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The Further Training of 'S' 12: Return to Training

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f+; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; bdsm; bagged; breathplay; tease; conditioning; toys; denial; cons; X

continued from part 11

Chapter 12: Return to Training

The two slaves deeply encapsulated under multiple layers of latex still in their sleep sacks, were loaded onto hospital trolleys and wheeled to the van. There they were tightly strapped onto fitted stretchers allowing no movement what so ever. They were aware of movement once the van began the return drive to the Training establishment. For both of them it was a journey of return to where they had started from. Both were anxious to know what awaited them; both were aware that what had passed between them was forbidden. Both knew that discovery would be catastrophic.

Throughout the journey both were consumed with anxiety as to their individual fate. ‘S’ anxiety levels were at an all time high her masochistic inclinations secretly wanting to be discovered and face the endless punishment which would result, ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ slave ‘S.’

To face the full force of the formidable power of the Master and Mistress’s premeditated displeasure visited on her for as long as they decided, both terrified and excited her. To be kept under an endless punishment regime without any hope of ever being released had her panting; fantasising about having to take everything the devious pair could think up knowing that she deserved every single stroke of the cane, whip, cat of nine tales, every single moment of endless nipple clamping; every single gasp of the suffocation punishment and, and, and until she took a racking masochistic pleasure within her sleep sack.

Having no idea of time passing save only the desire to know what was to befall her, ‘S’ was now aware of her position in space having been removed from the vehicle. She was suspended hanging free, feet down still in the all encapsulating sleep sack she was swinging gently having been attached to a pulley then raised and given a push which had her endlessly penduluming.

Lizzie had been taken to her cell. She had been removed from her sleep sack and put to bed lying on her back. No words having been spoken. She was held fast strapped to her bed under the heavy latex sheet which had been tightly fastened to the attachment hooks along the side of the bed only her helmeted head poking through the aperture in the covering sheet. She was left wondering what would happen to her now she was back at her base. Was there to be a new regime, would she be told of her full fate? She knew there was to be a return to maid duties. She squirmed in her bondage delighting in the memory of the illicit liaison.


Eventually ‘S’ was lowered from her suspension and taken to the cleansing room where she was stripped, showered and shaved then fitted into one of her slave suits with built in dildo and rod. She delighted in the tight embrace of latex onto her smooth depilated skin feeling at one with her containment. The fitting of the heavy boned corset accentuating her slim waist; the buckling on of her slave collar completed her outfit. She could see through the vinyl eye pieces and unusually she was not fitted with a gag. A lead was fixed to her collar. She was escorted upstairs to the Master and Mistresses room where she was placed before them in her customary kneeling slave position.

“ ‘S’ we are both surprised and delighted with your progress, especially as we had predicted that you would be found wanting at the pony training establishment. The fact you won the race together with our personal serving slave ‘Lizzie’ came as a complete surprise. We had planned to bring you back here after your predicted failure to beat the clear favourites and commence a new regime of both punishment and training. We had devised a whole range of new punishments which we were keen to try on you and Lizzie. However fair is fair and although we shall have to wait until another time to experiment we are delighted with your overall progress.”

Now the Master spoke, ‘‘ ‘S’ As a result of your progress we are allowing you to receive a visit from you Master.” Here he paused to allow the message to sink in. The only reaction observed by them was a shudder from ‘S’ her whole body trembled for an instant before she regained her composure. Now with wildly beating heart ‘S’ thoughts were centred on the message and the implications of it. ‘Dear Master, I have dreamed of my return to you as your fully trained slave not daring to think that it would ever be attained and that I would remain at this Training Establishment far into the distance future, having not attained the necessary level to be perceived as ‘ fully trained’ and would become a serving maid just like Lizzie. Now I am to receive a visit from my beloved Master!’

“You will of course only have a short visit from him. A six hour interlude in your training will be in order, then it will be back to further Advanced training. You know of course that when we are eventually satisfied with you and prior to your official handing over to your Master, you have a 7 day punishment regime as a result of your liaison with our slave Lizzie. This will be exacted on you in your penultimate seven days with us. Now you need to be prepared for his visit and ready to serve him as befits your status as a permanent 24/7 latex slave. You will be taken from here and prepared; any questions?”

“Master and Mistress, I am both thrilled and honoured that you think I am ready to receive a visit from my beloved Master. I shall not let you down and will be the most subservient and willing slave.”


Lizzie slept well under the heavy latex sheet which held her fast and was refreshed when she was woken by a Trainer. Now changed into her normal slave suit after a refreshing shower she knelt before her Master and Mistress anxious to know what her return to the training establishment meant.

The Mistress spoke, “Serving maid Lizzie you will be pleased to hear no doubt that you are to be reinstated as our full time serving maid with responsibility for the training and supervision of a new serving maid, you see we have taken on another maid who has filled in whilst you were away undergoing pony training. She has quite honestly been a disappointment and is at present undergoing punishment for a serious slip prior to further training which I will supervise. You will in due course assist me in her training. You will be judged on how efficiently you get her into shape. Of course, you will receive both merits and demerits depending on your performance; we know you like a challenge! Now as befits your lowly position you are to recommence your duties as from now. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that you are to be formally dressed as our serving maid but will have further accoutrements to challenge your dedication to us. Now off you go. We shall call on you in due course.”


With heart still beating wildly and loving thoughts filling her head ‘S’ was led back to her cell. All anxiety now long dispelled replaced by a deep thrilling sexual need for the touch of her beloved Master. She closed her eyes picturing him bearing down on her as she lay on that mossy bank, such a long time ago on that seminal walk through the secluded woods, the rain drops splashing harmlessly off her latex suit and SBR which acted as her protection against the sopping wet moss underneath her warm body. His deep brown eyes looking deep into her soul; she opening herself to his gaze unctuously needing the sexual release which she knew he would gift her. An involuntary shudder rippled through her as her vagina spasmed.

On arrival back at her cell she lay on her bed her slave collar and lead chain now padlocked to the ring bolt fixed into the wall, waiting for the next process to begin. She was totally at ease with her latex confinement feeling naked without it. Now she set to thinking on how she could make herself alluring to her beloved Master knowing that this first meeting after her being left for training would be an important event and one which would set the tone for any that followed. She wanted to apply eye shadow and lip stick and to present at her very best. Since her arrival she had been stripped of any adornment; her eyebrows had been shaved so no hair remained on her body, and kept only in latex or rubber with no toiletries. There had been no need as she was only seen by the Master or Mistress or staff at the Training Establishment and in any case there were no mirrors in her cell. The only place mirrors were to be seen was in the various training rooms where they were used to reflect the image of the slave as they were put through their paces to emphasise the absolute power the staff had over their charges and to underline the psychological aspect of control which was at the fore all of the time and finally to force the slaves to look at their humiliation. ‘Oh for a proper makeup set?’

Back in her cell Lizzie was both relieved and excited; she had been reinstated and now had the direction to help the Mistress train the new serving maid who by all accounts would need a lot of attention. For her part Lizzie was anxious to begin serving again as this was for her the epitome of her ambition and although she often fantasized about becoming a slave to another she knew in her heart of heats that she was not cut out to serve just one person. She loved the dual control the Master and Mistress had over her as this allowed her to experience both the male and female sides of her psyche. She loved the attention she received from the pair and the whole aspect of being on call 24/7 and especially the excitement of attending to visitors as they arrived at the Training establishment. At heart she knew she had the exhibitionist tendency and got a real frisson from the look of surprise many of the visitors gave when they first saw her in her full serving maids outfit. Equally she understood now that she could gain sexual gratification from either sex; the fact she had both Master and Mistress dealing with her completed her wildest dreams; in short she was at one with her situation.

She moved her suited body into a position she had come to love; kneeling with bottom raised, legs slightly opened, her head pressed down into the latex sheet covering the bed she extended her gloved hand back between her legs. Opening her zipped crotch she gasped as she flicked her clitoris with one finger. Her mind now focused on one of her many fantasies she had stored in her overactive mind. She didn’t care that the monitoring camera was recording her every move and hoped that she would get away this indiscretion?


It was some hours later that ‘S’ was gently awoken by someone caressing her helmeted head. Gradually coming around from the exhausted sleep she had needed ‘S’ was excited by the chance of it being her dear friend Lizzie however there was no way of knowing as ‘S’ had on her blindfold and was gagged. She sat up pulling the warm latex sheet up to her neck awaiting instructions. A male voice spoke, “ ‘S’ I am instructed to take you the kitchen where you will receive your breakfast. After that you will be seen by the Mistress. It has been a very busy time for her as she has been attending to the new serving maid. She is breaking off her training and handing it over to me whilst she attends to you”.

The usual feeding practice established for ‘S’ was for her to receive her nourishment via her feeding tube every other morning. She had taken to this method easily after the long and difficult training regime she had imposed on herself, now long ago, with full encouragement from her Master and now took pleasure in being the only slave able to take this process in her stride; Lizzie had been fascinated to observe her feeding regime when she had first arrived at the Training Establishment and had wanted to try the swallowing of the oesophical tube. Her first attempts were just as unsuccessful as ‘S’ had been when she began the long apprenticeship to success. She had not progressed any further.

Returning from her breakfast ‘S’ felt totally refreshed and ready for anything buoyed on by the knowledge that she was to see her Master shortly; there was a spring in her step. The luxury of eating normally at breakfast today with real coffee to follow had all contributed to her growing excitement. She lay on her bed, her tether chain had not been affixed to the ringbolt, waiting for the Mistress quietly humming herself; life had taken an upturn.

The door to her cell opened to allow the Mistress in. She was wearing a flowing gown in purple latex together with matching opera gloves. Immediately ‘S’ rose from the bed and knelt before her, hands behind her back with head bowed touching her Mistresses booted feet; this was an automatic response one which was now deeply ingrained into her psyche. As a naturally submissive individual she was totally fulfilled in her role as a latex encapsulated slave. She was very proud of her accomplishments.

“Well done slave, I am glad to note that you have not forgotten your obligations. Now rise and stand before me so I can see what we need to do about making you into a totally tantalising fetish object, one which your Master cannot resist!”

‘S’ did as instructed and stood proudly for the inspection. The Mistress commanded her to turn around slowly. There was silence for far longer than was comfortable which made ‘S’ feel as if all was not well and there was some blemish in either her outfit or in her body shape.

“My, my you have a stunning figure, it is obvious that our regime of keeping you in trim combined with the exercise associated with your training at the Pony Stables and feeding you a liquid diet every other day has all been to the good. Your stance is striking but with the addition of careful makeup you will be sensational; I envy your Master’s choice of you as his personal property; he made a good choice! Now let’s get started, follow me to the dressing room”

‘S’ was delighted with the constructive comments made by the Mistress. So often in the past she had been crestfallen by her stinging remarks made after a session where ‘S’ had fallen short of the necessary standard knowing and dreading the continuation of some difficult or painful programme which would follow. She would be taken back to her cell and shackled to her bed spread-eagled or tethered to a ringbolt and left to weep quietly as she contemplated what would follow. Those wretched times had tested her resolve but she had been determined both to satisfy her beloved Master and her destiny and had always dug deeper into her reserves to raise her standard to satisfy the trainer or Master or Mistress.

Clipping on her lead she led ‘S’ to one of the Training rooms where the Mistress instructed a Trainer to strap ‘S’ into a bondage chair. Once secured the Mistress stepped up to the immobile slave and carefully removed her helmet to expose her shaven head. “Right slave ‘S’ I am going to shave your head before attending to your make up”. The lathering up of her exposed head began a sensuous process one which ‘S’ had come to associate with pleasure. The razor gliding over her scalp gave her goose pimples; she shuddered from the feeling which was noticed by the Mistress. “So slave ‘S’ you like this process, hmm? You may speak.”

“Mistress the shaving by another always gives me goose pimples, but today to be shaved by you has added a new dimension; this has been a pure delight. Thank you.”

“I can see that our training regime here has all been to the good and you are able to take pleasure from being kept shaven and depilated and under our strict care.”

“Mistress I am completely fulfilled in my new life, I am proud of my position, the idea of ever returning to my former independent life fills me with horror. To think that I wasted many years trying to live a lie; trying to hide my real needs from the world and in doing so kidding myself that I was happy and getting on with life as an independent individual rather than accepting the inescapable truth that I was deeply addicted to rubber and was also deeply masochistic.”

“I am delighted to hear your explanation; you have come a long way since you were left here by your Master. He will see a marked change in both you demeanour and behaviour. Now let’s begin your make up.”

It was obvious that the informal exchange of information was at an end. The preparation took a long time but by the time ‘S’ had her helmet refixed she was excited to see the results.

She was released from the chair and told to walk over to the full length mirror and look at her self. The reflection mirrored back to ‘S’ had her gasping. There before her stood a beautiful heavily made up fetish object one which had her heart beating and brought a lump to her throat. She looked utterly divine her grey eyes now sparkling set off beautifully, accentuated by her latex helmet. Her lips, full and scarlet, gleaming from the application of lip gloss were outlined by the double layer of latex around the mouth opening. In short, she was fascinated and trilled by the change. She turned and returned to the Mistress and knelt before her. “Permission to speak Mistress?”

“Granted slave.”

“Mistress, you have worked wonders on me, thank you for your attention. You have changed me from a lowly slave to a gleaming fetishistic object. I am amazed by the transformation and can see that my Master could find me a desirable object worthy of his attention.” The Mistress smiled to acknowledge the thanks.

“ ‘S’ I am not finished with you yet, this is only the beginning! Next we must polish you to a high shine then you will be fitted with your ballet boots and given a refresher on deportment before I give you your daily whipping. Just because your Master will be here tomorrow does not mean we stop all training.”

By the time ‘S’ was polished she was truly a fetish’s delight.

The ballet boots had not been worn for some time and it took some time and effort to become totally proficient in her deportment. The Mistress had ‘S’ walk around the training room balancing a book on top of her helmeted head. The application of the whip on her bottom gave focus to ‘S’. At the end of the session ‘S’ was allowed to parade around in all her glory before the full length mirror. She was stunned and delighted by the change that had been accomplished. She felt ready now to welcome her Master.

“Slave, I shall be leaving you to continue your practice on your own. You see, I am attending to our recently secured serving maid who is undergoing punishment prior to her receiving instruction as to how to serve properly. She has quite honestly been a disappointment to me after the excellent service Lizzie has always given us. Since Lizzie’s training at the stables and her success in winning her race we are relieved to have her back, she is after all, an excellent serving maid. She does not have the necessary qualities to become a 24/7 Advanced slave. She has that strong willed attitude to anything she does and requires very close supervision at all times. She does not have the deeply submissive personality, a prime requisite, needed to become a fully trained slave. In discussion with her we know that she is very fulfilled serving us both as our own personal Serving Maid and all the various duties that the position involves. We have spoken to her about her new responsibilities of helping us train the new Serving Maid; Lizzie is very excited about this and is to boot an excellent role model for her. However we have planned to keep Lizzie very much on her toes by the fitment of new and exacting accoutrements which will extend her and at the same time tame her wilfulness”.


The female slave had no choice but to swallow her own fluid. She had been intubated by the Mistress. She was completely unable to resist the internal pressure build up within her bladder which had come as a result of imbibing two litres of liquid. The catheter now held fast inside her bladder by the inflation of the small sterile water filled balloon was draining her continuously. She had to swallow continuously as dribbles of her own liquid trickled from the end of the pipe extending through the penis gag deep into her mouth. She was deeply aware of her humiliation feeling at an all time low, exhaustion from the lengthy period of punishment contributing to this feeling. She wanted above all to feel the touch of another human but knew that any touch would probably be that of the Mistress returning to cause her more suffering; yet she craved her touch even if it meant further punishment. As the timeless hours passed she had sunken into a daze of accepting whatever befell her and had lost all sense of time passing; just existing within her dark world.

Suddenly she was raised from her catatonic state; the touch from another human came like an electric shock. Now aware of being brought back to reality where only punishment existed she let out a deeply felt groan. Her heart beat faster as her body prepared itself for either ‘fight or flight’ her external receptors began sending messages to her brain telling her that she was tethered. Equally, there was no possibility of escape! The conflict between primitive urges and that of her present predicament caused her anxiety levels to rise dramatically; her heart rate accelerated and she began to perspire.

Gentle caressing of her occluded head came as a complete surprise to the frightened serving maid. She was reassured that the touch was friendly; gradually her psychological state changed from fear to acceptance of comfort from the person who was attending to her. In her exhausted and confused state she reasoned that it was one of the trainers, who had shown leniency towards her when she had first arrived at the Training Establishment, who was attending to her

As the caressing continued she relaxed and began to enjoy the sensations, issuing small encouraging sounds from her gagged mouth, squirming in her bondage as her sexual desires were aroused by the mysterious stranger. It was inevitable that the long held, pent up, emotional and physical needs of the serving maid would be desperate for release in sexual oblivion, even in bondage. She was now fully aroused and wanting the release she knew she would achieve, if the caressing continued for much longer.

It would allow her to escape from the reality of her existing position. The gentle touch of the stranger continued until she was panting and near taking a pleasure. Then it abruptly stopped. She held her breath waiting for something to happen, her anxiety level now rising; a sinking feeling drifted into her mind, ‘Am I to be denied any release from my humiliation?’ Then as suddenly as it had stopped the caressing began again.

The serving maid relaxed again into her dark constrained bondage and shuddered as her breasts were touched. She luxuriated in the immediacy of pleasure and began to prepare for the inevitable release she craved. The caressing went on unabated until she was on the point of taking pleasure her breath held eyes screwed shut, right on the point of pleasure. Then the touching stopped, leaving her on the very edge of oblivion. There was silence whilst the serving maid listened intently for any clue as to why the caressing had stopped.

A voice pierced through her encapsulation striking fear into her very soul. It was the voice of the Mistress! A steely cold intonation issued these words, “Not yet my pretty young maid, you are still undergoing punishment prior to ongoing training. It is only when you have completed that to my satisfaction that you will be allowed to take pleasure. Good serving equals pleasures unlimited whilst poor or sloppy serving equals punishment and retraining. Until then we have many hours of delight for me and dread for you!”

A groan issued from the gagged mouth of the serving maid.

Left in her despair for a while she awaited whatever befell her knowing she was the plaything of the Mistress. She had not long to wait before nipple clamps were reapplied. With sensitive nipples from the last period of clamping she bit hard into the penis gag which filled her mouth and would have howled had she not been gagged. The immediate pain subsided as the minutes passed but she knew that there would be other punishments applied in due course, after all she reasoned that the Mistress had a whole armoury of devices to use on her. She was not disappointed when the Mistress spoke again. “As you are gagged and being supplied with endless thirst quenching liquids I shall now work on you olfactory senses”.

She began fixing a medical breathing mask to the head of the maid. First she lifted the maids head from the latex pillow it had been resting on and placed a head strap with four long flexible straps with hole punched in them extending from the back of her helmeted head. Pulling one strap she placed it over the stainless steel sprocket which sat around the outlet of the breathing mask. She did the same to the other straps until the breathing mask was pulled tightly onto the face of her victim. The tube from the catheter was disconnected and fed through a small opening in the breathing mask then reconnected. Breathing now became slightly more difficult for the maid as she had to suck air through the long corrugated hose which ran to a large stainless steel box which rested at the head of the examination table she was strapped to.

“You are now attached to an Aroma casket which has many individual compartments into which have been placed a whole range of interesting item each giving off its own unique aroma. You will experience the whole range eventually. Some you will undoubtedly like, others you will in all probability find either interesting or repugnant. Of course you are not in any position to have any control over what is about to happen and that is how it should be. The Aroma box is computer driven which means I shall not be with you other than to check on you from time to time or to administer further little surprises as time passes, after all, I don’t want you to become bored; that would never do!”

With that she pressed the button to activate the random selection program. Now all air intake came via the Aroma box which had its own fan assisted delivery device which caused a positive air pressure into the various compartments. The device had at its centre a drum like container which revolved around a central spindle. In each of these compartments were various aroma producing items. Once connected to the outlet tube a small aperture opened and the aroma was force out under the positive pressure down the corrugated tube which led directly to the breathing mask of the serving maid.

Sniffing the air which she had to breath she was progressively aware of an overpowering aroma of old, well worn latex rubber she sniffed to gain a greater intake, this was just what she wanted having been drawn to the aroma of latex when she was still in her pubescence. Now she was completely addicted to the aroma. She deeply inhaled enjoying every breath. ‘If this is the type of aroma I will be subjected to then I am ready for more, roll on!’ she relaxed into her punishment feeling that life was not all that bad. Gradually the effect of the heady heavy aroma became less as her olfactory senses became satiated. Then there was no discernable smell she could catch. This continued for some time; all the time she was aware of the effect the nipple clamps were having on her tender nipples knowing that as time passed she would experience the full pain of the clamping before her nipples eventually lost all sense of pain and became numb. The computer signalled to the Aroma box; the casket revolved one compartment. The next aroma was pumped through the flexible corrugated rubber breathing tube.

This came as a surprise to the serving maid. She screwed up her nose as she became aware of awful smell of garlic and what she thought was onion. Within moments her eyes were watering as she continued to breath. With eyes running she tried to hold her breath but couldn’t do so for long. Having used up all her available air she had to breathe in deeply. In doing so she inhaled more of the mixture. Her eyes continued to steam. She was in trouble now and began to cough into her breathing mask. The mask dealt with this easily as there was a built in pressure release valve which allowed coughing to harmlessly pass out of the breathing mask. The torment went on the maid having to inhale the awful mixture until the effect gradually lessened. The next was equally offensive; a cloying mix of soiled underwear with the heavy odour of bodily smells and old urine. She gagged at the aroma as it gradually became more offensive to her sensitive nostrils.

The full program took a full three hours to work through all of the devious aromas which had been introduced into the Aroma Casket. The Mistress had returned at intervals to either exact further punishments on her maid or to taunt her about further training.

The removal of the catheter gave the maid warning that something was afoot either further punishment or, and here her spirits rose, her punishment regime was at an end. She was grateful to have the feeding tube and penis gag removed. By the time she was released from her bondage she was an exhausted and chastened maid. She was helped to stand before the Mistress. “Slave do you think you have learned your lesson or do you want more punishment?”

There was a deathly silence as the question hung in the air the maid spoke into the silence. “Mistress, pleeeease, pleeeease don’t punish me further, I have learned my lesson. I beg you to allow me to prove to you that I have learned my lesson. I promise you will see a major improvement in my serving abilities, I am determined to please you; to give you nothing but the highest level of service.” Then with head bowed the novice serving maid added. “Thank you for my punishment which I fully deserved.”

The Mistress spoke “Look me in the eye serving maid” the maid slowly raised her bowed head and did as commanded. Looking directly into the Mistresses steely unblinking eyes, a cold shiver of pure fear ran down her spine as she was held as a rabbit in the headlights of a car. “We shall see, but you know what to expect now if you make even one slip, I am determined to train you to the high standard I have come to expect from my serving maids. As it happens I have the service of Lizzie who has returned to our household and will be serving us whilst you will be only an assistant for the time being, carrying out only the most menial tasks. I shall be keeping a close eye on you my girl so shape up or face the consequences! Do you understand?”

With head bowed the maid replied in a cowed manner, “Yes Mistress.” She then came forward and kneeling down showed obsequence to the Mistress. The Mistress turned and spoke to a Trainer.

“Take her back to her cell, clean her up, give her some food then put her to bed but make sure she is fully constrained. I want her to be reminded at all times that I am totally in charge of her and will be attending to her further training in due course.”


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