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The Further Training of 'S' 11: Rewarding the Ponygirls

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/ff; M/ff; FF; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; ponygirl; stables; insert; dildos; x-frame; conditioning; toys; climax; cons; X

continued from part 10

Chapter 11: Rewarding the Ponygirls

“We were very surprised at the success of slave ‘S’ and Lizzie in the pony buggy race. We had given them no chance of winning and had planned a very interesting and prolonged punishment regime for them; what a pity they won. However there will be other times when we can indulge in proper punishment for them both. You are of course to be congratulated for your success in training them to win; you obviously take your job very seriously. Now do come and sit down”

The Trainer who had arrived earlier had been standing for some time and was pleased to receive the offer. He was of course delighted with the win and had grown fond of his charges to the extent that he had moved outside of his remit and was in danger of becoming emotionally involved.

Both Master and Mistress were dressed identically in gleaming white latex catsuits. The Master wore a dinner jacket with black bowtie and cummerbund over his and looked the perfect host. Whilst the Mistress wore a heavily boned corset which set off her ample breasts and accentuating her wasp like waist to perfection. A pair of thigh boots in patent leather completed her outfit. Together they were the charming hosts dressed as befitted their station in life.

The Trainer dressed in his black leather one piece suit and knee high leather boots to match was pleased with the congratulations he had received, he had worked hard to raise the standard of the pair of slaves; now fully attuned to pony racing. They had responded well to the relentless training and had formed a team quickly; both had the special quality of determination and the ability to push themselves individually as well as a team. Equally they both had ‘attitude’ which he gathered had got them into deep water on occasions. It was the combination of all these factors that had resulted in the unexpected win.

A second bottle of champagne was ordered. It was brought in by a serving maid dressed entirely in highly polished black latex with not one inch of her skin showing. She was wearing ballet boots which kept her en-point and hampered her progress across the floor. To test her further she was fettered at each ankle with a short silver chain so that only the smallest of steps could be taken. Occluding goggles masked her eyes and a buckled inflatable gag had been fitted to her. She appeared as a living manikin totally rubberised and mute.

The opening of the of the bottle took some time as she had difficulty in removing the cork; only to spill some of the fizz as it overflowed the Mistresses glass. ‘Tut tut, my dear slave we can’t have you spilling good champagne can we? You are obviously in need of both punishment and further training. You will report immediately to the Punishment room where you will inform the Trainer by writing on your pad that he is to place you on the St Andrews cross and apply nipple clamps. You are to await my pleasure in due course when we shall set about first punishing you before we begin further training. Now off you go!’ The slave knelt before the Mistress and paid obsequence by placing her helmeted head on the toe of the Mistresses boot before rising and with head bowed left the room.


The two sightless slaves now shut into a warm stable stood stock still, breathing in the overpowering aroma of rubber from the sleeping mats that covered the floor, further exciting their expectations. They were no longer tethered to the ‘D’ rings set into the wall in their individual stables by their slave collars they habitually wore and were thus at liberty to move freely around the larger stable. They were both standing quietly breathing and sniffing the heady aroma of the heavy rubber under foot.

Although mute and blind they were fully aware of the magnitude of the kindness their Trainer had afforded them. Gradually they became aware of their position relative to each other by listening intently. It was Lizzie who made the first move. She nuzzled up to ‘S’ and made a deeply contented sound which emanated deep within her throat and issued from her gagged mouth. No other option being available to her. The warmth of her body touching ‘S’ sent a shiver down ‘S’ spine; a guttural sound issued from her gagged helmeted head to communicate her pleasure. They were at last together and had been given free reign, so to speak, to indulge themselves in whatever took their fancy.

Being gagged with internal and external dildos, sightless and bondage gloved, the options for speech having been denied. ‘S’ tried to analyse how long she had been at the pony training establishment and came to the conclusion that it had been over a week! In all that time she had remained mute never uttering a word and using only guttural sounds to communicate. She had grown into her pony status; a mute docile animal ready to work to satisfy the desires of her Trainer. Now her thoughts turned towards her own physical and psychological needs, she was shocked to discover that she had lost contact with her own persona and reasoned that having lived the life of a rubberised pony; for the week she was now at liberty to answer her own needs. Completely unable to speak she had become quite used to remaining silent. Now the only option available to her was the physical expression of her fondness for Lizzie. In answer to the nuzzling and with an overwhelming desire to find physical release having suppressed in the main part her sexuality for the entire time at the Training stables she now wanted to quell the fire within her loins. She wrapped her arms around Lizzie and tried to bring her sightless helmeted head to rest beside Lizzie’s. She was stopped in her tracks by the protruding dildo issuing from her mouth which caught on the side of Lizzie’s head. In that instant she realised that the dear Trainer had fitted her with a means to express her desire for Lizzie and to gain the long overdue sexual release which now demanded to be satiated.

She squealed with delight, her heat now ramping up to the demands of her release from the pent up frustrations of the past week. ‘Dear Trainer, I am in your debt, you are allowing me to taste the forbidden fruit of a liaison with Lizzie. In doing so you are risking all. To be caught allowing this arrangement would probably result in you being demoted to slave status and given endless punishment long into the future. For us, if caught we would be heavily punished but as slaves already we would not lose anything. We should only have to deal only with the pain and chastisement from the Master and Mistress for an unspecified period. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If our pony training continues I shall give you every ounce of my energy and will push myself to total exhaustion.’

She bit down on her penis gag and held her breath, not daring to hope for one having been fitted to Lizzie, as she felt for the dildo. Her mind now racing ahead of her actions her exposed vagina oozing its own juices unctuous needy labial lips swollen; the piercing rings oily from her bodily secretions. ‘Please let there be a external dildo I need the release that only full penetration can bring, to feel the nosing in of the black rubber dildo into my rubber encapsulated body would be heaven, to be impaled, to feel the ingress of it into my fetish soul….’ She gulped…

She gagged as the realisation of the gift of release became a reality. Her heart soared, raised its beat, her body now aching for the timely release which was available. ‘Lizzie dear Lizzie we are now free to quench our thirst in this heavenly scented stable of release!’ She tried to communicate the fact that Lizzie had an external penis projecting from her mouth. She raised her bondaged hands and clasped the rubber penis between her useless hands and pulled it down so Lizzie would realise she had one fitted. Lizzie’s head followed the grasped penis. The realisation struck Lizzie and she reacted with a wailing shriek and in a instant she had thrown her arms around ‘S’ and clung to her as if her very life depended on it. The wailing continued as they held each other in a tight embrace.


How long she had been there she couldn’t reason, had it been minutes, hours or days? She had no idea; her whole world contained within the dark universe which she inhabited, release was not even within her compass of cognition, all hope of ever being anything but a rubberised objectified entity had long ago faded from her mind. She was now in the limbo of just existing without any expectation other than the immediacy of the moment. However without any reference points to place some temporal order on her universe of latex constriction she was alone, adrift in the dark universe, floating free of any limits. She tried for the ‘nth’ time to reason just how long she had been in her present position and why she couldn’t move a muscle and why she felt a growing pain in her nipples. She was so tired, she reasoned that she had been asleep but couldn’t recall when she succumbed to the exhaustion which had been stalking her. She knew she was anxious beyond anything she had ever worried about but again she could not delve into the reason why. She was stuck in time warp of unknowing trapped as an insect in amber.

Suddenly the pain in her nipples intensified, but couldn’t do anything about it and at the same time breathing became harder. She had now to suck hard to gain even the smallest amount of air. In her state of suspended animation she accepted this without questioning; she was beyond doing so.

Unbeknown to her the Mistress had entered the punishment room and had taken the medical long handled stainless steel nipple clamps and squeezed then resulting in the ratchet mechanism closing another notch. She then turned her attention to the gate clamp on the tube extending from the punishment helmet. She took delight in further extending the punishment of her serving maid by screwing down the air inlet/exit. She smiled to herself noting the feeble struggle of her serving maid.


Slowly, so slowly the pair sank to their knees still entwined latex wrapped bodies pressed against each other not wanting to miss a single moment of freedom to express the friendship they had for the other. The bond established as sisters in suffering over the duration of ‘S’ stay now firmly established. Without a sound they gradually arrived at the ideal position for the consummation of their desire. They both knew that the time they had been given was unique and would in all likelihood never be repeated. They were both slaves, both wilful and both had crossed the path of acceptable behaviour at the Training Establishment and had felt the full wrath of the Master and Mistress during the punishment that had been meted out. The outside chance of being caught brought an added dimension to their clandestine engagement.

Lizzie was breathing rapidly in anticipation of the physical act of making love, had vaginal juices oozing down her latex covered legs. ‘Darling ‘S’ I have dreamed and fantasised about this moment ever since we first had the wonderful touching and caressing moment long ago which had resulted in our joint punishment. Now to have been fitted with the ability to give you pleasure and to receive the same is beyond my wildest dreams; I will give you everything I can, then more, until you are completely satiated and begging for me to stop teasing you.’

With that she gently but insistently positioned ‘S’ on her back with legs open and proceeded to stroke her with her bondage mitts her own engloved hands closed and held firmly by the Mitts. Beneath the latex figure of Lizzie ‘S’ swooned as she felt the gentle caress of her erstwhile companion. She was now lost once again in her own revelry, yet very much aware of the presence of Lizzie welcoming the advance, desperate to be plundered of her ripeness; wanting release from her long pent up desires, but now, for the first time on her own terms. She had been denied any thing other than forced or instructed pleasures which she had no control over ever since she had entered the Training Establishment a timeless period ago. She writhed under the tender touch of Lizzie’s ministrations eyes tight shut under the occluding blindfold. From her mute helmeted head sounds of utter contentment issued and fed the flames of desire. Lizzie now sat astride her before settling herself down onto the top of ‘S’ thighs delighting in the close contact between them, feeling the ubiquitous anal rod slide into her a little further; welcoming the intruder and confirming her status as a humble slave to the Master and Mistress. Leaning slightly forward she reached out and took hold of ‘S’ helmeted head in both hands and began caressing it as though it was the most precious thing in the world. The effect was immediate as a deep seated groan issued from her companion.

The caressing went on for some time until neither of the pair could hold on a moment longer. Lizzie made the first move and lifting herself gently from her lover she felt and found ‘S’ legs which she gently opened although there was really no need as they both knew what was about to take place. Lizzie moved herself around so she was facing ‘S’ feet with the dildo positioned just above her vagina. ‘S’ was now in the same position with Lizzie on top of her. Without any sound they both knew what to do and began the nuzzling of their dildos into each others willing body.

There was no hurry now as the earlier desperation of bodily contact had been satisfied to be replaced with a certainty of full consummation. The physical contact set waves of pleasure through them both as they teased each other to the point of release but ever mindful of the delight of prolonging every single moment. Gradually but inexorably the dildos found their mark deep inside the welcoming warm darkness. It was as the deepest penetration was reached when the hilt of the dildo and the mouthpiece made contact with the clitoris that the final starburst of pleasure was arrived at. Both lost in the mutual release of all the pent up emotions which had be harboured and nurtured by the individual since their last celebration of love for each other.

They were now eager to satiate the terrible thirst that had raged within each of them; to arrive at the point of coition at the same time to achieve a symbiotic orgasm. They were now revelling in their rubberised state the bondage adding immensely to both of their joy. The first pleasure had both bucking lost to carnal delights. This was no fantasy this was the real thing. There was no need for any mental fantasies they were both living their own dream, each fully aware of their state as slaves and both revelling in and accepting it. The initial rush was now replaced with a desire to explore the delights of slow tantric sex which would allow each of them to gradually climb the slope of gratification to the summit of total release. They knew that they had time to follow this route but it would take many hours of sensual play. The idea of terminating the session and sleeping on the warm rubber floor was not even considered.

As the hours passed so they relaxed into the joy of total release without a care in the world. Given the choice now to grasp freedom neither would entertain the concept they were both totally and completely into their roles of rubber slaves accepting of all that it involved celebrating the ‘outsider’, different sexuality of the true fetish. They were in short addicted to their respective ‘owners’; objectified, kept rubberised and living the 24/7 life of the committed slave.

The passing hours saw ‘S’ take the dominant role and climb on top of Lizzie to return the pleasure of having her lover baring down on her. Now they were lying on their sides in the classic ‘69’position, just content to remain entered and to feel the fullness of the dildo invading them. The hours sped by in that special rubber lined stable entwined as lovers the world over do. They were satiated content and relaxed; utterly spent, all sexual demands satisfied after long hours of pleasure after pleasure and racking orgasms they drifted off to sleep.


It was now morning; the Mistress had slept well and was refreshed having showered and changed into a catsuit in jet black with internal dildo and rod fitted and a constricting corset laced into the maximum over the top. On top of this she had donned an ankle length gleaming black latex cloak, high necked with slits for the wrists. She had on waking been in a particular mood between irritation and arousal and had eagerly anticipated her meeting with her trainee slave who had replaced Lizzie whilst she was away undergoing pony instruction. The prospect of dealing with the young slave combined with the decision to wear the latex suit with the internal rods was the cause of the arousal. She felt imperious and knew the outfit would strike fear into the novice. As a final touch she had fitted a new acquisition, a two piece full head enclosure made of mirror finish gleaming black plastic through which she could see quite easily but to the observer it appeared as a shiny black mask. The features were that of a cold Venetian madam with unblinking eyes and ruby red full lips. She had finally picked up a silver handled riding crop and casting a last glance in the full length mirror had left the room.

She stood in front of her slave observing her laboured breathing knowing that she had reduced the amount of air available to her to the minimum. The slave would be on the point of desperation having to use every ounce of energy to gain enough air. The heavy additional nipple clamps would add to her distress.

Satisfied that her slave was suffering the Mistress moved over to her Mistress chair and pulling the latex cloak close to her she sat down. A sexual groan left her mouth as the rods were forced deeper into her; she was sexually aroused enjoying the sensations which were cruising through her body. Now deep in thought she continued planning a devious punishment regime for her trainee slave. She had the whole day to play with her slave.


Opening the door to the stable the Trainer took a peek; there before him were his charges lying together entwined and fast asleep. He noted the time on his watch, 6.04am then smiling to himself left the two to sleep. When he returned an hour later they were both awake ‘S’ was in her slave position kneeling silently arms behind her back head bowed. Lizzie was similarly positioned. It was obvious that they were ready for whatever befell them.

He walked over to them and ran his hand over their mute heads as one would a favourite animal. The evidence of the night of joy was clearly to be seen; their latex suits and helmets were smeared with the dried juices of the passion. “Well, my lovelies it looks as though you are in need of a wash and general clear up. Then I have news for you both, but more of that anon. now I am going to separate you and take you back to your respective stables so you had better say good by for now.”

Lizzie and ‘S’ rose quietly from their positions and making small non verbal sounds found each other. They gently put their arms around each other and clung to each other for a good thirty seconds then moved apart ready for the parting. ‘S’ was led back to her stable and tethered. A few minutes the Trainer returned. “Now my girl, I am going to take you to a warm shower where you can have a good wash so we can start the day with you clean and tidy.”

Under the shower ‘S’ was luxuriating under a stream of water her latex suit and helmet had been removed and for the first time in many days she stood naked. She was very aware of her nakedness but knew there was a clean suit and helmet awaiting her once dry. Taking the razor from the soap dish she lathered her head and began to shave; she now loved the ritual of shaving as it underlined her status as a dedicated rubber slave. She had been left on her own to perform her ablutions. Her heart was singing, ‘What a night of total passion, we both needed the release which our dear Trainer gave us. I’m absolutely exhausted and will be no good to either man or beast today; I do hope the news is positive as any racing today will be appalling.’

Now dressed in her original slave suit with helmet and integral gag fitted she loved the sensation of the enclosure. To be naked now felt alien; whenever she was without the total rubber coverage her deep anxiety of being forced to live without it overwhelmed her. The addiction was total and she revelled in it particularly as it was something her beloved Master had demanded of her. For a moment she swooned as she thought of the signing ceremony and the preparation ritual, then her thought turned towards what the announcement the Trainer was to make.

She was taken from the shower room to a new room she had never been in before; she was tethered to a stool and a bowl of cereal was presented to her. This was the first time she had been fed without her oesophical tube since she had been at the stables. It was a luxury which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Sometime in the day both slaves were brought together in the new room. They were both gagged so communication between them other than by body language was not possible. Both slaves had been rendered mute for the entire duration of their visit to the stables and were now used to the regime.

The Trainer had them sit on a bench in front of him. “Now ladies what I have to say to you is in strictest confidence and between ourselves, do you understand?” Both slaves nodded to confirm their agreement. “I have been so impressed with you as ponies, your commitment to the training and particularly to your winning of the race yesterday. That is the reason I gave you the gift of being together last night. Of course it was completely against the rules and we all know the consequences of this being discovered. Under no circumstances, even under duress, must you disclose what occurred, not even long into the future when you have left the Training Establishment and are with your Master or Mistress. If a breath of this ever got back to my Master of Mistress I should be immediately in deep trouble and would be terribly punished before being dismissed. I am sure you both know this, don’t you?” Nodding heads acknowledged the message.

“Right, here are the directions from your Master and Mistress. First, Lizzie, You are to be returned to the main house where you will resume your full time duties as serving slave to your Master and Mistress. I gather the novice slave has proved to be less than what is required and is undergoing further training. You will be collected sometime today. In the meantime you are to be put into meditation so you can prepare yourself.”

“As for you ‘S’ because you proved to be a far better pony than was predicted you have been released from here and will return to the main house where you are to be seen by the Master and Mistress. What they have in mind for you is something, I’m afraid I’m not privileged to. You are to be put into meditation until you are collected.”

“Now I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the process of training you; you are both determined individuals who can take sustained training in your stride. Many of the slaves I get are not a patch on you, they whine and winge, it can take many weeks of training before they are fully prepared for racing. Whoever has you as their slave will have a gem; I really envy them. My report to the Master and Mistress? Will, I suspect you know, be glowing. Now let’s say goodbye”. With this he rose and walked over to the two and pulled them into a warm hug from his strong arms. They both rubbed their bodies against him knowing that in doing so they would excite him.


The Mistress smiled to herself, now she had a plan for the day which would extend her novice slave and allow her to impose her authority on her subject. Rising from her chair she sauntered over to her slave and positioned herself directly in front of her.

Suddenly the air intake became easier the wringing wet latex punishment helmet stopped ballooning out then returning to wetly cling to her face each time she breathed. The exhausted slave eagerly sucked in more air. As she gained more air so her mind began to clear she was acutely aware that her nipples were on fire; the pain exquisite, but she was not in a position to do anything about it, she was now aware that somebody was touching her head. The removal of the punishment helmet had her blinking as the light impinged on her retina. It took some time to focus but eventually she could see clearly.

A deep despairing groan emerged from her gagged mouth as the anxiety which had been building was realised in the apparition that stood before her. Had she been able to scream she would have done so, but the inflatable gag filling her mouth sealed any sound from emerging from her helmeted head. She stared at the awesome sight in front of her, her eyes wide with fear. She couldn’t take her eyes from the mirror finish of the Venetian mask staring back at her with the cold unblinking eyes and ruby red lips. She had expected the Mistress to be attending to her but the unknown female figure now standing silently before her had immediately resulted in her losing any fortitude she may have been able to summon up; now all was lost; she was to be disciplined by this cold tormentor. Right on the very edge of panic the slave fought to control herself, a clammy sweat now over took her as droplets of sweat trickled down her back to pool at the base of her spine stopped by her occluding latex suit and the tight corset she was wearing.

The sinister figure moved slowly forward to stand but a few inches from the bondaged slave; completely invading her personal space and in doing so underlining her absolute power.

No word was spoken; the fear filled eyes of the slave now wider than ever, unblinking as a rabbit caught in the headlamps of a car. A cool voice issued from the unblinking Venetian mask “Slave, before I begin your punishment I am going to attend to your bodily needs. I expect you are thirsty and in need of a toilet break aren’t you.” This was not a question that the slave could answer in her gagged and bondaged state; a rhetorical question which needed no answer

The Mistress stepped away; a Trainer moved forward and began to remove the fettered slave. The helpless slave was helped across the Training room to a genealogical bench with stirrups. There she was rebondaged lying prone face up with her legs wide apart strapped into the stirrups. The Mistress sauntered over to the slave and raising her gloved hands began deflating the gag, it was then unbuckled; the gag had been in place for over 12hours. Removing it she wiped the saliva form it and placed it in a stainless steel kidney bowl atop the wheeled cabinet, adding, “Of course you must not speak, but then you know that rudimentary rule don’t you.”

It was not a direct question but merely put as a rhetorical question by the Mistress. “Now let us begin.” With that she rested her gloved hand on the slaves head caressing it as one would a loved one. Within a minute the slave had let out a series of soft moans to confirm that she was under the spell of her tormentor. Without warning the Mistress picked up the blindfold and began reaffixing it. Adding in a warm caring tone, “This is for your own good slave”. The slave let out a despairing groan, as she was plunged into darkness, not knowing what was to happen next.

Hanging from a tall wheeled stand, a latex bladder filled with one litre of water was pulled into place close by the head of the fettered slave. A rubber tube snaked down from the distended bladder with a penis gag through which the tube ran allowing water to be given to the slave who had no choice but to swallow the liquid. A flow control device mid-way between the bladder and the gag allowed for control of the amount or water to be given at any time. Once inserted and buckled tightly the Mistress spoke again, “Now isn’t that better slave; you will now receive liquid refreshment. Of course you will have no control over how much you will be required to ingest, this is a decision that I will take. Now enjoy!” and with that she adjusted the flow so that a continuous trickle of water flowed through the gag and had to be swallowed by the thirsty slave. The Mistress returned to her seat and watched the full litre flow into the slave; the latex bladder progressively collapsed and hung limp as the last dregs flowed down the tube into the fettered slave.

Returning the Mistress paid attention to the slaves zipped crotch. She slowly unzipped the sealed zipper to expose the base of the dildo. The sopping wet dildo was withdrawn and placed in another stainless steel receptacle on the cabinet. Taking a catheter sheathed in its own sterile packaging she placed it ready for opening and insertion. She opened a packet of gossamer thin sterile gloves and carefully pulled them over the top of her own latex gloves. The Mistress began the process of catheterisation of her slave; once completed she reinserted the dildo and zipped up the crotch opening of the slave’s latex suit. The clamp on the catheter stopped any release of urine. Now picking up a length of red rubber tubing she slid one end onto the catheter outlet, the other end she fitted to the end of the projecting pipe from the penis gag which was inserted into the slave’s mouth. “Now slave you may relieve yourself at any time you choose but you should know that the pipe from your catheter is connected to your gag; this way you can both relieve yourself and satisfy any future thirst you may have.” A wailing sound emerged from the unfortunate slave.

The Mistress returned to her Mistress chair and opening her cloak began to run her gloved hand over her sealed crotch area. ‘Yes, what a devious Mistress I am. I shall wait until I know that my novice has had no choice but to imbibe of her own wine then I have another plan to extend her discomfort and to remind her of the need to take care when pouring drinks for our guests!’


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