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The Further Training of 'S' 7: Crime & Punishment

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/ff; D/s; latex; drysuit; bond; bdsm; water; breathplay; vacuum; tease; torment; conditioning; mast; climax; cons; XX

continued from part 6

Chapter 7: Crime & Punishment

The suiting up process had taken a long time. The Male slave had been instructed to dress ‘S’ in the heavy weight dry suit. The chains fitted to his arm fetters allowed only limited movement the restraints attached to a stainless steel waist belt were short and impeded his ability to make large movements. This together with the pinhole eye openings in his occluding helmet meant his task was made doubly difficult. Why he was thus fettered had ‘S’ wondering whether he was undergoing some sort of punishment because of some infraction of the rules laid down by the Master and Mistress. ‘S’ had not seen him except in the kitchen on one or two occasions.

The fitting took far longer than normal. The fact that ‘S’ was in her slave suit meant that with out some lubrication the dry rubber was reluctant to slide in the dry suit fitting process. It was difficult to slide the two surfaces over each other; they both had to work hard to complete the process. ‘S’ still had no idea what the male slave looked like and would have loved to know but in her present charged state it was only a passing thought. Once the watertight rear entry zip had been closed ‘S’ was sealed in for the duration. Over her slave helmet an open face latex hood attached to the dry suit was pulled into place. Her hands were snug inside of the attached heavyweight gloves.

She was sealed from the outside world; only the face openings were exposed. This was soon attended to as a Scuba mask was fitted. Finally deflating the gag the slave signalled for her to remain silent as he removed it from her mouth then inserted the breathing apparatus into her mouth. ‘S’ took her first tentative breath from the breathing line and was surprised at how easy it was. The slight positive pressure meant she only had to allow herself to relax and the air flowed into her lungs. This is easier than the restricted breathing she had experienced. Now completely sealed within her own self contained world she shuddered and went weak at the knees. ‘I am now totally encapsulated in double rubber reliant on my air tanks. I am sealed off from the outside world held in the caress of rubber impermeable invulnerable and protected! I’m in heaven!’

She was taken outside into the open air for the first time since her incarceration. She noted it was daytime and the sun was shining. Although she could not experience the full impact of the fresh air sealed as she was. The significance of this was not lost on her. In the corner of the high walled enclosure there was an innocuous looking pond with pond vegetation around it but there was a set of steps that descended into the dark waters. Signalled to sit on the edge of the pond she did as instructed her breathing deep and regular the only sound she could hear was of her own intake of air and the exhaust as she breathed out. She was comfortable in her sealed world now in her own zone of pleasure as she waited for the next experience. She had now acquired the slave mentality of not thinking on as to what might or might not happen, it helped her to cope with the unknown better than when she anticipated what might happen, it had, she reflected only increased her anxiety.

The sun was out and the black rubber of her dry suit absorbed the heat and began to transfer it to her under suit she was aware of this increase of heat and welcomed it. The Trainer now appeared and spoke to the male slave who turned and returned to the Training facility. The Trainer placed a lead weight belt around her waist then instructed ‘S’ to climb into the pond. He took hold of her gloved hand and helped her to balance as she negotiated the pond steps and began to descend into the dark waters. She was first aware of the pressure squeeze of the water as she immersed herself to her waist. It was a caress which excited her doubly encapsulated body; she was aware of the sexual frisson as her nipples hardened. She continued her descent, soon she was up to her neck; the feelings she was experiencing were pure delight to her and she was now eager to test out the complete self sustaining quality of her outfit she was now highly charged with the feeling of being completely self contained and sealed off from the outside world.

The Trainer depressed the air dump valve high on her chest, the air hissed from her dry suit as the trapped air escaped. The dry suit pressed tightly to her body clinging to her; she was now ready. Looking up into the eyes of the trainer she fluttered her eyelashes and dipped beneath the water. Immediately she was in a world of her own completely cut off from the world above her she could hear only the sounds of her own intake and exhaust of exhaled air as it left her mouth piece. She was amazed at the silence between each breath and the light which filtered down to her. The overall squeeze was delightful this was another new experience which she was enjoying intensely.

‘I’m a rubber slave deep into my training at the hands of The Master and Mistress and I’m enjoying every single aspect of it, even the beatings are becoming a welcome discipline which I now understand and increasingly enjoy, I must be very eccentric! ’

Then she sucked in another lungful of air and holding onto the rail of the steps took another step down into the unknown. Her ears cleared themselves automatically. The press of the dry suit increased, the light began to fade, colours as well. ‘S’ was enthralled by this ‘other world’ experience. Eventually she felt the floor of the pool; how deep she was she had no idea but she was fully aware of the pressure squeeze now and the coolness of the water was beginning to filter through to her. She left the steps and floated ghostlike in the stygian gloom she was thrilled by the new experience of floating gravity free suspended like a spaceman in the cool liquid of inner space. She put her head downwards and tried to complete a circle flipping her body in the process and experiencing the sensation of her stomach spasming as it fought to keep up with her upending. She let out a gasp as the sensation erupted. She floated free about 3feet above the bottom of the pond. This new experience thrilled her; isolated now from the world above her she was self-contained in her own sealed environment of glistening black rubber. Only the exhaust bubbles seeking the air above rising from her exhaled breath linked the two environments. How long she was underwater she had no idea but her revelry was brought to an end by a tug on the rope attached to her to signal that she was required up above.

Emerging from her watery world she still wore the breathing apparatus and mask and it was only the Trainer physically removing them from her that brought the session to an end. ‘S’ was excited by her SCUBA experience especially the ability to exist in a hostile environment in her own life support system. As soon as the mouth piece was removed from her mouth she began speaking in an excited tone completely forgetting the rule of only speaking when spoken to. ‘Wow, that was fantastic, I really enjoyed that journey into the unknown I loved the press of the dry suit against my body and the ability to remain underwater breathing normally. Can I try that experience again please?’

The Trainer said nothing but gave her a piercing look which immediately reminded her of the no speaking rule. ‘S’ knew she would be either reported or was being observed by some hidden camera. ‘In for a penny in for a pound’ flashed through her mind and she continued to chatter as a bubbly adolescent. ‘I know I should not speak but what the heck I’m so addicted to this underwater world and the aspect of being so self contained in another world that I could kiss you for supervising this session. OK I know that you were only following orders and had no say in the matter but I want you to know that was the very best experience I’ve had since I’ve been here undergoing training’

She was taken back to her cell after the removal of the dry suit. There she was gagged and her blindfold replaced. She was chained to her bed and the heavy weight latex sheeting was pulled tight and refixed to the anchor points around the bed. She lay there tightly enveloped in her dark enclosure. She was still very excited about the underwater experience and wanted to return to the water in the heavy rubber dry suit. The total enclosure combined with the sealed breathing device allowed her to exist in her own world sealed off completely; independent reliant on the air in the tanks strapped to her back. She fantasised about drifting in inner space free of gravity; just like an astronaut. She was thoroughly sexually turned on by the unique experience.

Her thoughts turned to her Master who had initiated her training, now a long time ago. She had lost all sense of time passing and was unaware of whether it was day or night although being outside had given her a chance to know that at the time of the dive it was daytime. But since then she had been in the Training centre and time had passed. She reasoned that it was probably sometime in the evening and she had been put to bed for the coming night. As to the hour, she had no idea; she took pleasure in knowing that time really was no longer of any importance to her as a slave. She now urgently wanted the touch of her beloved Master. She squirmed in her warm bed desperate for his gentle touch, unique body smell, dark eyes, and the taste of his kiss. Her vagina spasmed; she needed his manhood deep within her and the press of his well muscled body against hers.

‘Darling Master I love you to bits and miss your ministrations and penetration. You are in for a hard time when I am brought back to you as a properly trained submissive rubber slave. I shall seduce you, stalk you and plague you for your attention and touch; now I ache for you!’ With these thoughts drifting around in her head, together with the warmth of her latex enclosure and the general feeling of well being after her Scuba experience together with the encouraging words of the Mistress when she had been with her last. ‘S’ drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


Sometime in the small hours of the deep night the door of her cell was slowly opened by a latex gloved hand then quietly closed again by the intruder. The CCTV image sent to the 24 hour monitoring suite observed by the completely shrouded female form restrained at wrist and ankle to the swivel chair bolted to the floor it looked like a female. She leant forward to gain a better image but was held firmly by the waist restrain; frustrated she increased the magnification. Closer image magnification did not reveal who it was or whether it was a genuine feminine form or a transformation. Looking at the schedule the observer noted that no further training had been planned for ‘S’. Now uncertain as to the identity of the intruder she was in a state of flux as to what to do. If this was a visit from the Mistress on a whim and the monitor, keeping the night vigil, alerted the Mistress and in doing so disturbed the session it would result in severe punishment. If it was a genuine intruder and she made no attempt to alert the Mistress she knew the penalty! She increased the magnification to gain a better idea as to the identity of the person; she was now sweating profusely under the many layers of latex which enshrouded her body. The light in ‘S’ cell allowed little fine definition to be gained and the image of the figures eyes was not clear because the helmet the figure was wearing had vinyl lenses fitted.

The monitor took stock; her mind racing; if she woke the sleeping Mistress by pressing the bell which connected to her room and she was there she would have her answer and would alert her to the intruder. If no answer was received then she could relax knowing it was the Mistress in the cell attending to ‘S’ on a whim. As she was kept gagged she could not speak but had to rely on a series of buttons which had a multiplicity of functions. The internally fitted ear plugs sealed her to a distant silent world only allowing incoming transmitted sound to be clear. Taking a deep breath she pressed the appropriate button and waited. The seconds ticked by she held her breath waiting for a reply… nothing happened for what seemed like an eternity ….

‘What is it slave! Press the appropriate message button at once and woe betide you if this is a false alarm! I shall take great pleasure in disturbing your sleep whilst you undergo severe punishment!’

The message read, ‘intruder in cell 06’

Immediately the Mistress lifted the phone beside her bed and alerted the two Trainers.


‘S’ was brought to consciousness by the caressing of her helmeted head. She had been deeply asleep comfortable and snug in the tight embrace of the heavy latex sheet covering her. She was confused unaware of the identity of the person stimulating her. Her first thought was it was her Master but that thought disappeared as quickly as it had occurred and she was unable to discern who it was. She moved her head from side to side to facilitate the caressing and to indicate to the person that she was awake. To her surprise she felt the full weight of the person press down on her; no attempt was made to remove the heavy latex sheet which covered her but ‘S’ was now fully aware that it was a female form pressing down on her. Then she heard the voice of someone she recognised. It was but a whisper but it was unmistakably that of the female slave ‘Lizzie’ who had been charged with attending to her since her arrival.

‘I have missed you so much over the last few days and couldn’t resist coming to you. I’ve been planning this for some days but you know how busy I am kept without a break as befits my lowly status. When I was ordered to bed after a long and arduous period I feigned sleep so the CCTV surveillance moved on from my sleeping form to other areas. Just being with you is so sexy, you know I am turned on by the sight of you dressed as the trainee slave and now I can tell you of my admiration for you. Of course I love the feel of a man’s penis inside of me but I feel we have a special relationship and I should some time love to have you wearing a double dildo enter me.’

She broke off to kiss the gagged lips of ‘S’ holding her head in her gloved hands. ‘S’ heard all of this and was both flattered and excited by the soft words of the female slave. The idea of wearing a double dildo was one of her fantasies which had yet to be realised. She was both flattered and fascinated by the invitation. Now feeling increasingly randy; the combination of the full weight of her friend bearing down on her and the tender words were working their magic on her. She was unable to speak but lifted and nodded her head to indicate her interest in the venture.

‘Don’t try to speak as I know you are gagged?’ Then a rhetorical question was asked, ‘Is it a penis gag for you to suck on or are you silenced with an inflatable one? Now I’m going to release the latex sheet and slip in beside you so we can cuddle and enjoy our special time together, then before I am discovered I shall be away back to my own lonely bed.’

Now lying together arms around each other in a clinging embrace both excited by the secret liaison. ‘S’ was in seventh heaven after the long lonely time without the loving touch of another warm human being. Only the touch of straps being applied or bondage device being fitted or the stinging kiss of the whip had been her companion with no kind words until the Mistress had praised her after the last session. She was thoroughly enjoying the touch and quiet whispered words of slave Lizzie.

The door opening went un-noticed by the pair. The two Trainers stood watching for some time before quietly and purposely moving over to the bed and the two females. Lizzie was helped up to a sitting position and an inflatable gag forced into her mouth, a suffocation helmet was pulled down over her slave helmet. Immediately she heard the click of the padlock as the strap around her neck became tight. Instinctively she knew she was in deep trouble and assumed the submissive head bowed stance. She was helped from the bed and a single arm glove was pulled on to be laced up to its maximum tightness; her breast tenting her slave suit, nipples hard against the clinging latex. ‘S’ restraining chain from her slave collar was released and she was aided to sit up to receive the same treatment as ‘Lizzie’. She sensed that she was in equally to blame for her complicity in the subterfuge and she would be treated severely.

Both slaves were taken to another room where they were made to sit facing each other on a raised padded bench. The bench was purpose made to allow two slaves to be fitted together, face to face with legs spread wide apart. Lizzie’s legs were placed under ‘S’ thus allowing the pair to come close to each other. Their crotch zips were opened and a double ended dildo inserted into their respective openings. Then they were strapped together so their bodies were pressed together in a tight embrace. ‘Lizzie’ had her head over the shoulder of ‘S’. There single arm gloves were raised by the attachment of straps so they were forced into each other the full strain of their bondage immediately took effect. The position was very uncomfortable. Their breathing now laboured and ragged because of the fiendish punishment helmet fitted to both of them individually.

This consisted of a large closed bag loosely fitting to the head with a tight sealing neckband. At the front of the helmet where the mouth would be was a quarter of a inch black rubber tube about 6 centremetres long with an adjustable gate valve to control the amount of air the miscreant slave could breathe. The hoods ballooned out each time the slave breathed out and was equally sucked in when the air was sucked into the helmet. Of course the fresh air mixed with the stale exhaled air causing considerable distress. Any movement by one of them was immediately transferred to the other via the imbedded dildo. They were soon panting desperately trying to gain precious air; the full strain of the fiendish punishment bondage causing acute discomfort.

It was hours later that the Mistress attended the sealed room where the two slaves were being kept. They were both moaning; it was clear that the punishment bondage was extremely effective. Crossing the room, her stiletto boots clicking on the tiled floor, brought the two miscreants to silence as they strained to make sense of the sound. It was not long before the two had to suck in air in an attempt to stave off suffocation. From then on any hope of picking up sound had gone as the hoods ballooned in and out as they gasped and moaned in unison. The Mistress walked around the pair inspecting the bondage she was pleased to both hear and see the effectiveness of it as the two slaves were now lost in their own world of discomfort.

The moaning continued together with the unique sound of the loose latex suffocation helmets being respectively blown out as expelled stale air caused them to balloon out to be followed immediately with the smack of latex being sucked tightly to the under-helmets. The Mistress stood quietly for some time watching and listening to the two slaves in distress; she was excited by the opportunity of punishing the two jointly.

She coughed to gain the attention of the couple. The laboured breathing stopped as they sought to listen and to hope for some lessening of the punishment. An icy voice spoke, ‘Did you think you could get away with your subterfuge? You are clearly in need of reminding that this is a Training establishment where any infraction of our rules is a major crime and will result in severe and prolonged punishment. You are now beginning to experience the full weight of my displeasure. By the time I have finished with you will have no doubt of my displeasure and here she emphasised the ‘displeasure’, and will never again attempt such a foolish and wilful act. Now I am going to leave you to think carefully about your situation and to suffer the consequences, but before I do I am going to increase your discomfort and add my own little gift to you both so whilst you suffer you can take some small pleasure in knowing I am enjoying the prospect of punishing you further, Oh yes,’ she added, ‘This is only the beginning of my pleasure and for you the start of a long and painful experience.

She then crossed the room and Screwed down the gate valves on each helmet then shortened the tethering straps attached to their single arm gloves thus pulling the gloves further upwards and increasing the strain on their aching shoulders. Immediately there was an increase in the moanings. The next fiendish thing was to fit a heavyweight mains powered strap on vibrator to the exposed middle of the double dildo this was connected to a timer. The extra weight added to the dragging feeling the slaves were now experiencing as they hours passed ‘I shall return when I am finished with other business.’ Adding, ‘Of course it will be some hours later, then we can begin your proper punishments.

The two slaves were left to their own devices now and were both in complete discomfort. ‘S’ was very aware of her position as the willing and compliant accomplice. The words of the Mistress had lanced into her as an icicle piercing flesh. She had felt light headed only a few hours ago and now here she was undergoing stringent bondage punishment and fearful of what future her Mistress had in mind for her. She reasoned that as they were now strapped tightly together whatever the Mistress thought of as she deliberated on the various punishments; she would visit the same on each. She had to work hard to gain enough air, the hood inlet was designed to really restrict the intake of air and to cause the wearer maximum difficulty. Her arms were hurting and she was very hot, her slave suit now wet and clinging to her.

The dildo had at first been a turn on but as the hours passed the constant wriggling to gain some respite from the bondage caused it to slide in and out and twist and now it was a constant reminder of her position; now becoming a further burden to accept. The addition of the strap on vibrator had caused a dragging sensation and she knew that at any moment it would burst into life and bring them both to pleasure. It would take them to the high of orgasmic relief but would then still be imbedded inside of them and would begin the cycle over and over again; the purpose to exhaust them both of the desire to take pleasure except when instructed. Lizzie’s moans were close to her ear and she could hear the strain of the long held position taking its toll on her; the constant gasping for air combined with the change of position caused both of them to gasp as the dildo speared deeper into them both. This was a case of shared sexual punishment but without respite.

Time now to all intents and purposes did not exist only the pain filled universe into which the two slaves found themselves. They were both in some distress now and the moans issuing from the gagged mouths sealed under the suffocation helmets indicated that they were indeed under constant heavy bondage and had been now for some hours. The initial triggering of the strap on vibrator had worked its magic on the two of them and brought them to a shattering pleasure where ‘S’ for one wanted the bondage to be even tighter and the single arm glove to be raised further as her masochism had climbed to new levels although after the initial raising of the glove by the Mistress her arms had grown numb. She had tried to communicate her desire to be at one with Lizzie by shouting at full voice her sexual desire to be kept like this for all time; only mmmphs escaped from her sealed mouth. The vibrator had stopped immediately after the pleasures and they were both grateful for that. However some time later it had begun its cycle again and this time it had not stopped after the first pleasure but continued until they had been brought to multiple pleasures and were both exhausted streaming wet inside their slave suits and were gasping to gain enough air. This cycle continued long into the black night which they found themselves in. eventually they had expended all energy and were only kept in the bondage position by the fetters; all strength had left their bodies and they were in a sorry state.

Long after all hope had disappeared from the two the Mistress returned. She was pleased to see the two exhausted slaves slumped on the raised bench being held from total collapse only by the single arm gloves they were forced to wear.

‘So my pretty slaves the initial punishment is over and you will no doubt be ready and looking forward to your next punishment. As you both seem inseparable you will be pleased to learn that I am treating you as equally guilty of this crime and all that follows involves you both being punished together so you will remain the very best of friends’. There was a hint of sarcasm in her message which went completely un-noticed. ‘You will now be released from you bondage and taken to the punishment room; ‘S’ you have never been there before and will after I have finished with you never want to return I can assure you. Of course this punishment period will extend your time with us as and your Master will be notified of this forthwith. He will no doubt be disappointed with this lapse and may well revise his plans for you!’

These words brought home the seriousness of the offence and ‘S’ burst into tears at the news. She was distraught and in her present exhausted state had no inner reserves to call upon. The tears added to the streaming wet inside of the suffocation helmet; the only outward sign of her distress noted by the Mistress was her bound body moving as wave after wave of sobs erupted from within her and her heavily bondaged body shook.

The two Trainers returned and released the two exhausted slaves who remained in their slave suits and suffocation helmets. The single arm gloves were removed. Their arms flopped down at their sides, now completely without feeling after the arduous bondage. They were taken along to the Punishment room where they were both strapped down onto whipping benches ready for the Mistress to attend to them. In minutes they were both asleep but equally with in a short time the air restriction caused by the suffocation helmets had them awake gasping for air. It seemed to emphasise the awful situation they were in and the endless cycle of punishment which they now found themselves in. They were now under the complete control of their very angry Mistress and every moment of their waking lives reminded them of their crime.

The beatings they received were serious punishment beatings which had both of them wailing throughout the timeless period of pain. The psychological aspect of hearing Lizzie receiving a prolonged beating knowing that the moment it stopped she would receive the same treatment had a devastating effect on ‘S’. The punishment beatings only paused each time it was the turn of the other to be on the receiving end. Eventually the beatings came to an end and they were left to await their next punishment now existing in a pain filled universe. The Mistress left the room with the parting words, ‘When I return you will both be stripped and showered in cold water before I begin the next stage of your Punishments. Now be very afraid of what comes next as I am trying a new and yet untried punishment on you! Adding, I shall enjoy that.’

Left to her own devices ‘S’, still strapped tightly to the whipping bench, began pondering what had happened to land her in such deep water. The words of her Mistress ringing in her ears, especially the ones referring to ‘S’ Master; her thoughts turned inwards into her hidden reserves of stamina; she knew she deserved the punishment and accepted it, after all she reasoned that she had enjoyed the closeness of Lizzie and given the opportunity she would have gone on to indulge her fantasy. Although she had been chained to her bed and was both gagged and blindfolded she had had no idea of who was attending to her, but she could have resisted the advances and she had not. Although she pondered on the consequences of had it been the Mistress who was ‘attending to her and she had resisted then she would have been in deep water. She concluded, ‘I deserve to be punished both for the lapse and for letting down my Master. I am a lowly slave and my destiny in life is to serve not to make decisions. I have a innate independent streak which I must overcome, it is the one thing which stands in my way of becoming the slave I so desperately want to be.

Lizzie is a fully trained slave and I am not! But I will become one even if it kills me.’ However at the deeply unconscious level unbeknown to her she was fascinated by Lizzie and wanted to engage with her.

Although exhausted by the prolonged punishment, the suffocation helmet, the arm glove, double dildo and the beatings she was resigned to her fate.

When she was released and taken to a wet area she had to be helped to walk, her legs like those of Lizzie, were weak from the continuous bondage. The removal of the suffocation helmet was a blessing as it allowed her to breathe properly and deeply without the continuous sucking which she had to do for every breath since its fitting. Her slave suit was the next item to be removed; as the feet of the suit were pulled from her a large quantity of milky fluid was released confirming that she had been put through the wringer. She still had her helmet on together with gag and blindfold but was completely naked from the neck down. Lizzie had the same treatment. They were both fitted with handcuffs and tethered standing side by side both on tip toes to the overhead bar. They were told to relieve themselves then with out warning the over head shower heads deluged them with very cold water they both shrieked and gasped but only unintelligible sounds emerged from their helmeted heads.

The shower went on for some time until they were both still and accepting of the continuous cold shower. They were removed and stood shivering not daring to reach out and cling together for warmth. Once dried by the attending male slave they were put into new slave suits with integral gloves. This was a relief for ‘S’ as she now felt the need for complete coverage and had come to terms with living 24/7in latex after a long apprenticeship. To be naked was a punishment in its self; she felt unprotected and vulnerable without her latex covering. Once dressed she was taken over to a swivel chair and strapped into it so no movement was possible; her gag and blindfold were removed to be replaced with a penis gag with a feeding tube through the solid middle. Lizzie was strapped to an upright pole and her blindfold removed. She blinked trying to focus on the image in front of her. She had been fixed so no movement was possible. All she could do was blink and flutter her eyelids. She looked straight at ‘S’ and used her eyes to apologise for the trouble she had got her into. For her part ‘S’ tried to communicate that she was equally culpable. They both kept eye contact for far longer than was normal; both sisters in crime and sisters in the shared punishment. The bond now forged through pain.

Once fed ‘S’ had her helmet removed and was generally cleaned up and her head shaved. The punishment helmet fitted to her had no eye or nose openings. Where the mouth was there was a sub aqua mouthpiece moulded into the helmet which ‘S’ took into her mouth. A regulator connected to an air line with a reversed sub aqua mouth piece extending out from the exhaust port. This arrangement had a one way valve which allowed air to be passed one way only and only when ‘S’ exhaled. Lizzie couldn’t suck air into her lungs and would have to be fed exhaled air from ‘S’ as she breathed out.

‘S’ consoled herself with the thought that at least she was able to breathe normally even though she couldn’t see. Lizzie had suffered the same treatment of being fitted with a punishment helmet which had the same features as ‘S’ helmet but with reinforced mouth from which the one way breathing device extended. She had to breathe only through her mouth. She stood silent and wondered what was to befall them when the Mistress returned.

The two slaves were refixed to the overhead bar both straining on tiptoe to relieve the pressure on their fettered wrists. Whilst in this strained position heavy weight latex corsets were laced tightly onto their extended bodies.


The Mistress entered the Punishment room with a smile on her face; she was dressed in a severe costume of black latex jodhpurs and riding jacket narrowed at the waist together with an open faced helmet with her long dark hair issuing from the opening in the top. She wore black gloves which matched the gleaming black latex of her outfit.

“Well well what have we here, I do believe my two pretty slaves now back under my complete control after your aberration for which you are undergoing severe punishment; you are no doubt ready for your next punishment?’ This was a statement of intent rather than a question.

’You are now watered and fed; you can be thankful for that, now you will both have another ingenious new punishment which the Master and I have devised. You will be the unlucky slaves to undergo the first try out. It will be very demanding and will require continuous efforts from both of you. This punishment is designed to test you both to your very limits and is specifically designed for long term use. You will undergo this punishment until one of you either lapses into unconsciousness or I deem you have both shown fortitude and decide to release you. I wonder which will come first.”

Now her voice turned icy as she ordered the two Trainers in attendance to prepare them for their ordeal. A huge heavy weight latex bag in amber translucent latex was dragged onto a PVC covered padded floor mat. The latex bag had a diver’s water tight zip along one side to allow entry of bodies. Trailing out from the bag was a high pressure air line which snaked away to what looked like an air compressor.

‘So now we shall begin; you will need to listen very carefully because you very life depends on my every word.” The blind pair sealed into the special helmet listened intently. ‘The specially designed helmets you are wearing should enable you to survive the rigours of this punishment. Initially you will be sealed within the latex bag which will contain air which is already within it prior to you being sealed within it. The bag will be fully inflated once you are sealed within it. You will not receive any external air until you have completely exhausted all useful air and the CO2 level increased to cause you considerable distress. I shall decide when you ‘S’ will begin to receive any external air from the compressor. Lizzie will receive none and will have to find the external scuba mouthpiece extending out from the front of ‘S’ mouth. Lizzie will breathe in the exhaled stale air from ‘S’ and will have to exist on that until the next exhaled breath. I am told there is plenty of good air exhaled each time we breathe certainly enough for a slave undergoing punishment! We use only a fraction of the oxygen and other gases we breathe each time we fill our lungs. Whilst the bag is inflated the air in it can be used but that air will with time become increasingly stale and the unfortunate one will have to rely on her partner in crime to breathe air into her lungs’.

’Of course if that was the only thing to do then it really wouldn’t count as a punishment it would be fun.’ Here her voice turned to ice as she paused to allow the pair of them to digest the information. ‘The real test comes when the air is sucked out of the bag progressively until a vacuum is created and you are both held firm as flies in amber. At that stage only ‘S’ will be receiving any air and you Lizzie will suffocate,” There was a long pause as the full extent of this punishment sank in. “ that is, unless you, Lizzie are close enough to take hold of the mouth piece extending out from ‘S’ blind helmet and breath her exhaled air into your lungs. I should add that you will not be able to suck air from her as a one way valve is fitted into the breathing device’.

’You will never know when the suction pump begins to exhaust air from the sealed bag which you will occupy other than feeling of the bag beginning to squeeze you. It is then that you must seek out the mouth piece extending out from ‘S’ mouth. You of course must be close enough to receive your life support. The timer for the air pump is set at random intervals by the computer so you will be unable to judge the intervals. However my piece de resistance is the addition of something which will keep ‘S’ completely focused on the task at hand. This is the function that will stop the air inlet which she will be breathing. There will be a progressive resistance to the incoming air which will after 15seconds completely cut off for one minute. During that time you will have to share each others breath by rebreathing together. Ingenuous don’t you think!’ Now let’s begin the Punishment. I shall return at intervals to supervise and observe you both as you become working examples of the principle of symbiosis each united in your shared desire to survive. As you both have a fascination with each other you can now put your budding friendship to the test’

Both slaves seemed chastened by the announcement; this was going to be a real test of their working together, each having to depend on the other, although it was Lizzie who was at the greatest risk.

They were released from their bondage and led to the bag there they were ordered to slid into it. Lizzie was told to find ‘S’ and to practice the breathing routine to establish a pattern for when the bag was sealed. Lizzie took hold of the outlet mouthpiece and placed it in her mouth and sucked ....nothing then she remembered the words of her Mistress, “A one way valve is fitted which will not allow you to suck air from your partner. You will have to wait until she breathes air into you...” She waited until ‘S’ breathed out. Taking a lungful she was immediately sexually excited.

Lizzie inhaled the stale air from‘S’ lungs noting the rubber aroma and the heady mix of ‘S’ own particular taste. She reasoned the original air was coming via an aroma casket. Once satisfied that the process had been understood and put to use by the two slaves the Trainer sealed the latex bag. The air trapped in the bag allowed both slaves to breathe quite normally for some time. Inevitably the air became increasingly stale but no air was fed to ‘S’ who was in the same position as her companion. Their breathing rate began to increase as they desperately tried to gain some useful air, taking huge lungfuls of the stale air but with little effect.

Just before ‘S’ resigned herself to encroaching unconsciousness her breathing regulator fed fresh air to her. Taking deep lungfuls of clear air she then grabbed Lizzie’s head and pulled her towards her mouthpiece. Lizzie took the mouthpiece and sucked as hard as she could. She had to wait a moment for ‘S’ to exhale. There followed a few minutes of breath exchange. At this juncture the bag was reinflated with fresh air and the two slaves were able to disconnect and breathe normally. Although blind they were confident and moved apart to allow for physical relaxation. Of course they were without any visual clues as to what was happening having to rely on physical input. Gradually the air became increasingly stale and they once again had to move closer and find the air apply which would inevitably be granted just before they became desperate. How long they had been within the enclosure they had no idea as all senses were focused on the cycle of dependency. ‘S’ suddenly became aware of a gradual shift in the situation; her senses on high alert. Progressively the bag began to suck in on them both. This was the signal to get close enough to share breathing. The bag progressively closed in around them and held them in its all consuming vacuum. Now they were experiencing the first of un-numbered cycles of the fiendish device.

An hour later the Mistress returned to observe the pair of miscreant slaves. The bag of natural amber latex was fully inflated, the slaves lying side by side facing each other inside appeared as misty shapes through the latex bag. She watched fascinated waiting for the inevitable to happen excited by the sight. She was sexually aroused by the sight of them and wondered what was going through their minds.

Inside the bag Lizzie was relatively comfortable lying on her side; she was feeling very masochistic depending entirely on the air from ‘S’ when the bag collapsed and held them in a vicelike embrace. She had become sexually simulated knowing that she had to rely on ‘S’ exhaled breath knowing that her life depended on ‘S’ ability to supply her with exhaled air via the scuba mouthpiece which projected from her helmet. She so wanted the kiss of ‘S’ lips now rather than the mouthpiece and fantasized about the sensual touch of a proper kiss from her fellow slave. She was very turned on by the whole process and was enjoying the dependency on her erstwhile friend. She had come to enjoy the rebreathing cycle when the bag held them in its tight embrace. The squeeze of the bag was intense and for the time it held them they both experienced the incredible squeeze of the latex; for ‘S’ it was redolent of her underwater venture. She tried to reason when it was but was completely unable to as time had lost all meaning to her since she had been undergoing the intense training. She knew it was in the near past but beyond that she could not attach a time to the experience.

For ‘S’ the responsibility of providing Lizzie with her own exhaled air was both exciting as well as tiring. Both of them were now very much sleep deprived after the initial punishment they had received. In their exhausted state they were in desperate need of sleep.

The Mistress’s heart skipped a beat as she watched fascinated as the bag began to deflate. She noted the two slaves moved closer together in preparation for the exchange of air. Within a minute the bag was clamped tightly to the two. The Mistress moved closer and knelt down beside the bag. She was fascinated to watch the struggle which ensued as ‘S’ had to fight against the constriction of the vacuum and take in air supply from the inlet then struggle to move her helmeted head to Lizzie engage the mouthpiece of and provide her with air. This was taking its toll on an already exhausted slave. As the incoming air supply became reduced prior to cessation ‘S’ inhaled deeply ready to begin the process of sharing her lungful of air with Lizzie rebreathing the limited air supply for the statuary one minute. ‘S’ was very aware of her responsibility to keep conscious. For Lizzie this was the high spot of the experience as she eagerly took in the air from her friends lungs then exhaling back into her before the process began again until the oxygen content became progressively reduce and she became light-headed as her masochism clicked up another notch. She was feeling increasingly aroused by the whole experience. She was the submissive latex slave being dominated by her superior companion who had the gift of life itself. She squirmed as a wave of pure joy overtook her. She was disappointed when the bag re-inflated and she was able to breathe normally again.

The Mistress stayed for some time closely monitoring the repeated cycle then with a mischievous twinkle in her eye walked over to the automated control box and took over manual control. It seemed to her that the two slaves were too comfortable in the controlled environment of the bag. She began the evacuation of air shortly after the last input of air surprising the two slaves in the process. ‘S’ scrabbled to get into position and only just made it before the vacuum imposed its own discipline. She was having trouble concentrating on the exact routine because of her exhaustion. The vacuum lasted far longer than at any time before followed by the signal of impending stopping of the air intake. She took in the largest lungful she could manage then began the rebreathing process expecting it to last the one minute duration.

The Mistress approached the pair and bending close to the entrapped pair spoke, ‘I am glad to see all is well and you are no doubt thoroughly enjoying the rebreathing exercise together. You see I know just how close you both are to each other. Now as part of your ongoing punishment I am not going to switch on the air intake for one and a half minutes. You will just have to manage whilst I look on knowing that you will be in some difficulty but will no doubt cope. You may experience some light headedness but again I know you both love the rebreathing exercises which you have been given whilst undergoing training; enjoy!’

The pair heard the Mistresses message and knew she was upping the punishment and playing with them as a cat with a mouse. For ‘S’ the notion of being extended was everything she desired and she swooned at the chance to experience the light-headedness which would follow. She was the passive subservient slave she was in her element. By the time the one and a half minutes were up they were both breathing very rapidly desperately trying to suck the very last useable air from the stale recycling air contained within their lungs. They were both very hot from the exertions. For ‘S’ this was a very real punishment as she had to do all of the work. She wondered just how long she could keep up the endless cycle of supplying air and rebreathing into Lizzie her erstwhile friend.

In no time at all the cycle started all over again and they were back in the desperate situation of trying to last the full one and a half minutes of rebreathing. The progressive lack of oxygenated blood in their bodies was accumulating a deficit which needed rectifying if they were not going to loose consciousness. The Mistress aware of this side effect restored air to them and allowed them to recover for a while, only to re-impose the cycle again. She was determined to extend their punishment until she was satisfied that the pair we on the verge of total collapse so any reoccurrence of the aberrant behaviour would never happen again certainly not whilst ‘S’ was at the Training establishment.


She left the Punishment room and returned to her office where she ordered the male slave to attend her. There she opened the zip covering her vagina exposing a gossamer thin membrane of latex. When the slave entered wearing a single arm glove she instructed him to kneel before her. She pulled on a pair of Mistress Pants. Sitting in her Mistress chair she opened the attached hood and fitted it over the slave’s already hooded head. He was immediately in complete darkness but knew what he had to do as he had been trained to service his Mistress and judged himself to be good at pleasuring her. In short time she shuddered and clamped her thighs in a vice like grip as she took pleasure; she was excited by the reality of the pair of female slaves still undergoing punishment even as she was using her slave. She was not satisfied by one pleasure and kept her slave hard at work for a long time. By the time she had finished with him she had raised her sadistic inclinations to fever pitch and the male slave was straining to gain enough air. She dismissed him and returned to see how the pair was faring.

Many hours had passed since the pair were placed in the sealed latex bag; both of them had survived the stringent demands made on them as part of their punishment. ‘S’ was on the verge of collapse. She was now streaming wet from her own sweat inside her slave suit and had to keep her eyes closed to avoid the stinging sweat which drenched her. She breathed into Lizzie for the n’th time; she was held fast by the vacuum and had little strength left. ‘S’ was now muddled and confused and kept nodding off to sleep for a few seconds before waking in a panic not knowing what sequence she was in. Then it happened just as the Mistress entered the room she forgot to take in a lungful of air prior to cessation of incoming air. She panicked and began to struggle to find the mouthpiece of Lizzie’s who was patiently waiting for rebreathing to begin. She was aware of ‘S’ struggling but had no way of knowing what was the problem. She became anxious and tried to hold her breath until ‘S’ found her. Lizzie expecting a full lungful of air to be available was now very aware that something had gone dangerously wrong. She could feel Lizzie struggling against the clinging latex and realised that all was not well. The inclination to panic was held in check with steely determination. She knew that in all probability there would be someone monitoring them who would come to the rescue.

Lizzie was now in full panic mode and thrashing about to no avail; she had lost any idea where ‘S’ was but was doing every thing she could to find her. Just as she thought she would never find ‘S’ she felt her head and fumbled to take in the scuba mouthpiece. ‘S’ was at the end of her air and breathed out all remaining air just before the mouth connection was made. She inhaled but was alarmed to discover that the amount of air available was but half that of the last breath. By the 45th second the two of them were completely out of air. Lizzie was the first to break away and try to suck non existent air into her empty lungs. ‘S’ now knew she was on her own and exhaled then held her breath knowing that there was no other option. She was feeling very light-headed and accepted her fate. She felt on the verge of passing out, sounds were fading and she felt as though she was entering a long dark tunnel.

The Mistress watched both fascinated and aroused by the drama unfolding in front of her. She left them to struggle weakly as consciousness ebbed from them then in a moment switched on the blower. Immediately the bag sprang to life and within seconds was fully inflated. The two slaves lay gasping like fish out of water for a long time unaware of the Mistresses presence. Then to her amazement ‘S’ began to breathe deeply and was asleep in moments. Lizzie followed but not before she had snuggled up to the sleeping from of her companion. The Mistress smiled to herself and felt a wave of envy knowing that the testing time they had both experienced had cemented their bond of mutual respect. She left them there to sleep the sleep of utter exhaustion with instructions to keep a watchful eye on them and when awake to take them to their respective cells after showering them. They were to remain in their slave helmets and collars but otherwise were to be allowed to rest after the 35 hours of punishment.


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