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The Latex Dolls

by latex_dolly

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Storycodes: MF; Other/m; latex; clothing; blob; engulf; entrap; insert; latexdoll; bodymod; boots; corset; climax; cons/nc; X

Julian and Samantha were clothing designers. Not your average clothes though. They designed and made latex clothing that they sold on sites like ebay. Basically they were small-time, but they had a lot of fun doing it. Both of them had day jobs, but most evenings and weekends would find them hard at work; Samantha sketching away at her drawing table and Julian cutting, glueing and assembling the designs she came up with. The sort of stuff they designed and sold was 'clubwear', basically nothing too heavy or outlandish, mostly t-shirts, skirts, tops and briefs. But Samantha's flair for design and the quality of Julian's dressmaking had seen their little business take off, despite the recession.

They'd met at university, both studying fashion, had a very brief fling and then gone their separate ways after they'd graduated. Samantha had ended up working as a sales assistant in a fashion store (not what she'd envisioned), and Julian's career path had taken so many twists and turns he looked back and wondered why he'd ever done his degree! But throughout his career he'd always had a secret hobby and passion: Latex. He'd always had a fetish for it, as long as he could remember. He loved dressing up in it, and a lack of money led him to try his hand at making a few items of clothing, and after a while he'd become pretty good at it. But it had remained a secret. Apart from friends he'd made online, virtually no-one else knew.

Until he'd told Samantha about it. They'd not heard from each other for years, and then one Sunday afternoon they bumped into one another in the West End. Samantha looked great, just as he'd remembered her. Samantha thought Julian looked a little world-weary but he started perking up as they chatted over a beer. He was the same old Julian. Medium height, skinny, but he still had a nice ass on him! She smiled to herself.

“So, you working in fashion these days?” Julian asked.

“Well if you call standing behind the till at Top Shop 'fashion' then yes...” She said, apologetically. “How about you?”

“I'm working behind the bar at a pub down the road, I've just not been able to settle into a 'proper' job, don't know why...” he trailed off. “But I have been doing some designing”.

“Oh wow, what have you been making?” Samantha asked.

So bit by bit, Julian told Samantha all about the latex thing. Later on they got the train out of London and Samantha stopped by at Julian's and had a look at his latex handiwork.

“This is cool! Nice work!” Samantha was examining a black and red t-shirt that Julian had made recently. “But maybe it could do with... hang on, have you got some paper?” Samantha immediately started sketching away and came up with a design that Julian really liked. It was much more stylish than his rather plain looking creation. He had an idea...

“Tell you what, why don't we meet up again and go through a few more ideas, and maybe turn a few of your ideas into the finished article?”

“That'd be great Julian, I'd love that!” replied Samantha, still scribbling away...

That meeting was three years ago. Their business was doing ok enough for them to consider ditching their day jobs and going at it full time. Both Julian and Samantha had thought about their relationship, which had remained purely business-like. But neither of them had made any kind of move, they were too busy holding down two jobs, and after a while neither of them gave it a thought. And right now they had a very irritating problem... Someone was plagiarising their designs! Samantha had spotted it first while trawling the internet. There it was, her skirt and jacket combination, on a anonymous looking site with a url. It was much cheaper than theirs, whoever they were she thought, they can't be making much money from it. The worst thing was, they hadn't even bothered doing their own photos! They had simply lifted Julian and Samantha's product pictures off their own ebay shop and used them as their own!

Julian had tried sending some emails to the vendor, first polite, then not so polite. He never received a reply. Samantha had tried calling their phone number several times, leaving a few choice answerphone messages, but no reply either.

“What do you reckon? Pay them a visit?” Julian asked Samantha.

“Let's do it, the address isn't far out of town” replied Samantha. “Let's go tomorrow afternoon after we finish work”.

So at 4.30pm that Friday evening they found themselves parked outside a very anonymous looking brick building in the countryside. It didn't look like anyone was around, there were no lights on either. It was getting pretty dark outside.

“Shall we go have a look around?” said Samantha.

“Errr.. I'm not sure that's such a good idea”. But Samantha was already out of the car and knocking on the entrance door.

No reply. Samantha tried the door and it swung open! “Hmm, somebody forgot to lock up...” mused Samantha, walking in.

“Hey, I really don't think we should be doing this Samantha” whispered Julian.

“Absolutely we should! I reckon we should have a wander around, find their stock of latex, and claim it back!” she whispered back. “You check down that corridor, and I'll check down here. See you in a minute”.

So Julian wandered reluctantly down the first corridor as Samantha went down the second. There were a couple of doors to his right, but he strode down to the end and tried the door facing him.

He turned the door handle as quietly as he could and walked through. The door clicked behind him and he fumbled for the light switch. Found it. A long strip of fluorescent lights blinked a few times then came on, and Julian found himself in a large-ish room completely covered in white tiles apart from one wall that was completely mirrored.

But Julian didn't really take any of this in; his attention was directed towards the centre of the room. In front of him, standing like some sort of 2001 monolith, was a large black sphere.

It stood about 5ft tall, reflecting the light. Forgetting their task and the fact they were trespassing, he advanced towards it... He was fascinated by the way it reflected so perfectly and yet seemed to be sucking the light out of the room. He stood next to it and placed his hand on it... To his surprise, it gave to his touch as if it were liquid! As soon as he removed his hand, it bounced back.

“Ok, this is officially weird”. He thought out loud. “Time to go”. He was trying to find a way out of this place after all. He turned to leave. But something drew him back to the sphere...

“What on earth is this thing?” he gave it another prod, then a punch. “Sod it, I'm out of here”. He gave the sphere a final sharp right hook, punchbag-style.

Big mistake! Instead of wobbling around and returning to its sphere shape, the ball just collapsed soundlessly, rapidly spreading across the tiles. “This must be a waking dream”, thought Julian, and then he became frightened and decided to retreat towards the door. But the door wouldn't open, despite his pulling hard at the handle. It had somehow locked itself! In his panic, Julian also failed to notice the little red alarm light start to flash in the corner of the room...

He looked back, the black liquid mass was spreading right up to him... It reached his feet and flowed over them. Julian tried to pull away from it and found that he could just do it, and started hobbling around the room, his feet struggling to escape the sticky bond. Soon he was overcome though, and in trying to lift one of his feet he fell to the ground and almost immediately found his hands covered in the black liquid. “What on earth....?”, he thought. The black substance quickly flowed all over his body, but stopped at his neck. It didn't feel wet, just rubbery and slightly warm. Confused and bewildered, he wondered what was going to happen next…

He felt a tingling sensation all over his skin, and looking down his body he saw that his loose-fitting jeans and shirt were smoothing over and being absorbed into the shiny substance. The same thing was happening to his shoes. Soon he was covered in a smooth, shiny form-fitting skin, following all his contours. He could even see the outline of his nipples! The black ‘skin’ was now flowing around his cock and balls and between his ass cheeks.

“What is this? Help!!! Samantha!” He cried out.

To his horror though, he began to get aroused! Despite his fears his cock started throbbing and was soon standing fully erect. Not for long though, as the flowing rubbery substance pulled his cock flat against his stomach and held it there tight. The latex stopped flowing and pulled tighter, making him catch his breath.

Julian tried to move his hands but the liquid appeared to have solidified somewhat and although it gave a little, it just snapped his hands back into place. He looked around the room, and saw that it was now completely covered, including the walls and ceiling, but not, stangely, the mirrored wall. As he looked up, he saw that the rubber was starting to drip down in long strands. Soon enough, some of it fell on his back and merged into his new rubber skin. Instead of continuing to drip down, he felt the strands that had fallen on his back and shoulders start to stretch and pull, stronger and stronger. Before long he felt himself being lifted bodily upwards! His feet remained attached to the floor, but his hands were gradually released , and soon he was standing upright facing the mirror. Then the rubber on his hands flowed and pulled his fingers and thumbs together, then pulled his hands into fists and thickened until he just had two rubber orbs where they had been.

“Samantha, Hellllpppp!!”. He was getting desperate now.

Just as he was gawping at his hands, the latex around his cock and balls sprang into life, caressing and flowing up and down, gently squeezing. His cock was as hard as a rock, but he couldn’t see it as the rubber had thickened and blended it in with his stomach. He felt himself approaching orgasm, and just as he was about to come, the rubber flowed swiftly up, around his neck, and quickly covered his head, just leaving his eyes and nose uncovered. He came hard, thrusting back and forth, his rubber orbs desperately trying to touch himself but without success. At the same time, the rubber covering his head tightened incredibly, pulling his jaw shut tight, making him gasp and groan. “No!! MMMMMfffffff!” He came and came, gasping and whistling air through the noseholes in his latex-covered head.

Julian stood, head to toe in his latex prison, shaking and convulsing as the orgasm subsided. The latex was tightening all around him, and also thickening as latex flowed from the ceiling, walls and floor onto him. His arms by his side, he felt the latex merge, and try as he might, he couldn’t move his arms as they were now firmly glued to his sides. His breathing laboured as the coating tightened, forcing his breathing into shallow gasps. He could feel the weight of all that latex bearing down on him. Then he felt the latex around his head start to move, flowing in to his ears and filling them, deep into his aural cavity. It felt as if the latex was actually entering his very mind.

Suddenly a deep, sensuous voice sounded from within his head.

“Subject's profile scan completed”.

What the hell did that mean? And how did the voice get into his head? Julian was losing his mind...

The latex around his arms started shifting, pulling them around and behind his back. Thin tendrils shot from one arm to the other and pulled them together, merging and locking them in a red latex armbinder. Tighter and tighter it pulled until his arms were locked behind him, his elbows, forearms and rubber orbs/hands touching. He felt a stirring around his feet, and started rising up as heels sprouted from them! As he gawped in the mirror, up and up his heels went, until he was forced into a classic 'en pointe' position in 8' ballet boots that merged perfectly with his shiny, black, latex-clad legs.

He felt the latex around his neck tighten and thicken, and looking at his reflection saw a long, red ribbed posture collar form, forcing his head back. As he gasped, he felt the latex around his waist constrict, and in the mirror he saw it materialise into a wicked, heavy red corset that pulled his waist to an impossibly small size. Straps shot out of the tops and sides of the corset that latched onto his armbinder. Then, as he watched, the latex around his chest swelled into two generously proportioned breasts. The latex parted to reveal two red rubber nipples at the tip of each breast. The latex around his waist was on the move too, accentuating his hips and ass and flattening any sign of his straining cock. The latex rippled around his crotch to reveal a pair of bright red pussy lips! And to match that, the lips on his latex covered face swelled a little and took on a deep red hue, and long red eye lashes appeared to sprout from the latex around his eyes. He blinked again and again, he just couldn't believe what he was seeing in the mirror! “Gmmmfffff!” he gasped into his sealed mouth...

The reflection staring back at him was that of a perfect red and black latex-clad love doll!

Julian was swaying subconsciously, and soon enough he began to totter in the ballet heels.

“Restraining subject”. The voice in his head spoke again.

The ballet boots suddenly revealed themselves in their full detail. Laces appeared and quickly criss-crossed their way up to the top of his legs, stopping just short of his crotch. The red material of the boots swiftly followed the laces. They tightened and hardened suddenly. and Julian stopped swaying, now rooted to the spot!

“I don’t think your last orgasm came anywhere near your full potential Julian.”

The voice in his head suddenly took on a less machine-like accent. Instead, he was listening to a very normal sounding, albeit formal, female voice.

He felt the latex move and thicken around his now generous derrier. It started probing his ass, gently at first but pushing more and more. He tried clenching his sphincter, but the latex around his crotch gave his cock/pussy a sudden, hard squeeze. It took him by surprise, and in that moment he relaxed his ass, allowing the latex probe to enter. It moved swiftly, entering him and filling out, stretching him and making him gasp!


 At the same moment, latex rushed into his mouth, filling it, under his tongue, around his teeth and gums. The latex stopped short at the back of his throat. From the outside, Julian could see his mouth was now wide open, but covered in thick red latex. His teeth, tongue, everything. He also noticed his rubber pussy was dripping cum... He'd had a little orgasm when the latex had rushed into his ass...

“Good! That’s shut you up a bit! Now for more fun…” Said the female voice. It sounded less formal now, but had a definite edge to it...

His ballet-booted legs slid out slightly so that his legs were stretched wide, then froze again. Now somehow, the latex covering on his body pushed and pulled, forcing him to bend forward slightly at the waist. His head was pulled back hard to force him to stare into the mirror, and his hands and arms were drawn behind him and lifted, forcing him to bend even further forward. The ballet boots remained frozen, forcing his legs completely straight.

“Now don’t panic, the next bit will be over very quickly”. That voice again..

His eyes strained in terror as the latex in his mouth flowed down his throat and into his stomach. More and more flowed down, he felt full to bursting. He couldn’t breath! The latex in his ass flowed right inside him, flowing into his internal tracts and making him feel like he would explode. The nose holes in his latex covered head closed and latex flowed in, joining the latex in his throat. He felt the latex in his throat expand, and suddenly he could breath! Looking in the mirror though, he couldn’t see how…

“I have completely filled your insides Julian, you’re now breathing through your ass!” said the voice. “And since your vocal cords are completely coated in latex, you can't make a sound, not unless I let you!”. Now there was a real edge to her voice.

So now Julian could breathe, but had no sensation of breath in his throat, and completely unable to utter a sound. The latex in his ass was still moving around, probing and exploring, making him feel like coming again. He felt a momentary jabbing pain somewhere in his ass for a second, then nothing.

“Sorry about that Julian, you’re really going to enjoy this though”.

Straining against his bondage, he winced slightly as a thin tendril of latex entered his cock and travelled down his shaft, expanding as it went. Instantly, his latex prison sprang to life, starting by caressing and squeezing his nipples, then sending increasingly powerful electrical pulses into them. The latex shaft in his ass started vibrating and pulsating, massaging his prostate and making him squirm with delight. The latex around his pussy started rippling, pulsing and massaging his cock, whilst squeezing his balls. Next, his entire coating started vibrating, pulsing and jolting with electrical impulses, driving him ever closer to orgasm. The latex in his ears, nose and throat twisted and squirmed, whilst the latex in his stomach and system undulated and moved around. Julian could hold no longer, He exploded into orgasm, coming harder than he had ever done in his life. As he did so, the entire latex coating on his body hardened, freezing him in orgasm, all that Julian could move were his eyes, staring helplessly into the mirror. Not a sound or movement escaped the latex shell.

Julian came and came, with no sign of the orgasm abating. His ass pulsated as more and more latex flowed into it. Black latex cum flowed out of his red pussy lips and down his legs to the floor...

“Do you like my little trick Julian? As you come, I am pumping more rubber into your ass, into the base of your cock, or should I say pussy, which you are ejaculating out again... I can keep your muscles working as long as I like… and I will!!”

And with that, the latex on Julian’s head flowed over his eyes, and he was completely enclosed in his rubber orgasm. A doll's eyes, wide with surprise, appeared over his own blinded eyes, and his mouth was opened wide, frozen in a wide 'O' of surprise!

The room was silent and still. Just a large, white tiled room with a mirror at one end. And a bizarre black and red statue facing it. The only movement, a steady drip drip drip of black liquid falling from the statue's red pussy lips....

In the control room, behind the one way mirror, Suzie kicked back in her seat. “Phase one has gone perfectly” she thought to herself. “Now let's see where our other subject has got to...”

On her monitor, the image of Samantha blinked up. She was walking up the corridor towards the room, calling out Julian's name and looking worried. She opened the door to the tiled room and walked in....


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