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The Latex Dungeon

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; bondage; reluct; XX

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The Latex Dungeon
Part One
Julie was a tall slender Woman about 5 and a half feet tall, she had slender shapely legs and a beautifully shaped body curved in all the right places. Julie was a normal woman of 33 years of age, she had the same thoughts and concerns that most women her age have, although the fact that it had been some time since she had a lover last was beginning to bother her some, not that she minded too much at night when she had come home from her job as a Photographer’s assistant, she would stretch out on her large luxurious bed, reach into the drawer of the night side table and pull out a six inch studded vibrator, “At least I won’t have to feed you breakfast in the morning.” she would joke before pleasuring  herself with it and bringing her self to a sweet orgasm and then drifting off to a erotic dream filled sleep.

Its not that Julie was not looking for a lover, her job just kept her pretty busy and despite the amount of people she would meet in her job, she just could not seem to get lucky, some times she would think that her looks intimidated men and scared them away. She did not intimidate other women however, she had received a number of flattering comments from some of them she had worked closely with, some women had even made passes at her, in the beginning this had revolted her but these days she found her self thinking about them from time to time while she pleasured her self with her vibrator. Time went by and Julie’s fantasies of her and other women increased and soon became second nature to her as did the new fantasies involving Latex Catsuits.

This all started about a year and a half ago when her car broke down and she had to take the subway home, while sitting in her seat, ridding the subway, a woman opposite her got up and left the train, at first Julie didn’t notice that the woman had left behind the Rubber latex fetish magazine, she had been too busy admiring the women’s shapely black lace stockinged legs, when she noticed that the woman had left behind the magazine she grabbed it quickly and tried to get the women’s attention, but it was too late and the train had already started to pull out of the subway.

Once she had gotten home and tossed the magazine onto the kitchen table, she took a closer look at the cover of the fetish magazine, it featured two women both wearing skin tight shinny latex catsuits, they were both standing while holding each other in an embrace, there heads were both wearing latex open face hoods and their hair had been pulled pony style through molded attached cones at the top of the hoods, positioned slightly towards the back of the head, they each wore on their wrists over top of latex gloves, leather bondage shackles with shiny metal “D” rings attached for fastening chains or ropes to, one of the women had her arm around the other women’s waist while the other hand was rubbing the women’s latex covered crotch and they were both kissing each other passionately. Both women on the cover of the magazine had on five-inch high-heeled thigh high black Rubber boots on that were zipped up very tight. Around the women’s ankles were similar leather shackles to what were on their wrists. Julie could not help but notice that the other woman had in her hand a little air pump similar to what they use to snap pictures with, the pump like ball had a short hose about eight to ten inches in length that was attached to the crotch of the other women’s latex catsuit. Julie... disgusted pushed the magazine onto the floor and stormed off to the bathroom to take a hot shower.

Later that night while she lay restless in bed, thoughts of the women on the cover of the fetish magazine began to invade her thoughts, she could not help but to remember how much the two women seamed to be enjoying themselves, Julie began to fantasize and before long was reaching for her vibrator and for the pleasure she knew it would bring her. Next morning when she awoke and went to the kitchen to make herself some coffee, she accidentally kicked the fetish magazine that she had pushed onto the floor last night. She looked down at the magazine, slowly the night of ecstasy filtered back into her mind, she bent down to pick up the magazine and she placed it on the table to look at while she had her coffee, she looked through the magazine growing more intrigued with each turn of the page. And for Julie that’s how it began a year and a half ago.

It was about five thirty when Julie finally left work for home; she planned to make a few stops before heading home, a small fetish shop on Fifth Avenue that specialized in latex catsuits was where she was headed. Julie had heard about the shop from a small piece of paper that fell out of the fetish magazine that the woman had lost on the subway. She had planned to stop by and see what they had, as they were in a part of town that she usually never goes to and she didn’t know anyone in, this was perfect and would avoid any potentially embarrassing situations that might occur. She had planned to be home by six, but once she had gotten to the store and was looking around, she saw so many items that caught her attention that she just could not bring herself to leave.

Three women were working at the store, they were all attractive, one of the women looked familiar to Julie but she could not place her. Two of the women were wearing High neck, long sleeve, black latex dresses that were above the knee and latex pantyhose, they were also wearing glossy five inch high heeled shoes with thick straps that were padlocked to their ankles. The other woman who looked familiar to Julie was dressed entirely in latex, she was covered in a very sleek skintight latex catsuit, and she to wore the same kind of padlocked high-heeled shoes that the other two women wore. She looked very sleek and the thought of being in such close company of these women was almost making Julie wet with excitement, especially in light of her recent fantasies. 

Julie was about to leave when the two women in the latex dresses approached her and one of them asked her if her and the other lady could be of any assistance. Julie did not know what to say, so many things in the store had caught her eye, but she had been to embarrassed to ask for help. The other woman in the latex dress said “Its ok to be a little shy if this is your first time in a store like this” she said, “Most people are embarrassed by what they see here.” 
Julie kind of stuttered..”  Umm.... well...” 
“Its ok.” said the other woman,” were all the same here would you like to try something on? “We don’t bite or anything. “ “There was one thing.” Julie said as she nervously pointed to one of the racks that was holding a large assortment of latex catsuits. The woman said  “ its alright, come with me...we’ll have you fixed up in no time.” 
Julie hadn’t noticed the woman in the catsuit following close behind, before she could react the latex catsuited woman had put a cloth soaked in a little chloroform over Julie’s face while the other two women grabbed her by her arms and held her tight, Julie tried to struggle but it was no use, she passed out....

...A long moment of darkness passed before Julie finally came back into consciousness, at first she could not remember anything, and then slowly she became aware that she was no longer in the store, instead she could see that she was now in a dungeon type of environment. She was aware that she was no longer wearing her dress and pantyhose, she was now wearing one of the special latex catsuits that she had seen in the store, the catsuit was all one piece of molded rubber right down to the six inch high heels, gloves and open face hood, her hair was pulled through a molded cone shaped hole at the top of the hood, like the ones she had seen on the cover of the fetish latex magazine. As Julie became more conscious she was aware of a feeling of something hard but not too hard up inside of her pussy, she looked around and could see that she was shackled spread eagle to a wall.

As she looked down at her sleek latex catsuited body to her crotch, she could see a short nub of a molded tube protruding from her crotch, it had the appearance like something was supposed to be attached to the tube end but wasn’t. Around Julie’s neck was a leather posture collar with metal “D” rings attached for fastening chains or ropes, this was padlocked at the back and prevented any access to the top of the zipper that ran down the back of the catsuit, she was completely sealed in and whoever had the key to the padlock was the only one who could get her out of the latex catsuit. Julie had never been in a predicament like this before, she felt helpless and humiliated, although as angry as she was she could not help but be a little aroused by her present situation, here she was totally helpless, shackled spread eagle to a wall in a dungeon, wearing a latex padlocked catsuit with a dildo held firmly up her cunt by the tightness of the latex catsuit.

After some short time had passed, Julie began to rotate her hips causing the dildo to churn deep inside her, she was deep in fantasy again, this time trying to make the most of her situation, after about twenty minutes latter she was close to orgasm when the heavy door to the dungeon opened.  The woman who looked familiar to Julie in the latex catsuit came in, she walked straight up to Julie and grabbed her forcefully and passionately by her latex covered crotch, she then began to French kiss her very passionately, Rubbing the protruding tube, as she kissed and grabbed at the tube pulling on it, stretching the rubber away from her pussy, pulling and pushing the dildo with it, in and out while her other hand grabbed Julie’s breast and squeezed her latex covered nipples hard, Julie moaned in ecstasy against the kisses of the other woman, she grunted and groaned as the other woman forcefully rammed the dildo in and out of Julie’s hot soaking pussy, as Julie moaned and grunted she was fast approaching an orgasm, she moaned deeper and her body shook as the waves of pleasure flowed from her hot wet cunt to her entire body. 

The other woman seeing that she was having an orgasm decided to finish off by pulling the dildo almost all the way out, which would have been impossible because of the tightness of the latex catsuit, she pulled it as far as it would go and then let it go so as it snapped forcefully back up Julie’s cunt, “UUuunHH!” she grunted in a very satisfying way to the other woman. I guess that was the mean streak in the other woman coming out, she loved the way Julie grunted so much that she gave her another deep kiss and pulled the dildo out and snapped the it up her cunt again, Julie grunted again.  She then whispered in Julie’s ear, “We are going to have fun with sexy little bitch!”

The woman in the latex catsuit strutted around the dungeon, she walked a few meters away from where Julie was shackled spread eagle to the wall, paused a moment while Julie was only now gathering her composure after her orgasmic ordeal, she looked towards Julie with a smile on her face and said, “You know we were watching you pleasure yourself?” As pointed to a small video camera attached to the ceiling a few meters in front of where Julie was shackled. “Yes...I watched you as you grinded your sweet sexy hips, I’ll bet that dildo feels good? You will feel a lot more pleasure by the time we are done with you my love.” Julie looked up at the camera, she felt embarrassed, like she was a child caught with her panties down, she felt humiliated. “I liked to watch you so much that I just had to come and have you for myself.” The woman said. The dungeon door opened and the other two women who were at the store came in, only now they to were wearing skintight latex catsuits similar to the one Julie had on.

Julie could see that the catsuits also had a short nub of a tube protruding from each of the catsuits between the women’s legs. Each of the women had their hair pulled pony style through the top of the same latex hoods. Julie from her point of view could also see that each latex catsuit had the same type of nub like short tube attachment protruding from each of the woman’s breasts, positioned right over the nipples of each woman, it was only at this point was Julie suddenly noticed that her latex catsuit also had the same short tube attachment, she was then aware of the feeling that each of her nipples were fitted perfectly into the tube-like protrusions, she began to wonder what they could be for. 

The woman who had been speaking to Julie motioned with her hand to the two other women, who then walked over to a large kind of machine in the far corner of the dungeon, Julie could see that the machine was silver, most likely chrome and black, it had a very strange look to it, it was round and oval in general appearance and not too much unlike some futuristic motor bike, on top of the machine was an over sized seat which resembled the seat of a motor bike only it was large almost the size of a small bed.

Julie noticed the seat was curved inward in some places so as a person could either lie down or sit up in it, it seamed to have been designed for a number of different uses, Julie could see that the machine had all kinds of ports and tubes coming from a central two and a half foot oval shaped sphere which was attached to front of the machine where the seat began to split and bend downwards in kind of a “Y” shape, at the ends of the seat and at some other points where a persons ankles or wrists might end up there were metal shackles also attached to the machine, these were thick metal straps that hinged closed and locked with a latch.
The seat curved inwards in the middle where one could straddle themselves over the machine and their ankles would be in the shackles mounted to the sides of the machine, between the legs of the straddle position the seat had a port about three inches in diameter where a tube could be attached, the tube between Julie’s legs entered her mind and she was beginning to suspect just what it was for.

The machine was beautifully crafted, it had a very sleek yet ominous appearance, it almost had an organic look to it, and yet it looked sexy as well, just looking at it made all kinds of things run through your mind, you did not know weather to be frightened or excited, it had just that sort of look.
“ I’ll bet you’re not too comfortable shackled to that wall, are you my love?” The woman in the latex catsuit’s voice interrupted Julie’s study of the machine. “That’s ok my love, I’ll find you something more comfortable, just be patient.”
The woman motioned to the other two-catsuited women who were fiddling with the machine. “All done?” She said, the two other women replied, “Yes Mistress.” “ lets give this sexy little bitch the best orgasms she’s ever had, and make her never need a man ever again.” “With pleasure Mistress.” Replied the two women.  “But before we do I want to have a little more fun tormenting this sweet nymph, I want her to watch as we have some fun of our own.” The Mistress said. “Oh, yes Mistress replied the other two women.” The two women went immediately to another corner of the dungeon and dragged into the middle of the floor a large red rubber mattress and placed it about four meters in front of where Julie was shackled to the wall.

The Mistress strutted to the center of the mattress and stood on her High heels with her long glossy latexed legs spread slightly apart, she turned around with her back towards Julie and with her legs strait bent over slowly, sliding her latexed hands down her long legs until she reached her ankles, Julie could see every curve of the Mistress’s slender body, she could see the way the light reflected off her tight latexed shapely butt, the Mistress rose up slowly turned around to face Julie and parted her long legs, facing towards Julie’s shackled body the Mistress began to rub her tight latexed pussy, watching Julie’s reaction the whole time. ”Now you get to watch me.” She said to Julie.

The Mistress stretched her arms above her head as she called to the other two women, “Pleasure me, and make me cum slaves.” “Oh yes Mistress.” replied the other two women. The two women one on each side of the Mistress’s stretched out body each took a wrist of the Mistress’s and shackled it to a large metal ring bolted to the ceiling above her head. Julie watched as the two women in the latex catsuits began to explore the mistresses tight latexed body, one woman went down on her knees and began licking the mistress’s ankles and feet as the other woman stood partially behind the mistress and with one hand was rubbing her tight latexed pussy while the other hand grabbing at one of her nipples over top of her tight latexed breasts, she began to kiss the mistress passionately.

The Mistress began to moan, ”Yes... fuck me... make me cum.” The woman at the Mistress’s feet then began to attach a leg spreader bar to her ankles as the other woman now had a nice six inch vibrator dildo with a remote control box, she pulled at the neck of the Mistress’s latex catsuit and dropped the vibrator in between her breasts, she then began to slowly work the vibrator under the latex catsuit down towards the mistress’s wet pussy, it took a while for her to get it there but once it was there she began to pull the latex away from her pussy allowing the vibrator to be positioned point first at her pussy lips, she positioned it just right so as once she let go of the latex, the tightness of the latex at her crotch would make the vibrator slip up into her wet pussy.

The mistress moaned as the vibrator slowly by the pull of the tight latex began to enter her, she tried to close her legs together but the leg spreader prevented her from doing so. The mistress was now as helpless as Julie, as the vibrator slipped deep into her wet pussy, she grunted with pleasure as the other woman who had just finished with the leg spreader rose up to her feet and grabbed her by the crotch forcing the vibrator even deeper, as the Mistress grunted with delight she kissed her passionately rubbing her latex covered crotch where the vibrator was now firmly in place.

Julie was now more than just a little turned on by the spectacle before her, she began to rotate her hips wildly hopping for the same satisfaction the Mistress was feeling, she began grinding and thrusting her hips in and out causing her dildo attached to her latex catsuit to churn deep inside her, she to began to moan, remembering what it felt like when the Mistress was playing with her crotch tube, she wished one of the women would free the Mistress so that she could do it to her again, she was close to having an orgasm but without that external help her orgasm would only tease her, she was powerless to do anything except try to get herself off and watch as the Mistress was being pleasured by the two women in latex.

The other woman who had the remote control box and was standing partially behind the Mistress was now turning on the vibrator with a speed sensitive switch, she started the vibrator off slowly and the turned it up full as the mistresses body began to quiver with pleasure she moaned and grunted as the two women played with her helpless body. The vibrator deep inside the Mistress’s hot wet pussy also had the ability to expand and contract as well as just vibrate at different speeds, the head of the vibrator could also rotate around in different pasterns, the woman in control began to play with the vibrators controls causing the Mistress to scream with pleasure, ”Fuck me...Fuck me!” She screamed, “Make me cum!”...”Make me cum you little whores!” The other woman got down on her knees again and pressed her mouth against the Mistress’s latex covered vibrator and pussy, she began to bite hold of the latex covered end of the vibrator and while the other woman controlled the vibrator, she began sucking and biting, pulling on the vibrator, in and out, in and out, she sucked and pulled on the vibrator while with her other hand rubbing the tight latex between her own legs.
The Mistress was in the middle of a good “Fuck me” phrase when she had her own sweet orgasm, her whole body quivered and shook “F,FuCK.....MMmee....OOHHH...UUnh!” The Mistress finally came; it was always better when she had a captive audience. 

Julie hung from her shackles, robbed of her orgasm, images of the Mistress being pleasured by the two women in the latex catsuits still fresh in her mind. Julie had so hoped that at least one of the women would have came over and started to pleasure her as well, but she remembered what the Mistress had said, that she wanted to torment her before having fun with her, Julie did not know why but she could not help but like the Mistress, she certainly kissed her better and more passionately than any man had ever, she was very turned on by her and she suspected that the Mistress knew this, and that was why she had shown off her body in front of her. The Mistress and the other two women had left for a while after their sexual spectacle was over, and Julie was left alone again, although she now knew about the video camera, and knew that they were probably watching her to see if she would still try to pleasure her self.

Here she was shackled, held somewhat against her will, although she was beginning to enjoy it now, it had become quite clear to her that they did not intend to harm her in any way, but she still felt a little on edge about that because there is no way for her to be sure of that, its just no harm has come to her yet and the threat of any harm did not seam to be there, Julie was a lot more relaxed about her situation and she longed for the Mistress’s touch and kisses, she was having fantasies about the Mistress snapping her dildo up her cunt, she wished she had done it during the spectacle she was forced to watch when she was close to an orgasm.

The door to the Dungeon swung open and in came the Mistress and the two women still in the same latex catsuits, Julie wondered if the Mistress still had her vibrator up her, she so wanted to see her pleasured again and to be a part of it.
“Ok my love... It’s play time!” The Mistress motioned the two women over towards Julie, Julie watched as the two women approached her, they, one on each side of her removed the shackles from Julie’s latex covered ankles, each of the women then wrapped a leg around Julie’s leg to prevent her from moving, they then removed the shackles from her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back, the two women had her held firmly, not that Julie was in any condition to try and escape after being shackled to the wall for so long, it was more of a precautionary measure and to exercise control over her.

The Mistress walked straight up to Julie and grabbed her hair by the pony tail and jerked her head back with her left hand and kissed her, and with her right hand grabbed Julie’s crotch tube and pulled it and the dildo out and let it snap back up her cunt, ”UunnnhHH!” Julie grunted as the dildo slammed back up her inside of her as she was kissed by the Mistress, Julie tried to struggle but the two women had her held tightly with their latexed legs wrapped around Julie’s legs. “Oh I love the way she grunts when I do that... don’t you?” “Yes Mistress.” ”Ok slaves... to the sex machine with this horny little bitch!” ”Oh yes Mistress!” Julie was resisting as much as she could in her weakened condition as the two rubber slaves pulled her towards the sleek black and chrome sex machine, Julie was a little worried now and wondered what she was in for.

The rubber slaves grabbed Julie by her legs and with a little help from the Mistress lifted Julie into the straddle position onto the sex machine, while the Mistress held Julie’s arms behind her back and held her firmly in the seat, the other two women each shackled Julie’s legs to each side of the sex machine, the two rubber slaves then each took an arm of Julie’s and shackled them out stretched to the arm holders at the sides of the sex machine so as she was held arms out to the sides of the machine, the Mistress herself began to attach the hoses from the ports in the machine to the ones on Julie’s latex catsuit, she attached the tubes that go to the breasts, Julie was a little frightened and began to struggle, but she was held firmly to the seat by her shackled ankles. The Mistress smiled at Julie and said, “Don’t worry my love this will not hurt...we are not into pain here, only pleasure, I promise this will be the best fuck you’ve ever had.” And with that she gave Julie a big wet passionate kiss, Julie moaned, “God I love you.” she said. She didn’t mean for that to slip out, she was just caught off guard, It was actually the first thing she had said since her capture, ”I know said the Mistress, I know you do.”

The Mistress continued connecting the tubes to Julie’s breasts, Julie could feel something being slipped over each of her nipples as the tubes were attached, once the tubes to her breasts were connected the Mistress started to work on the one that goes to the crotch of the latex catsuit, she from the small three inch molded hole in the seat between Julie’s legs pulled out a tube and began to attach it to the short tube between Julie’s legs.
“You know when you were unconscious and we undressed you, and I slipped your pantyhose off of your long lovely legs, I shaved your pussy for you.” The Mistress said to Julie, she then attached a control clamp to the tube close to the surface of her latex catsuit; this was so as the machine could manipulate the dildo which was now completely hooked up and fully functional. The Mistress gave Julie a final deep wet kiss and said, “Ok my love it’s fun time.”

Mistress walked to the front of the machine and stared at the control panel, “Now let me see,” she said “I think we’ll set it for one hour... any longer might kill you... and I don’t want that. And I think we will set the orgasm detect, and we’ll set it for hard fuck, multiple orgasm with a generous squirting of euphoria inducing artificial cum, I think a hard squirt at three second intervals, three times on each orgasm detect so as you can really feel the machine Cumming in you, and that will almost about do it. You are going to be so wet at the end of this my sweet little bitch. And just for fun I think we will set your dildo to have pulsating raised studs during the slow fuck mode, that’s always nice for an orgasm or two.”

“And lets a good nipple sucking and squeezing also I think.” The Mistress upon completing the control panel configuration walked over to Julie who was helplessly shackled to the sex machine about to be fucked senseless by a machine that would not stop until its program was completed, Julie wondered if she was going to live through it.
The Mistress smiled at Julie and said, “Ready for the fuck of a life time?” Julie begged, “Please don’t I’ll do anything.” “I know you will.” The Mistress replied, and with that she pushed the activator button, the machine hummed as it started its hour-long program. The Mistress and the two woman rubber slaves went back over to the red rubber mattress to pleasure themselves and watch as Julie groaned in ecstasy at the mercy of the sex machine.

From where Julie was positioned she could see the three women clad entirely in their latex catsuits copulating on the mattress, Julie grunted as the machine stretched the dildo almost all the way out of her hot wet pussy and then rammed it back up her, her hips were rotating and thrusting with each hard fuck, Julie moaned and grunted as she forced herself against the shackles that held her latexed legs tightly to the sides of the sex machine, her back arched as the dildo was repeatedly rammed in and out, ”Ohh fuck!” Julie cried, the machine momentarily lapsed into “slow Fuck” mode, Julie grunted and rocked her hips against the dildo as the studs began to raise, the machine fucked her slow and deep, Julie moaned with ecstasy at the approach of an orgasm, the machine sensing an orgasm was coming immediately returned to “hard fuck” mode, The dildo rammed in and out, Julie screamed, ”Yes fuck me... fuck me...cum in me!” The hoses attached to her latex covered nipples were squeezing and sucking, her tits had never felt so good, she squirmed in ecstasy.

Julie’s first orgasm came and the machine began to squirt hot artificial euphoria inducing cum up Julie’s already very wet cunt, Julie moaned and grunted as the studded dildo squirted the hot cum deep into her, one squirt...”UuHhhh...!”And another squirt ”OHhhh....!”And another “UUNnHHH.... OH GOD!”, Julie could feel the hot cum leaking out of her cunt and squishing in the crotch of her latex catsuit, the machine then went back into “hard fuck” mode, the dildo ramming in and out of her dripping wet cunt, the machine fucked her hard, starting on its way to bringing her to another orgasm, Julie was thrusting her pelvis back and forth and she rotated her hips wildly as the dildo was rammed up her dripping cunt, the euphoric creating cum was starting to work and Julie was fast approaching another orgasm, the machine again lapsed into ”slow fuck” mode, the studs on the dildo raised as it churned deep inside of her, the dildo pumped in and out, the studs racking her inside making her want to cum, her second orgasm came sweet and swift, the machine rammed the dildo deep inside her and began squirting more hot cum up her excessively wet cunt, she could feel it squishing all over the outside of her pussy and all around her pelvic area, she could feel it seeping down between her legs to her butt, she was absolutely soaked in her own juices as well as large amounts of artificial cum, the machine rammed her deep and she screamed, “Fuck...fuck me...Oh god...Ungh..UUngh!”

Julie watched as the three women pleasured each other, the two rubber slaves had taken the Mistress down on the rubber mattress and one was between her legs and sucking on her latex covered pussy, while the other woman had gotten on her knees and straddled the Mistress with her tight latexed butt in her face enabling the Mistress to bite hold of her pussy tube attachment, the Mistress was forcing it in and out with her head motions, the woman on top was moaning with delight.
Julie’s moans and cries were music to the Mistress’s ears, her pleasant sounds of one orgasm after another along with the other two women in rubber on top of her, were quickly bringing her to her own sweet orgasm, she to was moaning in ecstasy.
The sex machine continued to ram the studded dildo up Julie’s cunt, Julie watched as the latexed women brought the Mistress to orgasm, she moaned and grunted as she watched the woman sucking and biting on the Mistress’s latex covered pussy, The Mistress screamed as she reached her orgasm, the two slaves then got up and removed the leg. Spreader from her ankles and they left her lying on the rubber mattress with her legs spread open.

Julie was fast approaching another orgasm as the sex machine continued to ram the dildo up her hot soaked cunt, the dildo rammed in and out with ease, she was so wet and slimy, the artificial cum made a very excellent lubricant, Julie moaned in ecstasy as the dildo rammed her. The mistress had been lying outstretched on the rubber mattress listening to Julie’s moans for about twenty minutes after the other two women had left, she stirred from her rest and got up to her feet, she stretched and then strutted over to the sex machine, Julie was still moaning and writhing under the continuous fucking she was receiving at the mercy of the relentless machine. She could hear the sound of the Mistress’s high heels clicking on the hard dungeon floor as she neared the sex machine.
The Mistress could see by an indicator light that the machine was almost at the end of its program and that Julie was about to have another orgasm, she walked over to the side of the machine so as she was right beside Julie, she looked at her writhing in ecstasy as she was nearing an orgasm, the machine continued to ram the dildo in and out of Julie’s wet helpless cunt, “Uunngh... Uunngh...!” Julie grunted. “You know an orgasm is always best when you’re getting a nice wet kiss.” The Mistress said and she grabbed Julie by the ponytail and jerked her head back and started to kiss her passionately.

The sex machine sensing Julie was about to have another orgasm began to fuck her harder and faster, “Uunngh....Uungh..OOhh!” Julie grunted as the studded dildo rammed deep up her cunt, the machine began to squirt more hot cum up Julie’s wet hot cunt, she could feel the vibrating dildo penetrating deeper as it fucked her “Uungh...Uunngh...!” She grunted as the cum squirted deep inside her, she turned her head away from the Mistresses kisses in order to catch some breath, the Mistress loved the feel of her squirming under her sex machine, she grabbed one of Julie’s breasts and squeezed it lovingly, Julie was Cumming like she had never before, the Mistress continued to kiss Julie all over her face allowing her mouth to breath, the breast hoses were sucking and squeezing her nipples while the Mistress cupped one breast in her latexed hand and squeezed it lovingly. The vibration of the dildo kept changing from fast to slow as it continued to ram in and out making muffled squishing sounds inside the crotch of her latex catsuit as it did, Julie had never been so wet.

Her back arched as her orgasm continued, the dildo ramming in and out changing vibration speeds, changing from studded to un studded, squirting hot cum deep inside her cunt, her ankles writhed in their metal shackles, her wrists struggled for freedom, her sweet hips thrusting onto the relentless dildo, in and out faster then slower, studded and un studded, squirting hot cum every three seconds, Julie screamed as the dildo fucked her deeper, the Mistress continuing to kiss and play with her, at times she felt it would never end, “F F Fuu cc kk...Uunnngghhh... UUunngh...!” she grunted as the orgasm and the machine finally finished, one final squirt of hot cum and it was all over, Julie sank into the seat as the Mistress finished off with a nice deep long kiss, sticking her tongue deep into Julie’s mouth and lashing it around passionately. 

“UUmmm...wasn’t that the best fuck you’ve ever had my love?” Julie did not say anything, she merely looked at the Mistress exhausted, the Mistress could tell by the satisfied look on her face that it was indeed the best she’s ever had. The door to the Dungeon opened and the other two women entered, they came up to the sex machine and undid the shackles which held Julie’s wrists and then they removed the shackles around her ankles, the Mistress helped Julie into the lying down position on the sex machine’s seat, she lifted Julie’s legs one at a time and placed one on each of the parts of the seat that was split into
a “Y” shape and bent downwards at the knee, Julie was thankful for the help since her legs felt like jelly after such a long fucking.

The two other latex catsuited women fastened Julie’s wrists to the other shackles that were meant for the lying down position on the sex machine, while the Mistress shackled her ankles to the new position, Julie was afraid that she was going to be fucked again by the machine and began to squirm, the Mistress quickly finished tightening the last shackle around Julie’s slender latexed ankle, and said “Don’t worry yourself sweetness... even I’m not that cruel, this is just till you recover... and then ...maybe?” Julie still squirmed against the shackles, but then realizing it was useless to try and escape she sank back into the sex machine’s bed like seat and relaxed herself, she had no choice but to take the Mistress at her word, besides she thought she really seams to like me, she certainly enjoyed watching her getting fucked and pleasured, for now Julie would just have to wait and see what the Mistress had in store for her next.

After a few moments of strutting around the Dungeon, occasionally looking at Julie’s helpless body shackled to the sex machine with her long slender latexed legs spread out on the “Y” part of the bed like seat with her arms spread and shackled above her head, the Mistress came over to Julie’s side, she looked her latex covered body over and then bent over Julie and gave her another of her passionate kisses. “I have a proposition for you.” she said, she paused a moment and then continued, “I’m looking for someone else to help me run my store... You see one of the other women will be leaving soon and I will be short staffed... I’m also looking for a new lover and I would like it to be you... so think about it while you rest up.”

Julie didn’t have to think about it, she already knew she loved her in return, and her present job was getting her nowhere, not even much of a social life, Julie called to the Mistress who promptly came over to Julie’s side, she motioned with her head for the Mistress to come closer, she bent over close to Julie’s face, and Julie said, “I accept your offer and I already love you.”
She strained her neck against the leather posture collar to try and kiss her, the Mistress responded with a deep passionate kiss, after the woman said “I’ll come back in a few minutes and get you,” as she left for the Dungeon door she paused a moment and turned back to look at where Julie was still shackled to the sex machine, “Oh by the way I hope you enjoyed the “FETISH RUBBER” magazine?” 

And the Dungeon door closed behind her before Julie could say anything. Julie was shocked, no wonder the woman had looked so familiar to her, she was the woman on the Subway that Julie had admired and who had left the magazine on the subway a year and a half ago. It all made sense to her now and she could not help but wonder as she lie there if the woman had not deliberately left the magazine behind in the hope that she would pick it up and become interested in the latex, the piece of paper that fell out of the magazine with the address of the store on it was certainly tantalizing proof that this was indeed the case, Julie did not know whether or not to hate the woman for manipulating her like that, but she could not help but admire how clever her plan had worked either, she thought about it as she lie shackled to the sex machine, I love her, I really do love her, and with that thought in her mind she began to rotate her hips and churn the dildo around inside of her  which was still attached to the control clamp.

“I love you.” she said as she slowly thrust the studded dildo deep into her still dripping wet cunt...Julie began to pleasure herself again.

*** THE END?  ***

The story continues in
Part Two - Julie's First Day


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