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The Further Training of 'S' 13: Confessions of a Latex Maid

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

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continued from part 12

Chapter 13: Confessions of a Latex Maid

‘S’ left the training room head held high proud of her ability to take her daily whipping in her stride, indeed to take sexual pleasure as she had been trained to turn pain into pleasure and to be proud of ability to do so. The Mistress led the way to a completely new area of the large house with ‘S’ in tow. ‘S’ wore her slave collar at all times padlocked on. The Mistress kept the key to the padlock hanging from a silver chain around her neck to underline her control over her charge. ‘S’ felt almost light headed at the prospect of meeting up with her Master after an immeasurable period of time.

Entering the new area it was obvious that this was fully furnished to the highest standard and was in all likelihood used as an entertaining area for important guests. The Mistress spoke, “ ‘S’ this is where you will meet your Master and will entertain him. However you will of course be under his complete control at all times and will serve his every need. Now let me show you the bedroom suite which you will use, that is initially as he will probably take you into any of the training rooms at his discretion”. The bedroom took ‘S’ breath away. It was huge with a mezzanine landing which cut into the high ceiling and allowed for a winch with electric motor and steel cable to be fixed in place. Around the walls were a number of bondage devices as well as steel cage and examination table. Stainless steel cabinets with drawers stood in one corner. The four poster double bed was enormous. The black latex sheets glistened in the spotlights which shone down from the overhead canopy. Tied to each corner were heavy matching latex drapes with tie backs keeping them tidy but which could be pulled to enclose the resting couple. From the overhead steel canopy hung what looked like a heavy weight scarlet sleeping sack with multiple straps and accessories. ‘S’ noted many ‘D’ ring fixing points along the side of the bed.

She was so excited by this revelation and began to question the Mistress. “You mean I will be left here with my beloved Master after he arrives and will be able to offer myself to him for his pleasure?”

“Slave you are getting beyond yourself. I shall inform you of just how and when you meet your Master. You will have no say in the matter or any other; you are a slave and have no say, you are a cipher to be used for your Masters delight.”

‘S’ was brought back to reality with a jolt.

“I beg your pardon Mistress. I was forgetting myself in the excitement of the occasion.”

The inspection of the suite followed ‘S’ was completely overwhelmed by the sumptuousness of the furnishings having spent all her time at the Training establishment either within her cell or other areas; all without any embellishment functional holding facilities for lowly slaves. The use of black latex or shiny black PVC as the covering of every room had become the norm; she had become totally institutionalized in the process. The deep red of the décor of the suite had given her a glimpse of the other world; one which she was now barred from unless taken to by either Master or Mistress.

“Now you have had chance to see the suite which your Master will use when he is here; as his slave it follows that you also will be brought to this room. You will now return to your cell but before that you will remove the outfit you are wearing and change back into your normal slave attire”


Returning to her cell now clad in her ubiquitous slave suit she revelled in her state knowing that she had undergone all the arduous training to fulfil both her own destiny as well as satisfying her beloved Master. Lying on her latex covered bed her slave collar chained to the steel tethering ‘D’ ring at the head of the bed she smiled to herself then looking directly into the monitoring eye of the camera and spoke aloud, “I am so very happy knowing that I have satisfied the Master and Mistress who have deemed me trained to a level judged necessary to engage with my Master. He who handed me over for advanced training long ago; I long to serve my beloved Master in the any way he demands, even to the point of death. I trust him implicitly. Although he will test me to the outer limits I know he will take care of me and will do no harm to me. It is only he who can extend me, to push me to new and ever more demanding horizons. I glory in my status as his latex slave. I am wholly fulfilled!”

A shudder ran through her encapsulated body she was acutely aware of her vagina as spasm after spasm gripped her. She desperately wanted the release that only her Master could give her. Her thoughts turned to what she would say if she could speak to him now. ‘Dear Master it was you who unlocked in me my masochistic nature and realised that I had a destiny to fulfil. It was you who gently and lovingly allowed me to explore the whole world of being a natural rubberist. It was you who taught me to accept my deepest innermost longings and to fulfil my destiny. It was you who taught me the self discipline that is required to enter the world of total enclosure; the 24/7 delight of endless encapsulation. Oh Master I love you, I adore you, I serve you, I worship you! Use me as befits my lowly status as your slave take me, lead me, extend me to the limits of your imagination then some more. Keep me for your pleasure, keep me as your devoted serving slave, demand from me all that I can give then some more, test me, stretch me, and objectify me as your rubber encapsulated property. Give me no mercy when you train me, tell me constantly that I am your property having no rights save that of fulfilling your very wish, your every demand!’

Now close to taking pleasure ‘S’ knew that as a highly trained slave she was denied the pleasure of self pleasuring. She sighed before snuggling under the heavy latex sheet. Within moments she fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next few days were all carefully structured towards increasing her awareness of the impending visit of her beloved Master. ‘S’ could hardly contain herself from taking pleasure. She was on her honour to remain celibate until her Master arrived to release the pent up sexual passion which was progressively building.

Awaking from erotic dreams ‘S’ snuggled into the warmth of her latex nest relaxed and dreamily aware that tomorrow she would be prepared to meet her Master and lover. She had to use all of her self discipline to not reach down and touch herself with her gloved hand. However she did bring up her hands and carefully, ever so carefully began to brush touch her latex covered nipples. The sensation had her gasping for release as her nipples hardened to tent her sleeping attire. ‘Master come quick I can’t wait a moment longer for your attention; I shall die of frustration!’

Stopping the urge to climax ‘S’ had to use all of her self discipline to overcome the desperate need to take full pleasure. She lay panting not daring to continue with the self pleasuring, knowing she was swimming with vaginal juice within her sleeping suit. Closing her eyes she visualized her Master standing over her just prior to completely dominating her. ‘I feel sooo sexy! I want to be entered to be made to take un-numbered pleasures to become my Masters rubberized play object! I want to be completely dependent on my Master for every bodily, psychological, and life giving need to be utterly controlled by him to exist to please and fulfil his every fantasy.’ With that ‘S’ took in a full lungful of latex scented air holding it within her lungs for as long as she could. She began her slave mantra ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master…’ until she was forced to release the stale air. She lay quietly now in control of her wilder sexual needs.

Her attention was immediately focused on the sound of keys being inserted into the lock of her cell door. Now fully open she was taken back by the figure that stood before her. A nun complete in every detail but entirely clad in obsidian heavyweight latex. The folds of her outfit flowing sinuously from her encapsulated body; her face marble white latex with; expressionless unblinking eyes looked out onto the world. There were no lips only a blank where they would normally be. ‘S’ fascinated by the apparition studied the form carefully noting that underneath the encapsulation was a female. The nun bowed formally to ‘S’ then a gloved hand pulled a card from her habit and presented it to her. Blinking to focus ‘S’ read the following: ‘Slave, you are to follow me to confession where I shall hear your confession. You will of course tell me of any misdemeanours you have committed whilst undergoing your advanced training.’

‘S’ heart fell as she faced the confession which she would be honour bound to give.

With heavy heart ‘S’ rose from her bed and followed the nun, head bowed dreading the inevitable confession which she knew she would have to make. The fact that she and Lizzie had played together hung heavily on her conscience. She knew that if she confessed to that both the Trainer and Lizzie would be put into deep jeopardy. He would be dismissed and Lizzie would be severely punished then probably dismissed from the establishment. She resolved to divulge other indulgences but to guard the heady secret of her involvement with Lizzie at the stables.

She had not reckoned on having this interrogation and was somewhat off guard. She was taken to another room which housed amongst other things a confessional box. The nun indicated to her to step into the confessional once seated the nun lent over the suited slave and proceeded to attach fetters to completely immobilise ‘S’. She was unable to move any part of her body; even her hands once all the straps had been fully buckled and strapped. Now she sat passively trying to think of some of the minor slips she had made during her time at the Training Establishment. The nun must have removed the mask she was wearing because she spoke from behind the grill which allowed no sight of her. Her tone of voice now took on a steely edge. “Now my child begin your confession” adding “remember that if you hold anything back I shall know as I have access to all of the video tapes of your time here and have already seen many little lapses of concentration and far worse! Of course you will be chastised in due course but as you are about to meet your Master it was felt that a clean breast of any guilty secrets you may have would be in your long term interests. Now begin!”

“Sister I am here to clear my conscience and to confess. I took pleasure from the friendship I have with slave Lizzie and once very near the beginning of my training I caressed her with wicked thoughts in my mind, had I not been under close scrutiny I would have both taken and given sexual pleasure to her. I knew at the time that what I was doing was wrong and against the rules, but at the time I was lonely and needed the touch of another slave. I was sexually turned on by the thought of her in her encapsulating latex suit and helmet and wanted to be entered by her. I had a fantasy of her wearing a strap on dildo and her dominating me as a completely innocent yet carnally needy new slave in training.” There was a pause then silence as ‘S’ waited anxiously for some response, but none came.

After what seemed like an interminable length of time the latex nun spoke, “You have other things to confess ‘S’… go on”. Then there was silence again. “Another time I had a crush on one of the Trainers who attended to my vaginal and anal stretching he was so understanding and careful and I was so grateful to him for not handling me harshly. He had lovely brown eyes which sparkled through his leather helmet and a very good understanding of female needs. I gradually fell for him and fantasized about him coming to my cell and making me take pleasure whilst he looked into my eyes or touched me or played with me using the largest dildo in the cabinet. His eyes reminded me so much of my dear Master who was beyond my compass.” Again she stopped, feeling very guilty having divulged another of her secrets. The silence of the confessional box was palpable; waiting for some prompt she felt as though her innermost secrets were known to the latex nun and somehow she would keep her strapped inside the confessional box until all guilty secrets were expunged.

This was going to be a battle of wills with ‘S’ very much at a disadvantage.

“Now slave ‘S’ is there anything else you have not as yet confessed?” The icy tone unnerved ‘S’ as she fought to control herself. Now taking a deep breath she lied deeply and had anyone observed her face unmasked they would have seen the deep blush which spread over it. “I have nothing else to confess and await my penance with fortitude.’ Adding, “I thank you for taking my confession.” The long silence which followed was one of the longest period of time that ‘S’ had ever experienced.

“Slave ‘S’ I shall inform you of your penance in due course. Now I will release you back into the hands of the maid who will take you to the kitchen for breakfast. Before you go to breakfast you will return to the Training room to receive your daily enema.”

‘S’ felt relieved to escape the nun and to be back in her own cell. She pondered on the chances of any video of her time in the stable with Lizzie but reasoned that as the Trainer had switched off the camera which recorded every move that was made; she was in the clear, at least she hoped so.

Later after the daily beating which was now very much part of her programme she was, unusually, left to her own devices. This was a new departure and she found it strange to be without any orders. She returned to her cell and lay on her latex sheeted bed; she was soon fast asleep.

When she awoke she was completely refreshed, feeling the need to gain some sexual pleasure she was very aware of the impending visit of her Master and all the pent up sexual powers within her were now needing some outlet. When released by the Trainer she asked if she could be taken to the Dressing room where all garments were kept. There she looked out the strictest corset she could find together with a fearsome neck corset. These she put on with the help of the dressing slave who looked after the huge stock of rubberwear. Once dressed she felt the familiar crush of both of the corsets and delighted in the sensation. As a final gesture she pulled on a floor length cape in latex with only a neck fastening. She left the room feeling very sexually charged but with no outlet to earth her desire. She so wanted to be at her very best for her Master, every ounce of energy she had was focused towards him. Her time under the strictest training regime had brought her to a very high level of masochistic subservience; long gone were the ‘normal’ everyday training which she had been under with her Master prior to him sending her to be trained to a very advanced level.

Reflecting now for a moment she realised that all that had befallen her prior to her sojourn here was essentially shallow not having the 24/7 regime which had allowed her to experience a whole new level of rubberisation which was now the norm; she could never return to her former independent state, she had willingly and wantonly travelled this path knowing that this was her destiny.

All past memories of her life before meeting with her lover and subsequent Master were now but distant fading memories. She was to all intents and purposes another being, so distant from her former life; light years away from the normal ways of the world. She had ventured into the dark universe and was now removed from the world inhabited by what she termed ‘vanillas’ people of the day to day world which she had left far behind. The concept of day and night were meaningless to her. She existed as a slave, with no time constraints, no commitments other than to serve, to be held in a state of suspended animations, held in latex encapsulation. She had achieved her destiny and was a disciple to the strictest regime of rubberization.

A plan of action had been fermenting in her active brain and now she knew she should set her ideas to paper as it were. She approached a Trainer and requested an audience with either the Master or Mistress.

Leaving the large reception room she carried a lap top computer in her gloved hands. She returned to her cell to find that a table had been placed at her disposal. She began working, her latex clad fingers dancing over the keys. She smiled to herself feeling her helmet move over her face.

Some hours later she had set to the computers memory a proposal for consideration by her Master and Mistress. She was very sexually turned on by the outpouring of her innermost sexual desires and fantasies. Whether or not her proposal would be read and sanctioned by them was in the lap of the latex gods.


‘S’ was informed by her trainer that her Master would be visiting her on the morrow. Hearing the information she flung her arms around his neck and began kissing his latex helmeted head, and in doing so, completely surprising him as well as flagrantly infringing the centres strict rules. Immediately she realised her error she stood back head bowed arms behind her back. She knew she was in trouble! “Slave, have you lost your senses? You know you are breaking the rules and normally you would be punished. However as you have an unblemished record of good behaviour and your Master will be here tomorrow, I will overlook this uncharacteristic behaviour for once. By the way, congratulations on completing your training,” Adding, “enjoy yourself for the duration of his visit.”

Completely unable to sleep ‘S’ tossed and turned in her latex bed long into the night heart beating wildly at the thought of her beloved Master’s visit.

She was awoken very early in the morning and received her daily enema gladly knowing that this was the prelude to the long held and cherished idea of being in the presence of her Master as well as marking the beginning the next stage of her life.

She was taken to the dressing room where her night suit was removed. She was shocked to then be fitted into what she recognised as a serving maids full latex suit. Her heart dropped; mind questioning why she was being dressed in such a demeaning costume. Was this the inevitable punishment for touching a Trainer? Had the day of her meeting with her Master been cancelled? She could not question anything as that was explicitly forbidden and she had long ago accepted the rule. However she was crestfallen knowing that her carefully devised written request to the Master and Mistress had been completely ignored.

To add to her humiliation once the serving maids black latex suit had been sealed onto her the back zip was padlocked so removal was not an option even if she should attempt the removal. ‘What has happened? Am I to be made to wear the dreaded Maids outfit with full punishment attachments as I wore before whilst undergoing punishment training?... help!’

The helmet was the basic model with no adornments. Next she was fitted with a huge dildo making her gasp; the regular stretching which had allowed her to wear even the largest dildos had not prepared her for this punishment dildo. A rear rod which she normally enjoyed had her stretched fully. Both of them were then pumped up fully, further stretching her. A catheter was introduced to her and its bladder inflated with sterile water to hold it in place. It was clamped off to stop any urine escaping. Knee high rubber boots with Cuban heels were the next item to be fitted. Then the heavy chastity belt with an inverted ‘U’ shaped piece of metal was pressed into her crotch. This extended down from her crotch to just above the knee and kept the wearers legs both straight and stiff as well as forcing them apart so the ankles could not be brought together. It had lockable heavy rubber straps above the metal cuffs which in themselves were like very large hand cuffs with lockable cuffs. These were clamped and locked. From the metal cuffs a heavy chain extended from knee to knee and further restricted the wearer’s movements. A small bell hung down from the middle of the chain and sounded with any movement made by the wearer. A very heavily boned rubber corset drew in her already narrow waist further and caused her to take shallow breaths.. This devise was adjusted so it made her gasp further as the front and rear intruders were forced deeper into her.

The clamped end of the catheter had been threaded around her metal confinement and plugged into a length of opaque silicon rubber tubing which was threaded down towards a black latex rebreathing bladder which was strapped to her thigh. This collection device had a two pipe entry; one for the catheter drainage tube, the other was a slightly larger piece of silicon tubing with a gate valve and a delivery bulb for either emptying the stored urine or sending it to another receptacle. This tube was threaded upwards towards her neck where it was fastened to an anchor point at the rear of her latex helmet.

A heavy weight full length black latex dress in the style of a Victorian serving maid was fitted then zipped up the back from waist to the top of the high ruffed collar and locked onto her. The dress was drawn in at the waist to accentuate her wasp like figure. The long sleeves were full at the shoulders narrowing down to tight wrists with frills at each wrist. The boned high neck of the dress was ruffed and allowed the fitment of her slave collar. From the high collar her black latex serving maids helmet rose up to completely enclose her shaved head. Next a full length heavy weight white latex apron with frills around the entire edge and over the shoulder straps which fastened in a lockable clasp at the small of the back. The padlock now snapped shut confirming the inevitability of ‘S’ position. From the small of her back two long trailing tags of the white latex fluttered down towards the skirt of her serving maids covering dress.

Now her wrists were attended to with the securing of wrist fetters. To these were attached lengths of chrome chain which drastically reduced her arm movements. Finally without ado, a breathe-through inflatable gag was pushed into her mouth with the inflator bulb still attached. This was fastened to the cheek buckles and pumped up until ‘S’ cheeks bulged and deformed the covering cheeks of her latex helmet. Ominously a silicon tube extended out from the breathe-through mouth opening. It had a fitment with valve at the end of it. This was clipped to one of the ‘D’ rings which allowed further lacing of the helmet; its purpose to pull the helmet tightly onto the maids head. The purpose for this was immediately obvious to ‘S’. Now lost to the humiliation of being made to dress as a lowly serving maid; any forlorn hope of this being a cruel joke now evaporated. To cap it all the crowning humiliation was the fitment of a latex maids cap on top of her all concealing latex helmet. A tear issued from her right eye and slid sinuously down the polished latex of her helmet. ‘S’ was now lost to shame. A welling up of self pity overtook her. ‘Why oh why did I touch the Trainer in my delight at the prospect of having my dearest wish fulfilled. Why oh why didn’t I follow the rule of the training establishment. I have only my self to blame!’

As she spoke to herself she became aware of her masochistic desires to rise above herself and take seriously her duties as a serving maid. ‘Yes! I shall show just how much I can take for the love of my Master; I shall enter into this demeaning task fully subservient and ready to serve!’ Perhaps then I shall be released in due course and allowed to see my dear Master.’

She was lead to the entrance hall where she was ordered to stay on duty until further notice. She knew that as a serving maid the hours were unduly long and she could expect no relief for an untold amount of time. There would be no relief from being forced to stand because of the leg brace which stopped any attempt by the slave to sit down. She tried bending her legs but found not to her surprise that her legs would remain stiff until the fiendish bondage devise was released. She mentally prepared herself for a long day ahead of her.

Some hours later after letting in two Mistresses who looked on her with distain and disinterest but expecting absolute service from her in the form of helping them off with their mackintoshes and carrying their luggage down the long hall to knock at the reception room door then opening the doors to allow their entrance. As she was fully gagged not a sound was uttered in all the meetings. Now standing stiffly erect she was very aware of the two intruders which filled her utterly and the ever present pressure of the fully inflated gag in her mouth. She was thirsty, her feet hurt and the U shaped leg bondage device kept her very aware of her predicament. There was no chance of her taking any rest by sitting down. Underneath the suit and the heavy dress she was gently stewing in her own juices. The lack of any action and the unending amount of time which had elapsed since she was ushered to her tedious duties had ‘S’ daydreaming.

Her escape from reality was brought to a sudden halt. Before her stood the Trainer who had been touched by her. Through the eye openings of his latex helmet she could see he was enjoying her humiliation. He spoke. “Slave or should I address you as ‘Serving maid’ as befits your outfit and station? You should make obsequence to me but I know you are unable to because of your leg irons. However bow your head now!” ‘S’ did as directed, knowing that she should have completed her acknowledgement of his presence immediately he appeared in front of her.

“Now stand still whilst I give you some liquid.” With that he took hold of her chained wrists and taking a set of handcuffs from his belt he proceeded to cuff her with her hands in front. ‘S’ had a sinking feeling that all was not well and she would suffer further under his hands.

The gated silicon tube rising from her catheter was released from its holding clip behind her helmeted head. Reaching around in front of her he took the special tube which issued from her breathe through inflated gag and plugged the connector into her catheter tube.

“Now serving maid enjoy your own liquid! As part of your punishment you will receive the entire contents of your collection bag” Adding, “you are after all a self contained sealed entity!” ‘S’ worst fears were realised. The first taste of her own liquid made her wince it tasted acrid with its own particular taste. She had no way of controlling the ingress of her own liquid as the Trainer continued to pump the entire contents of the black rebreathing collection bag which was strapped to her thigh. Now feeling very full ‘S’ knew that inevitably her urine would be processed by her body and recycled again. All of this was being monitored on the closed circuit surveillance system recording every moment of her humiliation; there was no escape.

In a strange way she was both fascinated and appalled at this punishment regime; fascinated and excited at the imposition of the utter control and appalled at her reaction to it. Although she had often fantasised about this extreme aspect of control she had not experienced this form. To be the recipient of a this closed circuit, recycling her own urine and as such very much part of a closed circuit with no external outlet to the world was one of her obsessions which occupied many of her daydreams and sexual fantasies. Now she had to admit that to be internally plumbed in this loop was a very real turn on.


Some time later the door knocker sounded and roused ‘S’ from her revelries. She had been on duty for many many hours but had over the time adjusted to her situation fully and was at one with her station. Gone was the resentment of being punished and the disappointment of missing the long awaited meeting with her Master. In its place an excitement born of knowing that she was undergoing punishment dressed as a lowly serving maid as well as being intubated and being made to recycle her own body fluids within a closed loop.

She moved stiffly towards the door being constantly reminded of her leg irons. Opening the door and ready to show by sign language that the visitor should enter her heart stopped; there before was her Master dressed in his SBR! He looked at the maid before him expecting to be received into the house. Of course he did not recognise who the maid was seeing only a maid who obviously was undergoing punishment. The gag was the give away sign as normally the maid was not gagged and would address him in the deferential manner expected of maids.

Suddenly the penny dropped ‘S’ was cognisant of why she had been punished in this way. To have to appear as a lowly serving maid gagged and speechless with no chance of her being recognised was the cruellest form of punishment she could think of. She swooned and but for the stiff leg irons would have collapsed there in front of her beloved Master. Her Master seeing the slight falter put out his gloved hand to steady the maid. His touch although shielded by layer on layer of latex lanced through to ‘S’ very heart, she bowed her head in acknowledgement correcting herself a standing stiffly before him.

Entering the hallway he addressed the maid, “Hmm, it looks like you have been in trouble and are suffering the consequences, let me see what fiendish bondage has been applied? Show me!”

‘S’ reached down very stiffly and just managed to grasp the hem of her long skirt. Lifting it up towards her waist she exposed both the black latex rebreathing bladder used now as a liquid collection bag then the leg irons then upwards to the inflation bulbs for the back and front intruders hanging down. “My, my you must have earned many demerits to gain such punishment; now where is the tube disappearing up towards your head going I wonder?” ‘S’ turned slightly to reveal the open gated tube held at the back of her helmeted head. “Right, I see, the tube connects to the mouth tube for you to receive your own urine. What an ingenuous device. I should love to give the same treatment to my slave when she is in need of correction”.

‘S’ now progressively in full control of herself but with wildly beating heart was enjoying just being in the presence of her Master. The sound of his voice and his message totally captivating her, her vagina spasmed as it prepared to receive its long awaited visitor. She so wanted to let him know that the maid he was speaking to was none other than his own slave! Of course no sound left her gagged mouth. Gaining control of herself she indicated that she wanted to take his SBR from him. He took the offer but had fun in telling her that she should help him off with the mackintosh; knowing full well that she was fettered and couldn’t lift her arms higher than her breast so unbuckling the neck strap was out of the question. Never the less ‘S’ managed to unbutton some of the lower button on his SBR.

Taking his SBR she walked stiffly to the coat rack and hung it up. She then took the over night case from him noticing that it was much heavier than she expected. ‘Clearly latex garments!’ she thought to herself. She walked very stiffly necessitated by the leg irons and her heavy weight garments. Underneath a patina of sweat began to lubricate the tight latex suit she was wearing underneath all the other items of containment. She knocked at the reception room and waited. Moving forward she opened the doors and proceeded to enter the room with her Master following. He was dressed in riding boots, jodhpurs and a full bodied white shirt with large flowing sleeves all in heavy weight latex. Bowing as low as her bondage would allow she made obsequence to the Master and Mistress then waited for the command to leave the room. However this did not come and she was left wondering what she should do. “ Maid stand over there beside the door and wait as befits your station. You may be required to take our guest to his quarters and therefore will be needed again!” she did as instructed feeling very vulnerable.

With that the Mistress turned her attention to her guest, ‘S’ Master, and began a conversation.

“We are delighted to welcome you here especially as it has been a very long time since you brought your slave ‘S’ to us for advanced training. She has responded very well to every aspect of our extensive training regime and has excelled in the majority of the demands made upon her. She has the true masochististic personality combined with an insatiable desire for complete enclosure in rubber as you so perceptively saw after you had established a loving relationship. She lives to serve you and is happiest when under complete control, she willingly submits herself to the most demanding training schedules giving herself totally to any demand made upon her. You have in your slave a gem of the highest quality. We can assure you she has been tested to the very limits of what we can undertake here and has passed our extensive and wide ranging tests with flying colours. Now, please join us in a glass of champagne to celebrate?” with that she turned her attention to her serving maid who she addressed. “Maid go to the kitchen and fetch a bottle of champagne from the cooler cabinet and three glasses. Now off you go and make haste!” ‘S’ took a quick glance at her Master and felt a surge of desire for him raise her heart rate once again.

“So when can I see my slave?” Inquired the Master, “you will understand that I have had to contain my desires whilst she has been with you and I am eager to reacquaint myself with her again. From what you have told me she is now a top level latex slave ready to serve on a 24/7 basis and at the most advanced level.”

Now the host Master spoke, “Once the maid has returned we have a surprise for you. Just hold on until she returns, one thing at a time these things can’t be rushed.” The tinkle of the bell signalled the return of the serving maid. She made a stiff legged entrance and bowed from the waist as far as her fiendish bondage allowed. Then stood stock still, head bowed awaiting further instructions.

“Come over here maid and present yourself!” Now turning to ‘S’ Master she spoke, “May I present to you your slave.”

“Is this some kind of joke?” he gasped astonished at the revelation.

“On the contrary, you see we have very clear rules here and which if infringed carry heavy punishments which must always be carried out immediately!” She stopped abruptly to allow her words to sink in then began again. “On being informed of your visit today slave ‘S’ threw her arms around the trainer thus breaking one of the most important rules, ‘never to touch a trainer’. Clearly she was overcome by her emotions but as a top level slave she should have had the self control to refrain from outbursts of emotion. Immediate punishment has been enacted upon her. She will remain in her present condition until the twelve hours of punishment is completed, that will be at 9.00pm. Then she will be put into heavy meditation for a further twelve hours to allow her to reflect on her misdemeanour. She will be ready to greet you at, let me see, yes, at twelve noon tomorrow.’

‘S’ heard all of this feeling completely humiliated and abject. However she knew of the rules. A tear issued form her eye the only area of her entire body where latex was not covering her. It ran down her latex helmet and splashed onto her apron unseen by anyone. Her Master now aware of the situation moved forward and stood directly in front of her.

“Well, well slave or should I say serving maid? You are in trouble aren’t you! and in your impetuosity you have delayed our meeting which no doubt has had both a physical as well as a mental cost to you. Here you are humiliated and shamed dressed as a lowly serving maid unable to communicate except in a very simple manner and undergoing a severe punishment with the prospect of further punishment from me once you are handed back into my care.” Adding, ‘I must say when I was greeted at the entrance door I was very taken with both your dress and demeanour. Clearly the punishment fits the crime! Now I discover that you are mine anyway. This pleases me. Now until tomorrow I bid you farewell my erstwhile slave.”

Turning to his hosts he completely ignored his slave. There followed a conversation between her Master and the Master and Mistress which she was not privy to. Eventually she was addressed again. “Right maid, back to the entrance area and keep focused. You are under a strict punishment which you have fully earned. Your silly infringement of our training establishment rules has cost you dearly! Now off you go.”

A chastened but happy ‘S’ now dressed as a serving maid made her way stiffly back to the entrance and resumed her duties knowing that on the morrow she would be with her beloved Master.


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