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The Further Training of 'S' 14: Pain & Pleasure

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; bdsm; bagged; breathplay; nipple; electro; x-cross; enema; catheter; conditioning; sex; cons; XX

continued from part 13

Chapter 14: Pain & Pleasure

Awaking in heavy meditation ‘S’ had no Idea of the time; she had slept soundly after the exhaustion brought on by the stringent bondage she had endured. Now fully conscious she tried to open her eyes and stretch her limbs but nothing happened she was held fast in her bondage. It then struck her that of course she was in meditation and at some time in the future she would be released and be dressed to meet her Master. Her heart missed a beat; she smiled to herself although the smile was only metaphorical as she was held very tightly in her latex helmet over which was a heavy leather sleep sack helmet which allowed not one millimetre of movement.

‘Wow, that was just what I needed, I feel refreshed and ready for anything that befalls me today. I can’t wait to be dressed and presented to my Master as his advanced latex slave. I am confident I shall please and serve him well. Her thoughts turned again to release from the meditation which she had undergone. ‘It’s funny really that here I am waiting for release and all that follows yet I know I am, as it were not in the real time situation. Time for me is the here and now nothing else. There is no time past or future, time is, for me, meaningless I have no awareness of the passing of the hours save that of the dull ache which occurs progressively whilst I am held in bondage but eventually disappears to be replaced by freedom to drift in the dark universe which engulfs me. Day and night are perceived only as light or dark. Often I am held between them in limbo until such time as a decision is made to give me light. Sometimes the light is artificial so I gain no knowledge of whether it is day or night. I am always controlled monitored and manipulated by either the trainers, the Master or Mistress; I am a totally controlled rubberised objectified slave revelling in my situation. Now I wait in this timeless zone, fulfilled and at peace with my situation. Roll on!’

She was released from her bondage by her friend Lizzie who appeared dressed in full heavy weight dry suit complete with air cylinders and breathing regulator her name in white lettering across the chest of the dry suit. Through the full faced diving mask clamped tightly to her already helmeted head with clear vinyl lenses, doubly sealing her under the all encapsulating latex she was wearing. Her eyes flashed in friendly recognition but no speech was possible as the regulator was sealed onto the full faced diving mask. ‘S’ was showered carefully by her erstwhile friend who shaved ‘S’ from head to toe. The process of preparing her for her Masters visit was detailed in every way. Attention was initially focused on her make up even though she would be wearing a helmet at all times showing at most her lips and eyes. The dressing completed she stood resplendent in her new complex latex suit. It was if she had been sprayed with liquid latex; a shining mannequin complete in every detail, a fetish delight personified. ’S’ felt amazing. The new suit had gossamer thin latex inserts which filled her mouth, vagina and anus thus sealing her from the world, separating her by the latex, but allowing complete sensitivity to touch. At her breasts special internally fitted hollow cups allowed her nipples to protrude into tight rubber rings to which had one way none return arrangements and had hard rubber spikes to stimulate her already pierced and engorged nipples. The fitting of heavily boned corset at waist and neck held her in their tight embrace accentuating her slim profile.

Finally knee high 6-inch heeled latex boots with ‘D’ ring lacing up the front completed her dressing. With head held high the neck corset allowing nothing else she stood, a fetish icon complete in every detail. Her fetish mind now focused on the many sensations cruising through her body overtaking her. ‘…My life in this timeless universe I now inhabit both begins and ends here. Since being delivered I have been trained, tested, and taught to endure as a slave. Now I am judged to be ready for a visit from my Master prior to me being finally released to begin a new life as his personal slave; my life is so near being totally complete, I am so near to fulfilling my destiny!’ she now dedicated herself to her Master. ‘Master I devote my love, life and sentient being to you, I love you, I adore you, I worship you, and I serve you! Do as you please with me, I am yours!’ She could feel a growing sexual pulse surging through her body constrained by the latex encapsulation which was now her reality.

‘S’ had been kneeling in the classic slave position for some time although her attempts to calm her excitement had all come to no avail. Even her slave mantra had not worked. Head bowed, hands behind her back she was delirious with anticipation of her Masters entrance into the Training Establishment. She knew that she must not raise her head but the temptation to do so was almost beyond her.

The door bell ringing in the entrance vestibule had her heart racing. The advancing footsteps towards her caused a spasm in her vagina. Then she saw the highly polished rubber boots of her Master standing before her. She had the utmost difficulty in keeping her slave position, wanting desperately to leap up and throw her hands around his neck and swoon into his strong arms.

His words when they came melted her innermost soul.

“Hello ‘S’, I am told by both the Master and Mistress that you are now a fully trained slave ready for a visit from me. Soon if all goes well you will be ready to return to me for your life of 24/7 unremitting servitude.” Then adding “I’ve missed you terribly, I can’t tell you just how much I’ve missed you! Now I’ve got you for a few brief hours before you are returned to me forever. You are as precious as life to me. How I’ve managed to keep away from here is testament to my self discipline and my love for you. Now stand slave and let me inspect you. Then, if I am satisfied with your appearance I shall let you greet me before I take you off to the room the Master and Mistress have laid on for us to use.”

‘S’ began to rise from her slave position, ever so slowly, as if there was all the time in the world, quietly, serenely and sexually. Finally she stood exquisitely displaying herself for her Master to behold; head held high, proudly confidently ready for this most important of inspections. There had been no honeymoon after the signing of the irrevocable slave contract which had finally sealed her fate and placed her for all time into the tender hands and control of her Master and husband. The sexual tension between the two was palpable. ‘S’ swooned at the sight before her. Her Master was wearing a fully fastened glossy black SBR every button and strap done up, just as he had first appeared to Selena a timeless period ago. Her Master slowly walked around her before standing immediately in front of her. “You look every bit the advanced slave; you are everything I’ve ever wanted.” with that he clasped her firmly within his strong arms and gave her a deep and penetrating kiss. ‘S’ threw her arms around his neck and took him into her very being; they were as one united at long last.

Her Master was immediately aware of the thin latex membrane within her mouth as his tongue explored her mouth his overpowering emotion was of his love for his slave/wife. He was overwhelmed with the lust long held in check as his slave was being put through her paces on her lone journey to ‘Advanced’ slave status. He could hear his slave breathing through her only outlet to the world, her nostril opening. She was breathing fast her own excitement equally overwhelming her. Together they had arrived at the end of the beginning having both been tested in their resolve to fulfil their long held fantasies. Now they were together as Master and slave.

Taking ‘S’ own leash which he had given her soon after they had begun the journey together he clipped it to the front ‘D’ ring and led her towards the bedroom they would share overnight prior.

It was an exhausted pair of lovers that appeared the next morning. ‘S’ was dressed now in her normal slave suit with the addition of a inflatable gag strapped tightly to her helmeted head, over this outfit she wore a full length cloak of gleaming heavyweight latex in obsidian black. They were ushered in to the dining room by none other than Lizzie dressed in her normal Serving Maids outfit. ‘S’ winked to her and was acknowledged by a slight nod of the head and a wink. The dining room was that used by the Master and Mistress where a single table had been laid.

Taking a seat ‘S’ Master made himself comfortable then spoke, “ ‘S’ you may sit.” It was obvious that ‘S’ had some form of bondage devise fitted because sitting down took some time. Lizzie waiting beside the lovers immediately knew that ‘S’ was fitted with a single arm glove. Taking a note pad from her belt Lizzie wrote,

‘Master may I ask you to indicate what you would like for breakfast?

Then below that she added,

Will your slave be eating and if so what would you like for her?’

“I shall have a Continental breakfast and my slave will have Orange juice followed by a bowl of porridge with honey.”

Deflating and removing the gag the Master began feeding his slave. This was no ordinary feeding rather a fetishistic ritual sensually conducted between two lovers. No words were spoken to break the charged atmosphere. For Lizzie standing discretely some distance from the pair this was a revelation she was fascinated by the whole process. ‘Lucky lucky ‘S’ you have your own man who obviously loves you to bits and is deeply in love with you; I am jealous but I do have my own love for my Mistress and Master so I have two individuals to love.’

Then it was time for ‘S’ Master to leave the establishment. It took all of his resolve to do so. He was so near yet so far from the completion of all things connected to the contract which he had solemnly signed together with his charge prior to her entering the establishment as a novice, leaving her there to be trained to ‘Advanced’ slave status.

As he was helped on with his SBR by ‘S’ he could see tears trickling down the outside of her helmet. He was overcome with emotion; taking her in his arms he held her tightly with words of encouragement, “My lovely ‘S’ lady of my dreams, my love, my life, you are everything to me. Please don’t weep it breaks my heart to see you so distressed. You can consul yourself with the knowledge that soon you will be released into my hands. Once in them you will never leave them without my express permission or orders to do so. Now you have a short intense period of further training then those 7 days of bondage punishment for the misdemeanour you well know about. Once you come out of the sentence you will have 7 days to recuperate and prepare yourself for your handing over to me. Now just think, you are almost there, just dig deep into your mind and celebrate the fact that we have been together for this brief delight and you will be mine entirely soon.”

With that he set his mind to leaving his love and closing the door behind him moved out into the mid morning and the world at large. It was drizzling; he pulled in the belt of his SBR and headed off to his office still with the memories of the night of passion they had shared together.


‘S’ was taken back to her cell and put to bed. There was to be no let up in her training. She was both emotionally and physically exhausted after the build up to the meeting with her Master’s visit then the delight of being together for the first time since her training began. ‘S’ had fallen asleep almost immediately.


The new serving maid was a chastened figure when she had been taken to her cell and bondaged to her bed in the exact position demanded of her Mistress. It had taken her some time to fully revive from the lengthy punishment session which she had been put through. Now under the wing of Lizzie with the ever present threat of being ordered to report to the Punishment room. Still known as slave ‘R’ she had not yet acquired her Serving Maid ‘Name’. Given good service and attention to every detail of her duties she would, in due course, be ‘Named’ until then the designation ‘R’ would indicate her lowly status and would suffice.

Lizzie had returned to her duties with the knowledge that she had been missed by her Master and Mistress. This had come as a complete surprise to her. She understood now the special relationship that existed between them. The fact that she had been fitted with esoteric accoutrements’ which made physical demands on her already latex encapsulated body had both fascinated and excited her; cementing the relationship she enjoyed with her ‘carers’. These new demands on her were just what she secretly desired. She was fulfilled and proud of her ability to rise to these new challenges. The fact that she had responsibility for and over ‘R’ gave her a new mission in life; one she took very seriously.

‘R’ had to present herself to Lizzie each period of duty for close inspection of her outfit. Often her corset would not be sufficiently tightened or some article of clothing was not polished enough. Equally each task which necessitated ‘R’ having to move to the upstairs level where she would be serving either the Master or Mistress would require Lizzie to accompany her and to oversee each and every move she made. The Mistress had been quite specific about this for two reasons, one, it underlined the humiliation which she knew that ‘R’ hated and two, it underlined her low status needing constant supervision because she was not up the standard expected within the establishment. Lizzie would note and correct any mistakes on a note pad she now carried dangling from her clinched waist. ‘R’ hated the humiliation of this; it was an outward show to all that she had made a slip which the Mistress would see in due course. ‘R’ knew the consequences of these slips but was kept in a constant anxiety state not knowing just when the various lapses would ‘trip’ the balance and she would be punished. The occasional slip would be corrected but no note made of the misdemeanour it was entirely in the hands of her superior whether a particular slip would result in the production of the dreaded notepad followed by the inevitable noting. A growing relationship was developing based entirely on the superiority of her supervisor.


Taken before the Master and Mistress ‘S’ was informed that there would be no letup in her training indeed she could expect commencement of her final test and the punishment regime combined that she had brought upon herself when she had the liaison with Lizzie.

“You will recall that your Master had requested full and severe punishment for a period of seven days in the penultimate week of your sojourn with us. Well slave ‘S’ that period is about to start! There will be no letup; you will have to endure all that befalls you. You will be tested to your limits and beyond on occasions. We advise you to mentally prepare yourself.”

‘S’ hearing these words felt two emotions, dread and excitement. She now knew that she was nearing the end of her time at the Training Establishment and would be released into the hands of her beloved Master to commence her adventure through the rest of her life together with him. All she had to do was survive the severe punishment regime which she was to face imminently. Her heart sang,

‘Come let me face the full weight of this test I am a fully trained latex slave proud of my training. I will endure whatever is visited upon me certain the knowledge of my love for my Master and his ‘Care’ of me!’

The Master and Mistress now concluded the audience.

“As you will shortly begin to experience the full weight of the punishment regime there is no need for the normal preliminaries where we ask of you whether you understand what is to happen or have any questions.” Now raising his voice slightly to emphasise the seriousness of what was to follow,

“Because, whether you like it or not, you really don’t have any say, your views will not be taken into consideration now, return to your cell immediately!”


‘S’ was taken back to her cell to await her fate. She was fully gagged and blindfolded. She was placed in a spread-eagle position without any slack; the heavyweight latex sheet was stretched tightly to further restrict her.

‘S’ was unaware of how long she had been kept bondaged she must have drifted off to sleep at some stage. She knew that she eagerly awaited the commencement of the punishment regime her resolve to rise to whatever challenge befell her was at its highest.

She was unaware of the two Trainers who entered her cell. The opening of the door had been silent on purpose. The touch on the heavyweight latex sheet as it was removed brought ‘S’ out of her musings. No words were spoken to underline the clinical atmosphere. She was unfettered then lifted onto a hospital trolley. The cool rubber mattress made its presence felt. The addition of red rubber hospital sheeting caused her to shudder as the cool transferred itself through to her. Still blindfolded and gagged she was taken to the Punishment room where considerable preparation had already been undertaken.

She was transferred onto a hospital like operating table with thin latex covered mattress. This was the beginning of a lengthy process attended by the Mistress in full latex scrubs. ‘S’ helmet gag and blindfold were removed; she was instructed to remain with eyes closed and mouth shut. Miniature earplugs were inserted into her ear canals effectively sealing off any incoming sound other than the voice of her Mistress via the small speakers imbedded within the sound deadening earplugs.

Her integral slave helmet was refitted. Over the top of this was fitted a full punishment helmet of heavy moulded rubber. This comprised of two pieces which fitted independently, one having an open mouthed aperture but no other openings save a minute opening where the nose would be. The back section fitted the back of the head perfectly having a flange of rubber to seal the two sections. The two sections had straps and buckles respectively. These were fully fastened compressing the head of the victim.

Next a full enema was administered and higher colonic apparatus fitted to allow for continual washing out. A catheter was induced and a collection bag hung from the bed. Nasal intubation was the next procedure to be carried out. This comprised of a very thin tube being inserted into the minute nostril hole on the helmet. This tube passed through the nasal passage and down into the stomach of slave ‘S’. The final procedure was the intubation of her mouth so she could receive any fluids administered by the Mistress. The oesophageal tube passed through a breathe through inflatable gag which effectively sealed ‘S’ from any external contamination. She was completely intubated; sealed within her own world but unable to control any function. She was now completely at the mercy of the Mistress. All of this had been completed in utter silence ‘S’ was the fully dependent slave/patient.

‘S’ had experienced this process within her Advanced training but this was the beginning of 7 days of punishment. She wondered if she was to be kept like this for seven days. Her anxieties were answered by a click in her head as the earphones became active.

“Slave, this is the first process, one of many, which you will experience over the next seven days. You are now under my complete control. You have been thoroughly intubated; every body cavity is tubed so I can both introduce various liquids and extract any when I decide. You are at the very beginning of 7 days of unremitting bondage punishment. As you are now fully aware I have complete control over every function of your body as you are fully intubated. There don’t you admire my imaginative use of the various pieces of equipment to add further to your discomfort?”

With that the communication ceased and she was left sealed within her total encapsulation.

‘I am a latex slave needing to be punished and deserving of it because of my stupid lapse. I could now be nearing the very end of my time here if only I had not transgressed. Now I can’t move a muscle see or hear sealed within my latex membrane. I am not under duress and not in pain but I know I will experience the full range of punishments some which will be very painful. Now relax girl you have many days of continual bondage punishment to cope with.’

Repeating her Mantra she was soon in the space between consciousness and oblivion.

Sometime in the endless night of her confinement she was placed on the hospital trolley and taken to the Mistress’s private bedchamber. Still fully intubated she was manhandled into the specially prepared Mattress which comprised of two parts, one sitting on top of the other and held together with a full zip around the two pieces. A body shaped cut out had been sculptured from this allowing a body to be placed within the space. The cut out was completely coated in black latex with cut out channels to allow for tubing or wiring to be led out to connective equipment. ‘S’ was placed within this cavity and the top half of the mattress was lowered onto her recumbent body. The final zipping up of the mattress completed, the form fitting latex sheets and duvet were fitted to the double bed. To any outside observer the bed now resembled a normal double bed. However entombed within was the body of slave ‘S’. Some hours later a weary Mistress took to her bed. ‘S’ was only aware of increased pressure pressing upon her as she lay encapsulated dependent on the air being supplied to her via the breathing mask fitted prior to her being sealed within the mattress. She could not find sleep so drifted within her own dark universe of latex encapsulation. Anxiety building as she knew she was in for an unending period of duress.

Gradually the heat built within the cavity she existed in causing a patina of sweat to add to her woes. She willingly accepted her condition knowing she was powerless to do otherwise. Effectively sandwiched between two foam latex mattresses ‘S’ was the filling within; of course she had no perception of this having been blindfolded prior to her placement.

Aroused from semi consciousness ‘S’ became aware of a warm sensation within her throat indicating to her that her stomach was being filled, what with, she had no idea underlining her helplessness. She welcomed the sensation it being the only one she had had for an unperceived amount of time; she was lonely with no sensory input now. The initial pressing she had experienced had been accommodated by her bondaged body. Long, long after the filling of her stomach she became aware of an enema being delivered via the tube inserted into her anus. She squirmed as the initial warm sensation stimulated her then gradually the inevitable cramps began. She knew this was a punishment enema and was meant to cause pain. As the pain built she resorted to her mantra in an attempt to help her to deal with the increasingly painful spasms. Eventually had it not been for the inflatable gag she would have screamed however no sound left her sealed being deep within the latex mattress. Consumed with pain it filled her entire being.

The removal of ‘S’ from her confinement took some time. She was carefully placed on the hospital trolley and taken back to her cell. The enema equipment was withdrawn and the largest anal plug inserted in its place. The catheter was to remain. She was utterly spent with little in the way of reserves left; the confinement together with the punishment enemas had used up much of her resolve. Lying limp, exhausted on her bed her mind empty numb she looked a sorry sight. Left there for exactly one hour she moved not one inch.

The cell door opened and two trainers entered. ‘S’ was then spread-eagled to her latex bed each arm and leg stretched to maximum and fettered to each corner of her bed. Heavy hospital sheeting covered the entire bed with a small hole for her helmeted head to poke through. This sheet was stretched tightly over her recumbent form. She was left like this for three hours before her next punishment session. ‘S’ awoke suddenly she was being suffocated. Gaining full consciousness she immediately understood her situation. ‘Wow, I’m not going to die, in fact I am very much alive! Let’s take stock; I have obviously slept and feel refreshed the fact that I am undergoing punishment is accepted; I deserve all that is to be given to me. I am comfortable contained within my latex. I am a latex slave and am fulfilled. I wonder what will follow. Knowing my Mistress I can expect surprises the whole time.’

Sitting at leisure within the study both the Master and her shared, the Mistress pondered.

‘I wonder what is going through ‘S’ mind after the experiences of the last 24 hours not that she will have any idea of how much time has passed. She will have had a brief sleep and not be expecting the next session to begin so quickly. That is one of the major aspects of punishment to keep the recipient unaware of time passing or to have any way of knowing. This way I am always in control ‘S’ has no control and is very aware of that. She will in time come to thank me for my gift of pain during each session. The only difference between her normal training and this period is that it is extended into six days. She will now learn to accept all that befalls her over the next six days. Now let’s get her ready for her next trial.’


Now strapped into the High backed stainless steel bondage chair ‘S’ was secured immovably her legs open, apart folded back and tethered to fixing points at the rear sides of the chair. Her latex helmeted head now encased in a full leather head harness with ‘D’ ring at the crown locked to an adjustable sliding containment device set high on the upright of the chair. Her arms were fettered behind her in the reverse arm folded position. Straps around her trunk held her fast. Her breast tenting her suit and pushing forward as though eager to receive nipple clamps. She was vulnerable. Through the small imbedded speakers came the steely voice of the Mistress.

“Slave, I am now going to begin what will be for me a very exciting time, and satisfying knowing that I am overseeing your continuing punishment. For you it will be neither exciting nor satisfying, but an extension of your continuing punishment. By the time I have finished with you in this period you will be regretting your silly action of disobedience with my Serving maid Lizzie. Now let’s begin.”

‘S’ nipples were teased until they tented the thin latex then nipple clamps were applied. She squirmed enjoying the touch of the Mistress and the tight grip of the clamps which she took in her stride. She had come to love the clamping sensation over the time she had been in training but knew that this was only the beginning of a long session.

The first three hours passed with a growing nagging pain but she was able to manage this. The earphones clicked on arousing ‘S’ expectations.

“Slave, now we progress to the next stage of your punishment. I am now going to attach weights to each nipple clamp so you can enjoy the sensation as your breasts have to cope with the extra demands imposed. I shall, at my discretion give you some respite before I recommence the next stage of your breast punishment. Oh yes, did I tell you, that is what I am concentrating on for this complete session. Once I am satisfied that you have received enough weight training I will fit you with another contraption which will test you further.”

The addition of weights resulted in a hiss of breath escaping from the gagged mouth of ‘S’

The release when it came caused ‘S’ to scream mutely into her gag as blood returned to her clamped and stretched nipples. Now as the focus of pain receded from her nipples the long stringent bondage she had been held in took its toll. She ached all over needing liquid and feeding to recharge her. She would have to wait another endless period to gain any relief. The removal of the rope holding her immovably allowed the imposition of the nipple stretching device which added to her duress. This piece of equipment comprised of an under breast plate with straps attached which allowed it to be fitted and buckled on to the victim. Extending out from the breast plate was a spike of metal with an adjustable ‘T’ crosspiece from which were attached two nipple clamps on silver chains; the type that when under tension contracted imposing further pressure.

Once fitted to ‘S’ her nipples were clamped then stretched so they were under tension. More hissing issued from the sealed mouthpiece as ‘S’ tried to come to terms with her condition. Each period of time defined by the Mistress ended with the removal of the clamps but with the certain knowledge that they would be reapplied after a short respite. ‘S’ could hear the words of her Mistress echoing in her mind, ‘There will be short periods when I release your nipples when you can celebrate your ‘free’ condition but you will have the knowledge that I shall take delight in reapplying bondage at the end of what I deem your rest period. You will come to long for these. Of course there must be no letup in your punishment.’

Now consumed with her discomfort ‘S’ could find no relief. Her body ached; she was numb from being held in this stringent bondage position for so long. She wanted the touch of another human being to give her comfort in her unending condition. She had been blindfolded and gagged for so long.

The oesophageal tube became warm as a high energy drink flowed into her. This was followed by a thin nourishing soup. Within minutes ‘S’ was feeling recharged. From the depths of her pain filled dark world she rose up to confront her condition. Taking stock she spoke to herself, ‘I am here because I deserve to be here. It was my decision to follow my destiny into the deepest realms of rubberism and in doing so to realise my full potential as a 24/7 latex slave. I am now undergoing punishment for my breaking of the strict rules within this Training Establishment and because my beloved Master has decreed that I should. Come on girl accept all that befalls you willingly turn pain to pleasure as you have been taught!’

Taking hold of herself she began to experience the pleasure which she had lost somewhere along the long road travelled. Within minutes she was totally within her comfort zone enjoying the imposition of nipple stretching and wanting more.

Each time the dreaded nipple stretching began again ‘S’ took pleasure in knowing that it was given by her Master through the hands of her Mistress. Eventually it was over. Her nipples were now extremely sensitive. The Mistress carefully unzipped the breast section from the punishment suit exposing much reddened nipples. For ‘S’ the contact with cool air came as a surprise. Taking gel neuropads with electrical connectors trailing out she carefully positioned them over ‘S’ nipples.

The embedded ear pieces clicked on, “Slave you will now suffer further with the application of the Erostech Machine which will deliver electrical impulses to your already very sensitive nipples. You will know of this from earlier experiences. So prepare yourself for further punishment. Try and turn the pain into pleasure as you have been taught!” The damp latex breast cups were zipped shut.

‘S’ was back in silence at the click of a switch. Immediately the ‘waves’ pattern of impulses began. She loved these as they were so stimulating. Her vaginal spasms began as she became sexually excited.

Unbeknown to her she had been connected to a computer programme prepared by the Master. This delivered a series of randomly selected pulses within the wide range of impulses available on the Erostech e-stim device. Over the hours there would be a progressive increase output to ‘S’ nipples. The programme switched on and off at randomly selected times either leaving ‘S’ gasping for more or on some of the punishment sections, thankful for a timely release from the unending torment. Eventually the programme came to it conclusion and switched off permanently.

Immediately ‘S’ was asleep she had been in the bondage chair for endless hours; all feeling in her body had numbed from the stringent bondage imposed on her. She was taken from the chair back to her cell and returned to the spread eagled position. This time the rest period lasted for 5 hours. She was then returned to the punishment room where she was fixed to the St Andrew’s cross. She still had the punishment helmet on and all the various gags and tubes trailing out from this.

She was now fully awake having been fed and watered earlier whilst asleep. Her nipples were now very sensitive. She was anxious as to what was to happen. The complete silence of her universe was broken by the steely voice of the Mistress through the embedded earphones.

“Slave, I am sure you are anxious to know what delights await you? Well to put you out of your anxiety I can tell you that I intend to continue with the delights of nipple clamping. In this punishment session I shall extend you further than you have ever been. The last period of punishment will seem like a rest cure.”

‘S’ was returned to her silent world. With no means of communication her helplessness was underlined. She was fearful of her ability to survive further breast punishment. She tried to shake her mute head but was unable to. Her bondaged body was held securely. She resigned herself to her punishment. The application of the nipple clamps caused her to strain every sinew in her body as the initial viper like bite gradually lessened.

Her blindfold was removed allowing her to see. She had been in complete darkness for so long; she blinked rapidly to focus then through the misted vinyl lenses of her helmet she made out the Mistress. Her heart missed a beat. There before her stood the epitome of the severe dominatrix dressed in jet black latex from head to toe.

Although in pain ‘S’ watched fascinated as her Mistress began to assemble what was the extension of ‘S’ punishment. A silver chain connected the nipple clamps. Attaching a hook to this chain she fed a thin nylon cord through a pulley which was fixed to the ceiling high above the bondaged form of ‘S’. Hanging down from the end of the cord was a 3 litre black latex rebreathing bag. The Mistress moved forward and clamped off the catheter tube extending out from ‘S’ and withdrew it from the leg collection bag. This was inserted into the 3 litre bag now dangling down from the pulley. ‘S’ immediately knew what fiendish punishment device had been arranged.

Her earpieces clicked on. “Slave, I am sure you can see what I have arranged for this session. This apparatus allows you to, as it were, punish yourself. As your urine flows out from you so it will gradually fill the latex collection bag which swings freely from the cord which is in turn threaded through the pulley and down to your clamped nipples. As it fills so the weight increases thus putting increasing pressure on your sensitive nipples. To ensure that you fill the bag I am now going to fill your feeding bladder and allow a slow steady feed of liquid to enter you by using a gate clamp to control ingress of liquid. I am going to allow you the pleasure of feeling the ever increasing pull of the nipple clamps on your already, I would guess, very sensitive nipples as you gradually fill the collection bag. As you are fully aware I have complete control over every function of your body as you are fully intubated. There don’t you admire my imaginative use of the various pieces of equipment to add further to your discomfort?”

The whole process completed the Mistress spoke again.

“I am going to leave you now whilst I retire to my comfortable study and have a refreshing snack. I shall return in due course to see how much liquid you have delivered to the collection bag. You do realise that for me this is a very exciting exercise and one I am very proud of. I am both delighted with the idea of self punishment for my slaves and the visual aspect of the whole set up. Of course you do know that this is for your own good, don’t you!”

The parting words of her Mistress had their effect on ‘S’ Her deeply masochistic nature fired at the magic code words deeply implanted within her. She closed her eyes, her mind in turmoil she so wanted this punishment the ingenious set up of her own self inflicted punishment, the inevitable self filling of the 3 litre collection bag, the inexorable increase of pain as the combination of clamping and stretching of her inflamed nipples and her inability to have any say or control over the entire proceedings had her head spinning. She waited in excited anticipation focusing on the dull ache within her nipples willing the collection bag to fill with her own liquid.

Held fast unable to move a muscle ‘S’ was sexually excited. ‘Come slowly and induce in me that incredible masochistic high which is there for the taking. I am somewhere in an unending period of punishment demanded by the Master and Mistress as well as my beloved Master. I want and need the exquisite pain of nipple training to fulfil my masochistic desires.’ She closed her eyes for a moment of reflection, deeply lost within her own world.

The return of the Mistress caused ‘S’ another surge of excitement here was her tormentor taking the trouble to visit her charge; an act of kindness and contact.

‘S’ stared wide eyed at her alluring outfit, the complete dominatrix.

The black latex rebreathing bag had filled by at least a third the gleaming latex stretched and bulbous caused by the weight of the fluid contained within.

“Well done slave I see you are ingesting the liquid I gave you but there is still some way to go before the feed bladder is empty. No doubt you are experiencing the increasing delight of your nipples being stretched as your catheter feeds liquid passing through you in to the collection bag; how exciting! Now I am going to give you another sensation to deal with whilst you wait to fill your own collection bag. This will allow you to fully appreciate my control over you!” her voice now taking on the steely coldness of the commensurate Dominatrix. With that she closed on her prey and fitted a respirator with breathing control. “I shall now reduce your air intake so you will have to in part rebreathe your own exhaled stale air. Each time I return I shall progressively reduce your intake so by the time your collection bag is full you will be lightheaded. Now enjoy!”

She left ‘S’ to her own devices once again.

By the time the feed bladder had emptied the collection bag was nearly full. ‘S’ was now fully in the zone willing the total filling of the collection bladder and the further reduction of her intake air. She was overwhelmed with intense masochistic desire. ‘Yes, oh yes here I am totally encapsulated within latex, bondaged to the ‘nth’ degree undergoing nipple punishment rebreathing my own air, my nipples are on fire but I want more; I want to experience each and every moment of this prolonged punishment I want it to continue until I succumb to total oblivion’.

Her nipples now just a overwhelming dull ache ‘S’ stared wide eyed out through the vinyl lenses of her punishment helmet then out through the respirator eyepieces to the distended black latex collection bag which was now appeared to be completely full. She willed the filling to overflowing looking for the tell tell signs of a shiny black streak down the side of the bag as her urine overflowed it would signified to her Mistress when she returned that she had completed the punishment. By the time her Mistress reappeared the collection bag was spilling liquid onto the floor. ‘S’ had become fixated on the glistening latex collection bag knowing that she had fulfilled the punishment. How long it had taken to get to this point she had no idea. Time had ceased to have any meaning long ago. She was proud of her achievement as a slave undergoing seven days of unremitting punishment.

Standing immediately in front of ‘S’ completely invading her personal space and looking directly into her slaves eyes. This was a signal for ‘S’ to avert her eyes as direct eye contact was strictly forbidden. The Mistress switched on the communications,

“Slave look into my eyes now!”

‘S’ complied knowing that to delay would be taken as wilfulness.

“Well, well slave I see you have filled to overflowing the collection bag which weighs when full some 6 and three quarter pounds or 5.6 Kgs. You can be proud of yourself for having endured this punishment.” Adding, “Not that you had any say in the matter; whether you could or could not endure was academic. From the look in your eyes I can see that although under considerable duress you are not beaten, indeed I do believe I see a certain pride in your demeanour. I should remind you that the old proverb ‘Pride comes before a fall’. Now to other matters, you will be released soon, once I have removed your nipple clamps.”

Taking the weight off the taught cord the Mistress removed the full bladder then very gently released the nipple clamps. Immediately ‘S’ felt the awful exquisite pain associated with the returning blood supply. She braced every fibre of her tired body breath hissing from the respirator as she tried to accommodate to the pain. ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, she repeated her mantra over and over again. Gradually the intense pain lessened until she arrived at stasis.

She was attended by one of the Trainers who unstrapped her from the St Andrew’s cross and helped her to stand alone. Initially she needed the support of him as she could not stand. She was weak from the lengthy ordeal having used up much of her reserves.

She was returned to her cell spread eagled on her latex covered bed and held in tight bondage as before. Within moments of the final strapping down of the heavy weight rubber hospital sheeting she was asleep. During the rest period when she was fast asleep she was fed with a nourishing mix of protein and high energy drink. She had now spent the good part of three and a half days undergoing punishment.

Sleep deprivation was very much part of the regime so after some 4 hours she was awoken from deep sleep to commence the next punishment. ‘S’ was first taken to the wet area where she was stripped of her latex suit and helmet and showered by one of the trainers dressed in a one piece total coverall in gleaming black latex. ‘S’ was cuffed to an overhead hook so had no part in her cleansing. Her head was shaved. She was so tired that she had little part in the process. Had she been more awake she would have undoubtedly be excited by the trainer’s outfit; the fact was ‘S’ had not enough sleep. Although very tired she had no hunger pangs but her body and mind was telling her that she needed more sleep. She had no idea how long she had been allowed to sleep but assumed she had had the prescribed amount.


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