for his two slaves, he wishes one to be somewhat immobile inside of her rubber catsuit  while a dildo, attached to the inside of the catsuit is controlled by the same dildo on the outside of the catsuit by another woman who has complete movement and control of her pelvic area leaving the other woman completely at her mercy... sounds like fun?”

The Mistress pressed another button and the bed moved back to its original forty-five degree angle, she then walked behind Julie and said, “You’re going to love this.” She grabbed the bottom of Julie’s red spandex dress and pulled it up around her waist, she then reached between Julie’s spread open legs, the mistress could see the dildo pushing at Julie’s wet stocking covered pussy, she grabbed her pantyhose with both of her latexed hands and ripped them open. 
“UUnnHhh.. Not MY NEW TIGHTS!” Julie cried, the Mistress then began to rub KY jelly all over Julie’s now exposed cunt and she started to stroke the lubricant all over the outer dildo. Without  her pantyhose in the way the well-lubricated cock parted her lips and slid deep inside her, “UUunnhh!” Julie grunted as the dildo slid home, the woman under her grunted to as the dildo moved for her as well, “Fuck me she cried, Fuck me, I want to cum!” Julie began grinding onto the dildo forcing the pivot point to send the dildo pumping in and out of Cynthia’s hot wet cunt, Cynthia could not move so she pleaded for Julie to fuck her faster, “Faster, faster....Fuck me...UUunnhh....Oohh...YES, FUCK ME!” Julie continued to fuck the woman with their double dildo, she was so turned on at having complete control over the woman, she could either give her the orgasm she longed for or she could make her suffer in sweet torment bringing her close to an orgasm and then at the last minute deprive her of it , she started to kiss Cynthia passionately as she rotated her hip and thrust herself onto the dildo causing it to ram the helpless woman in and out, feeling her own approaching orgasm she slowed down, she wanted this to last forever, the other poor woman had been shackled to the spiky bed for much longer and had been trying unsuccessfully to give herself an orgasm, the Mistress had been tormenting her for hours, she would come up to her and play with the dildo for a while and sensing she was close suddenly stop. July did not know this however and could only think of her own pleasure.

Cynthia cursed as she was robbed again of an approaching orgasm, “Fuck me...Fuck me!” she cried, “Fuck me in half!” Julie started to fuck herself onto the dildo again, rotating her hips wildly, she pumped faster and faster as the double dildo slammed between her ripped open pantyhose, ramming her deep inside, she was determined to give them both the best orgasm she could, harder she thrust, she looked down between her legs to the crotch of the other woman, she could see the dildo stretching the rubber of her tight latex catsuit as it slammed in and out, her moans of pleasure ringing in her ears, she could see her slender latexed ankles writhing in her metal shackles, the sight was bringing herself to her own sweet orgasm, she thrust faster and faster pausing momentarily to rotate onto the dildo causing it to stir around inside the other women’s cunt. 

“UUunnHH,UunH!” she grunted as it sent waves of sweet pleasure throughout her entire body, Cynthia’s latex covered head began whipping up and down, her long hair pulled through the rubber cone at the top of her open faced latex hood was flying around wildly as she was desperately trying to get some movement out of her own trapped body, Julie  started thrusting again knowing they were both very close, she caught the other women’s thrashing head on side of her exposed sweating face with her lips and started kissing her, moving to her open panting and groaning mouth, she was giving her deep wet kisses, her high heels and latexed ankles were writhing under the thick metal clamps that held them firmly to the spiky rubber bed, her latex covered breasts were heaving under their metal shackle, Julie could see each of her nipples fully erect filling the molded places for them in her latex catsuit and wished she could reach them with her mouth or even one hand but her position prevented her from doing so, she only had control of the women’s lips and her cunt. Julie continued to pump and stir the double dildo forcing it in and out of the helpless women’s hot wet cunt, she kissed her moaning and grunting mouth slipping her tongue deep inside her, Cynthia responded with the same passionate kisses, her orgasm finally approaching. 

The Mistress had been watching the whole time from a bondage chair across from the two women, she was sitting with her long latexed legs up in stirrups that were attached to the chair and she was playing with herself with the vibrator from her belt holster, she watched as the two women writhed in ecstasy. Julie thrust the dildo in and out, waves of pleasure flowed over her entire body as she watched the reactions of the other woman, she watched as the women’s latexed legs tensed up,  her ankles stopped writhing in the shackles, her feet pointed straight and her fists unclenched  as she stretched her latexed fingers out, her neck stretched away from Julie’s kisses as her head tilted far back she screamed “AAaaHHhh...UUnhhh!.....” both women screamed at the same time, Julie collapsed exhausted onto the other woman and said, “I had better get a raise for this!”
After a few moments the Mistress came over to the two women, Julie was still laying exhausted on top of the other woman who was even more spent, the two women heard her high heels clicking on the floor as she approached, “Well...that was exhilarating, I would have to say that this one is ready for the customer, wouldn’t you agree girls?” She said, the two women both moaned satisfactorily, the dildo still deep inside of them.

Alexis pressed the button on the side of the machine causing it to move back into a horizontal position, she then began to undo the shackles that held Julie’s ankles, she hinged them open and grabbed her stockinged ankles one at a time and helped them out of the shackles, she then moved to the head of the bed and began to remove the shackles that held her wrists, Julie was now free to get off of the bed, she grunted as she pulled herself off of the large rubber dildo, Cynthia grunted at the movement as well, the latex of her catsuit still holding the double dildo firmly up her cunt. Julie in a kneeling position with her arms and legs on either side of Cynthia’s latex catsuited body the Mistress leaned in and kissed Julie and said, “Did you have fun?”  “Uummmm....” was all Julie said in return, she then from her kneeling position over top of Cynthia bent down and gave her a kiss as well, she noticed that the Mistress was not removing her shackles, “What about her?” Julie said, “Oh she’s being punished for not showing up for work on time! If she’s not careful I’ll use her as a window display.” The Mistress said.
“I had better make sure I’m never late!” Julie replied, “Oh I wish you would at least once!” the Mistress commented.

The Mistress escorted Julie out of the bondage furniture showroom and back into the main storefront. Julie asked the Mistress, “Do you mind if I use the fitting room to change my tights?” Alexis smiled at her and said, “Not at all, but I have something even more delicious for you to wear for me.” Julie was beginning to wonder what she had in mind now. Alexis reached behind the front counter and produced a package, she handed it to Julie and said. “I think you would look absolutely yummy in this.” “What is it?” Julie replied. “Oh just something I picked out for you this morning...I think you will like it.” 
“But how do you know it will fit me?” Julie said. “When you’ve been in this business for a while you get pretty good at judging sizes, besides you’re about the same size and build as I am, and it’ll stretch.”
Julie entered the small fitting room and closed the door behind her, she placed the package down on top of a black leather padded bench and then began to undress, she put her leg up and the tip of her red patent leather high heeled shoe onto the leather bench and undid the strap from around her slender ankle, she slipped her black stockinged foot out of the shoe and repeated with the other foot, she then began to peel her ripped pantyhose off of her body, she slid them off her long shapely legs and tossed them into a small trash can in the corner next to the leather bench, she then began to peel her red spandex mini dress off, soon Julie was buck naked, she looked at herself in the full length mirror and said to herself quietly, ”So ... what’s in the bag?”

Julie reached down and opened the brown paper package that the Mistress had given her, she looked inside of the bag, she could see a large bundle of black folded rubber nestled neatly in the bag. She reached into the bag and pulled out the first article of clothing, it was a nice pair of latex pantyhose, she examined them and discovered that the shinny black rubber pantyhose had a sheath with fine studs all over the shaft positioned right were her cunt would be, there was molded rubber lips that her own cunt lips were to fit into and then the studded sheath would be inserted into her pussy, she thought to herself, “I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into?” The next article of clothing was a small pair of black latex panties to be slipped on over top of the latex “Fuck Me” pantyhose, she laid them besides the latex pantyhose and then pulled the next item out of the bag, it was a black latex mini dress very similar to her red spandex dress, she also pulled out a pair of long shoulder length latex gloves, at the bottom of the bag was a pair of rubber matt finish five inch high heels with one and a half inch wide thick rubber straps that were made to be padlocked around the ankle, Julie pulled the two small but strong brass padlocks out of the bag and laid them beside the rubber high heels, there were no keys for the locks but they were unlocked anyway. Julie pulled the last two items out of the bag, they were leather bondage bracelets that had a large “D” ring attached to each one and a large shinny buckle to fasten the two inch wide bracelets around each of her wrists, she placed them both next to her new wardrobe of clothes.

Julie stared for a moment at the collection of rubber items on the leather bench before her. Attached to the bag was a note from Alexis, the note read:
Here are some instructions on how to put these items on, 
just in case you have never put latex on before.
Love: Alexis

The note had another red lipstick kiss mark on it just under where she had signed it, and a list of simple instructions followed. Julie picked up the container of talcum powder and began to dust the inside of the garments and then her body as instructed, she rolled the latex pantyhose down to the toes and slipped her feet in one at a time, she then carefully worked the latex up her legs smoothing out any wrinkles as she went along, once she had the latex pantyhose almost all of the way up she grabbed a small bottle of KY jelly and smeared it all over the vaginal sheath and inserted it deep into her wet cunt making sure that her own vaginal lips fit perfectly into the molded latex lips, she pulled the black latex pantyhose all of the rest of the way on, smoothing them over her hips, she then took the small black latex panties and slipped them on over top of her latex pantyhose and pulled them snugly into place. She slipped the black latex mini dress over her head and carefully pulled it down, working her arms into the tight sleeves, she pulled it down over her latex pantyhose and smoothed out any wrinkles, she then slipped into the shoulder length latex gloves and pulled them on nice and tight, she slipped her latexed feet into the rubber high heels and fastened the thick rubber straps around her slender ankles and locked them tightly closed with the two brass padlocks, finally she put on the leather bondage bracelets and then began to polish the latex with a bottle of wet look latex polish and a cloth that was already in the room. 

Once Julie was finished she looked at herself in the full length mirror and touched up her hair and makeup, she looked at herself and knew that the Mistress would be pleased, she looked stunning, she was fast beginning to understand the appeal of this pervy fabric, she couldn’t remember when she had looked so good or felt so good, just looking at herself was making her horny. Julie came out of the fitting room and walked up to where Alexis had been waiting for her, “So how does it fit Julie?” she asked, “Very nicely.” Julie replied, she walked up to Alexis who grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to her and gave her a kiss, “Well you certainly look as yummy as I thought you would.” Julie smiled at her, “So are you nervous about your first day? I wouldn’t worry it should be really slow today, actually its slow most days, we make most of our money from special orders, the store is more of a front for that... and my personal hobby, its easy work and I’m sure you will do fine, we get some weird people in here from time to time, just smile nice, be polite and don’t get too personal with them, they usually are just in here to look anyway, when you ask them if you can help them they usually leave on there own.”

About two hours after the store had been open Alexis said to Julie, “Watch the front for a moment won’t you my love, I think I will go and get Cynthia.... I think she’s been punished enough for now, I’ll be back in a moment, ok.” “I’ll bet she’s been trying to give herself an orgasm.” Julie said. “Maybe I’ll give it to her.” The Mistress replied as she closed the door to the bondage furniture showroom behind her. 
About ten minutes had passed since the Mistress had went to go and get Cynthia, suddenly Julie could hear Cynthia’s voice grunting and moaning faintly from the showroom, she looked around the store and at the door and said to herself, “Boy it’s a good thing no customers are here.” Julie could tell what was going on just by the sound, she listened as Cynthia reached her orgasm and screamed with delight, the sounds were making her horny, she felt like ripping one of the vibrators out of there packages and doing herself right there in the store, but considering that anyone could come in at any moment she didn’t dare.
A moment latter the Mistress and Cynthia came through the door together, Alexis swatted her on her tight latex covered butt and said, “Now make sure you aren’t late tomorrow, or it will be more of the same for you!” Alexis walked back over to Julie’s side. “That’s a bit of an unusual punishment for being late for work isn’t it?” Julie asked. “Oh she’s late every day, I think she does it deliberately...It’s kind of a game... she loves it.” Alexis said. “But I wasn’t late this morning and you put me on that machine.” Julie pouted, “Ah but I let you off afterwards and I didn’t tease you for two hours beforehand and then keep you on it all morning now did I?” Alexis smiled slyly at Julie. “Hum, I suppose you didn’t.” Julie said. “Just come in late and I will, or maybe I’ll put you on the sex machine in my Dungeon again.” Alexis said in return. “Boy you give sexual harassment in the work place a new name!” They both laughed and giggled at Julie’s little joke.

“Its almost lunch time.” Alexis said to Cynthia and Julie, “Do you want to go to the usual place or order in?” she said to Cynthia who was busy putting out a new display of rubber dildos and vibrators from a cardboard box she had sitting on the floor in front of the display stand. “I wouldn’t mind going out, I need to stretch my legs after what you did to me this morning, besides I think Julie would like where we usually go for lunch. She said. Julie smiled sheepishly at the Mistress. “We usually like to close the shop for lunch, there’s a nice little cafe just down the block, it’s about five minutes walk from here, interested?” She said to Julie, “Shouldn’t we change first?” Julie asked. “No, its one of those kind of places were you can pretty much wear what you like, most of the people you see there dress strangely or very casual, we won’t look out of place. The foods great you’ll love it, just don’t drink to much, latex is a real bitch to get back on once you’ve sweated in it.” All three women laughed.

The last couple of customers left the store, Alexis turned the “WE’RE OPEN” sign around and walked to the back room to get her rain coat, she came back a few moments latter with Julie’s and Cynthia’s rain coats as well. “Ready to go girls?” she said as she handed them their coats, “Just gotta grab my purse.” Julie said and she quickly went to the back room to get it, she returned with her purse and a plastic container of talcum powder. “Just in case.” she said to Alexis and Cynthia, they all giggled as they left the store and locked the door behind them. The weather all day had been threatening to rain but it was only very cloudy as the three women walked down the street towards the cafe, they were laughing at little jokes and things they had done to one another all morning, laughing even more every time Alexis threatened to spank them after every joke.

Once they were at the cafe and seated at a table the three women engaged in light conversation. Julie asked Alexis, “How long have you known Cynthia?” “About three years now isn’t it?” She said to Cynthia, “Lets see...umm, I got fired as a waitress in May...yeah about three years I would say.” She answered, “I like working for Alexis much better than that other job,” She continued, “My RAT BASTARD boss kept trying to get into my pants, I wouldn’t let him, so he fired me, I was upset  and I was passing by Alexis’s shop and She was heading out for lunch and she saw me and asked if I was alright, and she asked me if I wanted to go for lunch with her and talk, she took me to this very place, I think she was even wearing a similar kind of catsuit, we talked a while and she hired me right on the spot, we’ve been pretty close ever since then, she’s a great friend, and she’s kinky as all hell.” They all laughed. “How did you get into latex and the business?” Julie asked Alexis, “I hate to say it,” she said, “it sounds like such a cliché, but I inherited the store from the proverbial rich dead uncle.” “But how did you get into latex?” Julie asked, “I’m not sure really, its just always been there, some people think you get it from something that happened to you as a child, I don’t believe that, I think its something you’re just born with, some people get into it because they like the way it looks, with others its different I suppose, I like the way it feels and I’m a bit of a control freak, although I do like to be dominated from time to time.” Alexis answered.

Julie was beginning to understand her new lover a lot better, it seamed to be a package deal, with the Mistress she got Cynthia as well. Alexis and Cynthia didn’t seem to be romantically involved but they obviously had a sexual relationship. Julie didn’t mind sharing her with Cynthia, in fact having her with Alexis was fun, and she enjoyed pleasuring Cynthia on the bondage bed. She thought that it would be fun with the other woman she had met in the store as well, and she wondered what had happened to her, The Mistress had said she was leaving and that was one of the reasons that she had hired Julie.
“What happened to the other girl?” Julie asked, “You mean “LEGS?” She’s taking a vacation, visiting a friend.” Alexis said. “Does that mean I’m only hired temporarily until she returns?” Julie sounded worried. “Oh no,” Alexis responded, “I would never do that to you, you’re here for as long as you want to be, I’d have to be a real BITCH to do something like that.” She said. “How come you call her “LEGS?” Julie asked. “Well her name’s Michelle, but we call her Legs because when she first came to work for me four years ago she would always wear new and different tights and pantyhose, all kinds of colors and patterns, I would wonder sometimes where she always got them from, so we started calling her Legs.” Alexis explained. “She did say before she left on her vacation that she was looking forward to coming back, she said she really liked you and figured we’d all have more fun once she returned.” Alexis added.

The three women ate their lunch and continued talking, before long an hour had passed and it was time to head back to the shop. Alexis paid for their lunches and they put their rain coats on and left the cafe. On the way back to the shop Alexis said to Julie, “What are you doing after work, if you’re not busy I was wondering if you would like to do something after.” “I’d love to.” Julie said. “Perhaps you can come up to my apartment and we can have some fun and then maybe go out later.” Alexis said.

Back at the shop the afternoon was moving along nicely, Julie was keeping busy helping Alexis with some minor inventory and she helped Cynthia put out the dildos onto the display stand. She could not help but notice that Alexis was sneaking peeks at her now and again, Julie was also watching Alexis every time she wasn’t looking, when ever she would bend over to pick something up or stretch herself to put something on a high shelf she would watch her long slender latex covered body, she loved the way her breast looked with her arms stretched above her head, the way her leather body harness held her tits and made her latex covered nipples stick out of the metal rings, some times they would pass each other and grab one another and kiss.

Closing time came quickly and the three women started to put things away and prepare to close the shop, Cynthia grabbed her purse and rain coat and kissed Alexis goodbye, “Same time tomorrow?” She said, “Just don’t be late or tomorrow I will use you for a window display!” Alexis said firmly, “Umm... sounds like fun.” Cynthia purred, she gave Julie a hug and a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Maybe she’ll use us both as a window display, if were both late.” Julie giggled and kissed her in return, “What was that about?” Alexis asked, “Oh nootthhiinng.” Cynthia sang as she left the shop and closed the door behind her. “Are you keeping secrets from me already?” Alexis asked, “She really does come in late deliberately, doesn’t she?” Julie said.

“You know I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you all day.” Alexis said, “You look so yummy in that outfit I picked out for you.” She continued, “You look great in latex.” “You too.” Julie responded. “So where do you live?” She asked. “Right above us.” Alexis said as she pointed a latex covered finger to the ceiling, “Its very convenient, although the way they designed this building is kind of strange, there are no stairs leading to my apartment from the shop, we have to go out the back into the alley way, there’s a set of stairs out there that leads up to my place.” “That’s different.” Julie said. “I’ll just lock the door and we will go, OK.” Alexis said.

After turning out the lights and locking up the shop Julie and Alexis exited the back of the shop and entered the ally way, it was about six  O’clock and it was only just beginning to get dark out, “I love this time of evening.” Alexis said to Julie. The stairs that lead to Alexis’s apartment above the fetish shop were right next to the door that lead to the ally, Alexis took her keys and closed the door to the shop behind her, she closed a large bar on a hinge over the closed door and locked it. “There, all locked up tight for the night.” The two women in latex climbed the black wrought iron stairs to Alexis’s apartment, Julie followed behind Alexis, she watched her black rubber high heeled boots peeking out from under her rain coat as she climbed the stairs. She wondered what her place would look like, she imagined all kinds of strange bondage and erotic torture equipment every were, although she wondered about that, all of the customers who had come into the shop today had all seemed pretty normal, people from all walks of life, each with different tastes in the kind of fetish things they liked, but they were all normal, it had really surprised Julie to learn this, she had always been under the impression that those kinds of people were not normal, even herself when she first started to have fantasies about other women she thought that there was something wrong with herself, but after her experiences with the Mistress and working her first day in the fetish shop, she no longer felt that kind of insecurity about her sexual preferences or her fantasies.

The two women neared the top of the stairs, Alexis’s keys jingled as she got her key ready to unlock the door to her apartment, “Well here we are, I hope you like it.” She said as she opened the door and let Julie in. “There’s a light switch on the wall to your right.” She said to Julie as she took off her rain coat. “Can I take your coat?” She asked. Julie found the light switch and turned it on and then she took off her rain coat and handed it to Alexis who had just finished putting hers on a black lacquer coat rack just inside of the hallway, she took Julie’s coat and placed it beside her own.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Alexis said. Julie looked around the large apartment, Alexis had beautiful contemporary furniture, everything was very modern, she had a few pieces of art that were latex fetish related, one in particular that caught Julie’s attention was a two and a half foot tall sculpture of a woman wearing a latex catsuit and high heeled boots, she was standing with her hands on her hips with her legs slightly spread apart, the figure was gorgeous, the women’s body was perfect, at the foot of the woman was a naked man kneeling on all fours, Julie could see he was kissing the women’s toe of her high heeled boot. “What do you think of it?” Alexis asked. “Its gorgeous, it has a very strong quality to it, it makes the woman seem powerful,” Looking at the sculpture a question suddenly came to Julie’s mind, “Did you date any men?” She asked. 
“A couple of times, I stopped shortly after I inherited the fetish shop, I never seemed to have much luck with any of them, the last guy I lived with for about a year but he eventually split.” “What happened?” Julie asked. “I loved him in the beginning but he tried to beat on me one night.” “Oh god, what did you do?” Julie asked. “As it turns out he couldn’t take what he could dish out, he hit me and I grabbed him by the balls and squeezed until tears appeared in his eyes and I said if he ever laid a hand on me again I would cut his nuts off in his sleep, two days later he split, how about you, any men in your life?” 
“Not really any since I left high school, a few blind dates mostly disasters.” Julie answered. 

Alexis came up beside Julie and gave her a glass of wine, “Here, let me show you around.” She took Julie by the hand and gave her a kiss, she pulled her over to a large oil painting that hung on the wall behind a large luxurious red latex couch, the painting was of a women’s torso from the top of her thighs to just above her breasts the figure was covered in a tight latex catsuit, the breasts of the woman had hoses coming from her nipples that lead off the edge of the picture presumably attaching to something that was outside of the frame of reference, it reminded her instantly of the sex machine, at the crotch of the women’s catsuit Julie could see that the woman had a rubber ring molded to it, the thought of a dildo entered her mind, the ring must be to manipulate the dildo she thought to herself. “I got this in London’s Piccadilly Circus, there’s a guy I know does fetish art he gave it to me for my birthday.” Alexis said, “Its very sexy.” Julie commented as she studied the painting.

Alexis lead Julie down the hall, they passed a bathroom on the left, Julie looked in, it was huge and all done in white ceramic tile, she loved it, it was so clean and there was a large bath at the back wall big enough for four people at least. “That’s an incredible bathroom!” Julie exclaimed. “Its great for parties.” Alexis said. Further on down the hall Alexis stopped at a door near the end and motioned for Julie to enter, “And this is my bedroom.” Julie looked around the room, in the middle of the far wall was a large luxurious four posted bed, the bed had a large red latex mattress and matching latex sheets, attached to the four heavy posts were four large shinny metal rings and attached to the rings lying on the bed were four leather bondage shackles open and waiting for someone’s wrists and ankles to be placed into them. “So would you like to have some fun?” The Mistress said slyly to Julie.

The Mistress grabbed Julie with one arm and pulled her close to her and kissed her deeply, Julie returned her kisses, the Mistress maneuvered her over to the red latex bed and they both fell onto it kissing and playing with one another, before Julie knew it the Mistress had put her latexed wrists into the leather shackles and did them up tight, she slid down Julie’s  body kissing her on her latex covered breasts and kissed her tummy as she pulled up her tight latex mini dress revealing the latex panties that she was wearing over her latex fuck me pantyhose, she grabbed them at the waist and slid them off of her latex pantyhose and slid them down her long slender latex covered legs, she pulled them off of her one foot overtop of the rubber high heel shoe that was padlocked around her ankle, she left the latex panties hanging around Julie’s leg as she grabbed her ankle and fastened the leather bondage shackle around it, she bent down and kissed her latex covered leg and then grabbed her other ankle and shackled it to the bed as well, Julie was breathing hard with excitement, she was now shackled spread eagle to the Mistress’s bed, her rubber pussy lips exposed for the Mistress to do with as she pleased.

The Mistress got off of the bed and said to Julie, “You will now address me as your Mistress, anything else will not be tolerated and will result in punishment, I will return in a moment after I change into something more comfortable, don’t go anywhere.” she bent down over Julie and gave her a deep wet passionate kiss, and then she left the room.
Julie loved her, she was so kinky, she wondered what she was going to change into, what could be more comfortable than the latex catsuit she was wearing. About twenty minutes later the door opened and the Mistress came in, at first it looked to Julie like she hadn’t changed into anything different at all, she seemed to be wearing the same latex catsuit and then she noticed the difference, this catsuit had a formidable dildo molded to the crotch, it looked very similar to the one that the Mistress had Cynthia punished in this morning. 

The Mistress stood at the foot of the latex bed so as Julie could see her, she spread her long latex covered legs slightly apart and began to play with the gentle curve of the dildo, she started to stir it around, as she did she started to moan with ecstasy. Julie now knew that the dildo was just like the one Cynthia had in her catsuit, it was a double ended dildo. She watched the Mistress pleasuring herself with it as she stirred it around in wide circles, Julie was getting very exited watching her as she started to squirm on the bed as she got hornier. The Mistress dropped to her knees as she started pulling on the dildo, kneeling on the floor she parted her latex covered thighs and started pumping the dildo in and out of her hot wet cunt, her back arched as she thrust her hips back and forth as she jerked on the dildo faster.

Julie was watching the Mistress fuck herself in her latex catsuit with the built in dildo, she wanted her badly, she called to her, “Mistress come fuck me... come fuck me!” The Mistress slowly got up and came over to the bed and stood beside Julie, “How bad do you want me?” She said. “I want you to fuck me in half.” Julie pleaded to the mistress, “I want you to fuck me till I cum and keep on going till morning.” She continued.

The Mistress crawled onto the bed and positioned herself between Julie’s spread open shackled legs, she bent over her helpless and squirming body and started to kiss her passionately while playing with one of Julie’s erect nipples pressed under the tight latex of her black mini dress, Julie moaned at the Mistress’s touch. The Mistress reached for a bottle of KY Jelly, she knelt between Julie’s spread open latex covered legs and squirted a generous amount of the lubricant all over the latex vaginal lips of her fuck me pantyhose, she then began to stroke the slimy liquid all up and down the shaft of the formidable dildo attached to the crotch of her own latex catsuit. The Mistress moaned as the dildo moved around inside of her wet cunt as she stroked it up and down. 

Julie could feel the limp studded sheath of latex inside of her hot wet sex, her hips rotated as she longed for the Mistress to fill it with her large rubber cock, her pussy was now very sensitive from her aroused state. “Fuck me... Fuck me!” She pleaded. The Mistress positioned herself over Julie’s writhing and helpless body, she slid her dildo into Julie’s helpless cunt with a good forceful thrust of her pelvis, the lubed shaft slid in easily, “Uunnhhh!” Julie grunted as the dildo filled her, she could feel it stretching the latex of her studded vaginal sheath over the firm hard Mistress’s cock, the studs were now massaging the deep inside of her wet cunt, she moaned as the Mistress began to grind herself onto the double dildo they now both shared, she started kissing Julie passionately while thrusting the dildo in and out of her, Julie struggled against her shackles as she writhed with ecstasy at the Mistress’s forceful thrusts, “Uunnhh... Ohh FUuucckk....!” Julie screamed as the Mistress fucked her. The Mistress was moaning and grunting with delight as she continued fucking the helpless woman under her, the double dildo churning deep within her wet hot cunt. 

She loved being dominant in this way, having this huge cock at her disposal and having Julie shackled helplessly to the bed gave her a real sense of power. Julie’s back arched as much as her bondage would allow, she screamed with pleasure at the approach of an orgasm, “OHhh... UnnhhH!” she clenched her fists as the waves of pleasure flowed from her hot wet sex to the rest of her entire body, The Mistress continued thrusting the dildo between them moaning deeply as she did, Julie’s whole body shook as the orgasm flowed over her, “UUnnhHH...Ahh.. FfuuCkkK..!” Her whole body momentarily tensed up and then collapsed, her latex covered legs shook and then fell back to the bed. The Mistress was now very close to her own orgasm now she stopped slamming the dildo into Julie and began stirring it around grinding her hips onto the dildo a moment later she to screamed as her own orgasm took hold of her, she thrust her hips wildly, “UnnhhHH..Aahh.....OooHhh!” She screamed as she finally came. Julie grunted as the dildo jerked around wildly inside her sensitive hot cunt, the Mistress collapsed on top of her and kissed her wildly and passionately, “Oh... that was great!” She said, Julie moaned in an agreeable way in return.

The two women in latex lay beside each other on the Mistress’s large luxurious bed, Alexis had removed the shackles from Julie’s limbs and they were now holding each other as they lay in bed together. “When I was on your sex machine in the dungeon, and you said to me, “I hope you enjoyed the fetish magazine,” you were the woman on the subway who left the magazine behind a year and a half ago, weren’t you?” Julie asked. “Yes, I was,” Alexis answered, “when I saw you I thought you looked yummy, but I wasn’t sure if you liked women or not, so I decided to take a chance, I left the magazine behind on the seat with the address of my shop on a small piece of paper in the hope that you would pick it up and discover the note and eventually come to the shop.” “But how did you know I would come?” Julie asked. “I didn’t,” Alexis explained, “I just hoped that the magazine would peak your interest and that you would be curious enough to come, you seemed the shy type but I figured if I could get you into my shop I could take it from there, I had discussed a plan of action with the other girls and they agreed, I guess things worked out rather well considering it was a long shot.” “I’m glad you did,” said Julie, “I was about to leave when Cynthia and Michelle had come up to me and asked me if I needed any help, you know you didn’t have to chloroform me, I probably would have gone out with you if you had just asked.” Yes but then it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun,” Alexis said, “and besides I had no way of knowing that for certain, when you came into the shop and you were looking around, I could tell that you wanted to try some things out but you were to shy and apprehensive, I figured I would have to break you of those feeling of insecurity, the dungeon seemed the best way, do you forgive me?” She asked. Julie rolled on top of Alexis who had been lying on her back next to Julie, She spread her latex covered legs and slid herself onto Alexis’s hard rubber cock, she grunted as the large firm dildo filled her, “UnH!,” I do forgive you,” she purred into Alexis’s ear, “and you were right I was too shy and would have never have had the courage to ask on my own.” “I know,” Alexis grunted as the dildo held firmly up her cunt by the latex of her catsuit moved suddenly, “I know.”

Both women were again pleasuring themselves with the large dildo between them, they had now changed position and were now crotch to crotch while they both held tightly onto one another’s ankles, Julie was holding the Mistress’s ankles by her rubber high heeled boots and pulling on her slamming her into her crotch, the Mistress was doing the same, she had a hold of Julie’s latexed leg and was kissing it all over occasionally biting her ankle as she rocked her hips wildly onto the shared dildo, the latex at her crotch stretching as the dildo jerked around deep inside of her hot wet sex. Both women thrust wildly nearing an orgasm, the Mistress kissing and biting Julie’s latex covered legs as she held onto her ankles tightly, her lipstick kisses leaving red marks all over the shinny black latex legs of Julie’s fuck me pantyhose, “UuuuHhhhh... AaHhhhOoo,” both women moaned and grunted as the waves of pleasure from their shared orgasm flowed over each other, their bodies quivered with pleasure as the feeling deep within their hot sex spread throughout their bodies, they both collapsed exhausted, still crotch to crotch, to tired to move their occasional movements causing the dildo to send quivers throughout one another’s body from their sensitive wet cunts, they occasionally stirred the dildo between them for the pleasure it continued to bring. Alexis and Julie fell into a deep sleep, the dildo still firmly between them.

The story continues in
Part Three - Julie & Cynthia's Punishment


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