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The Further Training of 'S' 4: Things start to heat up

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; mutli-layer; rubber; enclosure; heat; torment; conditioning; hum; cons; XX

continued from part 3

Chapter 4: Things start to heat up

‘S’ lay utterly spent panting to gain enough air into her oxygen starved lungs, she had held her breath as she came to pleasure and now was focused on obtaining enough to redress the imbalance. In her dark world she lay completely still knowing now that she was lost, an abject fully rubberised object exhausted at the end of her tether. She was desperately hungry her stomach rumbling the gnawing ache insistent and unrelenting. She was at an all time low; all reserves of energy spent. She lay there for a timeless period before her blindfold was unbuckled. She opened her eyes for the first time since the beating had started and through the much misted vinyl lens saw the Mistress standing in front of her hands on hips legs spread wide. ‘S’ was now confused beyond reason; the dominatrix who had beaten her had gone to be replaced by her Mistress in all of her finery. She swooned at the sight of her; a terrible dichotomy troubled her as she realised that she had unconsciously come to associate her tormentor with her pleasure taking and she had taken another pleasure whilst being beaten without the need for any help from a vibrator.

The self perceived agony she had associated with a beating had overwhelmed her and stopped her from focusing on turning pain into pleasure. She now realised that her body and brain had taken over as the beating had progressed and completed that which she had fought against.

With a sudden realisation she was cognisant that she was now able to associate a beating with gaining sexual release! ‘I’m becoming that which I have fantasised over for a long time and it is the skill of this unknown dominatrix who has enabled me to achieve this! I am on my way to becoming a compliant submissive slave; I really am a masochistic slave!’ Her bottom was throbbing and hot but she felt proud of this and now wanted to see the bruising; her marks of rite of passage.

The Mistress Spoke, “Slave you have pleased me with your performance which I watched on the video monitor, you can be proud of yourself, but this is only the beginning. We shall meet regularly and I shall enjoy beating you each time we meet, taking you further each time. You have good potential and I shall see that you realise it! Now you will be fed, I expect you are very hungry, then it on with your training!” With these words echoing in the air the Mistress turned on her heels and left the Training room. ‘S’ was elated at the first words of praise she had heard since her arrival.

The trainer led the spent figure of ‘S’ down the long corridor with assorted unknown rooms leading of towards the kitchen. She was thankful to have sight although the heavily misted lens of her confining helmet allowed only a distorted image to be perceived. On entering the kitchen she was taken over to a ring bolt set into the wall and her lead was clipped to it. Her blindfold was buckled in place and she was once again in stygian darkness.

Tiredness overwhelmed her as she stood waiting to be fed; she felt as if she would fall asleep where she was standing; she lent against the wall to gain some support. Her encapsulation allowed for no release from the clinging latex now wet from the accumulated sweat of fear. She desperately needed a bath but beyond that she was famished and in need of food. Now completely exhausted her mind switched off and she drifted in a zomboid state.

An adult sized baby feeding chair with tray in front was wheeled into place on the tiled floor. The chair was however unlike any real version and was clearly a fetishised version. It had heavy straps at all tether points. ‘S’ was helped over to it and placed into it. A red rubber inflatable ring held her bottom off the hard surface and she was aware of the softness. The tray was pulled down over her head to rest in its fixed position. The restraining harness was fixed and her arms and legs fettered. She was now held immobile in the adult baby chair. The removal of her blindfold allowed her to see and take stock of her situation. She blinked and was shocked. ‘Oh no I’m to be humiliated and fed in a baby chair this really isn’t my thing; I hate the idea of regression and the humiliation of the whole scenario! Whatever will they think up next?’

She was left alone as the Trainer exited the room. Strapped into a feeding chair unable to move she sat and waited. Within moments her head nodded forward and she was asleep. She was awoken by the gentle touch of a hand on her knee. How long she had been asleep she had no idea. She blinked and focused on the form in front of her. It was she believed the muscular body of the male slave. He was dressed, as before so speech would not be possible and what he looked like under the total enclosure she had no idea. In his hand he carried a distended rubber bag with a pipe measuring at least three metres and ending in a strap on solid penis gag through which the pipe projected for another two feet. Instantly she knew she would be fed via a feeding tube.

She was not going to have the luxury of taste on this occasion but she consoled herself that she would have no difficulty with swallowing the oesophageal feeding tube. The distended rubber bladder was hung from a tall stand which extended up from the baby chair. He came close and deflated the gag then unbuckled and removed it. ‘S’ licked her lips and flexed her jaw. Without any words being spoken the tip of the tube was introduced into her mouth ‘S’ knew what to do and began swallowing as the snake-like tube travelled towards the back of her throat and onward down her oesophagus. The male slave obviously knew what he was doing and the tube passed onwards and down into her stomach. The gag was pulled tightly into her mouth then buckled to the retaining fixing each side of her mouth.

A small tap was turned on near the top of the feeding tube and the thick nourishing mix began its gravity induced decent down the flexible rubber tube. ‘S’ watched fascinated by the automatic process as the slowly deflating bag transferred its contents into her stomach. The only sensation she felt was a growing fullness as two litres of nourishment began to fill her. She knew that she would be lucky to register any taste; it was only if she inadvertently ‘burped’ that any vapour would stimulate her taste buds. She was now overfilled and feeling very sleepy; even before the process was completed she nodded off again with the feeding still going on.

The adrenaline which had kept her going through the long session with the dominatrix was now exhausted. She was soon fast asleep and was unaware of the feeding tube being withdrawn and her gag being refixed. All of this had been monitored by the CCTV operator and communicated to the Mistress.

She was awoken from her exhausted slumbers after exactly 60 minutes and informed that she had had a full 8 hours sleep. ‘S’ felt groggy and confused. ‘I must have been exhausted as I still feel tired out. At least I am no longer famished!’ She was led by the Trainer. As before, she was tethered and led off to her next training session. Entering a new room completely filled with any number of latex items she was taken to the centre where a dais-like raised platform stood. She was told to stand in the middle. A heavy weight total enclosure suit in shiny black latex was produced and she was helped into it. It had a watertight diving suit zip across the back with attached hood and gloves.

‘Now what? am I to be submerged in a tank of water or hosed down with a pressure washer? At least I am better protected if I am to be beaten. Next a proper diving Dry suit was brought to the dais. She had difficulty in getting into the very heavy suit and had to be helped; the neck seal and hood took a great deal of effort to push her double helmeted head through the watertight seals. A respirator with attached hood was fitted, It had a long corrugated breathing tube which ended in a large filter; breathing was difficult and ‘S’ knew she would soon be struggling to gain enough air.

Finally she was ready for the back zip to be closed thus sealing her in into her rubber confinement. She felt like a Michelin man and had difficulty in moving. It was as though she was held in treacle, all movement had become difficult and flexing her fingers impossible. She had no idea of what was to happen next. The sleep deficit was having an increasing effect on her, she was feeling totally spent and wanted to lie down and sleep; but this basic need was denied to her as part of the training paradigm.

She was helped down from the platform by the trainer and lead by the elbow to her next appointment. By the time she had waddled to an unmarked door she was both sweating and breathless her first helmet’s eyepieces were streaming with moisture causing visual distortion as she peered out onto the world from the depths of her three sealed rubber suits. She was ushered into a small wooden lined room without windows apart from the one in the door. In the corner was a stainless steel heater fenced off from the single wooden chair bolted to the floor of the Sauna. It came to her tired mind that she was now in a sauna and that was the reason that she was tri-suited; she was to undergo a ‘Heat Treatment’ ‘At least I will be seated and not kept walking I’m dog tired all I want is to sleep for a week!’

She was fastened into the chair, arms and legs held fast and a belt around her waist, any movement was now impossible. The long breathing tube was connected to another one which snaked out from her respirator and disappeared into the ceiling of the sauna. ‘S’ had to work hard to breath as the resistance suddenly increased. The Trainer left the small space and was replaced within a moment by her Mistress. She was wearing an open faced hood her strong features perfectly made up. ‘S’ was delighted to see her again somewhat relieved that the dominatrix had not re-appeared.

Speaking loudly the Mistress began, “Slave as part of your ongoing training you are now to receive a ‘Heat Treatment’. Once up to full heat this will last for forty minutes or until you either faint from the heat or indicate to me that you are unable to take any more. You will do this by pressing the buzzer which will be strapped to your hand before the Heat Treatment commences. If you press the buzzer and admit defeat you will be punished severely as I expect you to last the duration of the course.”

She closed in and placing her gloved hand under ‘S’ chin lifted her head so ‘S’ had no alternative but to look into her Mistresses eyes.” Let me explain what punishment you will receive if you fail. You will be placed in our cold room for one hour wearing only your slave suit to keep you warm. I can assure you that you will find the experience a salutary one and will not ever want to experience it again. You see hypothermia reduced one to a wretched state. Now let’s see just how well you can do shall we? Reading through reports from your Master it appears that you are someone with tremendous reserves of determination and stamina and are quite capable of getting through this test. I shall be interested to monitor your progress via our CCTV link. Now let’s begin!”

The Trainer strapped the buzzer to ‘S’ gloved hand and left the sauna she was now alone, still dog tired but anxious to get to grips with the Heat Treatment. On the wooden wall of the sauna was a temperature gauge which registered 20C she focused on this waiting for the needle to move. For a full 5 minutes nothing happened then it began to move inexorably upwards. ‘S’ could feel no increase of warmth; she was so well protected sealed, as she was, from the outside world. She was breathing cool air via the respirator and long tube, although she had to work hard to get enough air. This in itself was a hard laboured task for her. She had fantasised about being sealed inside of numerous layers of rubber often when in her lonely bed she had taken pleasure. The reality was in a strange way just what she wanted but the addition of heat was a new variable and one which she had considerable misgivings about; the Mistresses words still fresh in her mind.

The temperature now at 30C and climbing still had not impinged on her but she reasoned that the heat would soon make itself felt and would continue to build once it got through to her. Her tired mind turned to earlier days when she had been on Tropical holidays where the temperature had been hot up in the high 30’s in the Arizonian desert on one trip. She had managed well by drinking lots of water. The dry air had sucked every last molecule of moisture from her. This was a completely different situation; one where any moisture she shed would be contained within her sealed enclosure. She would be unable to release one drop and would be soon literally swimming in her own juices. Without warning her air intake was reduced and she had to suck for all she was worth to gain each lungful of air. Simultaneously the heat started to filter through to her, it was a comfortable heat and she consoled herself with that fact; she took stock as she desperately sucked in another hard won lungful of air.

‘OK, so my air intake is drastically reduced and I’m having to put every once of energy into just getting enough and now the heat is beginning to climb.’ She looked up at the thermometer and noted it registered 45C and was still climbing. ‘Just how high will it get before I start to boil?’

Her body was trying to loose heat by evaporation but there was no where this natural process of cooling could take place. ‘S’ was sealed within three layers of rubber. The result was she was now sweating and shedding huge amounts of liquid which trickled down inside her latex slave suit, her eyes began to sting as salt laden perspiration formed and travelled downwards. This liquid leaked from her slave suit into the total enclosure suit. That was as far as it could travel as the suit was totally sealed; the heavy rubber dry suit remained completely dry. The heat was building by the minute and she was conscious of increasing fatigue as it began to inexorably sap her strength. She knew she had to last the full session or face the consequences of a hypothermic experience.

Some 30 minutes had passed since the Mistress had started the timer once the temperature registered 30C. As the heat absorbed by the outer dry suit gradually transferred to the Total Enclosure suit and then on to her slave suit so ‘S’ discomfort increased as her autonomic brain regulatory processes began to work overtime. The temperature was now at 65C and still climbing. ‘S’ felt as if she being roasted alive, she was now very hot and her mouth felt so dry, she wanted to drink cool water to re-hydrate herself; the restricted breathing was now really taking its toll. She felt as if she was swimming in an increasing pool of sweat, she could feel the pooling in the feet of her slave suit. Her skin was so hot now and the temperature was, she reasoned, only increasing as it filtered through her three suits. She knew she just had to last the duration of this test but desperately wanted to move her restricted limbs.

She looked out through her sweat induced misted visual field and saw her heavily gloved hand strapped to the arm of the sauna chair and her booted foot held in the heavy dry suit boot. The combination of heat and the immobility was becoming intolerable to her but she knew there was nothing she could do; yet the urge to move was too great and she succumbed to her body’s demands and tried to change her position in the chair. She leant forward but was immediately forced to sit back by sweat running into her eyes. She blinked for some time to reduce the stinging but in the end closed her eyes. The situation was becoming more and more difficult for her she was now as hot as she had ever been; to make matters worse she was beginning to feel faint and her air supply although cool was so difficult to gain; she had no idea of how long she had been in the sauna.

All her bodies’ messages were telling her she should get away from the source of heat to a cooler environment. Her heart was racing as it tried to counter the effects of the heat and pump cooler blood around her body. ‘S’ was nearing her limit of endurance yet the heat kept increasing and she was unable to do anything about it. All she could think of now was to hold on to consciousness for as long as possible and not press the buzzer strapped to her gloved hand. Her body was willing her to do so but her mind was strong and the stamina and obstinacy which had been noted and commented upon by the Mistress stood her in good stead. She kept repeating to herself, ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master’ willing herself to hold on whatever the cost. The mantra her Master had given her held her in good stead. Although she was on the very edge of complete and total mental and physical collapse exhausted from all that she had been put through, she never the less held on.

The last five minutes were spent on the very edge of unconsciousness as she drifted in and out of awareness. She was in an awful cycle of trying to gain enough air and trying to hold on to consciousness. Her core body temperature was now at its limit and her body’s autonomic powers of cooling were being over stretched. She felt as if she was being boiled alive; her beloved rubber was now containing the heat and there was no escape. Her head slumped forward onto her breast a number of times. The Mistress had been on the very point of instructing her Trainer to remove ‘S’ from the sauna, but each time, just as the decision was about to be made ‘S’ had picked her head up. ‘That slave has both determination and stamina she will become a top class slave; I envy her Master!’ The Mistress was impressed.

‘S’ was only just aware of her release. She was put into a wheelchair and taken back to the tiled bathroom. There she was helped out of her three suits by slave ‘Lizzie’. ‘S’ was so exhausted she was unable to help much in the unsuiting process. Unzipping the heavy watertight zipper on the dry suit took a lot of pulling and general manhandling before she was released. The inside to the suit was bone dry and spoke of the effectiveness of the Total enclosure suit which had been worn under the dry suit but over ‘S’ latex slave suit.

Once this suit was opened steam rose from the inside. The slave suit was completely wet and the sound of liquid could be heard sloshing around in the feet. By the time the suit was peeled down to ‘S’ ankles there was the accumulated sweat of the last 60 minutes slopping about. Lizzie took a lot of trouble over the process of collecting all this liquid in a measuring vessel. Just over two pints of milky white liquid had been collected. This was decanted into a plastic bottle and labelled. ‘S’ was helped into the large bath brimming with cool water and liberally treated with bath salts.

Now completely naked for the first time since entering the Training Establishment she enjoyed the sensation of bathing together with all the fussing that Lizzie gave her. Lizzie was as before gagged so no conversation was possible apart from the non vocal communication which involved lots of hands on touching. ‘S’ was completely spent and although she wanted to reciprocate the touching she was just too tired. She was grateful for the continuing kindness of Lizzie and was fascinated by her deft touching hoping to some time engage in proper conversation with her. Lizzie dried ‘S’ and then led her to her cell where she indicated that ‘S’ was to sleep naked between the black latex sheets. As soon as her head touched the cool latex ‘S’ was out for the count.

Waking of her own accord ‘S’ felt her nakedness immediately and wondered what had happened to her; then the sauna test came back to her in a flash. She had no idea how long she had been asleep but felt rested. Lying languidly between the warm latex she wondered what would happen next?

Her waking had been noted by the monitoring slave now in the final hours of her long 12 hour vigil. She typed in the situation and sent the message through to the Mistress.

The cell door was opened and allowed light from the corridor light to flood into the semi darkness of ‘S’ cell. The Trainer dressed completely in black latex only his eyes and lips exposed spoke to ‘S’ “you are to follow me to the dressing room where you will be dressed as befits your station. You will have your enema, then be fed and watered. You have an appointment with the Mistress and Master waiting you; now look smart and follow me!”

‘S’ was dressed as before in her latex slave suit, corset and knee length Cuban heeled rubber boots. The enema was administered which she received willingly knowing that this was now very much part of her existence as a controlled slave. Once again she was tube fed but this time the ignominy of being placed in the baby chair was omitted. She was fettered arms behind her back and taken up to the Study.

Kneeling on a black rubber square placed in the centre of the room head bowed with wildly beating heart she was very apprehensive about why she had been summoned. She wondered if she was to be dismissed and sent back as a complete failure to her Master; her imaginative mind working overtime.

‘S’ tried to still her racing heart by repeating the mantra her Master had given her so long ago, now that it seemed like a lifetime away. ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master…. soon she was within the zone of calmness and the external world had receded. Her mind now blank all her thoughts focused on her mantra.

“Slave, observe your obedience to us in the way you have been taught!”

‘S’ was brought back to reality with these few words. Opening her eyes she blinked and focused on the booted feet before her. She bowed her helmeted head low and kissed them her heart rate now climbing again. Still looking down at the floor she assumed the classic slave position as she waited for the next command.

“Slave ‘S’, we have had you brought before us because we want to review your progress and to award ‘demerits’ and ‘merits’. You will of course have no idea just how long you have been here or what hour it is that is just how we want it, after all you are now our slave and we control every minutia of your existence. You should progressively loose any self awareness other than the total desire to serve us as an abject slave. Your life as an independent individual is now long over! We shall continue to progressively break you of any selfish desires by keeping up the relentless training and punishment regime. Now to business! ”

There was silence now as the enormity of message sank in; the Mistress had spoken. It was the deep voice of the Master that spoke now; “Slave your progress has been monitored by us throughout your time here, both by our recording of individual sessions and by our 24/7 video surveillance. Every single second you have been observed; you are our subject and we need to know just how you are reacting to our training of you. It seems to us that you initially had a far too flippant attitude to your training and it was noted that you were happy to play around with our fully trained but easily led female slave. For that you will be awarded 25 demerits, She has been severely punished and is now on the straight and narrow once again. You will have noticed that on the last occasion of your meeting she was somewhat distant in her dealings with you. That is how it will be from now on, you are not here to enjoy yourself, do you understand!?”

A chastened ‘S’ spoke, “I understand Master.”

“Now let us deal with your progress in other areas, it is clear that you have a long way to go before we can deem you ‘fit for role’ you have made a somewhat shaky start particularly with regard to your daily beatings although we believe you do have some potential in the area and we are not too disappointed with your progress. Needless to say we shall be concentrating on that particular aspect as time passes. You have however both surprised and pleased us with your ability to take whatever is given to you with some fortitude. You have a good measure of stamina and determination and for that we are awarding you with 10 Merits.”

‘S’ heart leap as the full impact of the words sank in; she was reeling from the praise and so proud of her achievements to date.

“Now lift your head so you may look directly at us.”

‘S’ did as instructed.

“Slave you have a moment to speak to us before you are returned to your cell to await further training”.

‘S’ thought carefully for some moments feeling the exhilaration of praise echoing in her racing mind, ‘I’ve been praised I’m the luckiest slave in the world!’

“Master and Mistress I thank you for your feedback and am both shocked and elated at your kind words, I had come to this meeting feeling that I was a complete failure and you were about to dismiss me and return me to my Master. Now I recognise that I do have some potential and that with your guidance I will eventually reach the necessary level of training to be called a proper rubber slave. I am determined to do better and am now ready for anything you ask of me. I shall give of my absolute best or die in the attempt! Your words of praise have re-ignited my desire to serve you absolutely as your abject slave; I am ready for anything you instruct me to undergo.”

“Well done slave, we shall of course continue to extend you, we have many new testing experiences you will undergo as you try to become that which you have always wanted and which your Master is facilitating. Now do tell us of how you have coped with your training to date, feel free to speak candidly.”

‘S’ was taken back by the open-ness of the inquiry feeling at a loss to summarise her experiences. She then focused on answering the question and within moments she was in full flow. The fact that she had been kept gagged and mute for so long,, now allowed her bottled up feelings to flow.

“Master and Mistress I am now undergoing your training regime and know you have my best interests at heart. The fact is, I am still reeling from the intensity of this process, just before I had the last rest period after the sauna session I was at an all time low feeling both physically and emotionally exhausted, I was so tired I felt as if I had been without sleep for so long even though I knew I was sleeping deeply each time I was returned to my cell; I had let myself down in the last session of beating even though I had prepared myself for both the humiliation and pain. In the event within moments of entering the training room I had been defeated. The fact that a new and strange Mistress was in control overpowered all of my resolve. My fear of the pain took me over and I cracked completely I wanted out; I was desperate to avoid the session and would have done anything to escape. I was panicking and so full of self pity; in the event the beating was just what I needed and I, I,” she stammered, “took pleasure and revelled in my training as your rubberised slave. Now I know that with your strict guidance I shall overcome any obstacle you demand of me. You see, I feel as if I have been tested to breaking point and although I let both you and myself down, your positive words have really cut through my self pity. I am resolved to make you proud of me. You know, when I was brought to you just now I thought I was going to be dismissed and returned to my Master. Now I feel so good and my resolve is to continue. As you know from my beloved Master, I need the fullest heaviest rubber bondage I want to become the perfect rubber slave, I want to make both you and him proud of me, I want to become that which I know is my ultimate destiny, a totally rubberised objectified being, at one with the knowledge that I have only one purpose in life and that is to serve. All my desires…” She continued, “all longings, all aspirations, all selfishness, all ambition subdued to the overpowering need to serve to give pleasure and to remain in total rubber encapsulation for the rest of my life”.

Here she stopped having revealed her innermost desires. There was silence as her words were taken in by the Master and Mistress. ‘S’ now resumed her previous position. She wandered if what she had disclosed of herself had overstepped the mark and she would be censured for this outburst.

The Mistress was the first to speak. “ Slave we are pleased to hear that you want to continue as in any case your training will continue whether you want it or not!” Adding coldly, “You are, never to forget for a moment, that you are our latex slave not in any way, shape or form our equal!” So saying she got up and walked over to ‘S’. Standing before her she gave the order “Open wide” then inserted an inflatable gag into the open mouth of her slave. She then buckled it tight and proceeded to inflate it to maximum; then affixed a blindfold. The open dominance of her by her Mistress underlined the relationship and had a chastened ‘S’ feeling wave after wave of pure masochism running through her very being. She was back in her dark world now feeling incredibly masochistic and needing to be dealt with immediately.

‘I’m an object of pleasure for my Mistress now encapsulated in rubber, to be used as and when she dictated’, a shudder of joy causing through her veins.

The Mistress continued, “You are here for two months and you have only just begun on the long road to fulfilment as a fully trained slave. However what you have told us is most encouraging and bodes well. You have pleased us with your responses. Now we all know that you willingly accept your further training, not that that concerns us as trained you will be; good.”

With that ‘S’ knew the audience was over. They both got up and left the room. ‘S’ was left alone to contemplate on what had been said.


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