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The Latex Dolls 2: Susanne

by latex_dolly

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© Copyright 2012 - latex_dolly - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; D/s; latex; clothing; transform; latexdoll; gag; blob; engulf; entrap; insert; sex; climax; revenge; reluct/nc; X

Continued from part 1

Part 2: Susanne

Samantha had searched down the other corridor and had found an office. Latex magazines stacked on the shelves, the same ones that she and Julian regularly advertised in. She idly flicked through the nearest mag and, lo and behold, There was one of their adverts. It was one that they had felt really good about and featured a full page shot of one of their outfits (a latex cheerleader with a ponytail hood on). But what jumped out the page at her was the big red marker pen circle round it with the word 'BITCHES!' scrawled over it in block capitals. It was all the confirmation Samantha needed. Whoever was ripping off their designs also had a BIG axe to grind...

“Right, let's find some more evidence before we call the Police” muttered Samantha. She opened drawers, discovering sketches of their work, photos of their work taken at numerous clubs and fetish markets. The evidence was mounting...

Beyond the office was another door. Samantha quietly opened the door and peered in. It was a latex workshop! The unmistakable aroma of rubber, a large cutting table, rolls of latex sheet and a mannequin's dummy.

“That's enough proof for me” Samantha thought to herself. She was just about to leave the workshop and find Julian when a piece of paper caught her eye... A header on the paper looked familiar. She took a closer look... The header contained two words: “Kingston Alumni”. And underneath, the words:

ATTN: Susanne McCarthy.

It sent Samantha spinning, because Kingston University was where she and Julian had studied fashion, and Suzie McCarthy was a name she'd forgotten and wished she hadn't just been reminded of... Samantha turned and ran to find Julian.

“Shit shit shit!” she gasped as she ran out of the office, down the corridor and towards the door Julian had headed towards.  She turned the door handle and rushed in.

A large, bright white, tiled room greeted her. Mirrors down one wall, clinical. But her eyes were only focussed on the apparition in the centre of the room. She walked in, oblivious to the door quietly clicking home behind her...

“Wow, what an incredible outfit!” She whistled, admiring the mannequin from head to foot. A large black plinth, tight red rubber thigh high ballet boots, black rubber stockings with a little red heart at the top of each hem, a bright red set of pussy lips, an evil-looking red heavy rubber corset, a perfect fit black latex catsuit, generous breast cups with a cute little red rubber nipple on each tip, an incredibly tight red rubber armbinder and a red rubber posture collar. But the most incredible part of the rubber statue was the face. So realistic! A cute little red mouth in a provocative 'O' and two doll eyes frozen in surprise!

“Well, this definitely isn't a rip-off!” thought Samantha. She moved in closer to have a better look. The statue was about the same height as her, perhaps a little heavier-built but amazingly lifelike. Samantha couldn't put her finger on it but a little something stirred within her... She circled the statue, noting the pussy lips and shapely ass with approval. She was just about to give that ass a playful slap before she brought herself back to earth.

“Ok. Where the fuck is Julian?”. She'd been completely distracted by this latex statue and she had no idea where Julian was.

He must have come across this room, freaked out and gone back up the corridor and out to the car park. She'd better go and find him and discuss their next move.

Samantha went to the door but, of course, it wouldn't open. She cursed her luck, looking for another route out of the room. But her gaze met the statue again.

“That is SO realistic” she whispered to herself. “I just have to check this out one more time”. Samantha stepped onto the plinth that the statue was mounted on. She looked into its doll eyes, admired its generous breasts and gave its ass a big slap. The statue was bent forward, its ballet-booted legs spread wide and its arms bound tight and held impossibly high behind its back. She moved round behind the statue and put her arms forward round its thighs. “This is sooo stupid, I'm actually getting turned on by a mannequin!”.

It was at this point that she noticed the pussy lips dripping black latex. “What the f.....!”

Samantha made to step back but couldn't remove her hands from the thighs of the statue. They were stuck fast!  “NO! What's happening? This is too weird!” she thought as she struggled to free her hands.

As she struggled the latex of the statues thighs flowed over her hands. Simultaneously the black latex plinth of the statue started to flow over her heels and up her legs...

“Julian? JULIAN!! Help!” Samantha was panicking, what on earth was happening?

The latex flowed quickly up her legs and arms. As it travelled up her legs it formed 6 inch black stiletto heels under each foot and continued the lacing up her calves. As it slid up her hands and arms it formed sharp red nails and tight black gloves all the way up to her shoulders.

“This must be a weird dream” she thought, desperately straining to escape. But it wasn't...

The latex crept up her thighs and over her crotch, melting away her tights, skirt and panties as it went. Soon her legs and crutch were covered with smooth, shiny rubber. The rubber continued on upwards, thickening out to form a strict black corset, crushing her waist until she fought for breath. Upwards it flowed, forming a thick black posture collar, and moving upwards still, flowing over her head and mouth, forming a doll hood that looked startlingly similar to that of the statue she found herself glued to! The latex flowed into her mouth, thickening to a large gag that pushed her jaws apart. “MMMMfff!!” she gasped into the gag. The latex flowed over her eyes and stopped, leaving Samantha in a tight latex cocoon, unable to see or hear a thing.

“Shit, we have really messed up here” thought Samantha, her heart racing. “I hope Julian got out, he's sure to come back and sort this out”. She gathered her thoughts. Despite her predicament, she couldn't help feeling a little turned on... she loved the feeling of latex  and this bizarre outfit was hugging her all over like a second skin! Before she knew it, Samantha found herself drifting off into a trance... Time ticked by, seconds becoming minutes, minutes becoming an hour. Only the faint sound of Samantha's breath could be heard.

Hello dear, remember me?” The voice reverberated around Samantha's head, snapping her out of the trance with . Suzie! Samantha recognised the voice straight away. “I see you two couldn't resist having a good snoop around.” said Suzie. “I'd have done the same myself, so I can't say I'm too surprised to see you both here”.

All Samantha could say in reply was a series of muffled grunts. So this whole situation was down to her! She desperately tried to free herself from the statue and plinth, but it was no use. The latex now covered her thickly from head to toe and seemed to stiffen every time she struggled.

“Ha ha! Julian struggled almost as much as you! But I think he's calmed down a bit since, haven't you Julian? Hmm, I think Julie would be more appropriate now though wouldn't it?” At that moment the latex covering 'Julie' softened a little and she immediately started thrusting back and forth, still lost in her never-ending orgasm.

“So this statue is Julian?? Unbelievable!” Thought Samantha to herself.

“I know, great isn't she!” said Suzie. “Oh and yes, I can read your thoughts, clever, huh? I read Julie's thoughts earlier and she's got a very kinky mind... I think she's got what she wished for, wouldn't you agree?... And I think Julian looks great as Julie! Now, I know you've got a lot of questions you want to ask, but first, how about we have a little fun with Julie? Bring her back to the boil, so to speak!”

“Mmmshhh y wonget awyyy!!” Samantha gasped into the gag. “Oh, I think I will get away with it, ha!” Said Suzie. “And I think we should keep you quiet like Julie.”

With that, the latex moved to fill Samantha's nostrils. She struggled in alarm as suddenly, she couldn't breath! A red rubber tube grew from her gagged mouth, snaking round over her shoulder to a red container that had sprouted on her back. A valved opened in the tube and Samantha could breathe again through the gag. But when she breathed out all that could be heard was a faint bubbling sound from the container on her back! Samantha tried to yell in frustration but all that came out was a stream of bubbles. She was completely silenced..

“That's better! Now, let's play!” Laughed Suzie.

Samantha immediately felt the latex covering her crutch start to pulsate and probe. Thin tendrils caressed her clit and before long she was becoming wet, despite her anger at the situation. She felt the latex tighten around her nipples, vibrating and sucking at them until she started to lose herself to the heat that was building inside her. Soon, Samantha was grinding forwards and backwards in unison with Julie...

Meanwhile, Julie was completely lost in her rubber prison. The orgasms had subsided a little, and she had heard Samantha enter the room, felt a pleasant tingle when Samantha had slapped her ass and felt the warmth of her hands on her thighs... And heard all of the conversation between Samantha and Mistress Suzie. But she hadn't been able to move a muscle until now. All she could feel now was Samantha grinding against her ass. With the little movement her latex prison allowed, she ground her own ass in unison.

“MMMMmm, that makes for a pretty picture!” Exclaimed Suzie. “Now, let's move on from the foreplay and onto the main course!”

Samantha was pretty far gone by this stage and the swelling in her crutch and ass passed by unnoticed for a few seconds. But soon she felt the latex grow and enter her from both ends, filling her to bursting. “Urrgggg!!” She grunted into the gag and a stream of bubbles rattled in the container. She almost came there and then, but something kept her teetering right on the edge. But unseen to her, the latex continued to grow from her crotch, expanding out to form a black 8” cock with a pair of balls.

“Oh wow! I'd better let you see this!” Cried Suzie. And with that, the doll eyes that were obscuring her vision slid aside a little, just revealing her pupils. Samantha gave a little grunt as she saw the huge latex cock standing to attention between her legs! And it felt so real, every time it moved she could feel it within her....

Samantha felt her outfit thicken at the waist and hips, and an almost invisible force within  the latex started her thrusting back and forth, ever closer to Julie's rear. Before long, the tip of her cock was nudging Julie's ass, which appeared to open invitingly...

Julie felt Samantha's huge latex cock brushing against her ass. She tried desperately to keep the invader out but her muscles had no fight left in them and the latex inside her ass just opened her up. With a strong push Samantha's cock entered her. It slid all the way in, right down to the balls. And it felt amazing! Julie shuddered and came a little, even though she was still limp after her previous exertions. In fact, she could feel less and less of her cock. It just seemed to blend into her crutch and she'd almost forgotten it was there! All she could feel at present was the huge cock sliding in and out of her ass... and it felt amazing. And it was Samantha's! Julie could still breathe, just, but every time Samantha thrust in deep her breathing was virtually cut off.

Samantha thrust in and out of Julie, right on the edge of orgasm. She had completely lost herself to the situation! It was such a turn-on, especially the knowledge, in the back of her mind, that she was fucking Julian! She had always fancied his ass, well now she was getting to know it intimately! She watched the reflection of them fucking in the mirrored wall and felt an orgasm growing ever nearer.

Suzie watched, turned on, behind the mirrored wall in her control room. “Time to reveal myself I think...” She was dressed head to toe in latex, the same latex that was covering her two subjects, the same latex that the large bank of computers in front of her controlled. A simple mouse click, verbal command or even thought from her could make the latex do whatever she wanted it to do... “Outfit Number 10!” she spoke softly. Instantly the simple  black catsuit she was wearing shifted, morphed and transformed. Up she went on 8” black ballet heels, a split full length black mistress skirt, a black heavy rubber corset and collar, and long black gloves ending in wicked black fingernails. Her face was covered with an incredibly realistic doll hood in her own likeness and long jet black hair. She was a picture of malevolence.

“My favourite!” she laughed, and parted her skirt to reveal a huge black rubber cock... And with that, a tiled section of the wall slid back and she clicked gracefully out of the room on her ballet heels.

Julie didn't see her enter the room, but Samantha did. A little shudder worked its way down her spine, but she was so lost in the moment she just continued pounding away at Julie's ass. “Hello Samantha my dear, long time no see... having fun are we?” said Suzie.  She stood a good 6 inches taller than either Samantha or Julie and had a figure to die for.

“No time for small talk, I'm going to fuck the other end of your 'boyfriend' Julie!” chuckled Suzie. “Oh,and if you ever want to get out of here, you can address me as Mistress Suzie!” Samantha was so far gone she complied the best she could. “Msff Suzhhhhfff” she bubbled into the container.

“Ha ha! Good girl, now lets see to this little slut Julie shall we?” said Suzie. “Hmmm, not the right position for me really, well we can soon sort that.” She clicked her fingers.

With a huge sense of relief,  Julie felt her latex armbinder melt away, freeing her arms at long last! But relief was short-lived... Julie and Samantha were pushed forwards and downwards by their latex prisons until Julie was on all fours, legs spread, with Samantha on her knees behind Julie, her cock still deep inside her.

“That's much better!” Exclaimed Suzie. She strutted forward and fell to her knees in front of Julie. “Now take my cock like the slut you are!” cried Suzie and lifted Julie's head right back.

The latex in Julie's mouth and throat thinned. Suzie slid her cock into Julie's mouth, all the way to the back of her throat.

Julie's latex prison suddenly froze, locking her in the head up, doggy position she was in. All she could feel were the cocks of Suzie and Samantha sliding in and out of her mouth and ass. Suzie was thrusting in and out of her mouth, and Samantha was pounding her ass, shaking and gasping bubbles into the container...  Suzie sped up her thrusts and arched her back, pulling herself deep into Julie's mouth, right into the back of her throat.

“Mmmmyyesss, take it my rubber bitch! Yessss!” cried Suzie.

Samantha and Suzie came in a massive explosion, pumping Julie with latex cum. She couldn't fight it and had a massive orgasm of her own, latex flowing out of her pussy lips. The latex cum from her assailants was filling her inside and she felt like she would burst, but as she came more and more it flowed like a river from her sex, pouring out of her pussy lips and all over the tiled floor. She came over and over, almost passing out from the intensity and her restricted breathing.

Suzie, now spent, slid her cock out of Julie's mouth and slumped back. The latex in her mouth immediately thickened to fill the void to bursting. Samantha's cock slowly shrank back into her catsuit and she fell slowly forwards onto Julie, trembling all over.

As they all lay still, Julie felt her breathing return to normal and realised she could also move a little now. She could feel her friend, and now lover, Samantha. She could feel Samantha trembling and felt an incredible connection with her. Samantha was now gently stroking her thighs.  “If we ever get out of this predicament things can never be the same between us” thought Julie. Simultaneously, Samantha was having exactly the same thoughts, and their hands met and held tightly.

Suzie, sweating a little behind her doll hood, watched Julie and Samantha's embrace and immediately felt a strong pang of jealousy. “This wasn't part of the plan!” She thought... She wanted Julie to herself and would have nip this moment in the bud! She gathered her thoughts and stood up...

 “Julie, I am your mistress. You only have eyes for me!” Samantha and Julie froze to attention, their moment over.

“Julie, come here to my feet now!” Cried Suzie. Julie hesitated, unwilling to leave comfort of Samantha.

“Come here NOW!” barked Suzie, and with that, Julie was bombarded with electric shocks to her ass, pussy and nipples. She tried to shriek but not a sound came out. She reluctantly crawled over to Suzie.

“Good girl! Now, arms behind your back and kneel here at my feet”. The electric shocks abated, a tight armbinder wrapped itself around her arms once again and Julie found herself frozen in position at the feet of her Mistress. The latex that had been covering her eyes for so long slid back at last, and she saw Suzie for the first time, looking down at her, smiling. Julie's heart skipped a beat.

“I will do anything I like with you, whenever I want to! I want some you and me time with no prying eyes, and that includes your friend! So let's take her out of the equation for a bit, shall we?”. Suzie looked across to Samantha.

Samantha, who was still coming back down to earth after fucking Julie senseless, watched as the latex that was pooled around her started to flow towards her, then onto her. It flowed all up her limbs and all over her head and torso. More and more flowed all over her body, and as it became thicker and thicker her features became less and less clear. She tried fighting it and moving but it was useless, like she was trapped in thick treacle.

“Mmmmmm nooo!” She cried into her gag, bucking and twisting in desperation. She found some inner strength and stood up, writhing in desperation. Still more latex flowed onto her.

The weight quickly became hard for her legs to take, and gradually she slumped back down to the floor, writhing slowly back and forth. Still the latex flowed until her features were completely covered! She could barely move but she summoned a final burst of strength and somehow sat up. But it was no use... The latex thickened around her, gradually formed a sphere. For a terrible moment she was unable to breathe, just before she passed out a small breathing tube formed from her gag to the outside world and she could breathe again, just... Inside, the pressure was intense. She could move, but only just. She was floating in a thick latex womb. Before she'd even had a chance to recover, latex swiftly entered her pussy and ass and started to pulsate. Tendrils of latex encircled her nipples, squeezing and sucking at them. Before long, Samantha was on her way to another powerful orgasm!

Outside, Suzie and Julie looked on. Where Samantha had been standing, there was now a shiny latex orb! No movement, but faint muffled groans and gasps came out.

“Now, that's taken care of her for the moment, looks like I've got you to myself for a bit!” said Suzie, who was now looking Julie up and down...

“Wow, look at you, you look sooo damn hot! I could eat you up!” Exclaimed Suzie...

Julie was in an almost trance-like state after the massive orgasms and shocks she'd been through. She was locked in position yet again, her rubber eyes unblinking and her little rubber mouth open in surprise. She could see herself in the mirrors and she did look damn hot! Dammit she was getting horny again! “I can't be thinking like this, I've got to snap out of it and figure out how we get out of here!” She thought. “I'm Julian, I'm a guy for Christ's sake! I'm just a guy, trapped in a latex costume, this is wrong...” But he couldn't help it. He was just so turned on by the incredible feeling of the situation. He had ceased to be himself....

Suzie was standing over him, looking down at his rubber form. She looked incredible. In her 8” ballet boots she must have been standing over 6 foot tall. She was a big woman, not slim but incredibly curvy, with a wonderful pert pair of breasts. Her nipples were erect and picked out in red just like Julie's.

Suzie's voice snapped her to attention. “Now, Julie, I'm going to give you some movement back, not a lot but just enough, seeing as you've been so well behaved....” she gave a sexy little laugh. “Don't think about trying to run off though will you! Ha! As if you would!”

The rubber prison around Julie slowly softened, although her arms remained bonded tightly behind her back. As it gave, Julie started to fall forwards, her muscles unused to the freedom.

“Careful now!” laughed Suzie, stepping forward to catch her. With surprising strength she lifted Julie up and laid her on her back. Julie, realising she had her movement back, made to sit up, but with her arms bound tightly behind her back she couldn't lift off the floor enough. She dropped to the floor again, frustrated.

“Now, Julie, I will help you if you promise to co-operate with me” whispered Suzie. “Nod if you agree”. Julie nodded. She really didn't have a choice.

“Ok my dear, let's unbind your arms”. And with that, the armbinder melted away, leaving Julie free to move her arms. It was such a relief to have movement back and she sat up, flexing her limbs slowly. “Feel better? Nod if you do” exclaimed Suzie. Julie nodded.

“Ok, now I would like to get to know you a little better. You don't know me but I know you and Samantha very well”. That got Julie's brain whirling. “Who could she possibly be?” she thought. Suzie read her thoughts. “We'll talk things through properly if you behave yourself! Now first I would like you get on your hands and knees again please”.

After everything that had happened to her, Julie complied. She definitely didn't want another shock session! She slowly got down on all fours.

“Excellent! Well done Julie! Now that wasn't too difficult was it?” said Suzie. Julie waited, wondering what on earth was going to happen next. All she could hear was Suzie's heels going click click click as she walked around her.... then they stopped clicking behind her. And as they stopped, Julie felt her latex-clad body stiffen again.

Suzie knelt down and ran her hands all around Julie's body, reaching round to caress her breasts and gently massage her nipples. It took Julie by surprise and she exhaled sharply. “Ohh, that was nice, wasn't it!” said Suzie. Julie shivered as Suzie kissed and nibbled the back of her neck, running her hands up and down Julie's thighs and ass. Everywhere she touched tingled like electricity. “Mmm, do you like that? Nod if you do!” Suzie whispered into Julie's ear. Julie's head nodded up and down just a fraction. The latex allowed her some movement, but not a lot. “Good girl!”  Suzie reached round with one hand and started pinching and twisting her nipples and let her other hand slip round to Julie's pussy. She let her fingers slide in and out, sending waves of pleasure through her plaything. Julie was subconsciously rocking back and forth, grinding her crotch against Suzie's hand.

“My my, you're getting really turned on aren't you, my little latex doll! Hmm... think I'll let you speak for a bit” said Suzie.

Julie felt the rubber lining her throat shift a little, and the rubber holding her mouth into a rigid 'O' softened a little. Suzie gave her nipples a hard tug and slid her fingers deeper into Julie's pussy. “uuuuuuunnngghhhh!” The sound came out of Julie's mouth but it didn't sound like her normal, deep male voice. It was a high, female one!

“What was that? I didn't quite catch that my little latex doll” chuckled Suzie. “Now are you having fun?”.

“Yes, yes I am” said Julie in her new female voice.

Suzie pinched her nipples extra hard. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Shrieked Julie.

“That's Mistress Suzie to you”

“Yes Mistress Suzie”.

“Now Julie, I don't think your lovely little ass has had enough attention this evening, we'll have to do something about that”. Julie's latex eyes widened. What did she mean? Her ass had been invaded, stretched and fucked for over an hour by this living latex prison! Not to mention the fucking it had received from Samantha!

“No, Mistress Suzie, please no!” pleaded Julie in a high pitched whisper.

Suzie laughed. “Now I don't think you have a choice now, do you”

Julie tried to lift her hands and legs off the floor but it was not use. They were stuck fast, and the latex prison hardly gave. She was exhausted from her previous exertions and it seemed that the red corset was getting steadily tighter, forcing her to take quick, shallow breaths. She gave a little cry of frustration.

“Shh, my little latex doll, you're going to have a lot of fun” whispered Suzie into her ear.

In the mirrored wall, Julie could see Suzie kneeling behind her. She watched as Suzie parted her skirt to reveal her rubber cock again, It was bright red and absolutely huge, complete with heavy black straps and a large pair of balls.

“You can see that, can't you” said Suzie, stroking her hands up and down the dildo. “I'm going to get a big kick out of this as well my dear”. The dildo had a shaft on the inside, buried in Suzie's pussy.

Suzie placed her rubbery hands around Julie's hips and pushed forwards until the head of the dildo rested against Julie's ass crack. She clenched her ass shut as tight as she could, trying to resist the invader.

“You're not making this very easy for yourself are you?” said Suzie. She pushed harder against Julie, and slowly the head of the dildo slid in.

“UUUnnnnnnggh! Oh god!” Cried Julie. She couldn't believe that she was taking this huge dildo in!

“Mmmm, yes, take it, my latex doll” purred Suzie, and she pushed harder. With that, Julie stopped trying to fight it and relaxed. The monster slid all the way in, right up to the balls!

Julie literally shook all over as the dildo filled her. She felt incredibly full and stretched but surprisingly there was no pain. She felt like she was cumming straight away. “Mm, I bet that feels nice, doesn't it, latex doll” said Suzie.

“Yes Mistress Suzie, it feels sooo good” gasped Julie.

Suzie started thrusting in and out, slowly at first. She slid right in until Julie thought she would burst, then slowly slid all the way out again. Then in, then out, gradually speeding up. Julie was in ecstasy. She had never experienced any of these feelings or emotions before and it was almost overwhelming. Suzie was leaning over her now, gently squeezing her nipples with one hand while the other hand ran slowly up and down her thigh.

“You're all mine now my little latex doll” purred Suzie into Julie's ear, sliding her cock deep into Julie's ass

“Mmm, yes Mistress Suzie” gasped Julie. She was cumming a little with every stoke.

“I'm going to give you some movement back for being such a good little doll” whispered Suzie, and slowly Julie found herself able to move. She slid her ass back to meet Suzie's thrusts.

“Ooooh good Doll!” whispered Suzie. She reached forward with both hands and started pulling, pinching and caressing Julie's nipples. Her touch was like electricity and Julie felt her nipples swell. Suzie started to speed up her thrusts and Julie sped up with her, grinding her ass into Suzie's cock.

“Fuck me Mistress Suzie!” Julie found herself crying.

“Yes, that's it my doll, you're loving this aren't you!” panted Suzie.

Julie's nipples were on fire, her senses overwhelmed. Suzie slid one hand down to Julie's pussy and slid her fingers in, carressing her rubber clit. It was too much for Julie to take! She was tipped over the edge. “YES!! YES!!” She cried. Suzie arched back and grabbed the back of Julie's corset, using it to force Julie back harder onto her cock. She pumped in and out, harder and faster. Julie couldn't hold back any longer. “Ohhhhh I'm cumming Mistress! Yes YES!!” Suzie reached orgasm herself.  “Unghhhhh...Yes,,,, take it, doll, cum for me NOW” Julie came hard, bucking back and forth against Suzie's thrusting hips. “YES....mmmmmmmm”. Suzie felt Julie's ass clench and unclench on her cock as she came. Suzie came over and over, shooting her latex load deep into Julie until she was spent.

They slumped to the floor, exhausted, Julie still impaled on Suzie's cock. She trembled a little, glowing inside as the orgasms subsided.

“Mmmm, that was amazing, wasn't it?” Whispered Suzie.

“Yes Mistress Suzie, it was incredible” sighed Julie.

“Now, I'm going to release your friend. But first I need to make something crystal clear. You are MINE now. As for your friend, you can look, but if I catch you so much as touch her, we will have BIG problems, OK?”

“Yes, Mistress Suzie” whispered Julie.

“Good Doll. Now I am going to release her from her latex prison and we the three of us are going to have a little chat about old times...” Suzie slowly slid her cock out of Julie's ass. Julie trembled and sat up.

Suzie slowly got up and walked over to the latex orb. It was moving slightly and muffled groans and gasps could be heard through the little breathing tube.

“Mmmm, I think someone else has been having fun, Julie!” chuckled Suzie. She stood facing the orb, hands on her hips.

Slowly, the orb appeared to melt. It spread out, flowing all over the floor, and as it did, Julie could make out the features of Samantha becoming clearer. She was writhing back and forth and moaning gently. A couple more minutes passed and Samantha was uncovered, but remained tightly cocooned in her catsuit and doll hood. She realised with a start that she could move again and sat up, regaining her senses.

“Julie, come and kneel next to your friend please” said Suzie. “And Samantha, I want you to kneel please.” They both complied, and as they knelt, facing Suzie, their latex prisons once again froze and binders forced their arms behind them.

“Good! So here we all are...” said Suzie, starting to pace up and down in front of them. “Samantha, I know that you recognised me straight away, but Julian, sorry, Julie, I think you need reminding...” She paused for a second then continued. “Does the name Susanne McCarthy ring any bells? Hmm? Think back to your days at University...”

Julie clicked. Suzie McCarthy? Of course!

She had always been on the periphery of his little group of friends at University. Very plain, very quiet, always keeping herself to herself. She'd had a funny way of looking at people, and thinking back, she'd had a way of looking at him in particular, always looking away if he met her glance. In fact, he now recalled her making a clumsy pass at him one night at the bar. She'd just basically grabbed him, pushed him against the bar and landed a kiss on his lips. He wasn't interested, the previous night his brief fling with Samantha had got underway. And besides, Suzie was just an oddball, always turning up unannounced at gatherings and acting weird. So he'd pushed her away that night and gone back to his friends table with some more beers, hardly giving it a second thought. After that, he didn't see her around very much. In fact, he couldn't even recall seeing her at their graduation.

“You remember me now, don't you?” whispered Suzie, right into her ear. “But you probably don't know my connection with Samantha, do you?” she sneered. “Well seeing as neither of you are saying anything, I'll assume you don't.” Suzie was pacing again..

“Samantha was one of the only people I spoke to at University. I was very shy back then and you lot were sooo cool, I was just that weird girl that no-one knew. So when she sat down and chatted with me one day I was so happy. We talked about lots of stuff, designs, boys, girls, everything. I even confided in her about my fetish for latex and my domme side, which I'd kept hidden from everyone up until that point.” she paused again.

“And then, the day before you two had your little fling, I confided in her about how much I fancied YOU.” she gave Julie a little nudge with her gloved finger. Julie and Samantha both exhaled simultaneously...

“Yes, that's right, we were halfway through our second bottle of wine and I just came right out with it” said Suzie. “I told Samantha how much I fancied you, how I'd been fantasising about what I'd do with you, everything”. Suzie stood in front of Samantha. “And YOU told me that I should make a move. YOU told me Julian was into being dommed and I should just wait until he was going to be at the bar, and make a move.” Suzie prodded Samantha.
“But you got in there the night before, didn't you? So when I came over all domme and made a move on him, he just ran a mile”.

Samantha was shaking now, and she felt a tear well up inside her hood. It all came back to her. She'd been such a bitch! She wanted to speak, to explain herself, apologise to both of them, but she couldn't make a sound.

Julie was piecing together what she'd just heard. To say she was shocked was an understatement.

“So, you both have a little think about what I've just told you.” said Suzie. “In the meantime, I'll bring you up to speed on how I got here... and how I got you both here” she chuckled. “And it's nice to have such a captive audience!” Suzie strode across the room. The mirrored wall went clear, revealing a large room full of some very high-tech looking IT equipment.

“After we all graduated, I was completely dissolutioned with life and the fashion world. But, one thing I'd always taken an interest in was materials technology and, of course, latex. So I got involved in researching new synthetic fibres and chemicals. We were researching 'smart' materials that could fix themselves, which led onto materials which could be controlled and manipulated remotely.”.

“I had a very rich relative who unfortunately passed away. But the large sum of money I inherited made me decide to go my own way. I wanted to create a synthetic latex that could be controlled and manipulated for industrial applications. That was a huge success, but what you see here is my little, personal project. I can make this synthetic latex do anything I command, including responding to my thoughts. The ultimate fetish playroom! But no-one to share it with... Until I saw your clothing adverts in the magazines and on the internet. Of course, I thought to myself, the perfect guinea pigs, and a nice bit of revenge thrown in for good measure! So I set about reeling you in.. it worked a treat, didn't it?”

Julie and Samantha's minds whirled. They had been completely taken in! Suzie was behind all the plagiarising of their latex clothes! But rather than a commercial rival, it had all just been a trap...

“And of course, Samantha, as I suspected all along, your 'friend' Julie here just loves being dommed in rubber! She has turned out to be quite the rubber slut in fact!”

Samantha was desperate to explain herself. Julie was speechless.

“So now we all know where we're coming from” said Suzie. “I'm not finished with the two of you, not by a long stretch.  Things could be a lot of fun, or they could be a complete nightmare for you both. It depends how compliant you are!” She put her hands on her hips, looking down at them both.

“I have a proposition for you!.”

To be continued.....

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