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The Further Training of 'S' 10: Ponygirl Training

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/ff; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; cage; susp; ponygirl; stables; cart; race; conditioning; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 9

Chapter 10: Ponygirl Training

‘S’ had now been suspended from the strap cage hanging high above the floor of the training room for many many hours. She had been dressed in her total coverage suit with internally fitted devices which she had come to enjoy especially the e-stimulation which had brought her to orgasmic delight on un-numbered occasions. She could make out the floor some ten feet below her as she hung in the tight embrace of the strap cage through the darkened lenses of the goggles she had been fitted with. Suddenly the dildo deeply embedded within her came to life for the umpteen time; she squirmed as the pulses grew. At the same time her nipples began to receive the e-stim which excited her beyond belief. She knew that she was to be brought to yet another shattering pleasure; she accepted her fate, indeed she was now completely lost in her own masochistic world of latex encapsulation. ‘Come pleasures of sublime ecstasy visit me, use me, abuse me and lead me where ever you want, I am your acolyte and offer myself unconditionally to you. I am become a living latex creature, held, and suspended in your tight embrace willing you to lead me to the ultimate rubberization of a life devoted to the worship of all things latex!’

Now she was lost to her innermost desires actively clearing her mind of any thoughts ready for the building pleasure which she instinctively knew she was destined to take. Her mind turned towards her beloved Master and the occasion he had first made love to her on that wet mossy bank deep in the wood of Sussex. Then in an instant her fantasy became real; she was opening the door to welcome him into the Training establishment, he dressed in his long shining wet SBR. Her in her maids outfit anonymous bondaged unable to communicate; wanting to fall into his arms. She shuddered as the first wave of orgasmic delight overcame her. Now abandoned to the visceral delight of fetishistic pleasure; her whole being now focused on riding the powerful forces of bondage and sexual release. The heavy rubber straps of the strap cage holding her full body weight as she lost the ability to stand. All strength ebbed from her rubberised body as wave after wave of pure sexual delight overtook her. The remote control of the e-stim unrelenting, demanding total sexual release from her,‘S’ lost consciousness now completely overcome and exhausted from the sustained demand. Her breathing ragged hissing through the small nostril opening of her occluding helmet, had she not been held in the tight all constraining straps of the suspension cage she would have slumped to the floor all physical control gone.

She came to some minutes later aware of her confinement wondering how she could survive another cycle of stimulation. She reflected on her position instinctively knowing she was both thrilled at the onslaught and willing to undergo anything that her Mistress demanded of her. ‘I am a rubber slave, I am a cipher in a world of rubber being trained to become the complete rubberised being, I am seeking my destiny as my Master’s rubber object, I am progressively being made to experience every aspect of the dark rubber universe where time has no meaning only total commitment to rubber is permissible and demanded, I am fully committed to this philosophy, I am ready to follow this demanding path to the ultimate release from all petty things of the world of the vanilla world which I lived in for the first period of my life.’

‘S’ was held aloft for a timeless period before being released. As she was helped from the strap cage by one of the Trainers she had to be assisted to stand. She lent heavily on him unable to help herself. She was assisted back to her cell where she was allowed to lie tethered on her bed.

The cell door being opened caused her to focus. The Mistress entered wearing a full cat suit and helmet with a full latex cloak with voluminous hood. She leant over her charge and released the tether without saying a word. ‘S’ immediately got down from her bed and took up the slave position on the floor of her cell immediately in front of her Mistresses booted feet. There ‘S’ bowed low and kissed her Mistresses feet in a show of obsequence.

“Good slave, you please me with your improved attitude to your training after your earlier slip. I can see you want to put that episode behind you. Now I think you are rested enough to begin another new experience, one which will necessitate you being taken out into the fresh air. This will be only the second first time you have been allowed to set foot outside this Training Establishment. You see, both the Master and I are impressed with your rededication and are allowing you out into the wider world. You will now prepare yourself mentally for this. I shall send my trainer to attend to you in due course but first you must be fed and watered then beaten prior to be given your daily enema before you are prepared for your new trial.”

‘S’ was taken to the kitchen where she was attended to by slave Lizzie now dressed in exactly the same outfit that ‘S’ had worn as a bondaged maid. The gag dangled from her silenced mouth an outward sign to all that she was to remain like that until her Mistress decided otherwise. She led ‘S’ to the high chair in the middle of the kitchen. ‘S’ hated the feeding chair, especially the implied humiliation which went with it. Once seated and strapped securely the black latex feeding bladder was hooked up to the over head carrier. Lizzie removed the gag from ‘S’ mouth and placed it to one side. The feeding tube was then offered up to the open mouth of ‘S’ and gradually fed across her moist tongue until it began it’s journey down into her empty stomach. ‘S’ had come to take great pride in her ability to swallow the red rubber tube with out difficulty and got a sexual thrill at the unique sensation which accompanied the ingestion of it. Lizzie’s helmet precluded any eye contact but she did look long and hard into ‘S’ eyes knowing that the gaze would do all the communicating she wanted. The placing of her gloved hand onto ‘S’ inner thigh was the non verbal signal of her continuing warmness towards her. ‘S’ responded by wriggling within her bondage and by slightly closing her fettered thighs against Lizzie’s legs. They were both very aware of the tiny monitoring spy CCTV which had caught them as they played and resulted in severe punishment for both of them.

In the 24/7 monitoring suite the fettered and fully rubberised slave staring at the signals incoming to the monitor via the unblinking eye saw nothing untoward.

‘S’ now took her nourishment noting only her full stomach; tasting nothing. She was released and taken to the training room where one of the Trainers strapped her to the whipping bench and gave her daily beating which she now had come to look forward to after the earlier daily struggles to manage the pain prior to acquiring the ability to turn pain into pleasure. Now she felt bereft if for instance, she was undergoing some other advanced training ritual and she missed her daily beating. The daily enema completed she was ready for whatever befell her eager to please her demanding Mistress.

Standing in her normal latex slave suit she awaited her next assignment. The latex clad Trainer whom she had a liking for and who had throughout her trials and tribulations offered her a kind word when she was suffering and low now spoke, “You are in good form and will enjoy your outing today you will be able to take some proper physical exercise” adding, “but first you need to be prepared. I will get your outfit which I think you will like.”

He returned with a large cardboard box and on opening it ‘S’ saw it was a horse costume complete with hoofs and tackle. Over her latex slave suit she was dressed as befits a pony girl. First a tight fitting corset with attachments to allow the fixing of the buggy shafts. Then the through zip on her suit was partly unzipped to allow the fitting of her tail which comprised of a anal rod from which extended a horse hair tail of some 60 centremetres she bent forward to receive the large rubber rod welcoming the nosing of the well lubricated rod then the inward progress of it until her anal sphincter closed around the intruder. The next item was the special shoes which when fitted looked exactly like horses hoofs. They were locked onto her feet and held her toes in an en-point fixed position. ‘S’ stood up and found them comfortable enough as she had, as part of her training, been given posture exercises and had been trained to walk in the most pointed of fetish footwear.

An elaborate harness over her latex slave suit was fitted and bucked tightly. This compressed her rib cage and had straps running over her upper body which allowed complete control over her. The large lubricated dildo attached to her through crotch strapping had her gasping legs weak as it slid into her already moist vagina. The final piece of equipment was a splendid head harness which had a mouth bridal which slipped into her mouth and allowed control over her head so if pulled to the right would result in her turning to the right and visa versa. It had blinkers and a magnificent ostrich feather plume extending from the top.

‘S’ was then taken before the Master and Mistress and close inspection followed. All was well and as ‘S’ stood erect blinkered only able to look directly in front of her. The Master spoke, “Slave you will be now taken to a location where you will be trained in the art of Pony racing. There are special facilities there which will aid in your training and allow you to become familiarised with the rites of this specialised fetish interest. We shall have you transported to this site now; you will be prepared for transport.”

‘S’ was taken down to the underground garage where the large Jaguar awaited her. The blinkers were closed across her eyes and snapped into place effectively blindfolding her. She was then placed into the fully padded and latex lined boot of the car. Further straps were affixed to hold her immobile, a heavy weight latex sheet was thrown over the recumbent slave. ‘S’ was incredibly excited at the prospect of the training to come. This was only her second ride in the boot of the car; she was now in her element her heart beating wildly in anticipation of the new experience to come. ‘S’ now held immovably in the closed boot of the car awaiting her transport to the new venue turned her thoughts to her position, ‘What an amazing experience! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this it’s as if I am in an incredible erotic dream yet I know that it is real; I can feel the caress of latex and the probes fitted into my body, I can feel the bridal gag between my teeth and smell the overpowering perfume of latex’. She wriggled in her bonds and held her breath to increase the sensation of containment. ‘My dreams are being realized and I am becoming the living personification of the 24/7 latex slave.’ Here she felt a surge of pure joy travel through her bondaged body and she shivered in anticipation at the training to come. ‘Dear dear Master, it is you who have awakened in me my unconscious desire to realise my destiny. It is to you I owe my blossoming, my fulfilment, my masochistic lifestyle, my love, my desires, my longings, my adoration of you, my worshiping of you, my serving of you throughout this timeless period of Training, my dedication to all things fetish, my desire to become a perfect slave ready to explore with you every single aspect of our rubber life together. Darling Master I rededicate my life to you and will serve your every wish and desire.’

The sub vocal voicing of these thoughts were a trigger to her desire and she could feel the large dildo deep within her vagina. She began the process of vaginal manipulation of the dildo which she had come to under the skilful instruction of her Mistress. With in a short time she was on the point of pleasure. She began her Mantra, ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master’, keeping herself at the point of taking pleasure but allowing no further progress onto a full blown pleasure. ‘S’ was in seventh heaven held deep within the constraints of the boot.

The car starting brought ‘S’ out of her revelry. For a moment she was aware of movement as the powerful car began its journey with it’s cargo of living flesh encapsulated in the all encompassing embrace of latex. Deep in her bondage warm and constrained in her fetters her thoughts returned to her revelry; breathing in the overpowering aroma of latex she continued. ‘Master I long for your strict training of me as your submissive slave, I am now completely rubberised without a single millimetre of flesh exposed to the air, I am sealed away from any external contact with the outside world, held in a latex embrace only you, my wonderful Master, or the Master or Mistress can determine whether I will remain sealed off from the other world and whether I will ever come in contact with any other fetish material. I want to remain sealed in latex rubber as a rubber object.’

‘S’ squirmed and moaned the deep guttural sound of longing wanting the ingress of her Master’s penis into her vagina or any other orifice for that matter. ‘Oh Master I do so want your ministrations, I want your lovely brown eyes to penetrate my very soul and melt any resolve I have to remain anything other than a mere object, your property, totally dependent on you for my existence’. She felt at one with her rubber training ready to meet any challenge given to her.

‘S’ was left in the boot of the Jaguar long after it had arrived. She was in a complete world of her own warm snug and deep into her Mantra unaware of any external stimulus save for her containment in latex.

When she was finally removed she was taken immediately to the stable where she was chained up to the ring bolt set high in the wall. Shredded rubber strands made from old tires was her bedding now. It gave off a heavy overpowering smell. She was left again to her own devices still encapsulated in her own rubber world.

Lying still ‘S’ was in her own zone unaware that next to her in the next stall was another latex slave similarly clad. It was after dark that the Latex clad groom entered the stall to feed his charges. He looked at the notice above the slave noting that feeding was to be via inflated gag and stomach tube. Bending down he unstrapped the Bit gag from the somnambulant form and replaced it with the feeding device. ‘S’ was aware of the ingress of the tube followed by the warm feeling in her stomach. She was left to her own devices once the feeding tube was removed and the original gag was refixed.

Dawn came soon enough but neither slave was aware of the growing lightness; both were held tight in the occluding helmets they were wearing. Some time later the riding booted groom returned to give his charges their early morning feed prior to taking them outside to await the pleasure of their owners. Both steeds were led out into the early morning warm air of what promised to be a blue sky day. It came as a surprise to see another slave dressed as a mirror image of her when the blindfold/blinkers were removed. She was unaware of the identity of the other slave as there were no recognisable features to be seen. They were both led over to an exercise apparatus and were tethered to it side by side.

“You will be fitted with reigns and harness which will allow further attachments to be made and the fitting of the buggy in due course. Now let me explain the directions to you. You are to all intents and purposes human horses now and will be treated as such. Right, when I pull the reigns to the left, you will turn to the left and visa versa. All other commands will be verbal or from the lunging whip. ‘Trot on’ is clear and you will begin to move off on that command. Do you understand?” A nod of their two heads indicated that they did. “Now I will fit you into your harnesses and get you ready for your first outing.”

Now attached to the training outfit both slaves were fully tethered and reigns fitted. The trainer took his seat and gave the order, ‘Trot on,’ ‘S’ moved in unison with her companion lifting her hoofed feet high as instructed.

The pull of the buggy immediately made itself felt and she had to exert herself to move forward against the pull of it. She could only see immediately in front of her all other vision was occluded. After the first few minutes she was wringing wet in her latex suit and sweat from her shaven head was stinging her eyes under the tight fitting hood. She was very aware of her companion and could hear her rasping breathing as she struggled to gain enough air into her lungs. Eventually they were brought to a halt panting and subdued.

“Well done, you have pulled well and worked as a pair to gain my approval, had you not then I had the option to use the whip on you. Now I will lead you back to your stable and cool you down and give you a well deserved drink. ‘Move on’”.

The pair returned to the area outside of their stable, were released and tethered to ring bolts set into the wall. The trainer stepped down from the buggy and came around to the pair. The occluding blinkers were closed cutting off all light from the pair. Then without warning they had the yard hose turned on full to spray them. The cold water came as a shock and had both of them reeling from the experience. However the cooling effect was welcome and soon they were standing offering their latex clad bodies to the stream of cold water. When that stopped ‘S’ had her feeding tube refixed with the solid gag filling her mouth. This was buckled into position. She could feel the cool ingress of liquid through the tube as it disappeared down into her stomach. She took delight in the imposition of this form of control knowing she had no choice in what liquid would be fed to her and how much would be given. The fact that she had mastered the act of tube swallowing under the instruction of her beloved Master some timeless period ago, back in the days when she was exploring both her unconscious masochistic inclinations together with her deep seated and unfulfilled need to be under the control of another. An unstoppable spasm in her vagina caused her to gasp. She delighted in the sexual sensation. Recovering, she mused whether the other slave was being fed in a similar manner to her and who she was?

They were left standing in the warm sun. The black latex they were both clad in soon dried. They heard the trainer walk off. Now both tethered by the bit fixing they were free to move to the extent of the tether. ‘S’ moved towards her companion wanting the touch of another. Although they were unable to use their arms as they were held fast in the single armed gloves which effectively precluded any use of their arms restrained tightly behind their backs they were free to nuzzle and rub bodies as horses do. The feeling of touching another sentient being increased her desire to gain some sort of sexual satisfaction from this encounter. Gagged as they were there was no possibility of gaining any verbal feedback as to the identity of the other. By positioning their bodies in frontal approach contact was made initially at the breasts as they rubbed each other and nuzzled helmeted heads placed over the shoulder of the other, bodies pressed together. The single arm bondage gloves they were both strapped into pulling their shoulders back and forcing their breast out in front of them. Nuzzling together they were able to gain some comfort from the experience although ‘S’ felt an urgency for sexual release. She kept rubbing her latex encapsulated body against the other slave/horse who equally returned the pressure of contact even making some attempt to communicate with varying humming sounds, ‘mmmmphing’ and ‘nnnnphing’ but was unable to do other than the very simplest of sounds. They became increasingly aroused as time passed. The combination of warm sun heating their black latex suits and the close bodily contact had quite an effect on the two fillies as they both became intent on some sort of sexual comfort from the silent encounter.

The return of the trainer stopped any further games. The two were taken into the stable and addressed, “This afternoon you are to be properly dressed as befits trained ponies then you will compete against another two, there are prizes for the winners and demerits for the losers. You both know what demerits lead to don’t you?” This was a rhetorical question and didn’t need an answer. “Yes, demerits always lead to punishments of one sort or the other, don’t they?” Then inadvertently he gave up information which he shouldn’t have to the pair. “If I’m not mistaken you two have already been in deep trouble when you got too friendly when you were caught in one of your cells and paid a heavy price for you misdemeanour” Immediately ‘S’ heart leaped as she realised that her anonymous companion was none other than Lizzie her erstwhile latex love who had befriended her when ‘S’ had first been brought to the training establishment.

For Lizzie the realisation that her companion was none other than her ‘love’ of the initial encounter made her weak at the knees. The Trainer left them tethered to the ring bolt set high in the wall of the stable and left. Lizzie immediately moved towards ‘S’ and made bodily contact. Although unable to speak because of the inflatable gags imbedded in their mouths the two old conspirators delighted in the knowledge that they were together again as they nuzzled each other. The close contact of latex covered body against body had a new meaning. Both slaves were incredibly aroused knowing that they were at last together again but cognizant of the risk they were running if they made any move toward loving each other.

The return of the Trainer caused them to move apart and stand panting from the sexual frisson that had been generated between the pair. This went unnoticed by him. “Right you two I need to dress you for the challenge race which will be run in one hour’s time”. The fitting of the elaborate head dress took some time but resulted in a magnificent plume of feathers rising up from their black latex helmets. A bridal gag was fitted between their teeth which allowed for steering and blinkers limited their visual field to immediately what was in front of them. The fitting of the rectal plumes finished the initial dressing. “Now you are ready for the race apart from the fitting of the buggy to your harnesses so I advise you to rest now and focus on the winning of this challenge!” With that the two were left to their own devices.

To the utter surprise of the pair the Master and Mistress attended the race arriving in the large Jaguar which had been used to transport the bondaged form of ‘S’ when she had arrived at the Training Establishment and placed herself into the hands of the pair prior to the journey into 24/7 slavery.

Dressed in matching full length heavy latex mackintoshes the Master and Mistress approached their charges. Without speaking to them they inspected the latex outfits the ‘ponies’ were wearing together with the accoutrements fitted. Then turning to the Trainer spoke, “We are pleased to hear that the initial training has gone well and that you think that our pair stands a good chance of winning the race, certainly we expect a good performance from them. They have been well trained at our facility and are both in tip top condition”. Completely ignoring the two female follies they continued, “You have warned them about the consequences of not winning haven’t you? We shall of course reward the pair if they win but conversely we have devised a testing punishment if they fail.”

‘S’ and Lizzie hearing the ominous words of their superiors inwardly blanched at the words, ‘punishment if they fail.’ The latex enshroudment hiding the paleness of their faces’ they knew from first hand experience what a punishment meant.

Breathing hard, hearts beating wildly the pair waited for the word of command from their trainer as they readied for the race. The pair to be beaten was somewhat larger than them and had arrived at the line looking every part the accomplished racers. Their Trainer had spoken to them about the novice pair they would be racing against and how the experience of his pair would easily out perform them. It was only a formality and they could pace themselves and achieve a first place.

In the first lap the experienced pair were clearly in the lead having set off at a cracking pace; no doubt a ploy to intimidate the novice pair and gain the psychological advantage. The use of the whip in the second lap had ‘S’ and Lizzie closing the gap but in doing so using up a lot of their energy reserves. They were both sweating profusely contained as they were in the total coverage of their latex suits. Breathing deeply trying to gain as much air as possible they both knew the consequences of failing to win. The punishment meted out would no doubt match the ‘crime’ and would involve endless torment probably on a treadmill or some other fiendish device which would have both of them extended far beyond anything they had experienced so far in the Training establishment.

The next lap of the circuit saw the combination of their fitness and fear paying dividends as they closed on the larger fillies who were labouring under the whip of their Trainer who was urging them on. The final lap saw both pairs slowing somewhat as a combination of heat and exhaustion took its toll. The gasping ragged breathing and the sweat streaming from the eyeholes of their helmets indicated just how much energy was being put into the race. ‘S’ and Lizzie made a desperate last minute dash now running on reserves; nothing mattered except winning the race and in doing so they would avoid the fearful punishments which awaited them if they were to fail.

By some superhuman effort combined with the urging on from the whip wielded by their Trainer they finally overtook the less fit pair and breasted the tape. In doing so they won the race. Immediately they slowed to a gasping stop. Both completely exhausted leaning heavily against each other as they attempted to replenish their oxygen starved lungs. As they stood sweat dripping from their rubber suits at eyeholes, around their mouth openings, zipped through crotch areas and end of sleeves they were unaware of the approach of their Trainer. “Well done my pretties, no doubt the threat of losing spurred you on? You deserve a cooling rub down and a drink of water”. Then without ceremony they were led back to their stable and tethered to the outside rail.

The Master and Mistress were waiting. Completely ignoring the exhausted pair they addressed the proud buggy rider, “Trainer you are to be congratulated for your efforts in getting this pair to win. Please deal with your charges first then when you have finished with them do come and join us for a celebratory glass of Champagne.” The heavy latex mackintoshes they were wearing gleamed in the afternoon sun falling on the living material as it swirled and danced as if it had a life of its own as they turned and walked towards their Jaguar.

The Trainer now focussed on the exhausted pair still attached to the buggy their arms still held fixed within the single arm gloves they were wearing. The sweat had begun to dry on their latex suits which left a milky white deposit which spoilt the otherwise perfect obsidian look of their outfits.

“You can be proud of yourselves, you really surprised the Master and Mistress; they had planned a decidedly cruel punishment for you both and were expecting to take you immediately from here back to the punishment room at the Training establishment to deal with you. I must say you really did excel and I am proud of you. Now I expect you would both like a drink wouldn’t you?”

It was a rhetorical question as nether of the pair could answer as their mouths were full of the bridals that had enabled the Trainer to steer his pair of fillies. He disappeared for a moment into the stable and returned with a two feeding devices; one an oesophical tube passing through a penis gag and bladder full of water. The other was one of those hydration devices used by adventurers comprising of a water filled bladder and a tube which the drinker puts into his/her mouth and by squeezing the end releases the tube lock and allows the drinker to suck water through the mouth piece. The removal of the bridals completed he proceeded to hook up the drinking device to Lizzie. “Open wide slave and swallow the feeding tube.” ‘S’ did as instructed gaining no immediate relief from her raging thirst. However she could feel the coolness of the water passing down the rubber tube on its way to her stomach. She took some satisfaction in knowing that she was, to her knowledge, the only slave able to swallow the stomach tube. It had taken a lot of self discipline to arrive at her present state of effortlessly swallowing the tube.

Lizzie downed the full bladder of her water savouring each and every drop as it passed over her tongue and disappeared down her parched throat. Once rehydrated her thoughts turned towards her companion; she was excited to know that the other pony she had nuzzled had been none other than her erstwhile friend ‘S’. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Trainer returning and leading his charges over to the rail where he tied them up by their tethers then proceeded to hose them down with a hosepipe. The two were soon gasping as the cold water dashed against their impervious latex skins and the sweat stains were washed from them. they rubbed their cooling bodies together their arms still held firmly in the single arm gloves since much earlier all sensation had disappeared from them but that in itself was a relief and allowed them to concentrate on gaining sexual relief from the bodily contact.

After a brief feed they were taken to their respective stables. Entering some time later and obviously very pleased with the outcome of the race he spoke, “Because you won the race I am going to reward you and allow you to be in the same stable tonight. You are not to breathe a word of this to anyone or I shall get into deep trouble. I have switched off the video monitor.” Adding, “Because the stables are some way from the main training establishment no one will investigate until the morning so you two can enjoy each other’s company!”

He removed the single arms gloves from both and allowed them to rub their numb arms against their bodies until they had gained some feeling. He then led ‘S’ and Lizzie into a larger unoccupied stable which had on its floor a dense sponge latex sandwiched between a shiny black rubber covering. However before he left an occluding blindfold was fitted to each pony. He then fitted double penis gags to both slaves; one internal one external. To stop any attempt to remove the items he fitted them into bondage mitts which were fastened with a small padlock. As a final act of kindness he unzipped and removed the habitually worn vaginal dildos and left the openings unzipped. He patted them both on their helmeted heads, “Now slaves enjoy yourselves and have fun I shall check on you in the morning.”

With that he closed and locked the stable door and left to join the Master and Mistress for a glass of champagne.


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