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The Further Training of 'S' 1: The Training Begins

by James W

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© Copyright 2010 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; enclosure; electro; shave; tease; denial; mast; enema; toys; cons; X

The further training of ‘S’ as her Master’s occluded rubber slave - A Love Story.
This is the follow up to, The Training of Slave Selena


Chapter 1: The Training Begins

‘S’ lay quietly in her latex bondage her heart still beating wildly after all that had transpired in the last twenty four hours; she held her breath but could hear nothing but her thumping heart within her totally depilated, latex encapsulated body. ‘At last, at last’ she breathed out, ‘now the adventure begins, I am ready for all that befalls me in the coming days months and years! Oh Master of my dreams, thank you for having me properly trained. I am your willing acolyte and prostrate myself at your feet and worship you with all my heart, mind and body’.

‘Master and Mistress of this establishment, train me in the ways and rites of the perfect slave.’ She was aware of her breathing slowing and her heart returning to its regular beat as she relaxed into her severe bondage.

‘S’ reflected on all that had befallen her over the last few months and particularly on her transition from independent naïve rubberist, through the many stages of her own growing understanding of her masochism and her all consuming need to realise her dream fantasy of becoming a 24/7 rubber slave. She had never questioned this desire once she had discovered that the fantasy could become the reality, knowing intuitively that this is what she had always quested for. She had arrived at the inevitable conviction to follow her destiny and her need to commit herself to achieve that which she had always wanted since achieving independence.

She mused, ‘So ‘S’ you are now in the initial process of realising your long held fantasy. Here you are totally bondaged not able to move at all, even my tongue is bondaged with the intrusion of an inflatable breathe through gag. Yet I am at one now, both with my bondage, and my position as my Master’s rubber slave and object. She took another breath feeling the constriction of the new bondage corset which controlled how she breathed, allowing only the taking in of shallow breaths, nothing else.

The passing of time meant nothing to ‘S’ now, as she knew that she would be trained and used as and when the Master or Mistress decreed. She would never again have a wristwatch or be allowed to wear one principally to underline her humble position as a slave. Equally as a rubber slave she would not, she understood, be allowed to wear anything other than rubber; she revelled in the knowledge taking pleasure in the implied control aspect of this.

Suddenly deep within her bondage ‘S’ was aware of slight vibrations as the heavy rubber sheet was removed only to be immediately cognisant of the release of the strap at her ankles. Had the 24 hours passed so quickly? Then as the strap was retightened she remembered the words of the Mistress, ‘after one hour I shall tighten all straps to maximum tightness.’ Each strap was tightened to maximum. Now ‘S’ was further restricted in her bondage. Breathing was now difficult and only the shallowest breaths were possible. ‘S’ began her mantra to overcome the desire to struggle. She did however test the strapping and over sheet to see if any movement was possible; there was none; she accepted this willingly and relaxed into her bondage.

The encapsulated slave sitting quietly wrote on the pad in her lap, ‘straps tightened and all connections re-instated,’ noting the time beside the detail.

Now drifting in her dark universe, her mind relaxed but her body fully bondaged; the thought flashed through ‘S’ mind ‘One hour up and 23 to go’, then she focused her mind to her mantra. Some time later the Mistress returned dressed as befitted her rank; she had changed into thigh boots with 5” heels, latex leotard, and long black shoulder length gloves. She carried an electrical control box. She walked over to the encapsulated monitoring slave and signalled to her to hand over the clip board which detailed ‘S’ confinement and condition. Looking at it for some time before crossing over to the meditation bench, she took hold of the loose wires extending out through the mouth opening of the heavy latex sheet covering ‘S’ and connected them to the control box which was fitted into the space provided as part of the bondage platform.

The first awareness of what was to be part of her meditation training was a tingling deep within her vagina. ‘S’ increasingly felt the sensations within her tight bondage as the Mistress turned up the dial on the control box. A rhythmic pulsing sensation took over making ‘S’ gasp and flex her vaginal muscles as the excitement built. She was powerless to do anything and accepted the reality of the situation; being the object of her tormentors wishes. The inevitable climb to the plateaux of orgasmic release began. The ability to move was denied to ‘S’, this inflamed her desire to be objectified, knowing she was but a submissive slave denied any input; a passive receptor of external input had her panting and ready for sexual release.

The Mistress bent over to listen to the breathing of ‘S’, then turned the control device down until breathing became relaxed. This was to be a long controlled meditation with no respite for the new slave. This would underline to the novice slave the denial of any choice; and emphasise her lowly position. It was important to break down anything but the desire to be an abject slave, a malleable blank canvas ready to serve, to be a controlled 24/7 rubber object; nothing else.

Denied the release she wanted ‘S’ tried to grind her hips but knew before she stared that this would be a futile exercise, never the less she tried. Unable to move at all she struggled and enjoyed the sensation of being held so inextricably. The only thing that happened was she began to perspire within her latex. She relaxed again knowing that she should become one with her bondage and ride the frustration of being denied.

Again she was aware of the internal dildo as it began its stimulation and again she was but a play thing in the expert hands of the Mistress as she was taken closer to her goal of achieving a ‘pleasure’ and again and again for what seemed like forever the teasing went on until she knew she would only gain pleasure when the Mistress decreed; it was not within her compass to decide.

The encapsulated slave within the cell kept watch fascinated; she had long ago experienced the very same ministrations of the Mistress and, as she now recalled the experience, she shuddered. It was her instruction to monitor the new slave. She knew the punishment if she let her attention wonder. Every five minutes she was required to check and record the condition of the slave strapped and covered in the heavy red rubber hospital sheet. Some hours had passed since the Mistress had begun the teasing and a sense of foreboding had infiltrated the encapsulated monitor slave.

She was in a dilemma should she interrupt the Mistress, because more than 5 minutes had passed, and carry her task out to the letter, and in doing so perhaps engage the wrath of the Mistress, or should she sit back, keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings? This was how the slaves under the control of the Master and Mistress were often tested. Of course she knew there was no right answer, only the inbuilt anxiety which resulted from this dilemma and which she was now experiencing. This was a particular psychological weapon in the armoury of the Master and Mistress. They seemed to delight in this approach and the retribution meted out gave them the pleasure of administering complex and testing punishments. Slaves in their perception were to be constantly tested and made to endure just because they were slaves nothing else, as an integral part of their daily life. This was the way to both maintain the discipline, and total control of their charges, so essential for the ultimate good of the slaves under their care. The monitor slave was resigned to the inevitable call to explain why she had not done strictly as instructed. She knew she was dammed if she interrupted and dammed if she didn’t.

‘S’ was now very tired and wanted to rest in her bondage to drift off into a hypnotic state where she knew she would find a zone between consciousness and oblivion. She was so tired after the extreme high of the previous 24 hours prior to this initial induction session. However the Mistresses ministrations continued; she was still being manipulated. How many hours had passed was now immaterial she reasoned with her tired brain; time was, for her now, an academic abstract, to all intents and purposes it just didn’t exist because she was denied any idea of time passing only ‘now’ mattered; the past and future were beyond her compass. She was the object undergoing manipulation.

Then as if from afar she began to experience a warm sensation within her stomach she was not sure if she was dreaming or it was her imagination. The warm experience continued together with an increasing feeling of fullness. ‘S’ fought to clear her mind but she was so tired. Through the fog of exhaustion she began to understand the significance of the sensation; ‘yes, I’m being fed a liquid diet through the rubber tube down my throat and now deep inside my stomach!’ She was now fully awake and fascinated by the strange sensation and the knowledge that she was not part of the equation only the recipient. The Mistress was wielding her control over her and she was unable to do anything about it. ‘Yes, oh yes, control me totally I am a latex slave to be used as the Mistress thinks fit!’ Deep within her bondage her heart sang out.

The earlier tiredness overtook ‘S’ as she finally drifted between sleep and wakefulness. Gradually she attained the zone of rest and was unaware of any further external input.

The Mistress had finished her ministrations. She checked the monitor slave’s record of recording and had noted the missing entries. She had spoken about this lapse and the inevitable consequences and had then left instructions as to what the slave should do as the period of bondage progressed.

Twelve hours had passed when the enema equipment was brought into action. The two litre rubber bladder had been filled with warm water at a specific temperature and the tube connected to ‘S’ anal intubation. The wash out lasted over 30 minutes. Whether ‘S’ was aware of it was not of concern to the monitoring slave all she had to do was follow instructions to the letter.

The cycle of ‘care’ continued for the full 24 hours. The last 12 hours ‘S’ received no external stimulation she was left to meditate lost deep within her severe bondage unable to move a muscle.

Drifting somewhere in her dark universe ‘S’ was quiescent existing drifting alone, lost without any reference points to where she was. She understood intuitively that somehow she was attached to an umbilical cord connecting her to other souls within the space, yet unable to see, touch, hear, or taste. She was so relaxed, her breathing slow, hardly needing to breathe she was warmly caressed by her covering but somehow unable to move her limbs, yet was drifting weightless as if floating in space. How long she had been on this trip she could not fathom, it was beyond her understanding. She wanted to go on journeying further and deeper into the deepest reaches of this universe to explore and experience all that she could.

As if from afar she gradually became aware she was drifting towards an understanding of her inner self and would become fully aware of all she had ever desired. But the distance between her cosmic understanding and where she was never seemed to lessen. It was as if the attachments connected to her kept her from the realisation. Suddenly she was back at the beginning as if a temporal shift had taken place.

The bondage she was held fast in impinged on her senses once again and in that instant she became acutely aware of her position as a rubber slave and her heart sang out in the knowledge. She had no idea of what time had passed and didn’t care; she was in her element at the very beginning of realising her long held dream.

Eventually the heavy hospital sheeting was removed together with the confining straps. The electrical wires and all other connections were then removed. A stiff ‘S’ was helped from the meditation bench and led to the completely tiled bathroom. She noted that there were no windows so she had no visual clues as to what time of day or night it was, she was held in a state of timeless limbo. Both catheters and oesophageal tubing were withdrawn from her latex clad body. She was then stripped of her slave suit and helmet by the female slave and taken to the wet area. First she was handcuffed to an overhead bar then showered. The contrast from full rubber coverage and total dependence, at the whim of the Mistress, and complete nakedness did no go unnoticed by ‘S’

The female slave was as ever, fully rubbered without a millimetre of exposed skin showing. She was just as ‘S’ had observed her the first time she had met her at the doorstep. ‘Is this the same slave and, if so, she is worked hard with no respite!’ This was the first shower ‘S’ had had since she had been put into bondage and what an experience it was! With the fetters she was unable to help herself. The female slave stood within the shower the water splashing harmlessly off her rubber. For ‘S’ the closeness of another female dressed in latex was both exciting and strange.

The touch of rubber gloves against her shaved naked skin and the jet of water was very sensuous and had ‘S’ gasping. This was noticed by the gagged slave who obviously took pleasure in the process and entered into her task with enthusiasm taking particular delight in soaping her charge in the more erogenous zones. ‘S’ head was shaven for the second time. And for the second time she shivered, the physical sensation of being shaved combined with the psychological implication was an acute erotic experience. ‘S’ tried to engage the gagged slave in communication but all that happened was the slave raised a gloved hand to her lips and signalled silence. She did however rub her streaming wet latex skin against the naked skin of ‘S’ and the two slaves twisted and turned to gain some mutual sexual satisfaction from the shower experience.

Once dried ‘S’ was dressed in a complete latex cat suit with hands, feet and open faced helmet. Her new slave helmet which she was so proud of was fitted over the under helmet. The heavy weight rubber corset was pulled to maximum tightness. High heeled knee length stiletto boots with 5” heels were laced onto her. Her slave collar was padlocked and the leash attached. Finally both an inflatable gag and blindfold were buckled onto her slave helmet and the gag fully inflated. ‘S’ was led out of the dressing room and through what she believed were passageways until she was brought to a stop. In her dark enclosed state she listened ears sharp for tell tell signs of what was to happen. The next instant she heard a faint sound of knocking. Then a muffled, ‘Enter’.

She was led into a room and walked some 15 paces before she was stopped and told to “Kneel” The voice was unmistakably that of the Mistress. ‘S’ knelt with head bowed knees slightly apart exposing her crotch in the classic submissive stance her hands behind her back.

The Mistress now turned her attention to the other female slave, “Slave you were given strict instructions to shower the novice slave not to caress her and to rub your body against her naked body. You should know that at all times you are under surveillance and every moment is recorded! You are either stupid or wilful! Ether way you have incurred 10 demerits and will report for punishment at 10.00 precisely at Room 101.Now get out of my sight”

‘S’ wondered what 10 demerits would mean in terms of punishment and what period of time would pass in the significant Room 101? She reasoned that the slave would have known about surveillance and therefore had engaged with her out of sexual frustration or a sense of empathy and the need to offer support to her. Now she would pay the price of disobedience.

Returning her attention to the form kneeling before her, “So slave ‘S’ you have been the attention of my female slave who I see has taken a ‘shine’ to you. Forgive the pun,” she added, “I can see I will have to keep a close eye on you two. You are here to undergo slave training not consort with other slaves! Do you understand?!

A mute nod of her helmeted head signalled that ‘S’ understood.

“Now remain in your slave position and follow what I have to say, because if you don’t listen carefully you will make mistakes when you begin training here and that would be unfortunate as errors in this training establishment incur demerits and demerits always lead to punishments. You see we run a very strict regime here. You will be with us for 2 months before you are returned to your Master ready for your future life as his slave.” The news that ‘S’ was to remain at the Training Establishment for a full 2 months came out of the blue. She had expected to be returned to her Master after the initial 24 hours meditation. However she readily accepted her training. She was now at the very beginning of a journey and was now the property of her Master and as such she no longer had any say in what or was not going to befall her. She took some consolation from this acceptance and although very disappointed she focused on listening. The Mistress began outlining the regime that ‘S’ would follow.

“You are here for specific training as your Master’s latex slave. He has left you here to undergo comprehensive assessment and initial training before you begin the advanced training which will ultimately lead to you being returned to your Master as a fully trained advanced latex slave. The assessment aspect of this will measure the parameters of your tolerance so a base line can be established. This will involve you in lengthy sessions some which will extend you to your very limits and others which you will come to enjoy and look forward to as rewards for progress you have made in your training.

The Master and I have devised a programme which you will follow. The main point of this is to get you into a routine whilst you are here and which you will follow on your return to your Master. Your Master has helped with and agreed with your training routine.

Now let’s start at the beginning; you will have your own cell where you will sleep and rest when not being trained. Each ‘day’ will start with you receiving an enema. Our own slave will administer it to you and will, at all times, be available to help you with either dressing or other necessary tasks which may be part of your training regime. I use the term ‘day’ loosely as for you there will be no time constraints other than those imposed by us, you will be available 24/7. Day and night will not exist for you as far as the next two months are concerned. On your return to your Master he will decide if this regime will continue indefinitely or not.

After you daily wash-out you will be taken down to the kitchen area where you will be fed, either by oesophageal tube or by one of our slaves. You will then receive your daily whipping. I shall administer it to you. Following that you will rest for a short time before the next part of your training takes place. This will be decided on each week and will depend on how much progress we feel you have made and whether you are ready for advancement. Naturally you will be expected to do your very best whatever task or experience you undergo. You will be awarded merits and demerits depending on your performance. You will always be put into Meditation at some time during the ‘day’ this will allow you to relax and reflect on your position as a novice slave. Of course, we shall take you through many new experiences, some which you will enjoy, others you will not, but that is of no concern to us!

You will be taken to your cell at the end of each ‘day’ and put to bed. What you will wear each ‘night’ will largely depend on how you have satisfied us during the training period. If you have either not come up to standard or have displeased us in any way then you will placed into strict bondage for the ‘night.’ You will be chained to your bed each night, for the duration of your stay, to underline your position as ‘our slave’. Once each week you will be brought before us in our study and informed of your ‘Merit’ and ‘Demerit’ scores; you will have to account for your Demerits. Depending on how many you have accrued during the week we shall decide whether you will need to attend Room 101, our punishment room, where you will work off your demerits.

Now if there is anything you don’t understand you have a few moments to ask me otherwise you will commence training immediately. Nod if you have any questions?”

‘S’ thought she had heard everything and felt there was no need to ask any questions. So she remained quiet for some time whilst the Mistress looked on at her bondaged form.


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