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The Further Training of 'S' 5: Turning things on their head

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; bdsm; corset; susp; wheel; invert; torment; conditioning; cons; XX

continued from part 4

Chapter 5: Turning things on their head

‘Lizzie’ now rested rose from her latex bed and carefully placed herself close beside it; her chain tether allowed little slack but allowed her to assume a kneeling position in the classic slave pose beside her bed. She smiled to herself. Her neck still ached from the service she had provided her Mistress with but she was feeling happy because although she had been exhausted on her return to her cell and put to bed, she had had the undivided attention of her beloved Mistress for much of the day. The hours spent in the bondage seat chest with only her rubber face exposed, her helmeted head held immovably by the bondage straps had been testing; her suited body containing the fiendish vibrators which she both loved and hated had been fitted prior to her encapsulation had tested her to extreme. The inflatable heavy rubber lining of the chest had been pumped up to hold her snugly within the solid walls of the chest. The fact that she had been used by the Mistress throughout the day as a tongue slave had left her both exhausted as well as completely fulfilled.

‘S’ was deep in her meditation gagged and blindfolded in her all containing slave suit without a millimetre of her skin exposed. She had managed to isolate herself completely from any external stimuli and was centred on becoming at one with rubber; she was completely covered in latex and had been, except for very short intervals when she was showered or bathed, since her initiation now a timeless period ago. This was her destiny, she would progressively move towards total symbiosis with rubber; a living partnership. Deep within her meditation she was totally unaware of her Trainer entering her cell.

The touch of another was felt as if from afar and ‘S’ had to force herself back to the moment. The gentle but firm hand signalled her to rise from the kneeling slave position and await directions. She was led by her slave collar and leash out of her cell and down a long tiled corridor. She was ready and now very willing to take whatever was in store for her. The words from the Mistress had reignited her desire to undergo all training rites; she was determined to become the perfect slave.

She had been blindfolded and gagged since the Mistress had affixed them after the debrief where she had spilled her innermost thoughts; she could only gain information from sounds around her. The opening of a heavy door indicated that she was returning to the Training centre. She had no idea of what time of day or night it was. She had been denied any input since her arrival. Although she no longer had any interest in temporal matters; she was quite happy to exist in a timeless zone of ‘now’ ready to be trained within this zone, time was of no consequence, she was the slave and as such had no rights whatsoever. She was, she told herself, a cipher in this establishment fully at the command of the Master and Mistress kept in the magic material she had grown to love, and it was becoming her second skin. She was on her way to realizing her destiny and her true self. Although blind she was aware of the ‘Trainer’ because of the way he handled her, her senses alert to the subtle nuances of touch. He was the one who had given her a kindly pat when she had been in extremis and needing any form of human contact.


Now she was gently swinging from the over head gantry her hands held firmly in the strong leather bondage cuffs, her feet dangling some distance above the floor. The trainer began to fit a heavy weight rubber corset to ‘S’ hanging form, her body drawn out by the force of gravity, her waist at its narrowest. The front opening corset had steel catches down the front of it and eyes to engage the two edges of the corset. When all was aligned the back lacing was gradually pulled in. This took some time. All this time ‘S’ dangled and swooned as the inexorable process of constriction took its toll.

Although she had been a great fan of tight lacing for years; long before she had met and fallen in love with James her Master, and had enjoyed the sensation of being corseted this was a new and extraordinary sensation one which would require all of her resolve. She felt her rib cage being compressed, her lungs as well; she could only take shallow breaths. The lacing process went on and on. She thought she would pass out at one time, but eventually the lacing was completed and she was lowered to the ground.

Her blind fold was removed and she was taken over to a full length mirror. Reflected back was an apparition! A wasp waisted anonymous figure in shiny black latex ‘S’ was transfixed she had seen images of slaves mostly drawn fantasy figures just like the figure staring at her now, but here was ‘S’ the perfect fantasy drawing realised before her own eyes! She was mesmerised and excited both at the same time. The Trainer fixed her blindfold again and led her out of the training room and down another long corridor until she had lost all measure of where she was. Entering an unknown room for the first time ‘S’ blindfold was released.

She was fascinated to see a large latex covered wheel set against the far wall. It was essentially a circular padded flat surface somehow affixed to the wall. It had straps hanging down which were clearly for attaching a slave to. She was ushered over to it and told to climb onto the foot rests sticking out at right angles from the flat surface. She did as instructed and was strapped progressively to the wheel. By the time all the straps were pulled tight she was effectively immobilised only her helmeted head remained with some movement in it.

The Trainer came into view before her carrying a helmet which had tubes dangling from it. “Slave, do not speak when I remove your gag” He unbuckled the gag ‘S’ had been fitted with by the Mistress and began fitting the complex helmet over the slave helmet ‘S’ had on. The instruction “Open wide” allowed the large phallus to be inserted into her mouth. It had a feeding tube through the centre which he carefully fed into her open mouth. There was no gag response, the oesophageal tube slowly snaked its way down into ‘S’ stomach. She was now an old hand at tube swallowing and took pride in the ability to do so without fuss.

The helmet was doubled skinned with a pump up entry for air and two tubes one of thinner tube the other one thick. They were gated at the ends so that complete control of the movement of either air or liquid could be attained. The helmet had a breathe-through gag with stomach tube for feeding or ingress of various liquids. It also had vinyl eye lens. It took some time to properly fit the helmet but once on and zipped up the outer lacing was pulled in tight and a small padlock clipped in place to underline her vulnerability. Her head was then made fast to complete her bondage. Staring out through the lens ‘S’ vision was distorted but it did give her some sight. She was thankful for the limited sight after so long being kept in the dark. Although she couldn’t see all that was going on ‘S’ sensed that this was going to be a long and demanding session. The purpose of the Wheel and helmet would be revealed in due course.

Now that slave ‘S’ was immobilised and hooded in the punishment helmet, the Wheel was going to be used to work off demerits. The process was quite simple; the slave was given a certain length of time on the Wheel with other devices as decided by the Mistress or Master depending on how many demerits they had accrued and what punishment the Master and Mistress meted out to the unfortunate slave. The punishment helmet was a clever new accoutrement which had been devised by the Master. This fiendish helmet was designed to compress the head of the unfortunate slave.

It allowed the use of water, either hot or cold to be circulated within the double lining of the helmet with each revolution of the Wheel. The reservoir of water was contained in a sealed latex bladder which was positioned at the feet of the slave. This emptied and discharged water or filled with each complete revolution depending on the position of the Wheel. The helmet would be fully charged via the two tubes connected to the helmet with each complete turn of the Wheel. When the slave’s head was at the bottom of the Wheel the pressure of water would exert maximum pressure on the slaves double skinned water filled helmet. Equally when the slaves head was at the top of the wheel the water would have drained into the latex bladder at the foot of the wheel. The addition of the taps at either end of the inlet and outlet pipes allowed for the punishment helmet to remain either full or empty as the Master or Mistress or Trainer so wished. This process would go on in an unending cycle until the wheel stopped and the slave was taken off.

Once hooked up the Trainer notified the Mistress that all was ready. ‘S’ was brought to the upright position and stopped. She knew that something ominous was about to happen, her anxiety level now climbing. ‘S’ was ready for the pronouncement of the Mistress

Into the lens came the distorted image of the Mistress she was wearing a tightly belted black latex mackintosh with the collar turned up, latex gloves and an open faced helmet. She was heavily made up. She struck fear into ‘S’ her piercing blue eyes holding ‘S’ with an intensity that chilled her to the quick. ‘S’ knew she was in trouble and retribution was to be visited upon her.

“Slave, your playing around with my female slave did not go unnoticed! You are now to receive your punishment for that misdemeanour. Because you are a novice slave in training I am being lenient with you. As you become better trained so the intensity of both training and punishment will increase; now to business, you have been awarded 50 demerits and you will work these off in one session here. You will undergo the Wheel treatment for a period of two and a half hours. When that is over I shall enjoy beating you as you begin you new regime”.

‘S’ was held tight in her latex enclosure the straps keeping her immobile the hood fitting tightly over the underhelmet she could see but the misting up of the lens had already begun. The Wheel began moving ‘S’ felt as if she was about to fall sideways it was a uncanny feeling then she was on her side looking out onto the room but unable to make any sense of it as she was still turning. At the end of perhaps 30 seconds she was completely inverted and the water which had been held in the latex bladder was now filling her helmet. As it did so, so the pressure build-up grew until ‘S’ squirmed wanting it to stop immediately but knowing that she could do nothing about it and there was two and a half hours to endure. The Wheel kept turning; she was experiencing the pressure lessening as the water drained from her helmet into the bladder until there was no pressure at all and the empty punishment helmet was clinging to her head a partial vacuum having been created. ‘S’ was aware of the stresses and strains imposed by the constant changing of position as the wheel turned. Her waist felt pinched. One thing she knew was that she was totally rubberised and that was what she had always wanted. She was held in the constant caress of her tight fitting latex slave suit warm no longer hungry, luxuriating in the constraint imposed on her. She knew she was being punished but that was her lot she was, she reasoned, a 24/7 latex slave and she was suddenly overwhelmed by the emotion of wanting more of this punishment.

Eventually the constant revolving of Wheel took its toll on her bondaged body. Not only was she disorientated as her world was one of constant movement but the strains that were imposed on her heavily bondaged body was taking its toll. She could no longer brace her body as she revolved endlessly. She was exhausted by the constant strain imposed and had become a dead weight. This was all part of the fiendish plan of punishment. ‘S’ was unable to focus on the constantly changing world as it passed her she had no point of reference to gauge the passing of time spent on the Wheel. She felt heavy, her body unable to take the strain of the forced revolving it had given up on trying to orientate itself. Her head felt alternatively gripped by a vice then clamped by the suction caused by the empty punishment helmet. However she was in a constant state of arousal; being subjected to external forces which she had no control over; her position now very much underlined as the rubberised object of the Master and Mistress, to be kept in a state of flux never knowing what was to come next.

The wheel stopped and she was left in the head down position her head being squeezed by the inexorable water pressure. Her head was compressed by the force of the water which was very cold; the rest of her body was perspiring from the confinement of the latex and bondage.

She fought to make sense of what was happening to her, her eye pieces now fogged up and useless. All she could see was vague shapes nothing else. Suddenly she was aware of a cold sensation at the back of her throat as the ingress of liquid along her feeding tube began. Her thoughts turned to her predicament, ‘I’m being fed and I’m upside down! The feeding process will either be by syringe forced into me or the feeding bladder will be way above my head so gravity can work! An involuntary shudder coursed through her constrained body. Wow, this is better than I ever thought possible I’m the slave being fed and watered at the command of the Master or Mistress, I have no say in the process! This is what I’ve always fantasised about now it is happening as a matter of routine! Am I not the luckiest person in the world?’ Then she corrected herself and squirmed in the process, ‘that should be ‘Slave’!’ She was left hanging upside down for some time then the wheel began its inexorable journey once again. The water drained from her helmet and she experienced the light headedness as all external pressure disappeared. Her stomach felt full after the forced feeding, especially as the corset had constricted her stomach.

As she revolved as mere baggage on the Wheel her head went past the three o’clock position and she was suddenly brought to the realisation that her head was being enveloped in very hot liquid. The sensation was intense; it was as though she had been given an electric shock she shuddered unable to do anything about it, gasping as a fish out of water. Her outburst went unheard as no sound left her bondaged figure, she was mute her double helmet and gag had allowed no sound to leave her. It was her destiny to remain a silent bondaged slave undergoing punishment. Each time the very hot water flowed into her double skinned helmet she let out a gasp completely unable to control her body’s response to the sensation. Her depilated head now very hot was beginning to perspire along with her suited body; her internal body temperature was inexorably increasing. The punishment was taking its toll on ‘S’. She was lost in her world of constant movement with no reference point to give her feedback as to how long she had been on the Wheel or when it would stop.

Some one and a half hours later the Wheel stopped and a limp bodied ‘S’ was helped down from the Wheel, the double skinned helmet removed to expose the glistening wet slave helmet saturated by her own perspiration. The Trainer wiped the excess moisture from her helmet as ‘S’ sat exhausted from the ceaseless motion of the last two and a half hours. At last she felt able to speak and timidly asked permission to speak. The Trainer acknowledged her but did not give her verbal permission to speak. ‘S’ in her relaxed state took this as permission to speak and forgot the strict rule of the Training Establishment of only speaking when asked a direct question.

“I thought I would die of pleasure after the first few minutes on that piece of apparatus then as the time went on and on I thought I would die of the constant movement of the Wheel. You know once past the initial amazing sexy ride and that punishment helmet experience which I loved, I began to loose all sense of spinning only aware of the constant movement and the endless strain of the constant change of position which went on and on without any respite. I was completely disorientated and lost in the punishment cycle which the Master and Mistress devised. I grew hotter in my latex bondage until I thought I would drown in my own sweat. I never want to experience that punishment again!” The Trainer said nothing aware that every action and word was being monitored. Whether the slave know of the strict rule ‘only speak when you are addressed and at no other time’ was not of his concern.

‘S’ was led back to the familiar Training room where she was now to be beaten by the Mistress. Her breaking of the no speaking rule resulted in an additional 25 strokes of the paddle but she was so full of her new eagerness to come to grips with the training that she took the additional strokes in her stride. The beating followed the same routine as all the others. By the end of the session ‘S’ was beginning to progressively turn pain into pleasure although the initial gingering still took up a lot of time before she began the climb to the plateau of pleasure. Once there she took each strike eagerly offering her bottom to take the next one until she was so engaged with the process in an ecstasy of desire for the beating never to end. She was taken to a shuddering pleasure screaming mutely into the inflatable gag begging for the cane stokes to be harder.

Immediately after she was unstrapped from the whipping bench she was made to kneel in front of the Mistress, head bowed. ‘S’ was experiencing the full rush of endorphins produced from the beating and was as high as a kite. Her masochism now at its peak she was utterly focused on becoming the perfect rubber slave. The total covering of latex containing her in her own rubber world; she was at one with her condition she had become the object of her Mistress’s pleasure. This realisation had her panting for more. ‘S’ was now totally addicted to her condition and was soaring in her dark universe at last free from the petty constraints of the other world. Although she had taken a massive pleasure only a few minutes ago she was now fully aware that she was ready for the next one as her vagina pulsed wanting the ingress of her beloved Master who had sent her to be trained. She swooned as, not for the first time since he had left her in the hands of the Master and Mistress, her thoughts turned to him.

‘Dear darling Master I love you so much for the insight you had in seeing in me the unrealised potential to become your own 24/7 rubber slave. It was you who loved me so much that you sought to find the very best training facility for me to attend. Now I am no longer frightened of the Training regime as I become at one with the pain and am beginning to turn it into pleasure as I focus on my objectification. I love you dearly and will not fail you. I am determined to make you proud of me.’ Another spasm overtook her but the Mistress was now demanding attention.

“Slave ‘S’ I do believe I can see progress in your attitude to our regime. You were offering your bottom to me as I beat you and there was not the spluttering I have noted on previous occasions; good! But this is only the beginning of a very long journey for you, now show obsequence to me; then stand I have a new experience for you to enjoy.” For ‘S’ the trigger word ‘obsequence’ released in her the floodgates of intense masochism and the desire to serve her Mistress. It confirmed in her her lowly abject position as the objectified fully rubberised slave. She bowed her head and placed her forehead on the offered booted foot of the Mistress and kept it there. Although gagged and mute she silently voicelessly uttered the following ‘I am your slave to be used by you as you desire. My purpose in my new life is to love you, to adore you, to worship you, to serve you. I am yours to command’

The Mistress smiled to herself, then spoke, “Yes slave, under our strict training regime, you are becoming that which you unconsciously wanted all you adult life. You are progressively losing your old identity as a part-time slave who had unfocused generalised ideas as to what a 24/7 latex slave would be like and are taking the first tentative footsteps in your new role, good! Now rise and hold your head up high, you have pleased me.”

Rising ‘S’ heart was singing deep within her encapsulated state; the words of encouragement from her Mistress still ringing in her ears. At that moment she would have undergone anything the Mistress demanded without a second thought; she was elated.


The passage of time for ‘S’ no longer had any meaning save that of the cycle of unremitting training. She had no idea of how much time had passed of the two months of relentless training. She was kept tightly encapsulated in her latex, often for very long periods when undergoing endurance training or working off the many demerits she accumulated, only having very short periods of nakedness when she was either showered or bathed by the slave Lizzie. She was objectified a plaything for the enjoyment of the Master or Mistress who were supervising her every moment. ‘S’ now clearly understood that she was not allowed to touch her own body at any time save through a latex covering. This meant in reality that when naked she had to be attended by Lizzie who took care of her needs such as drying her showered body. If she needed to touch her body for any reason whilst naked she now donned latex gloves. This was all part of the plan to inculcate her with the certain knowledge of her status as a 24/7 objectified rubber slave. It was a carefully worked out plan which would be accomplished by the time she was handed over to her Master, at the end of her Advanced Training. Until then she was to be kept to a strict and unrelenting programme.


At the end of the first period of training some weeks into the programme ‘S’ progress was noted in an audience with the Master and Mistress. Although many demerits had been awarded and punishment meted out it was noted that progress was being made. ‘S’ had settled in and was responding well to the unending demands made upon her. She had lost all awareness of time in as much as being kept in her cell when not being trained ‘S’ had no access to natural daylight. The fact that her training sometimes extended into periods covering modules of time for example to be kept blindfolded for 84 hours or not allowed to sleep for any longer than three hours at a time for 7days or to be fed every 3 hours for two days then to be given only liquids for the next 24 hours.

To be kept in total meditation for 36 hours with every body function controlled; breathing, via an oral/nasal mask with corrugated rubber piping to a bank of control devises, feeding, via an oesophageal tube into her stomach. A colon flushing device fitted, namely a co-axial wide tube which allowed continuous filling and discharging via one internal and one external inflated latex bulbs to stop any leakage. A self retaining catheter draining her bladder with a collection bag attached to the meditation bench to which she was strapped.

These were some of the devises which would be used in the first period of ‘S’ training. The aim was very much to acclimatise her to the rigours of her future life. There would be no let up in the demands made on her for the first month or until it was felt that she was a totally compliant slave with no will of her own save that of serving or obediently waiting for the next demand made upon her. She had to exist to please her Master in any way he thought fit.

Now lost to time, ‘S’ was fully into her role as a slave growing proud of her ability to withstand the ‘daily’ routines demanded of her before any training or punishment periods would be set for her.

Lying quietly on her bed deep in her own revelries she was happy knowing that the regular beating she had taken earlier had given her a massive pleasure. The pain was all part of the climb to orgasmic release. She looked forward to her regular beatings, wanting to increase both her level of tolerance as well as her ability to turn pain into pleasure. The large rubber dildo she was required to wear at all times was now a great comfort to her and she took pleasure in the feel of it filling her to capacity. Initially she had found the wearing of one difficult especially as the sizes became bigger as the training went on. The rear rod had been a real challenge for her but now she enjoyed the sensation. At least the wearing of one permanently had stretched her to the extent that she would be able to accommodate her beloved Master on her return to him.

Taking stock of her progress to date she was proud that she had overcome many of the earlier difficulties and was now ready for anything the training establishment would demand of her.

She was raised from her musings by the sound of the door to her cell opening. There before her stood her friend Lizzie in all of her finery. Clad in top to toe latex she looked the perfect slave. She was gagged but in her hand she carried the note pad which had really become very much part of her normal attire. In fact ‘S’ had not seen her without a gag fitted for a long time. “Still in trouble I see Lizzie?” ‘S’ murmured as she looked up at her friend. “What have you done this time to be gagged?”

Lizzie remained standing and began to scribble on her pad. Then handed it to ‘S’, it read:

I spoke out of turn whilst I was helping in the Kitchen. The housekeeper has it in for me; this is the ‘n -th’ time she has reported me to the Mistress for speaking when not given specific permission to speak. I am to remain gagged for the next 48 hours to remind me to speak only when asked a direct question. To tell the truth I love the feel of a black rubber penis filling my mouth, but don’t tell a soul or I will have another more onerous punishment.

“You are incorrigible, now I know why you are so often gagged. So my fine friend it’s so good to see you, we don’t seem to have met up for some time. How are things? I must say I am really enjoying the challenge of being trained and am now much better at taking my regular beatings. I am now able to gain a wracking pleasure from turning the pain of the beating into pleasure.” Adding, “To be kept like this is really heavenly; you know I feel at one with rubber especially the knowledge that I am to remain totally encapsulated for the rest of my days never wearing any other material. It is so fulfilling in every way. I am at last becoming the real thing, a 24/7 rubber slave. Of course I love my dear Master but being here undergoing training will make me a fully trained rubberised slave and I hope will please my Master”. Lizzie took her note pad and began writing again:

You are lucky to have such a demanding Master. I wish I could have one! Although I am very happy here serving the Master and Mistress who keep me very much on my toes. And I do love both of them to bits. I am used by them whenever they demand. Sometimes just the Master will take me in hand and demand amazing erotic happenings. My Mistress uses me as well; the last time was when I was used as her tongue slave. I will tell you more when my gag is removed and we meet again.

‘S’ read the note and smiled. “Wow, you get all sorts of erotic experiences; I can’t wait to hear your tale. Now what is the purpose of this visit or is it just a friendly call? I can’t believe it as you are never allowed to visit me, so come on spill the beans.”

You are to follow me to the training room, once I have unlocked you, I don’t know what is going to happen their but you will soon find out.


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