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The Further Training of 'S' 6: Every Breath you take...

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; medical; breathplay; gas; tease; torment; conditioning; cons; XX

continued from part 5

Chapter 6: Every Breath you take...

Entering the training room ‘S’ was handed over to the Trainer. Lizzie left the room to return to her duties.

“So we meet again, I am instructed to attend to your training and that is exactly what I am going to do. Now over you go to the examination couch. Lay on it and put your legs into the stirrups.”

‘S’ noted that it was not her favourite Trainer who was to deal with her knowing that he would give no leniency to her in any way.

Now fully strapped ‘S’ found herself very vulnerable with legs held wide apart and immovably in the stirrups, with her body held in a semi reclining position so she could see between her tethered legs. The trainer moved towards her with a blindfold in hand. ‘Here we go!’ ‘S’ thought to herself, ‘Now for the fun to begin, I am ready for anything that comes, I am not afraid and this is all part of my training to become an advanced slave.’

Now in complete darkness she listened intently wondering what was about to happen her; anxiety level rising but manageable. She could hear what sounded like a heavy wheeled trolley being brought over to stand beside her and the sound of clinking chains; there was a sound of what sounded like metal cylinders being positioned beside her bench, then silence. Her imaginative mind took over ‘Hmm, sounds like I am to be examined internally or given an enema or, or ….well at least I am not going to be beaten! She waited and waited but she was left alone. All sounds had stopped and she concluded she was alone, the trainer having left the room.

A long time later when she had given up any hope of being dealt with ‘S’ was aware of the tap, tap, tap of stilettos crossing the floor toward her. Her heart skipped a beat, ‘The Mistress!’

“Hello slave, we meet again and you in such a vulnerable state, my my! Well we shall see if you can face this test of your stamina, endurance and resolve. Of course as my slave you don’t have any say in what is to befall you”. Her voice taking on a steely tone, “You are my rubberised plaything, to play with as I think fit.” The word ‘my’ was emphasised to underline her control.

“All you can do is accept your fate. By the time you leave this training room you will fully understand my power of life and death over you. Depending on how you respond and how I feel I can lengthen or shorten this session but you should know that it will be a long session because you see I love to watch you as you suffer under my control knowing that you are in distress and can’t do a thing about it. You will also experience some pain as I work on you. You know how to turn pain into pleasure so I expect you to take sexual pleasure knowing that I am gaining pleasure in testing you to your limit, after all you are not here for a rest cure! Now shall we start?”

‘S’ understood that this was a rhetorical question and needed no response from her. Anxiety level was now high as she took in the message her Mistress had delivered. Her breathing was quicker and shallower, her heart rate climbing as her body prepared for whatever was to befall her. There was no possibility of escape, she was held fast.

The removal of the blindfold affixed by the Trainer was removed to reveal the Mistress dressed in pure white latex as a Surgeon with full surgical wear including white rubber boots, surgical gloves and face mask only the heavily made up eyes visible. ‘S’ was instantly alarmed her mind racing she feared for her safety. Instinctively she struggled to free herself.

“Don’t be, silly there is no escape for you slave!” The Mistresses voice now taking on the cold sinister delivery which ‘S’ had come to fear, knowing that the Mistress was sexually excited, charged and ready to really extend her slave far beyond her limits. She groaned into her gag but nothing left her mouth.

“I have you slightly reclined so you can see the equipment that I shall use on you, now take a careful look to see it. You will for some of the time be allowed to see for other periods you will not, it is purely at my discretion as to what you will see. Remember at all times I am totally in control of you, even when you are back in your cell recovering after the various experiences I will be put through, you are still under my control. At any time I can begin tormenting you because I choose to, because I take pleasure in doing so, nothing else! You are my delight to play with as I think fit. If you don’t fully understand this now, you will do by the time I have finished with you slave!”

The Mistress smiled to herself under the occluding face mask, knowing that her words would instil real fear in her slave. It was very much part of her psychological play. It was her special weapon in heightening both anxiety and fear in her slaves and subduing them in her company. This made her a fearful figure to any slave who was under her control.

‘S’ looked around the various pieces of equipment which were arrayed before her. There was a full medical anaesthetic trolley together with cylinders of gas. On another stainless steel trolley there were an assortment of surgical tools and set of clamps and tubes. Behind it stood a tall stainless steel medical stand form which hung a full enema bag with rubber tubing hanging ready for use. Another groan escaped from ’S’, she knew she was in trouble.

“Now let’s begin.” The Mistress came closer to ‘S’ and began removing the inflatable gag ‘S’ had been fitted with by the Trainer. ‘S’ knew she should remain silent but felt in her state of fear very tempted to beg for leniency. Never the less she stayed silent; as a lamb to the slaughter. A full faced respirator was fitted by the Mistress taking great care to check that it fitted properly with no air leaks. The Mistress put her gloved hand over the end of the long corrugated black tube. ‘S’ gasped as her air supply was cut off. The hand was held there for some time as an unprepared ‘S’ desperately tried to suck in any air. All that happened was the respirator clamped to her head; no air was forthcoming. With pleading eyes she focused on her Mistress. Then the air was restored and she sucked in life giving air. “You see slave how I have the power of life and death over you!”

‘S’ felt nothing but relief as she regained her breathing. “Now I am going to play with you for my own enjoyment before I finally teach you to rebreathe your own air. I’m sure you will enjoy this part of your training. You see the air we breathe is rich in Nitrogen and oxygen in fact we don’t use anything like the full amount available each time we breathe that is why climbers can ascend to the highest peaks without becoming unconscious. So we can rebreathe our own exhaled breaths for some time before we need to replenish because of CO2 build up. I shall of course extend your ability to rebreathe right to your very limits and beyond! Initially you may find the experience frightening and ‘want out’ but as you now understand, you are not in control, I am and you will have absolutely no say in what is happening to you, now isn’t that exciting?”

‘S’ was caught in a quandary, should she answer or stay silent. She knew from what little experience she had that to voice anything whilst the Mistress was in this frame of mind could be disastrous. Yet to do nothing could be taken as a slight. She took the middle ground and nodded her head.

“Good slave. I see you are learning, your response was right, because had you spoken I should have taken that as a direct act of defiance and you would now have a punishment ordeal to add further to this session. Now breathe normally until I instruct you to do otherwise”

‘S’ felt a pang of fear not quite understanding exactly what was going to happen but knowing she had no route of escape, she was a lowly slave and had no freedoms whatsoever. Lying now breathing in and out normally she could see the black latex breathing bladder inflating and deflating as she breathed. She was breathing in and out easily as she had been connected to the compressed air in the metal cylinders which were supplying her with air. She found this set up strangely mesmerising, fascinated by the living pulsing bag, as though it had a life of its own. The Mistress loomed over her filling the face piece of the respirator she was fitted with.

“See slave it really is exciting to be completely self contained cut off from any outside contamination. The air you are breathing provides your life support. I am now going to leave you alone but when I return I shall begin your lesson of rebreathing which I know I shall enjoy, of course you may also find rebreathing a new and interesting experience. Now relax and enjoy the sensation of being completely sealed off from the outside world dependent on the air from the cylinder which I control. You are dependent on me for your every breath.”

With that the Mistress left. ‘S’ had closed her eyes and was in her own mesmeric zone at one with her situation of being completely sealed from the outside world. She had watched fascinated by the pulsing black latex rebreathing bag as it assumed a life of its own before quietly closing her eyes and luxuriating in her own sealed world.

Suddenly the air supply diminished and she was labouring for air. Opening her eyes her heart missed a beat; there before her stood her Mistress looking very clinical still dressed in full operating theatre dress in pure white latex, a facemask obscuring all but her eyes.

“Breathe deeply slave, work hard to suck enough air into your lungs, you see I have adjusted the inlet valve to a level 50% of that you have been receiving. You will have to work hard to get enough air into your lungs. Unless you do you will gradually suffocate. I shall watch over you as my patient and take pleasure observing your efforts to gain enough air!”

‘S’ had to work hard to gain each breath the effort taking its toll on her as she fought to keep from panicking. The latex bladder now only half filling each time she desperately sucked in. The Mistress sat passively watching the drama unfold.

Some 10minutes later the Mistress rose from her seat adjusted the control dial and leaned over the fettered body of her slave. Instantaneously ‘S’ was deprived of what little air she had been surviving on. No air entered her lungs, she had exhaled and was now completely without air. Her attempts to suck in air only resulted in the full faced respirator being sucked closely to her helmeted head. With pleading eyes she focused on her Mistress.

“Slave you will have to wait for 45 seconds before I give you any air. During that time you can dwell on the fact that you are my slave and I have absolute control over you!”

The seconds ticked by so slowly as ‘S’ lay resigned to her fate. Toward the end she was straining to gain sexual pleasure from her predicament. This did sexually charged even under duress.

“Now breathe deeply slave!” Immediately ‘S’ gulped in huge lungfuls of air. She was soon back to regular breathing. She squirmed at the thought of being completely dependent on this mechanical device for her life-giving air.

“I have my serving maid undergoing punishment and shall attend to her now. Enjoy your situation because when I return we shall begin another experience.”

Sometime later the Mistress returned in her gleaming white surgeons’ gown. Her return brought ‘S’ back into the reality of her situation.

“So slave, we begin your venture into a whole new world. Shortly I am going to disconnect the cylinder which means you will be entirely dependent on your own air. Now take the biggest lungful of air you can then hold it whilst I disconnect your air supply. You will then be entirely dependent on your own air, the air you will inhale. Now go!”

‘S’ did as instructed keen to comply with any instructions she was given. Holding a full lungful of air she held her breath, awaiting further instructions.

“Exhale slave, you are now connected to a closed loop isolated dependent on your own recycled air which will become increasingly saturated with CO2 as you metabolise or use up the O2 or oxygen held within the black latex bladder you see pulsing each time you breathe. ‘S’ was both excited and anxious at the same time. Anxiety was an old friend of hers and had over the time since she had undertaken her journey into latex slavery accompanied her throughout. She had become accustomed to its finer points of psychological effect, turning it progressively into an exquisite masochistic emotion which now made itself felt

The prospect of being forced to rebreathe her own exhaled air was something which she had read about when she had begun her quest to gain full knowledge of the deeper fetishistic scenario long ago when she was still an independent working lady and desperate to know more about the whole rubberist scene prior to her decent into full time latex slavery.

She knew well of the delight of holding her breath when approaching orgasmic release to enhance the pleasure. ‘Come on girl, relax and use this anxiety to increase the sexual delight which you may be able to arrive at as you are forced to rebreath your own exhaled air. The Mistress will not let you die! She is only extending your training and will look after you even if you move towards the feeling of suffocation. Remember, she is in complete control and you are the lowly slave.’

There had been times in her training when she had let fear overtake her and panic overwhelm her. However, this had never done her any good as she had always been unable to have any say, mutely being made to take anything which her Mistress chose to deliver. Gradually she had come to accept that her Mistress had ultimate control over her, even to the point of unconsciousness. Intellectually she completely trusted her Mistress knowing that she had her wellbeing in mind at all times. Panic was a natural human response to extreme situations, but it could be overcome with training, knowledge and trust. ‘S’ hoped she would not panic on this occasion but knew that her Mistress would be taking her to the very edge of the abyss. She resolved to devote her mindset towards complete acceptance of whatever was to befall her.

She was fascinated by the pulsing of the breathing bladder as it filled and emptied supplying her with life giving air.

‘S’ luxuriated in her condition she was comfortable rebreathing the life giving air contained within the closed system. Gradually she noted her breathing becoming shorter as she used up the available oxygen and the CO2 level increased. She had to take ever deeper breaths as her body reacted to the new situation.

“See slave the latex bladder which contains your air is gradually getting less inflated as you use up the oxygen. You will become light headed and need to breathe faster and deeper to try and obtain sufficient air to remain conscious. Of course you will not be able. You will understand now that I am totally in charge and you really don’t have any say in the proceedings.”

‘S’ now recycling her precious air was excited; she was experiencing for real one of her fantasies. To be completely dependent on her own rebreathed air, sealed off from any external contamination was a dream fulfilled. Now deeply into her trance like state ‘S’ began using her mantra, ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master’ over and over again. Inevitably her self contained air progressively became increasingly stale and very moist. At this stage she was excited by the process. She tried to lift her hips to gain sexual gratification as the sexual tension built and she climbed towards a shattering climax. However, the strapping which held her now allowed no movement. She breathed in filling her lungs with the increasingly stale air. As the time ticked by she began to experience the need to ever breathe deeper to extract the diminishing supply oxygen within the latex bladder.

Now becoming desperate for air she began the decent into semi consciousness, gasping huge lungfuls of stale air into her depleted lungs then stopping for brief moments as she fought the panic to gain air. She was now aware of her rapid beating heart and fading consciousness. She took one last breath then relaxed as she began to lose consciousness.

Suddenly there was air clean life giving air available.

“Breathe in deeply slave and enjoy my gift of air to you. You can relax until you are fully recovered then we shall begin the process over again!”

Gasping in lungfuls of air ‘S’ could only process the ominous words of her Mistress, ‘We shall begin the process over again.’ She was fearful but completely understood that she has no say in the matter.

This cycle was repeated three times before her Mistress was satisfied. At the end of this ‘S’ was bathed in sweat. Her vinyl eye pieces were completely fogged. She lay spent from the experiences she had been forced to endure and fearful of what was to follow. It was clear that the Mistress was sexually charged and thoroughly enjoying the domination of her slave.

“Now slave, you are going to experience a completely new sensation all connected to the wider range of controlled breathing.”

The Mistress moved closer and connected a black rubber corrugated tube to ‘S’ respirator. “Now breathe deeply and evenly.”

‘S’ was aware of a strange taste, immediately she was drifting in a haze of euphoria as the Exotic gas mixture took effect. She was as high as a kite feeling free to fly into the dark universe of unconsciousness that awaited her.

She felt herself drifting off now a willing participant in the operation. As if from afar she heard the voice of her Mistress. “Slave, keep deep breathing as I control your very existence. You are my plaything my rubberised occluded object having no say as to your existence”

‘S’ now unable to do anything other than obey, did as instructed and remained just on the edge of consciousness. She felt so very masochistic wanting to experience every aspect of this new and unique sensation. Time stood still she was held in a cocoon of latex and gas.

How long she remained in this condition she had no idea as she drifted semiconscious, lost in a dark space sealed from the realities of the world. From nothingness, she suddenly became fully alert, every synapses in her brain firing at once she was fully conscious; alert. ‘S’ focused on the latex bladder swelling and shrinking as a new gas was pumped into it. The pulsing of the breathing bag both fascinated and excited ‘S’ she loved the way it appeared to come alive independent of her as it inflated and deflated. The fact was she was sealed within a life supporting system of the Mistresses design. Then she turned her attention towards her Mistress sitting beside her and attending to the delivery and mixing of the various gases to hand. She noted the slight fizzing taste of the gas she was being forced to breathe wondering what it was; only knowing it was a complete change of the previous gas.

“Ah, I’m glad to see you are back with me. Now for something to exercise you again; the next experience will test your resolve to be a complete and devoted slave to me.”

Here the Mistress spoke with huskiness in her voice. It clearly indicated to ‘S’ that her Mistress was nearing a high; sexually excited and completely in control! This, she had come to know in the short time she had been at the Training Establishment, meant only one thing. Her Mistress would extend the rigours of any training and delight in the distress it caused.

“Right slave, I want you to take very deep breaths of the next mixture I give you. You will hold each lungful until I tell you to exhale. You see, you will inflate a five litre rebreathing bladder until it is fully inflated, then you will be sealed off from any further gas until you have used up every last breath of the mixture. As you rebreathe you will progressively use up the useful gas replacing it with CO2 which will make you take every deeper breaths until you lapse into unconsciousness. Only then will I allow you to breathe in fresh air again. You will, I hope, panic as you near the end of your resolve and beg for fresh air, I shall however be resolute and not allow you any! I shall take enormous pleasure from your watching your distress! Now on with the training, Expel all air from your lungs then, when instructed, take in the biggest lungful you are capable of and hold it. Ready, expel, now inhale.”

‘S’ noted the slight taste of a new mixture. “Hold, now exhale.” She breathed out empting her lungs, watching the latex bladder begin to expand. Finally it was distended plump full of the mixture given to her. “Right slave enjoy the unique experience of rebreathing this exotic mixture until you lapse into unconsciousness.”

For quite some time ‘S’ breathed comfortably relaxed both excited and anxious at the same time. This was a completely new experience for her and she was sexually charged, masochistic and given over completely to the experience. She drifted alone in her own sealed world, quiet, enjoying watching the black latex bag pulsing as she took in or gave out the gradually diminishing mixture of useful air.

Gradually she needed to increase the depth of her breathing aware that she was not getting enough useable air. The rebreathing bag was slowly getting smaller. Now really gasping for air she began to experience the light-headedness associated with this type of experience. She was resolved to not beg for air, knowing that she would be denied. Slowly ever so slowly she became more desperate for air. She was beginning to lose concentration. The only thing that mattered was to allow herself to drift off to semi consciousness. She took in her last breath of stale air. The bladder hung limp exhausted. Darkness gradually overtook her vision; it was if night was falling. As she lapsed into the waiting darkness she was unaware of anything.

Consciousness returned quickly as pure oxygen surged into her under positive pressure. She opened her eyes to see her Mistress looking down on her, just her eyes visible the surgical mask obscuring her face. “Welcome back slave, you have pleased me no end, you are quite remarkable and I can predict that in due course you will make an outstanding slave. The fact you did not panic and submitted yourself to me even to unconsciousness will not go unrecorded indeed you will be rewarded with pleasures of you own choosing".

"Now I am going to connect you to an aroma casket which will allow me to feed you a series of aromas some pleasurable, some not".

The next instant the aroma of old heavy duty rubber flooded through the corrugated tubing into ‘S’ full faced mask. She had no alternative but to inhale the pungent smell. It was an overpowering aroma of heavy rubber. She sniffed the heavy air enjoying the reality of being both covered in rubber and having her breathing system filled as well. Some time later she experienced the aroma of urine; the humiliation of being forced to inhale it did not go un-noticed. She felt thoroughly chastened by the experience.

Eventually she was released and returned to her cell still somewhat light headed from the effect of the exotic mixtures she had been forced to breath.

Lying in her latex shrouded bed she knew she was hooked on the rebreathing experience. She drifted off to sleep fantasising about the whole scenario.


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