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The Further Training of 'S' 8: Serving Maid

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; costume; corset; posture; fetters; service; conditioning; toys; cons; X

continued from part 7

Chapter 8: Serving Maid

‘S’ awoke and was aware only of the warm cling of the heavy latex sheet which covered her suited form. She was in darkness and her mouth was filled with the breath through gag. She had come to love the feeling of the gag and now felt naked without it fitted. She pulled her hands up and felt her slave collar and chain which was fixed each time she was put to bed. She felt a pang of pure love for her condition as a latex slave. She lay quietly reflecting on the incredible change that had occurred since she had met and fallen in love with her Master. She was following her destiny and was totally fulfilled in knowing now that she was undergoing advanced training and was apart from the one misdemeanour progressing well in the eyes of the Mistress.

Although her Mistress demanded absolute obedience and dedication she was fair and even. The punishment ‘S’ had recently received after the incident with Lizzie had, in her mind, been completely appropriate and fitted the crime. It had made her determined to get back into the good books of her Mistress.

Some time later ‘S’ was released from her bed fed, given her daily enema followed by her daily beating from one of the Trainers. Fully prepared in her slave suit polished to a perfect shine she was taken before the Mistress and Master. There she paid obsequence to them by kneeling and placing her helmeted head on their respective booted feet. She stayed in this position until told to kneel up. ‘S’ assumed the classic slave position; straight back legs slightly apart, arms behind her back, head bowed. She waited now fully focused on her position as their slave in training.

“Now slave, after your recent infringement of our strict rules, which you well know, with our permanent slave Lizzie, for which you both received appropriate punishment we expect you to renew your dedication to becoming a highly trained advanced latex slave.” Adding, “We have notified your Master of our displeasure and most importantly our decision to extend your training period by seven days. He is, we must tell you, completely in agreement with our decision and asks that the penultimate seven days of your time with us you should be kept in complete and severe bondage, without respite, prior to you being returned to him.”

‘S’ was both devastated and excited all at once, her emotions in turmoil. To hear mention of her beloved Master and at the very same time to be told of the extension of what now became a ‘Punishment sentence’. Before she had time to fully register the words the Mistress continued.

“‘S’ we have decided to give you a chance to make amends for your indiscretion. You will serve us as our fully rubberised serving maid for your next period of training. This will allow you to attempt to make amends for your dalliance with our serving maid Lizzie as well as replacing her while she continues to be punished. Because you were not the prime mover in the engagement which resulted in your recent punishment, you are not being punished any further.“

“Lizzie however has, after her much needed sleep when she was released from the bag, is continuing her punishment. She is very much under our ‘Special total control regime’ to the point of being overseen every 15 minutes throughout the entire period. She is obviously very much sleep deprived as she can only doze off for very brief periods, but then that is our intention. She will no doubt remember and regret her slip when she next engaged with you. She has another 72 hours before she is released.” ‘S’ was astonished, she had expected Lizzie to be released at the same time as her.

As if mind reading the Mistress answered, “You must understand that Lizzie is our fully trained slave with considerable experience and she above anyone fully knows our rules here, she is not like you a mere novice in training. She knows that any infringement of our rules will and does result in severe punishment. She is like you, a natural masochist with a need to be totally subjugated at all times. Every now and again she will, it seems to us, set out to get herself into deep water just so she can be punished. She has an ability to take any amount of punishment.“

“The attempt to seduce you is an example of this need to be caught and punished. Lizzie would have known that she would be caught; you see nothing goes un-noticed here. Now, off you go and prepare to become the perfect serving maid. You will wear a new outfit for this, one that you will no doubt enjoy; of course we shall see that you are challenged by reduced mobility as you go about your duties which will be lengthy and very demanding. At the end of each period you will be awarded either demerits or merits as we think fit which will be acted upon immediately. We are determined to hand you back to your Master as a fully trained slave capable of sustained impeccable service.”

‘S’ followed the male Trainer to the dressing room A sense of both regret and foreboding occupying her at the extension of time imposed at the Training Establishment prior to her return to her beloved Master disappeared in a flash to be replaced by a sexual spasm deep within her rubber dildo filled womb at the thought of the severe bondage she would experience under his specific wishes prior to her eventual return to him.

Her heart was beating wildly at the thought of her Master insisting on severe bondage for the extended seven days of her sentence. The leash attached to her slave collar now taut as she dawdled lost in the revelry of her over imaginative mind on her way to her next challenge.

Because Lizzie was still in punishment the Trainer saw to her dressing. He was the one she liked as he had shown her some sympathy earlier in her training and he looked handsome in his tight latex outfit. She was completely unselfconscious in his presence. She was stripped of her slave suit, showered, head shaved and then fitted into a new slave suit. This comprised of attached inflatable front and rear dildos, the front dildo had a catheter fitted through it to allow for drainage into the latex collection bag which was strapped to her thigh. Integral gloves and helmet with dark smoke vinyl lens and an inflatable gag were part of the assemblage. The helmet had small nostril openings. The shoulder entry suit was then zipped up and a small silver padlock snapped locked at the very top of the suit. At her breasts there were zipped openings. A heavily boned corset was the next item then pair of heavy weight directoire knickers were pulled on to cover the leg bag and to complete the basic outfit. She was sprayed with polish and buffed to an obsidian gleam then taken before the dressing mirror; the image reflected back was breathtaking; she swooned at the sight now eager to begin the challenge set by the Master and Mistress.

This was not the end of her dressing ritual only the beginning. She was taken over to an overhead bar; her gloved hands were fettered to it then winched up, her arms pulled above her head. Her legs were spread wide apart so she was left standing on tip toe.

Next a metal chastity belt arrangement was produced, but before it was fitted an additional piece of metal was attached to this. It comprised of an inverted ‘U’ which spread her legs apart and had below the knee lockable metal cuffs. This would impede her movements and allow only a stiff legged progression. The cuffs were snapped locked and a chain linking the two leg cuffs was fixed between the two fetters with a small silver bell affixed in the middle; this would ensure that any movement would produce a tinkling sound and tell of her whereabouts. The corset was tightened until ‘S’ was forced to take small breaths. A heavy boned neck corset was the next item to be fitted. This kept her head in a tight embrace and allowed no movement. ‘S’ could now only look upwards and ahead she had no sight of her body. She was lowered from the overhead bar and helped over to a stand. A pair of calf length rubber boots with three inch Cuban heels were fitted and laced tightly on her already latex clad legs.

A heavy weight black latex Victorian style full length dress with high ruffed collar and full skirt came next it was polished to an incredibly gleaming shine. It had full puffed sleeves which tapered down to tight wrists where her already gloved hands extended out from the sleeves. A full length white rubber apron of the ornate Victorian style with a high bib and a long skirt covered her in front concealing the corset and zipped nipple access point. The apron was edged with frills along every edge and long trailing ties which had a hasp and hook at the fastening at the back which would allow it to be locked on. Silver metal fetters linked by a short chain were placed on her wrists and locked into place. A white rubber mop cap partially covered her helmeted head.

She was now ready for her serving duties. “Come on my lovely latex slave you look quite stunning not a spec of talc to be seen and you are to my way of thinking a sight for sore eyes. Let’s take you to be checked by the Mistress we mustn’t keep her waiting. I can’t help you to walk now, you must make your own way there, I will lead the way; my instructions are quite clear once dressed I am not to touch you.“

‘S’ tried to walk but was severely hampered by the inverted ‘U’ shaped metal impediment which allowed her no movement whatsoever at the knee; she was forced to move in a stiff legged fashion. The bell tinkling from somewhere beneath her latex dress; she was very aware of her constraints as well as the all pervading aroma of rubber which emanated from her warm heavy latex outfit and filled her nostrils.

Entering the large drawing room ‘S’ followed the Trainer over to the two chairs where the Master and Mistress sat. They were both impeccably dressed in gleaming black latex. There the Trainer addressed the pair.

“Your serving maid has been dressed as instructed and is presented to you for inspection.”

“Very good now you can return to your other duties; we shall call you when we next need you.”

“Come forward slave and turn slowly around so we can inspect you. We know you are unable to kneel or bow you head, you see we just love to see you as our proud slave head held high and standing very tall and erect. The leg fetters are designed to remind you at all times of your humble position as our replacement serving maid.”

After what seemed an interminable amount of time whilst ‘S’ stood stock still awaiting for the approval of her dressing she was addressed, “Yes, all seems in order now you will report to the kitchen where you will be strictly supervised by our Housekeeper. She will make many demands on your time and see you are kept busy at all times. We shall also make demands of you. We do hope you have rested well as you days will now be very long. The fact that you are unable to sit down because of your leg fetters adds to our enjoyment of your situation, you see we are terribly demanding of our serving maid and take delight in reminding her of her lowly position at all times. We are entertaining fetish friends today and you will serve us and them. Of course we shall expect impeccable service from you, any slips will of course result in demerits and these will result in punishment which will have to be worked off at the end of each work period. You can expect no respite in our demands on you. We shall expect the same high standard of service we normally receive from Lizzie. Now off you go and report to our Housekeeper.”

‘S’ tried to show obsequence by lowering her head but was completely unable to move it from its rigid bondage. She bowed stiffly from the waist but it was with only the greatest of difficulty she gained any movement. She slowly and stiffly left the room very conscious of her restraints.

She made her way to the Kitchen the tinkling of the bell between her legs reminding her of her bondage. She knocked on the door which was opened by the male slave completely covered in black latex; he had an integral hood respirator only his eyes showing through the under helmet which he wore. A heavy weight full length black latex apron protected his slave suit from the jobs he was completing. Heavy weight elbow length gloves were strapped to his arms. He nodded and lifted one hand to usher her towards an office just off from the main kitchen. ‘S’ followed him and was directed to enter. He left to carry on with his duties. Sitting at a large desk was the Housekeeper dressed in a lancer style chef’s outfit together with trousers all in gleaming white latex. She wore an open faced helmet with her long hair plaited cascading for the hole at the crown and strapped to the back of her helmet.

“I gather from the Master and Mistress that you are the replacement for Lizzie who is still undergoing punishment and will be indisposed for some time. Please do take a seat.” ‘S’ was immediately in a quandary she could not sit even if she wanted to and she had no means of communicating other than via a pad and pencil . She slowly turned her head and whole body from side to side hoping that in doing so she would indicate that she would remain standing for the time being. The Housekeeper gave her a penetrating look as if to say that was not an offer but a request. ‘S’ was left with no alternative; she gave a bow from the waist then lifting up the hem of her latex dress and hauling it up above her knees showed the steel fetters which denied her any possibility of sitting.

“I can see now that you are really quite constricted and clearly in no position to take up my offer; never mind. Remain standing while I introduce myself. I am the Housekeeper here and in control of all culinary matters. You can see that I have two helpers both are under my supervision whilst here; I am required to keep a log of their progress or lack of it at the end of each ‘day’. This is a misnomer in as much as we don’t keep strictly to the normal day and night hours; as you already know slaves are kept in a timeless warp where time has no meaning only service is the measure of time passing for you. I should warn you that you are here to work and to serve. You have no other function. Initiative from any of the slaves in training is strictly dealt with. You are not here to think only to follow directions. Your whole aim should be to serve once directed and only when directed. Every task assigned to you will be undertaken at your very best. I am in complete charge here and will oversee and judge each task noting any faults“.

“I am strict but fair; I will truck no sloppiness you will always give of your very best at all times regardless of whether you are feeling tired or bored. We have a very busy period ahead of us. I gather you are to be given full duties and I am to make no allowances for your slight incapacity. So let’s get you started shall we? First there is some washing up which you will do. You will wear special washing up gloves“; adding with a glint in her eye, “we don’t want your serving suit gloves to become soiled that would never do! “

The special gloves were made of thick black rubber and were smooth, without the normal household glove patterning on the palms and fingers and were locked onto her already fettered wrists. What was alarming for her was the fact that she couldn’t see what she was doing without standing away from the sink and bending forward carefully to gain a glimpse of the item she was attending to. The tea service she was directed to wash up was of finest porcelain. ‘S’ had little feeling through the gloves and it took her a long time to finish all the service then to dry it carefully with the tea towel provided. She was very aware of the growing build up of heat and could feel sweat beginning to form on her shaven head.

For hours she was kept busy in the heat of the kitchen unable to sit down or gain any respite from the constant demands made on her. At last she was ordered to take a tray of tea upstairs to the Mistress. The male slave helped her on with the serving maid’s special tray. Around her neck a wide collar of rubber was locked on extending down from it each side of the collar were two chains which were attached to the outer corners of the tray. From each side of the tray a belt projected out and when buckled around the waist pulled the tray hard against her waist. This locked on at the back. The tray arrangement allowed her to hold her fettered arms underneath the tray but not hold on to it. Because she was held so firmly in the tight embrace of her outfit the tray was held horizontally out from her waist. Any bending forward or backwards would cause the tray to tilt and the tea service to slide off. When all was ready she was told to climb the stairs and proceed to the Mistress who was in the drawing room.

As ‘S’ began her journey her thoughts turned to her predicament. ‘Here I am now a serving maid fully rubberised and impeded yet I am enjoying ever single moment of my time. I know I am a slave underneath but to outward appearances I am the quintessential fetish maid even down to the Victorian dress and mop cap. Is there no end to my perversity and my enjoyment of all things rubber?

I’ve not the slightest idea of just how long I’ve been at this amazing Training Establishment and I don’t care now apart from desperately wanting the touch of my beloved Master. I know I am progressively realising my destiny and that there is another whole universe of delights to explore once I reach the Advanced Slave status. Now I am determined to become even better at serving than dear Lizzie. In some ways I am jealous of her continuing to be punished. I know that when I am undergoing punishment especially if it is very painful and extended I want it to finish but once rested I secretly fantasise about some of the more esoteric and psychological aspects of mind control and punishment. Am I becoming a punishment addict?’ With these thoughts going through her mind she found herself outside of the drawing room.

She now faced another dilemma how should she make her presence known? If she tried to knock the door with her hands she would undoubtedly upset the tray, if she kicked the door there was the likelihood of her falling. She stood thinking then as if by magic the door opened and before her stood her Mistress looking stunning in a flowing gown of pewter latex. ‘S’ swooned at the sight of her but remained standing stock still.

“I told you that at all times we know exactly what any of our slaves is doing and you are no exception, you see we have an extensive descrete monitoring system. I followed you up from the kitchen and knew you were waiting outside wondering what on earth you could do to alert me of the fact without upsetting the tray. Because you are now in quite strict bondage some allowance has to be made given your impediment. Now enter and serve me with the tea. I should warn you that any spills or drips will result in immediate punishment.”

‘S’ acknowledged the order by the slightest nod of her helmeted head. The Mistress noted this gesture. “‘S’ you are incorrigible is there no bondage which can stop you from communicating? I can see we shall have to devise even stricter bondage for you.” The serving of tea went without mishap and ‘S’ was proud of her first challenge successfully accomplished. Standing silently in one corner of the large room, stiffly erect her head held high ‘S’ was left to wait until called. She was lost in her slave mantra repeating the special words which allowed her to sink into a trancelike state whilst remaining quietly aware of what was going on around her. She was brought back to full focus by the Mistress’s voice.

“Serving maid, the Master and I shall be entertaining some of our friends later; you will naturally be used during the entire period. You must be on your very best behaviour at all times. We will be meeting with your Master during this time. He believes it wouldn’t be right to interrupt your training especially as you have recently been wilful and received punishments and the extension of time here. We have agreed to his request and have informed him that you are still undergoing punishments. The fact of the matter is you are still under ‘punishing conditions’ so our information strictly speaking is accurate. Of course he will not recognise you as you are heavily masked and your eyes are concealed behind the smoked vinyl lens of your helmet. However you will clearly recognise him but you are not, under any circumstances what so ever to make contact with him in any way, you are to remain the perfect serving maid.” There was a pause for a moment whilst the information had time to sink in. At the very mention of her Master by the Mistress ‘S’ had swooned and gone quite weak at the knees. The inverted ‘U’ shaped metal extending down from the tight chastity belt holding her stiff legged saved her form exhibiting any outward response.

The Mistress spoke again, “naturally as he believes you are still undergoing punishments he will not be seeking company with you. Now return to the kitchen and help with any preparation you are directed to undertake.”

‘S’ dutifully left the room but not before bowing before the Mistress; her tray now empty she made her way back to the kitchen. As soon as she arrived she was told to return to collect the tea set. She now understood the intention to keep her at work without respite. She acknowledged the paradigm smiling to herself under the constraining helmet;

‘So the intention is to wear me down so I will not be able to complete the assignment. Well, we shall see, I am equally determined to overcome anything I am challenged with. I have the knowledge of my Master’s visit and I am now deeply committed to my rubber world and to becoming a true 27/7 slave, I know I shall overcome all that is in store for me’.

The door was open and as ‘S’ came to it she was directed to enter She was ignored by the Mistress who was deep in conversation with a person she did not recognise. Carefully loading the spent tea set took some time as she could not see anything below her because to the neck corset and had to do much of the loading by touch alone. As she was leaving her Mistress addressed her “Ah serving maid I shall require a coffee for my guest; prepare your tray and return at once,” adding, “we don’t want to keep our guest waiting you see he has his own serving maid/slave and knows just how wilful slaves can become. Off you go!” With that she returned her attention to her guest.

By the time she returned balancing the coffee ‘S’ was beginning to feel the strain of her bondage, the stiff legged walk took a lot of concentration and effort to avoid stumbling. She was both hot and tired. How long she had been serving she had no idea but guessed it was for many hours however at the front of her mind was the visit of her Master she was going to be a star and he would hopefully notice her as she served impeccably. Perhaps he would if she impressed him enough enquire of her identity and in doing so the Mistress would have to make something up on the spot. The serving of coffee to the visiting Master was impressive and he praised her for serving well. She was flattered and facing him bowed stiffly before taking her place some distance from them waiting for the call to service.

Back in the kitchen she donned the awful heavy weight rubber gloves, which she was sure, was to emphasise her lowly position in the kitchen and to make any task more difficult, and began peeling potatoes. There was a whole bowl full to be attended to. Now feeling light headed from the praise she had received from the visiting Master she began the task all tiredness now gone.


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