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The Further Training of 'S' 2: Mistress's 'Gingering'

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; bench; bdsm; tease; denial; mast; climax; toys; cons; XX

continued from part 1

Chapter 2: Mistress's 'Gingering'

“Right slave you will be taken off and will commence your training.”

It was obvious to a chastened ‘S’ that the meeting was at an end.

She remained as she was. The Mistress left the room and within a moment the figure of an athletic man approached the kneeling form of ‘S’ and taking hold of her leash he led her out of the room. Still gagged and blindfolded ‘S’ had no idea who was escorting her. Had she known she would have swooned at the rubber encapsulated male form. Again she was aware only of the change of air and floor coverings. The cushion of carpet gave way to the hard echoey sound of tiles. The air flowing over ‘S’ was cooler; she knew that she was in a large passageway because of the echo and that she was some way from the study. Eventually she was brought to a stop. She waited for something to happen but nothing did for some time. Then she was led into what sounded like a tiled room to her. An unfamiliar male voice echoed from the back of the room.

“Slave, Let me introduce myself, I have been instructed to train you by the Master and Mistress I am one of the male staff who helps with the training of new slaves and oversees their progress; reporting the progress or otherwise directly to them. Your report card informs me that you are a novice slave and are here to undergo essential training for two months. Let me introduce myself, I am trainer 002 you will always address me as ‘Sir’ if you are able to speak, otherwise you will pay obedience to me by kneeling and bowing low so your head touches my boots. Any failure at all will result in me awarding you demerits which will be recorded on your daily report card and will be checked every day to monitor progress. As you already know demerits always result in punishment, merits in pleasures. I always find that novice slaves take time to accommodate to the strict regime here and inevitably gain many demerits. I do hope, for your sake, that you will be the exception.

‘S’ was not surprised by the comments as she had known from what the Mistress had said that this establishment was a serious training centre not. Still gagged and blindfolded she had no idea who the ‘Instructor’ was but liked the sound of the male voice. She spoke to herself, ‘Right slave remember that you have your slave mantra to help you with whatever befalls you here and most importantly the love of your Master. So let it now begin. She was not disappointed. A moment later she felt the lead attached to her slave collar being pulled; she followed taking care to lift her feet. She was brought to a halt with the instructions, “Stop and wait here.”

‘S’ was then taken and affixed to a padded apparatus where she was placed face down on top. There was an aperture where her helmeted head was placed; this held her head firmly. Her arms and legs were then strapped to the four splayed legs of the gym horse type device so that she had no movement whatsoever. Her body was then strapped tightly to the bench and further straps held her head fast. She wondered what was to happen next; her anxiety levels rising. She consoled herself with the thought ‘This is my first period of training and I not only want whatever is going to befall me; I must give of my best and not incur any demerits.’ ‘S’ strained to hear through her bondaged head but heard only the thumping of her own heart.

Suddenly she braced herself as she felt something touch her bottom but the sensation was slight and gentle. The unmistakable voice of the Mistress filtered through to ‘S’. “Slave I see you are ready for your first ‘Gingering’ I should explain to you that this will be a regular daily occurrence and one which you will come to both look forward to and enjoy. Of course it will require of you your full commitment and a good deal of fortitude. Initially you will, in all likelihood, experience pain. That is to be expected and will give me pleasure knowing that you are in pain, after all you are only a novice slave!”

The Mistresses voice now cool and distant as if she was speaking to an errant pet, continued. “You will, in your course of training, increasingly become able to turn pain into pleasure. This will be an objective of yours and I will monitor your progress with interest. Eventually you will, if trained properly, overcome the initial painful sensations knowing that you will rapidly pass through these and arrive at the sexual high of endorphin release and the pure joy and delight of turning pain, however strong, into pure sexual delight. You will in due course come to beg for a proper whipping in which you will be a willing recipient. Now let’s begin. I shall always wear a proper whipping coat made of thick stiff rubber which will once properly fastened make a loud crackling noise as I lift my arm to deliver the strike. The coat is full length and double breasted and buckles up the front from ankle to the high necked collar.”

‘S’ heard the distant crackle of the coat as the Mistress began practising. Suddenly an electric shock lanced through her bottom; she was taken completely unaware and her immediate response was to let out a gasp of air and stiffen her body. The second strike followed and then the third and forth in quick succession until six strokes had been delivered. ‘S’ was now like a coiled spring with all the energy taken into her bondaged body. The pain still being experienced as if the time delay between strokes was not sufficient to allow for register in her pain filled brain, although the strokes had ceased the pain was still building. Her body was now rigid straining with every ounce of energy she could muster to free herself from the intense pain which cruised through her constrained body. She cried out ‘stop, stop, stop! But nothing left her gagged mouth. Tears welled up and were wetting her blindfold but again nothing left her helmet, it was as if she was sealed in her pain unable to make any sound because of the inflated gag blocking any escape of sound; with no chance of any communication to the outside world. Suddenly the overwhelming pain stopped to be replaced with the cooling touch of a hand. The Mistress spoke, “ There is nothing you can do slave except learn to absorb the pain, you can struggle all you like but you are now in my hands and you will remain in them until I decide to release you. Your pain is my pleasure and I am enjoying the sensation of having you helpless. You can take some consolation from knowing that. ”

‘S’ was now desperate for the cooling touch of the Mistresses hand over her stinging bottom; the balm which was so soothing and welcome after the searing heat and pain of the initial strokes.

“Slave you are luxuriating in the soft touch of my gloved hand; the soft sensuous sensations after the hard fiery touch of the paddle. The ying and the yang the balance of pain and pleasure! In time you will come to understand that there must be one if there is to be the other. The secret is to accommodate to both because you will certainly experience both whilst you are here.”

‘S’ was listening to every word through the two latex helmets she was wearing, as the gentle touch continued she was now experiencing a growing warm sensation in her bottom which was gradually spreading to her vaginal region. She was perplexed, but unable to voice what was happening to her. She was now consumed with the ‘now’ not ready to move from the safe moment, unable to contemplate what could happen, yet she knew instinctively that this interval would not last long. Her anxiety growing exponentially; she was at once full of foreboding at what she knew would be beyond her ability to have any input into. She was an object in the hands of the Mistress, who had the ability and control to deal with her as she felt fit. All she could think of was that she was going to be hurt again and would be completely unable to cope with the pain. Her heart thumping in her ears at the thought of what was about to happen. When the gloved hand was removed from her warm latex covered bottom she lost control and screamed for release. Nothing happened; perhaps her unvoiced pleas had been heard!? Still nothing happened. Now she held her breath unable to breathe for fear that she would fail to hear the crackle of the whipping coat as the instrument of torture was welded above head before the strike. Still there was nothing. This was intolerable!

The Mistress knew of the psychological aspect of training a slave and used it to maximum effect. She smiled to herself as she observed all the little tell tell signs of the slave under her control. She waited paddle in hand knowing that her charge would be suffering intolerable anxiety. The second onslaught came not as a surprise to ‘S’ but as a confirmation that all she had hope for had been ignored and she was now actually receiving the pain which she had been told about. She counted the blows to 20 before the pain grew intolerable and she started to scream into her gag knowing beyond doubt that no sound could leave her mouth; she was lost to overwhelming pain in her own dark world. It was as if she was filled entirely with pain and there was no room for anything else in her world. She screamed and screamed but the beating went on until she thought she would faint. Then somewhere in her mind she was aware of no further pain build up only the hot glow of her rear. The gloved hand was massaging her bottom and she was in heaven the pain had disappeared immediately the paddle had landed its last stroke to be replaced by the soft hand of the Mistress. She was so thankful and would have profusely thanked her if she had been able.

The Mistress knew that this was just part of the passage of the novice slave where the recipient of punishment after cessation of pain turns and thanks the bringer of pain because she has the power of pain or pleasure, even if it is but for a brief period of respite. This was well documented in the psychological literature.

‘S’ was now experiencing the ever building sexual warmth within her sealed vaginal area and was welcoming the pleasure. She associated the ‘gingering’ with this pleasure, although she was stunned that these feelings were coming on so strongly and so quickly after only a short period of beating. She tried to wriggle her bondaged body but was unable to; the growing warmth and sexual feelings were amazing! But ‘please, dear Mistress no more of this I can’t take the pain.’ But fully understanding that the beating was not of her choosing; she was a rubberized object to be dealt with as seen fit by the Mistress. She was torn between the sexual feeling she was experiencing and the very real beating which had just been exacted upon her.

“Now slave before we continue on our journey we shall have a respite. You will be allowed to talk for a very short period before your gag is reinserted, you know I like the idea of inserting items of my choosing into you, it gives me both the satisfaction of knowing I am controlling you as well as being rather sexy don’t you think? And it underlines my absolute power over you.” ‘S’ knew it was a rhetorical question; she was anyway still gagged and was not to be any part of this exchange.

As the gag was deflated ‘S’ felt a surge of thanks; first the buckle on the right side was unbuckled then the left. The wringing wet gag was gently removed and a tissue wiped the saliva from her mouth. ‘S’ moved her jaw to ease the muscles and spoke for the first time since she had undergone the signing. “Thank you Mistress”

“Slave did I give you permission to speak!? 3 demerits! Now, tell me how you feel and are you ready for me to begin ‘gingering’ you again? You see whether you like it or not I shall begin again soon and you will, as my slave, take it and thank me for each stroke of the riding crop. I am going to break you down until you are totally compliant, submissive and putty in my hands.” There was a silence as the implied permission for her slave to speak was processed. “Mistress, I feel strange, I am experiencing a sexual glow which is growing as I speak; thank you for beating me I, I,” she stammered, “feel both frightened and excited at the same time, I don’t want the intense pain but I do want the feeling I am experiencing now of being sexually turned on and completely under your control. I’ve never felt quite like this before, please Mistress, will you touch my bottom again, it is so soothing and sexually exciting.” The Mistress smiled to herself ‘yes slave, you are in the zone of pleasure but you know that you will be powerless to stop me taking you further into the arena of pain.’ She placed her gloved hand on the hot latex covering her slave’s bottom and began caressing it. “Mmm, thank you dear Mistress that is so good, I’m feeling so turned on.” Then she began to give herself away. “Mistress, I want this feeling to last for ever, I, I, I want you to beat me again because I, I am your slave and deserve to be beaten I am yours to do as you think fit. The feeling of anxiety you brought me to was unbearable yet it was so very exciting, you are good for me and I love your treatment of me as your object.” Now expressing her inner feelings ‘S’ was revealing herself to her tormentor.

“Silence slave!” the Mistress spoke and her slave complied. “Now I am going to beat you some more but this time I shall be using a riding crop which will give you a new and more intense sensation. You will have no say in the length, duration or intensity, I am in total control, you are my plaything! I am going to leave your gag out for the time being. You will thank me each time I strike you, you will say nothing else except when asked a direct question, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Came the chastened reply, ‘S’ tried to offer her glowing rear to the crop ready and willing to please her tormentor. Slash after slash from the riding crop followed and each time a, ‘thank you’ was given until ‘S’ began to cry and beg for the beating to stop. The gag was reinserted and pumped up to full thus effectively silencing her. The beating continued for some time after this. All ‘S’ could hear was the distant crackle of the whipping coat as blow after blow landed on her exposed and vulnerable rear.

Then as ‘S’ thought she would be beaten for ever and had sunk into a pain filled world, her tears flooding but contained within her wringing wet latex helmet, the beating stopped She lay limp in her bonds thankful that the beating had ceased. She listened for the crackle of the whipping coat to begin, thinking that this was perhaps a brief interval before the agony recommenced.

All she heard was the clip of heels on the tiled floor as the Mistress moved towards her. Without a word being spoken her crotch zip was opened and a dildo inserted into her unctuous wet vagina and the zip closed. She was at her lowest ebb, feeling abused and alone in her pain. Suddenly she was aware of a low vibration which progressively grew.

“Slave I am now going to play with you and beat you at the same time. I have inserted a remote controlled vibrator into you. I shall now manipulate you to the point of pleasure then hold you there for as long as I think fit; this will give me pleasure knowing I can give you the heady mix of pain and pleasure as I bring you to pleasure.”

‘S’ gag was deflated and removed. Both shocked and exhausted by the intensity of the punishment she was too far into her own pain filled world to speak.

“You will not be released until you have taken pleasure.” The beating continued but the vibrator deep within her helped her to gradually climb out of the pit of despair and onto the pre-orgasmic plateaux. There she was played with by the Mistress, as a cat plays with a mouse. The Mistress taking increasing delight in the infliction of pain to her novice slave noting the gradual minute changed that overtook her victim. The pain at times causing ‘S’ to plead mutely for release, at others to offer her rump minutely towards the Mistress and beg for more pain. The Mistress kept her slave from taking ‘pleasure’ over and over again until at length she relented. ‘S’ was now sexually ripe for a pleasure. The intense pain had been replaced by a deeply sexual feeling as endorphins flooded through her body; now enjoying the pain and turning it into acute pleasure as her orgasmic climb overtook her. The gag was removed and ‘S’ was told to tell all, “Yes Mistress, ohh yes, harder, harder beat me harder! beat me for ever! Don’t stop! keep going, aagh yes, oh yes, I’m coming, I’m coming, aagghh” she tensed every muscle in her body and finally took a shuddering pleasure; she lapsed into oblivion a smile on her face.

Gradually as though held in some viscous liquid she fought to breast the dark surface moving towards some comprehension of where she was and what she was doing. First she was aware of being held firmly warm snug but unable to move, second, a warm glow deep within her body, then the slow realisation that she was coming around from a beating administered by the Mistress. Her bottom felt as if it was on fire! And she was exhausted, utterly spent. The inflatable gag was back in place.

She was released from the whipping apparatus by the male Trainer and helped to stand up; he had to hold her up as her knees were weak and her legs trembled. She lay against his muscular body taking relief from this, happy that the beating had stopped at last. She felt utterly spent and chastised knowing that she had been unable to take the ‘gingering’ her Mistress had given her; she had failed her Master and herself and was at a low ebb. After some time she was able to walk again with the aid of the trainer who appeared to be sympathetic to her plight and spoke to her in a positive way.

“Slave this is only the first whipping and you have shown that you can take pleasure from the experience, you need not feel too down hearted about your performance, you will gradually become able to take more severe beatings and will take them in your stride in due course. Now I am instructed by the Mistress to take you back to your cell where you will be collected by a female slave and given a warm bath and your bruises will be attended to. I shall see you before too long, now follow me.”

An exhausted ‘S’ lay on her latex sheeted bed still gagged and blindfolded too tired to do anything but lay still on her back. The cool caress of the latex sheets gave her comfort especially on her fiery rear. Within moments she had lapsed into dreamless sleep.

She was awakened by the gentle touch of the female slave who stroked her helmeted head. ‘S’ sat up instinctively knowing it was the female slave who she had got on so well with, thankful for small mercies. Her blindfold was removed to be replaced by the gloved hand of the slave shielding her eyes from the light. ‘S’ blinked to accommodate to the stark light then looked at her friend. She was dressed as before; totally encapsulated in gleaming obsidian black latex polished to perfection, not one millimeter of skin exposed. She was gagged only her brown smiling eyes showing through the eye holes of her helmet; the name ‘Lizzie’ picked out in white latex across the forehead of her helmet. She hugged ‘S’ tightly and kept her in the embrace for some time. Then she deflated the gag which had silenced the crying of ‘S’ and unbuckled and removed it from her mouth. ‘S’ spoke not caring if she was being monitored and likely to gain demerits for the act of defiance.

“Thank you Lizzie for taking care of me, you are so kind.” Then it all became too much and she burst out crying tears flowing freely and wetting the cheeks of her helmet.

“I’m so ashamed of myself I couldn’t take the first beating from the Mistress I cried and screamed letting myself and my Master down Oh I’m so unhappy and want to go back to my Master, I’m so alone!” With that she broke down and sobbed. Lizzie held her again and allowed her to find relief in her tears. Eventually the heavy shoulder heaves lessened and the sobbing ceased. It was then that Lizzie released her and took out a pad and pencil and began writing on it. She handed the message to ‘S’ it read,

‘Please don’t cry, remember this is only your first beating from the Mistress and she always breaks down the novice slave at the first meeting. I was in your position once and know just how you feel now. Don’t worry, you will soon come to accept and enjoy your daily beatings they are very much part of your training. I really look forward to my daily beatings and take great pride and pleasure in the process. You know it confirms my position as a serving maid and keeps me on my toes.’

‘S’ put out a hand and touched ‘Lizzie’ on the knee, “you are a sweet, you reassure me with your kind words, thank you for looking out for me, I really appreciate it. So you are kept gagged every time I have seen you; do you ever have it removed?” The pad was written on again. I am undergoing punishment for touching you in the shower and for talking to the male slave a couple of days ago. I am to remain gagged for another 24 hours. At least I am allowed the luxury of having this pad to communicate with. I have on other occasions been gagged and had my arms in a single arm glove. Don’t worry I get a kick out of being bondaged, but don’t tell my Mistress!’

‘S’ smiled to herself and felt better in the knowledge that she had a ‘friend’ within the Training Establishment who would look out for her and perhaps in due course she would come to talk to her. She smiled knowing that her smile would be understood.

‘I have to help you out of your suit and helmet and take you to the bathroom where I am to bathe you. Let’s get started?’

‘S’ followed the slave to the bathroom and was grateful to peel off her latex and get into a warm bath. Her bottom was still on fire but the bath oils helped to soothe the pain. She lay quietly contemplating her first ‘Gingering’ as the Mistress called it. To her it was quite clearly a beating. She knew she would have many bruises and was eager to catch a glance of them proud in the knowledge that she had earned them as a novice slave. The female slave donned a large heavy weight black latex apron and sponged ‘S’ all over paying particular attention to her bottom. ‘S’ talked to her as a confident telling her of her love for her beloved Master and just how much she missed him. The slave listened attentively nodding her helmeted gagged head to agree or confirm her approval of something ‘S’ had said. The bathing took some time and allowed ‘S’ to luxuriate in the warm water. She was helped out of the bath and towelled down by ‘Lizzie.’ ‘S’ now completely naked admired her bottom in the large wall mirror it was showing an angry red and blue, the result of the beating she had received at the skilled hands of her Mistress. She whistled as she saw the marks and felt a surge of pride; she had the marks of her Mistress on her and would carry them for some time. Lizzie handed her pad to ‘S’:

You have something to be proud of there ‘S’ those bruises are angry and will last for quite some time. Do they hurt very much? Did you take pleasure as you were beaten? You must not take too long here as I have directions to dress you and take you back to your cell otherwise I will be in trouble again and I don’t want that! I’ve got enough demerits which I am working off now; as it is!

“To answer your questions: the beating was both awful and frightening; in the first place, the pain after the first light warm up strokes became unbearable and I was glad my inflatable gag was firmly in place. The Mistress played with me after the first session when I showed sexual excitement. She removed my gag and had me counting as each stroke landed and saying ‘thank you.’ until I could take no more and began crying out for her to stop when she inserted my gag. Then, strangely the pain seemed to lessen as my sexual desire grew. She seemed to know that and inserted a dildo and removed my gag and had me pleading for greater punishment as I came to take pleasure! I was horrified that I could get to such a pitch. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself” ‘Lizzie began writing again then handed the pad over to ‘S’.

‘Don’t worry you will get use to the beatings as well as some of the strange things that take place here. Remember you are now a 24/7 latex slave, you will come to be very proud of your position by the end of your training. Now, you can help me in dressing in your slave’s suit. We must not delay!’

‘S’ was soon completely encapsulated in her slaves uniform which comprised of black latex suit. The gloves and helmet were an integral part of the suit. The helmet with her name ‘SLAVE ‘S’’ on the forehead had a lockable zip at the collar as well as vinyl eye lens and inflatable gag. A tight latex corset pulled in her waist to maximum and left her taking shallow breaths. Her slave collar was locked onto her and her arms were fettered behind her back. She was led back to her cell where she was tethered to her bed with the fixing of a short length of chain from her collar to the ring bolt in the rail at the head of the bed. ‘Lizzie’ fixed a blindfold to her helmet, then fixed the heavy latex sheet over ‘S’ recumbent body and left without further ado. ‘S’ had no idea of the time but felt very tired and there was a nagging hunger in her stomach. She lay quietly in her latex covered bed wondering what would happen next but resigned to her fate at the hands of the Mistress.


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