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The Further Training of 'S' 9: Serving the Guests

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; costume; corset; posture; fetters; service; party; conditioning; nipple; toys; cons; X

continued from part 8

Chapter 9: Serving the Guests

It was a weary ‘S’ who climbed the stairs from the hot kitchen having spent endless hours there being made to do various preparations for the forth coming gathering. The House keeper had kept her busy for the entire duration. As ‘S’ made her way up the stairs she reflected on her position as a serving maid. Each step forced her to exert herself; the rubber encapsulation together with the inverted ‘U’ leg irons restricting her every movement. She was streaming under her layers of latex and steel; the aroma of latex escaping from her garments was sucked into the nose openings of her helmet where the torment of sexual excitement began for the ‘nth’ time she inhaled deeply wanting the pleasure of the rebreathing bag to stimulate her further. Although tired she did never the less want the subtle torment of her containment to continue. The deep intruders at back and front reminded her that she was under the complete control of another; she was the rubberised object of their control, she had no choice or say her only purpose to serve to her best ability. She felt a deep sense of pride and of longing for the extremes of her servitude to be exhibited to the whole world. She felt proud of herself and wanted to make her Master and Mistress pleased with her also.

The Mistress was waiting for her and gave her detailed instructions for her duties as door keeper. She was to open the door and take outerwear from the guests as they arrived and hang them up on the rail close by. She was then to lead them into the large drawing room.

Standing stiffly in the position indicated to her she was very excited and full of anticipation, this was the first time she would see any ‘outside free’ persons since she had arrived at the Training Establishment. She was particularly excited to be seeing her beloved Master even though he would not be able to recognise her in her present form. All fatigue had vanished and she was alert and ready. This was her chance to behave impeccably and perhaps gain the odd merit.

It was some forty minutes later that the door bell rang. Taking the biggest breath she could muster she opened the door to be confronted by two individuals, one clearly the dominant, a woman dressed in a very full skirted SBR mackintosh tightly belted and buttoned right up to the turned up collar standing in front of the second individual,. The other, clearly the sub, head bowed, was wearing a double fronted tightly fitted heavyweight latex mackintosh dress in pewter the voluminous hood was up and enshrouded the head. Across the front of the hood a cowl covered the wearers head from just below the eyes to the tightly buckled neck strap.

‘S’ bowed stiffly then using both of her hands signalled for them to enter; she was very aware of the silver fetters and linking chain and her rubber maids outfit indicating her lowly status. Once in the large hall the Dom spoke, “Maid you may remove my mackintosh.” ‘S’ did as instructed delighting in the sound of the SBR as it crackled its own music; she had been parted from hers for too long. “My slave will remain as she is for the time being” so saying she clipped a lead onto the ‘D’ ring on the slaves collar. ‘S’ ushered the Mistress and her slave into the drawing room where they were greeted by the Master and Mistress. The Mistress took a seat whilst the slave remained standing to one side.

‘S’ returned to her station by the entrance door her heart beating just that little bit faster as anticipation kicked in.

The next time ‘S’ opened the door she noted it was raining. Two mackintoshed figures, one clearly a male the other a buxom female stood before her. Both were wearing gleaming wet SBR’s fully belted with all straps fully buckled and matching sou’westers. Poking out from the full length mackintoshes were shiny black rubber boots. After they had entered the hallway the pair took off their sou’westers and revealed they were clad in matching latex catsuits. The male spoke to ‘S’, “you look superb in your serving maids outfit but that is not all is it, you are wearing other fetters concealed under your outer layer aren’t you?”

‘S’ bowed to confirm the Question then proceeded to show them into the drawing room.

The Next 30 minutes a succession of fetish folk arrived all wearing mackintoshes of one type or another the heavy rain set in for the day or so it appeared to ‘S’ who glimpsed the outside world for the first time since her training began. She had rested for a moment glad to have the chance to lean against the wall her feet aching in the Cuban heeled rubber boots she had been wearing for so long. She was happier than she had been for some time; although tired the very thought of her beloved Master attending was keeping her going. Every ring of the bell had her heart racing at the prospect of seeing her Master but each time it had been fetish couples or single individuals. She had consoled herself with fact that they were all without exception dressed in latex, PVC, or leather. Some had slaves with them who were enshrouded in the material of the Master or Mistresses choice or were led in on a tether.

One slave had been wheeled in strapped into a wheel chair; the whole covered in a canopy of gleaming wet heavyweight black latex with the only opening being at the front of the very large cowl which enveloped the helmeted head of the slave. On being instructed to remove the covering ‘S’ was fascinated to note that from the sealed helmet extended a rebreather bag and from that a tube to a bottle strapped to the leg of the slave; whether this was a genuine compressed air bottle or an aroma device ‘S’ was unable to discern. She was fascinated by both the actual and implied control of the Dominant who had the slave very much under her control. ‘Lucky slave to be so controlled to the point of being wheeled around like a sack of potatoes; objectified, rubberised a mere plaything for the Dominant, a striking looking female, who owns her slave. I would love to experience the objectification!’

As if answering her inner musings the Mistress announced to ‘S’, “I can see you are fascinated by my slave and the heavy bondage she is undergoing. She has been confined to the wheelchair for 12 hours already and will remain so until I decide in the fullness of time to release her and to impose another form of bondage. You see she has been under my constant total 24/7 control for 2 years now, continuing on from her initial training at this Training Establishment. She has made good progress but still needs to be constantly directed by me. I presume you are now undergoing initial training prior to your return to your Master or Mistress for continuing long term containment.”

‘S’ was surprised by the response from the Mistress and was immediately aware of the fact that she was both very aware of all things around her as well as creative in her bondaging of her slave. She bowed stiffly to the Dominant and taking hold of the handles of the wheel chair pushed the encapsulated slave towards the Drawing room.

She had only just returned to her station when the doorbell rang again. She opened it and nearly fainted. There before her stood her beloved Master wearing exactly what he had worn when they had first met. The shiny wet surface of the SBR he was wearing glistened in the light thrown by the entrance illumination. Had she not been wearing the bondage fetters keeping her legs stiff she would have buckled at the knees. In the event she quickly regained her composure and stood to one side and bowing as low as she could given the constraints imposed on her and signalled mutely that he was to enter the vestibule. She stood waiting for the removal of his SBR.

He immediately understood that the anonymous serving maid was unable to speak or move easily because of the fetters she was wearing. As she moved he heard the unmistakeable tinkling of a bell somewhere underneath the full length skirt she was wearing. He was intrigued. He gently caught hold of her arm at the elbow which caused her to stop in her tracks, he then spoke, “I can see you are severely hampered by some clever device which is concealed under your skirt but I am eager to know what it is and, further, what is making the tinkling sound. Maid I command you to show me now!”

‘S’ was now made to haul up the heavy latex skirt of the full length Victorian dress she was wearing on top of her corset and slave suit. Seeing the constraints and the bell dangling between her fettered legs just below the knees he bent low to gain a better view of the arrangement. As he did so he caught sight of the rubber collection bag strapped to her thigh now partially filled. He let out a long low whistle and exclaimed, “Well, well what have we here? I do believe a slave dressed as a serving maid undergoing punishment. Am I correct? “

‘S’ now humiliated bowed her head very slightly to acknowledge the guess. She was now blushing under her helmet and acutely aware of her position.

“Don’t worry slave your secret is safe with me we shall keep it to ourselves. Now lead on.”

At last her duties at the door were ended and she was replaced by the male slave she had seen in the kitchen earlier or so she thought. She was ordered to return to the kitchen.

Entering the Drawing room with the serving tray attached to her once again she was very aware of the need to remain standing fully erect to maintain the glasses of champagne which she had been instructed to serve to the assorted guests. The words of Mistress echoing in her ears still, ‘Any spills will result in immediate punishment.’ ‘S’ took the greatest care to stand erect and to hold her head up as high as she could; the neck corset making this an easy job. She was very aware of the presence of both her Mistress and her beloved Master and was both anxious to avoid any further punishment and to show her Master that he could be proud of her even though he had no idea of her identity. Perhaps he would be told at some time in the future anyway she was determined to give a perfect performance.

Then to her utter alarm the Mistress spoke to the assembled guests, the Master standing by her side “My honoured guests we are delighted to welcome you to our Training Establishment and hope you will enjoy the demonstration of our serving maid as she moves amongst you. She is new to this position and is a wanton headstrong individual who you will observe is under quite strict control. You are welcome to look at her detailed curtailment by simply instructing her to show you or you can seek to investigate for yourselves. She is absolutely at your beck and call and will do as you instruct, this is all part of the process of breaking down her inclination to be wilful. Please feel free to touch her or to report to me any service that is less than you would normally expect from a fully trained maid. She knows that she will receive immediate punishment for any lapses of behaviour.”

Every one able to, was now looking at her, she had become for the moment the centre of attention. She felt humiliated and at the same time proud of her position she was going to surprise everyone and deliver the perfect performance.

For over an hour she busied herself with serving champagne to the guests. During this time she had shown herself to many of the guests exposing the fiendish devises which restrained her She was proud of her bondage now and fully into her submissive role. Some of the guests had touched her through the covering of latex that contained her in its tight embrace. She had loved the sensation of being displayed and exhibited as well as the touch of another human being. One of the Mistresses had explored underneath the full latex apron she was wearing and had discovered the zipped openings at her breasts. These had been undone allowing her erect nipples contained within her slave suit to engorge and squeeze out between the zips. The Mistress squeezed and rolled the exposed nipples between her latex gloves until ‘S’ was panting from the pain.

Throughout the lengthy serving time she had made no errors and had avoided any spills. She had looked longingly at her beloved Master as he had moved amongst other Masters and Mistresses enquiring and noting some of the fiendish bondage they had exacted upon their charges. Then without warning one of the Mistresses who had made a nuisance of herself stepped back into ‘S’ and knocked her off balance. This was a deliberate action which was noted by her Mistress. The two glasses toppled over and spilled their contents onto the tray and splashed one of the guests who had been standing to one side of ‘S’

There was a hushed silence then the Mistress who had initiated the ‘accident’ turned and with a cruel smile on her face quizzically looked at the ‘S’ Mistress as if to say ‘ there I got your maid into trouble and what are you going to do about it?’

With a steely edge to her voice the Mistress spoke, “Maid, come over here immediately!”

‘S’ crossed the floor and stood before her Mistress. From the belt that the Mistress had been wearing she produced two heavyweight nipple clamps and proceeded to unzip ‘S’ nipple covers and applied them to her exposed nipples. This was followed by the fixing of two lead weights to the end of the clamps. The apron was then put back into place and covered the punishment clamps. ‘S’ was ordered back to the kitchen to get replacement glasses with the warning that any further accidents would result in prolonged punishment. Turning to the instigator of the incident she smiled a knowing smile and carried on as if nothing had happened.

‘S’ had by the time all the guests had left been on continuous duty for countless hours and was completely exhausted. Her nipple clamps had added to her burden of woes but she had long ago lost any sensation in nipples and was thankful for that but dreading the removal of them and the acute agony of feeling returning to them. She had sighed as her beloved Master had left once again dressed in his full length SBR wanting desperately to tell him of her devotion to him and to her training. Now she was approached by the Mistress and instructed to enter the Drawing room. Standing stiffly to attention her helmeted head still held high, still ready to serve, she knew her torment could go on and on; that was the nature of her training which she willingly accepted.

The Mistress came up to ‘S’ and addressed her. “Slave I am pleased with the way you have conducted yourself during this lengthy period of punishment training. The accident was unfortunate but not of your doing I am pleased to say. I was watching you when the spill occurred“. With that she reached into ‘S’ apron and gently removed the nipple clamps. For a moment there was no sensation other than the removal of weight from her breasts, then the awful agony of returning feeling. ‘S’ would have screamed if it had not been for the inflatable gag she had been wearing since her bondage began. She shifted from one foot to the other and bent from her heavily corseted waist as waves of pain filled her very being.

“Now slave you will be fed then you may gain some well earned rest. Tomorrow we shall explore another aspect of your training I know you will enjoy that won’t you? now run along.”


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